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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  May 30, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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with the story. if their line's under city land, why isn't the city responsible. >> for maintaining the sewer lines for 150 years, they're not legally responsible to do so. they want homeowners to foot the bill. homeowners are pretty steamed about the idea. michelle bloomstein is crying foul on a situation she believes just stinks. >> it's a $10,000 plus bill from the city and i think they're passing the cost of the infrastructure on to the individual citizens. >> bloomstein is one of nine san leandro homeowners in the triangle who may be forced to shell out several thousand dollars. >> so all of this that we have is now useless. >> because of a new city ordnance, homeowners like bloomstein could be hit with a $10,000 bill in order to pay,
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move, and reconnect the lateral sewer lines that run on their private property to the new main line. >> sewers, police, fire, roads, and street lights, these are all basic infrastructure we expect from our taxes. >> the city argues they're only legally responsible for paying the main line and providing a point of connection, not the privately owned connecting lines. >> there's nothing wrong with the people's laterals. what's happening here in the city is the city is moving the main, abandoning sewer mains that we paid for, paid the city for for 100 years. >> but other residents like frank hicks said the city has maintained back yard sewers for decades. >> everybody sort of converges right here. >> and believes forcing residents to pay is a scary road to go down. >> this is a city of city infrastructure that is going to strike every city in california. if san leandro can abandon what's been their
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infrastructure, it can happen anywhere. this is an issue for everybody in california. >> city council will discuss the issue here next monday. we did contact the city manager. he did not get back in time for the broadcast as city hall is closed for the holiday. live, alease kirchner. >> new tonight at 6:00, pg&e will be testing a gas pipeline. the test is part of the plan to perform pressure tests on 150 miles of aging natural gas pipelines that are similar to the ones that exploded in san bruno. eight people die and 38 homes are destroyed in the blast in the resulting fire. the newark task will be on the pipe that runs west of the lake district. the process is expected to begin 24 police oakland police are une investigating why deadly gun fire broke out in the headquarters of a local motorcycle club. it happened at 9:30 following the annual memorial day party
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hosted by the east bay dragons motorcycle club. today mourners gathered around a curbside shrine for the victims, 28-year-old la toya kenney, a union city mother of two and 29-year-old eric bush, a father of three. in front of the club, tire marks are burned into the pavement from the side show that began after the party. >> like young kids having fun and everything and the next thing you know, pow, pow, pow, here comes shots. two killed, one wounded. she's in the hospital fighting for her life. >> a member of the motorcycle club tells it news that barbecue ended long before the side show began. we know the names of two people killed in san jose. melissa ross of san jose was killed on saturday while driving near helio park. they don't believe her death is gang related and family members believe it's a sad case of
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mistaken identity. vincent tran was stabbed in what police say was a fight between rival gangs. san jose is facing a significant spike in violence this year. it must be difficult for neighbor there is now. >> it is, jessica. if you think about it, we're not done yet with the month of may and we've gone beyond the number of homicide in all of last year in san jose. add to that the prospect of fewer police officers and neighbors here are concerned. adds midday approaches in this park neighborhoods, gonzalez and diaz push their food cart through a busy intersection ready to serve lunch to neighborhood patrons. as kids play in a garage sale opens, long-time residents know this is where san jose's first homicide of 2011 happened and
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say they appreciate steady support from the police. >> everybody the same, you know? you've got gangs and that kind of stuffment b menstuff. the guy got killed across the street. i have no problem walking around out here. never have. >> with budget cuts looming, some, like mercy simon, say fewer officers mean more worries. >> i think the city is still safe enough. but with fewer police, i don't know if we'll be that safe. so i think if they still have more police, it's better. >> anybody who doesn't need these people have got to be screwy. they should put it up to the public's vote. anybody who's born here or a good citizen, we need these kind of people. even if it comes down to us putting $20 or $30 apiece a month, you'd do it. you can't lose services like
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that. >> san jose is facing rising violence and the prospect of fewer officers on the street. but in this part of town, they're staying hopeful one meal at a time. another concern here, the number of "for lease" signs have gone up lately as the number of small local businesses have closed down. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. thank you, scott. family and friends gathered in danville to remember 15-year-old alison bayles. she was a sophomore on the swim and track team in her high school and she get good grades. she died after jumping off the golden gate bridge. the family held a celebration of her life at the local church and thanked the community for the outpouring of support. the fund has been set up in alison's name to further causes important to her. doe neighs can be made at any
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wells fargo bank. taking a moment to remember. today the nation celebrated the 143rd memorial day, including one ceremony at the presidio. ♪ god bless america >> more than 2500 people gathered to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for country. this marks the involvement of world war ii. many wanted to express their appreciation to the great estrogen ration. >> we thought it would be great to put flowers on the graves of those who fought in the military for us. >> while the ceremony focussed on world war ii veterans, the san francisco cemetery dates back to the war with mexico. 3500 veterans and their dependents are murried there. >> in walnut creek, those
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soldiers missing in action were remembered. there are 1500 soldiers missing from the vietnam war. >> i don't like the word "closure," because it's never closed. i miss him every day. war is hell. period. >> a navy commander talked to the group of the latest effort to recover the personnel missing in action. with each passing memorial day, the number of world war ii survivors dwindles but today several came together in the bay area to talk about the fight of the lifetime. we're here to tell you about a special ceremony held in palo alto today. the stories so important, so memorable, so touching. >> yes, jessica. for many of the veterans, memorial day takes them back to a terrifying time. at the chatting house, seniors came together to remember the friends they lost more than 70 years ago and honor of their neighbors who survived horrors
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on the battlefield. more than 77 years after he heard "taps" played for his friends killed during world war ii, it still sends chills down his body. herbert knows it notes could have easily been played for him. >> in may, total american casualties were running 4,000 a week. >> on this memorial day, the marine recalled his days as a second lieutenant fighting against the japanese in okinawa in 1945. >> the defensive set up the japanese had on okinawa was one of the most tremendous defensive setups god has known. >> a mortar shell hit him and threw him ten feet down a hillside. >> pretty terrifying. pretty terrifying. you're in a state of shock. i knew i was hit. i knew i was alive. i had no idea where i had been hit. >> he was hit in the thighs. he can't move one side of his
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legs. ♪ o beautiful >> now he makes this memorial day tribute his mission at chatting house in palo alto, a chance to say thank you and remember lives lost, sacrifices made. >> a number of people that i knew that came back wounded. >> and hopefully a chance to look forward to lessons learned. >> let's hope we don't go through too many more of these. >> he was only 22 years old when he was nearly killed fighting during world war ii. he says the experience taught him to appreciate his life and have a positive outlook because so many of his friends never lived to see age 24. marianne fabro, nbc bay area news. still ahead at k6, 6:00, president obama weighs in on a medical controversy playing out in california schools. monty hayward where investigators arerying to find a missing nursing student. why her disappearance is being
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called suspicious coming up. thank you, monty. why things could get crowded on the golden gate bridge as of tomorrow because of new rules involving cyclists and pedestri pedestrians. good evening. i'm the meteorologist. we have sun, clouds cool for this time of the year. only 66 in san jose. san francisco, 60, oakland at 61. tonight, yes, clouds, a chance of showers returning. e possibilities of more sierra snow in the coming days. si
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learning more tonight about a missing nursing student who vanished in the east bay. michelle lee is last seen leaving kitzer hospital in hayward on friday where she was doing a clinical rotation as part of the coursework. we have the latest on the investigation. monty? we've learned that michelle lee is halfway through an
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accelerated nursing program at samuel merit university in oakland and while police are not calling her disappearance a crime, they are calling it suspicious. >> we are, at this time, remaining hopeful that michelle is safe and she will be located soon. >> school officials say 26-year-old michelle lee is everything a nursing student should be -- kind, helpful, and smart. that's why her disappearance is having such an impact in sam merit university in oakland. >> a community with a family -- this disappearance affected all of us, her classmates, her teachers. michelle is a beautiful, bright, intelligent young lady. >> the young nursing student had planned to spend a three-day weekend in reno with a friend and never showed up. she was last seen taking a break from her clinical rotation at
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kaiser hospital in hayward. a surveillance camera showed what's believed to be lee's car leaving the parking garage. lee is thought to find a car like this one parked at the hospital on a residential street locked with a laptop computer and valuables inside. >> i think it's us pishs. any normal official would think it's suspicious as well. the car was parked a short distance away. it was left there. >> family and friends have been reticent to talk to the media but it's out of character for lee to vanish and not tell anyone where she was going. and police say she doesn't have any apparent psychiatric conditions that could account for her disappearance. they were tracking her cell phone but they have since lost the signal. the phone is off, out of range, or that the battery is dead. if you have any information about michelle lee's whereabouts, you're asked to contact the police department. monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> get a break on that case
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soon. thank you, monty. heads up, changes on the golden gate bridge could keep pedestrians in the tracks and force bikers to hit the brakes. pedestrians and cyclists will have to share the narrow east sidewalk to get across the bridge. the west sidewalk will be shut down for the next four months because of the $660 million seismic rupture project. it will allow the bridge to stand an 8.3 magnitude earthquake. it's expecteded to be completed by 2014. get on the bus, that's the message to riders who must make the switch to clipper cars by friday. there will be signup events by muni riders 65 and older. events start on wednesday. seniors can sign up for the ticketing car at metro stations and some walgreen's stores. you have to bring your identity. stuck in limbo. city leaders say they may have to slash the city services in
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the wake of major flooding in march. the city is expected to spend $1.5 million on flood repairs and used the entire emergency fund. now there is concern there will be no federal aid at all. that's because fema has not decided the total damage from the late march storms meets the $44 million threshold to qualify for federal funding. the u.s. forest service is looking to tighter restrictions on retardant drops in order to save wild life. millions of gallons of the mixture is poured on wild lands. the limits will stop drops near waterways where they can kill fish. the forest service will make a decision by the end of the year and will apply only to national forest lands for the time being. now to the weather to talk about the gloomy weather. is it june? isn't june like two days away? >> almost june. a couple of days away. we're dealing with temperatures
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in the 60s. two days with 80-degree weather when we should be averaging 80 each and every day for the month of may. right now, we have clouds over the san francisco bay. we have a magnificent sunset with sun reflecting off of the bay tonight. it was cool with temperatures in the mid 60s for parts of the east bay locations. the radar tracking some showers north of ukiah. not anything in terms of heavy rainfall, but the showers will push south as we head through the forecast. the water winds down officially as we head to july 1. so far, most of the bay has seen anywhere from 20 to 21 1/2 inches of rainfall, less here in san jose with just over 14 inches. and most areas now at 100% and/or better for the water year, great news when it comes to the drought. no longer under a drought. but we could use some warmer weather, at least lately.
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okay, 66 in san jose. 66 in los gatos. 67 in redwood, 66 in san francisco, 69 in san are a fell, 66 in livermore this afternoon. temperatures having an easy time dropping off in the current conditions. 64 in sunnyvale, 62 in concord. let's get a look at the weather pattern. the weather system is very, very weak. it's powerful enough to bring showers as it continues to push to the south. we'll see an aggressive jet stream for may staying to the south over the next two days. that will keep the cool air in place and also the showers in your next 48 hours. not only that, but, yes, sierra snow as we head throughout wednesday and possibly the thursday morning where we could see an additional two to four inches, right around 5500 feet. so could we have skiing this weekend? some of the resorts that decided to stay open later, it's entirely possible. so winter conditions coming midweek. let's get a look as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast.
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the 40s and the 50s. throughout wednesday, temperatures will be warming up in to the 60s. let's get a look at the travel delays. we have severe weather right here across the midwest. we're going the take it to you. minneapolis, omaha. those areas could be under a tornado watch in the next couple of hours. that's where we could be facing some delays. if you know anyone headed back to the regions tonight, you need to pick them up at the airport. several days with showers in it. unbelievable, you guys. >> you're the bearer of bad news. >> i know, sorry. i know. it's monday too. all right, good. jeff, thank you very much. still ahead at 6:00, it's official, the uk releases new detail on the royal couple's visit to california. we'll answer if the bay area made the final cut. hospitals in crisis. ho delaying treatment. the >> it's called the silent
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epidemic. thanks to new drugs, patients have hope.
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coming through health watch tonight. a shortage of medications as hospitals scramble for substitutes to save lives. the scarce supply isn't a new problem, it gets worse it seems. the number of medications listed in short supply has tripled in the past five years to a record 21 medications. the majority of the meds are injectables used by medical centers in emergency rooms and cancer wards. well, a group of doctors is taking a firm stand against energy drinks for kids. they say high amounts of caffeine could be harmful to young bodies. the new report from the american academy of bee yatd ripediatric teens are confused on ways to hydrate themselves so they're turning to caffeinated drinks like water or sport drinks like
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gatorade. the caffeine can be addictive and increase kreecrease heart r pressure, and anxiety. >> you don't know what caffeine does in large quantities, we don't know what it does over a period of time to a young developing body. >> for the vast majority of children, sport drinks translate to unnecessary calories and sugar contributing to obesity and tooth decay. the best and healthiest way to rehydrate is good it could help patients cutting the treatment in half. the hepatitis c virus drug is similar to the treatment to combat hiv. robert bazell has more. hepatitis c is called the silent epidemic. 3/4 of those living with the liver damaging virus are undiagnosed. many baby-boomers became
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infected decades ago. rene webb was infected more than 20 years ago from a needle stick when she was a student nurse. she learned she had hepatitis c in 2002. as a nurse, the young mother of two was worried. >> like, wow, this could be really, really ugly. >> with the only option, a grueling one-year regiment with the drugs interferon with a slim chance of a cure, she was willing to wait. >> i'm not going to put my life on hold for a year. not sick, going to make myself sick and probably not get rid of it anyway. >> the disease grew worse. >> you think, oh my god, what if you don't see it graduate from high school. what if i don't see her get married. >> an experimental drug might help. became the first to enroll in a
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clinical trial. he took the drug to interferon and riboviron, she showed no sign of the virus. c-vac was approved by the fda. the drugs have doubled the cure rate and some cases have doubled the treatment time. with analysts expecting the sale of the new drug to reach $5 billion, adding a new drug to a cocktail running around $30,000 would limit access. >> may affect patients with limited insurance or marginal insurance so we need to provide medicines to all those who need them. >> i would think they treated me while i was healthy. i'll be a productive member of society and pay my taxes for many years to come. >> inspired by her experience, she's a clinical trial nurse. >> i want to see more drugs like this. i hope my patients say i'll be right there with them the whole way. >> and she is. well, still ahead at 6:00, new questions tonight about the
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earthquake in haiti. a new report that questions whether the country received too much aid. also ahead, fema's new plan' for housing those left homeless after the tornado that leveled joplin, missouri. hackers and tupac shakur. the prank involving the late rap star is gettinle attention. >> take you to more celebrations for memorial day. plus, what makes a war movie particularly memorable? we'll be right back. ♪
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hundreds of people packed into a cemetery in oakland today to pause and remember those who lost their lives in service to our country. nbc bay area christie smith shows us how this commemoration crossed generations. >> for many here, the sounds are
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personal. >> i haven't been to a function like this in a number of years. >> vietnam vet edward stowe said he had to come this memorial day. >> the freedom that we have and all that have sacrificed that freedom, that's a very special core that we can't forget. >> stories of sacrifice passed down to the generation. scouts gave flags and received a lecture in history. >> it's hard to say what to do. >> they hosted a commemoration each year, a fitting pace. >> we have veterans from the war of 1812 to today buried her. >> the traditional wreath was made and a salute to men and women who gave their lives in service. but many here can't help but think of those still on the front lines. >> this is a very difficult war for all men and women who are fighting for it. but we can't forget -- we just
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can't forget of what our flag and what we stand for. >> in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. mexican-american veterans were also honored at a memorial day event today outside of the state capital. the veterans and their families gathered around the statue known as the soldier which was installed there in 1975. an effort is under way to enhance the memorial through private donations. supporting minority veterans is especially important. >> they live in a country that didn't necessarily fully involve them in community life, yet they went to war for us. >> 12 soldiers on the wall. >> the state department of veteran affairs said california is home to 2 million veterans, 14% of whom are latinos. in our nation's capital, a moment of somber reflection as president obama led the nation
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in a cemetery at arlington nation that will cemetery. 3,000 veterans are buried in arlington after giving their lives defending their country. >> it's their courage, unselfishness, devotion to duty that sustained the country through all of its trials and sustain us through all of the trials to come. >> today the president announced he nominated general dempsey to lead the joints of staff. general dempsey commanded troops in iraq and spent 40 years in uniform. if it's confirmed, heel be the top military advisor to the president and the national security team. new at 6:00, the obama administration is stepping in to a california case involving 14,000 diabetic school children. at issue is whether school employees can givins lynn shots if no nurses are available. only doctors or nurses are allowed to dispense medication. but shortages of nurses in school would deny care to
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thousands of students and violate their rights under federal disability laws. the american diabetes association said it brought the case to the attention of the white house. new tonight at 6:00, california's high-speed rail officials will be meeting with representatives from spain this week to learn about running a high-speed transit system. spain has the second largest high-speed rail network in the world. this thursday, the california high speed rail authorities expected to sign an agreement with spain to share information about the best way to run such a system. on friday, the board and the spanish trade commission will take part in a conference in san francisco to discuss the economic impact of high-speed rail lines. while the infamous fema trailers that house sod many left homeless after hurricane katrina swept new orleans could be traveling to joplin. if enough existing rental housing can't be found for missouri's tornado victims, the trailers will be brought in. nearly a third of the town of 50,000 was damaged by the storm.
6:34 pm
adequate housing wasn't available within a 55-mile radius. the trailers isn't an easy solution. the time it takes to get the water, sewer, and electrical hookups. after hurricane katrina, many gulf coast residents still living in trailers. a friendly request from the national hurricane center, like a facebook page. the hope is that coastal residents will sign up to receive storm warnings. focusing on preparing the six-month atlantic hurricane season which begins on wednesday. a new report claims far fewer people left died or homeless by the devastating earthquake in haiti than previously thought. the report obtained by the associated press questions if haiti received more international aid than necessary. the new estimate claims between 46,000 and 85,000 people were killed but the official death toll was 316,000. the u.s. state department says
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the state report does have inconsistencies and the haitian government refused to discuss it. it led to a major outpouring of support including $5 billion from the u.n. donor conference. the space shuttle "endeavour" is on the way home for the last time. the shuttle and the six-person crew undocked from the international space station. for past two weeks, the crew performed repairs and installed new equipment. the shuttle is expected to return to earth wednesday. it will be retired from flight after this mission, the final shuttle atlantis is expected to launch later this summer marking an end to the more than 40-year-old u.s. shuttle program. added speculation that sarah palin will run for president. the former alaskan governor is in the midst of a bus tour. she made a stop at the national archives this morning. palin is only visiting historic sites to pay tribute to america's rich heritage along with the bus and the bee yeah. but she did respond to one
6:36 pm
question. asked when she would do to attract more african-american to the republican party, she said -- >> every american is interested in getting the economy back on the right track, having the freedom to invest and prioritize. doesn't matter skin tone on that. we all need good jobs. >> palin's trip wasn't well covered by the media. allegedly because she did not give out an advanced copy of her
6:37 pm
itinerary. still ahead, amazing
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pictures into the newsroom from australia. so, will they or won't they come our way? duke and duchess of wam bridge, also known as will and kate, will visit nine cities and travel thousands of miles to the first official tour through north america. most of the time, they'll be in canada but they will arrive in los angeles on july 8. the itinerary is not etched in stone but the couple seems to be interested in yosemite and the golden gate bridge. we shall see. think of china and you think of bustling cities. but china has built a series of ghost cities which are almost empty. it's one example of seven such
6:40 pm
cities. experts say it's evidence of a dangerous property bubble threatening china and the world economy. it was designed for more than 1 million people with a museum, library, and theater all surrounding a now desserted central square. the real estate agent tells nbc news most of the apartments have been sold, but not to live in -- as investments with the hope of rising prices. many of china's ghost cities are built entirely on speculation. >> wow. that's interesting. okay, lauren scott joins us with the speculation of sports. >> i tell you this, memorial day tributes at ballparks around this country today. very nice. but the a's doing something extremely niles. one of the injured stars trading uniforms to take part of the ceremonial first pitch before oakland got down to business in the yankees coliseum. the giants, they got a boost from the spark plug center fielder and sausalito's own j.r. hildebrand seconds away from glory at the indy 500.
6:41 pm
but today's consolation prize may not ease the pain, but it's n noteworthy. sports coming up. and a live look at the american flag. blowt g inheofou twest, winds 10 to 20 miles per hour in san francisco. let you know of showers moving in and more.
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today, of course, is memorial day. a lot of discussion about wars. and for decades, wars have been depicted on the big screen. >> terry bergland from our l.a.
6:43 pm
station shows us when all of the pieces come together, war movies can become instant classics. from the very first film ever to win the best picture oscar, "wings" in 1927, hollywood has been telling war stories from every angle, every continent, every decade. when the movie business does it just right, war films are classic cinema, whether because of how it shows battle or battle scars. >> say something else. >> by the very essence of war, there's a dramatic opportunity to examine every emotion. from courage, bravery, fear, and cowardice. heart ache to loneliness, insanity to genius. >> why don't they ask you to ground them. >> they're crazy. that's why. >> they're the endless stories that the war provides from the soldiers to the families, the girl friends back home, the buddies on the battlefield. >> there ain't no war but this one.
6:44 pm
>> i've seen another world. >> here the bombs go off. >> have you been to war? >> no. >> you haven't? >> no, not going to go. >> and the countless sensory overload chances that planes, bombs, ships, and gun fire afford a gun maker. >> i love the smell of napalm in the morning. >> the action itself, there's a little drama in there too. so you'll be captivated by the story. and the development of the character. >> we all have a slightly different list of bests when it comes to war films, based sometimes on how hollywood attacks the subject or on the attacks themselves. >> the best effects, a lot of, you know, a lot of bullets flying, explosions, yeah. >> and yet? >> a story about a person. >> a good storyline. a good plot, you know? it helps if it's based on some true events. >> as the wars changed, so do the films about them. after vietnam, hollywood's war stories became grittier, far
6:45 pm
more real, the happy endings, far more rare. >> what makes a good war film. >> adherence to the truth. so that it reflects actually what happened. >> saving private ryan and band of brothers, two of my favorites. that was kerry bergland reporting from los angeles. check this out. amazing video from a chopper in australia. check it out. water spouts off of the coast of sydney. inside the spout, winds can reach speeds up to 60 mile-per-hours. they've been known to pick up sea life, believe it or not, and dump it on the land. heavy storm across the coast sydney noted three additional water spouts. like tornadoes, water spouts often appear in clusters. that's amazing video. >> yeah. it was crazy. jeff, when the -- when the form of a water, is there a risk of them coming on to land, becoming tornados? >> yeah. >> causing damage? >> yeah, of course.
6:46 pm
that happened in florida. when it does cross over on to land, it's a tornado. it's, you know, hard a lot of times for water spouts to cross on to land because of the dynamics. when it does, it's call add tornado. now get a look at the may rainfall. we've been talking about how rare it is to get may rainfall. so how has things played out for us in may? we've seen over two inches of rain here in santa rosa for the month of may. santa rosa is a good extreme of where we tend to pick up the most rainfall. so for the month of may, the average rainfall, .89. we've doubled the average at this point. for january, we had close to two inches. so in may, we picked up more rainfall than we have -- than we saw in january. so it really is quite extraordinary here because in january, that is when we should be getting a lot of our water. so, let's take a look at the temperatures on the cooler side across the bay area. 66 in livermore, 67 in redwood
6:47 pm
city, 60 in san francisco. the cool pattern being in place. but not only that, going to throw showers back in the forecast. tracking showers to the north, dry in the north, the east, the south bay right now. but the showers transitioning now as we head throughout the night. temperatures dropping off quickly as well. 61 in hayward, 62 in oakland, right now, 61 in napa, already 58 in santa rosa. tonight, the clouds increase. we head throughout tuesday, the chance of showers being on the cool side with more 60s. we're not done with it on tuesday. we have more thunderstorms in the forecast. more below average temperatures, more seierra snow coming. here's the system over the next 48 hours sliding across california. it's weak by our standards of storms, but it will be strong enough to bring us late season shower as we head to tuesday with temperatures in the 60s. in wednesday, enough instability in the mid levels of the atmosphere to bring you the possibility of the thunderstorms. let's get a look at the timing. as we head throughout the night, clouds increase by 11:00 p.m.,
6:48 pm
chance of showers, santa rosa, down san francisco. it's not going to be wide spread nonstop rainfall with this system, but scattered showers popping up across the bay area heading around 6:00 a.m. on your tuesday, that scenario at 11:00 a.m. withe head throughout the effect hours on tuesday, we should get sunshine out here as the first wave moves out. more chance of a shower moving back to the forecast for wednesday as well. sierra snow possibly two to four inches here as we head to wednesday night. we could even have chain requirements up across highway 50 and interstate 80. if you're doing any traveling at the airport or picking somebody up, we do have a tornado watch for indianapolis near st. louis. that could be delaying the planes taking off and landing from some of the midwest airports, something to think about. as for tonight, 48 in gill roye, 49 in livermore. 48 in san raef y'all, for tuesday, a chance of scattered showers, temperatures in the cooler side. 66 in fremont, 65 in dublin, 64
6:49 pm
in san mateo, 63 in san francisco. we'll look at conditions well inland only in the mid 60s right along that interstate 80 corridor in fairfield with 64, napa, 64. for the north bay, we're looking at mid 60s. morning time on your travel forecast on the weather channel on cable and on your seven-day forecast. i've said it many times and i'll say it again. you can thank la nina. she is gracing us with showers here. friday, saturday, and sunday. upper 60s, low 70s. not big storms this week. it's going to be this on again-off again pattern. >> quick question. >> go ahead. >> quick question. you said the wet pattern we're in has some connection to what's been happening in the midwest. if we stay rainy, should they expect more violent storms? >> it depends on how the jet stream kinks. but if it's troughing, if it's dipping across the west, it's got to bend and break at some point. it's usually across the midwest. so we're in the shower pattern
6:50 pm
and they're getting severe weather tonight. >> interesting. all right, turn things over to lauren scott. >> now the xfinty sports desk. >> the a's facing the yankees. dallas braden out for the season for shoulder surgery. he traded the uniform for the u.s. army specialist stationed in kuwait, mark braden, no relation. one sling on one arm. dallas part of the ceremonial first pitch. and by cah the troops. trevor cahill who started the season 6 and 1 had a few tough outings as of late. mark teixeira four runs given up by cahill. the four straight losses. off of the bat of robinson cano. the double-scoring alex rodriguez.+2d theyr7mg offensiy bartolo cologne continues to impress not throwing anything last season throws a four-hit shutout
6:51 pm
looking like the cy young self in 2005. the a's fall to the yankees 5-0. the giants opening a four-game set in st. louis, the first time they've seen the cardinals since the overwhelm opener in china basin. a big blast of patriotic showing with respect. 90 degrees in gametime before the first inning. not scoreless anymore with the boss at work. cody ross cranks one to center for the fourth home run of the season. then, with a game tied, top four, brandon crawford continues to impress, called up days ago from san jose single a. he gets a single just before the game was blown wide open by andres torres. this grand slam part of a five-run inning helping madison baumgartner pick up his second straight win. the giants beating the cardinals. comprehensive coverage of every bay area team is on comcast sportsnet bay area. a full 30 minutes of the teams
6:52 pm
you care about go deep with sportsnet central at 10:30. tattoo parlor inc., what now will change the face of ohio state football is jim tressel has resigned as the head coach of the buckeyes. the coach who guided ohio state to the first national title in 34 years has been dealing with month of turmoil after five of the players were found to have received cash and discounted tattoos from the owner of a columbus tattoo parlor. ongoing ncaa investigations and a probe to tressel's knowledge of the wrongdoing continue to snowball leading to the resignation. snowball leading to the resignation. the first city 2001. in that time, the buckeyes were 9 and 1 against arch rival michigan 6 and 4 in bowl games. sausalito's j.r. hildebrand is a race car driver that we've been following long before yesterday's indy 500. when we met up with him last year, he told us fhepf hig when we met up with him last year, he told us fhepf hig of but?y check it out. [ i ha500 whee carsx eleofef speakk
6:53 pm
i cards9eleofefgcnfhfi school, varsity, all of school, varsity, all of stuff.aú luckb little kid, i had 500 hot wheels cars and no baseball cards to speak of. it was always my thing. and i'm really lucky to be able to take advantage of it. >> yesterday at the 100th running, the brick yard was buzzing and hildebrand had the lead out of the the race. the first indy 500 became a nightmare. he tries to pass a lapped car, gets out of the racing groove, hits the wall. dan weldon takes the checkered flag. the race was under review for an hour. the question was hildebrand still the leader when the íy+;n thi frozen. after the review, no question. weldon's second title at indy would stand. hildebrand will be haunted from this for quite sometime now. this will be hard to get over. taking second place, he's named the race's rookie of the year and brings home just over $1 million. no consolation, really, because that's a really tough way to lose. but $100 million payday. hopefully he'll get back there
6:54 pm
and shine again in the same scenario. >> okay. thank you very much. >> money in the bank. well, before we go to the break, we have a memorial day message to s messaghae to share with you. >> for me, memorialb2jpvfytt1a3
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6:56 pm
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coming up at 11:00, the messagefou talks about his surgery. and is the camera on this year's graduation gift list. don't wait to see what we found. the smart phone versus the point and shoot. which one has the better photo. put it to the test after "law & order l.a." tupac shakur live and well in new "f it was a storyb website but a true story. they cracked the hacker's website. a group that complained about a "frontline" news report about wikileaks on pbs claimed
6:58 pm
responsibility for the hack. mã d elvis toxin,-2 bpa fe at. mã 11:00. & t have restricted bpa. california should be tenth. i'm suzanne shaw. bpa is a synthetic hormone used in plastics, including sip by cups and baby bottles. the chemical with leach to children's drinks. bpa is linked to serious
6:59 pm
problems, including early puberty and cancer. canada was first to ban thek 6 the european union is next. ms lob


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