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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 25, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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pa panda." good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. it is closely approaching 5:00. we'll have a lot more from redwood city coming up in just a bit but first let's get a look at the forecast with christina. >> good morning to you. we have some rain on the way but at right now is a little more ng daunting than what we're actually expecting to happen here in the bay area. i'll let you know when the showers are expected to arrive at your house this morning. your full forecast is moments away. first let's get you to work at 5:00 a.m. with mike. >> we'll take you over to the maze and as you might expect at 5:00 a very light volume of traffic approaching the bay bridge with no wind advisories. that was cancelled at 2:30 this morning for the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. we have the northbound side of 101 at todd road. we had a major injury accident that took an hour and a half, almost two hours to clear. we have just got word from chp they have cleared the roadway northbound and the southbound direction is moving smoothly. >> good to know, thank you very much. well, this morning the family of the suspect accused of
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beating giants fan bryan stow is saying he did not do it. marla tellez is live in san jose this morning with more on the story and news of the stow family suing the los angeles dodgers. good morning, marla. >> reporter: good morning, laura. the question this morning is did lapd arrest the wrong guy in the severe beating of bryan stow? the 42-year-old father of two who is a paramedic with amr services here in san jose where we are this morning, he does remain in critical condition at sf general hospital this morning just as a number one suspect in this case remains in police custody in los angeles, but no charges have been filed against him just yet. 31-year-old giovanni ramirez was arrested on sunday in east hollywood after his parole officer identified him as suspect number one. now, investigators say he is a convicted felon and a known gang member. but now his mother and an attorney with the family says, you know what, you got the wrong
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guy. ramirez's mother and 10-year-old daughter saying he was not at dodgers stadium for opening day on march 31st. his daughter saying she was with her dad at a relative's home instead. >> please, to be sure to check all those videos, all those videos on the stadium, on the dodgers stadium, please check, be sure it is not my son. >> that was ramirez's mother, so now ramirez is reportedly going to take a polygraph test and stand in a lineup today in front of witnesses who were at dodgers stadium at the day of the beating. keep in mind authorities are still looking for the second suspect and the woman who drove the getaway car. as this is all unfolding this morning, the other development is the stow family has officially filed a lawsuit against the dodgers. they did so in los angeles superior courtroom yesterday. the team -- the family saying that the team did not provide enough security on march 31st.
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in the meantime, laura, l.a. -- the l.a. organization has made no comment. >> it will be interesting to see what happens now that they're controlled by major league baseball. thank you very much. 5:02 right now. oakland's controversial jonestown memorial heads to court this morning. today a judge will decide whether to stop further work on the memorial. a senior pastor in los angeles filed a lawsuit to stop construction. she says it's not fair to her family to honor the reverend jim jones who led more than 900 followers to commit mass suicide in the jungles of guyana. almost 30 of her relatives died. the vallejo man accused of causing a disturbance on a flight is suspected to be back in court this friday. his attorney says he will enter a not guilty plea and ask for supervised release. he says he is showing signs of mental health issues. the 28-year-old was arrested
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earlier this month for interfering with a flight crew. passengers and flight attendants tackled the yemeni man after he tried to ram open the cockpit door of an american airlines flight. legal troubles for two san francisco gambling halls is coming to an end. the two reached a settlement with state regulators in their criminal racketeering investigation. they each paid $575,000 in fines and investigation fees and agreed to supervise their card rooms better. agents raided the gambling halls in march and arrested 15 people suspected of using their ties to the clubs to do loan sharking and drug dealing. part of the 408 is now the 699. the santa clara board of supervisors has voted to implement the new area code using the so-called overlay method. people signing up for new numbers will get a 669 area
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code. everyone will have to dial ten-digit numbers to make local calls in silicon valley. the new number is expected to be added next year. in san jose city leaders have put off a vote declaring a fiscal emergency until june 21st. if it is declared, the mayor will be allowed to reform employee pay and retirement benefits. the mayor says the change is necessary to curb retirement spending. it went from $63 million in 2000 to $186 million this year. it's projected to reach a quarter of a billion dollars in 2012. sony announcing this morning it suffered another online security breach. it's a small one, about 2,000 customers in canada affected, but it's still leading people to wonder if additional tribble is coming. for a look at that and the rest of your news before the bell, we turn to "today in the bay's" nicole lapin live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning again. >> reporter: laura, i've missed you. it's been about four minutes. so here are some of the other headlines making news this
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morning. people are paying more to fuel up these days, we know that, but this time it's affecting coffee. price increases for a cup of java are outpacing even gasoline. a cup cost $5.10 last month. regular unleaded averaging $3.83 a gallon which compared to coffee is only up 37%. j.m. smucker which owns folgers and dunkin donuts packaged brands are raising their prices for the fourth time in the past year and starbucks is also raising prices for its packaged coffee. i know, bad news for us on the morning show. also this morning, amazon striking back at barnes & noble. on the very same day the book seller had a touch screen book of the eh reader, amazon is offering a new kindle. it costs $164 and it comes with on screen ads and it's also $25
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cheaper than the standard 3-g kindle so the talons are coming out in the e-reader space. google is expected to launch its mobile payment system coming up on thursday. it will help customers use their smart phones instead of debit or credit cards. they are working with mastercard to launch the system which will run on droid phones sold by sprint. that's pig news for you folks in the bay area. those are the latest headlines from cnbc in the last four minutes. >> maybe it will be the nicole and laura show. >> reporter: i would like that. well, we have to include christina too. >> of course. in fact we'll bring her in right now. it's the girly show early in the morning. >> so thoughtful, ladies. good morning, we're looking good today. we have some shower on the way but not a gully washer. in fact we're just going to see some light rain. a little bit of drizzle, some
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light sprinkles, nothing heavy. this is what we're looking at right now, mostly cloudy conditions out there but we don't have the rain in the east bay just yesterday, nor has it even arrived in the north bay. it's pushing towards your areas but we'll have to wait a little longer. by 11:00 a.m. most of the -- the cold air moves in so even with full sunshine our temps will struggle to break out of the upper 60s in some cities. we'll see a couple of 70s but mostly talking about the upper 50s in san francisco and the mid to low 60s inland. 67 in fremont, 65 in san jose. your weekend forecast, and it's a holiday weekend, is on the way. stick around for that. let's get you to work right now. >> yeah, laura said for who? no holidays in news. i'm still waiting to see, laura. we're looking over here at the map. the maze looks all right approaching the bay bridge. we'll look at the toll plaza and show you the volume of traffic. it looks like a holiday for
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folks to travel through this area. no delays right now, including down the east shore freeway. let me show you the travel time off the carquinez bridge. 18 minutes coming off that merge. both bridges moving smoothly but the construction from westbound highway 4 to eastbound 80 heading up toward the carquinez is still in effect until 6:00 a.m. use the skyway as your alternate. most folks cut that corner anyway so not a major impact to the commute. eastbound highway 4 is opposite your main commute. the main commute westbound is showing 71 right there at l street. we'll have the eastbound construction picked up in 20 minutes right when the westbound side starts to slow down. your travel times looking really good off 2242. 580 down off the dublin interchange as well as 680 coming through the same area. >> thank you very much. your top stories coming up next, including the latest on a deadly weather to sweep through the midwest. >> reporter: 20 cities in 20 days.
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our may around the bay tour continues this morning taking us to redwood city, home to dreamworks and of course this guy, the kung fu lng takeou yve we'll tak he you here live comi up. not just dreamworks, but also electronic arts, the world's largest video game maker. we're back in just a minute. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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[ crowd cheering ] and 500 miles from home... [ cheering, cellphone beeps ] ...we finally had a new home. [ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it. 20 cities in 20 days in our trip around the bay area takes us to redwood city this morning. good morning, i'm laura garcia-cannon. redwood city, if you don't know, is actually home to some of the most amazing tech companies, including one best known for its work on the big screen. bob redell is live this morning at dreamworks with a look. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to
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you, laura. the timing couldn't be more perfect because tomorrow the sequel to "kung fu panda" opens up nationwide. many talented artists worked on this film on dreamworks studio location here in redwood city where we're located right now. as you're about to see completing a massive project like this is very tedious, extremely rigorous and acquires a sharp attention to detail. >> kung fu staring contest, go! >> you better not blink or you could end up missing one of melanie's moments on the silver screen. >> this one is 48 frames. it probably took me about a week to do it. >> reporter: that's just two seconds of screen time. kung fu panda 2 is 95 minutes long with over 136,000 frames of animation. which explains why this film took years to make and roughly 500 people, including melanie, one of the an merits. >> why does it take a week to do
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40 flames? >> because you have to individually pose everything. you spend your whole day focusing on ity-bit emotions that you play over and over again. as soon as i'm done and my director says, oh, this is great, then the shot will get passed on. >> reporter: melanie's shots eventually ended up like all the other shots in front of a completion artist, line erin. >> we polish. after it goes through all the departments, woe make sure that everything that's supposed to look that way looks that way. >> reporter: this is how i'll see it in the theater? >> right. >> reporter: and i don't think there's anything wrong with this. but there is. look closely, the bricks appear to be fluttering. by making a few adjustments. >> i put one frame back on the wall. >> reporter: erin is able to smooth out the motion of that wall. then when you watch it, there
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shouldn't be any movement. >> reporter: so you've got thousands and thousands of frames and your job, along with your colleagues, is to look through each individual frame. >> and make sure that we don't have unsightly artifacts. a lot of the problems that we fix are a hundred pixels big. >> reporter: are you a neat freak at home? >> yeah. we put out a nice product and want to make sure that everything looks nice. >> that was my fist. >> reporter: and again, laura, "kung fu panda 2" opening tomorrow in theaters nationwide, of course in time for the memorial day holiday weekend, which is traditionally a huge opening weekend for movies in the united states. coming up a little later, we'll have one of the chief animators with us live and of course the head of the pdi dreamworks studio here in redwood city. in the meantime i'll sending it back to you for some news headlines. >> we'll cover that fascinating work. we'll check back with you, thanks so much. yes, we turn to the day's
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news. of course the deadly tornado that happened and now we continue to follow the search for survivors in missouri. joplin officials say they're not giving up hope that people are still alive. as many as 1500 names are on a list of those unaccounted for. sunday's tornado killed 122 people and injured at least 750? in the meantime crews are cleaning up after a deadly storm tore through arkansas, oklahoma and kansas. this is actually video of one tornado that was shot in oklahoma, it's amazing. at least five people were killed there. three others were killed in arkansas and kansas. a volcanic eruption in iceland is causing travel delays all over europe this morning. airspace over the northern part of germany is closed because of the massive amounts of ash the volcano is spewing out. britain is also dealing with flight cancellations. yesterday hundreds of flights over britain were cancelled. it is now 5:16. we want to check our forecast
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here with christina. >> tranquil in comparison, tranquil. we have a really nice-looking day ahead of us. the second half of the day will be hutch better than what we're going to see the first part of the day. the greatest piece of information i can bring to you about this rain, it's not only going to clear out our air, we'll have good air quality tomorrow, it's going to start to lay down a lot of that particulate matter, that pollen that's flying around. that's great news if you're someone who's been suffering from allergies. also, of course, we're getting very close to summer, so it might be our last little bout of rain before summertime. this is what we're looking at right now, showers mostly to the north of ukiah. this front is sliding south, though, so we are expecting to see a little bit of moisture throughout the morning hours. by 11:00 a.m. the front really breaks apart and this is all that we're expecting at that time. just a little tiny cell. by noon, it completely clears out of here and that's when the sun comes back out. 53 degrees in hayward today, 48 degrees right now in livermore. we're headed towards the 70s in
5:18 am
some cities. it will be ten degrees cooler than yesterday so make sure you grab that jacket and keep it handy because we have some cold air that's going to pull into the area. even with full sunshine later on today, our temps are going to struggle to break out of the 50s. i think you'll only hit 59 in the city today. but hey, lots of sunshine as we head into the weekend. it's a holiday weekend and it's looking good. back to you, laura. >> sounds great. redwood city is home to two huge tech companies, oracle and electronic arts among them. oracle makes databases, ea makes video games. scott mcgrew is standing by live at ea. yes, working, right? >> reporter: oh, yeah, working very much. you were afraid for a minute that i was going to be live from oracle and talk about databases, weren't you? >> oh, no, i know you so well. ea, video games, i know where he's going to be. >> reporter: nothing against oracle, but video games are slightly more interesting. electronic arts is the largest video game company in the world.
5:19 am
it has several divisions, one of which is ea sports and everybody knows its tag line. ea sports, it's in the game. >> ea sports. >> ea sports. >> it's in the game. >> it's in the game. >> it's in the game. >> ea sports, it's in the game. >> reporter: so many people play ea sports games, the latest copy of madden sold more than four million units last year, that the company's catch phrase has burned itself into the pop culture consciousness. >> it's in the game. >> reporter: peter moore is boss of ea sports. >> it's in the game. that has become such a part of not only video game vernacular but popular culture. a couple of years ago i was in london for the nfl game at wembley and i was invited to the u.s. ambassador's home in regents park and you have to present your credentials before you get in to see the u.s. ambassador.
5:20 am
and i presented peter moore ea sports. two young marines were there looked simultaneously from different regiments and both said at the same time "it's in the game." >> reporter: work is sort of a break. programmers have their own starbucks and a break room that looks like a 14-year-old's dream room, and you'll see all kinds of people playing video games. it's not clear whether they're wasting time or working. in fact their own boss sometimes has trouble figuring it out. >> that's a great question. you know, we combine play and work are very fuzzy here. >> reporter: now, before you say video game programming is for me, do understand they work very hard. particularly as the ship date comes closer. a little trivia for you, laura, that i've written down here. the company implies 8,000 people in offices all over the world. 27 of its titles sold a million copies last year. madden and four other titles
5:21 am
sold more than four million copies. a giant powerhouse. >> no kidding. we've got to think of your own tag line too, scott mcgrew, he's -- i don't know what. >> reporter: we've got two hours to figure it out. we've got till 7:00. >> there you go, get in the game. thank you. 5:20 right now. we're going to check back in with scott in just a few minutes. he's also got our tech eoecedce this was so easy. that was quick. no envelopes to lick. no deposit slips to fill out. a lot less paper to deal with. i like that. i just feed in my check... feed the cash right in. and... -boom. -there it goes.
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welcome back, everyone. you know clean energy cars are getting more popular and california could soon reap the benefits in a big way. economists say over 200,000 new jobs will be created in the clean energy automotive industry in california over the next 14 years. they say the state and federal government's implementation of aggressive new fuel economy standards will boost growth in the state economy. more cars on the roadways, no matter how they get around. let's check in with mike. >> good morning, laura.
5:24 am
yeah, you know the last five years we've seen a major shift in the roadway traffic and congestion as well because of the economy. we're watching as there's a shift through the south bay. a little slowing northbound. 72 over on your right, we see speeds right north of capital expressway but then showing slowdowns past tully road indicating more folks on the roadway. a lot of folks continuing through downtown. last night a concert and tonight another concert at hp pavilion. we're looking over here at the freeway traffic for the bay shore freeway and 280 as well. no problems across the dumbarton bridge. we'll get a live look at the san mateo bridge and traffic moves smoothly across the bridge itself. dimly lit because of the haze in the air. a smith drive here past 880. the volume of traffic bumping up
5:25 am
the last 15 minutes so we may see early slowing. but the bay bridge toll plaza is holding up just fine including down the east shore freeway. >> does anybody remember the wonder twins? >> shape of an iceberg. >> that was the test. >> hey, wait, why was i the girl? >> thanks. it's 5:25 right now. scott mcgrew is out live in redwood city this morning, part of our may around the bay tour. he's going to talk more about electronic arts where he is later, but now we've got to talk about apple. some unusual trouble for them. >> reporter: it is unusual trouble. good morning, laura. apple has -- macs have what most people would call a virus. it is called mac defender, it is a big problem for apple and for mcintosh as well. it demands your credit card number. it's essentially a fake program and it's newsworthy for two reasons. first macs rarely have these
5:26 am
security problems. second, apple is creating a fix. you never see the company jump in and fix things like. this apple fans are very quick to point out that macs generally speaking don't have very many security problems. they say it's because macs are very secure and the os is really bulletproof and to some degree that's true. it's also true that hackers haven't really bothered very much with macs because up until now they weren't a very big market share and wasn't worth the bart but they have gotten a lot more popular and now you're seeing a lot more problems. "the wall street journal" is reporting that zen kbchga is wia week or two for filing for its ipo. we saw linkedin and a russian ipo just yesterday jump in the first day of trading. of course the big daddy of all of these is facebook. we have yet to hear when facebook might do that, but that's certainly what everybody
5:27 am
is waiting on. >> won't that be an interesting one. i heard twitter could be in the works as well. >> reporter: twitter as well. zenga will be an interesting one because they make a lot of money, which is exciting, and important for a company to do. >> exactly. but they give away a lot of things too when it happens so we'll see. 5:27 right now. more to come from redwood city as well as your top local stories, including word that premier league soccer coming to the bay area this summer. >> reporter: good morning, i'm christey shut live in san francisco where we're talking with the people about the fact that san francisco is a very dangerous place to walk. we'll tell you what they have to say and the reasons behind it coming up in a live report. >> reporter: and a potential twist of mistaken identity in the bryan stow case. good morning, i'm marla tellez. why lapd may have to start overd in itsearch to find the suspects who beat the giants fan coming up in my live report.
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for around $159 a month. vy or qualified buyers can get no monthly payments for 3 months. fuel economy based on epa estimates. deferred payments offer ends may 31st.
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20 cities in 20 days, may around the bay is making a stop in redwood city this morning, home to oracle and ea sports. redwood city has a big impact on the tech industry. it's also home to dreamworks animation which makes movies such at "madagascar" and "shrek." good morning to you, i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll have a lot more from redwood city coming up in just a little bit but first let's get a check of the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you, laura. good morning to you at home. yeah, we have a little bit of shower activity in the northernmost portion of the state. those showers will slide south across the bay area, but i don't think wae'll see a whole lot of rain. let's get you to work at 5:30. >> i'm watching the north bay roads because we had a major injury accident up in santa rosa. that has cleared from the roadway. we're looking at a smooth drive
5:31 am
past rollen boulevard. you're watching for that rain coming as well. look at the golden gate bridge as you cross from the north bay into the city. the golden gate bridge itself doing nicely. they just moved the cones so everything is ready for that morning commute. a new study out this morning on pedestrian safety could make you think twice the next time you cross a street in san francisco. today in the bay's christie smith is live in san francisco this morning with the findings in that report. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. you know, depending how often you walk in the city, the findings can be rather surprising, at least i thought they were. overnight wanted to mention that there was another accident between a car and a walker, this time over near lombard street and the last we heard the walker was in critical condition, which kind of underscores what this study is about and how dangerous walking in san francisco can really be. now, in most big cities pedestrians make up about 12% of all traffic deaths. in san francisco, though, that
5:32 am
number is nearly 52%. the study is by transportation for america, which is a coalition of transit and planning groups. they found that it's really kind of a double-edged sword here in the city. san francisco is dense, accessible and more people walk here, but that can also make it really dangerous. we just spoke with one walker this morning and she says she doesn't see it that way. >> i mean it's better down at the peninsula in los altos where i work, they stop more. so yeah. >> reporter: but it feels safe to you in the city? >> it's very safe. >> reporter: another factor the study found is that the city's efforts to transform major arteries into slow-moving roads can actually make it safer for cars but not necessarily for pedestrians. they found that a key to reversing this is to focus on street scape improvements, but it also found that if you include other parts of the bay area, including the east bay, for instance, overall the region
5:33 am
is pretty safe for walkers. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." inside the mind of a suspected serial killer. this morning a judge could release new information about suspected killer joseph naso. some say that information could come from thousands of documents seized from his home in nevada reportedly outlining torture plans and lists of targets. 77-year-old naso is accused of killing four women, including two from contra costa county during the '70s and '80s. he's acting as his own attorney in the case. new this morning, the family of the man accused of beating giants fan bryan stow is pleading his innocence. they say he wasn't at the game at the time the crime took place. marla tellez has more and also news of the stow family suing the l.a. dodgers. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. where we are this morning, this is where bryan stow worked as a paramedic before he was beaten into a coma almost a couple of
5:34 am
months ago. this is american medical response, amr services in san jose. but we don't have an update on bryan stow's condition this morning. he still remains in critical condition at sf general, but we do have an important update regarding the suspect who police arrested over the weekend. the question is, did lapd arrest the wrong guy? 31-year-old giovanni ramirez was arrested sunday in east hollywood. investigators say he is a convicted felon and known gang member, but now an attorney with the ramirez family says ramirez has a clear-cut alibi. his mother and 10-year-old daughter also saying he was not at dodgers stadium for opening day on march 31st. his daughter saying she was with her dad at a relative's home instead. his mother is asking authorities to review surveillance video. >> he's anxious to take a polygraph exam, adamant that he was not there on that day and was not involved in this in any
5:35 am
manner. >> please, to be sure to check all those videos, all those videos on the stadium, on the dodgers stadium. please check, be sure it is not my son. >> reporter: you heard the attorney allude to it there, ramirez reportedly going to take a polygraph test today and also stand in a lineup in front of witnesses who were at dodgers stadium on march 31st. keep in mind authorities are still looking for the second suspect and the woman who drove the getaway car on that day. in the meantime as laura mentioned, the stow family has filed an official lawsuit against the dodgers saying the team did not provide enough security on opening day at the stadium. another thing that just came out is former giants slugger, barry bonds, has come forward saying he's going to pay for the college education of stow's children. >> wow, really. that's amazing. very giving. thank you very much, marla. it's 5:35 right now. this morning an east bay officer is now out of a job after being
5:36 am
charged with stealing drugs and selling them on the streets. san ramon's police chief says 38-year-old lewis lombardi is no longer a city employee but did not say whether he was fired or quit. lombardi had been on administrative leave after being arrested for stealing cash, drugs and guns from police evidence lockers and selling them to police informants. police say they believe lombardi became involved in the scheme while working for the contra costa narcotics enforcement team. the leader of that team is also facing drug charges along with an east bay private investigator. another line of severe storms, including tornados, pounded the central u.s. last night killing at least 13 people. the toll in oklahoma is 8. two people died in kansas, three in arkansas. it comes just two days after a deadly tornado ravaged joplin, missouri. jay is in joplin with how people are coping there. >> reporter: well, laura, the situation continues to be pretty grim here in joplin.
5:37 am
the destruction still very apparent as we get into day three here. i'm going to let you see some of what we're seeing right now as the daylight comes up. still just a very dire situation. you see that american flag, though, it gives you a little bit of hope, a little bit of the unity around this community that's really bringing so many different people together from not only surrounding areas, like springfield, missouri, but from different states. oklahoma, kansas. we're seeing people coming up from arkansas. now here in joplin they have instituted a curfew to try to keep people out of the neighborhoods to let the crews do their work, especially utility crews. they're trying to get power back up, running water to the many areas in this town that don't have it and shutting off gas lines because many are still leaking and that's causing a very dangerous situation, especially for people trying to get back to their homes to see what they can salvage. it's going to be a long road ahead, but still plenty of hands holding this community of joplin together to get it forward here
5:38 am
in the future. >> thank you very much, jay. i can't imagine how those people must return to their homes and the cleanup itself. it's got to be tough out there, christina. >> yeah, and they're not going to get to a lot of that cleanup today because they have one more round of severe weather to get through today before this core finally passes through the area and heads into the midwest. the most severe weather is in the midwest. you see this wrap-around moisture. this is the core right here. joplin situated just to the east of the oklahoma border here. you see this core, it's going to cross right over that area today, very strong winds anticipated so that will hamper the cleanup effort in that neck of the woods. but i can tell you that this side is much cooler, so it will be a tornadic rotation opportunity not as great for today so they're in a little better situation when it comes to that. for us, a much different situation. we're not going to get slammed by any means, but we do have a little bit of shower activity on the way to the bay. as i zoom in, you can see those
5:39 am
showers have not yet reached the north bay, they're on their way to mow votto right now. in the next 15, 20 minutes get ready for your first showers between santa rosa and novato. by 11:00 a.m. it starts to fizzle out. that front breaks apart. that's all we're expecting that one little cell situated between oakland and san francisco. south bay, east bay mostly dry today. we're headed towards the 70s in some cities. more like the upper 60s in fremont and san jose. let's check your drive right now with mike. >> all right, so you're talking, what did you say, not a gully washer? that's the phrase she uses as good news for the folks in the area but we do have slowdowns for highway 4 westbound. you see the slowing really kicking in. they picked up the eastbound side so traffic flowing nicely, but very slow over towards love ridge and slower through pittsburg, bay point. yesterday we saw huge problems for highway 4 so we'll follow this to see if the heavy volume continues into this wednesday.
5:40 am
right now livermore showing a nice, easy drive, still 16 minutes registering out of the altamont pass. the freeways and the approach towards the bay bridge moving nicely, close to the speed limit. what it looks like basically as far as the greens and yellows go, certainly no reds. we'll end with a look at the toll plaza and a smooth drive. of course tonight in the city there's a game, the giants are playing again, so we'll find some after work traffic as well. 5:40 right now. a court appearance today for the man accused of shooting congresswoman gabrielle gifford. is he competent enough to stand trial? >> reporter: and this is bob redell. our may around the bay tour continues. remember, 20 cities in 20 days. city number 17, redwood city this morning, home to dreamworks studios and of course the new movie coming out tomorrow "kung fu panda 2." we'll talk to some of the brains behind this coming up. >> reporter: we'll also talk to the brains behind the incredibly
5:41 am
popular franchise. i'm scott mcgrew live at eleconic arts as we continue may about the bay. my diet? well yesterday i had an apple turnover.
5:42 am
i know it's sort of my weakness. i always keep it in the house. well, that and boston crème pie, white chocolate strawberries, and mmm key lime pie. yeah, i've already lost some weight. [ female announcer ] yoplait light -- over 30 delicious flavors at about 100 calories. babe, what are you doing?! ♪
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[ female announcer ] the yoplait you love, now in a 4-pack. try it today. 20 cities in 20 days. we're visiting redwood city this morning, home of ea sports and the great games they put out there, but also home to the kung fu panda. that's right. this morning we want to check in with bob redell. we're not talking pablo sandoval, we are talking po. >> reporter: yeah, if you're thinking about coming to work here at pdi dreamworks studio location in redwood city, get in line. there's a lot of competition to get a job as an animator or any other kind of artists that are necessary to pull off a feature animated film like "kung fu panda 2" which opens tomorrow. dreamworks tries to foster that
5:44 am
competition by inviting art students to its studio, talking to them about what they do, how they do it. they run seminars, they have critiquing sessions, they even send some animators out to do teaching themselves. they had aviez many local schools like san jose state, stanford, the academy of arts to help them stay relevant and up to date on the latest techniques and technology so they can produce students ready to work in the industry. dreamworks even starts scouting potential future employees according to the head of outreach as early as their freshmen or sophomore years of college. how much more advanced are the students of today compared to, let's say, ten years ago? is there a difference? >> oh, absolutely. >> reporter: much more savvy, much more sophisticated? >> oh, my gosh. really scary smart. scary, scary smart. real at ease with learning anything as it pertains to software, any new software. this is a proprietary software environment and ten years ago if
5:45 am
you said that, people would like cringe. today if you say that to a kid, it's like okay, you know, bring it on. you know, it's a very -- they learn differently today than they did back then. >> reporter: and back out here live with rex, who is one of the chief animators and been here forever, i should say, at pdi dreamworks. you've been in the business since 1985. we just heard marilyn talking about how students of today are much quicker learners than they were ten years ago and you even do teaching at san jose state. >> right. >> reporter: what do you see of the state of the talent out there today compared to 20 years ago? >> it's incredible, the bar has gone up so high. you know, education in the last few years. industry has been getting really involved, like we have been with san jose state and a lot of other schools. so that really brings the -- you know, raises the talent level up and exposure to what pros need and what the big studios need. >> reporter: i look at your job
5:46 am
as an animator and compare it to a live action actor. you're working on "madagascar 3" which will come out next year. it seems like you need the same skills as a live action actor plus much more. am i hitting the nail on the head? >> no, no, it's true because we have to be the actors in the films. we have to bring the characters to life and understand what it feels like to go through all these things our characters go through. plus we have to understand body mechanics and timing. there's just a lot of things. >> reporter: that seems so abstract to me because you're taking on a character that isn't real, like "kung fu panda." how do you do that? that's maybe an an extract question in itself. >> i think you have to understand what makes a character tick. so we try to understand the character's arc through the film and as much as we can, we have these digital puppets that we try to move around but woe try to get inside the skin of the
5:47 am
character and feel, you know, method acting. find something in your life that relates to what that character is going through and bring that to the screen. >> reporter: you guys have accomplished smoke, hair, water. what's the next frontier for visual animation. >> a lot of those technical challenges we've nailed over the years. i think it's really just about character performance and just getting, you know, even better at what we do and making audiences cry and laugh with us. >> reporter: thanks, rex. appreciate it. laura. >> it's amazing to see how far it's come. a little known fact, i almost went into animation. i know, surprising. i had a full scholarship and everything. but no, i chose tv news. >> reporter: i'm going to give you a stick figure test when i get back. >> okay, you do it. thank you very much, bob. it's 5:47. we're also covering the rest of the day's news. elizabeth smart, remember that name? she's going to publicly confront the man who kidnapped, raped and held her captive. smart will address a judge during the sentencing hearing for brian mitchell today.
5:48 am
she was just 14 years old when she was abducted from her home and force sbeed a marriage with mitchell. a judge will also decide today if accused arizona shooter, jared loughner, is competent to stand trial. two mental health experts have submitted their evaluations to a judge. loughner is accused of shooting 19 people in sue saun in january, including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. six people died in that attack. a judge will decide whether to grant a preliminary injunction to stop further work on the controversial jonestown memorial. a woman in los angeles filed suit to stop construction. she said it's not fair to her family to, quote, honor jim jones who led more than 900 followers to a jungle to commit mass suicide. it's 5:48 right now. we want to get a check of the forecast with christina. a cool day? >> a cool day, especially if you're waking up by the bay this morning. we are going to see really cool temperatures in san francisco and in oakland today because we've got a system of low
5:49 am
pressure on the way. right now you can see it's already overcast. we have mostly cloudy conditions out there this morning and we're expecting a little bit more as we head throughout the next couple of hours. the front will come through. let me step out of the way because you can see there's some yellows embedded within this pretty strong front. it's going to push through santa rosa. if it's not raining at your house, count on that the next five to ten minutes and give yourself a little extra time. it's cool this morning, but not that bad. 51 in concord, 53 in hayward and 51 in san francisco. yes, santa rosa, 50 degrees right now. get ready for some rain-cooled air on the way that will drop your temp. 67 in fremont today and 68 in gilroy. a pretty nice second half of the day. if you had outdoor plans that you need to get to, a little exercise in the afternoon or if you want to walk the dog, not us, not laura and myself, but if you want to, we'll see a pretty nice second half of the day. but it's going to be pretty nice today to see a movie, maybe a
5:50 am
dreamworks film or stay inside and play an ea golf game because your golf game out on the course not so good. >> a little soggy, huh? soggy on the links. thank you very much. we're taking you around the way this morning and this morning we're waking up at redwood city. scott mcgrew is out at electronic arts with a look at the simms, very addictive game for a lot. >> reporter: very addictive and incredibly popular. the producer of this, in fact we have what i call the green diamond above our heads. >> the plum bob. >> reporter: so i think lots of people would recognize that hanging in your lobby. first of all, it's more than ten years old, right? >> absolutely. i started playing when i was in middle school over ten years ago myself. >> reporter: when you were in middle school ten years ago. very good. so you must be honored to be a part of this game.
5:51 am
>> absolutely. it's a dream job literally, being able to work on the game that's been my favorite game for a really long time. >> reporter: it's a game in which there is no winning, there are no points. what makes it so popular then? >> i think that there's so much to the sims. we've got people who want to build houses, people who want to tell stories, who want to live out their fantasies. there's a little something for everybody. >> reporter: some of the people at home are seeing on the screen how the game works. it's a little bit like a dollhouse or a simulation of american living really. >> absolutely. it's life. everything that you would be able to do in real life, you know, starting a family, working your way up through your favorite career, whether that's the music career or professional sports career, all of these things that you would like to do that maybe you can't do in your real life you can do here. >> and what's it like to be a programmer here or producer here? >> it's so much fun. one of my favorite things is
5:52 am
content. i have the privilege of being able to work on the sims three stores so i get to help create all of these things that our player can say buy and that our players really have the chance to vary their sims lives in the game. >> reporter: all right, thank you for joining us early, early this morning. she is now going to go back to work. i was telling her she should send out a few e-mails from her desk so people say, man, you work hard at 5:50 in the morning. >> and it's a fascinating look at all these different jobs and how creative these folks can be. >> reporter: very creative, just cutting edge stuff. >> all right, thank you very much. creating a lot of fun for a lot of us. it is now 5:52. in about two minutes we'll bring you more information about the premier league that could be coming to the bay area. and maybe scott or bob can get some of those folks help us punch up your maps. we're looking at a 3-ddriv mory stroth caffi but i'll ve ou ymooth traffic but i'll where there are
5:53 am
slowdowns and what's ahead. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at
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5:55 am
welcome back, everyone. 5:55 right now. some of soccer stars of europe will soon be here in the bay area. a news conference this morning will give us more details, but what we know so far is that an international premiere match will bow played in san francisco in july. the international premier league is made up of teams like manchester, united, chelsea and arsenal. pretty exciting there. let's see how things are going out there on the roadways this morning, checking in with mike. >> we'll take a look at the maps and see how things are shaping up at the approach to the bay bridge. the maze looking really nice as far as the speeds go and the problems approaching the maze.
5:56 am
san francisco, as you're getting off of that bay bridge, we have some slowing. construction going on the last couple of days but not a lot of details available. watch for slowing southbound 101 just off of the skyway right there near the 280 interchange and right around cesar chavez. there's also a game tonight. we'll end with the san mateo bridge. there's some haze in the air but no issues as far as reported by chp but still watch it, folks. laura, back to you. >> thank you very much. it's 5:56 right now. there are now more than a half a million apps in the apple app store. scott mcgrew is live out in redwood city this morning. how many apps do you have? >> reporter: well, let's see, i definitely have flip board and hulu and i am out here at electronic arts so i better say that i have madden, which i do, and sim city, which you can do on the ipad as well. but yeah, there are a half a million apps in the apple istore. now "wall street journal" totaled them all up. if you were to buy every single one of them, you would spend
5:57 am
more than $800,000 to get one of every app they have. i'm sure we will hear trumpetin from apple as far as the apps go, a half million sold. we also have some video from yesterday's open of the nasdaq marketplace. this is a company called yandex. it had its ipo. shares on the website, which boy the way are the most popular  website in russia, skyrocketed and raised more money for a company in an ipo since google. laura, you think about it, a russian company ipo'ing on the nasdaq. if you're of a certain age, you can remember when russia was a communist country. >> i don't know what you're talking about. or if you know your history, i guess. it's 5:57 right now. a lot more ahead. stick around. .
5:58 am
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