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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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us to alameda this morning. first, we want to check the forecast with christina loren. how's it looking? >> showery this morning. good morning, marla. we are dealing with the wet pattern for the day. there's light at the end of the tunnel. we have clearing for tomorrow and we are going to clear out for the weekend. 70s and sunshine back on the extended forecast. we'll get to that in moments. first, it's 5:00 a.m. good morning, mike. >> good morning. we go to the east shore freeway. it's moving smoothly. there's a wind advisory for the span itself. another to the north of the benicia bridge. north of here, 680 had a few accidents. one at parrish with a car went off the roadways. christina said there's standing water going on there. that may be the issue. we have seen a lot of cars.
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things are moving smoothly along 680. back to you marla. >> thank you, mike. this morning a bombshell. there's laura. the bombshell confession first from arnold schwarzenegger on his split from marina shriver. he says he had a child with a former staffer and kept it a secret for ten years. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. with the details of the scandal that broke overnight. >> reporter: literally, we got news from an l.a. times report. we heard of the split a couple weeks ago after 25 years they were separating. no apparent situation. now, this report he fathered a child more than ten years ago, over a decade ago apparently with a staffer. someone who worked with him 20 years and recently retired. now, according to the times they
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did an interview before all this became public with the staffer who said another man was the father of the child but now says it was arnold schwarzenegger. she left on good terms. apparently, according to the report, he's been supporting the child for many years. maria shriver earlier this year moved out of their brentwood mansion. he told her about this after he left the governor's office. virtually, they lived separate lives since then. he has been supporting the child, denying some allegations an apologizing in a statement we got this morning. he understands and deserves the anger and disappointment of the family. there are no excuses. he takes full responsibility for his actions saying he's truly sorry and asking for privacy for his wife and four children. >> tracie potts live in the
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washington, d.c. bureau this morning. thank you for that. bryan stow is back here recovering. stow was driven with a police escort from southern california. he landed at sfo and immediately taken to the general hospital where his family was waiting. >> everybody is happy and relieved bryan is stable physically. where he's at neurologically, time will tell. bryan is showing positive signs he's getting better. we are encouraged by that. >> last night, his family went to a fund-raiser and homecoming party at the board walk. family members say they will take turns driving from santa cruz to san francisco to make sure he's never alone in the hospital. stow is being treated at san francisco general hospital. the only hospital in the area that has doctors who can handle trauma, head trauma such as stow's.
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he will recover in an icu like this one at san francisco general. dr. jeffrey manly is the chief surgeon at the hospital. first, he needs to come up with a prognosis. >> when they make a transport like this in such a critical condition, there's a period of setback where we are trying to get him stable at this point and assessing a variety of issues. >> doctors say stow will be hooked up to ekg monitors to treat the ongoing siezures. there's hope to stabilize stow, then transition him to rehabilitation. this morning a south bay woman is behind bars in connection with a deadly brawl at a san francisco hot spot. police arrested this 22-year-old in connection with a january beating death of joseph hernandez inside the temple
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nightclub on howard street. she's accused of hurting a person trying to protect hernandez. police say they are looking for the asian man with the sleeve tattoo on his right arm seened in video. at 5:04, let's say good morning to laura garcia-cannon. it looks windy out there today. >> it is windy. we are on the outside of the "uss hornet." you can see that deck, countless feet have crossed it. we are going to take you inside this morning. it's going to be very excited. we are going take you to places the public doesn't normally get to go to. 20 cities in 20 days, i'm excited to be here. i can't believe i never have been. we continue to follow the days news as well. i came up on 880 this morning.
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going to cross the bay bridge as a lot of people do. christie smith is there live to tell us about them. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if you remember two things, the important things are with the detour, there's no full bridge closure and the speed limit is going to stay the same as it is. but, something you need to know, if you are on the bay bridge and coming from san francisco toward oakland eastbound, what you are going to see over memorial day weekend is a slight shift in the lanes. some of the lanes will actually be closed overnight from 8 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. westbound lanes into the city won't be affected at all, at least for now. what does this do? it allows construction crews to work between the existing bridge and the new bridge to complete the eastbound lanes. it's right in the path of construction. what they need to do is get cars
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out of the way. the other part of this, if you want to follow along with the construction, the changes going on, cal trans is revealing a new app to down load for free. it puts you in the driver's seat and lets you cruise along. it will allow the bridge to open six months ahead of schedule. it's going to be unveiled today at 10:00. of course, we'll be there. christie smith, today in the bay. >> all good information. thank you very much, christie. once again in alameda this morning, waking up on the "uss hornet." you can feel the wind blowing through. christine has a look at the forecast. >> get inside and protect those leathers this morning. good morning to you. we have rain on the way. spotty activity. the wind will continue as long
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as they are outside, we are going to hear the wind blowing all morning long. we have a front on the way. an unstable air mass. the core crossed over the bay area last night. as a result, we are seeing the residual showers. there's another one on the way. it's going to bring more rain in the area. this is what we are looking at now. here is the one cell we have. it's situated over the bay bridge and creating light showers in the area. if you are headed that way, take it easy. mike inouye is watching the drive closely this morning. 52 in san jose. 49 in san mateo. throughout the afternoon, temperatures along the peninsula and north bay are not going to climb that much. we are going to see these numbers in the upper 50s and low 60s. this is what it's looking like in terms of the rainfall. the next front pushes closer to the coast. by 2:00, on the shore.
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the rain lasts through 1:00 a.m. the sunshine will return and we have 70s on the extended forecast. now, you have to get to work through the rain. how does it look, mike? >> it looks good. i was testing out the app christie was telling us about. it's cool. bay bridge explorer. exploring the bay bridge, you are talking act the rain on the bridge. be careful about that. a high wind advisory. an earlier accident cleared to the shoulder but is there westbound, the commute approaching the tunnel at fish ranch road. the activity is still there. chp is not going to head out there, it's so minimal. 880 coming down through oakland through the san mateo bridge, we talked about the wind advisory. the camera shakes a little bit on the high-rise.
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hayward is off in a distance, it's likely more affected here. watch the dumbarton bridge as well. laura, back to you. you have to get wind as well in alameda. >> i was laughing with the photographer. i think my hair is getting bi and aerbigg. we are going to head in to the "uss hornet" and take you places the public doesn't normally is
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see. stick around. bi
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good morning. our may around the bay tour brings us to alameda this morning. an island community known for being kind of the coast guard center because the coast guard center is here. it's part of the may around the bay tour this morning. i am aboard the "uss hornet" and
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we get to go on board. >> welcome to the "uss hornet." >> how exciting. i am so excited to be here this morning. i have never been on the "uss hornet." >> welcome aboard. >> what an honor it is. so much history aboard the ship. >> it's a wonderful historic trip. you are going to take us to places many have not been? >> we are going to do that. the ship was designated historic. in addition to historical exhibits, we do events, educational programs and a wide variety of things as well. >> you are going to see so much here this morning. we are excited. we are honored to be here. take a look at this. this is the actual bell.
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>> the actual bell from the "uss hornet" that we found in a backyard in san diego. >> are you kidding me? i'm sure there's a story there and we'll get to it. >> we will. >> we are covering the day's news as well. we want to check in with marla tellez. good morning. >> good morning laura and good morning to you at home. more arrests are expected after oakland police cracked the biggest fraud case in history. investigators say they found boxes of social security numbers, fake licenses and phoney credit cards inside the apartment in hayward last week. police say thousands of people had their identity stolen by williams. the investigation began in january when an oakland city worker claimed someone fraudulently cashed her checks. also this morning, two tourists are recovering after
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the roof of a tram collapsed on them. they were riding from the dock to the prison when the roof caved in after hitting a pipe sticking out of the wall. a 64-year-old woman was cut in the face and a 41-year-old man has a gash in his head. both are expected to be okay. good news there. 5:15 now. christina, i thought it was spring? >> yeah, so did i. i checked my calendar. the high temperatures we see today are what we see on an average february day. it feels like winter. this might be the last cold blast before summertime arrives. the water parks are opening up. it's feeling like summertime and talking dads and grads. it doesn't feel like it around here. snow is coming down over lake tahoe and more on the way today.
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another front is going to push through bringing another round of rain in the north bay. less than .10 inch. a little bit of activity pushed on shore in san bruno. overall, spotty and light in nature right now. it's expected to intensify by 1:00 p.m. we'll see it get more active. steady rain forecasted between 3:00 p.m. through 1:00 a.m. wednesday morning. finally, tomorrow, it will be on the cool side. we're going to get a break from the rain. a lot of sunshine. 53 degrees in napa. 52 in oakland. 52 in san jose turning over to the upper 50s and low 60s. 65 degrees wednesday. a few morning showers. we might get away with the showers overnight. we meet back here at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow, it might be clear. we are looking toward a little action overnight into the morning hours. 75 degrees by thursday. it's when the temperatures come
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back to averages. 76 on friday. a few more clouds move in saturday and the weekend. we are going to stay nice and dry. looking good overall. let's see how we are looking in alameda with laura. >> yeah. it's nice and dry inside the "uss hornet" this morning. i'm joined by chuck meyers, the historian of this great ship. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks for coming aboard. we'll enjoy having you here. >> i'm very, very excited. there's so much to be told about the ship. when was it built? >> 1943. it was built in 13 months and launched in 1943. >> wow. they knew how to build them back then, dnlt they? >> indeed. six months is remarkable. >> this is the eighth "uss hornet," i understand? >> it is.
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it's one of the two ships the navy launched in 1775. the wasp and the hornet. this had a crew of 3500 men. i say men because now on a carrier, you have 15% women. >> that's why i said men as well. planes? >> it depended on the circumstances. at the beginning of the war, probably on the order of 85. toward the end of the war 105 because of the change in the way they did the business of the war at that point in time. >> the "uss hornet" played a role in the doolittle raid? >> that was the ship sunk after it participated. the doolittle raid was 1842, the first attack on the japanese home islands. the pooier that the hornet is
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sitting at. >> a lot of history here. you are like a book yourself. >> i'll take that as a compliment. >> it is a big one. thanks for having us here. a lot more to come on today in the bay. we are also covering the day's news including the snowstorm that hit the sierra. it's affecting the amjen bike tour. >> we have a band. we'll look at very cool celebrity guitars you can own, coming up. we are bringing you back to band. we are watching the caldecott tunnel. there's anenthe we have been covering it for awhile. the effect of the rain and wind on the morning commute. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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good morning and welcome back on this tuesday.
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itis 5:21. a beautiful shot of the bay bridge still dark and very early on this tuesday morning. april showers bring may flowers. apparently, many dumping snow in the sierra. it's catching drivers off guard. on i-80, a big-rig got in a tricky spot yesterday. chp is not going to move it until the weather gets better. it's putting a damper on the amgen bike race. cyclists will race from auburn to modesto. stage one was canceled sunday because of snow in tahoe. stage two was set to start in squaw valley, but mother nature caused them to shorten the race to 73 miles. the long awaited plan to
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redevelop treasure island is in the hands of san francisco's board of supervisors. they are likely to vote in favor of the plan to fund the project when they meet later today. an appeal on the environmental impact will put a delay on any ground breaking. the city wants to build 8,000 housing units on the former naval base. it would cost $6 billion to complete the 20 year project. numerous hearings and battles to make it to this point. 5:23. let's check the roads. mike, what's going on? >> less. because of the overnight rain. eastbound typically has an overnight closure that was called off because of weather. big news, they have extended the length of the project. the closure is until 5:30 a.m. a
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wind advisory for the benicia bridge. gusts coming off the north bay and east bay. a couple accidents including one car off the road. watch the effects of the water, wet roadways and muddy on the shoulder as well. 63 in the middle of your screen is the fish ranch road. an accident is blocking the fast lane. i wanted you to see the slow down that's forming as you get close to the caldecott tunnel. keep that in mind. no issues coming toward the bay bridge. our photographer is showing us it's getting swayed by the wind looking at the westbound traffic and the incline. folks are also getting hit by the wind. use caution. the bay bridge had a wind adviso advisory. sunol might see water kicking up. a smooth drive picking up the
5:25 am
volume in the south bay with no delays here. the golden gate bridge. no wind advisory for the golden gate bridge. keep both hands on the wheel. gusty conditions can affect you wherever you go. laura, back to you. >> our own scott mcgrew is playing with a realogy tar hero this morning all for a good cause. >> laura, they are raising money for the children's st. jude's children's hospital. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having us. >> what is the money going toward? >> st. jude children's research hospital. all the items we are raising and the dollars go to st. jude. >> you have a personal story?
5:26 am
>> yeah, we lost our son to a pediatric area. >> you have two guitars here. this is a couple of them on for auction. >> absolutely. >> let's start with the green one. >> it's a golden guitar donated by billy idol. it's played by gypsy jack, who is hosting the event. the black one is donated by dave navarro. >> he's got a cd, guitar hero where they teach you how to do the music. fantastic. we are going to let them play in a second. give me the details. >> 3090 south baskum avenue. guitar items, memorabilia. >> terrific. we'll put directions and things
5:27 am
on the website and facebook. >> may 22nd a party in the parking lot. >> outstanding. i'm going to bid on both of these. show us what these guitars can do. go ahead. ♪ >> very cool, scott. we are in alameda this morning. a very homey island community with a rich waterfront. we are aboard the "uss hornet."i mucre to see on this lovely ship this morning. bob redell is out here, too, this morning. he's going to show us what it means to tilt.
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>> our 20 city may around the bay tour continues this morning. we are waking up in beautiful alameda. i am aboard the "uss hornet" a ship rich with history. we are going to places you have never seen. i am excited to be here. first, a look at the forecast. rain and spring, what's going on? >> mother nature wants to give us good air quality. we'll take it. 50 in livermore. 49 in concord. 50 in santa rosa and 51 in san francisco. overall, we are only going to climb eight degrees before you see the daytime highs toods. it's not that warm. windy conditions, wet weather. i'll break it down for you. first, 5:30, let's get you to work with mike. >> good morning, christina. there's a wind advisory and slick roads as well. we point it out for the bay
5:31 am
bridge. the lower deck shares the same air space. no major delays heading to the area. there's an overview. wet weather and we are looking at the san mateo bridge. from time to time, gusty winds shake the camera on the hayward side. use caution crossing the bay area bridges this morning as the slick roads play a factor in your commute. back to laura. >> always good advice. thank you mike. also big changes for folks driving across the bay bridge. christie smith is live there this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. there's a lot of things going on. the first, cal trans is unveiling a new app that puts you in the driver's seat. we'll get back to that in a minute. the thing you really need to know about is the detour that affects you over memorial day
5:32 am
weekend. specifically, if you come from san francisco eastbound toward oakland. two things you need to know, the speet limit stays the same and they won't have to close the bridge. certain lanes will be closed 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. saturday and sunday may 29th. this is after you exit the bridge, near the toll plaza. it will allow construction crews to work between the old and new bridge and complete eastbound lanes. right now, westbound lanes are in the path of what's going on. the other cool thing they are unveiling is the new app for iphone or ipad designed to let you cruise the span while it's under construction. hopefully you are better at it than we were. we were kind of like run away drivers. it's called bay bridge explorer, if you want to check it out. it's totally free. cal trans is going to talk about that and more at a press
5:33 am
conference at 10:00 this morning and we will be there. reporting live, christie smith, today in the bay. >> a little video game action there as well. thank you. >> we are following the rest of the day's news. we want to check in with marla tellez. good morning. >> good morning to you at home. it is 5:33. this morning, police are looking for a man who fired a gun on the stanford university campus over the weekend. the man fired shots into the ground after a hip hop concert ended saturday night. officers tell the daily news they can't remember the last time they received reports of shots fired on the campus. police are looking for a burnt orange, brown or gold two-door lexus with large rims and doors that open upwards. officers don't believe the suspect was affiliated with stanford. this morning, a 15-year-old boy is in court charged with
5:34 am
killing a san francisco high school student. he accidentally shot 16-year-old andy at a home in san francisco. the boy told police 18-year-old brought garbage bags to the scene of the shooting to help get rid of his body. he's charged as an accessory to murder. the bail is set at $1 million. the trial in the death of oakland post editor chauncey bailey continues this morning. lawyers say they will call three witnesses to the stand today. it's two more than brought in during testimony last week. prosecutors called almost 70 witnesses. both men are not expected to testify in the trial. they are accused of participating in the murder of bailey and two other men in 2007. a murder mystery in silicon valley's golden triangle. police are stepping up their
5:35 am
efforts to solve the city's second homicide of the year. the church man immigrant was on his way to work a short walk from his home when someone attacked him on la fayette street, hitting him in the head. he was targeted randomly. now, santa clara police officers are fanning out across the area where he was killed. they are handing out flyers and talking to neighbors. police set up a sign asking anyone with information to step forward. 5:34. we are going to head back out to the "uss hornet" where laura joins us live this morning. looks like you are having a good time. >> certainly so. there's so many folks here that got out early to show us around. we are going to get to more on that. we are following the day's news and a story that is shocking to so many. it was to me as i found out this morning on my drive in. we are learning more about the divorce or the pending divorce,
5:36 am
the separation now of former governor arnold schwarzenegger and his wife maria shriver. john is live outside of brentwood this morning to tell us more. good morning, john. >> reporter: hey, good morning, laura. we are in brentwood village, a very popular spot for the couple when they frequented the area. now, we are hearing from folks that live in the area, their thoughts of what happened and the latest news broke, as you know, by the l.a. times. daily times choosing not to name the household staff member involved in this. they said arnold schwarzenegger has been taking financial responsibility. he worked for the family for 20 years. as for maria shriver, she's moved out of their home at the time they celebrated their 25th
5:37 am
wedding anniversary. they announced thear separation. this morning, we confirmed a statement from arnold schwarzenegger, a statement by himself saying i understand and deserve the feelings of anger and disappointment of friends and family. there are no excuses and i take full responsibility for the hurt i caused. he did apologize to maria, their children and the rest of the family and asked for privacy, not just for him, but his wife and children. we spoke with a spokesperson for maria shriver and said she will not be making a comment in regards to the latest news. that's the latest from brentwood, back to you. >> thank you very much, john. now, we want to turn to a look at the weather. things are changing. people don't know what to wear. >> they can take a page out of your book. you look lovely in leather. you want to protect it with an umbrella later on today with a steady rain pattern over the
5:38 am
bay. now, it's a little more active. a couple light cells over the bay bridge. another to the north of san bruno. you want to take it easy out there. let's show you what's to come. 1:00 p.m., we stop the future cast. you can see the front is encroaching on the bay area. it pushes in between 1:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. a steady rain at that time. that's when you want to stay indoors. when we wake up tomorrow morning, we are going to see spotty activity. the good news is the entire pattern changes as we head through the second half of wednesday. finally, the sun is back out over the bay. we have to wait until noon to see the sunshine. 75 degrees out in abundance thursday. 75, up to 76 by friday. a few more clouds move in for the weekend. the temperatures are going to stay nice and mild, below average on saturday. right back to where we should be on sunday.
5:39 am
let's see how we are doing on the roads. it's slick out there. >> be careful. we have more rain coming in this afternoon like she said. this afternoon and evening commute might be more of a mess. 580 westbound, 68 at north livermore avenue. we are seeing early slowing in the last few days as well as yesterday. we are watching for early slowing. a 15-minute drive time where you might get a gust of wind or two. fish ranch road, an earlier accident blocking the fast lane as you are coming up toward the caldecott tunnel in the commute direction. an update from chp saying one lane is blocked. we haven't seen slowing. the speed sensor shows you 63 at fish ranch road itself. approaching the toll plaza, no metering lights. a good volume of traffic. the camera is shaking atop the mast of the van. it's because of the winds here
5:40 am
as well as the san mateo bridge. oakland, 880, the building across from the coliseum is shaking. the build for the traffic and this evening. there will be post work traffic as well. this is close to where laura is. back to you. >> that's right. i am on the "uss hornet" this morning. i knew it was going to be cool, but i didn't know it was this cool. we are going to talk to a guy who flew off the "uss hornet." so much more ahead for you including bob redell. he's like a kid in a pinball machine store this morning.
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the fresh tasting california sour cream your other food loves.
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20 cities in 20 days, may around the bay tour continues this morning bringing us to beautiful alameda, a beautiful
5:43 am
community surrounded by water. at the center of it, "uss hornet." john baker is an aviator. you have flown almost every plane here. >> true. >> tell me about your service. >> my war was vietnam. me and my classmates basically went through flight training in the early '60s and showed up in time for the vietnam war to get going. four combat cruises and 347 missions. >> wow. >> that's me. these airplanes i had the opportunity to fly in my career. this is an f-8 crusader. the last of the gunfighters. we have on the roof, an a-4. i did most of my flying in a-4 and a-7. we did air to ground work. >> right. >> that was my experience. >> you flew off "uss hornet" as
5:44 am
well? >> i did. after my first three combat cruises, i was down at la moore where we train people to fly. i was a landing signal officer. i would bring people to carriers to carrier qualify them at the end of their training. we came aboard hornet. i was lucky in that case. we don't always have the chance to fly ourselves. that time, i got to land 15 times. >> wow. wow, that is amazing. >> that was impressive. >> it's very impressive. you know a lot about the "uss hornet" and its history as well. it was almost scrapped. how was it saved? >> in '95, the ship was sitting across the bay at hunter's point. we asked the question, what it's doing there? there was a scrapping contract. the navy gave it to that program
5:45 am
to be scrapped, but they weren't scrapping it. finally, we found out the person who had the contract would rescind their right to scrap it if we would turn it into a museum. we convinced the navy it's what we needed to do. >> it's what you did. it's beautiful and wonderful that you are a part of it. thank you for your service, as well. >> you bet. >> they have big events coming up here this weekend. we'll tell you more about that coming up. may 21st, right around the corner. it's coming up soon. i forget what day of the week it is something. as we travel around the bay, this is one of the coolest places to be at the "uss hornet." good, good folks. we are covering the news this morning. we want to check in with marla. >> it is tuesday, may 17th. this morning, we following a story in alameda this morning. a family is mourning the loss of their teenage son.
5:46 am
the 13-year-old died after an suv hit him at santa clara avenue and everett street. it happened at 3:00 in the afternoon. he was pronounced dead at children's hospital in oakland. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the accident. the driver of the suv was not arrested. this morning major roadways are back open at downed power lines and flooding. just after midnight, a car crashed into power lines. the roads were closed for hours until pg&e crews fixed the problems. the highway 101 at shoreline was closed because of flooding. floodwaters were so high, a woman was stranded until help could arrive. 5:46 now. what is going on with this wet weather? >> hey, come summertime, you might be wishing we were back in the mid may beautiful cooling trend we have out there now.
5:47 am
it's not too bad. i appreciate it. i don't have to water and i don't like to do much. i'm lazy. steady rain on the way. a slow evening commute. make sure you are ready for that. you might be late coming home tonight. mild, sunny clouds. finally, the dry pattern shapes up. another system is going to impact us. we are done with the rain, the significant rain after tomorrow morning. that's good news. right now, we are watching a few spotty showers. a cell here pushed on shore about to hit 101 in the north bay area. watch out for that. overall, it's mild out there now. we have pockets of clearing. it's not completely overcast. pockets of clearing within the clouds. the clouds continue to increase into this afternoon and the next front arrives. 51 degrees in san francisco. if you are headed to the city, by noon, the clouds increase by noon. we are not expecting the showers to come down until we hit 3:00
5:48 am
p.m. in the city. 59 degrees. rain on the way for the drive home. take it easy out there. it's a good idea to eliminate the distractions in your vehicle. 65 degrees by wednesday. 75 on thursday. there's the warming trend we have been waiting for it. i know i want to wear my spring wardrobe. hey, laura, you broke out the leather. you got one more use out of it. it's looking good this morning. >> i knew i was going to be dry inside the "uss hornet." it's where we are waking up. bob redell is on the ship roaming around. earlier, he got a look at history in alameda and got to play around. take a look. >> most museum's don't let you touch a thing. this one on webster and alameda, you can touch the items and bang against them. this is the pacific pinball museum. for 15 bucks, you can come in and play as much pinball as you
5:49 am
would like. mike runs the place. when a stranger like myself comes in and whoops you, do you cry? >> you know that's foolish. not in front of you. >> i brought a box of kleenex. ready? >> yeah. >> go. >> we are neck-in-neck. >> we have 90 games to choose from. >> right. >> as you are looking around, you can see is evolution. >> right. >> from the times of kahn? >> this is from the depression. this is back from before they themed stuff. >> this is back when hot chicks played marbles. >> did this artist ever meet a girl? >> no, no, no, no. this can't be happening. >> you swing around here to the 1960s, we started seeing the rail to keep people from
5:50 am
drilling in to cheat. >> i'm at 11,000. >> attempt to be hit. >> this was in '71. >> flower power. >> does it have residue on it? >> all right. how do i tilt this? >> i have never met a pinball machine i didn't like. >> we had one the other night, purely mechanical. a baseball game. it's simple. >> there's a game you might like, it's tic-tac-toe. it's fun. >> it's too much math for me. >> oh. pretty much doubled your score, sorry to say. >> 17,000. 38,000. i'll concede. you know they will hold their
5:51 am
fifth annual pacific pinball expo at the marin county civic center. more information by logging on to their website. laura, i'm on the hangar deck with you now, trying to get to the flight deck. tom, do you mind firing up? that's the all clear for me to take the elevator. we are on an aircraft elevator. you can see how fast it's moving. they had to move fast to get aircraft down from the hangar deck to the flight deck to take off and land and clear the deck for the air traffic going on up here. it was quite a ride. this is a fire bomber that flew off the hornet back in the day. i want to direct your attention there. up there is the bridge. coming up in 25 minutes, we are heading up there, laura. >> wow. that's what's so cool. i didn't know you were on this thing. it's so big. i might not see you for days. so much history here.
5:52 am
can't wait to tell you about it. stick around. thanks! ook gr it's this new wish yourself thin pgram. i just wish it and it happens. it's probably those fiber one bars you're eating. i know they help me stick to my diet. the bars are 90 calories and the fiber helps you feel full. 90 calories and high fiber. so that's why this diet thing is working. but it's weird because my wish for lorenzo came true. [ male announcer ] fiber one 90 calorie bars. hungry no. results yes.
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good morning. welcome back. it is 5:54 on this tuesday, may 17th. you are looking at a live picture of the bay bridge changes in store for drivers. we are going to hear from christie smith in a moment. let's check the commute with mike. >> good morning. the rain and mist in the air changing drivering conditions now. the volume of traffic is slow for antioch. surprises for the area. it's almost 6:00. benicia bridge warning is still in place. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have puddling, not a big factor. no metering lights. a wind advisory for the upper
5:55 am
and lower deck. another look at a bridge, the san mateo bridge, further south. a wind advisory here as well. the camera is trembling and puddling as well. watch the slick roadways. the on and off ramps have cars spinning out and getting stuck on the shoulder. the golden gate bridge, an illustration of the wet conditions. scott, while we are sorting out the commute, i hear you hear about confusion at hp. >> yeah, the company had to bump up financials a day after a memo leak. we got a look at the numbers, they were better than expected. why the conflicting information? turns out hps financial problems are expected next quarter. they muddled through the past quarter okay. we got an a for this report card. we are expecting more like a c or d on the next report card.
5:56 am
all right. you like mysteries? if you believe the bloggers, apple is going to have a special surprise later this week. new apple device to celebrate ten years of apple stores. a smaller iphone that could be ipad three. it's probably unlikely. but something cool from apple. two take aways. if they announce something, it's a departure from the stage production that apple is famous for. remember, steve jobs is out stick. second, ten years of apple stores. it's amazing. they have been incredibly successful. >> time after time. thank you, scott. 5:56. we see plenty of democrats making fund-raiser visits to the area. this man here is bidding for
5:57 am
money in silicon valley. john boehner will be at a fund-raiser at the home of hewlett packer executive. a photo with him, $25,000. laura is live on the "uss hornet." good morning. >> i'll only charge you a dime. ta eaoul? a frou teer of "uss hornet." we have the swinging blue stars setting up. they are going to take you back in time. stick around. frds tj
5:58 am
5:59 am
>>]o+6 our 20 city may around the bay tour continues this morning. we are waking up in alameda, an island community along the waterfront and home to "uss hornet." that is where we are this morning. you can see so many planes and so much


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