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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 21, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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wasn't. and lady gaga on "snl." it's a showstopper. we have a sneak peek. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. 23 days ago, their 6-year-old daughter died and now a vallejo family is being evicted from their home. nbc bay area's elise kershner has a look at why the bank just
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won't budge. >> reporter: just three weeks after michael and roxana lost their oldest daughter mikayla, the family is being forced pack up all of her belongings and all of theirs and get out of their home. >> we don't have a choice. and that's really hard. there was still candy in her drawers from easter. >> reporter: after two heart transplants and countless hours in the hospital, four days after easter, 6-year-old mikayla lost her long battle with conjenical heart problems. >> you can't help but look at a clock ticking above your child's head, dreading the day when that clock would stop. >> reporter: time is now ticking for michael and roxana and their two other daughters to get out of their vallejo home. >> they have been absolutely unwilling to work with us under any conditions. >> reporter: like many homeowners suffering the effects of the economic crisis, they are losing their dream home. the 40-year-old lost his job as
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an architect 2 1/2 years ago. he believes part of the reason, the family's mounting insurance claims were too high. despite all of their hardships, the family says the bank has refused requests to postpone the eviction. >> a bank is a bank. they're not -- they're not you or i. they're just a machine. there's no face there. and so i don't expect it. >> unfortunately, they do expect, though, to grieve and move at the same time. >> you know, after you go through anything that we've gone through with her, it's just losing a home is -- >> and by tomorrow, they'll have everything packed up here and they'll be moving to a family member's home in los gatos. we did contact the lawyers for the bank that is evicting the family. they did not return our call in
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time for this broadcast. we have some breaking news in the east bay tonight. a loud explosion and a fire inside a livermore apartment seriously injured three people. it happened in the 3600 block of silver oaks way and tonight police are calling that fire suspicious. three people, one woman and two men all in their0s as are in critical condition at bay area burn units. firefighters aren't sure how it started, but say they have all extreme graphic and extremely serious burns. that's the victims. residents of adjacent buildings told police tre explosion caused their windows to shake and floors to rumble. damage to other units was minimal. that fire being called suspicious a beingus investigated by the livermore police department criminal investigation unit. we'll have more information as soon as it becomes available. > it certainly was not the big one but the east bay did have an earthquake. it shook near hercules just after 7:00. the quake was six miles deep.
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the shaking lasted just a couple of seconds. there are no reports of any damage or injuries but many people throughout the east bay reported feeling it. san francisco police hope surveillance video from a muni bus will give them some new clues about a stabbing on the bus late last night. it happened on the number 14 line at mission street and purcida avenue. there was a fight between a group of teens. the victim in his 30s was stabbed several times. he's now at san francisco general hospital. authorities have not released his condition. police say they detained several people but so far, no arrests have been made there. according to an east bay preacher, the beginning of the end of the world should have started this afternoon. harold camping's prediction is making news partly because he reportedly has 100 million radio listeners and he's gathered more than $70 million in donations from believers as well. nbc bay area's kimberly tere is in oakland with a look at what happened today. kimberly? >> reporter: diane it is quiet now, but earlier this evening,
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this parking lot was filled with both skeptics and also christians who say they are concerned and also want to provide support to harold camping's followers. ♪ >> these people are suffering. >> reporter: it turns out the world has not ended despite an evangelist claiming the apocalypse was something saturday. he believed the rapture would begin at 6:00 p.m. >> i think it could have already started. >> reporter: while he told his followers to stay home with their families and pray, others gathered outside his radio station. >> last call, everybody. >> reporter: some came to party and mock the preacher with kool-aid and tickets to the other side. >> i think it was fantastic. it's like a little party. >> i'm for it, man. it's fun. >> don't mock these people, folks. they made an error. >> reporter: but others came to offer support to camping's followers. >> we're here to provide them hope and to give them an
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opportunity to work through that disappointment and to realize that christianity is not associated with this type of extreme interpretation of the word of god. >> reporter: they say according to the bible there is no way to predict the date of rapture. they claim camping has made a mockery of christianity and is profiting financially from it. >> i think it's just really sad. just based on the theological positions of mr. camping, they're erroneous. they are counterfeit. it is not the gospel of jesus christ. it is not christianity. >> he's got followers that are distraught right now. he has given true christianity, true biblical christianity a black eye. and it's given those who disagree with christianity yet another opportunity to mock it. >> reporter: we have tried to contact camping. so far to no avail. this is not the first time he's predicted the end of days. despite a failed warning in 1992, he was adamant he got it right this time. live in oakland, kimberly tere,
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nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. police from four different agencies in marin are looking for an armed robber who made off with more than $10,000 in cash and used a semiautomatic handgun to do it. it happened just as the pacific precious metals pawn shop was foerpg the day. a man walked into the store, pulled out the gun and demanded cash. officers from four departments spent hours looking for the gunman but were unable to find him. experts say sex trafficking is a $9 billion a year industry and on the peninsula today, people gathered to learn more about it and how to stop it. >> the best eyes are the ones that live right next door. and the truth is that sex trafficking is going on in san mateo county and every county in this state and across the nation. >> congresswoman jackie spiro along with police held a training session to educate parents on how to spot human sex
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trafficking. in addition to spotting it, the afternoon was spent showing people how to report it and raise community awareness. according to california against slavery, human sex trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise of the 21st century. people in san jose's vietnamese community celebrated a milestone today. thousands of people gathered to watch the unveiling of a sign naming part of san jose little saigon. the sign at the center divide on story road is a result of a very long battle. if you remember back in 2007, the toefreffort to name it litt saigon spurred massive demonstrations. much of the san jose vietnamese community wanted the name little saigon. but others called it saigon business district. the move set off numerous protests, an open meeting lawsuit and prompted one activist to set up a tent at city hall and refuse food until council members changed their minds. >> we feel very happy that at
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least right now, the city official have recognized that the majority of the community want this very prosperous district area to be name little saigon which is our identity as a vietnamese political refugee here. >> san jose has more than 100,000 vietnamese citizens, more than any other california city. coming up, it's an american classic served to millions every day. but who makes the best burger here in the bay area? we have the blind taste test from a celebrity chef. also ahead, hilarious outtakes on the set of "saturday night live." we have lady gaga and justin timberlake preparing for tonight's season finale and it's pretty funny. one expert says facebook and other social networking sites can have some serious health risks. we're seeing a cool night around the bay area. taking you out to san jose. a pirm party night just a couple of hours ago. prince in town. 56 degrees in san jose right now. what about the rest of your weekend? we'll have a look at a chance of
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morning mist in the forecast when we come right back. ei
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so the next time you update your facebook status or tweet out to your followers, you may want to consider the side effects. pacy chang has an in-depth look at how social media can become an addiction and perhaps cause health problems. >> reporter: you can walk a few steps in new york city without seeing this. people checking their smartphones while they are sitting, standing, walking or even while talking to other people. >> how often do you think you check facebook and twitter.
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>> three or four times a day. >> once an hour, excludeing sleep. >> if you find yourself constantly checking your social media sites you may have a case of fomo, or fear of missing out. >> there's this frantic sense of something is out there that i'm missing. >> reporter: just ask these friends anna and sonia. when we met them in madison square park, they were sitting next to each other checking facebook and chatting about what their mutual friends were posting. >> it's become like such a big thing that you get to see what everyone else is doing. so now, i don't know, you can't miss out on anything. >> reporter: do you fear you are missing out on things. >> sometimes i think about how much higher my grades would february they didn't exist. >> reporter: i check facebook as well as twitter religiously on two different smartphones. unlike most users, it's the darker side of fomo. it can be triggered about a former classmate's picture about his perfect marriage and family.
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an acquaintance's tweet about a fabulous party you weren't invited to. it can lead to anxiety, envy and depression. >> people are insecure and think there's always something better. and now there's more tools or weapons to take advantage of it. >> reporter: behavioral psychologist rob reiner helps patients deal with this anxiety by teaching them not to check updates as often, first for five minutes and then gradually increasing the amount of time. it also helps to understand that the pictures and comments you see on the sites are just a fragment of what a person's life is like and usually only the good parts. >> i think just keep yourself busy with real things in the real world, like being at a park, you know, and it beats being at home on the computer. >> i agree. that was pacy chang reporting from an nbc station in new york. all right. the sharks are getting ready for game four of their series against vancouver tomorrow. but the shark tank was already rocking tonight. and the bay bridge series sees a masterpiece of a pitching
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performance by timmy, of course. sports is next.
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welcome back. a nice weather evening underway around the bay area. a little breezy and cool outside but pretty loud inside around shark tank tonight with the prince concert. tomorrow we've got game four right here on nbc bay area coming up at noon. 56 degrees right now. feeling like hockey weather around the bay area. we've got some low 50s outside. pretty much no matter where you are. the sea breeze has been around since this evening pumping in low clouds and eventually, i think we might find mist underneath those low clouds for areas along the coast and into parts of the south bay heading into tomorrow morning. there you see the winds still pretty breezy out. southwest wind close to 15 miles an hour. satellite and radar shows you it's been an active evening for friends up to the north around mt. shasta. see the hail showing up. almost quarter sized hail coming
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up around mt. shasta. an indication of unsettled weather off to the north and heading toward lake tahoe tomorrow. we'll see the chances of more thundershowers. we've got low clouds approaching the coastline and a few high clouds drifting by as we go through the end of the weekend which will couple to bring temperatures down a couple of degrees for tomorrow. we're not expecting anything in the form of any widespread rain or thundershowers around here to wrap up the weekend. tomorrow morning, you'll notice the low clouds to start the day. then low clouds break up. partly cloudy skies. breezy conditions heading into the afternoon. monday and tuesday, another batch of low clouds at times for the morning. and systems that are just going to clip on by the bay area as we go into tuesday and wednesday. but the rain will likely just stay far enough to the north. we're going to get the cooling effects of these weather systems but not necessarily the rain effects. so temperatures will be cooling off a little on sunday into monday. then rebounding as we head into tuesday and wednesday. still hoping for some mid to upper 70s. we may get there for the middle part of the week. the end of the weekend is
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looking cooler and breezy. tonight you've already seen the wind we've had around this evening. we'll also have low clouds to wake up to tomorrow morning. likely seeing those temperatures drop in the north bay as cool as the low 40s around santa rosa and napa. 45 for gilroy. temperatures to wrap up the weekend will be mainy in in the 60 tos ls to low 70s. pleasanton pretty nice at 72. don't be surprised to find morning mist in a few spots if you have the extra low clouds for the morning. we head out to the tri-valley. 73 in concord. a little breezy at times. santa rosa and sonoma, nice finish to the weekend. low 70s to wrap things up. more like the upper 60s around san jose. a couple of rounds of morning drizz sboel monday morning. for the middle part of the week should see some 70s and then stay tuned.
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heading into memorial day weekend we can finally see spring come back to the bay area. i'm hoping. my fingers are crossed. >> thank you, rob. and now the xfinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. >> well, the bay bridge series continued this afternoon. and the a's looked to even things after the giants won game one last night. but to do it they'd have to deal with giants' ace tim lincecum. they provided lincecum with three runs on the afternoon. one right here on a cody ross single scoring in buster posey. three runs was more than enough for timmy. lincecum threw a complete game shutout winning his fourth game of the season as the giants beat the a's, 3-0. the sharks played themselves back into the western conference finals with a big win last night at the tank. tomorrow, they will try to even the series at two games apiece. here's a live look at the shark tank right now where prince just finished playing his second concert in the last three days.
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tomorrow's game can be seen right here on nbc bay area at noon. sharks' players say they know that there is little margin for error when you reach this point of the playoffs. >> things have been going good. you know, it's nice when the bounces start going your way. definitely a game of inches, so you just put in the work and keep going to the same areas, keep going to those hard to score areas. good things happen. >> we want to play good at this time of year. last year was a big step for us getting to this point. and now, yeah, we just push each other every day. just all we want to do is compete, play hard and win games. >> that's how you win playoffs. you have to win the special teams game. we still can, you know, step up five on five play and, like you said, whoever does that will have a better chance of winning. >> after the game on nbc bay area, stay tuned for a one-hour postgame show. raj mathai will host it along
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with player and coaches interviews. that's on nbc bay area following the sharks game at noon. earlier today, the 136th running of the preakness stakes. kentucky derby winner animal kingdom was a 2-1 favorite. he made a late charge but, let's watch it, oh, is he going to make it? no, he finished second to shackleford. there will not be a triple crown winner since affirmed back in 1978. in case you haven't heard, it's a big night on "saturday night live." it's the season finale and the show's producers truly saved the best for last. justin timberlake is the guest host tonight and lady gaga sings. but the two also share some moments that didn't go quite as planned during rehearsals. take a look. >> i'm hosting the season finale of "saturday night live" with musical guest lady gaga. aaah! >> sorry. i thought you were someone else. >> hey, i'm justin timberlake. i'm hosting the season finale of
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"snl" with lady gaga. i am such a huge fan. >> thank you. >> your songs and your voice and -- oh, my god. where did you get those heels? >> you can see how it all turned out on tonight's season finale of "saturday night live" tonight at 11:30 right after the newscast. coming up, burger wars. we put a celebrity chef in the bay area to the task of selecting the best burger in bue bay area in a blind taste test. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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it's an american classic you can find on nearly every corner. but which restaurant makes the best hamburger in the bay area? tonight, we put a celebrity chef in the hot seat as nbc bay area's mike anderson shows us. the competition is between some established kitchens and a couple of newcomers. >> i'm scott howard. with all the burger joints popping up over the bay area, we wanted to take a chance to see how five local favorites stack up. obviously, there's a lot more out there. these are five that have locations here that we can all enjoy. they're all plain. just a hamburger bun with cheese. i don't know what they are. >> it's by far the best seller
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off the whole menu. >> it's out of this world. >> it's very nice. to me, though, it's a little too much bread but a nice quality. >> the way we prepare it, you're going to get a taste in every bite. our bun has a sweet taste. >> it's a little on the dry side. nice sesame seed bun, but i'll pass. >> we pride ourselves on having the best burger in san jose. maybe the state of california and maybe the entire world. fresh, juicy, great burger. >> this has a really great artisan looking bun. it's really good quality. a nice size patty. >> if you like the way hamburgers were cooked 50 years ago, you'll love ours. they kind of speak for themselves. >> it tastes great. maybe like really good quality meat. >> this is a really small patty. i think way too much bread for
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that. so let's see who produces my favorite burger and that would be the counter. i like the quality of the products. really good buns. really good meat. >> i'm not shocked. >> my runner-up is for jeffrey's. >> a little extra hard work really does make a difference. >> the other three, this one here is just not a lot of burger. while i really like the quality of the meat on this one, i didn't think much about the bun and the same with this one here. i love burgers. it's an american classic. i think, to me, these are the two standout we have today. >> all right. your favorite burger? >> all of them. >> you like all of them. >> table 24 in orinda. very good. >> i'll have to try that one. thanks for joining us for "nbc bay area." good night.
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