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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  May 16, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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medical center in los angeles around noon surrounded by a small army of police officers. he was wheeled from the hospital into an awaiting ambulance. it was a very delicate procedure. there was a caravan from the hospital to a private jet. that caravan was filled with police officers and amr co-workers who have been by his side since day one. let's move on to san francisco, the plane landed at sfo, stow was taken from the private jet and put into another ambulance and a short trip from sfo here to san francisco general hospital. now the head of neurosurgery spoke with us moments ago. >> he's been in a very stable situation in intensive care unit for a number of days here and now that he's been moved and he's been transported by air from air to a ground ambulance from the ground ambulance here to san francisco general, it's very, very common when we have patients that are tourists here that we treat for their traumatic brain injuries they go
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back to their home communities, it's just experience has told us travel can be tough when you're still quite sick. again, this is just common sense. >> reporter: here's a picture of esther picasso, she was here in the rain supporting bryan stow. she is obviously a giants fan, she says that stow's job was to help save lives and now he is fighting for his life. stow's family opted out not to speak at the press conference, they are just exhausted, i'm told. reporting live in san francisco, i'm sheryl herd, nbc bay area news. this begins a new chapter f for stow's recovery and a whole new team of doctors will now be responsible for his care. nbc bay area's maryann favreau talked to his new primary doctor and injos joins us from sf gene.
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is there added pressure for the san francisco medical team now? >> reporter: well, i this i they want to do the best for all patients and certainly they are rooting for him. the fact that stow was able to make this move speaks volumes about his recovery. and now he will be closer not only to his family, but some of the best brain trauma specialists in the nation. bryan stow will begin the next phase of his recovery in an intensive care room here at san francisco general hospital. >> once he gets here, we'll tuck him in, as we say, we'll probably sooner rather than later do eeg monitoring to make sure he's not having ongoing seizure activity. >> an icu nurse will be by his side 24/7. stowe will also benefit from the latest high-tech monitoring. >> what this does is helps us to monitor cerebral blood flow. >> reporter: the move allows stowe, who lives in santa cruz, to be closer to his family, including his two children. he'll also benefit from a level one trauma unit with a national
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reputation for treating patients with brain injuries. >> what you're getting here is expertise. we're certainly not going to do any surgery on him, as he had when he was first treated, because we're past that acute phase. but we have the experience in having taken care of thousands of patients. >> reporter: the 42-year-old father and paramedic is showing signs of brain function. he can move his eyes and has some movement in his arms and legs. the hope is he can make even bigger improvements here that will allow him to start rehabilitation. but for now, he's back in the bay area, a dedicated giants fan, returning to home base. the hope is that bryan stow will soon be able to move out of the intensive care unit on to a general floor, and then eventually into rehabilitation. but for that he will be have to be moved to a different facility. reporting live at san francisco general hospital, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> bryan stow's family has been updating the public about his condition since the attack on
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march 31st. the latest entry reads as follows, the day has finally come. bryan is now stable enough to bring home up north. this time is so bittersweet, we are happy to get to bring bryan home. they go on to thank all the people in los angeles who helped them in this journey, especially his doctors and nurses at the usc medical center. from the recovery to the investigation, los angeles police still looking for the suspects in this attack. about 200 billboards have now been posted around l.a. which show sketches of the potential suspects and also show the reward being offered, $100,000. stay with us here at nbc bay area and for our continuing coverage of bryan stow's recovery. accident on alcatraz, the roof of a tram while riding in crashed on top of tourists. >> reporter: the tram we're talking about is the one they
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use to help people get from the water up to the prison cell tower. that is typically reserved for those who can't walk up the 13 stories but today a witness says somehow that tram hit an old pipe that was sticking out of a wall and that's what caused the roof of the tram to collapse. this is video just in from our chopper. the roof of the tram caved in when it hit the wall. four people were inside, two were hurt. a 64-year-old woman suffered a cut to her eye area and a 41-year-old man had a gash in his head from the wreckage. the crash happened about 1:30 this afternoon. relatives of the two victims say it was just a complete freak accident. the victims were taken by ferry to the mainland where a ambulance was waiting to bring them to a nearby hospital. both victims are expected to be okay. it's unclear just what caused that tram to slide and crash into the wall. investigators are looking into that right now. >> thank you, vicki. we turn our attention to the weather now. rain and snow in the middle of
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may. what's happening around here? we bring in jeff ranieri. we were talking coming into the studio today, please explain here. >> it's wild, it's wacky, it's all about the jet stream taking an aggressive dip to the south. look at this, the past 48 hours we have had close to a half inch here from the north bay over towards the east bay. that now nearly doubles what we should have for the entire month on average for may. we saw that in just a four-day period. again, we're doubling monthly averages here. this is how rare and unusual it is. as that jet tream continues to drop to the south. so as we zoom in clo jr what we're going too find here are winds gusty atne, t mi c miles per hour stained winds and anywhe from 15 to 25 miles per hour inland as this area of low pressure slowly moves in we're finding moderate areas of rainfall, any travelifa on 101 or interstate 80 is going to be wet and also very, very slick. also for the east bay, the oakland a's game happening tonight,ve we do expect wind an
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rain towards danville, also sht,ers and moderate activity at times and heavy rainfall approaching los gatos. so we are of course going to be tracking more on this wet weather in the bay area and also, yes, a winter storm warning. i'll tell you about these wild snow totals we can expect and how long it will last in a few minutes. it's being dubbed one of the biggest identity theft busts in bay area history. police in the east bay say they uncovered a sophisticated counterfeit operation with phony credit cards, fake checks, bogus i.d.s, what's not bogus, though? the personal information of countless victims. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in hayward where police say that operation was unfolding. jodi? >> reporter: jessica, that one-stop shop as police are calling it was located right here inside this hayward apartment complex. police say a woman here was running a highly sophisticated operation right out of her home. and tonight police have shut it down. you're looking at all the
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makings of a massive counterfeit operation. the likes oakland police haven't seen before. >> she had the ability within her residence to make checks, credit cards, social security cards and california identification cards. so it's basically like a one-stop shop as far as identity theft is concerned. >> reporter: oakland police pulled the items from this apartment last week. their investigation began in january when they got a complaint from an oakland city worker that someone had fraudulently cashed her checks. >> through investigation i was able to get surveillance from different stores throughout the bay area. i was able to through search warrants identify this person. >> reporter: when police searched the suspect's home they found enough evidence to charge her with more than 20 counts of identity theft. they say they also uncovered the personal information of thousands inside the apartment. the oakland police chief calls it the tip of the iceberg. >> i think this is going to be more dramatic than what we're
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seeing right now. as we dig upon this case, we think we're going to have a lot more victims than what we have. i think the loss is going to be dramatic. >> reporter: now, neighbors we talked to today say they had no idea what was happening here. we're going to hear from them tonight at 6:00. again, this is an active investigation. police believe there may be more people involved and, again, they believe there are many more victims. reporting live in hayward, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. amidst the negative headlines surrounding the state budget crisis, there was some good news today. an unexpected tax win fall of $6.6 billion. it will be divided over the next two years. governor brown is using the money to lower the amount of tax extensions to $9.3 billion in hopes of closing the budget gap. brown announced his revised budget today and said there will be an unprecedented $2.6 billion in spending cuts.
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despite opposition from both sides of the aisle, governor brown is holding firm to his plan to balance the budget with a mix of tax hikes and spending cuts. republicans are refusing to endorse any budget that includes taxes. south bay educators were up earlier than usual this morning for a special field trip. no students were involved, it was all teachers. however, the teachers made their ninth annual bus trip to sacramento to tell lawmakers how vital it is that enough money is being budgeted for california schools and it has to be done soon. >> limbo is a good word. there's tremendous uncertainty. if you were a public school teacher who got a pink slip in march, today is basically your termination day. it doesn't mean you can't be rehired back, well, how do you know if you're going fob rehired back? >> california schools have their own budgets, have to have their own budgets finalized by june 30th so time is of essence. they're waiting for answers from sacramento. botox mommy in trouble,
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turns out she may have been inflating other claims, not from san francisco and it's not the only problem in the case. and sugar and fat have the reputation of some of the biggest diet est dietaresngers but da which of two is worse? and a keynote speaker that had students cheering and crying.
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this is not your usual mix, a heavy hitting republican, fundraising in san francisco but it's happening tonight. the top republican in the country is here, house speaker john boehner is holding a fundraising event at the fairmont hotel in san francisco tonight. this is video of him yesterday at a commencement address. the price tag for dinner and a
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photo? $25,000. was donald trump seriously considering a run for president or was it all a publicity stunt for his tv show on nbc? either way he got the headlines and now a formal announcement. trump says he's ducking out of a presidential bid. >> i've decided that we're going to continue onward with "celebrity apprentice," we're going to continue making lots and lots of money for charity. i will not be running for president as much as i'd like to, and i want to thank everybody very much. >> he made that announcement during today's up front presentations which outlined the fall tv schedules for major networks. some high school seniors got their prize today, president obama delivered their commencement address. the president shook the hands of all 155 graduates today at booker t. washington high in memphis, tennessee. they knew the president would give a speech but were surprised when they met with him before the ceremony.
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some of the students you can see cheering, others just crying. the president revealed a surprise that the principal's own daughter didn't attend her mom's school. >> she was worried that the boys would be afraid to talk to her if her mom was lurking in the hallways. which is why my next job will be principal at sasha and malia's high school. and then i'll be president of their college. >> the president went on to tell the students they'd shown more determination than many adults by boosting the school's graduation rate from 55% to more than 81%. here's a story that a lot of people are talking about around the country and especially here in the bay area. a woman who went on national tv claimed to be from the bay area and explained how she injected her 8-year-old daughter with botox. well, now, looks like she might
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be losing custody of her daughter. elise? >> reporter: raj, it's just a bizarre story we've all been following. this morning we heard this mother may have lost custody of her daughter, now we're learning she may not have even given her real identity and she may not even live here in san francisco. >> i was totally shocked. >> reporter: shock, disgust, even outrage. >> i do it, but it hurts sometimes, but i get used to it. >> reporter: after an 8-year-old girl and her mother go on national television and the child's mom who said she lived in san francisco defends injecting her daughter with botox. her argument? it gives the little girl a better chance of winning child beauty contests. >> the child seemed to be happy, but, you know, she probably wanted to please her mom. >> i don't think she should lose custody of her child. i think it was really stupid. but i think, you know, they take kids -- where's the kid going to go? a foster home? that doesn't make any sense.
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>> reporter: now media outlets are reporting welfare officials have removed the girl from the mother's home, citing confidentiality laws in juvenile cases the san francisco human services department only released this statement. the san francisco human services agency has completed its initial investigation and is no longer involved in this case. >> that would suggest to me they have closed their file, because they're not prepared to precede forward to determine whether or not there has been an incident of abuse or any zblekt. >> reporter: she may not have given her real name and may not actually live in san francisco. wherever she lives, though, family law attorney debra r. showenberg believes she will have a hard time keeping custody of her daughter should another family member try and take her. >> mom's made a full and complete admission on national television. it doesn't get better than that. >> reporter: but she says the mother could still get her child back if she makes some major changes. >> there are parents out there doing much worse things to their
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children than we may believe is happening to this child. >> reporter: and if this mother is involved in a child custody battle there would be record of it in the family courts. we went to the family courts this afternoon and they told us they have no record of a kerry campbell. let's turn our attention, and we bring back the man who a lot of people are asking questions to. >> boo-hoo to you. >> yes. we forecasted this, but definitely some wild and some wacky weather out here on our monday. we had some breezy to gusty winds here in and about the bay area. 36-mile-per-hour wind gusts today, san carlos, 23, napa, 21. not the strongest storm system of course, we have dealt with in the past couple months, but definitely way out of character with winter characteristics here. wild winter blast moving across the bay area. the main shield of rain currently pushing over, we are
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tracking moderate pockets of rainfall across the santa cruz mountains have helped amplify this rainfall. los gatos, campbell, south san jose, will be getting in on more moderate rainfall over the next hour. more showery in nature, highway 101 very, very slick here. just takes up a little water to bring up the oil from the cars there. and rain continuing throughout tonight and we're finding that as well for berkeley, oakland, back to danville, alamo and down into dublin and walnut creek as well. for the sierra, yes, a winter storm warning in place. 5 to 10 inches of snowfall expected here over the next 24 hours. current numbers are cold for this time of the year. inland we should be in the 70s right now. we're looking at 53 right now in livermore, 56 san jose and just 54 in gilroy. tonight wind and rain stay with us. throughout tuesday, chance of rain still in the forecast, temperatures still below average, about ten to 15 degrees
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and slick travel if you're heading anywhere to the sierras. trough of low pressure slowly starting to push inland that will keep that ns cha of showers here in the forecast as we continue throughout wednesday. here's a look, 7:00 p.m. throughout tonight, that rain with us. throughout 11:00 p.m., also more scattered rain staying here. and throughout tomorrow morning's commute, mainly cloudy, a chance of light scattered showers. then another round of rain will return for 7:00 p.m. tuesday. so it's going to be wet even for you as we head into tuesday at this point and we're looking for a quarter to a half inch of rainfall overall and for the sierra, 5 to 10 inches of snow with the winter storm warning in effect. and once again, this rainfall is so unusual, as we mentioned earlier, that we have pretty much doubled what we should see for the entire month of may when it comes to rainfall. we've seen all of this happen in just four days. california's also officially out of the drought, and you know what? you can all blame la nina for this wacky weather, the pattern
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starting to fizzle out. that's kind of why we're getting this last blast of winter weather. so over the next month or so we still could see some more erratic weather coming our way. mid to upper 50s in the north bay, that's it for tomorrow. and on your seven-day forecast, we'll get some warming in here by friday and saturday of this week. but showers expected the next two days. >> it's really unusual to say. the last time it was this rainy in spring was like 1997 when we had another la nina. >> it's easier to just blame jeff sometimes. >> that's not fair. let's blame la nina. >> i'll take it. whatever. well, cell phone use is down, why an oakland passenger's long conversation on an amtrak train led to anpndere untce stop. and misdiagnosing alzheimer's. a new saidy pinpoints the symptoms that most oftenly
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in tonight's health watch, a study finds many cases of alzheimer's are initially misdiagnosed because patients present symptoms other than memory problems. one-third of patients initially show other systems, including behavioral changes, vision or language problems. so which makes you fatter, sugar or actual fat? well, it's not an either/or proposition, they say. fat does have twice the calories of sugar, but sugar is being added to almost every processed food. diet igss say they're both contributing to the obesity epidemic. it is easier to steer clear from products listing sugar at the top. at the end of the day it is calories in and calories out that count the most. they say take a look at your total calories in a serving first and then move on to cutting the sugar and fat. in oregon yesterday, a woman's cell phone use prompted the engineer to stop the train. she boarded in oakland and witnesses say she talked on her phone constantly, even though
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the train operator asked passengers not to use their phones. her fellow passengers say she was verbally abusive when asked to hang up. when the train was stopped, polif thtee d r off the train. >> you probably use those self-checkouts at the grocery store, get ready because food is headed in the same direction. we're going to tell you how.
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they're busy over at mcdonald's, first the makeover they announced, now touch-screen ordering. >> no more, would you like fries with that, as now computers will take your orders. this is happening in europe. the touch-screen terminals will replace cashiers at 7,000 restaurants overseas and also be the end of cash. the terminals will only take
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credit cards. mcdonald's will also stay open longer accident introduce new menus and say it will improve efficienc efficiency. >> like the grocery ore. >> exactly. >> bri williams b is up next with "nightly news." we'll see you again at 6:00.
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