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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  May 14, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> back to 17. here's ian poulter who's up on the green. he's taken the flagstick out. and here's how he got here. now johnny, here's a man who really doesn't want to get up early tomorrow morning. he is running the entire length of the hole. >> pretty good. >> i'll tell you what, he's in good shape. dustin johnson just taking his time. because all they have to do is get one guy to hole out and one guy to get over and hit the tee shot at 18 before the horn sounds. >> like he was on a little track there. >> yeah. >> you're not supposed to putt well with your heart racing a bit. we'll see if that holds true. >> there's only one under par and one over par for the day. so, if he's too overly concerned about that as we go to five. >> toms for that elusive birdie. >> this one should move just a little bit left, slightly uphill. good-looking birdie. >> just cannot buy one. >> and one for his confidence, roger. in a big way. >> after awhile starts to nod a
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little bit. like is it ever going to turn? >> he's being patient. >> that's exactly what he talked about, he's been better in his 40s being patient. >> luke donald with his tee shot. >> the driver, peter. lucas glover already in play. this up the left side. >> fairways are soft. ball lands there, kicks to the right, that's perfect. >> it's relay golf. >> here comes poulter. >> now he's got to have cooperation from the group in front, though, because he can't hit into mickelson. well, here they go now he said yep, yep, yep, they're going to let him hit. >> can we play through, phil? >> oh, maybe. >> i'm not sure about the etiquette of this. >> well,.
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>> you ever seen anything like this? >> no. >> if anybody's going to pull this off it's poulter, right? >> we had it at doral. remember the guys ran off the eighth green over to the ninth tee trying to finish out. but the group was already on the green and they let them play up. >> what do you think of this, gary? >> well, i think it's a little much to be honest with you. now you start to interrupt the flow of the play of the group in front of you. >> it's like they have to stop now and watch him. >> up the left side. he's yelling go. oh. just clears it. man. and while poulter was teeing off this was dustin johnson back at 17. >> he's just taking his time. >> talk about the tortoise and the hare. >> he puts it right in. >> he's not moving fast.
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>> not doing that ian poulter thing. >> not doing the tweeting and facebook, either. >> if he tweets about that. but what's going on with steve stricker out of the pine needles, mark? >> well it looks to me, he's definitely taken relief. there's no question about that. and it's not a penalty. so i think we have deemed there is some casual water there. and it's going to be a good break. he did not have a good lie in the pine needles. it's an area that's been trampled down by the gallery. i'm sure that's why there was some water that settled in there. regardless it's not going to be a very good spot, johnny. you have to be very lucky to get a decent lie here because he's dropping the ball straight down. >> well, while he continues to figure out where he's going to drop there, over to rory sabbatini at the 10 for his second. >> good drive. great chance to knock it close. >> sabbatini, the first nine, one under. at 7 under, four back.
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>> sabbatini went on to make that to get to minus 8. within 3. and back to 6. where stricker's probably ready to play. >> i would call the lie decent now. he does have to curve this one from the left back to the right. >> got an opening to the left side of the green. 15 feet to the left of the hole. >> got to squeeze a fade but it's going to be easier to fade it out of the pine straw than the rough. >> i think he's going to hit a low runner. not going to try to fly out there. >> oh, yeah, steve. >> that's not bad. >> just hitting that bank. so, yeah, he got lucky with the casual water. >> and the mark russell, the pga tour beginning to sense the end is near, for this third round.
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just a little past -- yep, there's the horn. if you've teed off you have the option to finish the hole. >> and graeme mcdowell looks like he wants to finish the sixth. >> he is going to go ahead and play. 137 to the hole. it is just light enough now that you can see the flagstick up there. be. >> final nine. >> johnny, i'm not sure he should wait now. >> our cameras make it appear a lot lighter than it is, mark. it's pretty tough to see, isn't it? >> well, and the wind is swirling. i'll bet in the morning it's nothing like this out here. >> got to get the right distance. does not want to go long.
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>> that's the shot that shouldn't be bothering him right there, mark. he does not lead enough into the ball, and he kicks that pull hook. >> over on seven now, lucas glover. it is dark. but he's playing on. >> he is had a conversation with luke donald and decided to move. 174. >> nothing wrong with that. >> the greens are so soft. i think that's why they wanted to play this second shot. because that's a tough hole location in the back left of the green. >> mcdonald went with driver off the see as we saw, 161 remaining. great angle. >> good look there. what players are looking at for themselves. >> just all of a sudden gotten a lot darker out here. >> and depth perception becomes a problem, dotty, when you're putting in the dark you can't see the breaks on the greens.
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>> that's exactly right, you need to feel it more with your feet. >> mickelson is going to get his round in. at 18. second shot. 201 yards. and he can't wait to get in for a nice steak dinner, probably. >> and that one is deep. remember, he's got eagle-birdie. and it falls down into the collection area. over at 17. >> this was just a moment ago, steve marino coming off a birdie at -- >> oh, the horn. >> 16 to get to six under he was just about to pull the trigger. >> he could hit it if he wanted to. that's again, they were -- no, he couldn't. >> that's right. >> he was on the tee but he hadn't pulled the trig per you have to tee off. now he comes back to face that. >> can you sleep well? that's what i want to know.
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back to six. >> really dark out there. >> it said they were going to -- gary until 8:12. i guess there's a little bit of cloud cover. the cloud cover changed things a little bit. >> you know, again, you know, we have irises on the cameras, and this is without any adjustments made to it. that is a much clearer, or i guess darker indication of just how dark it is out here. >> it's pretty dark out there. >> it's not like, you know, it's not that big a deal getting up tomorrow. with a few holes, have breakfast. >> that's all. >> stricker, and mcdowell are done. get back to their positions at 7:45 in the morning. and final round tee times will be approximately in a window of 11:30 to 1:45 or so tomorrow. as an estimate.
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and they are done over at the seventh, as well. luke donald and lucas glover walking off the course. and since the leaders, most of them, have put a halt to their third rounds, we're going to say good-bye and rebooind mind you that for continuing coverage of this championship, golf channel is live from the players immediately following us going off the air here at nbc. and then another reminder tomorrow, golf channel's morning drive gets you going right and early, 6:00 a.m. eastern time. live coverage of the players beginning at 7:30 a.m. eastern time. play resumes 7:45 a.m. and we'll have it for you on golf charge in the morning. at 2:00 we'll have final round coverage of the players right here on nbc. a reminder tonight it's an all-new "chase" followed by "law and order: los angeles" and "law and order: svu" then an all new
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"saturday night live" with host ed helms and musical guest paul simon. one more quick look at the leaderboard before we leave. a tie at the top between the reigning u.s. open champion graeme mcdowell and nick watney. steve stricker and dave toms, the 36-hole leader just one back. for our entire golf channel on nbc announce team, dan hicks saying so long from tpc sawgrass. we'll see you in the morning bright and ear we wiped the slate clean.
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than the bmw 7-series or mercedes s-class... making the decision to own a jaguar just as rational as it is emotional. learn more at right now at 5:00 -- rain and wind threaten two of the biggest events of the year in the bay area. bay to breakers and the amgen
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tour of califoia we have a look at the storm rolling in right now. plus, the new honor for two san jose students killed on campus this week. the university plans to pay tribute to them. >> underprivileged kids are getting the chance to become entrepreneurs and start their own business thanks to a highly successful bay area program. i'm kimberly tere live at stanford. i'll have all the details coming up. the 5:00 news starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. we want to take you outside right now. the sky is dark and cloudy over much of the bay area and a storm is headed our way. some say it will be winter-like by tomorrow. here's a look at the radar coming up right now. the storm is threatening some of the biggest events of the year here in northern california. as we mentioned, bay to breakers and the amgen tour. nbc bay area's rob mayeda has a look at the change in the weather. >> we're seeing cooler changes
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to kick off the weekend. 59 degrees. west wind at about 7 miles per hour. 59 in san jose. no rain just yet around the south bay. looking off to the west to san francisco, see the clouds filling in. southwest wind at 16 miles an hour. currently looking at 58 degrees. going to be watching those clouds spilling in over the afternoon. no rain just yet. but that is about to change. the break in the clouds coming in right now giving us just some brief sunshine in parts of the bay. but the system offshore here is packing a one-two punch. not only will it bring in rain starting as early as late this evening but much colder air aloft that will provide the environment for some pretty intense thundershowers, we think, as we go through tonight and into tomorrow morning. for bay to breakers, showers and gusty conditions. cool temperatures. we're looking at racetime temperatures in the 50s. even worse weather, though, heading up to the amgen tour around lake tahoe tomorrow. snow levels as low as the sierra foothills. heavy snow and wind across the sierra.
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winter storm for the sierra as we go through the end of the weekend. a preview of the rain. see the rain coming through becoming widespread as early as 11:00 tonight. a full look at your weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. diane? >> thank you rob. the chp is investigating a deadly accident on highway 1 near stenson beach. an 83-year-old man when his vehicle ended up down a 300-foot ravine. highway 1 was closed in both directions but has since reopened. and there were no skid marks at the scene. two promising business students who were gunned down in a san jose state parking garage this week will receive their diplomas posthumously. 25-year-old cindy and 26-year-old kyle williams were less than three weeks from earning undergraduate degrees in accounting from san jose state. police say colligeran's husband shot them as they sat parked in the school garage and then killed himself. both victims were honor students. the university says the diplomas will be awarded at the may 28th
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graduation ceremony. there is still no official word on the motive from police but she reportedly told her sister she was thinking of leaving her marriage because of abuse. last night, a man survived a collision with an amtrak freight train in martinez near the amtrak station. emergency crews used the jaws of life to rescue the driver from the pinned truck at marina vista avenue. a chopper air lifted the driver to a nearby hospital because the train was blocking the only road out of the area. we're told the driver does not have any life-threatening injuries and he was the only one inside the truck at the time of the accident. silicon valley is known for entrepreneurship. today we're seeing an example of that at stanford where at-risk teenagers have the opportunity to come up with a business plan and today presented their ideas in a competition. nbc bay area's kimberly tere joins us from stanford with more on the youth business plan competition. hello, kimberly. >> hello, diane. over 100 ninth graders came to
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stanford today to pitch their business ideas in hopes of turning them into reality. the 12th annual build youth business plan competition is actually open to all bay area students. and the winners receive funding to launch their own businesses. but the non-profit does target schools in east palo alto and oakland and focuses on attracting students here who might otherwise be at risk of failing classes and dropping out of high school. those who get into the build program start in the ninth grade and commit through high school. 100% of them have gone on to college. through build, students are mentors and get help developing their own business ideas, writing out business plans and then launching them. >> we believe that there is an untapped talent pool in the united states today that no one is paying attention to. and these kids often have the choice of going into a gang or doing something special like this. these are the kid that will lead us in the future. we need to invest in them.
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>> it's a very unique program. it's one of the best i've ever known. it's an opportunity for kids to grow and test out new ideas. it's unbelievable. >> today, students came to the stanford campus for a chance to get a jump-start on their business. they each presented their ideas before a panel of well knowns from silicon valley, including pro-hall of famer ronnie lott and sapora herman, facebook's vp of finance. a place in the program to help them succeed. for more information, logon to this organization has been around for more than a decade and claims to have helped more than 500 kids from both the peninsula and oakland achieve both academic and business success. live at stanford, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. there is another possible mountain lion sythe on the peninsula. this one on glen way.
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residents should not hike or jog when mountain lions are most active which is at dawn, dufrk and during the night. sightings are becoming more common in the bay area, especially in neighborhoods near wilderness areas, although they often turn out to be false aplarms coyotes or dogs that -- from afar look a little bit like a mountain lion. crews in louisiana slowly opened some flood gates on the mississippi river today in an effort to spare baton rouge and new orleans. the water is now flooding the surrounding basin where some 25,000 people live in rural areas. officials say 3,000 square miles of homes and farms could end up under water as deep as 25 feet but could also save millions of people and homes downstream. anne thompson has more on the evacuations. >> these are desperate hours in terrabone parish. residents wait in long lines for supplies to defend their homes from the mississippi river water that will flood their
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neighborhoods. when the morganza river way is opened to save baton rouge and new orleans. cold comfort to leroy mays trying to protect his house. >> we're poor people. i'm not agreeable on opening that gate up, no. i'm not agreeing with that. >> up river in vicksburg, mississippi, highway 61, a main thoroughfa thoroughfare is closed so they can build a levee to keep the water at bay. farmer everett dear is doing the same using dirt from his corn field to construct a 19-foot wall of mud around his house. >> i don't have flood insurance so i've got to try to save it. >> in baton huge, neon colored tiger dams are helled out to protect louisiana's capital city but 10% of the state's on-shore oil production is in the flood zone. more than 2200 wells that produce 19,000 barrels of oil a day. a drop in the bucket compared to the 19 million barrels america consumes each day, but enough to
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unsettle a jittery oil market. >> there's a lot of tension in the oil markets. any disruption no matter how small has the potential to affect pricing, without question. >> at the north end of baton rouge is this exxonmobil refinery. the second large nest the country. it remains open for now, as does the mississippi river to shipping. and as more dirty water heads south, there are growing concerns about the hidden toxins in the debris. health threats that won't become known for years. yet for all the dire predictions among resilient louisianans, you can still hear the sound of optimism. >> we are completely surrounded by levees. good pumping stations. i have to feel good that power can handle all of this. >> the race for president ramps up this weekend. just ahead, will he or won't he? one major gop player is supposed to make his announcement today. plus, the remarkable
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graduation today for a student who spent years confined to a wheelchair. how he walked across the stage to get his degree today. bay to breakers turns 100 and a nostalgic look back at the first race from the family of one of the first ever to cross the finish line. we'll show you.
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former arkansas governor mike huckabee is expected to announce today or tonight whether he plans to run for the white house in 2012. huckabee is reportedly going to use his fox news channel talk show to announce his intentions. the talk show is the centerpiece of huckabee's enterprises which have made the one-time baptist
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preacher from hope, arkansas, and ten-year governor a very wealthy man. he could enter the race with a front-runner status he didn't have as former governor fresh out of office in 2008. another huckabee run would bring renewed scrutiny over his support of some tax increases in arkansas. and his record on clemency, including commuting the sentence of a man who later killed four seattle area police officers. the field of republicans is getting crowded. texas representative ron paul announced yesterday, of course, he joins former house speaker newt gingrich, governor gary johnson of new mexico, former massachusetts governor mitt romney and former wisconsin governor tim pawlenty in making it official. no word yet on sarah palin, donald trump or tea party star representative michele bachmann from minnesota, among the republicans who have all set up exploratory committees at this point. for one graduate at uc berkeley, walking with his graduating class today was an incredible moment, not so much
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for the diploma, as for the actual walking. graduating senior austin whitney was paralyzed in a car accident in 2007. last year, he began working with uc berkeley engineers to develop exoskeletons, wearable robotics that look like sound up leg braces. the device is worn like a suit and does the walking the disabled legs are no longer capable of. when it was time for him to receive his diploma, austin was able to stand up and accept it himself thanks to the innovation from cal. >> truly, truly is beyond words. i was never not confident about the machine, ever. i trust these guys. they are brilliant. they know what they're doing. but the second that i pressed the button and stood up, i was just flooded with a series of emotions. >> the engineering team named the project austin in honor of
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its human test pilot. they say austin whitney was crucial to help them develop a device that actually works. congratulations to all the graduates at cal. let's check in right now with rob maeyeda. a little chilly throughout for graduation. and tomorrow is going to be a whole lot colder? >> today is probably the better of the two weekend days. tomorrow we'll be tracking a chance of rain but even a chance of thundershowers in the mix. obviously, challenging conditions out at bay to breakers tomorrow morning. i think we'll see scattered showers, breezy conditions. probably a little sunshine at times. temperatures mostly in the 50s through that event. temperatures right now probably not too far off from the high temperatures we'll see tomorrow, mainly upper 50s right now. it's breezy outside. yes, we will have to talk about rain moving in as we get into as early as this evening. the main event probably coming in tonight, into tomorrow morning. so why is the weather making such a weird turn this weekend. we've got winter-type cold air spilling into northern california and this is going to be a volatile pattern of cold air aloft. daytime heating below, probably
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triggering thundershowers at times as early as tonight. things could get unstable enough to power up those thundershowers during the day tomorrow. widespread rain expected tonight. tomorrow, scattered showers. a chance of thundershowers off and on probably to the early afternoon. then this time tomorrow evening, heading on into monday, we should catch a brief break. more rain spills in as we head to the monday evening commute into tuesday. once we get past that, the rest of the forecast. you saw the snow for day one of the amgen tour. more snow and rain into tuesday. second half of the week, though, completely different story. you'll see that coming up in the seven-day forecast. tonight, rain developing. if you are heading out for evening plans, tonight you'll want the umbrella, despite the fact the sun is out right now. it's only going to last for another hour or two for most of the bay area. as you can see, the temperatures as we roll into your sunday forecast, many spots, especially the east bay inland valleys will see temperatures almost 20 degrees below average. mid to upper 50s for highs tomorrow.
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look out for the chance of some strong thunderstorms, too. we'll be watching that on nbc bay of course our morning forecast on sunday morning. and highs in the 50s for daytime highs. quick check of the seven-day forecast. wild finish to the weekend. showers to follow monday into tuesday. then looks like clearing and 70s coming back for the middle part of the week. more news coming up after this short break.


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