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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 29, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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coming up on today in the bay, the wedding is complete. the parties are just getting under way. we'll have highlights from this mornings royal wedding. >> reporter: i'm bob redell live in south san jose where over 100 people come to stay up all night just to see the kiss. we'll have the highlights in a bit. >> reporter: new this morning, richmond police asking for your help after a man tries to snatch a 12-year-old girl from the street.
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we'll show you a sketch, coming up in a live report. a live look across the goaden gate bridge. a lovely day here in the bay area. time is 6:00, friday april 29th. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. 6:01 now. i'm brent cannon. >> i would like to be known as pipa this morning. it's an english day. let's get looking at the forecast this morning. in the royal spirit, christina loren. >> you don't need a hat today. it's windy out there. 50 in oakland and 52 in hayward. the temps are going to climb into the 70s.
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we have beautiful, beautiful weather ahead. we are going to break down the full forecast. right now, 6:01 heating up for a get away friday. >> just a bit. highway 4, can't get away from the slowdown. holding steady, speeds in the 30s and dipping to the 20s at l street toward horizon lane. there's a wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. the camera is not shaken much. a little haze in the air. it's no big deal. there can be a gust or two. back to you. >> we are watching in england as the party continues across the pond. a live look at london england this morning where the revelers are out. we'll have highlights from the royal wedding ceremony as well as live reports from parties around the bay area. the search is on this morning for a man who tried to grab a 12-year-old girl.
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christie smith is live with how the girl got away. >> reporter: good morning to you. it's always disturbing to hear a story like this. i spoke with the police this morning and they are telling me officers spent several days canvassing the neighborhood to get the word out of a 12-year-old girl and a man who tried to snatch her. we are asking for the public's help. he's 5'6" to 5'9". police say the girl was walking from her home to grant elementary school april 13th when a man in a pick-up truck whistled at her and followed her up the street. he got out, tried to grab her. she pushed him away, took a gun out and said get in or i'll try to kill you.
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fortunately, she got to the school before he got to her. the truck is a 1980s or '90s blue pick up with primer gray and a dent. the hood, we are told may be gray. he was wearing sunglasses, a dark hoody at the time. the police were able to get the girl a bicycle to ride to school and doesn't have to walk anymore. if you have any information on this, call the richmond police department. live in richland, christy smith, today in the bay. >> thank you. a teenage girl is safe after her disappearance triggered an amber alert. they found her an hour after the alert was issued. she was meeting a friend. when she wanted to get out of the car, the driver refused. she got on the cell phone and said she was held beyond her
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will. the amber alert was canceled at 6:30 after police found the car. san francisco chronicle says the white house threatened to keep it out of pool reports for future presidential events in the bay area. the white house is upset it posted video of a protest on the website. protesters interrupted president obama during -- the chronicle was part of a print only pool and the white house says it violated the rules by shooting video and posting it online. pool reporters are used to cover the white house events not open to the press at large. president obama and his family will be at the space shuttle launch in florida today. we got a live look at "endeav "endeavor." this is the next to last scheduled launch for the fleet.
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congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be there as well. her husband is a commander of the shuttle mission. it's scheduled to launch at 12:47 this afternoon. after months of anticipation, the royal wedding went off without a hitch this morning. prince william and kate middleton are husband and wife. >> details. the beginning of the ceremony, they took no longer than 19 minutes start to finish. >> i william arthur phillip take thi catherine elizabeth as my wedded wife. >> i catherine elizabeth take thee william arthur as my wedded husband. >> flawless. even with all the middle names of prince williams. they have new titles now.
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the earl and countess. it's a scottish title where they first met as college students at st. andrews. catherine arrived in a rolls-royce but they left together in a carriage. it's the same carriage that princess diana and prince charles used on their wedding day. they took their first journey as man and wife this morning from westminster abbey to buckingham palace in a coach built in 1902. there was no rain during the wedding. it was an open top carriage. >> oh, darn, we would have had to use the bentley again. enthusiasts gathered overnight. >> exactly. bob redell is live in san jose.
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you have been able to maintain your composure. your eyes look dry so far. not too teary eyed. >> reporter: they are but -- let me put it this way, there's a box of kleenex that is now empty after what i witnessed overnight. yeah, there was quite a crowd here in south san jose. you can see the crowd has high tailed it out of here to get rest. clean up is almost finished here at this restaurant/bar. a lot of people showed up around 1:00 this morning for a prescheduled breakfast to watch the wedding on the big screen tvs. they caught this moment here. there you have it. the local crowd going wild as kate and william kissed each other from the balcony at
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buckingham palace. perhaps the highlight. this is after they said their vows. they served up their own version of a wedding cake, an english breakfast of eggs, bangors, black pudding, toast, tomatoes, mushrooms. the management said there was about 128 to 130 people that showed up here overnight. we talked to some of the people as they were leaving asking why wouldn't you stay at home to watch this from the comfort of your own chair. for them, being here with friends, with family, it would have been unthinkable not to have been here. >> it was a lovely wedding and a nice couple for sure. being with family and celebrating that was really nice. >> why did we come out? it seemed a fun thing to do. we are retired and we can spend our time as we wish.
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it's just fine. >> reporter: i'm sure as you judge by the accents, it was a mixed crowd. americans, english people and scottish people overnight. one man describing this event overnight watching it state side is like experiencing jet lag. we know they are probably down in the horizontal position to catch up on the sleep. >> sweet dreams. i noticed a lot of people in bonnets as well in the english attire. >> tiaras and that sort of thing. you saw one interview of a gentleman who is scottish. he had his hat on. >> we have our bonnets here as well. christina has been sporting hers all morning long.
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it needs a minipearl tag. >> i agree. very impressive. good morning to you. if you are heading out the front door now, after the royal excitement, getting ready to hit the road, we are looking good. you might not need a jacket if you are going to your car. 51 in san jose. 51 in sunnyvale. 52 in oakland. it's comfortable. we are headed toward the 70s today as high pressure warms us up. by noon, we are going to reach the low 60s. by 4:00 p.m., a breezy condition. 70 for san jose. 70 in the north bay. santa rosa, mild along the peninsula. 65 in san francisco. hey, you live in the east bay, even if you don't, there is a great, great festival happening in livermore, saturday and sunday. you probably know about it if you live in the east bay. mike inouye is going to be there this year. temperatures are going to be
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perfect for a festival. 74 degrees. absolutely wonderful. speaking of festivities, someone that is very festive, miky. >> i couldn't wear the type of bonnet you are. the hair would poke through it. a casting cal for "minute to win it." right now, 15 minutes and you are winning. for the commute on 580 heading to caster valley is a smooth drive there. with the wind advisory, no delays to the toll plaza. a live shot there shows you volume building. you should see the meters lights on in 15 to 20 minutes. >> thank you very much. still to come, the sharks open a playoff series at the tank tonight. you can celebrate outside the arena. we'll tell you how.
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the royal wedding may be over, but the party is just getting started at the palt las hotel. good m m arlate. marla teezll. how the historic hotel is paying tribute to
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welcome back, everybody. live pictures from near buckingham palace where tens of thousands gathered for the royal wedding. they are beginning to dispurse. a lot of people hanging out for the celebration. people all around the worldcoming to see the event in person. >> the official guests of the royal wedding are at buckingham palace for a breakfast reception hosted by the queen. >> a lot of people are celebrating the wedding of the century. marla tellez is at the palace hotel in san francisco.
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she has an exclusive look at a royal wedding party set to begin in a few hours. they have not started yet at the palace where you are. >> reporter: no. no. we have just arrived. it's an empty ballroom. this is one of their ballrooms inside the beautiful historic palace hotel. again, it's empty now. isn't it gorgeous? it looks like a wedding reception about to happen. there's going to be 180 guests, some of them have paid. they have all paid to be here, it's a charity breakfast. they are going to be watching the royal wedding that happened at 3:00 a.m. they are going to watch it here on this projector screen here to the other side. it's going to be british fare. we are going to talk to the executive chef in a minute to see what the guests will be eating. the proceeds benefit the project
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night night. it's a great cause this morning. we are going to step over here and show you the beautiful cake. check out this wedding cake. this is the pastry chef for the plaza hotel. what do we have here? what kind of cake is this? >> this is a carrot cake, four tiers. it took about four hours to kek rate the details on it with real gold. >> reporter: real edible gold. >> yes. >> reporter: even better. >> put the crown on the decorations. >> reporter: how long did it take you to make this cake? >> three days. >> reporter: in terms of the royal wedding that happened this morning, do you know the men knew for their pastries? >> no, i don't. >> reporter: you don't? >> we'll have to find out.
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carrot cake is like a fruitcake. we feel comfortable and people will like it. >> reporter: i can't wait to sample it. do i get to sample it later? >> we'll have the dessert. >> reporter: great. why don't you do your thing. that is the pastry chef at the palace hotel. we are going to check in later. once the room gets filled up with more guests, we'll be with you. >> i can't help but notice you have a replica ring of the princess. >> reporter: did you note it? it's a fake, kate middleton blue sapphire. >> you don't have to tell us it's fake. >> reporter: i know, right? come on. >> where's the prince is the big question. >> reporter: i have been looking. i didn't find him on 101. >> we have to get you better places to look. >> a carrot cake, how many
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karats? san jose has things happening. the second rounld of the stanley cup playoffs. a familiar foe, the red wings. if you don't have tickets you can watch it on versus. if you cannot make it to the game, you can enjoy a bit of a party. the sharks will host a street rally outside the hp pavilion. it starts at 5:00 this evening. they will have a deejay, games and food and a chance to win tickets for next season. game two is sunday at noon. you can watch it here on nbc bay area. >> let's check the forecast now. checking the current temperatures with christina. >> she's tangled up in the cables there. >> hey. more smoke in mirrors for you this morning. thanks for calling me out. good morning to you. hopefully you are having a
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better start than we are. well, me. everybody else is doing well. maybe this has something to do with it. it's impairing my vision. temperatures are going to climb to the 60s as we head into noon. that's when it's going to get really comfortable. you are able to drive around town with the windows down, bumping the music. later on today, we will hit the 70s. high pressure really moves into the area. it's going to amplify over the weekend. it's going to drive the offshore flow. for us, it means warmer days ahead. 68 degrees in fremont. 70 in los gatos, 70 in gilroy. show you what's happening saturday in livermore. perfect conditions. mike inouye will be out there. he's going to be there saturday and you could try out to be on "minute to win it." they are having open casting out there. on sunday, 80 by monday.
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we are up to 85 degrees next wednesday. if you want to make the outdoor golf plans, do it up this weekend. back to you guys. >> thank you very much. it's 6:20 now. san jose will create its own grand central station. >> 13,000 tweets per minute about the wedding dress. we're going to stay on the east bay. it's further away from the wedding than you can wh rougdrn without a problem. what to look for today and the
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good morning. 6:24. there you go on high way 4, antioch is slow. a live commute through most of the bay area. clearing up by the time you get to loveridge. all the feeder roads to the bay bridge toll plaza, no major back up. in the city, you have critical mass starting at 6:00 p.m. folks hit the bikes at the herman plaza and go to an unspecified route in the city. ea look at the chopper and there's the bay bridge. coming off treasure island and into san francisco, it looks slow. the chopper is moving with the traffic. it's just great getting into the city. another live look shows what
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things are like. 880, no big deal. you have a game tonight and a four-game series. watch for slowing in the area. >> thanks. san jose wants to change the diridon station to the station in the west. the hub would be linked to offices, shops and housing nearby. it serves cal train, light rail and amtrak. it includes hp pavilion and a b.a.r.t. station. yesterday's vote allows the city staff to move ahead with an environmental impact report. more than 13,000 tweets this morning on twitter just about a wedding dress. scott mcgrew joins us. what did they say about the kiss? >> i haven't looked that up. it was a short one, wasn't it? it was good they had a second one. that was quick. someone said wedding dresses are
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going to have sleeves for the next few years. people jumped on facebook and twitter is hardly a surprise. i don't think we should let the moment go by without acknowledging it. there was a time the sun didn't set and now two california based inventions, facebook and twitter as around the world talk to each other. the maker of the blackberry, trading in rim shares were halted after the company announced it would miss profit expectations. you would think because of the playbook tablet, but the news is worse than that. it's because of lousy sales of blackberry phones. as we mentioned, the powerful house committee wants apple to come to washington for hearings because of phone tracking. the committee talking about that
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issue. we'll talk about it sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. after "meet the press." >> it's 6:26. still to come, governor jerry brown dumps plans to expand death row. new details this morning about the woman found dead in a santa cruz apartment. >> reporter: police asking for the public's help after a man tried to snatch a 12-year-old girl off the streets on her way to school. he also pulled a gun on her. a live look, once again, buckingham palace in good old london. the crowd is thinning out. they saw the royals on the balcony. now t is beginning to thin ibe ogiinn g th in r othis royal wedding day.oy
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bay, prince william now has his
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princess. highlights in a minute. >> reporter: i'm bob redell. we'll share what we saw with the royal wedding. >> reporter: for parents, it didn't get scarier than this. a man threatened a 12-year-old girl on her way to school. we'll have the story, coming up. a live look outside hp pavilion in downtown san jose. it's friday, april 29th on today in the bay. good friday morning. thanks for joining us. 6:30 now. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's look at the forecast for today. nice temperatures. >> we are getting the royal treatment. mother nature providing a
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gorgeous weekend. this morning, you may not need the jacket in oakland and concord. by noon, we are in the 60s. i'll let you know what the daytime high is. right now, it's 6:30. i'm sure it's heating up on the roadways, mike. >> it's busy out there. it's friday. a little bit later for the back up. the metering lights just turned on. the back up is just starting to form in the cash lanes. there's still the issue that chp issued a wind advisory. you might get a gust or two. connectors in the north or east bay. the camera is not shaking. the high-rise might be another issue. back to you. >> thanks. a warning for parents and children. police are searching for a man who tried to kidnap a young girl in richmond. christie smith is live with a
6:32 am
look at what happened. christie. >> reporter: good morning to you. i spoke with the police and they are hoping to get the word out to the public, they are hoping to find this guy who grabbed a 12-year-old girl on her way to school and he pulled a gun on her and threatened her, she says. we have a sketch for you. he's a hispanic man in his 30s. about 5'6" to 5'9" about 170 to 200 pounds with spiky brown hair and a bald spot on top. she was minding her own business walking to downer elementary school when a man in a light blue pick-up truck started to whistle at her then follow her in a truck. that's when it escalated. he got out and tried to grab her. she pushed him and he stumbled. he pulled out a gun and said get in or i'll kill you. she was able to make it to her school. again, that truck is light blue,
6:33 am
believed to be from the 1980s or 1990s with primer on it and a dent in the rear. the hood may have primer on it. he was wearing dark sunglasses, a hoody and blue jeans. police are saying they don't have similar reports. the good news in all this, if there is any, the police athletic league got the little girl a bicycle so she no longer has to walk to school. reporting live in richmond, christie smith, today in the bay. >> thanks. 6:33 now. a former doctor at uc berkeley is free after pleading not guilty to sexually assaulting patients. the students say he touched them inappropriately. he says all medical procedures performed was proper. he's agreed to have his license
6:34 am
temporarily suspended during the investigation. his lawyers want the case dismissed. the woman whose decomposing body was found in an apartment several days after she was dead. she struggled with alcoholism. she was arrested for public drunkenness. she was found dead in an apartment on tuesday night. her body was severely beaten and had been there for at least a week. her 63-year-old boyfriend is in custody and considered the prime suspect in her death. a contractor killed in afghanistan. the 55-year-old was in the airport when a pilot in the afghan military opened fire. he and eight u.s. troops were killed in the attack. he is from santa rosa and was working with a private company. he was a retired army lieutenant who left for afghanistan on april 15th.
6:35 am
he was supposed to return home this fall. flplans to build a new deat row have been canceled. he cannot justify spending $356 million for the changes to the death row chamber when schools and services for the poor are being cut. plans began in 2003. they were continued by governor arnold schwarzenegger. the first phase of the project was postponed. the ordeal of two uc berkeley students held in iran will be held today. they will hold a performance called detentions of detainment. it's to give attention to her fiance and friend. they have been held in prison for 600 days. the performance will be at noon at the united nations plaza.
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the royal wedding sealed with a kiss this morning. the new royal couple went out on the balcony in front of the awaiting crowds and kissed not once, but twice. [ cheers and applause ] >> you heard the crowds chanting, kiss, kiss. until july 29th, 1981, no newlywed couple, royal kissed in public. prince charles and princess diana's started a new royal tradition. 600,000 people lined the streets of london to celebrate the wedding. >> the first was more like a peck. they asked for a second one. an estimated 2 million people worldwide thought to have watched the most anticipated wedding of the year this morning. >> bob redell is live where hundreds of local royal fans gathered overnight to watch the
6:37 am
wedding. >> are you teary eyed yourself? >> it's allergieallergies, righ? >> reporter: i'm over it now. 128 people were here bright eyed and bushy tailed in south san jose. they have cleared out fast. they have done clean up. i'm sure they are going to have more clientele coming for a regular friday night crowd. this was the scene an hour ago. the moment of truth, the kiss on the balcony at buckingham palace and the crowd went nuts in here. kind of like a sporting event. the applause. this was a pre-planned event. you had to register in advance. they had an english breakfast and their own wedding cake. people dressed up for the occasion, people buying their own hats and tiaras. we spoke to a lady who bought a nice hat just to be here for the
6:38 am
royal wedding. she was like why wouldn't i buy a hat. americans were here but we also had people from across the pond in scottland and london. they wouldn't have thought of being anywhere else to watch the royal wedding. >> london is my hometown. it's almost like being there. this was as close to being there as possible. it was quite -- i'm quite home sick this morning. >> reporter: are you? >> yes. >> reporter: i'm sorry. >> my husband said we can record it and watch it tomorrow. i said we have to watch it while it's happening. >> my dad is british and i remember watching princess di and charles wedding. it's a good excuse to come back and do it again. >> reporter: i asked the first lady whose home down is london, i said can you explain to me the
6:39 am
obsession of the royal wedding from the british point of view. we don't have it in america. she said it's apolitical meaning it's not partisan, no politics involved. they are strictly figure heads. they feel like you are watching family and a part of your country. it was well put at least as far as an explanation. there you go. >> we have to thank lance lou from creative services. look at this. he created these incredible bonnets for us. maybe it was to cover me up. isn't that amazing? >> i thought somebody got her a bouquet of flowers, then she popped her head up. >> thanks for making these for us. we are looking good this morning. nice and clear conditions. hold on to your hats. it's breezy out there. the east bay hills and mountain
6:40 am
passes could make for difficult traveling. take it easy especially around the curves. you are going to see a beautiful, beautiful day. high pressure moves into the area. the biggest difference will be clouds. we have clouds hitting the coast this morning. overall, the clouds are going to clear out of here leaving us with abundant sunshine. if you are headed to the city by noon as you break for lunch, 60 degrees. cloud cover at that time. high clouds. by 4:00 p.m., we are going to lose the high cirrus and a bit of a breeze. the breeze will build throughout the day. if you live in other cities, 66 in san rafael. 70 in san jose, 70 in santa cruz. tomorrow in santa cruz, 75. perfect beach day, if you can get down there. if you are in the east bay or headed to the wine country festival, that's going to be a good time.
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you can meet mike inouye, he'll be out there. what time are you going to be out there? >> probably about 11:00. it's when they are starting the casting call for "minute to win it." we are going to do our own contest as well. fun for the kids. we'll have home crafted root beer. i didn't make it so you can drink it. the commute in livermore is slowing. that's the 43 you see now. otherwise, a light volume of traffic through the east bay heading toward 680 and surnol. 6:41 and no major delays. we'll point out a few issues now. kenni kenny chesney is playing. we'll end with a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. the sun is coming up in your eyes. of course, i don't control that. >> you did that on purpose. >> i did.
6:42 am
>> thanks, mike. we have been talki ining ab the royal wedding. kate and william taking their vows. the whole world was watching. >> tracie potts was there for the event. you look splendid. what did you see? >> reporter: well, it was an amazing day, i can tell you that. it still is. you can probably hear behind me there were 20,000 people here at the square watching the ceremony. now they have entertainment. the city of london created several gathering places to make the wedding an all-day celebration for the thousands of people who came out. let's go back a bit and take a look at the actual ceremony itself. kate middleton, many here cheered. they thought she was stunning when she walked into westminster abbey in this gorgeous ivory silk gown with lace overlay
6:43 am
designed by alexander mcqueen. she chose a british designer to go along with a tiara she wore that was borrowed from queen elizabeth. they said their vows. prince william joked yesterday as he greeted people camped out near his home, he was afraid of flubing his lines. he didn't. everything wint swimmingly, as they say here. they ended up in an open carriage. there were concerns of rain. we have seen no rain so far in the area. they took the carriage to buckingham palace where they had not one, but two royal kisses. back to you. >> let's hope you find your prince as well. thank you very much. >> the celebration continues. >> amazing. 6:43 now. coming up, we are kicking off may around the bay.
6:44 am
find out where we'll be. >> the 49ers make their pick in why a lot of fans are
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6:46 am
good morning once again, everybody. a live look at buckingham palace. the crowds have thinned out from what they were. the royal wedding is now complete. the celebration continues.
6:47 am
they want to make it an all-day affair. there are going to be parties and music throughout the city as the people of britain celebrate their prince and princess. billions of people watched on tv as catherine middleton arrived for her wedding to prince william. she arrived at the abbey wearing a dress by sarah burton, the director of the fashion house. her something borrowed was a tiara on loan from the queen herself. >> people are celebrating and marla tellez is live at the palace hotel in san francisco was they have a local wedding celebration fit for royalty that's going to get under way in a bit. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, they are calling it the royal wedding viewing party and breakfast inside the ballroom inside the palace hotel in san
6:48 am
francisco. guests will be here for a 9:30 breakfast and they are going to play back the wedding of prince william and kate middleton, of course. i just got my hands on the menu. steel cut oatmeal with a shot of irish whiskey. cottled egg, grilled tomato. a british fare happening this morning. the wedding cake is a carrot cake this morning. the event is hosted by the palace hotel and seven by seven, a magazine dedicated to everything san francisco. you are the editor, mary joe boling. >> correct. >> reporter: you saw this unfold bright and early. >> yeah. >> reporter: what are your thoughts on it? >> i think it's going to have a
6:49 am
big influence on weddings to follow. 2 billion people watched. everybody was impressed with the retro vibe of her dress. people have been comparing it to grace kelly. you might see a strong influence in wedding fashion of retro '50s vibe. i think you are going to see people wearing their hair down instead of off. it looked so great on kate. everyone commented on her earrings. >> reporter: because they are bigger? i noticed them, too. it's funny you say that. >> with her hair down, the diamonds against the dark hair stood out. they were large enough that we saw them from far away. if only we had a mother-in-law that could lend us jewelry like that, right? >> only a few of us can marry a prince, right? >> only a few. >> reporter: looking ahead, this is the ultimate wedding in terms
6:50 am
of extravagance, for people who don't have the means, what is the key to throwing a simple, yet elegant wedding? >> the best thing to do is limit the size. smaller weddings cost less. another thing you can do is consider having your wedding in a venue like a hotel where they have linens, chairs, florists, caterers in one place. the thing i like about working for seven by seven weddings, we cover multimillion dollar weddings and very simple weddings. in the simple, creative weddings, they are as interesting as the big glam weddings. if you can't go big and live large, go creative. >> i like it. thank you for your time this morning. all good information. >> thank you. >> reporter: the royal wedding breakfast is going to has been here at 9:30 this morning at the
6:51 am
palace hotel. hope you are hungry. >> we always have. a tiny something for the guys. enough of the wedding dresses. let's talk football. experts are stunned by the 49ers first pick of the draft. they took defensive end alden smith from missouri. a lot of people thought the niners would pick a guy from missouri. they thought it would be their quarterback blaine. smith was surprised when the 49ers took him instead. they have a defensive end. it's enough of the guy talk. >> back to the bonnets. here's christina loren. >> i'm happy the lock out is done. we have beautiful conditions all weekend long, well into next week. high pressure not budging. as a matter of fact it's going to bring the numbers up to the upper 80s by next week. the 70s, mild conditions for this afternoon. that's the case for tomorrow afternoon. sunday warmer and the numbers
6:52 am
creep up. 49 degrees in san francisco. 52 in oakland. as we head into the lunch hour, 62 in livermore and 62 in oakland. mild in the north bay. temperatures continue to climb as we head to the 4:00 p.m. hour. it's typically when the highs come in. we are looking at the upper 60s and 70s. 70 in santa cruz. here it is, the seven day outlook. the warming trend ramps up as we head past sunday. 85 degrees by wednesday. this is a general forecast for the bay area. some of the warmer cities are going to hit the 90s next week. so, i know i'm ready to hop into a pool, even if it's a kiddie pool. >> stay with us. gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. chevron with techron.
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and a forward-thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today, we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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all right. 6:55. folks just changed the clock. speeds below 20 miles per hour from a to l street. i want to go to a live chopper shot. the jam is at 20th and a street north of highway 4. this is a business. there was a fire there until a few minutes ago. the fire department is still on scene. use l street on to highway 4 in the meantime. i want to show the back up there at the bay bridge. we'll end with this shot. this is not impacting the highway 4 flow. back to you. >> the sun is out this morning. scott mcgrew was trying to figure out what sort of gadget is appropriate for a day like today. >> this little black box, you
6:56 am
can use it to call england for a few cents, if you need to. calls within america are free. it converts your telephone into a regular phone. it voip is not uncommon but you can get a second line and make your cell phone ring on it. enhanced 911 still works. they are pricey, $250 but cheap after that because you are not paying as much for home phone service. there you go. great alternative. >> anyway we can save money, that's always good. >> starting monday, today in the bay is hitting the road. we are going live to 20 bay area cities in 20 days. >> bob redell has a look at the first location on monday.
6:57 am
bob, where is it going to be? >> we don't know yet. that's the beauty of it. we don't know. we have no planning into it. good thing i have a map of the bay area and a dart. >> all right. >> reporter: can i have a little anticipation? how about a drum roll? >> and we are headed to -- >> the delta. >> reporter: wow. we are going to santa rosa. santa rosa on monday. boy, this is so random. santa rosa, we are going to show you a place where mother nature spouts off every five minutes, trees are scared stiff and where the world's most famous dog was born. the first of 20 installments. see you then.
6:58 am
have a great weekend. >> sounds good, i'm packing my bags. thank you for joining us. today show is coming up next. >> a local news update in a half hour. have a great friday.
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