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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 24, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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undescribable. the happiest moment of my life. as soon as she saw us, she was smiles and giggles. >> a happy ending. a baby snatched, then returned. the kidnapping plan that police say was months in the making. a b.a.r.t. cop killed a man using a taser. so why does b.a.r.t. want more stun guns? it's tuesday may 24th. this is today in the east bay.
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good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. it's 4:30 exactly. let's get started with christina loren. >> good morning, mr. mcgrew. we have an interesting set up. it's going to be a nice day. see the giant swirl headed our way? it's a rainmaker moving in for tomorrow. how long the showers will stay over the bay. you may not like the report, but it's coming anyway. >> you may not like the traffic, but it's coming any way. eastbound highway 4 is where we have the typical overnight construction kicked in. sprinkles and tough weather. the traffic is coming, not started yet. also construction on 242, the onramp there. it's unusual, folks, so shouting it out for you. back to you. >> thank you.
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this morning, a baby girl is reunited with its parents. the infants grandmother stole the child to pass her off as her own child. jodi hernandez reports on the kidnapping case. >> reporter: the family is back together this morning after 36 hours, the baby returned to her home yesterday afternoon. meanwhile, her grandmother is behind bars, accused of kidnapping the baby, then trying to pass her off as her own. >> as soon as she saw us, she was smiles and giggles like her normal self. >> reporter: she is back in her mommy's arms. >> undescribable. the happiest moment of my life. yesterday was the worst moment of my life and today is the best moment of my life. >> reporter: they woke up to find the baby's bassinet empty.
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the baby was with grandma. the 58-year-old snuck into her son and daughter-in-law's house and kidnapped the girl as the baby slept, taking the baby to southern california by bus and taxi. >> it amazing me it could be so premeditated and someone could think they could get away with it. >> reporter: the story gets stranger. the grandmother's roommate said she was pretending to be pregnant for months, throwing herself a baby shower. >> apparently, there was a band and everything. people brought gifts. this is so bizarre. hollywood wouldn't make a movie like this. >> she's sick. >> he says his mother suffers from meantal problems and believes she's lonely. her visit on mother's day may have sent her over the edge. >> she wanted her for herself. >> i will be happy if they lock
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her away. she needs to pay for what she's done. i don't have hatred in my heart. >> reporter: what's most important st the baby is home where she belongs. >> yesterday, i thought how do you put your kids to bed at night and go on working without a piece of your family. now, i don't have to think about that. >> reporter: erica is in the los angeles county jail facing kidnapping charges. investigators are working to bring her back to contra costa county to answer the charges. >> 4:34 now. no sign of a missing danville teenager. her family, friends and a police rescue team frantically searching for her. the san ramon valley high school student took off from home yesterday morning on her bike. she's not been seen since. a note left behind says she may
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have been heading to the golden gate bridge. there's a facebook page to help find the sophomore. thousands of people left messages urging her to come home. if you have any information, call the police department. b.a.r.t. is considering arming more police officers with tasers. they are thinking of buying 130 more tasers and training each of its officers to use them. right now, the agency has 60 tasers that officers share. the change is recommended by consultants following the deadly shooting of grant. he thought he was firing his taser, he was really firing his gun. one down, two to go. this morning, one of the suspects accused of beating bryan stow could appear in court to face charges. police are now focused on tracking down a second beating suspect and the driver of the get away car.
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>> this is what led to the identification of suspect number one in the most intensetive lap dinvestigation in months. police arrested him monday at this apartment where he's been staying. the victim still remains hospitalized in serious condition. >> we were very excited that piece of the puzzle, one of the pieces had been put in place. >> investigators focus on ramirez as they seek suspect number two. they are seeking the young woman seen driving them along with a child away from the stadium. police are reluctant to share publicly what else they know. at sunday's arrest announcement they said this -- >> we have significant,
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significant pieces to it that lead me to believe we have the right individual. >> reporter: the 31-year-old is a gang member with two felony convicts. his parole officer recognized him despite he had gotten more tattoos on his neck to change his appearance. >> we look forward to the day the other suspects are ap hended as well. bryan has a long road ahead of him. we are thankful the suspect is in custody. >> that was patrick reporting. the suspect could be arraigned as early as today. >> driver error or mechanical problem? chp trying to figure out why a tour bus veered off a highway, drove through a fence and clipped another car. as it swerved into a fence
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between vacaville south of cherry glenn road. luckily, no serious injuries. chp says the bus driver is experienced and her license is current. let's check in with christina. there is rain headed our way. good morning. >> good morning to you. yes. we are this close to summer when summer is breathing down our neck. you might enjoy the cooldown we are going to see. tomorrow, we are just about three weeks away from the official start of summertime in the bay area. this is what we are looking at this morning. mostly clear conditions right now. because of the clear skies we have a nice start. temperatures in livermore five degrees cooler than this time yesterday. grab a jacket but something you can take off later. we are headed to the 70s, once again. we are going to see more clouds today. clouds increasing for the second half of the day. the system approaches. 73 for concord and 72 in
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livermore. stay tuned, seven-day outlook is moments away. someone who is a couple feet away watching your drive. hey, mike. >> good morning. we are watching the altamont pass. this morning, no advisories. a shift in the weather and changes tomorrow. we'll watch for reports and continued updates. you are at the speed limit for 580. a blip here and there through castro valley. we are looking at 880 to 92. a smooth drive. 880 north past the coliseum, a nice drive here. light flow through downtown oakland. there are no problems at the toll plaza. across the water, we have construction. the upper deck no issues. no wind advisories. you might get a gust or two
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because it's the bridge. >> thank you very much. the oakland pastor who predicted the end of the world says he was wrong, but only by a few months. yesterday, instead of taking calls from listeners, he took questions from the media on the first family radio show since the doomsday prediction passed without the doom part. he guaranteed christian believers would go to heaven. protesters gathered outside, he was wrong about the physical nature of the rapture. instead, he says it was spiritual. he cautions, he's often mistaken. >> oh, my. i said that back then and it wasn't correct. if you listen to family radio, you will find me here saying again and again, i used to teach this, now i know it was wrong. >> he says he's insisting the end of the world will really
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happen in october. coming up, doom in missouri. another storm brewing as rescuers comb through the rubble of a killer tornado.
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the brains of the operation there in our control room. this morning, rescue crews in missouri racing to find survivors as clouds gather for more storms. this morning, at least 116 people are dead and thousands missing in joplin. 2,000 buildings to rubble including the high school. the storm hit hours after the seniors graduated in a ceremony across town. >> i knew it would be like the last time i walked through those doors as a high school student. i didn't literally think it would be the last time i walked through these doors. >> many people taking to facebook to find missing loved ones. a page of survivors is full of posts offering prayers and support. president obama will meet with the queen of england. he announced a change of plans, he will head to the south to survey tornado damage. >> obviously, our thoughts and
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prayers are with the families who are suffering at this moment. all we can do is let them know that all of america cares deeply about them and that we are going to do absolutely everything we can to make sure that they recover. >> meanwhile, on capitol hill, lawmakers are working to assure israel's prime minister is on his side. tracie potts is on capitol hill with the latest. >> reporter: volcanic ash forced an early arrival in london. today, president obama meets with queen elizabeth. he wowed crowds and urged peace in ireland. >> those willing to take those risks, we are grateful to them. >> reporter: it's peace in the
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middle east as israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu thinks israel and palestinians can co-exist. at a speech monday, he rejected president obama's call to begin with borders from four decades ago. >> israel cannot return to the 1967 lines. >> reporter: democrats and republicans are assuring netanyahu the u.s. supports them. >> i think it makes its intentions known. >> united states of america will not give money to terrorists. >> reporter: seeking peace through diplomacy at home and abroad. the president is headed toward the g-8 summit that starts thursday in france. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. this time of year, college graduates getting their
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diplomas. will it give them an edge when it comes to jobs? for more on the highest and lowest, let's turn to nicole lapin live at cnbc. i was an english major. >> i was a polisci major. >> how did we do? >> not so great. i'll get to it in a second. you had a former life as trader, it might be worth putting money in the markets. the sell-off was triggered by debt woes and signs of slowing economies in europe and asia. europe is higher right now. we get new data out today on bank earnings. the dow dropped 130 points yesterday to 12,381. nasdaq off. also this morning, the government says gas prices
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dropped 11 cents. it is the biggest drop penny wise since december, 2008. you better believe i am counting. prices are at a five-week low. they are still more than a dollar than one year ago. crude oil prices spurred by a slight demand in energy and a firming dollar. talk about the deep tease. this is one word of advice i will say to this year's graduates. petroleum. seriously. a new study from georgetown shows the projected lifetime earnings of college majors shows petroleum engineers can earn $4.8 million over a 40-year career. counseling, psychology majors will earn $1.16 million.
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four of the top ten highest earning professions are among the least popular majors, math and science, naval architecture, metallurgical engineering mining engineering. nerds are going to rule the world. >> i thought we already did. >> that's right. that's right. we keep telling ourselves that. we get paid in self- -- clearly, i wasn't an english major. >> let's remember, i was the english major. >> nicole lapin and cnbc world headquarters. let's turn over to christina who was a meteorlogical major. >> good morning to you.
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we are looking good. hey, scott, you are not a nerd. you are a nerd in stud's clothing. we have clouds rolling in for the second half of the day. temperatures are cooler this morning. you need the jacket if you are waking up in livermore. turning to 70s once again. this is the last day we are going to see the sunshine. rain moves in tomorrow. this is what it looks like in terms of timing. showers right when we start you out tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. the showers will have started. they are going to last all day long. we should get a break from the rain at 4:00 p.m. it makes for an easier morning commute. thursday, 70 degrees, sunshine returns. not a lot of rain on the way. one day's worth. still, i'll take it. i don't have to water. >> mr. stud in nerd's clothing? we'll look to the maps. we are looking at -- i'm going
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to stop. scott, back to you. >> mike, enough with you. the biggest loser trainer is cheating on her diet. i dn understand that, either. mango competes with apple. the announcement expected later today. heart disease kills one woman every minute.
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4:53 this morning.
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apple's new iphone 5 will have something the other generations don't have. a curved glass screen. industry sources say apple purchased 300 glass cutting machines to be used by glass makers to hand cut those screens. microsoft is hoping mango will take a bite out of apple's business. they will unveil their mango update today in new york. are you mors have it there are 500 new upgrades, visual voice mail and turn-by-turn navigation. >> let's turn to laura. i wasn't sure you were there. >> you know, brent can't find me in the mall, either. it's my trick. thank you, everybody.
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it's 4:54 now. may in the bay tour takes us to santa rosa. we are showing you a winery as an insurance policy for a well-known rock band. the natural wonders you won't see anywhere else in a museum. >> mike is here. good morning, mike. >> good morning, scott. we go to the maps. we are looking over here. folks hanging out for construction. eastbound highway 4, getting on eastbound 80, there's construction there. the interchange, we have had movement. we have seen a little slowdown in a few minutes. the construction crew is moving. the slower moving vehicles leaving the area. no major issues there. the area gets congested through the morning commute as well. we are looking further south, westbound 80 toward the bay bridge. the maze and approach, no major issues.
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yesterday, we saw the camera shaking. much steadier today. they report one to two lanes over the oakland side with construction. no issues because of the lighter volume of traffic. tonight, season 11 of "biggest loser" comes to a close. who has lost the most weight in the last few months? all the eliminated players are coming back at 8:00 for a live reunion. the final weigh-in. it's been inspiring and emotional. >> i gotta tell you, seeing hannah transform the way she did was huge for me. i got to see this girl not only get strong physically, but she got much stronger mentally. i think she'll be someone i remember for a long time, her and her sister. >> harper admits he cheats on his diet from time to time. >> i work out every single day. there's maybe one day i take off
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every ten days or so. it's part of my every day life. there are times i'm going to have whatever i want. i had pizza yesterday. >> also making an appearance is anna kournikova, replacing jillian michaels. coming up, summer of discontent. the as pitcher sounding off this morning. what he has to say about his team and management. is san francisco about to lose y $2 billion? we'll explain, just ahead.
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20 cities in 20 days. may around the bay is visiting the north bay, taking stop in santa rosa. it's home to a bustling downtown, several natural wonders and a


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