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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  May 21, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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starting right about now. harold camping's prediction is making news because he reportedly has 100 million radio listeners and he's gathered more than $70 million in donation from believers as well. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is in oakland where demonstrations are going on at camping's radio station. kimberly? >> reporter: diane, you want to take a look for yourself here. there's a lot going on here. the countdown to release balloons shaped as humans is going on right now. an effort to mock the preacher's message. there are a couple of different groups outside the radio station here. some are atheists who are making fun of the preacher's prediction. most are from the calvary bible church in milpitas. they're upset saying this preacher is mislgd his followers and making a mockery of christianity. now according to preacher harold camping, the end should have begun at 6:00 p.m. pacific standard time. he claims a rapture will begin with an earthquake in new zealand and then spread from there throughout the world. camping and his radio station
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have spent thousands of dollars on billboards that were put up across the bay area claiming today is judgment day. that jesus will return to earth and save souls bringing them to heaven. the preacher has ignited considerable religious controversy. many christian groups have come forward upset about his message. concerned for his followers. >> the followers of family radio, many of which have sold everything because they've packed it up and they are ready to go home. they are going to despair. and they are going to need hope. so, lord willing, the message will go out that we're available. that we want to share -- we'll pray for them. we'll help out any way we can. >> reporter: the american atheists are in oakland for their west coast convention. they are planning on holding a rapture party themselves to give skeptics a chance to discuss their disdain for camping and his message. camping has encouraged his followers to be with their families at home in prayer
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today. no reaction yet from camping in regard to the protesters or the time frame which has now passed. live in oakland, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kimberly. experts say sex trafficking is a $9 billion a year industry and on the peninsula today, people gathered to learn more about it and how to stop it. >> the ones that live right next door. and the truth is that sex trafficking is going on in san mateo county and every county in this state and across the nation. >> congressman jackie spiro and san jose police held a training session to educate parents and city leaders on how to spot the signs of human sex trafficking. in addition to spotting it, the afternoon was spent showing people how to report it and raise community awareness. according to the non-profit group california against traff is the fastest growing enterprise. a bay area mother and father
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whose daughter just died say they are fighting to keep their home. nbc bay area's elise kershner just spoke to the family. >> reporter: they've barely had time to mourn the loss of their oldest daughter. now they are being forced to leave. you can see some of the boxes in front of their home. their daughter mikhaila died after a battle with heart problems. like many homeowners, they are losing their dream home. the 40-year-old lost his job as an architect 2 1/2 years ago. he believes part of the reason was the family's mounting health insurance claims were too high. now the family which has two other daughters ages 2 and 4 must grieve and move at the same time. now the family tells me they did try and work with the bank asking them to postpone their eviction. they said they declined that request. we'll have more on this story coming up at 11:00, including where this family now plans to go next.
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i've in vallejo, elise kershner, nbc bay area news. people in san jose's vietnamese community celebrated a milestone today. thousands gathered to watch the unveiling of a sign naming part of san jose little saigon. the sign on the center divide of story road is the result of a very long battle actually. in 2007, the effort to name the area little saigon sparked massive demonstrations and even a hunger strike. what were they so upset about? much of the san jose vietnamese community wanted the name little saigon. but city leaders actually approved the name saigon business district. the move set off numerous protests and open meeting lawsuit and prompted one activist to set up a tent at city hall and refuse food until council members changed their minds. >> we feel very happy that right now the city official have recognized that the majority of people in the community want this very prosperous district area to be named little saigon which is our identity for -- as
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a vietnamese political refugee here. >> san jose has more than 100,000 vietnamese citizens. that's more than any other california city. thousands of people in the south bay are trying to raise awareness about a developmental disorder affecting children they gathered for the annual autism speaks walk, an annual event to raise money and create aware balance autism. the organization says 1 in every 110 children is diagnosed with the disorder. the day included a three-mile walk as well as a community resource fair. all proceeds from today's walk support the local and national work of autism speaks. and hundreds of people marched in san francisco to protest a plan to keep dogs on leash in some federal parks and ban dogs altogether from other parks. >> where are the people going to go? they're going to go in city parks. we're marching into stern grove which is a city park as kind of a symbolic showing of what's going to happen if their plans go through. >> the national park service wants to restrict the places
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where dogs can run free in 21 areas of the golden gate national recreational area, including ocean beach, chrissy field and ft. mason. the park service says dogs can cause conflicts and do too much damage to the gnarl habitat there. opponents say the dogs have been there for years without causing problems and they say they've collected about 10,000 signatures so far and a petition they plan to send to the u.s. secretary of the interior. there are some strong signs that the bay area's job market is starting to get back on its feet. new numbers show the bay area added 5400 jobs last month. those jobs are not evenly sdrbtd, though. the director of the business forecasting center told the oakland tribune that only part of theier bear with consistent gains, the only part is in the south bay. meanwhile, for the first time in nearly two years, the state's unemployment rate also dropped. according to the state employment development department, the california jobless rate is now 11.9%. that is down from 12% in march and down from 12.4% one year ago.
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and still ahead at 6:00 -- we'll show you how to find hidden online deals for everything from jelly beans to eye glasses. and we'll preview president obama's meet with's pro-israel lobby following his remarks urging the middle east power to cocoe borders edto tto palestinian state.
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at you buy ev. this is yours! thank you! that's 5% cash back in bonus categories every three months. and an unlimited 1% everywhere else. activate your 5% cash back today at, or at your local chase branch. here's a look at some of the high temperatures around the bay area today. some 70s around parts of the south bay. we're also still watching some showers and thunder in the sierra and maybe some mist for tomorrow morninground the bay area. we'll have a look at the sunday forecast coming up.
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some evacuations that's were suppose to become mandatory today in one louisiana town have
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been put on hold after officials said the mississippi river might not get as high as feared. st. martin pair sish postponing the mandatory evacuation for at least two more days. but many people have already left leaving signs on their homes as well. one of the signs says their heart is broken, but their spirits are not and we will come home. after giving israel a tough love talk on the stalled peace process, president obama's hoping to extend an olive branch of sorts. on sunday, tomorrow, the president plans to address the american israel public affairs committee. the politically strong pro-israeli lobbyist group. as nbc's brian mooar tells us, after siding with the palestinians this week on a key issue, the president is expected to get a chilly reception tomorrow. >> reporter: days after laying out his vision for the future of the middle east -- >> the dream of a jewish and democratic state cannot be fulfilled with permanent occupation. >> reporter: president obama is getting ready to face what may
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be his most skeptical audience. the pro-israel lobby known as apac. >> he's going straight do into the lion's den to defend this proposal. >> reporter: he tried to restart talks by endorsing a key palestinian demand. a return to the pre-1967 borders. >> prime minister, welcome. >> reporter: israel's prime minister gave his answer the next day at the white house. >> israel is prepared to make generous compromises for peace, it cannot go back to the 1967 lines. >> reporter: and that virtually slams the door shut on further talks. on sunday, the president has a chance to make his case. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. and news from around the world in new york, the former head of the international monetary fund remains under house arrest tonight. but that has not stopped people from trying to catch a glimpse of dominique strauss-kahn. you'd expect the media to be posted outside his temporary
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home in lower manhattan. police and private security guards are there as well. but new yorkers, tourists and thrillseekers are also standing by and taking photos of the apartment building where the 62-year-old awaits his next court date. strauss-kahn was ditd on charges that include criminal sexual abuse and attempted rape. in italy, the american foreign exchange student convicted of murdering her british roommate is now in the appeals process. amanda knox proclaimed her innocence in court today saying she was far too young to spend the rest of her life in prison for a crime she did not commit. forensic scientists appointed by the appeals judge asked for a 40-day extension to file their report because police have failed to produce all of their a lab findings at this point. it could take until september for the appeals process to wrap up and a final appeal verdict is handed down. and in libya, the country's government took journalists on a tour of damage caused by air strikes. they said nato planes struck an
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interior ministry building in a place where corruption cases are examined. journalists were taken to a badly damaged building in tripoli as well. nato said its war planes bombed command centers near tripoli and southwest libya. still to come at 6:00 -- we'll show you more ways to point and click your way to savings at a time when every penny truly counts, especially at the pump. and they are planning to pave paradise to put up a parking lot, as the song goes. the college of san mateo is planning to do just that. we'll show you why and who wants to stop it. >> we're watching a breezy area. oakland 59 degrees. saos je.t wind at 15 and cool in n jose. ce there tonight. big sharks game tomorrow. but you can expect out of your weekend forecast coming up.
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parking lots typically are not known for their beauty but gardens typically are. a plan by the college of san mateo to pave over 20,000 square feet of this garden is not welcomed by some environmentalists and others. some students and faculty are putting notes on the trees in the 50-year-old garden in protest. there's a greenhouse, too. they argue the state law requires the school to do a full environmental review to see if it's legal to pave over that area. and horticulture students are some of the most vocal opponents. >> well, it certainly makes me feel like they don't care about my interests. it's a beautiful campus. a beautiful garden. it's a wonderful program. they've got great teachers. and they are going to put a parking lot in. very sad. >> the school says it needs the
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planned 200 parking spaces for students and teachers and visitors. opponents have now hired an attorney to try to block that move. right now we've hired rob mayeda to tell us about the weather out there. it was sunny but a little chilly. >> a cool breeze around the bay area. we'll be happy if we get through the weekend without any rain. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. so far we're doing that with today's highs as warm as 75 around los gatos. pretty nice day around the foot hill areas to the south of san jose. closer to the water, temperatures pretty cool out there. 60 in san francisco. 65 in oakland. moving off to the north bay, 74 in santa rosa. 66 in san rafael and 72 around san ramon. healthy sea breeze into san francisco. upper 50s. same wind speeds from san francisco into oakland and san jose. 15 to 25 miles per hour. with the sea breeze we will see clouds filling in. you can see our temperatures.
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still near 70 around santa rosa. 40s and fiflts. a 50s. now if the breezy conditions, allergies have been an issue again. oak and olive running high. the grass pollen has dropped off a little this week. hopefully that trend continues. it's been just a terrible allergy season around the bay area. you can see some showers to the north up around lake county and a few clouds building up here across hilltops and napa county. maybe a stray shower or two for the next hour or two. other than that as the sun sets we'll see the atmosphere start to stabilize. in the sierra, we'll continue to see showers and thundershowers here and there as we wrap up the weekend. back to the bay area, you can see low clouds reappearing on the coast. probably some drizzle with some of those patchy low clouds for tomorrow morning and some of the hilltop locations out around the north bay might see an isolated shower mainly off to the north of sonoma county. temperatures for the first half of the weekend running mild and then temperatures trying to climb on up for the second half.
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breezy early if not somewhat windy in a few spots. patches of low clouds. afternoon highs tomorrow, not too bad. 60s to low 70s. some of the hilltop spots running cooler than today. should still get into the 70s around los gatos. as we watch the sharks game here at noon on nbc bay area, near 61 in san francisco. 70s into the trivalley and for the north bay. santa rosa again tomorrow, one of the warmer spots around the bay area. the seven-day forecast is starting to toss more 70s on the board as we head toward the middle part of the weekend. stay tuned next weekend if we see high pressure building in strongly. maybe, just maybe we can get some 80s around here. >> that would be awfully nice. i'm ready for that. >> thank y ourob. still ahead, online deals you might not know about. we'll show you coming up next. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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shopping online can save plenty if you know where to look, of course. vicki vargas from our nbc station in los angeles has a look at secrets to hidden discounts. >> reporter: for shelby, the search for a deal started with produce. when the vegetables in her backyard garden ran out, her grocery bill tripled. >> i believe there some are great deals if you know the right resources on how to find them. >> reporter: she began blogging about the high cost of living and found this. a facebook website that linked to discounts and freebies f. >> frugal girls fan page posted a one-time for 10,000 free pairs of glasses. this mother of three was ready. 4-year-old tyler got these prescription glasses at no cost. a savings of $400. >> experts say competition for the consumer dollar is
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relentless and that deals can be found for almost everything online. >> the regular price at these stores, no one in their right mind is going to pay them. >> reporter: mary hunt is an author and financial expert. online discounts aren't really a secret. sometimes all you have to do is google and click. >> put one of these in. >> reporter: she showed us how to find a deal on jelly bel pleeps her initial order was 35.96. next she searched for jelly belly discount codes in another window and look what came up. >> coupon cabin, retail me not. she put in the so-called secret code and got 10% off. >> it worked. you can see i got a discount of $3.60. next she steered us to hidden deals tied to the club cards we take to the grocery store and pharmacy. she recommends checking the store's website for digital coupons. >> if you give us your card number, we'll deliver it right to the card. it goes right on to the bar code. so when you buy that item -- >> and check out.
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>> and check out, that will come right off of your total. >> good job, ella. >> reporter: some day 7-year-old ella will look back at her coupon clipping days as a bygone era. when it comes to cost savings, most are just a keystroke away. >> before we go out to eat, we'll definitely search online and see if there's a printable coupon we can find. >> surprise you or justice a sign of the times? >> i think it's just a sign of the times. >> reporter: one caveat, most of the time you have to give up an e-mail address. just open up a free yahoo! or gmail account you can use just for shopping. and we're going to move on to sports. the bay bridge series continues today after last night's extra inning nail biter. giants win. and
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starting at just $9.99! at sizzler. now the xfinity sports desk. >> the giants beat the a's last
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night in game one of the bay bridge series. a dramatic win in the tenth inning. the giants have a 3-0 lead in the eighth today. the giants scored the game's first run in the first inning by catching buster posey. lincecum took it from there. shutting down the a's offense so far. the giants lead 3-0 in the eighth. we'll have full highlights for you tonight at 11:00. the sharks were facing a must-win situation last night at the shark tank. they were down two games to none coming into game three. and win is exactly what they did. they came through with a hard-fought victory. san jose jumped out to a 3-0 lead early and hung on for dear life. they withstood a furious rally from vancouver but came out with a much-needed win. 4-3. game four of the series is tomorrow, a game you can see right here on nbc bay area at noon. the players offered their thoughts this morning. >> things have been going good. it's nice when the bounces start
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going your way. definitely a game of inches. so just put in the work and keep going to the same areas. keep going to those hard to score areas and good things happen. >> we want to play good at this time of year. last year was a big step for us getting to this point. and now, yeah, we just push each other every day. so just all we want to do is compete, play hard and win games. >> that's how you win the playoffs. you got to win the special teams game. we still can step up five on five play. whoever does that, i think, will have a better chance of winning. earlier today on nbc bay area, the 136th running of the preakness stakes. kentucky derby winner animal kingdom was a 2-1 favorite. he made a late charge as you can see here but ultimately watch him go. he finished second to shackleford. there will not be a triple crown winner since affirmed back in 1978. new yorkers are going gaga,
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so to speak, for a pop music icon scheduled to appear on "saturday night live" tonight. the streets outside nbc's new york studios are packed with fans wanting to join the audience and see lady gaga in person. they have been camping out since tuesday hoping to get standby tickets to fill an empty seat at tonight's season finale. earlier this week, the pop icon even treated the fans in line to some new york pizza. that was nice of her. of course, you can see lady gaga with host justin timberlake tonight on "saturday night live" after bay area news at 11:00. just in case you were wondering. so we want to check in. it's still -- you know, we're starting to feel sort of springish almost. but i wouldn't go anywhere near like leading into summer. >> getting towards the middle part, end of may. typically should see 70s and 80s. we're talking 60s to low 70s tomorrow. and we'll probably have morning mist in a few spots. tomorrow morning, especially on the coast, monday morning as
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well. the long-term forecast as we head towards the end of the week, we'll see mid-70s popping up. and some models hint at maybe some 80s coming back to the forecast. so stay tuned. heading towards the unofficial start of summer getting close to memorial day weekend. looks like we could get some 80s back. if you are heading to the sierra, highway 50 has reopened. they had the construction over the last week or so to add up to the retaining wall there, about 18 feet. so things are wide open. >> and reopened early. >> it did. >> ahead of schedule, which doesn't happen very often. >> they got it done early. >> and memorial day, we're -- >> well -- >> the way things have been. >> looks like 70s for now. hopefully a little warmer than that. >> thank you, rob. thanks for choosing nbc bay area news at 6:00. "tech now" is up next. prot


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