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tv   Today  NBC  May 22, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. deadly storms. another round of severe weather spawns tornadoes, hail, high winds across the midwest. at least one person is killed. we'll get the latest in a live report. happening again, another volcanic eruption is under way in iceland sending debris 12 miles into the air. and this morning it's already shut down the country's main airport. and face-off -- mike tyson's face tattoo. another hangover and one man's lawsuit that has a big hollywood movie release hanging in the balance. "today," sunday, may 22nd, 2011.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a sunday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm jenna wolfe. the midwest has just gotten pounded as shown in the video, the storms so terrifying. we've seen these tornadoes the last couple of months, but every time you see it it is just so scary. >> it seems like this has been an exceptionally rough year for weather. yesterday no different, at least six tornadoes hit the midwest. the storms have left at least one person dead in kansas. a live report of the aftermath and find out what we can expect from mother nature today. also breaking political newses a indiana governor mitch daniels says he's staying out of the 2012 presidential race. a lot of fellow republicans urged him to run. what does this now mean for the rest of the gop contenders? more on that and another candidate who could be jumping
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into the fray as early as tomorrow. plus, the countdown clock is ticking for oprah winfrey. just three shows left for the queen of daytime as she turns her attention to her own network. after 25 years of stars and screaming fans, what does oprah do for a finale? we'll preview the final shows with longtime friend of hers. >> maybe we'll win a car. maybe. or she'll win a car. >> give one to the awed yebs yens, i don't think so. i got a ride with lester one day to work, i've been in a taxicab, nothing could prepare me for this. imagine being strapped in a car traveling at 190 miles per hour. that is my head in the back seat. i had the rare opportunity to do this at the legendary indianapolis motor speedway. i was in good hands because in the driver's seat not lester but mario andretti, racing icon. he was incredible. my visit, my ride with him in our next hatch hour. >> very cool. you're this close to the ground. >> you're that close to the ground and there's nothing separating you from life
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outside. it's like being in a convertible at 190. >> that is pretty cool. looking forward to that. first the severe weather that struck the midwest yesterday spawning tornadoes that killed at least one person in kansas. the weather channel's mike bettes is in kansas city, missouri, for us this morning. mike, good morning. >> reporter: lester, good morning to you. yet another active weather day in what's been a string of them so far this spring. 20 tornadoes now reported across oklahoma and kansas, the largest tornado outbreak since the large and deadly outbreak in the southeast just three weeks ago. the tornadoes coming fast and furious. multiple tornadoes touching down across oklahoma and kansas. and once again large metro areas were impacted, touching down around topeka and kansas city, around st. joseph's as well. tensions run very high after what has happened so far this spring. again, when you live in tornado alley, it goes with the territory. having said that, lester, one thing to keep in mind the next several days bring just as much action and today potentially even larger metro areas could be impacted from chicago all the way down to oklahoma city.
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>> mike, you, i understand, was in the middle of the storms. it tell me what it was like. >> reporter: it was nerve-racking at times, an adrenaline filled day. we're out here with the weather channel investigating tornadoes. it was a cat and mouse game with tornadoes as we pursued them. and at one point we were with our tornado expert dr. greg forbes. we were a little closer than we anticipated in a van ed id in s jersey. it doesn't have that tight spiral we typically see. it seems like this entire storm system has wanted to cycle many times over the course of several counties. >> storm rotation very, very close to the ground. it's just not contracting into the tornado size -- oh, there's a funnel. >> reporter: there's a funnel up top. very well defined up there. obviously sometimes you're closer than you anticipate, lester. sometimes a chaser becomes the
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chasee. we'll be out there again today. we may bring you more pictures like we saw yesterday. >> exciting stuff. glad everything is fine. >> amazing to see what happened with the weather yesterday compared to what it looks like outside right mao. it looks really nice. janice huff has more on the storms and where they are heading. good morning. you can't let that fool you in terms of how the weather looks right now because most of the action is going to happen later in the day. stretching from the great lakes all the way into texas this afternoon, the risk of severe storms and possibly tornadoes. right now not a whole lot going on. it's very quiet. there's a cluster of thunderstorms moving across central arkansas, around little rock right now but the ingredients are there. the perfect ingredients, unfortunately, this time of the year for tornadoes and super cell storms, warm, moist air coming up from the gulf colliding with cool, dry air from the north and a very powerful jet stream in the upper levels of the atmosphere that helped create the spin that can produce those super cell storms that may produce tornadoes.
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back to you. >> janice, thanks very much. we'll see you with the national forecast in a few. today's politics and an announcement from mitch daniels that he will not run for president in 2012. it leaves another hole to fill in the gop field. here with more insight is david fwregry, moderate aror of "meet the press." good morning. great to see you. daniels dropped this after midnight, an overnight announcement. in the end i was able to resolve every competing consideration but one, the interests and wishes of my family, is the most important of all. i think we're less than eight months from the first voting in the whole primary season. where does this leave the gop? the party establishment really wanted to see daniels throw his hat in. >> mitt romney, tim pawlenty, they will be the happiest about this. it leaves more room for them, more opportunities to raise money. daniels was seen in many quarters as kind of the candidate on the white horse who was going to come in and buck up this field that a lot of primary
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voters were not all that hot about. and he had the right message, the right year, fiscal discipline, governor from indiana. he had a lot going for him. i think the consideration was important. his wife, sherry, had split with daniels years ago, then they reconciled and remarried. and i think, frankly, they didn't want to go through all the personal scrutiny that was coming their way. >> you mentioned tim pawlenty. he's been on the sidelines. tomorrow he will make it it official, i understand. >> he's going to get into the race, the official step of him doing that. he's somebody who in many ways is getting there behind mitt romney, working for the more populous wing of the party, hoping to play big in iowa. the former governor of minnesota. also somebody who has the ability to flip and be a good southern candidate as well. with huckabee out of the race, lester, there really is no southern candidate, somebody who will feel the debates of the party. >> let me turn your attention to president and foreign policy -- he gave the big speech last week
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about israel, his vision that israel should return to 67 borders as the basis for negotiations with the palestinians. now he has a speech to apec today. will this continue to be a tough sell? how will he it continue to frame this discussion? >> today he'll say there is no bigger ally for the israelis than the united states. and that israel's security is paramount to the united states. that's what apec wants to hear. the israeli leader netanyahu is upset with him. the pictures you are showing now were remarkable. the fact the israeli leader would come in, in front of the cameras, and turn to the president, literally turn toward him and say, i disagree with you and this is why based on jewish history. and you look at the president's face where he's in some way being lectured to by the israeli leader. you know, this is a significant split. but the israelis and the obama administration are still stalwart allies and nothing is going to change that. >> all right, david. see you on "meet the press" later on.
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time now 10 get a check of the morning's other headlines. ron mott is at the news desk. good morning. hey you two, good morning. good morning, everyone. we begin in iceland where the most active volcano is erupting. the plume of ash and smoke from grimsvotn. the main international airport has been closed. scientists say this ash cloud is heading away from europe and should not cause the travel chaos we saw last year from another icelandic volcano. the former head of the international monetary fund is holed up in downtown manhattan. chr kristen dahlgren is live there for us with the latest. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ron. >>reporter: hey, good morning, ron. in spite of all the media attention outside, residents say missed not much has changed. most of them say they haven't seen dominique strauss khan. they're not expected to. he is not allowed leave this temporary apartment as part of his bail release conditions. he has an armed guard at all times, alarms on the door as well as security cameras. all at a cost of about $200,000
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a month paid for by strauss khan. many people comparing it to bernie madoff's house arrest. it's the same security company, but he does have to find somewhere else to go within the next few days, according to the judge, ron. >> nbc's kristen daul greene in manhattan. no triple crown winner this year at the preakness saturday 12-1 underdog shackleford was leading the pack with derby winner animal kingdom charging hard from behind, but in the end shackleford pulled off the upset by a half length. sflimplgts justin timberlake and lady gaga got together for some laugh on the season finale of "saturday night live." sfoet she hit the floor ♪ ♪ low, low, low, low, low, low, low ♪ >> lady gaga is no stranger to costumes looking comfy in a wine glass getup along with tim ler lake's costume.
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they'll drink to that. >> that's putting it mildly. about 6,000 people waiting for days in the rain for that. >> it was worth staying up until 1:00 a.m. to see just that skit. it was great. let's check on your weather. of course, the worst will be right in the middle of the country from the great lakes down into texas. slight risk of severe storms and tornadoes today. be on the lookout across this region. in the northeast a little cooler. hot in the south. temperatures in the 90 and here's a look at the gray skies over oakland this morning. don't be surprised to run into a little bit of mist this morning with the low cloud cover and we have high clouds coming in offshore later on today. we'll expect some partly cloudy skies, sharks sunshine at noon in nbc bay area with the big playoff game. and with the afternoon highs, 60s to low 70s inland. and more cool temperatures to start the work week. turning a little warmer as we hit tuesday.
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now here's jenna. >> janice, thanks. well, guys, looks like we made it. wee dee spite one man's well publicized prediction that is were supposed to happen yesterday, mankind is waking up to a mu day. nbc's george lewis reports now on the aftermath and what happens next. >> reporter: times square, new york at precisely 6:00 p.m., nothing out of the ordinary happened. the world did not end. that had been the prediction of oakland california pastor harold camping, spreading the dooms day word through billboards, pamphlets, and radio and tv broadcasts. >> it will begin with a huge earthquake in probably on the other side of the world where the day begins. >> reporter: but on the other side of the world in the philippines camping's followers waited and, again, nothing happened. >> there's a long history of people making proth etic statements about the end of the
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world, and harold camping is just in a long line of failures. >> reporter: it's easy to make fun of this doomsday business. people had a field day in the social media. posting pictures and video of empty suits. on twitter these comments. this is my first rap tour. i'm trying to figure out what to wear. and "people are making rap tour jokes like there's no tomorrow." but recent events might lead some to believe the world is, indeed, ending. the tsunami and nuclear disaster in japan. the on slaut of tornadoes in the south. all those floods along the mississippi. disasters of biblical proportion. >> oh! >> reporter: the movie "2012" was based on what some believe is a doomsday prediction for next year in the ancient myan calendar. mou there are questions about how the followers of reverend camping will react. >> i think it's important to
6:14 am
watch out for people who were in the midst of this group to make sure they don't harm themselves or that they don't harm others. >> reporter: in oakland they remember another local religious leader, the reverend jim jones and how he led his followers to commit mass suicide. no one is saying that willç happen this time, but those that cashed in their life savings believing the world are end are bound to be crushed. george lewis, nbc news, los angeles. >> up mechanics on "today" why this week's expected release of the hang zoefr 2 could be in jeopardy. here's a clue. it's because of mike tyson's face. >> plus, on-line bidding ends today for principal sis beatrice's epic royal wedding fascinator. you won't believe what people are willing to pay for it. lling. at the lenscrafters style event! save up to 50% on eyeglasses and sunglasses made with your prescription. hurry in! lensc
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what do you get whether you kroth cross a big hollywood release and mike tyson's face? a lawsuit, apparently. we get the story from kerri
6:16 am
sanders. >> reporter: mike tyson, the one-time heavy weight champ of the world, perhaps as well known these guys with that tattoo on his face, a tattoo that shows up in the upcoming movie "the hangover 2." it's not the i think on tyson, but, rather, on that guy. >> this is a real tattoo. >> reporter: that's strt of controversy. the artist who says he created the original tattoo is now suing the movie producers warners brother for copyright infringement. artist victor witmill claims his design is one of the most distinctive in the nation and when it was created mr. tyson agreed mr. whitmill would own the artwork, and, thus, the copyright. the claim is that warner brothers pirated the tattoo and that tattoo is not only central to the story line of the movie, but it's also a big part of the movie's promotion. artist whitmill says he wants an injunction preventing the movie's release, and whitmill says he is due an award of monetary damages, sufficient to compensate for the injuries
6:17 am
suffered. warner brothers' response? in 149 page filing with the court, the movie's lawyers argue an injunction just days before the national release on more than 7,000 screens would be devastating. ♪ >> reporter: tyce sxon his tattoo were in the first movie and warner brothers says the artist never objected over the past two years to the use of tyson's tattoo m first hangover movie. facial tattoos like this were first i thinked on warriors faces centuries ago. legal experts say this lawsuit raises a new question. when is artwork on the body copyrighted? >> u.s. copyright law clearly protects works of art. specifically, pictorial and graphic works. aa tattoo falls into that category. >> the first hanow just a week m the release, it appears "the
6:18 am
hangover 2" could have a serious headache. >> it's a monkey. coming up in 18 minutes after the hour, once again, here's jenna. >> thanks. it is the enduring fashion image that lives on nearly a month after the royal wedding and no, we're not talking about kate's dress. it's princess beatrice's fascinator. here's more from london. tazine, good morning. >> good morning. the hat of the century will be sold to the highest bidder. it's become one of the most watched auctions in ebay history. ♪ where did you get that hat >> a toilet seat? oh, and spaghetti, anyone? the hat that's become an internet sensation. it's launched a multiple facebook club and m well over 140,000 fans. >> i think it's captured the
6:19 am
imagination. i think women are fascinated by it, and men too. >> reporter: and now it's making headlines again. beatrice's fascinator is set to raise a small fortune for charity. her mom, sarah ferguson, revealed the news on oprah. >> i heard there was a bit of a hat controversy. >> yes. so beatrice said to tell you that she's putting it up on ebay to auction it for unicef and for children in crisis. >>. >> reporter: ten days ago the first bid was for over $8,000. by midweek that had tripled to $29,000. then yesterday it hit a massive $130,000 with 39 people bidding. how did a mere hat manage to turn so many heads? was it the model, the design, or the deadly combination? >> i think combined with her make-up, especially her eye make-up, the effect was
6:20 am
completely bizarre. >> reporter: or perhaps princess beatrice was simply signalling to the world that her mad hat was soon going to spark a worldwide frenzy. the latest bid is for just over $131,000. it closes in seven hours time, so just enough time for you to raise your bank account. >> that's something lester would totally do. >> we're pooling our cash. we'll share it. >> thank you. how would we do that? still to come on a sunday edition of "today" it is down to the final two in the celebrity apprentice boardroom. who will the donald hire? we'll hear from the apprentice/real housewife, but, first, these messages. i didn't understand it. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia -- thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain.
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still to come on "today,"
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good morning to you, take a live look at the trans-america building in san francisco, some clouds in the distance, but mostly hairspray-type, misty, wet weather out there. >> perfect. >> just enough to mess up your hair. >> we'll add a little dampness to the hairdo this morning. but we're seeing partly cloudy skies in san francisco, 51 degrees right now. oakland, you've got more clouds there, a better bet of seeing the hairspray weather, with the low clouds. san jose is nice at the shark tank, it will be loud coming up at noon. the big playoff game at nbc bay area, the sharks/canucks with
6:27 am
the post-game show coming up this afternoon. the low clouds outside this morning, some high clouds as well. so overall temperaturewise today with sharks sunshine and spots around the bay area, 60s to low 70s inland. cool and breezy around the peninsula. tomorrow morning we'll probably have another round of seeing morning mist. keep an eye on wednesday, we're adding a chance of few showers for the middle part of the week and temperatures warm up approaching memorial day weekend. thank you very much, rob. fairfield police continue their search for three missing children today. instigators say the 10, and 6-year-old girls, along with their 5-year-old brother were last seen at the city's tot lot rk yesterday afternoon. the children may be with their mother, 35-year-old christina lopez, who police are not able to locate and who does not have custody of them. police believe she may be spending time with the children because it was her birthday on saturday. she may be staying locally in the vacaville, and fairfield
6:28 am
area and are on the look outfor a why the ford explorer pick up truck. a vallejo family is being evicted from their home. four days after easter, their daughter 6-year-old mikhaila lost her battle with congenital heart problems. now like many homeowners suffering the effects of the economic housing crisis, the family is losing their homes. despite the hardships, the family said the bank has refused requests to postpone eviction. >> a bank is a bank. they're not, they're not you or i. they're just a machine. there's no face there. that's why i don't expect it. >> today the family will have everything packed up and will temporarily move in with family members in los gatos. it was not the big one, but
6:29 am
an east bay earthquake did shake things around a bit. magnitude 3.6 quake shook near hercules east of the way ward fall after 7:00 last night. coming up at 7:00 on "today in the bay," a fire an explosion rattles neighbors at an east bay apartment complex. we'll show you the latest on the injuries there, plus what the suspected cause might be. all of the day's top stories coming up at 7:00.
6:30 am
we're back on this sunday morning, may 22nd, 2011. nice crowd joining us on rockefeller plaza right on cue. i'm jenna wolfe along with lester holt. still to come in this half hour, the world may not have ended but oprah's show is about to. >> after 25 years. this is the big week, the final three shows. the star-studded trio of shows we'll be seeing this weekend. who and what can we expect to see in the final farewell. we'll get into a discussion about that including one of our guests, a good friend of oprah's, who says she wanted to know when it was going to end. hopefully she is watching this morning. oprah, congratulations and best toy. >> absolutely.
6:31 am
speaking of legends in the midwest, i had a rare opportunity to spend the day, hang out with a true sports legend, race car driver mario andretti which, may i just say -- >> they don't really do that. >> yes, they do, they kiss the brick. can i tell you he's not only a wonderful person, he's sexy as all heck at that age, i'm telling you what. >> i'd be wondering what kind of driver he is there. >> and that was the question i should have asked which i didn't before i got in the car with m him. he is by far one of the greatest. we had a good time with that. and then down to the final two in donald trump's boardroom as "celebrity apprentice" comes to a close after a crazy and drama filled season. this one seems like it's been over the top with drama. who will hear those words, you're fired? we'll talk about it with "real housewife" turned "apprentice" candidate, nene. this was like war and peace.
6:32 am
it took me about a half hour. love it. that's great. >> we'll do part two on "today." another check of the weather with janice huff who is standing by. >> i go to the signs with my name on it, right here. from fsu, what's your name? >> anna. >> where are you from? >> coconut creek. >> you had to think about it for a second. we have all kinds of fans here today.coy. it's croroed on the plaza. cloudy and cool. that's okay. we're expecting warm days in the northeast this week. rain showers and thunderstorms will be developing across much of the up earp midwest today. look for strong storms this afternoon from the great lakes all the way down to the ohio valley and into north texas. could you see isolated tornadoes, too. we have girl scouts. yahoo! where are you from? >> virginia. >> i love it. all right. c
6:33 am
now here's lester. for 25 years she's made us smile, laugh, cry, and started some conversations. now the queen of daytime is getting ready to say good-bye. the last three "oprah" shows will air this week ending a 25-year reign and her sendoff will be nothing but spectacular. please welcome oprah. ♪ i have a feeling >> it's a spectacular sendoff. ♪ that tonight's going to be a good night ♪
6:34 am
>> oprah winfrey, today you are surrounded by nothing but love. >> as the farewell season nears its end, 13,000 lucky fans joined a-list celebrities and friends to celebrate the queen of daytime tv. >> she's the most successful woman ever in the history. >> magnificent. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. >> all for the woman who revolutionized tv talk shows and built an empire. >> her couch has been the couch for people to come and tell their story and feel comfortable. >> for fans, the moment is bittersweet. >> she is the epitome of the african-american woman who strives for excellence. >> she's the best. >> chicago, i love you! >> for 25 years oprah has connected with audiences sharing her personal struggles. >> it's going to make me cry. >> and starting national
6:35 am
conversations. but one year ago she made a tearful announcement about the end of her show. >> -- have enriched my life beyond all measure. thank you for helping us kick off own. >> oprah began a new chapter in january launching her own network where she has plans for a prime time show. she's giving viewers a glimpse behind the scenes of a final season of "oprah" that has featured stunning giveaways like a trip to australia and continued the tradition of tackling tough subjects. >> a really good friend who comes over to your house every day and you all sit at the kitchen table and you talk and share and support each other. it's going to be a huge void in people's lives. >> it's the end of an era. we're joined by longtime oprah friend and former baltimore co-host richard scherr and eileen rudolph. good morning to both of you. richard, you were there at the beginning and you're going to be there, i know, later for the end
6:36 am
for the final show. you've remained friends all these years. how does she feel about reaching the end of this chapter? >> well, we started together on august 14th, 1978 and that was her very first talk show. and we have been friends ever since. and she feels actually very happy that she has reached this point in her life. she is ready to start her next chapter and whatever that is it will be phenomenal. i can tell you this and everyone watching today, oprah winfrey is the real deal. she is it. no one touches people the way she has. she has affected so many people's lives and changed the way they are. she's terrific. >> how do you expect she will end the show? you will be there. what do you expect in the final broadcast? >> she promises she won't cry but i know that she will. meanwhile her staff runs around the chicago studio all in tears. they pass her in the halls, they cry. my gosh, what am i going to do? she's a legend. she has been there for 25 years. i don't know what she is going to do on that last show.
6:37 am
i know she is the last guest. easy booking. >> richard mentioned the staff. you've interviewed and talked to her at harpo in chicago. what are they going through right now? >> it's very tough for them. they are happy. they will be doing rosie and the executive producer is also president of harpo productions. >> she has been a big part of chicago. it's a big blow to see her leave. >> i was in chicago a few weeks ago on the radio, on the tube, walking down the street. you saw signs, oprah don't go. opr oprah, we love you. oprah, we'll miss you. >> richard, you've been getting buzz the last month, the big celebrity show there. what was it like? >> oh, my gosh, lester, it was
6:38 am
as great as being here with you this morning. i tell you, it was great stuff. beyonce, patti labelle, tom hanks, tom cruise. >> you would expect nothing less. >> i won't give it away but there are some very touching, wonderful moments about the 65,000 people in this country who have been provided educations because of the oprah winfrey scholarship fund or her wonderful oprah winfrey academy. i was just going to say to you because you'll get a king out of this, when she covered news as an anchor in baltimore, she wasn't good at hard news. you know why? anytime anyone had been hurt or killed or it was a sad story, oprah was so empathetic. she was so involved. she felt everybody's pain and, of course, that carried on to her talk show. she, as i said, the real deal. she means and feels everything she has said and done. >> even as we say good-bye, people are wondering about her
6:39 am
future. own has gotten off to a rocky start. will she be concentrating on getting it on track? >> yes. she has promised she will be in the offices of own putting her all into own and actually the numbers have been increasing lately. shania twain, her show when she premiered got about 850,000. the judds are doing pretty well. becoming chaz, the story of the former chastity bono becoming a man, did very well. the numbers are creeping up. they were hoping for a million by the end of the year. whether that's going to happen, i don't know. but oprah being on air will help. >> and in what role will she be? the thought was, she could be on 24 hours a day, an instant runaway success. what will we see from her? >> in january oprah's next chapter, her new show will be on. they're still working it out t. could be oprah traveling around the world, perhaps sometimes with gayle meeting people, having interesting conversations. in the fall they will have a repackaging of "the oprah winfrey show." oprah will provide on air
6:40 am
commentary. some of the celebrity guests will provide on air commentary. >> a lot of people will be watching. richard? >> there will be so many people watching the last three shows, monday, tuesday, wednesday that the 30-second spots in those three shows are going for $1 million. it's like super bowl rings. these run up super numbers. you'll have to write about that. >> i will. oprah said that she is not bittersweet. she is sweet, sweet, sweet because she did as good a job as she could have done so she is proud. >> couldn't ask for any more. thank you. i couldn't ask for more than that. richard sher, ileane rolud, thank you. she has this thing about bugs. no, no, no... i do not have a thing about bugs. i have a thing about bugs in our house. we used to call an exterminator. ugh... now i go ortho. home defense max. i use it once inside to kill the bugs. stops them dead. guaranteed. and outside to keep new ones from moving in. that's up to 12 months protection against bugs. and 12 months of keeping our house to ourselves. until your mother comes. right.
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bringing better health to more people. ♪ the live finale of "the celebrity apprentice" is tonight and the show has been raising the heat all season. we'll talk to one of the stars in a moment. first a look at those fueling the reality tv flames. >> ladies, you win. >> yes. >> it's been an explosive -- >> don't act like you are the reason we won because you are not. >> emotional -- >> i just can't. >> -- and volatile season on "celebrity apprentice." >> they don't like me. they're afraid of me. >> the drama is the bread and
6:44 am
butter. you don't tune in to see a bunch of celebrities being nice to each other. you tune in to see them being horrible and hopefully clash. >> you do not want to start with me! >> it's the winning formula for donald trump, mixing other strong personalities, throw them into challenging situations, and then let the sparks fly. >> you're getting all out of control. >> nobody will snap at star. >> the biggest fireworks between star jones and "real housewives" nene leakes. >> star was a more behind-the-scenes mastermind whereas nene sort of tells it like it is. >> i know how you think. i know how you play the game. i will take you down. >> after this blowup nene decided to quit the show. >> wow. >> wow. >> wow. >> star was fired shortly after. >> star, you're fired. >> the two finalists, actress marlee matlin and country singer john rich, have been able to stay above the fray. >> both of them have excelled in the competition by showing amazing fund-raising skills, being very calm under pressure,
6:45 am
and really knowing how to work the system. >> but in the live finale tonight, viewers will be tuning in for more drama. >> that's how i roll. >> because that's how she rolls. >> nene leakes joins us now. nene, good morning. a lot of drama with you this season. that's part of what made the show so fun and so good. you ended up leaving as a result. >> yes. >> what was it about star jones that pushed all your buttons? >> star is very manipulative. she is back stabbing, she is conniving, she makes me crazy. she is a disaster. >> okay. yeah, well, you're not going to tell us how you really feel of course. do you regret walking away? do you regret leaving the show early and not sticking it out? >> no, i don't. i have no regrets at all. none. i'm so sorry, i have a cold. >> that's okay. >> when you left donald called you a quitter and said star kicked your you know what. you didn't get to respond on the show. what would you like to respond? >> i respect mr. trump and there
6:46 am
are a lot of people here who have kicked his -- over the years and it's his opinion. i have to do what is best for me. i felt the situation was very toxic. i was going through a lot. a lot of things were happening behind the scenes that you didn't get to see. and i did what was best for me. had i stayed there and got into a really big drawl or a big fight, your question to me would be, why didn't you leave? >> you're probably going to see her at the finale, star. >> i'm going to see everyone. >> what's that going to be like? what are you going to say? >> it costs me nothing to say hello. nothing. and i don't hold a grudge. all i can did was tell the truth. so i'm absolutely okay walking into the finale. i can say hi to her because i never lie. hi, star. >> so the finale is marlee matlin and john rich. >> yes. >> both people you say you respect and you really liked. >> i do. >> can you tell us in your opinion having spent both who
6:47 am
you would like to win tonight? is. >> i don't know. it's a tossup for me. either one wins, i'll be very happy and very proud for them. i think both of them did very, very well in the competition. i liked marlee from day one. she was my girl friend. i liked john rich as well. i've gone out with him, met his wife and everything. i like him as well. either one wins, it will be fine with me. >> it was such an interesting lineup, meatloaf and gary busey. what was it like with all these volatile personalities? >> you know, you have 16 contestants. we all have very strong personalities. it was okay. i went in with no preconceived notions. some people walk in with preconceived notions about who you are. i walked in very free. and if we get to know each other, we do. if we don't, we don't. >> what's it like -- when you look at these tapes and see yourself going off, what's it like to see that? >> you know, i cringe. >> do you? >> absolutely. >> because i cringed sometimes for you. >> i was just like, whew! did you have to say that?
6:48 am
>> you don't regret having said any of it? >> i don't regret it. i don't live with regrets. i wish i could have had a better delivery or used a better choice of words. i always wish that. >> but it's not you. >> i can't help it. >> so what has been more difficult with you, dealing with the housewives are or the celebrities? which is harder on a day-to-day b basis? >> they're both very different. the housewives are gossipy and those things are difficult and "celebrity apprentice" are 16-hour days where you have to be thinking and build a business. they are both very different shows and very tough to do. >> and you are coming back for another season of "housewives"? >> i am. i'm filming. >> are we on right now? >> thank you so much. it was very nice to meet you. >> it was a pleasure. >> tune in. >> we will. you can watch the live finale tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central here on nbc. >> and just ahead, hell on wheels.
6:49 am
jenna's ride at the indy racetrack with mario andretti. at cousin everett's blueberry farm, to talk about our blueberry juice drinks. they're made with my sweet, ripe blueberries, picked right from the bush, and they're good for you. taste real good, too! to give you an idea, let's whip up a quick sample. or you could just try this. [ chuckles ] yeah. ocean spray blueberry juice drinks -- real blueberries, real good. [ airplane engine whines ] [ grunts ] [ dog barking ] gah! [ children shouting ] [ grunts ] [ whacking piñata ]
6:50 am
[ whacking piñata, grunting ]
6:51 am
qualifying run for next sunday's indy 500 are under way as drivers try to land just one of 33 spots in the iconic race and a shot at history as well. i had a chance to find out just what the whole experience was like when i went on the joy ride of a lifetime. >> to the checkered flag. >> has won the indianapolis 500. >> they call it the greatest spectacle in racing. cars rocket by at 230 miles per hour covering the length of a football field in one second.
6:52 am
with g-forces as strong as the space shuttle launch. >> liftoff. >> next sunday is power, indy 500 turns 100 years old. and since the first race, this has been its home. the indianapolis motor speedway. a track as big as the sport's tradition itself. get this, you could fit churchill downs, yankee stadium, the rose bowl, roman coliseum and vatican city inside the 2.5 mile long track and come race day this will be the mecca of speed. >> the 500-mile race is so important to so many people, when the people come it's sort of like a pilgrimage. i would say if somebody comes up and says i've gone 40 years in a row, that's probably about average. >> add to go a rich history, the sport's future like sylvestro,
6:53 am
one of four women on the circ t circuit. >> it's something special because not many other races have women trying to qualify for a race. >> fast and fearless, this is the crash she walked away from less than two hours after we spoke to her. recovering from burns but undeterred she still is looking to compete here next week. after all, she took rookie of the year honors last year against the field's much older and much more male. >> if you're slow, everybody is going to be like, oh, she's a girl and things like that. if you're competitive, they consider you a race car driver. when we wear our helmets, we all look the same out there. we're all race car drivers. >> but simona, like every other driver, mechanic and fan, knows that there is one name synonymous with all of this, andretti.
6:54 am
how many speeding tickets have you gotten? >> nothing. >> i don't believe that are for one second. >> honest. >> mario and drretti, the godfar of racing, winner of the indy 500 back in 1969, and named driver of the century by the associated press. super mario has spent his life on the racetrack. he knows the sport, the race itself and its beautiful energy. >> if i didn't have this butterfly, it means this race will not mean anything to me. but all of that disappears as soon as you are in your element, the engine starts, and the drivers can hardly wait to get in your office. all right. let's get on, do what i'm here for. >> he also knows how annoying a back seat driver can be. but despite that, he offered to take me for a ride anyway. no, not on this. but in this. mario, i feel like we're going
6:55 am
to be sitting in the fetal position while we're in here. and off we went. 190 miles per hour, a face flattening, head bopping ride of speed. it's pure milk? awesome. 100 years of racing tradition lives on. well, for the most part. you're a maniac! you're a maniac and you don't belong on the road! he is like, what is that crazy girl screaming at me for? i've done so many things, blessed to do so many things at the tod"today" show. that was by far and away one of the most fun things. >> and you're with the greatest. >> we should all mention that you can watch coverage from the indianapolis motor speedway all
6:56 am
this week on our sister network. did you enjoy watching it? >> i did. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] doctors have been saying it forever. let's take a look. but they've never actually been able to do it like this. let's take a look. v-scan from ge healthcare. a pocket sized imaging device that will help change the way doctors see patients. that's better health for more people. you know that comes with a private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,000 miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for 25,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline anytime. hey, i just said that. after all, isn't traveling hard enough? ow. [ male announcer ] to get the flights you want,
6:57 am
sign up for a venture card at what's in your wallet? uh, it's okay. i've played a pilot before. ♪ ♪
6:58 am
let's go back to washington and check in with david gregory to find out what's coming up. a lot going on this morning. coming up republican congressman paul ryan will join me to respond to the criticism newt gingrich leveled against his medicare proposal on this program last sunday. then analysis from our political roundtable including the news about mitch daniels. all coming up this morning on "meet the press." david, thanks. that's going to do it for us. ron mott, janice huff, who wants to go around manhattan. i'm driving? >> i'll be the co-captain.
6:59 am
great having you here. thanks to you all for being here. i'll see you on "nightly news."


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