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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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iphone or ipad. right now, an nbc bay area news at 11:00. a slippery start to your memorial day weekend. rob mayeda will show us what to expect through the holiday. also bairx area homicides are on the rise in the largest bay area city. now a group from san francisco is volunteering to help. and keeping a watchful eye on your family and your home all from your iphone or ipad. we'll take a closer look at home
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security apps tonight. the news starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. the weather has been downright miserable around the bay area on this memorial day weekend. there's rain, there's wind and even snow in the sierras. let's start with rob mayeda with a look at what is going on. >> hi, diane. pretty interesting night we have had so far around the bay area as we've been seeing the rain coming down. in san jose earlier, pretty good downpours. right now showing you san francisco. we saw earlier this evening you can see the rai moving r right t the camera lens and then the sunshine breaking through the clouds. late day clearing. right now, still some showers around the south bay hillfops you'll see a little of that into tomorrow morning. things have really dried outpa around san francisco andut oakland. scattered showers across parts of the north bay. look at the sierra. that's where the snow continues to fly. wethunhorsrs rollingho out of chico w.
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they should stay safely away from the bay area dropping into bay areas. what's going to set up for sunday is a cold and blustery day. it will likely shut down the showers later on tonight. but the winds will be picking up, up to 35-mile-per-hour gusts in some of our hilltops. so tonight, some showers out there trending drier, though, as we approach sunday afternoon. we'll let you know if that drying trend will hold up for the rest of your memorial day weekend plans in the full forecast in a few minutes. in san jose, an 18-year-old young man was stabbed to death early this morning on the eastside of town. it was san jose's 21st killing. that's more than all of last year and we're not even halfway through this year. kimberly tere has more. >> reporter: diane, it has been a busy first half of the year for homicide detectives in san jose. and the numbers have caught the attention of community activists who say they plan to step up their efforts to help as a result.
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>> he didn't deserve it. he deserved none of this. he's a very good kid. he just graduated, what, high school four days ago? >> reporter: loved ones gathered saturday evening to mourn the loss of their friend, an 18-year-old who was stabbed to death in east san jose. it happened just before 4:00 saturday morning on the 1700 block of schulte drive. >> he was just there at the wrong place, wrong time. >> reporter: investigators say they are still looking for the person responsible and for the motive behind the stabbing. this comes on the heels of a fatal shooting just a couple blocks away. on wednesday night, police say a 22-year-old was gun 9 down. these two incidents bring the official number of homicides in san jose to 21. that is already more than the total for 2010. it is raising concerns for the guardian angels, a group of volunteers who do community safety patrols. >> we go in different -- various areas where there's a lot of things going on, a lot of crime.
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>> reporter: their south bay chapter was dissolved but will soon be back in business. >> we're working on setting a patrol up there and recruiting so we can work with the community and the mayor as well as the police. first and foremost the police department in covering areas where the police department is not able to because of budget cuts. >> reporter: the san francisco chapter leader says it's time for san jose neighbors to step in and help with community policing. something that friends of the city's most recent homicide victim say might curb the violence. >> well, possibly. i mean, it's worth a try. >> reporter: the guardian angels say until a chapter is officially established in the south bay, they plan on bringing volunteers from other chapters across the bay area to help with patrols which they hope to start up in the next couple of weeks. live in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a 26-year-old nursing student is missing tonight, more than 24 hours after taking a break from her night class at
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kaiser hospital in hayward. michelle never returned from her class break. investigators say they found her car several blocks away from the hospital parking structure. they say she also had her cell phone with her when she walked out of class but calls to her phone have gone unanswered. classmates tell police she planned to drive to reno to visit friends after last night's class. this is graduation season. some 7,000 students graduated from san jose state university. while the day was festive, two students were not there. 25-year-old cindy caliguiran and thomas williams were shot and killed in one of the university's parking garages earlier this month. caliguiran's husband is suspected of the killings. after the shootings he killed himself. both victims were due to graduate from the undergraduate accounting program today. the university granted those degrees today to their families. it was also graduation day at city college of san francisco where the commencement speaker was one of the most powerful politicians in the country. former house speaker and current house democratic house leader
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nancy pelosi gave the commencement address. pelosi has represented san francisco and neighboring cities for more than two decades and had a major impact on city college in 2007 when she earmarked capital funds for the college's new ocean campus health center. she gave the graduates her best wishes along with a special message from congress. >> i bring you congratulations of the congress of the united states. i bring with you the hopes of a nation. your success is the success of america. you are the future. congratulations and good luck. >> the community college claims to instruct more than 100,000 students each year in san francisco. and still ahead on nbc bay area news at 11:00 -- can your phone or tablet help protect your home? we'll take a closer look at some security apps for your iphone or ipad. nearly a week after a tornado devastated much of
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joplin, missouri, we'll have a look at the search efforts still under way. and i'm monte francis in oakland where lanes are about to close on the bay bridge. i'll tell you why and what effect it could have on drivers this weekend. > >>ecthk of > e o radar around
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the south y hilltops. still seeing some showers out there as more sw fliesn eth sierra and thundershowers are flaring up to our east.e wh it means for your sunday forecast coming up. loads of points.rted eag you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪
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we have some developing news in san francisco. we're getting word police are investigating a suspicious package at 18th and castro in the city. apparently they blocked off an entire city block. they are gathering up the package right now. this sat 18th and castro in san francisco. not clear yet what was in the package, but they've gathered it up and are in the process of clearing out the area and then opening up the block around 18th and castro. the rain was not the only thing slowing traffic between san francisco and the east bay on this memorial day weekend. caltrans is in the process of shutting down some eastbound lanes on the bay bridge. b.a.r.t. is running just one track instead of two in the trans bay tube. all of that adds up to delays for people getting into and out of the city. nbc bay area's monte francis is near the bay bridge toll plaza in oakland with that story. >> reporter: good evening. caltrans crews are here. they're in place but they haven't yet started to close down any of those lanes. as you can see behind me, traffic is flowing just fine coming off the bridge here into
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oakland. we expect that that could change in the next hour or so. if there is more rain tonight, caltrans might have to postpone this work and that could mean some delays on the bridge tomorrow. caltrans says drivers going into oakland from san francisco will see a noticeable change as early as sunday morning. after crews are finished shifting all the eastbound lanes to the south. this caltrans animation shows how the lanes will shift to make way for new lanes on the new eastern span set to open in late 2013. >> we'll start with the number four and five lanes. the two furthest to the right and shifting them over. >> caltrans spokesman bart nay says unlike the s-curve which took some drivers by surprise and resulted in several accidents, he says the transition of these lanes on the bridge should be smooth. >> this one is an improvement. instead of pinching back in as you come off the bridge you'll be pretty much a straight shot and an easy curve toward
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oakland. >> meanwhile, b.a.r.t. riders are also experiencing delays this weekend as crews perform maintenance in the trans bay tube. that means trains are running on one track through the tube rather than two. >> riders traveling between san francisco and the east bay are being told to expect 20 to 40-minute delays all weekend long. >> and i said 20 minutes to pittsburg, it's too much to stay here. we already checked in. >> other riders told us they didn't see much of a difference. >> it's pretty normal. i mean 10 minutes, 15 minutes. so, no, normal wait. >> and back to the work being done here on the bay bridge tonight, this entire process is expected to take five or six hours. as long as the rain does not prevent the striping of the lanes from taking place, the work is expected to be done by 8:00 or 9:00 tomorrow morning. monte francis, nbc bay area news. just ahead, we'll take you to joplin, missouri, where search and rescue teams refuse
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to give up on the missing. in sports, the giants with some late-inning magic against the brewers but was it enough? plus, the a's look to make it two straight against the orioles. we'll have the highlights there. and also coming up, home security at the swipe of your finger from anywhere? we'll look at the new apps that can turn your ipad or iphone into a surveillance device for your home. at this hour, we're seeing cool temperatures ound the bay area. 40s and 50s outside. and a sneak preview of tomorrow's weather as the wind speeds. we're seeing increasing around there bay area. looks like a gusty sunday ahead. i'll have details in the forecast a couple minutes away. the internet on a plane! are you from the future? um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus ngs at
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the national weather service is now saying that 2011 is the deadliest year for tornadoes since 1950. and that's largely because of the tornado that hit joplin, missouri, last sunday. families are searching through what's left of their lives looking for any keepsake or memory. authorities say 139 people are confirmed dead in joplin and nearly 100 people are still missing tonight. crews are still searching for survivors saying they haven't given up hope just yet. and president obama plans to visit the area tomorrow. the weather around here much more mild. but certainly not typical for memorial day.
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let's check in with rob mayeda on that. >> highs today only mid-60s in most of the bay area. right now with the winds picking up out of the northwest, clearing skies. temperatures feel colder than what you are seeing on the board behind me. 40s around the north bay. 52 in san jose. 50 in san francisco. now tomorrow morning in our wind protected areas of the north bay, i wouldn't rule out a chance of maybe seeing some upper 30s out there in wind-protected north bay valleys. the winds are starting to pick up. this will be one of the reasons why the skies will clear out. we'll get this cool, dry air rushing into the bay area which will start to shut down the showers as we head into tomorrow morning. the radar still active around the south bay. san jose. i ran right into a downpour around the airport this evening. most of the showers toward mt. hamilton. tomorrow morning, lingering showers. things have dried out for oakland and san francisco. good news for the construction repairs. hopefully all those showers have left the area and will stay off
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to the east. around the north bay, things have dried out. the sierra, the snow continues to fly. updated forecast projections for twin bridges and kingvale, 6 to 13 inches of snow here as we wrap up the weekend. that's just unbelievable. snow levels close to 4,000 feet tomorrow morning. most intense showers right now heading off east of sacramento towards rancho cordova. the bay area, though, starting to see those northwest winds picking up which should also shut down the showers tomorrow morning but we will see those gusts in some of the coastal hills maybe getting close to 35 miles per hour. so into tomorrow afternoon, should see some clearing. again, maybe lingering showers around the south bay. memorial day monday, increasing clouds, increasing chance of showers heading into monday night for the north bay. this is going to be the trend for the middle part of the week. the systems aiming in showers along the coast. especially for the north bay as we head into tuesday afternoon. no signs of seeing 80s in the forecast for quite some time. there you see the snow in the
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sierra starting to shut down as we get into monday. the next area of rain starts to lift up toward the coast. so i think tomorrow afternoon is going to be fine. it is going to be windy. monday is dry with increasing clouds. and the next chance of seeing showers rolls in. tonight it will be windy, cool. wind could get loud enough out towards the east bay or south bay to rattle the windows as the hilltop gusts get close to 35 miles per hour. tomorrow as the skies clear, we will see temperatures trying to get out of the 60s. we'll still see mid-60s for highs around alameda and heading toward san jose. 68 degrees. some of the warmest places tomorrow out toward napa and sonoma counties. north winds will dry out the air and warm things up as you get closer to sea level. that's the reason we've put low 70s around napa and sonoma. windy. 75 degrees. so a drier finish to memorial day weekend. a little windy, though, at times tomorrow. and then stay tuned.
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middle part of the week, into june, with highs only in the mid-60s. >> can't believe it. all right. thanks a lot, rob. gas prices are starting to drop around the bay area. but they are still up about $1 compared to memorial day weekend last year. so here's a look at some of the least expensive gas around. the best deal we could find is at the one stop in richmond on lincoln avenue. a gallon of regular is $3.75. in concord, you can buy gas for $3.85 at the bonnfare market. same price at the arco in san jose on winchester. in san francisco, 3.89 at the rc at castro and market. and now the xfinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. >> oh, it was classic torture for the giants today as they tried to make it two in a row against the brewers. jonathan sanchez ran into toubl trouble in the bottom of the first. carlos gomez hit one down the right field line. it gets right by cody ross and
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just keeps on going. gomez comes all the way around for the inside the park home run putting the brewers up 1-0. sanchez buckled down after that allowing only two runs on two hits and eight strikeouts in seven innings. the giants mounted a late inning comeback in the top of the eighth. pat burrell ties the game at two. in the bottom of the ninth you don't see this very often. the suicide squeeze. let's watch it. executed perfectly by the brewers. ryan braun scores the game-wing run as the giants lose to the brewers, 3-2. the a's at home tonight taking on the baltimore orioles. bottom of the third. josh willingham singles to center to give the a's a one-run lead. the orioles would later tie the game at two. coco crisp comes up big with a base hit to center field. the go-ahead run comes in to score and the a's hold on to beat the orioles, 4-2. both the a's and giants will
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wrap up their series tomorrow. still ahead on nbc bay area news at 11:00, a house on the peninsula for under $100,000? we'll show you. plus, how a number of apps can turn your ipad or iphone into a home security system. y last. woman: so we can have the kind of retirement we want. now, you know how this works. just stay on the line. oh, yeah.
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it's home security in your hand anywhere you go. we're talking about how smartphones and tablets, especially the iphone and ipad are changing the way people protect their homes. >> just a quiet neighborhood. >> we don't live in a bad neighborhood, but things happen. things can happen two doors down. yes, we have an alarm. yes, we do set it at night. like my dad always said, it's just to keep the innocent innocent. >> peace of mind is key when you have a 22-month-old under your roof. the feldmans have turned to some new tech to help them reach a
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higher level of cell security. >> i have fully altomated my alarm system, my lighting system. i can look in at any of the cameras. we can turn the alarm on or off. >> reporter: all of that at a touch or swipe. greg can access his home security system from anywhere. all he needs is an iphone or an ipad. >> i could go out to grab my son and run out so fast i forget to set the alarm. i can be sitting in circle time while he's dancing and set my alarm from my iphone. >> greg designs similar integration systems. his partner says their customers like using familiar technology to take control of their homes. in this type of system, it isn't just for mansions anymore. >> used to be the only systems like this would be in big houses. they've actually come up with some very affordable solutions. the system is very scalable. >> reporter: this is the g-controller, one of the latest from elan home systems. there are more than 100 automation apps available for the iphone, each pairing with
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specific home control hardware. even adt is on the iband wagon. it offers adt pulse. protection does take priority in the feldman home, but greg has another important reason for checking in from the road. >> if it's a little slow and i've got a moment, i certainly would like to login and see if nolan is playing on the swings. it's fun to be able to log in and see if he's on the front lawn or on the back lawn playing. >> some of the other remote services including custom notifications, when a child comes home or when there's a flood perhaps in your house. for the adt pulse system, prices start at $424 for installation and about $47 a month after that. if you are looking for a house on the peninsula perhaps, we know a place you can grab one for under $100,000. sort of. here's the catch. these are children's play houses. and they cost a fortune. contractors donate their time and money and the non-profit called rebuilding together peninsula auctions them off. there's a firehouse.
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believe it or not, they sell for anywhere from $10,000 to $80,000. 100% of the money goes to help. you can go to the rebuilding together peninsula website for more information and i'll be there helping to auction off some of those play houses as well. >> those look a lot of fun. i wouldn't mind being in one. >> some of them have televisions. they have electricity. you could definitely make it work. >> that's very cool. ipad apps controlling your houses. >> exactly. what's going on? >> hopefully the roof isn't leaking in any of those places. we've had rain. >> they are out in stanford right now. could be happening. >> windy tomorrow afternoon. monday, looks fine for memorial day. just increasing clouds. don't pack away the umbrellas this week. we'll see more rain dropping in. temperatures in the 60s to low 70s. we're getting into june now. we just can't break this pattern which has hung up across
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california. it likes the bay area. i'm so tired of it. >> thanks for joining us at 11:00. "saturday night live" coming up
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it's selection sunday on cbs. [ cheers and applause ] >> well, it's march. that means it's time for march


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