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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  May 13, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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and good evening. thanks nor joining us. >> we begin with a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. a stunning admission. a man walks into a bay area police department and confesses to a double murder 16 years ago. elyse broke the news of his admission to the victim's family. this was a shocking turn of events. in essence, he was a free man. what led to this? >> reporter: police tell me this never happens. the suspect washingtons into police, turns himself in. family members of the victims never expected it. in fact, we were the ones who told one family member this afternoon. >> did he confess to double murder? or -- both murders? oh, my god. >> reporter: 16 years after
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their family member were gunned down at this park in san francisco's mission district. their alleged killer walked into the police department and said he did it. >> it must have been something that just he couldn't live with after all these years. >> reporter: police say douglas cabrera, who is being held at the san francisco jail was always a suspect in the 1995 double homicide, but they were never able to arrest him. >> half of me died inside. half of me didn't want to live anymore and a lot of times, i wondered and just asked myself how could this be. will i ever xwget an answer? >> reporter: the 24-year-old and his 31-year-old uncle, out drinking beers in garfield park late one night. they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> shot them in the head and shot his uncle too, as well. >> reporter: investigators have
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no motive and say neither victim was affiliated with a gang. >> they suffered a lot. it was hard. it was hard to go to the funeral. he was too young. there was a lot me missed out on. that he was robbed from. in just a moment. >> reporter: no one knows what compelled cabrera, who turns 34 years old on monday, to turn himself in. whatever the reason, elsa is grateful. >> i would thank him for doing a brave thing, for having the courage to come out. >> reporter: we did request an interview with cabrera this afternoon. he said, yes, he would talk to us, but jail officials said no. he is being charged with two counts of murder. he'll be back court next week.
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flames shot through the roof of a home in the mission district this afternoon. the fire department had to call on at least 60 firefighters to help douse the flames. the fires spread to other buildings before crews got a handle on it. one of the residents is thankful crews rescued his dog though. >> there was a lot of smoke. i was calling for my dog. they told me to get out and run out. they were able to find him. after about five minutes or so. he was under the bed. he was saved by the fire department. >> now, he is hoping his apartment will be saved as well. fires next door to the david ireland house. an artist who has been working on turning the home into a museum. they will be on the scene for several hours. across california today, students and teachers hit the streets warning californians
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about looming school budget cuts. halling now, here's a live look at san francisco where teachers are protesting in the city's civic center. this is a big week aimed at getting the attention of state lawmakers looking at deeper cuts. in the city, the district has sent out layoff notices to 185 employees. and they're expecting the work when the state plan finally does emerge. the district has also voted to eliminate teaching positions. brownville is trying to extend that series of sales vehicles and income taxes due to expire. says it's the only way to avoid cuts and layoffs. without the extension, the cuts will be deep. >> looks like bryan stow is coming home. doctors say his condition is good enough to be transferred to the bay area. san francisco general hospital as early as monday morning.
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he is still in a coma after being attacked outside of dodger stadium. his hospital team in los angeles is working on transportation plans to san francisco. his parents have been by his bedside since the attack. police are still searching for the suspects. now details involving that unruly passenger. a san francisco federal judge ordered him to undergo psych yatic evaluation. after it was revealed today that he's been hallucinating and hearing voices for two months. prosecutors say the yemen citizen told the air martshal that he wants to kill himself. the judge would not release him from jail. witnesses say he stormed the cockpit door of the flight shouting, god is great, in air bik. san jose's mayor says it is
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a fiscal emergency and the men and women call it down right dangerous. scott budman has been following the money problems in san jose and boy, scott, this is a big budget gap to fill. >> really is. i'll tell you, just 90 minutes ago, the mayor declaring a fiscal and public safety emergency saying what he wants to do going forward is cut pensions on city employees because we could be facing a $150 million shortfall. on top of that, there are layoffs looming. the san jose fire department is once again at the center of the city's budget battle, facing cuts they say will increase response time to fires like this one. >> we have the firefighters right now, reducing the number of fires. on to multiple companies, multiple emergencies during a
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short period of time. as well as major incidents we might have here in san jose. >> reporter: after the compromise of a year ago, the san jose police department is also facing cuts. at today's budget hearing, officers were in the audience wondering if they'll face layoffs. >> the potential cuts, it truly is devastating for the police department. if there is no agreement, we're looking at laying off over 260 of our sworn personnel along with some vacancies we have, roughly 361 cuts. >> our highest priority. taking the smallest of the cuts. but significant. >> reporter: san jose city officials say they're cutting elsewhere to try and save jobs, but blame unions and high pension costs for what look to be upcoming job cuts even in the face of rising crime in san jose. >> underscores the need for more police officers. i don't think we have enough. we should be hiring police
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officers. unfortunately, the skyrocketing costs, benefits, driving to reduce jobs -- >> reporter: in the weeks to come, the mayor is facing both the city council vote and also opposition from those unions. >> santa clara police are searching for a killer and are offering a $5,000 reward for help. investigators aren't saying how the 62-year-old died. the machine shop worker was known as the church man because he attended church daily. he was found bleeding on a sidewalk yesterday morning on lafayette street blocks from where he works. the san francisco dispatch system is up and running again after a computer glitch caused the system to shut down. it forced emergency personnel in
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san francisco to use the old fashioned way, pen and paper, for about three hours. they then switched to a back-up server. muni over running the meter. looking to surpass by $18 million. the board of supervisors were call ling the spending out of control, but it will stay within muni's operating budget. muni needs to get its act together when it comes to presenting a budget. first, tb, then whooping cough and now, measles. officials are reporting a nationwide increase this measles cases. the disease seems to be spreading through travelers returning from europe. while parents choose not to vaccinate. this april, 70 cases were reported, bringing the current total to 13. two in santa clara county. last year, 27 were reported in
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california. the disease typically causes a fever, runny nose and red rash on the body. to the weather. if you have big plans, they might be changing. >> take ilt away. just when we think we're getting into a nice stride, we are seeing more changes just in time for the weekend. right up across the sierra, that's theig lna of the current air mass that's in place that will be producing thunderstorms. the jet stream going tl te a major dip here for this time of the year. it's going to allow a lot of cold air, we're talking rain, the possibility of thunderstorm and even some isolated hail that will happen throughout your sunday. temperatures also expected to drop some 10 to 20 degrees and a winter storm watch for the sierra where we are expecting a decent amount of to return. i'll have details on the snow.
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plenty of time to do that. >> thank you. also ahead, the footnote in history. as the bay area prepares for the 100th anniversary of beta breakers. we'll catch up with the family of the very first winner and show you the scrapbook providing the portal to the past. what some call good old fashion fun isn't funny. an nbc bay area obtains dozens of pages of new documents connected to the growing scandal of east bay police officers. back in two minu
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a food fight starters at an
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east bay high school has led to stiff penalties. the class of 2011 wanted to leave its mark. it may be a permanent mark nobody wants. >> reporter: that's right. inside the cafeteria, it started with a food fight and ended with the possibility that seniors won't be allowed to participate in graduation activities. >> nothing hard, nothing spicy. >> reporter: they admit the fight thursday was planned. they say they thought they might get in trouble, perhaps detention, but nothing like this. >> the rumors are that there were going to be no prom, grad still on the line. >> reporter: they claim severe punishment was handed down by administration, particularly one of the deans who watched the
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whole thing happen and didn't say a thing until it was over. one mother says he's upset. the kids said they made a mess and will clean it up. he kicked the kids out of school the rest of the day and canceled everything. >> i think graduation is something we deserve after four years of work. >> reporter: they say they don't want the behavior to affect the school overall. one known for producing high test scores. they hope this weekend will give everyone a chance to cool off. students say they were asked to write a letter. each of them, to the principal as to what should happen next. the teenagers say they
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understand they did something wrong, but don't want graduation taken away from them. they don't want any activities taken away, but the graduation is priority number one. >> i remember a few food fights of my own and shaving cream fights. when do they think they're going to have a decision? >> reporter: we put in calls from the principal and district office. once the principal has a chance to read the letters and give them an answer. >> maybe a little weekend for everyone to cool off will help things over. thanks. they do this at giants and a's dpams and now, b.a.r.t. is jumping on board. the president of the board of directors wants the agency to establish a text message line that would allow passengers to
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alert b.a.r.t. about problems on the system. currently, passengers see a problem, they would have to alert a train operator or call police. unfortunately, despite spending millions to reduce homelessness, san mateo's homeless population rose significantly. the county spent more than $10 million a year to keep people in their homes. but homelessness rose 17% in 2009. over 2100 homeless people. 350 more than were on the streets two years ago and 85 more than four years ago. the human services agency says in light of the economic downturn, the numbers could have been worse. weather could cause a headache for the upcoming amgen tour. the eighth day procycling tour begins sunday in lake tahoe, but
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a late dusting of snow may mean the route might have to chance. race officials plan to meet tomorrow night to make a final decision. the race arrives in the bay area next week and wraps up next sunday in thousand oaks in southern california. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri and so, windy today, but rainy on sunday. >> yes, yes. we are looking at that rain coming back. i'm kind of laughing here because it's like, go figure. we're already well into may and starting to see these winter conditions coming back here. today, we did manage some 70s in our typical spots in the south bay with 72 in san house. 72 in los gatos and santa cruz, popping up to 76. so a nice day if you were able to get outside. but our winter storm watch already in place. already lightening strikes near
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lake tahoe. we'll have more on that snow coming up. let's bask in some of the dry weather now. oakland, 68 degrees. winds southwest at 17 and to san francisco. look at the bay bridge and traffic is moving along smoothly. winds westerly at 17 miles per hour. the onshore flow, still keeping it cool here with 50s and 60s, but it is starting to cool off quick in livermore. 61 in san jose with cooler air edging closer and closer. no rainfall at this point. it's going to be dry even into saturday morning. what we're going to be watching for saturday night into sunday is this cold trough of low pressure. that's going to continue to drop to the south and not only bring us a chance of thunderstorms, but with so much cold air in place, it will be easy for hail to form. 9:00 p.m. saturday, that's when
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we'll start to see this rainfall move in. everyone's going to have a chance to get in on some isolated thunderstorm activity. it's where they develop that we will see the higher totals. in terms of snow on sunday, it looks like the afternoon and evening, that's where that's going to get going. 4500 to 5,000 feet. we are talking about potentially six to ten inches of snowfall across the sierras. very, very unusual for this time of year. sunday night coming back down into the city could cause you plenty of problems there. tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 50s and we're not going to see too much warming tomorrow as it's going to be another cool day across the bay area. we'll talk more about the thunderstorms, how long they're going to last and when some spring like weather could be returning soon. >> see you later. still ahead, what landed the
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vice mayor of san carlos under arrest. also, more fallout from california's budget crisis. how it could impact dozens of state parks. and on the hunt for planets. we'll take you to the bay areas highest peak where one searches for a new home in a new galaxy far, far away. a
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the problems continue for yahoo!. wall street not treating yahoo! kindly. shares are down another 6%. financial analysts say the slump is due to a dispute between
6:24 pm
yahoo! and the chinese e commerce fund. yahoo! just one of many stocks falling today. the markets ended the week in the red after eerngs report failed. >> products were not enfridging on apple's patent. it's the latest chapter of apple and kodak. some of the most powerful telescopes in the world are in san jose. the on serve torre houses an out of this world prugt.
6:25 pm
>> one astronomer on the hunt for habitable planets. >> hi, i'm steve, an astronomer. the highest peak, it's over 100 years old and is one of the world's most remere on serve torres. the last 15 years of my life have been devoted to looking for planets. habitable planets. one of the most biggest misconceptions about astronomers is that they sit on lonely mountain tops looking through telescopes. we don't normally look through telescopes. we sit in warm, heated, lit
6:26 pm
control rooms at night and we have tv screens that show us all the information we need to know. so we found about 500 planets so far in the last 15 years of searching. the holy grail of that search is find an earth sized planet inhabitable zone. last september, our team announced we had found the first such planet called grees of 581 g. a place that could harbor life. a planet this beautiful deserves a beautiful name, so i named it after my wife, zamina. this is almost too easy to find. it happened so quickly. a star, 20 light years away, that it's telling us there must be tens of billions of these planets out there. it takes a lot of years to become an astronomer. not something you go into lightly, but it's a fascinating field. i love it dearly and i've never
6:27 pm
regretted a day being what i am. >> super cool. >> still ahead, we'll take you back 100 years to the first beta breakers race and introduce you to the family who discovered a neat connection to the race. also, the revealing finds an osama bin laden's compound as violence flairs up again. new information in the law enforcement scandal as one of theccus as sakpet.ou avil htaradestigs ht ahead. hey marcel, watch this!
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the private investigator at the center of a scandal is talking about it. and now, prostitution. christopher butler details the scheme in a 34-paged statement.
6:30 pm
jodi hernandez has a copy of that statement. we've been hearing about this for a long time. >> reporter: that's right and today, we got a good look at what christopher butler has to say about it. he describes what happened in his own words. he talks about the alleged brother run and he says his former friend and officer was the one behind it. >> sorry, i can't at this time. >> reporter: private eye christopher butler may not be talking to the media, but he's got plenty so say so investigators. in this statement, he comes clean and dirty duis, drug dealing and running the brothel. >> it really existed. it was an operation for six to nine months and the proceeds went to mr. welsh. he had the expertise in running a brothel. >> reporter: he says it operated
6:31 pm
out of this pleasant hill store front and was the idea of former commander, norman welsh. he says it opened for business in july of 2009 after the woman hired to run it placed an ad in the adult section on craigslist. >> it's an area of expertise of welsh because he was charged with laws relating to prostitution. >> reporter: they say they worked to wipe out the competition. butler described several undercover operations in which he claims welsh robbed prostitutes of their cash and other belongings. but when the business didn't bring in what they hoped, butler says welsh turned to drugs. butler says welsh wanted him to sell drugs. at one claiming christmas was
6:32 pm
coming and he needed the money. >> butler is making this up to save himself. this is the classic, i am the victim, feel sorry for me. >> reporter: the attorney claims butler, not welsh, was the man behind itd. >> welsh did not do that. that's a butler proof of lies. norm was not involved with that. this is butler at his best. >> reporter: when we asked welsh about possible prostitution allegations last month, he looked surprised, claiming he knew nothing about it. >> no, i haven't heard that. >> again, when we asked welsh about those prostitution allegations last month, he claimed that he didn't know anything at all. what we were talking about. he said he knew nothing about it. butler of course now is telling a much different story. reporting live in pleasant hill, nbc bay area news.
6:33 pm
>> thank you. in less than a week, two bay area city leaders have found themselves on the wrong side of the law. the vice mayor of san carlos was arrested for dui early thursday morning. apparently, san mateo sheriff's pulled over 29-year-old candy klein in san carlos. his blood alcohol limit was at the legal limit of .08. klein might still become the interim mayor of san carlos. also last week, san jose a -- a woman is being treated for smoke inhalation. 81-year-old womaned reportedly fell asleep while cooking. luckily, no other injuries have been reported. better make sure you finish
6:34 pm
that summer vacation before fall because that's when 70 state parks will start closing. 20 bay area parks on are o closure list as well as the historic mansion in sacramento. the budget gap, that's getting the blame. republicans have held steady and blocked that election. among the local parks which may close, henry cohen, brock, china camp in marin. governor jerry brown has added another into his list of cuts. the california unemployment insurance board. they are expected to save $1 million a year, but also sepulved sends a message. it became a highly paid place for termed out lawmakers to keep collecting state paychecks. six people of the seven on the board are former lawmaker, each
6:35 pm
making a six figure salary. california's biggest public employee's union is kicking offer a seven fig ad campaign today. the seiu is made up of 700,000 workers and it's airing to promote the tax extension plans. the ads airing in fresno, santa barbara and palm springs. the campaign targets gop members who are least likely to compromise on a budget deal. the ad calls on ledge islators to work together to stop extreme cuts. the campaign comes before governor brown releases his budget on monday. tonight in an nbc news exclusive, sarah shourd speaks out about the country's unexplained moment of her fellow hikers. the men weren't even talken to court, which has families crushed. >> when something like this
6:36 pm
happens, we fear the worse. we are very concerned about their physical and mental health after nearly two years of extreme isolation. >> on and ra mitch l reports, she said she fears they have gone on hunger strikes out of desperation. retaliation for the killing of osama bin laden. the taliban claiming responsibility for a deadly suicide blast today in pakistan. a double suicide blast killing 66 police and 14 others. experts say taliban forces of pakistan and afghanistan are carrying out attacks to prove they're still a powerful force even without bin laden. leaders speak on military for failing to stop the u.s. raid. a reports are now surfacing about the around about a
6:37 pm
pornography stash found inside bin laden's compound. an official saying the collection is modern, electronically recorded video. while it's not known if bin laden himself viewed the material, u.s. officials say it's not uncommon for islamic militants to have porn. meanwhile, the u.s. government has questioned three of bin laden's widows who are are in custody. they survived the raid by the s.e.a.l.s. ahead, a mad dash for the history books. the bay area getting ready for the running of the beta breakers. tonight, we catch up with the family of if first winner. and would you cry ore a cheeseburger? people would. the opening of an in and out burger evokes tears. >> usually when there's too many onions. tonight, low 50s throughout san
6:38 pm
jose, but much larger changes this weekend. not only a winter storm watch, but sunday, even the possibility of thuerstorms. only one day and 12 hour taway.o we'll have more coming up.
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flight. the solar impulse left switzerland this morning. the single seater aircraft is expected to complete the journey in about 12 hours. has the wingspan of a large airliner, but weigh is no more than a car. after brusselses. it heads to the international air show in paris. southern californias have known about for years and is a good place for a burger, but now, it's heading east. even the employees in dallas couldn't resist sneaking bite. high gas prices didn't stop people from waiting in the drive through. some waited three hours. >> kept saying all night, pinch me, it doesn't feel real. it felt real in there. crying again.
6:42 pm
>> it felt real and i had to cry. in and out recently opened a plant in texas. when you're desperate for a burger, it brings up all sorts of emotions. >> she said she was crying again. >> exactly. i know. the sharks make a return trip to the western conference finals. i can get it out here. >> don't worry. i'm going to get you one. the giants in chicago play is cubs where a special tribute was held for darrell hawk. >> i'm jeff ranieri. a little fog blowing in now to the city. fongcomip u y fe th fog coming up for your weekend,
6:43 pm
big changes.
6:44 pm
ready or not, this sunday will mark the 100th running of beta breakers. a little bit of a spectacle, a race. there's always naked people. >> 10 years ago, it was more sober. joe talks tos grandson of the first winner. >> 100 before runners dressed up as robots, pushed kegs up the k treat hill, san francisco hosted an event called the cross city
6:45 pm
race. six years after the 1906 earthquake, the race was intended to lift spirits and build pride. >> i wasn't aware of his achiefments as a runner until after he passed. >> reporter: bob was ten years old when his grandfather died. it was only when he was rummaging through a scrapbook that he discovered the connection to the race. >> i asked about the pictures, he had these trophies and metals. said, well that's because your grandfather was a well-known runner. >> he won this thing and nobody knew who he was. wearing a baseball cap backwards, finish ied in 43 minutes and 10 sektds. >> reporter: the dog eared pages
6:46 pm
of that scrapbook bring to life the race. in 1912 and a year later. >> he won in 1913 and beat the same gentleman. >> reporter: still thinks of the time he turned down on invitation to watch his grand dad bowl. >> he said, bobby, there's more to sports than just participating. it's watching people do their best. >> he has incredible stories about his grandfather, who's really one of the founders of this race and who helped build a san francisco tradition. >> reporter: the race became beta breakers in 1964. it evolved into a colorful tradition that draws 150 people. burnette along with his family will run this year's race for
6:47 pm
the first time. >> the whole thing was developed to lift the spirits of the city and bring tourism. i'm sure he'd be just as happy to know the race is what it is today. caltran is stepping up service for sunday's race. four express trains that will arrive in san francisco before 6:40 a.m. just in time for the race's 7:00 start and b.a.r.t. will shutting runners. jeff ranieri joins us to let us know what's it's going to be like for that day in terms of weather. >> we have some thunderstorms. so we're going to have to watch out in the morning hours. temperatures 50 to 55 degrees. that's not going stop anyone from coming out. today, we did have warmth down here with 72 in san jose.
6:48 pm
72 in los gatos and low to mid-70s in the east bay including livermore and we are on the cusp of these changes. winds already 15 to 30 miles per hour on the coastline and a winter storm watch up for the sierra as we head into our weekend. a rather unusual amount of snow coming our way. 8-12 inches sunday afternoon with the snow level at about 5,000 feet, so be prepared for that. right now, the onshore flow has cooled things off. 67 in sunnyvale and 61 in livermore. tonight, we'll see mainly clear conditions. breezy and then throughout saturday, a chance of showers, but it's all about sunday. that's when we'll have the possibility of thunderstorms, hail and that sierra snow.
6:49 pm
that trough of low pressure is going push to the south. mainly for sunday at this point and also that potential here of some hail. as we head throughout tonight, we'll see cloud cover and even into tomorrow morning, we'll start off with some cloudy skies, but it's not until saturday evening that we start to see the rainfall build offshore and that will be pushing into our sunday forecast. expected totals, anywhere from a tenth to a quarter of an inch and we'll see those higher totals where we get those storms developing. in terms of sierra snow, we could see eight to ten inches. for sunday evening at this point. for tonight, 44 in los gatos. 49 in santa cruz. 50 in concord and 47 in san rafael. and if you are looking for something to do this weekend,
6:50 pm
marin, sonoma, concord. this will be going off rain or shine. $20 admission and that also helps out hospice by the bay. all proceeds going to hospice by the bay for that event. saturday forecast, 66 in evergreen. 65 in dublin. tomorrow's saturday. that the that is good news. 63 in san mateo. 67 in concord. 66 in napa and the north bay, plenty of upper 60s to near 70s. cooler tomorrow and a lot cooler as we head into sunday's forecast. throughout monday and tuesday, a chance of showers and by thursday and friday, we start to get the sun back and see temperatures warm up into the mid 70s. sunday looks to be the day when we'll have the watch out for
6:51 pm
those thunderstorms and isolated hail. a lot going on. >> thank you. and now, the exfinty sports desk on nbc bay area news. as we told you yesterday, sadly, our former colleague and friend, daryl hawks, died yesterday morning. he was there to cover the nba playoffs. >> last night in atlanta before the bulls-hawks playoff game, they held a moment of silence for daryl. today, the giants held a moment of silence. >> join us in a moment of silence in honor of daryl hawks. >> daryl built a strong connection with his vibrant personality in the bay area and with the city of chicago. he will be missed by his viewers as well as his current and fo former colleagues. he has survived by his wife,
6:52 pm
sandy, and three kids. as for the game, foggy in chicago. the giants going into this game riding a six-game winning streak, but not so fortunate tonight. this was part of the positive news. aubrey huff with an rbi double. giants trailing 3-2. the cubs breaking the game open with -- johnson clears the bases. final score, 11-4. the giants six-game winning streak is now over. for the sharks, they survived a dramatic game seven. take a look. >> they did it! the sharks for the second year in a row! >> very excited as for the 17,000 fans in the building and thousands of others in the bay area watching.
6:53 pm
they set a record last night for tv ratings for any sharks game on the sharks broadcast network on comcast. one game away from the stanley cup finals after eliminating the red wings in an exciting seven-game series. the shark tank, this will be their third trip to the conference final. so far, they're 0-2. if you want tickets, get some in vancouver of san jose. sunday evening, game one. the best of seven series. game one in vancouver starts at 5:00. game two, that's a 6:00 start time and then games three and four, friday night at 6:00 and sunday, you can have brunch with the sharks. it's a noontime game here on nbc. sunday is game four. noontime. that's the following sunday. not this weekend. so, the sharks are ready to go. >> definitely next one's going
6:54 pm
to be a bigger challenge. not knocking detroit, by any means. every round you go further and further, that's just the way it is. mentally, physically, it's going to get harder. we don't expect ease from them. >> we were here last year. we got here in different ways, but we were still here last year and this is where we need to grow. >> all that matters is sports, right? doesn't matter if you're -- you know, you want to win the stanley cup every year. that's our goal right now. this team.a good feeling about >> that's so good. >> i have a good
6:55 pm
>> good.
6:56 pm
we'll be right back.
6:57 pm
tonight, bryan stow's recovery leads him back to the bay area. plus, battling skin cancer. a drug that could lead to a cure and why patients are fighting to get it. as we count down towards 7:00, that means we count down. >> we're going to try to unravel this mess and talking sharks. >> you can get it out. >> somebody's going to be
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maybe not me.


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