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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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made it all up. how did she fool so many people? i'm preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. >> gone without a trace. a bay area winemaker vanishes and the search is on spanning hundred of miles. good evening. thank you for joining us. >> robert brown, winemaker and is msion to eradicate breast cancer.
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tonight thewell-liked vintn is missing. he was headed for his home town of tracy with you a single engine plane never made it. radar shows the plane made a rough and rapid descent toward lake tahoe. now the search is on. kimberly joins us from tracy. he had a great passion for his winery. >> reporter: that's absolutely right. a winery that was inspired by his wife who died of breast cancer and part of proceeds from that winery to go fighting breast cancer. now the family says this man knew the route from nevada to tracy because he's thrown it hundred of times. the plan was to land in tracy and then take off for baja with a friend, but as we know now, he never made it. >> what scares me the most is that he is alive and incapacitated and he can't do anything. is he under the snow? is he under a tree?
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>> reporter: 78-year-old robert owbr tk brown took off from menden, nevada, headed for this private air strip on the family's property in tracy. the deral aviation administration said brown was aboard the plane, an experimental plane that looks similar to this one. brown's son said the flight normally takes the experienced pilot only an hour. at 7:00, brown's son noticed he hadn't arrived and alerted police. he said his father mentioned bad weather in menden yesterday. >> he wasn't one to take chances but i've read in report where stranger things have happened. >> reporter: today a search and rescue team scoured an area within the el dorado national forest. >> it is rugged terrain. i know he didn't have any survival equipment. >> reporter: authorities stay plane which was being tracked by radar reportedly lost altitude from 15,000 to 12,000 feet and then quickly fell off radar in that area, about halfway between menden and tracy. >> they've got three airplane from the civil air patrol
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stepping grid pattern and then they have the amador county sheriff doing a ground search for him with about eight or ten volunteers. >> reporter: brown lives in gardenerville, nevada, but owns two wineries in california including cleavage creek in napa. the winery donates a portion of its proceeds to breast cancer research. he took up the cause after his wife died from the disease. >> if you have any faith, pray for us and pray for his safe return. or at least we can find him. you know, that would be helpful for our family. >> reporter: brown's other winery is called tulip hill located in clear lake. his family said he is the mastermind behind the famous manteco water slides, a huge attraction. it opened in 1974 and close in the september 2004. live in tracy, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. thank you.
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breaking news out of pakistan. this is the first video just coming into our newsroom of the aftermath of a roadside bombing in peshawar. the explosion set off near two u.s. consulate vehicles. you can see it there killing a paccy citizen and injuring some americans 678 the vehicle that were targeted, they were traveling through the northwest region. so far no one is claiming responsibility for this bombing. the pakistani taliban has said there will be revenge. we'll bring you new information on the story when it becomes available. the death of his wife' pet chihuahua could mean a south bay man goes to jail for life. he is charged with felony animal cruelty. is that worthy of a life sentence? in this case, the law says yes. we bring in nbc's reporter. three strikes. is he out? >> reporter: well, raj, it is possible he could face life in
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prison for allegedly killing a puppy if santa clara prosecutors try him under the three strikes law and he is convicted, then he faces the mandatory 25 to life. when he looks at the 6 week-old, it reminds her so much of teddy. >> i think there was an instant bond. this one is a she. he just instantly want to play with us. >> reporter: teddy was the perfect mother's day gift. five days after receiving the little chihuahua, ruiz said she got into an argument with her husband who she says was drunk. one thing led to another and police say he threw teddy against the wall. >> he said here, fine, you want the dog, then i'm going to give you the dog. he tossed the the dog in my direct which was over there. and he hit the wall instead. >> reporter: she said her husband threw the puppy against the wall hard enough, it killed teddy instantly. >> i went to the back and i tried to get him out.
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and he was gone. he was in my hands. he just wasn't -- he was already gone. >> reporter: she said her husband realized what had happened and apologized. >> he was devastated. he was crying for three hours. >> reporter: but because bud wally ruiz has four prior convictions for assault with a deadly weapon, he faces the possible of facing life in prison under california's three strikes law. while she is upset her puppy is dead she said her husband did not mean to kill the dog and call life in prison too harsh. >> his past just continues to follow him. that's really unfair. i think that people deserve, you know, a second chance. >> reporter: now wally ruiz ended upturning himself in. four days later his four previous convictions happened in fresno county. it is still dirty and still
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rusty but at least an abandoned barge near san jose is no longer leake fuel. that barge tipped over in low tide this morning dumping diesel. a hazardous mat team soaked up the fuel in the water. workers plan to go out tomorrow and soak up any fuel in the vessel. because it has been abandoned for years, it is under federal jurisdiction which mean the feds will pick up the tab. two big names in two iconic crimes back in the headlines. one is tylenol. the other, the unabomber. the fbi looking into a possible link between the reclusive killer and the still unsolved tylenol murders. ted kaczynski says the fbi wants a sample of his dna to check if he played a role in lacing the tylenol with cyanide. you may remember seven people in the chicago area died back in 1982 after taking the tylenol pills. the poisonings alarmed an entire nation.
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>> anyone could be a victim which made it extremely frightening back in 1982. compared to today, what we would call domestic terrorism. >> now kaczynski who was convicted of being the unabomber denies any involvement in the case and he is zg judge to delay the auction of his items taken from his cabin. items which may exonerate him from the killings. a mom who claimed to botox her 8-year-old said she made the whole thing up for money too. late. we'll see why it may now cost her a small fortune. >> in depth, we take you inside the mind of a sexual predator. a child molester talks about his crime, his motivation and what parents need to be watching out for. and social networking gets personal. see how one woman's twitter account helped save her life. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff
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ranieri. a lot of sunshine today, ewarmer as we head toward tomorrow. you can see we'll be starting off with temperatures in the 40ds. by sunday, some sunshine in the south bay. we have some weekend changes
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coming up.
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a controversial story that became a national water cooler topic has now turned even more strange. the botox mom is lying. or so she says. the bay area mother who claims she injected her 8-year-old daughter with botox is now changing her tune but there could be a hefty price to pay. let's bring in cheryl hurd who joins us with the story. what exactly is the story? it keeps changing. >> reporter: that's right. when we first heard about the story, we spent hours looking for the mom and we couldn't find her. now we know why. >> the city of san francisco expended a lot of resources, staff time, my time, my case workers' time, the san francisco police department's time. >> reporter: trent rohrer is the head of child protective services in san francisco. he is outraged by the now apparent botox mom's hoax on
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"good morning america." >> to find out that it is a hoax is really in my mind just disgusting human behavior. >> reporter: last week kerry campbell defended her decision to give her pageant daughter boat okay injections on "good morning america." she said she lived in san francisco. >> a lot of the mom there are giving their kids boat okay. and it is pretty much like the thing. i'm not the only one who does it. >> reporter: after the interview aired, officials say their phones were ringing off the hook in san francisco. investigators spent almost three days trying to track campbell down after a slew of concerned phone call and dozens of media inquiries. >> she took 1rvaluable staff ti away from the 13,000 kids in san francisco who were legitimately victim of abuse and neglect. for this woman to basically hijack their time for this ruse is unbelievable. >> reporter: san francisco ended
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its investigation after they found out campbell no longer lives in the city. and it trns out, kerry campbell is really sheena upton. it is reported she now signed a sworn affidavit saying she made up the entire botox story for financial gain 68 initially getting paid by a tabloid $200 for an interview. now the head of the city's protective services wants upton to pay. >> i'm going to explore with our city attorney what recourse the city may have to recover the funds that were expended. >> reporter: the head of cps in san francisco says that he will be talking to the city attorney about possibly suing the mom who apparently lives in los angeles. now cps officials in l.a. have taken the daughter away from the mom. this story is still under investigation. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> it is sad for the child. throwing him under the
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spoke, seven time tour de france champion lance armstrong is the focus of more doping allegations. this time being made by a fellow riding partner. appearing tonight in a televised interview, admitted doper tyler hamilton said he witnessed armstrong injecting himself with performance enhancing drugs. he said they both used the drug during the summer tour de france races. armstrong's attorneys is dismissing the claims and that he is merely trying to sell a book. and armstrong writes in part, never failed a drug test. i rest my case. >> it's rare to get a glimpse inside the mind of a convicted child molester. going to that dark place can shine a light on how he thinks and how he chose his victim. tonight we look in deputy at what sex crime investigators
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want every parent to know. >> it was a temptation. somehow it just happened. i didn't stop it. >> reporter: he agreed to tell us about his crime as long as we kept him in shadow. this man left prison three weeks ago after serving time for molesting a 12-year-old boy multiple times. >> his parents trusted you completely. >> yes. >> all the people think it will be the garridos. world. >> reporter: he has more than a deck aufd experience catching the predators who target children. what he wants parents to pay attention to is not the monster who makes headlines. it is the one in their circle of trust. >> 90% of the time it won't be a stranger on the street jumping out of the bushes. it will be a family member, an uncle, someone at the church. someone that know their child. >> yes, i've known him since he was a baby. >> reporter: it was a close family relationship that allow
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this molester access to his victim. they were second cousins. he said he was 50 see old when he first touched the boy under the same roof where the family was sleeping. >> reporter: how were you able to be alone with him? >> i would come order. we would put the sleeping bag in the floor in the living room. >> reporter: investigators stay children most likely to be preyed upon are not chosen randomly. >> we see there, they go after vulnerable children. children maybe that have self-esteem issues themselves. children that maybe come from underprivilege families, single parent families where they're left alone. >> reporter: when the predators are strangers, they're not just looking for the lonely shy kid out here. they're also searching for the one who spends a lot of time here. the virtual play ground. >> if they're online every gray 3:00 in the afternoon to 6:00, they don't have that parental supervision looking after them. >> reporter: at the san
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francisco child abuse and exploitation unit, the inspector work on the newest crime against children. social network. >> most children between the ages of 13 and 17, statistics show have about 150 friends on average on their facebook or myspace page. about 10% of those are not who they say they are. we may have someone in baltimore, in boston, sitting there talking to your child who lives here in san francisco. >> reporter: he said just in the city last year, investigators handled 60 cases involving chilt child exploitation over the internet. where children actually made contact with strange here's sent cell phones, cash and travel tickets to their victim. >> wanting to actually set up and make arrangements to meet with young children. >> reporter: investigators say whether the predator knows the family or not, fewer than 10% of child sex crimes are ever reported. with boys far less likely than girls to tell anyone about  abuse. how did they find out?
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>> it was five years later, i guess he had told his mom. they were stunned. they were stunned completely. >> reporter: this man said he spent ten years in prison for his crimes. now on parole, he said he is speaking to parents because they are only one who's can keep someone like him away from their children. investigators say parents need to check in with their kids early and often about the adults they spend time with. they say watch for change in behavior. a toddler that is potty trained suddenly has accidents. a child that loved to go practice or to a relative's house now is reluctant. all of those are signs something is wrong. they say parents need to keep tabs on their kids and teens' internet activity. inni nbc bay area news. landslides are a fact of life in california but geologists say they know where they will happen and if your home is at risk. experts spent months working on
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a map. it shows where landslides are most likely to occur. the darker the color, the higher the risk. it is on a number from 1 to 10. the east bay hill where the most recent land slide hopes is one of the spots which ranks a nine. other high risk spots in the bay area include a lot of parts of marin. a large area of the santa cruz mountains. if you want to check it out, we have the map on our website at nbcbay let's turn our attention to jeff ranieri, our chief meteorologist. it is thursday night, the beginning of the weekend. >> wow! we're getting earlier. it used to be friday. >> you're so worried about the weekend. look what's behind me. yes, power 68. you know you're a geek when your heart beats fast because they say there's a great shot of the moon. this is the waning gibbous moon phase.
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that term refers to the the decrease in light. it phasing out of that full moon stage and very spectacular tonight. most of the number right now in the 50s. we have the 61 in concord. kind have mile out there. we did have one of the warmest days. as we head throughout tomorrow morning, it will keep it cooler at the coast. and here's the good news as we head right into our friday. more 70-degree weather expected inland. even warmer than we had today. here's the other part of it. we are looking at some slight cooling. it looks like we can hold off on the rainfall. the heart of the storm will be heading well off to the north. we'll get this cooler edge as we head through the next 48 hours. in the interim, we'll see more mild weather for friday with temperature in the 70s. as we head throughout the week, some cooler conditions and some fog returning. but it won't be nearly as cold as what we had earlier this week when we had that winter blast of weather. we look at 6:00 a.m. we have the fog at the coast. the peninsula may be toward oakland. then as we head throughout 11:00
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al, the fog pushes back. we'll get some sunshine. as that system we showed you gets closer, we will get in on some cloud cover. it will be a mix of fog, sun and clouds. we'll start off with the cool side here. for those of you in the east bay, low to mid 60s. you will need a light jacket as you step out early in the morning. 48 in san rafael. and tomorrow, close to 80 for some of those interior spots in the extreme south bay. gilroy and morgan hill, 77 in evergreen. 76 in palo alto and for san francisco, close to 70. half moon bay, 65. 78 in concord, 79 in fairfield. for sonoma, we have the jazz and wine festival happening this weekend. if you want to head out there, it will be in the low to mid 60s on saturday. we have the bay bridge series happening as we head into this
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giants return to nbc tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. and raj mathay, 50u8 be out there, too. >> jessica will be working in the studio and i'll be on the field. >> we expect tickets smat point. >> you've got some juice? >> we'll take care of you. >> coming up next, this wasn't in the surprise. urise. one new homeowner found just hours after he seal the deal.
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stay with us.
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it's the ever expanding you've of twitter. tweeting for a good cause gets a good response. >> she found a kidney donor. the phoenix woman was running out of option when's her daughter turn to the social media network for help. it took only one tweet. within days she got help from a complete strange we are a big heart. from that tweet, amy donahue donated her kidney. you can watch the entire story tomorrow on the "today" show. >> it was a phenomenal catch at the end of the game. the giants hanging on for dear life at dodger stadium.
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we check in with the sharks.
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the giants' bumgarner was still look for his first win since the world series. eight starts this season and nothing to show for it. tonight he would come within an
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out of his first major league shutout but he was also on the brink of getting a no decision. he struck out jamie carroll. giving up just six hits and a run. the third run of the game coming off the bat of freddy sanchez. the rbi single scoring miguel tejada coming before the dodgers got their one run. they also had the bases loaded in the ninth with brian wilson in for the save. the hero with the glove tonight, nate schierholtz in right. a fabulous way to sweep the dodgers in two game. the giants hole on 3-1 to get mad bump elusive first win. tomorrow the battle of the bay with oakland visiting china basin right here on nbc bay area. the a's hosting the twins. tyson ross has been doing a nice job. now the a's will likely be without ross for a while of seven pitches into the game. he call for the trainer and leaves the game with a left oblique injury.
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he was replaced by david percy and with the twins up one, percy gives up the solo home run to rivera in the second. the twins were just getting started. top five, justin morneau homers before sycamore run in the eighth. the a's bring a couple of losses getting bombed 11-1 today. the former a's slugger jason giambi with a career night. three home runs this evening for the rockies. and a career high seven runs batted in against the phillies in the process at 40 years old. he became the second oldest player to hit three home runs in the game. he had three in 1962 at the age of 41. colorado, a half game back of the giants. it is not a deep hole yet. that will come if the sharks lose tomorrow. it seem a little just like deja vu. last year in the finals the sharks lost the first two game at home. now they're returning to the tank for game three tomorrow after getting beat up in
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vancouver. they need to win four of the next five to move on to the stanley cup finals. the sharks are far from out of it but tomorrow is truly pivotal. >> i think when we're down, different guys like to step up and that's been the case during the course of the year. and we wouldn't expect anything different. we're down 2-0. we know guys will step up and lead the way. >> vancouver did a good job. that's what you have to do in the playoffs. win the two games and we tried to steal one there about it didn't happen. so we'll have to regroup and win our home games. >> it's frustrating. i don't it is a lack of people not caring. but at times you want to win so bad, we get frustrated. kind of lose composure like last night. and we've got to respond. >> also tonight, multiple reports that jerry west will be joining the warriors as anad r.vise adviser. the logo in oak ladd. that that.
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>> thanks. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. it's a moral dilemma. we've been discussing it. what would you do if you found $40,000? would you keep it? would you give it back? >> wee been having a heated discussion actually here during the commercial break. that's the question the utah
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family was faced with. the family just bought their new home in the salt lake city town of bountiful. the father came across a metal box in the attic. when he opened the box he found a wad of cash. they came across seven more boxes just like it. altogether he found $40,000 in cold hard cash. he got ahold of the home's previous owners. he did the right thing and gave the money back. that's a lesson for all of us. >> how do we know the money belonged to the previous owners. what if it belonged to the previous, previous owners or the bank? i'm just saying, you have to investigate where the money came from. >> check it for


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