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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 28, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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against the coach for the atlanta braves claiming antigay slurs. what happened at at&t park. flood victims find out today if they will have a place to call home. it might not be worth it for the city to rebuild. a live look outside the bay bridge. a nice looking start to the day. it's thursday, april 28 on today in the bay. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm brent cannon. we want to get started with a check of the forecast this morning and see what meteorologist christina loren has for us. >> you got some nice days off. it's going to be beautiful today, but we missed you. we are headed for the 70s. clear conditions out there.
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how much warmer the warm up will last. i think you will be happy. let's get you to work at 5:00 a.m. over in the maze, this area is looking fine. the toll plaza is 5:01 now. we have a closure in the east bay southbound 680 to dublin boulevard. off the off ramp because of police activity going on. i'm going to hand it over to the desk and let you handle it. we have christy smith out there. >> exactly. it's a dublin shooting where a homeless man was killed and an officer is in the hospital with major juries. christy smith has more on what happened and the condition of the officer. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is an active police investigation right now. the district attorney's office is out here now where a dublin
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police sergeant had a confrontation overnight. it escalated into an officer involved shooting. she noticed a person. she got out of the marked car and deputies say this man confronted her. they are not sure why. she called for back up. there was a struggle and he started hitting her in the head. the struggle moved from this corner where we are at to a car dealership across the street. the sergeant was hurt, bloody and she fired at him. why he went off, they don't know. he certainly had contact with police before. >> he's familiar to the police. he's been arrested on numerous occasions. he has violence in his past. he's been arrested for fighting and those kinds of things. >> reporter: now, again, the sergeant fired killing the man. all this happened quickly, we are told, within three minutes.
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the sergeant was taken to eden medical center with serious injuries. she was talking and is expected to be okay. she is a veteran, we are told, with at least 20 years of experience. mike has been talking act closures near amador closures. avoid this area, this investigation is going to be going on into the morning commute. reporting live in dublin, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thank you. the coroners office is investigating a bizarre case. a 63 year-old man is in custody after he has the body of a 30-year-old woman in his apartment several days. he was arrested after police responded to reports of a foul stench. when they got there, they found the body of a woman that appears to have been decomposing for at least a week. he's on parole for burglary and
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is a person of interest in the case. they are working to identify the woman. they are treating the case as a homicide. we'll have a live report cominging up later this morning. a dog with a history of violent behavior will be put down after ripping the ear off a 5-year-old girl. the dog snapped when she tried to pet the german shepherd. the dog bit through the tip of her right ear. they are not planning to press charges. move over fake police badges. impersonators found something new and high-tech. many bay area police are concerned about smartphone apps that simulate red and blue lights of a police car. a man used these lights off a cell phone app monday night. the suspect is 23-year-old david
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endless. he says he thought the apps did not pose a threat. however police say by using a flashing light cell phone app he impersonated an officer. he denied the claim. >> i immediately left the area. i went back to my house and tried to go over to the neighbors house, knock on their door. they wouldn't answer their door even though they saw me there to say hey, listen, i'm sorry if i scared you guys. >> he admits he used the app. he says the colors he used were red and brown, not red and blue. it doesn't matter, any form of police impersonation is illegal. atlanta braves pitching coach verbally attacked fans with gay slurs and obscene gestures. the coach got into an antigay tirade with fans during batting
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practice. justin quinn brought his daughters to the game. he asked the coach to watch his language and he turned on him. he said the kids don't belong on the ballpark. he turned toward me, grabbed his bat and asked me how much my teeth were worth to me. >> his attorney is asking mcdowell to apologize to him. he wants them to fine the coach and mandate sensitivity training for players. people in cap toe la will find out if they have a place to call home a month after a pipe burst flooding most of downtown. they will decide if they will close the mobile park where a drain park ruptured in late march causing a flash flood. many people who live in the mobile home park are staying at nearby homes since then. it will cost millions of dollars
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to bring it back up to code. the heart of the silicon valley is seeing more companies coming back. new figures show the vacancy rates for high-end office rates steadily decreased. it is now at over 30% for 2011 compared to 32% for last year and 38% for 2009. the building which was constructed during the dot com boom is seeing new tenants coming in for the first time. when the bubble burst, a lot of companies shunned away and went to lower cost campuses in areas like mountain view. sick of your black iphone? starting today, you have a new color choice. rumors come about the next generation of the popular apple products. bob redell has information to consider this morning. he is live in palo alto. >> reporter: a block away from
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many apple stores that will start selling today the new white iphone. this is what it looks like. basically, it's like the current iphone that i have here, this is the black version, of course, but it comes in white. it's a big deal because when the iphone four game out last june, they said the white one would come out a month later. it didn't happen because of problems with production. here it is today several months after the fact. i want to talk about rumors of what the next generation of the iphone is going to look like. i'm talking the iphone five. the rumors are based on parts orders apple put into the suppliers. patent applications, analyst predictions and things i have made up. they are saying one thing is the side, instead of it being a rectangle could be a teardrop or thicker on the top than the bottom.
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a faster processor inside that allows for more powerful apps. a complete redesign. this home buttton, a physical button they are saying would allow for more screen size. if they make it a virtual button it goes to four inches. that allows for easier readings of magazines, media, that sort of thing. they are saying the camera is a five megapixel camera. the new could be an eight megapixel camera. another redesign, if this were true could be revolutionary. there could be virtual buttones on the side. you have the touch screen on the screen itself and hot keys on the side for e-mail for your camera. that sort of thing. interesting, more of an
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aesthetic design is brushed steel on the back. now you have the black or white glass. this would be brushed steel. you can plug it in and it's a hot plate for your coffee mug. it would be dual purpose. >> now i know you are making things up. >> the brushed steel? yeah. they are saying it could go into production over the summer. ready for delivery in time for the holiday season. >> bottom line -- >> reporter: they are just rumors. who knows. i could be making it up. >> don't think you can write that phone off on your taxes because you used it for a prop. >> reporter: i wasn't thinking it. >> now that you mention it -- >> christina has a peek at the forecast this morning. >> beautiful, beautiful day ahead of us. good morning to you. we have a bit of a change from yet. a piece of energy is going to break off. it's sitting in the northwest.
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we are going to see a little piece break off. it's enough to kick off strong winds. breezy conditions this morning especially through the east bay hills. the temperatures are nice and mild to start out. we are in the 50s. expecting to drop off to the low 50s, upper 40s before all is said and done. san francisco, by noon, if you are headed to the city for work. mild conditions. by 4:00 p.m., 65 degrees. a few high serous clouds overhead. it's going to be a beautiful day in the city. elsewhere, these are the highs. 70 degrees in san jose. 72 in santa cruz. 68 in san francisco and the warm up continues as we head into next week. it's going to feel really, really nice and comfortable here for the next few days. let's check the drive. are you comfortable this morning? >> i'm very comfortable. we are looking at a comfortable drive as well. a live look out there.
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a light volume of traffic. the east shore is an 18 minute drive. the east shore freeway on the map system. no problems at the maze, either. a light volume of traffic. 5:12 as the clock changes, we had a change on the peninsula. eastbound 92, an earlier sig-alert with lanes blocked. there might be debris in the area. slowing going over 101 as well. across the bridge in the east bay watching the police activity that leaves southbound 680. the dublin boulevard off ramp is closed. an officer involved shooting. this will affect the morning commute. some closures in the area. the connector over 580 is open. back to you. >> thank you very much. it is 5:12 right now. coming up, police officers supposed to save money for
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cities. it could cost taxpayers double. the loophole that lets officers collect pensions and salaries at the same time and it's legal. how early facebook investors are trying to unload. a live look outside hp pavilion this
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good morning to you. look at things already on the move around buckingham palace. folks are lining up as you try to get a sneak peek at the best spot in the house. i understand they did a run through with the horses and carriages. this is in anticipation of the royal wedding happening. >> is there a wedding happening
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this week? >> yes, perhaps we should renew our vows. a lot of officers can double dip their salaries, which is totally legal. they report it's happening in half-moon bay in san carlos. they outsourced the police department to the sheriff's department. some officers can retire from the police department and collect pensions, then get new jobs with the sheriff's department. therefore, they are collecting their pension at the same time they are getting a new salary. critics say it strains the pension system. oakland mayor is expected to release her budget plan tomorrow. it's a detailed line-by-line report. they will look it over in discussions expected to last a month. they will make decisions before june 30th. california supports the governor's plan to reduce the
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budget, however they are sending mixed messages. governor brown is going to have a tough time selling new taxes unless it is tied to saving education. 61% support closing the deficit through a combination of spending cuts and increased taxes to save schools from further cuts. 68% favor raising taxes on wealthy californians. many people wish they were early investors in a little company called facebook. there's a report the shareholders are trying to get rid of billions of dollars of shares. early investors and employees are worried facebook's growth cannot keep up with the market value. the sellers are lowering the price after trying to off load the shares at a price that valued the company at $90
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billion. that makes facebook more valuable than time warner and news corp. combined. >> we want to check in with nicole at cnbc. i hope facebook wasn't your lead story. >> reporter: it was not. it was the morning after ben bernanke. we are looking ahead to facebook. the futures were flat after stocks rose yesterday after ben bernanke held his first ever press conference. the fed left interest rates unchanged. he says he's changed with keeping rates low for the time being and won't make quick moves to fight off inflation. that comes as gold is pushing into record territory and the dollar continues to slump. asia and europe were higher today. we get a check on pending home sales and gdp growth. it's slowed. to recap, the dow was up 100 points, 12,690 is where we
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closed. nasdaq up to 2869. the obama administration plans to urge food companies to cut back on advertising unhealthy food to kids. voluntary guidelines are asking them to market foods low in fat, low in sugar and low in sodium. that doesn't leave a lot. apparently we like boring when it comes to the color of our cars. ford found people like to stick with basic black, white and gray. the czech republic likes blue the most. ford says buyers in new york favor silver and gray. white in san francisco. black in boston. there are drivers that like to go on the wild side. red in the midwest. does that hold true for you
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guys? san francisco. >> i'm thinking about it. we have one white car and one silver car. some think red attracts police officers. you don't want a ticket heading down the highway. >> reporter: my thing is, when i rent a car, gou red. why not. my car now is yellow. it's a new york city taxi cab. >> make a little money on the side. >> that's right. >> you don't drive the cash cab, do you? >> i wish. a girl can only dream. one day i'm going to get it, mark my words. what about the sharks? they are on fire. the second round playoff schedule is set. it's friday at 7:00 against detroit. right here on nbc. the red wings and the sharks are
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bo bonified playoffs. >> good morning to you. we are looking good today. really good. a little bit on the breezy side. breezy and windy at times. by this weekend, temperatures are perfect for outdoor plans. the weather is going to be absolutely beautiful. this dry trend, warmer weather is going to continue as we head throughout this week and next week. temperatures in the 50s this morning. 53 in oakland. 56 in concord. 52 in livermore under clear skies. we want to let you know the winds will be a factor, especially if you drive a high profile vehicle this morning. the winds are gusting at 20 miles per hour, sustained at 15 miles per hour. by noon, the temperatures are in the 60s. throughout the day, 70 degrees in fremont. 70 in concord and 72 comfortable degrees in santa rosa. let's take a look at where we are headed. it only gets better.
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80 by monday. mid-80s by wednesday. upper 80s for the end of next week. you wanted it, here it is. warmer weather on the way. back to you. >> creeping up there. thank you. doctors hopeful that bryan stow will open his eyes if for the first time in more than a month. technology news, kyle and the boys from south park weigh in on the apple controversy. we'll take a look. a nice drive from highway 24 through the tunnel and approaching the bay bridge toll plaza.ub t roleshow yubrole spots. an entire look at the thursday morning build up. coming up. i am a sneeze whisperer.
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i am an allergy analyst. bermuda grass. ragweed. willow. i am a dander decoder. chihuahua. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about allergy relief.
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good morning to you. taking a live look outside.
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beautiful bay bridge. >> we are going to check in with the experts to see what's going on. >> tell me it's moving smoothly. >> yeah, right. i'll show you the south bay. it's early. a build up in the next 45 minutes. no issues along the lower peninsula. we had a full closure early in the morning that cleared around embark daro. there's a lot of debris in the area. across the water on the san mateo bridge, we have the camera trembling a bit. christina told you about gusts. as you are heading toward the rio vista bridge you may get that as well. another live shot shows you
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oakland past the area. we'll show you the travel times throughout the east bay. light volume is starting to build now. 5:30 is where you see slowing. 680 and dublin boulevard is a closure. back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:26 now. steve jobs came to the defense of his apple iphone and worries it follows your every movement. >> scott mcgrew you said apple needed to take this head on. >> it has. jobs conducted phone interviews saying iphone doesn't follow you. we are going to expand on that thought in a moment. before that, kyle from south park will show the controversy. >> apple stuff is neat all right. i just don't want a big company tracking where i am at all times. >> that's a rumor. they don't track you. >> here he is.
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hello, we are from apple. we are ready for you now. >> ready for what? >> the agreement. >> 83 pounds. the blood work. >> hey, you can't do that. >> you agreed we could take all the blood we needed. a window popped up asking if you agreed to terms and conditions. you clicked agree. >> meanwhile, back to real life. steve jobs talked to reporters and apple posted a statement on their website about them tracking you. it keeps a written record about wi-fi networks you pass by. we have known that for a long time. apple admits the records are too big. the information is kept too long and says it will fix that problem with an update. in the meantime, bob has been reporting, they have the new white iphone. it's a heck of a coincidence. >> look over here. give me your arms.
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>> exactly. 5:27 now. coming up, the simple test about diagnosing autism. a santa cruz man living with a dead body for more than a week. how they stumbled upon the gruesome discovery. an officer involved shooting in dublin. we'll have the lathest on the investigation.
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new this morning, police make a gruesome discovery inside this santa cruz apartment after neighbors complain of a horrible smell. the story coming up in my live report. >> reporter: breaking news out of dublin this morning. investigators trying to figure out why a homeless man may have attacked a police sergeant who then shot and killed him. i'm christie smith, coming up in a live report.
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plus, will he open his eyes again? the plan to bring bryan stow out of a month-long coma. good news in the weather department. should be gorgeous as the sun comes up. a live look at the bay bridge this morning. this is today in the bay. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. it's early when you realize you have been sleeping in for the past couple days. yawn. i want to check in with christina loren. we have good weather to look forward to. >> a lot of people are still on spring break. you lucked out if you got this week off. it's going to be windy. the temperatures are gorgeous. a lot of sunshine. the city, abundant sunshine over
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san francisco. we have a change on the way. let's get you to work now. maybe you are on the way to hit the highway. how does it look out there? >> a lot of folks are joining us on highway 4, it's typical. highway 2 is slowing. approaching hill crest up to horizon, speeds are in the 50s where you see the yellow as far as the chicklets go. it's the kick off to the traditional there. 680 southbound at dublin, the off ramp is closed. chp says we have to have it close until 7:00. brent, i'll hand it off to you. you have more on what's going on there. >> we have an update on the story out of dublin. christie smith is live in dublin. she's been following the story all morning long and has the latest details. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is still an active investigation. we have a team from the d.a.'s
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office here, the sheriff's department, crime scene technicians processing the scene. the coroner hasn't arrived yet. that's the officers car over there. she radioed in she was trying to contact a suspicious person. within three minutes after that, there was gunfire. we were talking with a sergeant out here telling us she contacted a man walking around a car dealership. it seemed out of place. she called for back up. deputies were on the way. she got out of the car. this man confronted here across the street near the car dealership and started hitting her in the head. >> don't know at this point. it was 1:30 in the morning. this is an area not heavily traveled. could be an issue where she thought it was a burglary.
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we have a furniture store here. we don't know what the thought process was. >> now, i just spoke with the sergeant here this morning that says what the sergeant involved is telling investigators is that she believed this man was trying to kill her. he was smashing her head into the cement. she fired at the man. dublin police have had contact with him before. arrested him for fighting. he was a transient in the past. is sergeant was taken to eden medical center. she is talking and expected to be okay. she was a 20-year veteran with the police department. at this point, what they are saying to people is you want to avoid the area. we are here on amador plaza. this investigation will go into the morning commute. reporting live in dublin, christie smith, today in the bay.
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>> thanks a lot. this morning passionate giants fan bryan stow is on the path to recovery after suffering fatal blows last month. this week, doctors lower sedation levels and closely monitoring him for siezures. he remains in critical condition. if you want to support mr. stow and his family, head to to make a donation. a bizarre investigation is under way in the santa cruz area this morning. a 63-year-old man is in jail after police find a body inside his apartment. the man may have been living with the decomposing body of a woman in her 30s for more than a week and never reported it. marla tellez is live in santa cruz. so far, no murder charges have
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been issued in this case. >> reporter: that's right, brent. all though police are treating this as a homicide investigation, the man at the center of the investigation is considered a person of interest in this woman's death. this is pending the autopsy results that will explain how the woman died. he could wind up being charged for her death. he lives here in a small apartment complex overlooking the board walk on east cliff drive. the 63-year-old was arrested tuesday night after police got a call for suspicious activity and a very strong stench coming from his apartment. that's when they found the body of a woman in her 30s. police say he had been living with the decomposing body for more than a week and as brent mentioned, he never reported the death. neighbors say he was involved
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romantically with this woman. he's been on parole for almost two years after serving time for second degree burglary. he has a long criminal history arrested less than two weeks ago on april 15th for driving with a suspended license. police say they have identified this woman but they are not releasing her name just yet until the medical examiners office releases the cause of death. he is considered a person of interest in her death at this point. he is held at the santa cruz county jail on a parole hold meaning he cannot be released on bail. >> thank you. right now, we want to get you updated when it comes to the terrific forecast. temperatures are creeping up. >> hey, do i need to tell you? look at these numbers. i's gorgeous out there today. 71 degrees is the forecasted high in livermore. we are going to see changes.
5:38 am
the big difference between yesterday and today will be windy conditions. we have a system of low pressure to the north and that's going to bring down a little bit of a disturbance as we head through the latter portion of the day. the winds we have out there now, all though they are strong are going to get stronger. this is the system. here is the weak piece of energy that's going to break off. it's a short wave trough. the temperatures are going to come down. windy conditions in the bay area today. hey, not too bad overall. about the same as yesterday give or take a degree or two. winds at 18 miles per hour in fairfield. calm conditions in san jose and gilroy. 52 degrees in livermore as we start out the day, we are up to 58 degrees in the city by noon. just the high cirrus clouds. let's look at the roads. >> the sensors averaged out and
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averaging 36 at the horizon. that's where we expect to see the slowdown for the morning. just below 40. 55 at pittsburg and bay point. thursdays typically have a higher volume of traffic. south of dublin boulevard because of the police activity. the officer involved shooting and the death and investigation going on. usue alcosta boulevard. this will be just west on surface streets north of the freeway. here in the south bay, the drive is looking nice. look out for that 80 registering. we are showing a light commute. an accident in alma has cleared. no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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back to you. >> thank you very much. it is now 5:39. start baking your scones, brewing your tea, we are a day away from the wedding of the century. we have last minute jitters before the royal wedding. >> the santa clara stadium has not been built. the 49ers are waiting to name it. will they do better than oakland did? >> thi the bob rell. the black iphone four comes in white as rumors of what
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good morning, everybody. a live look outside from the south bay hp pa vil yan as we continue to watch the sharkies. we'll update you on that. in the meantime, millions of people who get federal funding but they have to find a new way of doing it soon. as of may 1, paper checks are no
5:43 am
longer an option. social security and federal benefits are only available through electronic pay. the switch to all electronic funding is expected to save $1 billion over ten years. people who get their federal benefits by paper check are going to have until 2013 to make the switch. a little bit of advanced warning to make arrangements. new controversy in the federal prop 8 case. the chief federal judge in san francisco has new things to say. we'll let laura tell you more about that? >> no, no, no. keep going. it's fascinating. >> they can keep video recordings of the prop 8 trial, don't know what that means, if he disqualifies himself from the trial. they say he should not have aired the videos just before he retired. lawyers for the sponsors of prop
5:44 am
8 say he should have removed himself from it because he is gay. >> hey let's quickly get to the forecast. i's a good one. >> i have good news for once. good morning to you. the bitter cold that took over the bay area for the past month is finally starting to change. things are really changing for the sunny side of things. we are going to see a beautiful day today. a warm up that lasts beyond the weekend into next week. the temperatures are climbing beyond 80 degrees and 90s. the weather headlines show you what we are expecting for today. a cool start, clear conditions, sunny out there. on the breezy side to start out. by the weekend, the winds calm down. a great golf weekend on tap for you. basically, what's happening is you have this low pressure system pushing in the pacific northwest. we have a little weak
5:45 am
disturbance that's going to break off from the main portion of low pressure and bring about windy conditions. today, if you are somebody who has loose objects in the east bay hills, tie those down. wind out of the south at 10 miles per hour sustained. 18 in fairfield. temperatures in the 50s, turning over to the 70s. stay tuned, i have the seven day outlook in moments. back to you. >> thank you so much. the wedding of the century less than 24 hours away in preparation for the royal i dos are kicking into overdrive. tracie potts is live in london this morning. my goodness, you look smashing. very fitting with that bonnet. >> reporter: well, thank you. i'm in front of westminster abbey. of course, all the events are happening here tomorrow. today, we saw kate middle toton she was here for the last
5:46 am
rehearsal. her mom was here getting one last look at the inside of westminster abbey before she's back tomorrow to be married. she hasn't had much luck escaping the cameras. we saw her leaving her home yesterday. she was driving with a body guard in the car. we saw her when she arrived here and came to westminster abbey for rehearsal with prince william and again this morning. plans for today. kate middleton and the middleton family are expected to spend the night in the luxurious hotel not far from buckingham palace. she has the royal suite there. prince william will be at prince charles' official residence, clarence house. we are told he's going to have a private dinner with his family there before heading to the church tomorrow. >> oh, get me to the church on time and get me one of those
5:47 am
bonnets. thank you. it's 5:46. the 49ers are looking for someone to pay for the naming rights of a new stadium. they hired a southern california firm to land the deal. they hope the naming rights will earn them millions of dollars. they can use it to help fund the stadium to be built next to great america. the news comes a day after the signed a deal for the naming rights for the oakland coliseum. the genius's at apple have made a statement. bob redell is live with more on the new phone and why to wait before getting one. i know people rush out to get the latest thing but you say maybe wait? >> reporter: the iphone five is rumored to be coming out. the white iphone was supposed to come out last july. the black version was in june.
5:48 am
there were production problems. you are probably wondering why there's production problems with turning the black into a white. they say it's not that simple. the material is different. there are implications with regards to that and implications with regards to the sensors. they needed uv protection because the lighter color attracts more sunlight. that's one of the reasons they are giving the possibility there's so much demand for the iphone four. if you have been dying for that white iphone, it is available starting today. we have heard reports in beijing china, there were long lines outside. i'm looking at the apple store in palo alto. there's nobody out here. let's talk about the iphone five, what the rumors are out there. there could be a significant
5:49 am
redesign. instead of the rectangle shape here it would be teardrop. or where it starts thick at the top and goes down on the bottom. there would be touch buttons here for e-mail and that sort of thing. the physical button on the face of the iphone, the only physical one could become virtual. the screen is 3.5 inches. if this was virtual, it could expand to four inches. that makes reading newspapers and magazines easier. a faster processor. a five megapixel camera upgraded to eight megapixel and talk of brushed steel. these are things i made up on the spot. i have no idea if this is going to happen. they are saying it could shift in time for the christmas holiday season.
5:50 am
amazingly, i was talking to people out here, no one here is a iphoner this morning. you have a bluetooth on, just not the iphone. are you allowed in this neck of the woods? okay. i didn't know. all right. good morning to you. so there you have it. rumors on the iphone. >> i hear the apple executives are watching your reports and jotting down these fantastic ideas you have and they may incorporate them. >> they are not watching, they are tracking as well. there's a chip. >> you have been to some strange places. thanks a lot. researchers at uc san diego say they may be able to spot autism earlier than before. in some cases they may be able to see early warning signs in kids before they turn one. a checklist could let doctors and parents know if young children show the signs of autism. they say parents in a test group watched for things like tots,
5:51 am
how they babble, gesture or interact with kids. all of these things are subtle signs and show up as early as 1 year of age if you know what to look for. early detection is important for young kids. >> it is. 5:51 now. still ahead on today in the bay, it's not quite everest, but man is scaling the heights of a south bay building tod'll oull e we'll tell you about extreme bird watching ahead.xt
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welcome back, everybody. time is 5:53. you can see the sun beginning to come up. you can see from the little holes in the gray start to the day there. a little light coming through. it's going to be a nice day once
5:54 am
the usual coastal fog burns off. now, a nice looking shot. >> hopefully a nice looking commute. >> we have had a few weeks of spring breaks in the bay area. we are seeing slow downs in the altamont pass. clearing by the time you get to springtown and first. there's an issue off 680. dublin boulevard off ramp is clos closed as well as amador plaza. christie smith is there to follow an officer shooting. it's the reason it is closed. we'll get a look out there and see how things are on 880. no problems on coliseum or back to you. >> if you are one of 77 million people who play play station you should have gotten an e-mail
5:55 am
warning your personal information may have been stolen by a hacker. scott mcgrew has the one thing to do right away. >> change your pass words. not only on sony play station network. this morning that doesn't work. if you use the same password for everything. as we have been reporting, a hacker has gotten into the online gaming service. it's largely a free service. credit card numbers are not an issue, but if you use the same user name and password and e-mail on itunes and, the bad guys will get you there. change the passwords this morning. other news, san francisco based visa invested in this device called square. it goes on the bottom of your iphone or ipad. it allows you to run credit cards. it's your garage sale or school bake sale. i have one here. it pops into the back of your
5:56 am
ipad and you can run visa cards. it had been a real competitor to things like papal. now bigger as visa takes an investment in it. >> amazing. thank you very much. it's 5:56 now. this morning plenty of buzz around san jose city hall as fans of the falcons will find out big news. lara laid four eggs atop the 285 foot structure in downtown san jose in february. today, a local biologist will repel city hall to tell us if the chicks are male or female and band their legs to keep track of them. >> one of the few events if they lay an egg it's a big deal. what's coming up next? it's 5:56.
5:57 am
we'll be back with the latest on an officer involved shooting. a gruesome discovery in santa cruz.
5:58 am
5:59 am
coming up on today in the bay, a visiting team's coach is accused of taunting giants fans with an antigay rant. >> reporter: breaking news out of dublin this morning. a confrontation between a police sergeant and a homeless man turns deadly. we'll have the lathest on the investigation coming up in a live report. >> reporter: police make a disturbing discovery close to the santa cruz board walk. good morning, i'm marla tellez. what they found inside an apartment here, coming up. a live look outsid


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