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tv   Wall Street Journal Rpt.  NBC  May 1, 2011 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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string. he rode her two best horses last week in badminton. so amazing she could do this well with her second string. >> mary king would love to be at the olympic games in 2012. when you can go with a deep bench you have a great shot. >> well, as you know in racing, soundness things can happen and you lose one so nice to have a backup. this mare does not jump in orthodox style. as mary says she's careful but a little sneaky over the fences so she holds her breath that she will be able to clear them all. she really keeps ahold of her head and the mare jumps a little bit inverted. but he is trying to leave the rails up. >> mary doesn't seem to be in as much of a hurry. she knows she can afford a
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couple of time faults to be first and plenty of time faults to be second. she a quick rider. she won't have trouble with the time. >> perfect so far for mary king. >> she's really giving us a beautiful lesson in horsemanship and how to handle your nerves. >> two more to go. >> hit it hard but it stayed. amazing example of horsemanship. just beautiful. >> what an incredible performance for mary king throughout this weekend, punctuated with that ride aboard kings temptress. >> she wins it fair and square, doesn't she one and two. >> she had only herself to beat. that's how dominant the weekend was for the girl from great britain who started riding at the age of 6 on her pony around the courtyard and now this 49-year-old mother of two, atop
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the esquestrian world. >> you know, she bred the mother of this mare. she raised this mare from the beginning. she trained her herself. that's a great story in itself. see the combination. you can see her git get a little twisty and upside down in her form but she is over the air in the jumps and mary does a masterful job of keeping this mare clear. >> and mary king yesterday she said, not feeling any nerves yet. would wait to see how the day went. here's how it goes for her. she's first and second and looks great.
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the rolex esquestrian championships have been brought to you by land rover, official partner of the u.s. esquestrian federation. bridgestone. for drivers who want to get the most out of their cars, it's bridgestone or nothing. usef network. visit usef and by rolex, live for greatness.
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here at the kentucky horse park, history made today. mary king finishes first and second with king's temptress and fernhill urco. that has never happened before in rolex kentucky. the best u.s. finisher, a surprise sinead hall pin comes in third place and last year's winner in fourth. go to donna who's standing by with the winner. >> i just talked to mary king and said you have nerves of steel to go out and have a clean wround only yours to beat and she said not really nerves of steel. you were nervous. talk to tus about how it felt going in to the arena with only yourself to beat in the round. >> it's never been like that for me in all the many years i have been competing. it is a wonderful feeling to know i won it. it did take the pressure off a bit but i was desperate to race
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kings temptress 0 who i bred and is my baby. and it is lovely for her to win and her owner who was sadly unable to come to the event. and derek has been a support for many years, quietly in the background and he richly deserves a win like this. >> you have had this mare for 11 years and you bred and raised her. so i know that is extra special. you said show jumping is not her strong suit. she tries hard but it is not her best day. it is her best day today. what went right for her. >> as you saw she was really trying. she has a strange technique and, you know. i nearly fell off a couple of times because she tries so hard but it feels strange on top. but she wants to do it. she has the heart of gold. she wants to do it and the only time she has fences down is when her technique isn't good enough. >> let's go to the governor.
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we are joined by the governor of the commonwealth of kentucky and his lovely wife, the first lady, who is also a fellow esquestrian. i will let you do with the honors with the rolex, kentucky kentucky. >> here in the horse capital of the world, in kentucky and the finest e kwien facility in the world, kentucky horse park, you have just delivered two of the greatest rides that we have seen in a long, long time. you know what, william and kate have nothing on you this weekend. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> oh, wow. >> that is not the end of the honor. now to present the rolex -- is the president of rolex watch usa. >> congratulations. two great rides. i love your accent.
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it's great. on behalf of rolex usa, for your timing enjoy. thank you for entertaining us so well today. it was wonderful. spectacular. thank you for entertaining us so much. >> ladies and gentlemen, your 2011 rolex championship, mary king! [ cheers and applause ] >> and a very popular winner she is. thank you, donna. mary king, a great showing here. the governor instrumental in getting this put together for the world esquestrian games and she is british royalty right now at least on american soil this week with that great performance. and mary king came in to today in first and second place and that's the way she ends it. the equivalent of the second kiss on the balcony i would guess as mary king comes in with the victory aboard kings temptress. don't miss the 137th running of
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the kentucky derby saturday at 4:00 eastern on nbc. coming up next, the red wings in to san jose to face the sharks them stanley cup playoffs presented by geico coming up on nbc. good-bye from kentucky.
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welcome back from o de janeiro, bral this week on "the wall street journal re." this count of00 milon people boasts a vibrant and growg consu class, and
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ntinues to see fortunes rise. with anexpected increase in per capita income of6% a year, i ok with one of bral's business sucss stories, and that is theceo of anheuser-busch inbev, rio native rlos brito. 's the world's leading brewer with some 200 brands oaround thl i asked this new king of beer fothe rl story the boom happening brazil. >> the whole thing started in 1994. wh the government back en implemented what was called the real plan. it was a plan that aimed at taming inflatio and they were successful. sonflation prior to994 would be sometimes 40% a mth inflation. and aft theplan, it was like 10% a year. and the last seven years i would say between 4 and 5% a year. think the secdthing is the whol commodity boom that happened around the world benefitted brazil as an exportererbig-time
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so since the beginng of the plan, 50 million jobs or e last year alone 2.5 million jo alone in a population of 200 million people. and that -- that created a lot of what we call a social inclusion. so 50 million jobs, 30 million pele gting outf the poverty li, peop that didn' long inhe consumer market all of the sudden entered this market with portions of power. the last part is the credit. with the whole fact of 16 years of stable rules, a stable economy, and governments that have built onhe previs governnt's success, brazil has had an all-timeowering in rms of unemployment. today we feel because we erate there it's a very hot job market. 10 people find jobs. >> and in terms of the sustainability of what is happening in brazil, do you think that it is sustainable? how does this keep goi?
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the who is pro brazil in sense of coodities. so brazil is less depdent on exports than compaes for example like cna, germany. it verymportant for the overall pie. those ysne of the big problems brazil used to have was with hardcurrencies. with hard crencybecause of all the import, especiall oil at br had to do, evy month, eveear. so that s in the '80 after that, the vernment put a target to be lf-sufficient in ears. and they achieved that and lately, they discoveredn new reserveshat willbrin in more investments to azil. sozil willome from a net import of oil to anet exporterf oil in a fewyears. an that will add to the wle thin again, ihink brazil will be more and me known not r only samba and soccer, but also for hard-working peopl entrepreneurial peop, and a
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countrthatffers ls of opportunity country forgn investments do. >> you worry that things are ating up too much they're no worrying aut inflation? do you worrybout new government policies in place to rein in real? >> i think it's a veryragmatic government. i think from whai read what they have in mind is they want to keenflation thin the range that they consider acceptable defined bthe central bank and the cap of 6 1/2% a . >> you vu been very direct with shareholders, with the market in terms of your plans, in terms of ovseeing ab inbev. let me ask you about th. where are you in tha plan? you said the priority was t pay that down after t anheuser-busch dea and you said a plan was to take advantage various economies around the world where the is grth. where are you in that strategy right now? >> wsaid the leveraging was the first thin had in mind two years ago bause o all the financial crisis and the debt we took to be able to afford the
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deal. we're also developing brands. budweiser is global brands but also the local brands are very important. so we'llonnue to develop our busine in chi,ery promisin so very happy with the devepment that we have in ina. >> and it fair to say that the emerging marke really represent e biggest oppouny, or it is the u.s. and brazil? >> u.s. and brazil are the two --he number one a number twprofit pools ithe beer industry in thworld. and we have leading positions in the two markets. for dierent reass, they're both very inresting. in the u.s., because you want to upgrade consumers,oue not going to he we think t kinds of groh you see in brazi in termof industry, because the different maet at adifferent stage, a diffent populati pyonsumption bits, but t here the uprad to get consume to pay mo f the beer, by bringing them br tt they feel good abou payingremium for.
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>> now of course weaw beer consption go down in the u.s. right after the recession. how are thingsoday would you say? >> industrin 2010 and '09 were neve, slightly gative, 1% negative, 2% negative. think tha has a lot to do -- nothat w think. the models sw tt that has a lot o with uneloyment and consumer confidenc so that has to change bere the industry ges. so a unemploymen come downs and consumers get more confident about the fact that they will have a job today and eyl continue t have a jobomorw, i think thindustry will come back. >>my thanks to carlos bro for joining us. > up ne on the "wall street journal port," they export soccer and samba, but what does brazil wanto buy? the head of the rld's largest advertising agency will be here to talk about selling t shoppers in this booming part of the worl cost you more, or it could cost you less. we'll be right back.
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elcome back. one of the mosccessful advertisers in the world believes we are embarking a latieran decade d he is looking for ways to reach those customers sir main sorrell does business in morethan 100 countri as ceo of the wpp group,e talked to me about the opportunities and challenges in latin america. he gave up his view of the ad game, business and commercial appeal in brazil. >> it's a young population.
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its age base is very diffent to what we see. chinaverybody foses on. but actually bause of the one-baby policy which isnder review ime waysthat's created an older popatn. india is a younger populati. russia, the other brick is an aging popution, 145 mlion people wh -- altugpeople are tending to live a little longer in russia, there is a real health ise there. a you population. ing what they call c class here, which is a lower middle income class. soor example the retailers ke casas bahia or magazine luisa whh are low and middle class retaers have blossome you' seeing the growthof reta and consumer products in a lower, lower middleclass at rowingextremely rapidly. the other thing i when president lula took power, we saw a basic shift in trade.
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the united states used to acunt for about a third of brazilian trade, and now it accounts for aboutalf that. and china is brazil's biggest trading partner. so you've see a big shif in patent. tremendous entreeurial vigor. emendous passion. it extends beyond the soccer eld. >> yeah. >> and o view is that this is the decade of latin america. our view is the twbig evts in 2014, the world cup which brazil must win and 16, the olympi which i think will be another stunning ent will reposition brazil and the whole latin american continent. and you mustn't forget the other ayers as well. mexico is our second ggt market. e third biggest market is argentina despite their issues and then colombia and chile. pretty much across the board 're seng greatgrow, vigorous growth. and wpp's future is no longer confined to the u.s. and western europe. it's very much in thes bricks. >> a good point. what doyou think the big challenge is here in brazil? you talked about th inequality
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whh is obviously an issue. t dilma, the president talked about inflation which is another issue. how concerned are you about inflation? >> i t we're all worried there is sovereign debt issues in europe. there is the deficit in amera which the administration seems steadfast in not dealing with til after the election in 2013 when the rubb will hit the road and y can't kick the c down the road. and obviously north africa and the middle east anthe japanese things. but in additn to, that we' seen the ris in commodity prices. interestingly, from an advertising point ofiew, i thinke're starting see clies reduce pricing scnts and invest the same or more advertising. so a & p might look ashough it down,but it's the p that is down, the advertising is stable. that's interesting. the other thing in the established economyi thinrisk averanagements are more interested in maintaining brand and maintaini sre and investing brand equityather
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than in investingapacity lehmans seared into the consciousand thon't want to expand the capacity at a time when they're uncertain i the west. re is fine because you've got some growth to absorb the capacity. but in theestern continental eupe, uk, u.s. they're conservative, and they're investing in the brand >> and they're investing by the way here ibrazil. i just wonder how thenext five years lo. the hea of the world cup d the olympics, lots of calysts to come. >> tre are two things. the multinationals comi. in and don't forget the nationals and brower, compani petrobras going to be striding the world in its at in an increasing way. >> martin, it's gat to he you on the program. >> it's a pleasure to be here. it's sh a rdship. we're not at t wng, but we're wchg with the other two billion pele. >> we will watch the wedding on television. >> and brazil loves it here.
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>> my thanks to sir martin sorrell. up next on the "wall street journal report," a look at the news this upcoming week that will have an impacton your money. cities. then 12 stadiu in2 how soccerer brazil is building fo its moment in theports spotlight? are theyeady for gametime?
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for more on ourhow and our guestshope you'll check out the bsite, and i hope you'llfollow me on twitter. look for @maria bartomo.
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>>noa lo at the stories coming up in theeek ahead that may move the mkets and impact your money this upcomin week. we'll get thefirst quarter earnings reports from pfizers well as kraft foods, visa mastercard among other first quarter reports coming out. monday,ongressetur from a two-week cess. majoty leader harry reid said he plans to bring t republican debt reduction plan to a vote on the senate floor. also on monday, the institute for supply and managementl relsets latest figures on activity in the manufauring sector. tuesda we get total motor vehicle sales for the month of april. and then on friday, the latest jobs report sought. we'll find out howany jobs the economy lost o gained in the last month. 8.8% of americans are currently out of wor > d finally today, the clock is ticking he in brazil for bril's double whammy in sports. the world cup is in 2014, and th olympicsthe summer olympics happens two years after at. the country that prod pele has threeears to build 12 stadiums in 12 cities r soccer's main event.
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construction on those venues may be a little behind with just one-third of the $20 billion in infrastructure funds spent. rio's olpic facilities are further ahead, many built for the 2007 panamerican games. brazil is hoping for an $11 billion positive impact to gdp as a result of this moment in the sports sun and a chance to prove to the world that this emerng market has indeed arrived. that will do it for us today. thank you souch for joining us from brazil. on this week's "wa street journal report." next wk ju in me for wedding season, we'll talk with fashion designer an ceo vera wang. each week itright here where wall street me ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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