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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  May 5, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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nails. >> i do them myself because when you go into the salons air quality is really bad. it smells too strongly of formaldehyde and you can't breathe. >> reporter: there's new proof she's right about the air quality. researchers with the cancer prevention institute of california went to 20 bay area nail salons. they asked 80 workers to wear personal air monitoring badges like this for several shifts. they found high levels of the toxic chemical taluene. >> we found that levels in salons are higher than what's recommended for indoor air by california epa. >> reporter: she says the chemical poses definite risks. >> for taluene it causes potential endocrine disruption, which can be linked back to hormonal diseases like breast cancer. >> reporter: the air monitoring also detected high levels of leth'll, leth'll crylate, a chemical the fda banned in nail products in 1974. >> when we went in to measure in salons, we found levels of
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methyl methacrylates in salons above the indoor recommended levels by cal epa. >> reporter: she says that might explain why there's been a recent increase in numbers of nail salon workers in the bay area complaining of headaches, breathing problems, and skin irritation. they were given a summary of the findings. they also received recommendations of how they might minimize their health risks. that includes wearing protective gear such as masks and also increasing the ventilation inside the salon. clients can check out their own salon for good ventilation. and because some of the harmful chemicals are coming from the nail polish itself some doctors recommend you bring in your own polish that clearly says it does not contain taluene or formaldehyde, minimizing your risk the next time you get a mani-pedi. the next step is to work with both nail salon owners and workers to help improve ventilation inside the salons and also get some of those potentially harmful nail care products off the shelves. reporting live in san jose,
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marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you. let's turn our attention now to the weather. it's got everyone buzzing. not just in one part of the bay area but all across the bay area. a live look outside now. downtown san jose, those fountains, when the fountains and kids are out, you know it is warm. let's check in with our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i guess it's a nice way to welcome in cinco de mayo. >> yes, it is. that shot never gets old, those kids playing out in the fountain at cesar chavez park in sacramento. oakland, looking at some haze from a very warm bay area. we started to see some cooling however our inland spots especiorlyalga mnill and wall pe nuk cek topped out with our highest levels, 92. danvillek at 90. where you canee the cooling the yellow along coastline that's where some 60s and 70s currently are. still warm inland, though. it is a hot region of high pressure. however, we are looking at a change in the winds. we'll let you know who will have
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some 60 degree weather coming our way as early as tomorrow coming up in minutes. >> thanks, jeff. we'll see you in a bit. a warning tonight for women. as the weather gets warmer and our shorts and skirts get a little shorter, you need to be on the lookout. there's a growing number of peeping toms actually using technology to try to get a peek at you. nbc bay area's elyse kirchner is in san rafael with the details of the latest case. this just happened in marin county. it's just stunning. >> reporter: it is stunning, jessica. the 26-year-old is being held at the jail here behind me, and authorities say he targeted dozens of women in the area using a camera about the size of just this credit card. he shot them in public without their knowledge. >> it's completely creepy. >> reporter: he allegedly attached a small camera to his shoe to shoot video under women's skirts. >> it's awful. i mean, why did he do that? >> well, obviously, he's a pervert. >> reporter: after a witness reported that a man might be taking lewd pictures of women, police say they caught 26-year-old nicholas springer at
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this park on wednesday evening on the first night of the fairfax farmers market. >> and he was maneuvering himself up behind women and putting his foot in like between their legs and next to them and appeared to be taking video or pictures up their dresses. >> reporter: and when police caught springer's camera they discovered video of 35 other women, all taken throughout the area here. from the good earth market to the coffee roastery just down the block from the park in fairfax, authorities say springer made the rounds. police even believe he hit the farmer's market in san rafael earlier this month. >> logically, if he's done it within the past month at the farmer's market in san rafael and he's done it it here he's probably done it a lot more times and there's probably a lot of victims out there. >> reporter: for now springer is being held on suspicion of peeping with a concealed camera, a misdemeanor. >> why to abuse other women at the farmer's market? and then the farmer's market the women always have kids.
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>> reporter: police are asking anyone who thinks they may have been targeted by springer to come forward. he'll face a judge tomorrow. alise kirschner, abc bay area news. an update on the breaking news we first brought you yesterday. that four alarm fire in san francisco south of market. tonight the red cross is scrambling to find long-term shelters for dozens of people forced out of their apartments by that fire. they met this afternoon to hear from victims and discuss housing options. the fire started around 5:30 yesterday evening at an apartment on fuls m street and spread to three other buildings. many people lost not only their homes but all of their belongings. one bright spot, as you see the dog here, firefighters found a chihuahua scared but alive, hiding in a closet. he was reunited with his owner this afternoon. the owner says he still can't believe the dog survived. >> you couldn't see anything. it was pitch black. and so we had to go. and so paco was left behind. but how he survived through that
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fire and the smoke, i have no idea. because the flames were coming through my room. >> reporter: roland walker's a happy man and paco's a happy dog now. investigators are still trying to pinpoint the cause of this fire. some witnesses said it started with a barbecue. tonight police are beefing up patrols in san jose to make sure people celebrate cinco de mayo safely. they hope to prevent any problems that have plagued the city during past cinco de mayo parties. some extra officers on bikes and horses will patrol the downtown area throughout the weekend. this year there is no cinco de mayo parade, and the festival in the city for the first time in decades. organizers say the economy e c weditith thy' city's demands for too much costly police protections made the event simpy unaffordable. just coming into our newsroom now, the california public utilities commission, the puc, approved the first phase of a rate hike for some of its customers. pg&e wants to increase rates and change the way customers are charged.
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under its plan, those who use less electricity will pay more, and higher-volume users would pay less. pg&e says it wants to make it more fair for everybody by creating this across-the-board fee. the puc will have its final vote on this plan at the end of the month. if approved the change would go into effect next year. well, president barack obama back at the white house after a trip to ground zero earlier today. in new york the president laid a wreath at the spot where the two twins towers came down almost ten years ago. today's ceremony one of many events that took place, paying tribute to those who died september 11th. nbc bay area's steve handelsman has more. >> reporter: president obama with former new york mayor rudy giuliani went first to the fire house hit hardest on 9/11. engine 54 lost 15 men. >> when we say we will never forget, we mean what we say. >> reporter: the president never said osama bin laden, but he praised the s.e.a.l.s he sent to get the terrorist.
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>> they were doing it in part because of the sacrifices that were made in this state. they were doing it in the name of your brothers that were lost. >> reporter: working out of this fire house on 9/11 was christopher santorah, killed in the collapse. his mom and dad invited today to join the president. >> he acted as the commander in chief, and i'm very proud to be an american, and he did the right thing. >> and obviously, he paid close attention and he made a decision that could have cost him seriously if it had not worked out. >> ten hut. >> reporter: the president stopped at the nypd station, whose officers were the first to rush to the trade center. they couldn't save broker peter ortali. his sister came up from philadelphia. >> it brings up everything. all the images, all the pictures. the reliving from my family. because we never really had any closure. >> reporter: today she says she does. at ground zero president obama paid tribute to the nearly 3,000
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dead. today this whole week is a powerful flashback. >> i'm just so happy. it's kind of emotional right now. when i heard they got bin laden, i was in tears. >> reporter: few focused here today on details of the raid or the death photo. osama bin laden is gone. and for many in new york a page is being turned. here at ground zero, a new trade center is going up and a memorial. but next september is the 10th anniversary. sure to be another powerful look back at the mass murder ordered by osama bin laden and what the white house calls the monumental military achievement ordered by president obama. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, new york. >> thank you, steve. now, coming up at 5:30, brian williams anchors "nightly news." he'll have the latest from pakistan on what happened to the others hiding out in bin laden's compound. just ahead, obesity rates for children are at an all-time high. why bottle feeding could be to blame. we'll tell you how much time on
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the bottle is too much. and everyone knows it's hard enough funding a college education. coming up, why the dream of financial aid is one step closer for illegal immigrants. and the potentially deadly disease linked to cold cuts. the age group that's most at risk, plus the guidelis that could keep them safe. and good afternoon. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. our bay area sizzle, it's still going to be fizzling here over the next couple of days. right now mid to upper 80s in the east and south bay. nideto cootler with clouds building, and big weekend changes. i'll detail it all for you coming up. hey marcel, watch this!
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okay. take a look.
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chopper 11 working the scene. was it snow in marin county today? well, not quite, though it looks like a light dusting of snow along the shoulder of highway 101. it was actually paper. several boxes of sensitive documents. a moving truck way blowout accidentally dumped the files onto the freeway over the weekend. they belong to a lawyer. those files do. who didn't know the storage company was even moving those papers. according to the marin i.j., people who found the papers stuck on their cars recognized the potential for identity theft and turned them in to the chp. nurses at oakland children's hospital walked off the job and started picketing this morning for what they referred to as their health care benefits. nearly 100 nurses picketed outside today and are expected to strike for five days. the nurses say they're protesting against the contract deal which they say would cost them $4,000 more each year for their families to be treated at oakland's children's hospital. >> and we're standing up for nurses' benefits and wages as well as the patients.
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so they should know that we want to make children's a quality workplace and a quality patient care area so that they should support us. we're definitely here for the community. we're here every day working for our patients. >> it's the second strike by the nurses. the last one was in october. a spokesperson for the hospital says the health cuts are necessary in tough economic times and that it's a better alternative than trimming staff. the hospital is bringing in temporary nurses and will remain open during the walkout. tonight there's a big step forward for a controversial issue. illegal immigrants receiving college scholarships. the assembly approved the dream act bill today. this bill would allow illegal immigrants to apply for scholarships from private donations. the los angeles assemblyman who proposed the bill argues that undocumented workers make up a large portion of the state's workforce. opponents of this bill say that california taxpayers have no obligation to help families that entered the state illegally. the bill now heads to the state
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senate. >> well, whatever you call them, cold cuts, deli slices, lunch meat, the refrigerator staple is the object of renewed warnings from health experts tonight. for years the centers for disease control has been saying that some seniors should be heating those items before eating them. but as bob hansen from our nbc station in san diego shows us, it appears that no one's listening. >> reporter: there's a good lunch crowd at the senior community center in downtown san diego. >> here you go. >> reporter: fish is on the menu today. and that's just fine with health officials, who are warning seniors about eating lunch meat. are they listening? >> oh, about three, four times a month. depending on circumstances. >> ham, salami. yeah. mayonnai mayonnaise, mustard. >> oh, probably maybe once every two, three months. >> reporter: meat is certainly a common serving in an american diet, whether it's fresh cuts of chicken or beef.
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or bologna in a vacuum-sealed lunch pack. >> once the seal's broke and if your refrigerator is not -- is open and closed all the time, it will go bad in a hurry. >> reporter: that's butcher bob bittlecum. he understands why the centers for disease control, or cdc, has been warning seniors for more than ten years about eating hot dogs, lunch meats, and cold cuts. >> are you more careful today than you were 15, 20 years ago? >> a lot more careful. >> reporter: and that even goes for fresh meat. he says once you buy it the clock is ticking. >> if you're not going to use it within three or four days of purchase, i would freeze it. >> reporter: now, the cdc says people over 65 should avoid hot dogs or cold cuts unless they heat them up to at least 165 degrees. >> the harm is bacteria. >> reporter: and heating it up should kill harmful bacteria like listeria. but the folks at the senior center say they don't like what the high temperatures do to their favorite deli meat. >> okay.
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be careful what you eat. let's turn our attention over to the weather. and that is the hot topic. jeff ranieri is here now. it was hot today. >> it was nice and toasty. >> it is nice. i see you guys got the purple memo. >> yes, we did. >> i did not. the stylist didn't forward that to me. >> you missed the teleconference this morning. >> let's take a look outside right now. we have 72 in san francisco and some very dry air. humidity's in the 20% to 38% range right now. winds northwest at 17. so we're still holding on to that dry northwesterly wind component. however, that starting to slowly shift along the southern coastline and we are getting a few 60s here and also some 70s throughout the coast. but still very warm to hot inland. 89 in livermore right now p 91 in concord. 89 in fairfield. and 86 currently in san jose. tonight we're going to see that fog slowly and gradually build. that will help to bring some windy conditions at coastline and plenty of 70s tomorrow. we're going to get out of that 80 degrees category for most of us. we're talking about a big-time temperature drop for the weekend. some areas will see about a 20
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to 30 degree drop in those temps. we take a look at the satellite loop. and here's a system that's going to change it up for us mainly for saturday and sunday. does have some rainfall with it. we're not going to get the rain but we are going to get some of this cooler air associated with the storm system as the heart of that heads into canada. we're going to mainly see it's just going to help continue this onshore flow and keep that fog pattern coming back for the morning and the evening hours as we head throughout friday and also throughout your weekend, helping to gradually drop our temperatures out of record-setting territory back down to right about average. so tonight we're looking at mainly fog-free conditions still at 10:00 p.m. it's not until tomorrow morning that that marine layer tries to stack up a little bit. but earn a little bit will do a lot tomorrow. you can see the clouds building up at 6:00 a.m. and then at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow that fog will be pushing back to the coastline and we still should have a sunny finish to our friday for everyone at this point. 53 in los gatos, 56 in san jose and 54 in levermore.
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enjoy the heat we've had the past two days. it has been so nice outside. at least on our shift you get up early, you start your day, and it feels like the weekend, and then you realize the day is still here. 74 in fremont, 76 in dublin, 75 redwood city and 72 san mateo. cooler from half moon bay to san francisco with 50s and 60s instead of those 70s and 80s. and we'll also look at upper 70s for our interior spots, including napa, sonoma, novato, santa rosa, and lakeport. bodega pay just 60 for friday. tomorrow a transitional day by the weekend we're looking at upper 60s and low 70s. right now for mother's day looks like the clouds will build but we're pretty much holding off on showers at this point. by monday we'll have low 70s coming back and looking great. next tuesday, wednesday, and thursday some fog, some sun, and conditions in the mid 70s. so the past two to three days a little bit of an anomaly, but i have not heard one complaint on my facebook, on twitter, or at >> do you have a new facebook
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page? you want to plug it? go ahead. >> yeah. as a public figure, i am a public figure, you guys. >> yes, you are. >> yes, on facebook. so just search my name, and you can click on it. >> and we give it a like. >> yes. i have topped over 100 followers on that. >> just since last night, i think. >> yeah, just since last night. >> he's also going to post stuff about us. >> yes. only good stuff. >> thanks, jeff. here they come. a visit for the prince.
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be careful of that bottle. a new study says it's vital that babies be taken off the bottle around their first birthday. researchers followed 7,000 children and found that prolonged bottle use increased the risk of obesity. children still using a bottle as their primary drink container at
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age 2 were 30% more likely to be obese when they entered kindergarten. researchers say drinking from a bottle may give children too many calories, especially when they're put to bed with milk or juice. well, it turns out the duke and duchess of cambridge will be visiting california this summer. you know them as will and kate. the newlyweds will come to the states after their tour of canada. former governor schwarzenegger will host the couple. it will actually be the first time kate has ever traveled to the u.s. and the first time the prince has visited in an official capacity. they'll be here july 8th through the 10th. their xkt itinerary hasn't been released yet. well, with mother's day just around the corner a new survey is out on the cities which are best for moms, and cal has one of the highest ranked and one of the lowest. >> here's the list. san francisco is number 5 in what we call the large city category. the website the daily beast evaluated schools, childcare, and even some pampering sites. tampa was the number one big
5:24 pm
city in the united states. followed by pittsburgh, pennsylvania. laredo, text was dead last. and why do they always pick on our poor friends in fresno? they rafrpgdnked 98th out of 10. i lived in fresno 230 two years. i loved fresno. >> but you weren't a m>> that would have been something.
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well, this year like last year the most popular baby names have a lot to do with "twilight," the movie series about high school vampires and werewolves. but now a reality tv show is also influencing new parents. especially a young woman named macy bookout. if you don't know macy, then you don't watch the new show on mtv
5:27 pm
that's called "16 and pregnant." macy is america's fastest-raising girl's name. her son's name bentley is also the fastest rising boy's name. topping the list of girls' names now are isabella, sophia, and emma. jacob, ethan, and michael take the top spots for boys. and for the first time since 1955 the name elvis has dropped off the list entirely. >> olivia's number 4 on that list. and i have an isabella and an olivia. >> i was going to say we know two very cute isabellas and olivias. >> i'm not original. >> when i was a kid it was like jeff. there was like ten of us in the classes. so that's finally off the list. >> but you're top of the class. >> thanks. >> what's the game show we're going to play? sizzle or fizzle? >> fizzle. over the weekend. yeah. i don't know. yeah. seven-day forecast. we do have some cooling coming our way with 60s and low to mid 70s. and then by next week tuesday, wednesday, and thursday low to mid 70s coming back with some sun and also some clouds. tomorrow will still be warm for our inland areas in the east and
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south bay but then cooler for this weekend. still looks good. yes. it is warm in here today. >> we love it. >> that's going to do it for us. we'll see you tonight at 6:00.
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