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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 28, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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center of your screen in san francisco. nice weather on tap. it's thursday, april 28th, today in the bay. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. straight up, 6:00. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get to the forecast. it's going to be a nice one. >> good morning to you. we are looking great. if you are not attending the royal wedding, we are going to get much better weather here than what they are expecting tomorrow. if you are tuning in, you are doing so with gorgeous conditions. mostly sunny, on the breezy side. by this weekend, the temperatures climb to the mid to upper 70s. finally, spring like weather in the bay. i'll let you know how warm it's going to be in the bay. right now, 6:00 a.m. straight up. how does it look on the
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roadways? >> lighter as far as volume. highway 4 is showing slowdowns. closer to the maze, an easy drive. this is unexpected, we have been following this all morning southbound 680. dublin boulevard off ramp is still closed because of police activity. i'm going to hand it off to brent for the details on that. >> thank you. we are following a developing story out of dublin. a man is dead after being shot by a dublin police sergeant. that sergeant is in the hospital. it happened at amador plaza road and dublin boulevard. christie smith joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning to you. we have been watching this all morning. they are being very thorough collecting evidence in the shooting. it happened across the street at the dealership. the coroner isn't there yet. deputies heard from the sergeant
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involved in this. she thought this man was trying to kill her by hitting her head into the cement. again, this is near the car dealership. she fired at him. this started at 1:30 in the morning when the sergeant noticed a man walking near the stores and the correspond lot. she thought it seemed odd. she phoned in and tried to contact the man about what he was doing out here. she says he attacked her and she didn't know why. sergeant j.d. nelson with the sheriff's department is saying the dublin police department had run ins with this man before. >> he's familiar to the dublin police. he's been arrested on numerous occasions. he's had violence in his past and been arrested for fighting and those kinds of things. >> reporter: of course she fired at him over there. the sergeant was taken to eden medical center with head injuries.
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she is talking this morning and expected to be okay. we are told she has at least 20 years experience, certainly knows what she's doing. i also got an update from the sergeant out here who says you'll want to avoid this area because this investigation is going to take quite some time. all the streets around here are closed at this hour. reporting live in dublin, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thanks for the update. impersonators have a high-tech way to get you to think they are the real deal. it's a smartphone app that looks like the flashing red and blue lights of police cars. they arrested a man accused of using an app on two people in a car. the suspect is a 23-year-old. he thought they were suspicious then realized they didn't pose a threat. he was trying to keep his neighborhood safe. >> i immediately left the area, i left, you know, went back to
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my house and tried to go over to the neighbor's house, knock on their door. they wouldn't answer the door even though they saw me there to apologize and say listen, i apologize if i scared you guys. >> he says he did use flashing lights. the colors he used were red and brown. the police say it doesn't matter. any form of police impersonation is a crime. this morning, we are following a strange investigation in santa cruz. police made a gruesome discovery inside an apartment complex. now, a man in his 60s are in custody. he was living with a woman in her 30s for several days. marla tellez has the bizarre details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a very weird and as you said, gruesome story. it actually unfolded here at the shore view apartments. it's a nice apartment complex on east cliff drive with a great
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view. we are feet away from the santa cruz board walk. the man at the center of this investigation, 63-year-old john, we are learning lived upstairs in apartment number 7. it's the third door on the top. he was arrested tuesday night after police got a call of suspicious activity and a strong, horrible smell coming from the apartment. neighbors were complaining of the strong stench for days. police ended up finding the body of a woman in her 30s inside. police say he had been living with this decomposing body in his apartment for more than a week and he never reported it. neighbors say all though the woman was some 30 years younger than him, the two were involved in some sort of relationship. also interesting, he has a long criminal history. he's been on parole for almost two years since may 2009 after serving time for second degree burglary. he was arrested most recently
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less than two weeks ago for driving with a suspended license. so far, to be clear, he's just a person of interest in this case pending the autopsy results which will explain how this woman died. he could end up facing murder charges in this woman's death. police are not releasing the name of this woman. they do say they do know her identity. john is currently held at the santa cruz county jail. he cannot be released on bail at this point. laura. interesting story. thank you so much. baseball is investigating an atlanta braves pitching coach. a fan claims a coach verbally attacked him and his family at at&t park with remarks and obscene gestures. he says the braves coach launched into an antigay tirade during batting practice. he asked the coach to watch his
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language and he claims that's when the coach turned on him and threatened him. >> kids don't belong fing out at the ballpark. he turned toward me, grabbed his bat, picked it up and asked me how much my teeth were worth to me. >> his attorney is asking the coach to apologize and wants major league baseball to fine the coach. the oakland mayor is expe expected to release her budget plain. it's going to be a line-by-line report. the council will look it over. it will make final choices before the end of the fiscal year on june 30th. this morning, people in california support the plan to eliminate the deficit. they are sending mixed messages when it comes to increased taxes. governor jerry brown is going to have a tough time selling taxes on voters unless it's tied to
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saving education. 61% support closing the deficit through spending cuts and increased taxes. 62% oppose the proposal to extend personal income tax increases. not surprisingly, 68% favor raising taxes on wealthy californians. the heart of the silicon valley is seeing more companies coming back. new figures show the vacancy rates for high end office space decreased over the past several years. it's now at 30% in 2011 compared to 32% in 2010 and 34% in 2009. they are seeing new tenants for the first full-time in a decade. most companies shunned pricey buildings and opted for low cost campuses in mountain view.
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people will find out if they have a place to call home more than a month after a pipe burst. the city council will decide if they will close the mobile park where a drainpipe burst causing flash flood. many of the people have been staying at nearby hotels since then. it would cost $2 million to bring the park back up to code. the meeting is at city hall tonight. the time is 6:09. we want to check in with christina and the forecast. >> good morning to you. another gorgeous day. we have a good deck of mid and high level clouds sitting over the city now. they are not going to hang around all day. today, mostly sunny skies by this afternoon. the breezes will pick up. by the weekend, warm, dry. the trend continues. you need to turn the sprinkler system back on if you turned it off. we are not expecting rain for 15 days. 52 degrees now in livermore.
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54 in hay ward. clear inland. we have the low cloud cover moving in along the coast. it's not going to hang around all day. if you commute into the city, by noon you are peeling off a layer in san francisco. 58 degrees. mild conditions. we see the cirrus clouds clear out by 4:00 p.m. this is what is sky is representative of. we see the clouds passing through from time to time. mostly sunny, 4:00 p.m. 65 degrees. 70 in fremont today and 70 in los gatos. let's get you to work now. if you have to get out the front door, how does it look, mike. >> you'll be all right so far except here. i'll give you the update. dublin is moving smoothly. it's fine. in the area the chopper is showing the surface streets we are talking about. this is dublin boulevard.
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as they zoom out, no activity for a couple blocks. the off ramp is closed. there's an officer involved shooting. you can use alcosta. 580 and 680 is all right at the interchange. we go back to the maps. l livermore, relatively light. this continues for this week. still the slowing for highway 4 into the 20s in antioch. clear at loveridge. the maze is showing a nice easy drive. i got updates from chp. a disabled vehicle. i'll get updates on that. back to you. >> thanks. >> we'll check back with you. 6:11 now. still to come, the sharks next series is laid out for us. we are going show you the schedule.
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>> reporter: it's finally here. the white iphone 4, available today. but should you wait for the iphone five? we are going to tell you what the rumors are saying about the next generation of the iphone. we'll have it in a live report. speaking of the sharks, hp pavilion live this morning. s
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good morning, everybody. a live look from our live truck on in dublin this morning, the scene of that officer involved shooting. one man is dead and an officer recovering. steve jobs does damage control over news apple can track your iphone.
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the company is releasing a new iphone today. bob redell is in palo alto this morning. good morning, bob. >> reporter: the one they are releasing today looks like this one here except it's white. the white iphone four finally going on sale today. delayed several months. initially, it was supposed to come out july last year. apple didn't want to disrupt production of the black with a white iphone. the material is slightly different. there's production problems trying to figure out how to get it not to interfere. they wanted to make sure there was uv protection. it sounds hokey, but it's the truth. should you get the white iphone today or wait for the iphone five that's rumored to come out
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for the christmas holiday season? if you can, it may be worth the wait based on the rumors we are hearing. the iphone five according to speculation, parts orders say there would be a faster processor which would allow for you to have more powerful applications. the home button you see now is an actual button. rumors it would be a virtual button. this part would be virtual as you have the button removed. the bezel, the side around the screen are saying there's a possibility of hot buttones as well. the e-mail or camera buttton on the side. if you take a profile of the iphone five, again, rumor has it it would be a tear-drop shape. it would start thick at the top and taper thinner as you hit the bottom.
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again, they are rumors. nothing can be confirmed or denied. apple isn't saying peep about this. if this were true, if the rumors were true, it is clearly a complete redesign of the current iphone four that is out there. laura. >> i liked your idea for the app where it would be a hot plate to warm things up. >> reporter: you like that? or a stun gun here. >> i didn't like that one. >> thanks bob. checking the forecast. folks are seeing the gray start to the day. overall, not too bad. christina has the details. >> not too bad. we have the high clouds overhead in the coastal regions. inland, mostly clear. we are all going to see the clouds. the general pattern is mostly sunny. here is what we are expecting. a low pressure system sitting to the north is going to continue to push inland. as it does, we see a little disturbance break here. it's going to produce windy
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conditions through the afternoon. not too bad. the temperatures climb into the 70s give or take a degree or two. very similar to where the temperatures are expected to end up. we are in the 50s. it's mild out there. you don't need a jacket in sunnyvale. 55 degrees. 54 degrees in gilroy turning to the 60s by noon. 63 in san jose. 55 degrees in the city. here is what we are expecting later on today. a gorgeous day. a few passing clouds throughout the day today. the cloudy skies we have overhead now, it's as much as we are going to see. the clouds will clear as we head throughout the day. only the high cirrus clouds are able to make it through the ridge of high pressure. here is what to expect for the remainder of the week. the 80s are back. 80 on monday. 81 on tuesday and 83 degrees on wednesday. now, you probably have heard about this if you haven't already, tornado outbreak
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yesterday. major, major weather happening through the deep south and alabama. over180 deaths. take a look at this video as the sun comes up, we are getting a better picture of the damage this morning. we are lucky to live here on the california coast. we are going to have a live report coming up at 6:45. if you have friends or family in the region, stay tuned for that. over to you guys. >> very sad all the deaths they have had there. thank you. time is 6:19. coming up, the top story overnight. an east bay police officer shoots and kills a man. we have a live report. apple still has problems. we'll talk about the privacy problems in a bit. highway 24 moving smoothly into the bay bridge. i have a couple issues. two that are affecting you. if thre co n me thme on back. e back up is getting in
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good morning, everybody. a live look outside from the south bay this morning. highway 87 making its way into downtown san jose. you can tell which one is the commute direction there. i want to check in with mike and get the latest on the morning commute. >> getting busier in san jose. i want to focus on the approach to the bay bridge. we have a 19 minute drive. the camera has been turned to the incline. flashing lights at the bottom of
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the screen. flashing lights because of one accident. a minor accident, no major injuries at the foot of the incline. the upper deck, a disabled vehicle on the same side of the roadway. it's causing a jam. folks are jamming up. a crew should be arriving on scene. you might have the two lanes blocking. we'll follow this, look at the m maps. the lower deck moving smoothly. we want to call out southbound 68 and dublin boulevard, it is closed because of the officer involved shooting. we'll get an update in an hour and a half. amador plaza road, passing bay couple car dealerships is closed. the mall and target and toys "r"
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us is open. there's debris. a garbage can should get cleared quickly. >> good thing. 6:23 now. the sharks second round playoff schedule is now. it starts here friday at 7:00 against detroit. game two, sunday at noon here on nbc. the red wings and sharks are playoff rivals. detroit got bit by the sharks last year in the postseason. let's do it again shark kis. ipad two wednesday on sale in japan this morning. hundreds lined up outside the store in tokyo. it went on sale in the united states last month. japan is the first asian country to get the new device. the launch was supposed to happen several weeks ago. it was delayed after the quake and tsunami. steve jobs came to the
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defense of the apple iphone. after claims it can track where you go. we want to check in with scott mcgrew. >> yeah. good morning. i have -- >> you are not using the iphone for your microphone, are you? that app doesn't work. >> no, it's my i tape that holds the battery come partment shut. >> the i didn't turn it on button? >> it was on. it was the battery that fell out. steve jobs conducted phone interviews saying absolutely, positively iphone doesn't follow you. we are going to expand on that. let's let kyle from "south park" show the controversy. >> apple stuff is neat all right. i just don't want a big company tracking where i am at all times. >> that's a rumor. they don't track you. >> there he is. hello, we are from apple. we are ready for you now. >> what?
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ready for what? >> to fulfill the agreement. >> 83 pounds. >> what agreement. >> let's get blood work. >> you agreed. >> what are you talking ability? >> when you downloaded the last itunes you clicked on agree. >> apple posted an explanation to the website denying reports apple tracks you. now, it does keep a written record on your phone about the wi-fi networks you passed by. we have known that for a long time. apple admits the records are too big. the information is kept too long and says it will fix that problem with an update. so, largely, this is over. apple finally addressed this. they weren't quick about it. in the meantime, bob pointed out the white iphone on the same day. is it a case where apple says of
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course we don't track anything. all the companies we tract with do but we don't. >> it's more we don't track you, we track the things that you pass by. honestly, it's a fine distinction. steve jobs says this is a matter of educating the consumer to understand why they do it and how it works. they admit, we track or this device records a bit too long. >> we'll see how that plays out. >> i bet other devices do as well. >> watching your end now. it is 6:27 now. still to come, a congresswoman tells the people of san bruno, pg&e should not be trusted. a live report from a man who lived in a studio apartment with a woman who was dead for more than a week. we look at that story. a police sergeant is recovering. a suspect is dead after shooting in dublin overnight. a live report, coming up.
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a live look outside as folks make their way to work this morning. not too bad. a little bit of volume pking your on the latest commute. report says police
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officers on the peninsula are double dipping into their salaries and it's completely legal. >> reporter: police make a gruesome discovery after neighbors complain of a horrible smell. what police found, coming up in my live report. >> reporter: an investigation is under way at this hour into a deadly officer involved shooting in dublin. police say a homeless man attacks a sergeant. we have the story coming up in a live report. a live look outside from the
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south bay this morning. the sun is starting to come up. a few clouds but otherwise a nice forecast. how nice? we'll tell you coming up in a few. it is thursday, april 28, today in the bay. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. 6:31 now. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. i want to check the forecast with christina. we got out and flew a kite yesterday. >> we did. >> isn't there a song about that? i think there's a song about that. yeah, i do. let's fly one today, shall we? we are going to see windy conditions. better for kite flying today. temperature wise, we are in the 70s later on. high pressure is firmly in control. a short wave makes its way through for the afternoon hours. all we are expecting from the trough maybe windy conditions and clouds throughout the day.
6:32 am
overall, the warming trend continues well into next week. i have the full forecast coming up in moments. let's get you to work with mike. hey, mike. >> good morning. let's go fly a kite. you passed the problems on the upper deck. let's go to a live shot. marry poppins. a similar cast to chitty chitty bang bang. that will congress continue to build. a disabled vehicle clearing from treasure island. the chopper shows the approach to the tunnel. very light volume. south bay, highway 87, not a big deal. we have your overall commute looking light. a lot of folks have spring break. it's what we are seeing on the roadways. >> it's 6:32 now. a bizarre investigation is under way in santa cruz this morning.
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a 63-year-old man is in jail after police find a body inside his apartment. the man may have been living with the decomposing body of a woman in her 30s for more than a week and never reported it. >> marla tellez is live in santa cruz with the latest, bizarre story. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. from start to finish, this is a very bizarre, gruesome story. the man at the center of this investigation, he is 63-year-old john. he lives at the shore view apartment complex in santa cruz. he lives upstairs in apartment number 7. this is a great location on east cliff drive overlooking the santa cruz board walk. he was arrested tuesday night after a call of suspicious activity that neighbors were complaining about for days. that smell turned out to be the body of a woman decomposing
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inside his upstairs apartment. police say the woman is in her 30s and he had been living with the dead body for more than a week. he never reported it. neighbors say all though the woman was more than 30 years younger than him, the two were involved in a relationship, but argued quite a bit. >> she has a voice that just was louder than a man's voice. i had three run-ins with her because of that. she would go out on the deck and laugh and i would go up there she would -- i would smell liquor on her breath. >> reporter: also interesting, he has a long criminal history. he's been on parole for almost two years after serving time in prison for second degree burglary. the police arrested him five times since 2007. most recently less than two weeks ago for driving with a
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suspended license. he's a person of interest in the case pending the autopsy reports will explain how the woman died. he could be charged for murder in her death. currently, laura, he's being held in the santa cruz county jail. >> thank you for the update. meantime, a newark man accused of stabbing a woman is under arrest. they arrested him for the killing of a 25-year-old woman in his home on cherry street. officers say they responded to reports of an assault at his home on wednesday morning and found monroe outside with blood on his hands and clothes. the woman was inside dead. her name has not been released. monroe knew the victim but have not released a possible motive. we are following a story out of dublin. a man is dead after being shot by a dublin police officer. the police officer is in the
6:36 am
hospital with major injuries. today in the bay's christie smith has been following that. >> reporter: they are taking pictures and gathering evidence. they may never know why he came after the police sergeant on patrol. from the hospital, she's starting to tell her story about what happened to investigators. she says the confrontation happened near the parking lot. this man started hitting her head against the cement and she thought he was trying to kill her. this started at 1:30 in the morning when she noticed what she considered a suspicious man walking around a car lot around amador plaza road. she radioed in she was going to make contact. she got out of her patrol car and that's when a sheriff's
6:37 am
spokesman says he attacked her. the suspect started hitting her in the head and it went all the way to the car dealership. she pulled out a service weapon and shot and fired and killed the suspect. >> reporter: nelson tells us dublin police know this man well. he's been arrested before for a number of things including fighting. he's believed to be a homeless man. the sergeant is taken to eden medical center with head injuries. she's talking and seems to be okay. she's a 20-year veteran of the force. slifr's investigators out here taking 360 degree pictures of everything going on. reminding everyone coming through the area to avoid it. the roads are going to be closed for some time. reporting live in dublin, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thank you for the update. bay area congresswoman is
6:38 am
giving the people of san bruno her support. she hosted a town hall. 100 people came to get the latest information on rebuilding the neighborhood devastated by september's explosion. she says she thinks pg&e put money in front of safety and they should not be trusted. >> there are 34 miles of pipeline in the pg&e system that was identified as seamless that turns out to be seen. if that's pg&e's recordkeeping and flawed recordkeeping, what is to say that isn't the kind of recordkeeping going on throughout california and across the country? >> state officials admit it could take five years to finish the inspections on more than 700 miles of transmission pipes that run under homes and businesses throughout california. but they say work is being done right now to make gas pipelines safer. a lot of bay area cities are
6:39 am
outsourcing to save money. it means many police officers are cashing in, making big money, and it's perfectly legal. they report it's happening in half-moon bay and san carlos which outsourced the money. that means officers can retire from police positions, get new jobs with the sheriff, which means they collect their pensions at the same time they get a new salary. it's called double dipping and straining the pension system. >> it's 6:39 now. let's get a check of the forecast today. the temperatures are going to continue to climb. you might be able to take a double dip in a swimming pool. we have a trough on the way. let me show you what's happening. over the bay area, you can see where it's located now, to the
6:40 am
north of eukiah. we are going to see the winds pick up. we have low pressure to the north, high pressure to the south. as a result, the two are working against each other. windy conditions throughout the day. the mountain passes, east bay hills, you know the drill. 54 in hay ward. 53 in san mateo. it's cool now. the winds are going to continue tomorrow as well. tomorrow is nice and warm, a good golf day if you are a straight shooter. temperature wise today pretty good. 70 in los gatos, windy. 69 in san rafael. saturday and sunday, the winds relax and you can hit the lakes. the seven day outlook is on the way. when the warmest day in the trend is expected. you might be surprised it's the middle and end of next week. let's talk to mike and see how we are warming up on the
6:41 am
roadways. >> getting more corrorowded i g. the average 46 miles per hour. a 19 minute drive. it's fine past elcharro. southbound 680 and dublin boulevard, the off ramp is still closed because of the police activity south of dublin boulevard. that's closed. it's affecting the onramp as well. if you want to get on to the area, if you are heading over to the southbound 680 west of the area, go ahead and use san ramon road on to 580 and take it east. it will connect you back to the area. the connector is fine. the back up quick to build to grand avenue. it's holding steady. back to you. >> thank you very much. we are excited for the wedding of the century, less than 24 hours away. preparation for the royal i dos
6:42 am
kicking into overdrive. tracie potts is live in london this morning. oh, holding on to the bonnet. she has look at the hustle and bustle before the big day. >> reporter: yes. >> good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning from windy westminster abbey. let me show you what's going on below. i'm five stories up. traffic is slowed to a crawl. there are crowds everywhere, people camped out, we know kate middleton is here for a final rehearsal. tonight, she's expected to stay at the hotel with her family in the royal suite the night before her wedding. we also know the official program is out. the song to which she will walk down the aisle, a three and a half minute walk, by the way. it was composed by prince william's great, great, great grandfath grandfather. the prince is going to spend his
6:43 am
night at the official residence of prince charles before the big day tomorrow. >> i'm jealous to you. what a great assignment you got. >> reporter: it is a lot of fun. >> she laughs and rubs it in a bit. have a great time covering it. i know you will. we'll have a great time watching it from here. you can watch it here and we'll follow with a special newscast coming up. >> does she get to keep the hat? >> i think it's hers. >> 6:43 now. coming up, a live report from alabama on the deadly storms. look at this tornado. one of many that killedeay 200 people. a live update coming up next. [ male announcer ] says that lexus holds its value
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and our schools. loans to small businesses on hold. job creation at a standstill. 30,000 teachers already laid off. can we really afford billions more in cuts? $13 billion more devastates our schools, our safety, and the california we know. it's time for lawmakers to finally get the problem solved now. our kids and economy can't afford to wait. gtsds .
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good morning to you. taking a live look outside. this is from dublin as police continue to investigate an officer involved shooting this morning. the sergeant is in the hospital after shooting and killing a man. we are keeping tabs on the investigation. 6:46 now. meantime, the death toll is up to nearly 200 people dead in morning. crews are canvassing some of the hardest hit areas. jeff morrow joins us live in pleasant grove, alabama. i have seen this video and some of the twisters are amazing.
6:47 am
>> reporter: oh, it was incredible to be here yesterday. the atmosphere very volatile and i actually got a chance to see the big tornado as it tore across the north side of the city of birmingham. just an amazing sight to see something that large. it was a huge black mass that was just tearing things up. you can see the power flashes and of course the damage that it left behind. again, the death toll has risen over 200 people. that would make it the second deadliest tornado outbreak in alabama history. we may be on the way to the deadliest. i don't think that number is going to stop there. let's come back here live. i want to show you what we are looking at here in the pleasant grove area. behind me, you can see the debris. a lot of this is remnants of houses further up the hill. they have blown across the street and pushed into the trees. you can see a boat to the
6:48 am
lefthand side. as we pan down, you can see the green truck in the foreground. that is one of the one that is stood up the hill 50 yards away and got rolled down. as we go further up, you can see the first responders and rescue people going house-to-house for much of the morning to make sure people are out of the houses and nobody is trapped or left behind. i think most of the work has been done now. it's a matter of cleaning up and accounting for everybody. there's a scene of utter devastation across much of northern alabama. the storm that we dealt with here, the tornado that came through here started along the mississippi-alabama border, roared through tuscaloosa and didn't stop until north georgia. it's one of 150 reports of tornadoes yesterday. an incredible, incredible day. definitely one for the record books.
6:49 am
>> thank you, jeff, for the update there. amazing. >> so sad to see the devastation there and the lives lost as well. we hope for the best for those people there. 6:48 now. certainly nice in our neck of the woods. you almost feel guilty talking about it. >> really nice. something we don't know about when it comes to tornadoes, they have a loud sound that accompanies a tornado. very, very loud. you can hear it coming. you don't get much warning. it's why we see such devastation with a tornado outbreak. we can't let people know in time to seek shelter. today, we are looking good around here. a much different scenario. a beautiful, beautiful day is ahead. might be windier than you like. by this weekend, warm conditions stay and the winds relax. that's the good news. mild this morning. we have a system of low pressure to the north. this is what we are expecting from the system. a piece of energy is going to
6:50 am
break off. this disturbance is going to ride through the area. windy tond and tomorrow. a few more clouds as well. this is what we are expecting your sky to look like at 12:00 noon in san francisco. 75% coverage here. 58 degrees. we are going to lose some of the cloud cover by 4:00 p.m. as you make your way home. breezy conditions. this is what we are expecting in cities elsewhere in san francisco. 75 in fremont. 72 for santa rosa. 72 in fairfield. warm conditions. this is one of the warmer days we are expecting. 83 degrees by wednesday. then as we head into next weekend, we will be breathing down the neck of 90 degree temperatures. enjoy this week of 70s. down right perfect. back to you guys. >> thank you. 6:50 now. still to come, scott mcgrew will update us on the play station
6:51 am
network and the outreach happening there, coming up in tech today. your white iphone has arrived. should you wait for the iphone five? we are going to update you the rumors of the possible redesign.
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good morning, everybody. another live look outside at the hp pavilion in san jose. the sun coming up. look at it bounce off the building there. the sharks are playing playoff action. this morning, plenty of buzz around san jose city hall as fans of the falcons find out big news. lara laid four eggs in february. this is a live look at folks
6:54 am
that are getting ready for a local biologist who will repel the walls of city hall. he's going to do it to tell us whether the chicks are male or female, then he's going to band the chick's legs to keep track of them. those are the folks setting up to participate in the venture. >> in the meantime, we want to check the morning commute with mike. >> good morning. the peninsula is moving fine. a little slowing with the 50 as you are heading southbound approaching the san mateo bridge. biggest slowing southbound 680. an accident cleared to the shoulder. a live look out there shows the slowdown in the southbound side. it's early to start. 7:30 is a time we see the volume bump up and may cause slowing early for that portion. coming off the dublin interchange, southbound 680,
6:55 am
keep that in mind because the police activity with the bay bridge toll plaza. light everywhere else. back to you. >> thank you very much. steve jobs does a little damage control over new that is apple can track your iphone. the company is releasing a new iphone today. bob redell is in palo alto with a look at what the new device might have. all speculation. bob. >> reporter: this, today, happening as i look at an image of the latest version of the iphone four to come out today. the technology is the same, the only thing different is the color. you can see the release of the white iphone. the question is, is this something you want to buy now or wait for the much rumored iphone five, which rumors are saying might be in time for the holiday season. this is what the speculation is from analysts based on parts orders on behalf of apple. what they are saying a new
6:56 am
iphone five would look like. it's a major redesign instead of the rectangular profile, it's a teardroped profill, thick at the top, thin at the bottom. the home button could become virtual and give you a larger screen size. they are talking possible touch screen buttons on the side. >> do you have a lawn blower app on there or something. >> reporter: what's that? >> good answer. >> reporter: it's perfect timing. the sidewalks are perfectly clean but once he saw the camera, he said i'm going to annoy this guy. >> thanks a lot, bob. if you are one of the 77 million people who play play station, you probably have got an e-mail warning your personal
6:57 am
information may have been stolen by a hacker. scott mcgrew that has one thing you need to do right away. >> right, change your password. not only on play station network, that doesn't work this morning. on other sites. if you use the same password for everything. we have reported a hacker got into sony. it's a free service, so not many credit card numbers on it. if you use the same user name on itunes or zappos or amazon change your passwords. who is the sexiest person on a food package. they have a poll. they would like your opinion. >> how funny. i might have to go with my people on the salsa.
6:58 am
>> i'll go with my people and the st. pauly girl. >> i bet you would. thanks for joining us this morning. todayw shocoming up next. >> have a great day.
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