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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  May 31, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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appears this was a car theft with a surprise waiting for the thief in the back seat. what's the latest in morgan hill? >> reporter: we just talked to the family, the grandmother and the aunt. you can imagine they're ecstatic that she has been found. they heard the news just as we heard and you can imagine smiles and tears of joy on their faces. we have live pictures of the car, the abandoned car, the mom's car at a park off of highway 68. the park is called toro park. they found the baby in the back seat in this abandoned car. we understand that the baby has been taken to the hospital in salinas. the family tells us they will be driving down in the next few minutes. the baby girl sitting in the back seat of her mother's infiniti. they -- this is a happy ending to what was a nightmare for the family the past few hours. here is the grandfather reacting
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to the news just moments ago. >> i cry, happy, because we don't think -- i say before i believe in god and we will find it. i want to say thank you to everybody to help, like reporters and police officers and all the friends. >> reporter: obviously the family didn't care about the car, they wanted the baby back and that's exactly what happened just a few moments ago. so you can imagine a very happy family. like we said, they're on their way to reunite with the baby. we're live here with breaking news in morgan hill. >> george, while we have you, the timeline here, this baby was taken from this car, from that church parking lot at approximately 3:00 this afternoon and recovered around 5:45. do we know how long the baby was left unattended in that car, any
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indication yet? >> reporter: actually we understand it was about 2:00 this afternoon when this car was taken and police have not said at what time the car was found but probably within the last 30 to 45 minutes. so at least two and a half hours that this baby was with -- inside this car with the suspect or suspects. >> okay, very good. once again, around 2:00 this afternoon, the baby was in the back seat of that car. the mother went inside that church, left the car unattended with the motor running and the car was stolen with the baby inside and around 5:45 it was recovered. our helicopter above the scene. you see that 1991 white infiniti there. it has been recovered and the 1-month-old baby girl on her way to the hospital with her parents on their way as well. new at 6:00 tonight, hayward police trying to connect with fairfield police tonight to try to develop a lead in the case of a missing nursing student. 26-year-old michelle lai
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disappeared after taking a break from doing rounds at kaiser permanente medical center where she is a student. her car was found less than half a mile away empty. last year a nursing student disappeared after shopping at a fairfield barnes & noble. 12 days later the body was found. her case is yet to be solved. both women studied nursing. both have the same spelling of their last name. two brothers accused of a deadly thanksgiving day shooting in oakland guilty on three counts of murder tonight. the shooting took place back in november of 2006 as the victims and one of the killers sat down together for a holiday meal. jodi hernandez was in the courtroom when the verdict came down. i understand it was very emotional inside there. >> reporter: it was highly emotional, jessica. that holiday shooting is still fresh in the minds of dozens of people impacted by the shocking event. and today those folks packed the courtroom to hear the outcome of
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the trial. hugs and tears outside an oakland courtroom, as the relatives of three people shot and killed during a thanksgiving gathering say they have finally gotten justice. >> there's nothing that's going to bring our precious family members, but justice has been served. that's what this family is celebrating at this moment. it's a bittersweet moment. >> reporter: after a four-month trial, a jury found a 47-year-old and his 43-year-old brother guilty of three counts of first degree murder. prosecutors say the brothers planned and carried out the november, 2006, killings of their deceased brother's wife, her 17-year-old brother and her mother. prosecutors say the men mistakenly believed the family was responsible for their brother's sudden death and wanted revenge. those who survived the holiday
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shooting say tedras actually shared the family's thanksgiving meal before his brother arrived and opened fire. >> he ate the food, he drank the coffee. he's not a human being. how he can eat if you're going to kill a mom, a sister and a brother, i mean i feel sorry for him. i will pray for him. >> reporter: but the men's attorney say the jury has it wrong. >> i believe with regard to my client, he did not open the door, he did not know his brother would be coming in, he did not know that there would be fire play. he is innocent and it's a great miscarriage of justice. >> the family brandished weapons which required him to defend himself. in doing so, he shot people in the course of defending himself. >> reporter: it's a case that's pitted some members of the bay area's african community against one another. as one family mourns loved ones
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killed, while another grieves relatives who now face a life behind bars. now, the two men were also convicted of kidnapping their sister-in-law, their victim's 2-year-old son for several hours during that ordeal. now, the brothers face sentences of life in prison without the possibility of parole. they'll be sentenced on august 2nd. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. in san jose now between a rock and a hard place. pay cuts or layoffs. the city council has made a choice, pay cuts, which will apply for four city unions. the council vote was 8-3 to cut 10% of employee pay and benefits. the alternative was eliminating up to 300 jobs. councilmembers are desperately trying to close a $115 million budget gap, because police and firefighters have the right to settle pay disputes through arbitration, the council cannot order salary cuts for them.
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firefighters have already agreed to a 10% cut and police are in the process of offering a 10% cut as well, but for only one year. meanwhile, police officers in san francisco are breathing easier tonight after it appears the city will avoid mass layoffs. the recovering economy has created about $50 million of unexpected tax revenue for san francisco. money that could spare police layoffs and some city services. the city is struggling to close a $300 million budget deficit. mayor ed lee will present his budget plan on wednesday, just tomorrow. it's expected it contains cuts in services to the homeless. okay, let's talk about the weather. tomorrow may be the 1st of june, but the bay area is still dealing with rain and it feels more like january that's right ran june. jeff ranieri is tracking the conditions and joins us now with a look. last year at this time it was kind of cold too. >> we're really having a tough time transitioning out of this
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latest pattern. we're in a lockdown of winter conditions across the bay area. a little bit of height to these clouds out here from our san francisco sky camera. that's a sign of things to come for tomorrow. take a look at this, across the hills in the east bay, the berkeley hills picking up 0.45. castro valley 0.16 and a lot less in the south bay with 0.04 in los gatos and menlo park. this prauf of low pressure pushing in the cold air as the jetream sinks unusually low to the south. we just have a few spotty showers mnly inin the east and south bay, south of livermore near fremont and across mt. hamilton as well. a few spotty shors near san s francisco. and as w sd rd heawatos this coming weekenwa we're talkingekg about a stronger storm.'r e going to detail it for you, with rain, thunwerstorms th and sierra snow. i don't gantot et too ahead of myself, but there's also thunderstorm activity coming for tomorrow, so plenty more weather in this show and you're not going to want to miss it. >> okay, we'll see you in a few
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minutes. a controversial story in the east bay now. fire crews watch as a man drowned in the waters off alameda. now fire officials are changing their water rescue policy so it doesn't happen again. the seemingly unbelievable story happened on the beach along shoreline drive. here's the map, near willow street just yesterday. the 57-year-old man walked into the water fully clothed. alameda police and fire responded quickly, but witnesses say the crews just watched from the shore as the man bobbed in the water for more than an hour. tonight alameda interim fire chief says a new policy is being written that would allow commanders to attempt water rescue the. the current policy forbids water rescue attempts. an update in the bryan stow case. authorities are looking into giving dodger stadium beating suspect, giovanni ramirez, a polygraph test. patrick healy has the details.
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>> reporter: today the attorneys for giovanni ramirez say they e-mailed the statements of 11 witnesses contending the day and evening of the near fatal beating attack on giants fan bryan stow, ramirez was elsewhere. >> what we tried to do was account for his whereabouts that day. >> there are multiple locations with witnesses that are confirming that the story lines in our reports that were forwarded are in fact true. >> reporter: their challenge is to convince authorities this parolee, ramirez, is not the assailant as depicted in the police likeness that was based on witness description. the day ramirez went before a lineup last wednesday, his attorneys made an agreement with authorities not to disclose results nor to publicly discuss any arrangements for a polygraph, the so-called lie detector test, they earlier said ramirez had requested. they have not said if they have hired a polygraph examiner but did say this of ramirez. >> he has not gotten cold feet. >> reporter: could a polygraph show innocence. we turned to a leading expert in the polygraph field, for seven
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years head of the fbi's polygraph unit. his firm now performs polygraphs at the request of defense attorneys. >> we know that when a person decides consciously to tell a lie about something important, their physiology changes for a few precious seconds and then they pop right back to where they were so there's no way -- >> reporter: he has not examined ramirez but says from experience it is a rare arrested suspect who passes. >> four out of five people that i polygraph fail. >> reporter: in public remarks since the arrest a week ago sunday, the l.a. police chief has insisted ramirez remains the primary suspect but has ak acknowledged that detectives need to be more investigation. patrick healy reporting for nbc bay area news. still ahead tonight at 6:00, getting used to their new digs. we check in with two blind sea lions now living at the san francisco zoo. the unique strategy to help the animals acclimate to their new home. also ahead, it was a
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high-profile murder that riveted the bay area. tonight attorneys say investigators failed to focus on one possible suspect. plus -- >> i'm scott budman.
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coming up an exclusive preview of the game maker's next offering.
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well, good news for apple shareholders tonight. the ceo ready to step back into the limelight. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter, scott budman, is here with the latest on steve jobs and how he's doing healthwise. >> good news for apple shareholders. the company saying steve jobs will deliver the keynote speech at the company's upcoming developer conference that kicks off june 6th. it will mark the second time we've seen jobs since he went on medical leave. at the conference jobs will roll out apple's latest software offerings, including a way to store your music in the cloud,
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freeing up space on your laptop or mobile device. apple shares up more than $10 each on the news. apple's news igniting a tech rally, helping to boost stocks. oil also moving higher, back up to $102 a barrel. speaking of stocks, the hype about this next company going public is reaching a fevered pitch but today zynga wasn't talking stock, it was talking games, giving us an exclusive sneak peek into its next launch. the latest advance in social gaming, or the next barrier to you getting anything done at work. you decide. but zynga is launching its newest game, "impiempires and allies" in 12 languages with more islands for you to defend. a game that they call cityville meets risk. >> it really blends a lot of the familiar mechanics that our players have become accustomed to in cityville, like city
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building and managing resources, with the more traditional, more hard core game play elements like fighting, being involved in a single player campaign and telling this great involving story with many different characters and villains. >> reporter: it's true, the new game brings new experiences. you can help your friends or fight your friends. it's zynga's biggest launch yet, putting pressure on these developers working out the final details before unleashing the game on players, who, as always, can spend real money to upgrade their virtual world. >> and players can spend points on tanks and airplanes. they can also spend points to progress past quest that say they don't want to spend the time on or feel that they're stuck on. >> reporter: so go ahead, try and fight the urge to play. it's a battle this silicon valley networker hopes you lose.
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"empires and allies" launches at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. as with all zynga games, it's free to play. you can find it on their website or on facebook and you can upgrade by spending real money. >> thanks, scott. tonight muni is one step closer to a deal with its operators union that could save the cash-strapped agency $21 million. union members still have to approve the tentative agreement, but if the contract goes through, muni would be able to hire part-time operators, change overtime rules and take non-licensed drivers off the payroll. muni decided against including a 10% pay cut and eliminating paid lunch perks in the proposed contract. muni members will vote on the proposed deal in the next two weeks. getting around san francisco could be easier for residents and tourists. the san francisco municipal transportation authority, which regulates cabs, could approve a measure that adds 125 new cabs for hire. currently there are 1500 permit
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holders in san francisco and 7,000 registered drivers. well, water rates may be on the rise for many east bay residents despite all the wet weather we've had. the east bay municipal utility district is considering a rate increase as high as 6% starting july 1st. get this, there may be an additional 6% increase next year too. the rate hike would affect alameda and parts of contra costa county. the board of directors is expected to vote on the increases june 14th. the increases are needed to deal with declining revenue and rising health care, pension and borrowing costs. well, we're discovering maybe this is not a fluke, maybe this is a trend as we head into another summer like this. we bring in jeff ranieri now. any indication of when we know long term where we're going to go with this? >> i looked at the long-term patterns. even 14 days out the climate center is predicting below average temperatures. i've come up with a new word. interested in hearing what it is? >> yes, what is it?
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>> junuary. if you see that on any other stations, it came here first. all right, let's take a look outside as we headed throughout this afternoon and early evening. we put a time lapse on this. we've had some breaks of sun, mainly a lot of cloud cover and some scattered showers in and throughout san francisco. that's really what we had from the north bay down to the south bay with a hot of our hills picking up most of the accumulation. just giving some of this moisture a little lift. humidity is a little bit high, so throughout the south bay and also our coastal hills, it did feel a little sticky. 65 in los gatos, temperatures about 20 degrees off the mark in livermore. only 62 today, just 59 in san rafael and 63 in santa rosa. i've been saying it and saying it over, but the month of may way, way off the mark. we are talking about 17 days with 60-degree readings in the east bay when we should have an average daytime high in the upper 70s and low 80s. so as the radar scans around, not finding too much, just some spotty showers here in and throughout the peninsula and also the east basement as he
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head throughout tomorrow if you're doing any traveling to the sierra, we do have a winter weather advisory posted for possibly 1 to 3 inches of snow. right now numbers are dropping an quickly. it's going to be another chilly night with 50s already. we'll be down into the 40s tonight. with this trough of low pressure offshore, it will bring that chance of thunderstorms for tomorrow. what we're watching for the weekend is a stronger storm. still over 1200 miles out. but once that gets here friday and saturday, more rain, more thunderstorms and more cold air. starting off tomorrow with upper 50s and low 60s. by 10:00 a.m., close to 60 degrees but another cool and below average day. we'll have more on your junuary forecast coming up in a little bit. i had to say it one more time. >> and this type of junuary type weather is having an impact on vineyards throughout california. this year's wine grapes are slow to come in. more rain could force growers to
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scramble to protect budding grapes from mildew. a reporter from our station in sacramento brings us a story from abundance vineyard in lodi. >> reporter: this grower airs his frustration at yet another storm cloud over his vineyard. more rain and more cost to combat it. >> you're looking at the clouds here. i mean what makes me want to start sulphuring or doing anything because i can keep doing this over and over again and replicate, you know, what i've been doing, but is it effective? i don't know. i just want this weather to settle down. >> reporter: the expensive sulphur treatments help fight mildew, but rain isn't the only concern. frost earlier this year hurt delta areas in the central coast. lodi in the foothills fared better. now the cool weather is pushing the harvest back. it hey not start until september. and what's on the vine has growers worried. uneven paul nation will be some berries will be ripe, others lagging behind when picked. these chardonnay grapes will be among the first to ripen. growers are looking for sunny days ahead but right now the
6:22 pm
fruit on the vine is not where it's supposed to be. >> we're at least two weeks, probably closer to three weeks delayed on this stage, and then the growth is not as far along as we would normally see. very late so far, and that just pushes us into later harvest, which gets us into weather on the other end of the growing season. >> wine makers across our region definitely have a lot to contend with. still ahead at 6:00, dialing up danger. the alarming new report on cell phones and your health. also coming up, fights and fighter jets. the common in-flight annoyance that led to a dramatic episode on the jetliner. back in two. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move. a lot of buzz about the republicans lately but sitting pretty is president obama. a new national poll has mr. obama's approval rating at 54%, which is a swing of 11 points in just two months. but will it hold? we bring in our nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston.
6:25 pm
is he really sitting pretty here? >> he'd like to think he is but he's not. the fact of the matter is president obama right now is in good shape. why? because of the good feelings the public has, raj, about the death of osama bin laden. now, very soon that's going to be yesterday's news. and in the end, the public doesn't care, usually, so much about foreign policy. what they care about is their wallet. and when it comes to managing the economy, guess what, no 54% for the president. 41% think he's doing a good job, 58% think he's not. >> what happens in the next three to six months as we close out 2011, will it spike or will it go down, his approval rating, based on this economy? >> you expect something like this to go down as a blip, so to speak. but when we look at the economy, there are three answers to your question. jobs, jobs, and you can fill in the blank. jobs, okay. since the end of world war ii, a little piece of data sometimes goes a long time. since the end of world war ii,
6:26 pm
of the four times that the unemployment rate was above 7% at election time, okay, three of the four incumbents, three of the four who ran for re-election lost. who was the one winner? someone named ronald reagan. and pby the way, the national unemployment rate right now is a long way from 7%, 9%. >> i take exactly what you said, the republicans are sitting there just waiting for this to happen, whether it goes up or down, and strategizing their move, correct? >> it's messy because you have an incumbent on one side and bad economy on the other. what we're looking to see are those game changers. those people who really can make a difference sitting on the sideline. we're looking at someone like new jersey governor chris christie, that's a good one. texas governor rick perry. and really, the 800-pound gorilla in the room, florida's former governor, jeb bush. if you see obama's numbers go down because of the economy, watch to see, one, two, maybe three of those guys right now on the sidelines jumping in. and that's when sparks will fly.
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>> okay, it should be a very interesting few months. thank you, larry. jessica, pack to you. still ahead at 6:00, the unique training helping two blind sea lions adapt to life at the san francisco zoo. and new information tonight about how many dui cases might be thrown out thanks to faulty breathalyzers in the south bay and then taking it back to 2002, the new housing report leading to concern tonight. >> reporter: and i'm monte francis in lafayette with an unexpected twist in a high profile murder case. i'll tell you why attorneys for convicted killer scott deleske are pointing the finger at someone else. ♪
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[ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card...
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and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. well, a high profile defense attorney is on the defensive tonight after new accusations that he killed his wife and that finger pointing is being done by attorneys of the man convicted some six years ago of that very crime. nbc bay area's monte francis is
6:30 pm
live in lafayette with pamela vitale was killed back in 2005 and scott dyleski was convicted of this murder years ago. these accusations seem to be coming out of the blue now. >> reporter: well, jessica, daniel horowitz is calling these allegations nonsense, but attorneys claim that they have compelling evidence to show that scott dyleski is innocent. daniel horowitz says defense attorneys for scott dyleski are grasping at straws, using lies to cast doubt on their client's conviction for the brutal murder of horowitz's wife, pamela vitale, in 2005. >> this is a run-of-the-mill set of allegations, fake as can be. all of the facts that i've read are false. >> reporter: among the so-called new evidence are allegations of domestic abuse, which dyleski's mother says were never presented to the jury. >> this information was buried in the boxes that were turned over to these women and never
6:31 pm
even looked at by either counsel. >> this evidence was ignored. it was ignored by the police, it was ignored by the prosecution, and it was ignored by defense counsel. >> reporter: attorneys theorize horowitz and vitale had been arguing and horowitz was angry about changes vitale made to the flooring. >> there was no rocky relationship and there was no abuse. the thing that i recall is this. this is who was killed. this is who is being attacked, along with me. >> reporter: a jury convicted dyleski, then 16 years old, and he's now serving out a life sentence without the possibility of parole. prosecutors argued at trial that dyleski killed vitale as part of a scheme to buy marijuana growing equipment using stolen credit cards. dyleski's dna has found under vitale's fingernail and his bloody footprint was found inside the house. horowitz says questions about his alibi are just one of a long
6:32 pm
list of fake and hurtful allegations. >> that is another made-up fact. everyone knows that i was with bob massey in the morning, with two retired police officers, a paralegal and a lawyer in the afternoon. >> reporter: and scott dyleski's appeal was already turned down by the u.s. supreme court so attorneys have filed what's called a habeas corpus petition in hopes that a judge will decide to reopen the case but a date for a hearing has not yet been set. monte francis, nbc bay area new. new tonight at 6:00, you might have noticed a heavy dose of the chp on local freeways during this holiday weekend, and the numbers are in. dui arrests are down, but fatalities are up. two people were killed in the bay area during this memorial day weekend. statewide there was a total of 24. that's up from 17 last year. arrests were down, however, in the bay area. 218 dui arrests in all compared to last year's total of 227.
6:33 pm
reports this a breathalyzer used by south bay law enforcement might be faulty has given hundreds of dui suspects hope that their cases would be overturned, but so far just a single case has been dismissed. four weeks ago prosecutors learned there was a manufacture's defect in the alco sensor which had been used for less than a year. a review had begun of more than 800 dui cases but it's turning up fewer problems than initially thought, mostly because of an additional blood or urine test which is done at the police station after that breathalyzer. some 42 cases are tentatively listed as questionable and prosecutors don't expect that number to increase much more. but each day prosecutors get phone calls from suspects, hoping their cases have been dropped. well, some sad news out of marin county tonight. a 20-year-old young woman died early this morning when her car was struck by another car. kimberly augusto was driving her altima on u.s. highway 101 near
6:34 pm
petaluma. her car drifted off the roadway and slammed into a metal guardrail. it came to a stop without the hazard lights on. it's important because later another driver driving north on highway 101 came upon the car, slammed his brakes, tried to avoid it but he couldn't. he hit the car on the driver's side and she was killed by the impact. the other driver wasn't hurt. the chp is still conducting an investigation. well, the jury appears to be making progress toward a verdict in the chauncey bailey murder trial. today jurors asked for a second look at testimony of key witness broussard. he is the triggerman who testified against his two former friends. the court reread his testimony in which he claims that after killing journalist chauncey bailey, beyh wanted to go to the murder scene. jurors begin their fifth day of deliberations tomorrow. the small town of rodeo which is north of richmond and west of martinez suffered its first homicide of the year. sheriff's deputies say there were two gunmen and they set up
6:35 pm
on either side of the street to wait for their victim to drive by. that victim, 22-year-old james newman jr., neared his home shortly after 10:00 last night. that's when the gunmen opened fire, sending people nearby ducking for cover. witnesses say it sounded like the gunmen went through two clips and then reloaded. newman was pronounced dead at the scene a short time later. the fight goes on. dozens of people gathered in the rain in oakland today to protest development plans of a new waterfront park at an indian burial ground. it's one of the last intact and accessible native american burial grounds in the bay area. they want to construct walking and biking trails that will form a ring around the bay. it also calls for bathrooms, parking lots and paved trails on top of this spiritual site. >> and a lot of us were inspired by what we saw up there and thought the best thing we can
6:36 pm
do, most of us are from the east bay and san francisco, would be to come here and tell bay trail to stop immediately and make sure they're not funding the desecration of sacred sites. >> many people in the group are bicyclists who frequently use the existing portions of the bay trail. they want to keep the native american grounds protected. a bit of health news for you. patients with pre-existing conditions like cancer, diabetes or asthma who have signed up for federal health care will get their premiums cut by some 40%. that announcement today will apply to people living in two dozen states. california may be added to the list eventually, but it's not on it yet. so far 18,000 people have signed up, well short of government expectations. the white house hopes today's change will encourage a higher enrollment for states which administer their health care programs like california. the government is urging them to lower the pre-existing condition requirements. if you're in the market to buy a new home, this is good
6:37 pm
news. if you're selling your home, not so much. home prices are taking another dip. housing prices across the country fell more than 4%. let's get to the bay area numbers now. home prices posted a 5.1% drop over last year. los angeles nearly held steady with prices down just 1.7%. well, still ahead here at 6:00, the everyday annoyance on a flight that led to a tussle and then a fighter jet escort. also call for concern. the new health hazard being associated with cell phones. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. cool in san jose today, only 65 degrees. san francisco also with just 60. and as we head throughout tonight, we'll keep that chance of showers in the forecast. we're also talking about thunderstorms for tomorrow and, yes, a larger storm for your weekend. we'll detail it all for you coming up. hey marcel, watch this!
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the world health organization says there might be a connection after a week hef long meeting in france. the international panel of experts says an increased risk of malignant cancer cannot be ruled out. don't go and throw away your cell phone, it's way too early to determine if there are any tangible results, but they have given cell phones a 2-b rating which places cell phones in the same category as dry cleaning chemicals and pesticides. speaking of your cell phones, californians could soon get a little more privacy. a new bill would require law enforcement officers to get a search warrant before searching a suspect's cell phone. the author of the bill says protecting private cell phone information is a must. critics of the bill argue it would waste time and money. tomorrow the bill goes to the state senate for a vote. a common airline annoyance led to chaos in the skies and eventually an emergency landing. it happened when the passenger hit the recline button on his
6:41 pm
seat after the flight took off from dulles airport. the fight broke out between the passenger who reclined his seat and the passenger behind him. a flight attendant and another passenger jumped in to break up the physical flight. that's when the pilot decided to turn the flight around and a pair of air force jets were deployed. police met the flight at the gate but eventually no one was charged in the incident. >> what's remarkable is jessica never has that problem because she flies first class. >> it's because i'm small. i can sit anywhere. you can put me in the overhead compartment too. >> in ghana there's a large following for the show "tech now." >> we have sports tonight? >> we do. giants in st. louis. aside from the game, some encouraging news. early batting practice and pablo sandoval getting one step closer to a rehab assignment. and warriors don't have a new head coach quite yet but
6:42 pm
they do have the 11th pick in the coming draft and are busy auditioning for that role. the nba finals have begun and for an east bay native, this might be the last hurrah as far as a legitimate shot at the title goes. sports coming up. jessica, we wouldn't want you in that overhead compartment, first class only. take a look outside and a look over the bay. some clouds and a little bit of sun. we'll tell you about thunderstorms and a larger storm coming our way in a few minutes. [ indistinct conversations ] wrap it up, boys. while i'm still young. ♪
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for months we've been telling you about a pair of blind sea lions. they have found a new home at the san francisco zoo. one of them is named silent night and you may remember ages ago we told you he was blinded because someone shot him in the face. >> their rehabilitation methods are unique and here is joe rosato jr. with a progress report. >> reporter: anyone who moves into a new home spends some time getting used to the layout. at the san francisco zoo, blind sea lion, silent night, and henry, are feeling out their digs inch by inch. >> they started exploring more and more so they used the whole pool. >> reporter: these famous sea lions moved to the san francisco zoo just over a month ago after they were nursed back to health at the marine mammal center. silent night had been shot in the face and blinded. >> but definitely to work with two animals who weren't trained before they were blind that came in from the wild, we did have to
6:45 pm
customize a plan just for them. >> come on, good boy. >> reporter: keeper debra marin is using sounds and food to teach silent night commands. >> we've attached sounds to the target. so silent night has a bell and he knows that's his sound. henry has a little canister of beads that sounds like a maraca. >> reporter: the training will enable keepers to give medicine and remove them for weekly pool cleanings. >> we have to customize the training plan to put ourselves in their place. how are they perceiving what's going on around them. what might scare them. >> good job, misster. >> reporter: the pair was initially skittish in this foreign territory. slowly they're finding their way. >> they have learned the environment so they bump into things less. they know when they're not sure where they are to go a little bit slower. >> reporter: silent night's sad tale touched the bay area. many turned out to find out his progress. >> we're very happy that we can visit them and that they're
6:46 pm
being cared for and the kids today, the only thing they wanted to do, they wanted to come see the sea lions at the zoo because they saw them at the marine mammal center. >> the sea lion's exhibit has become a popular stop at the zoo. these ambassadors make themselves at home. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> it is nice to see they had a happy ending after all of that. >> we've got to bring the kids out there. let's wring in jeff ranieri. what's the term that we have to pay you if we want to use? >> junuary. >> and it's officially a hit, you guys. >> yes? >> i had three facebook comments on it. >> call us when you get to 50. >> i'll let you know. >> maybe by the end of the show. >> i was going to say in about three weeks. anyways, take a look here across oakland and we do have a little sun breaking throughout the clouds. we put a time lapse on this and a little sunshine across the bay over the past 15 to 20 minutes. in terms of rainfall totals,
6:47 pm
pretty impressive across the east bay hills, especially in berkeley with 0.45. we had walnut creek with 0.26. shower activity with only 0.04. as the radar scans around right now, not finding much at this point. just a few areas of showers off ukiah. there is a winter weather advisory tomorrow where we could see 1 to 3 inches of snowfall as we head into wednesday. current numbers right now very, very chilly. only 55 in livermore, 58 in napa and 59 in novato. let's get to your weather headlines. tonight we'll keep that chance of isolated showers in the forecast. then as the storm system that brought us the showers today gets on the move and heads off towards the east, we'll find a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast for wednesday. also the sierra snow. and ahead, another and stronger storm system than the one we're dealing with is going to be dealing in. that's going to be for the weekend. the current system just slowly dragging its heels here across
6:48 pm
california and much of west and that will bring a possibility of thunderstorms with instability for wednesday. temperatures staying isn't the 60s. and for thursday, all eyes will be focused on that storm system offshore, at least the weather eyes. i'll let you know what's going to be happening in the coming days. let's take a look here. as we head throughout tonight, we'll find cloud cover, not much in the way of activity. we may see isolated showers but nothing huge. by 6:00 a.m. spotty showers will build. by 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 and even 1:00 tomorrow we'll start to see more moderate pockets of rainfall develop. where those develop we could see isolated thunderstorms. with so much cold air in place tomorrow we may get a little hail forming where any of those thunderstorms develop. the best chance of that happening in the north bay where we could see a quarter inch of rainfall. tonight 46 in los gatos, 48 in redwood city, 47 in napa, 47 in san rafael and 47 in livermore. and tomorrow below average here, 62 in morgan hill, 63 in evergreen and 62 in san jose.
6:49 pm
so some sun, some clouds, some isolated thunderstorms for wednesday. 61 in san francisco, 60 in richmond. while we should have 80s here, inland it will stay in the 60s. of course you can always get more on your travel forecast any time on the weather channel on cable. now, what you'll notice on my seven-day forecast is i bumped up the wording of showers friday, saturday and sunday to rain at this point. the system for saturday looks like it's developing pretty well. we're going to monitor it. it still could change it right now it does look like a wet and unseasonably cool weekend coming our way and watch out for those isolated thunderstorms tomorrow because they could produce small hail as well. >> i just went on your facebook page and liked junuary. >> yes! that's four now. >> let's get to lawrence scott. >> i don't like junuary, it's too cold. the giants in st. louis, a couple of story lines.
6:50 pm
we've got a panda sighting and another solid effort from ryan vogel song. the giants get the first lead of the game in the second inning. bottom three, the cardinals would tie the game at one. the giants take back the lead in the fifth. freddy sanchez with a single to center, bringing around torres to make it 2-1. they just added another and right now in the eighth it is 3-1, the giants leading. also some encouraging signs from the game. pablo sandoval taking early batting practice this afternoon. about 75 swings in the cage as he recovers from wrist surgery. any positive developments with regard to health right now is welcome for this giants team. sandoval is scheduled to get another round of batting practice tomorrow. then could start a rehab assignment that would get him perhaps 20 at-bats this weekend. so the return of the panda looks like it could be coming in the very near future. also the a's getting set to battle the yankees again tonight.
6:51 pm
comprehensive coverage of every bay area team is on sportsnet central on comcast sports bay area every night at 10:30. a full 30 minutes of coverage of the teams you care about. every night at 10:30 on comcast sportsnet bay area. the nba postseason winding down, the warriors are busy looking for their next star holding predraft workouts in oakland. at the top of the list has got to be finding a big man. with the 11th pick it will have to be a diamond in the rough. these workouts are serious for all parties. players can find their stock rising but also fall if they don't live up to expectations. it's been a long stretch since may and so shaking off the rust and dressing to impress is the best part of the game. >> they have got to do all right on small forward, but i can definitely come in and help them put up buckets. i can defend, you know, i can defend different guys.
6:52 pm
i know i can help them ree rebounding and getting out in transition. that's what i bring to the table. >> defense right away. as most people know, that's what i'm known for. the last three years in college, top steals and top blocks. i just try to bring that right off the bat and i'll keep working on my shooting, my ball handling and just bring team camaraderie. tonight an east bay native who is easily one of the best players in the nba to never have won an nba championship ring starts the final stage of this year's journey for a title. for 38-year-old former cal bear jason kidd, this is likely the oakland native's last shot at a title. kidd was not with dallas the last time they faced the heat and lost. but in back-to-back years he was on new jersey nets teams that also lost both shots at a championship. the heat and mavs are in the second quarter and it's tied at 24. finally, the nh lchll hasn' a team in winnipeg since the
6:53 pm
jets moved to phoenix becoming the coyotes. now the atlanta thrashers are making the journey to frigid manitoba. fans have longed for this day and celebrating thinking about it. atlanta has lost two teams to canada. first the flames and now the thrashers. but for $170 million, winterpeg lived with the deal. we can't complain too much. it's almost the same weather here. >> because it's junuary. >> i'm not accepting that. >> well, we'll have to work on you. >> stay with us, we're back in a moment.
6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
all right, get ready because tonight is the fourth and final battle on "the voice." the remaining singers will compete for the final slot on their coach's teams. lily elise is among tonight's competitors. she must ploouf that her voice has the power to win. over the weekend she drove home, sat down with marla tellez. >> it's a place where i always come back to feel centered. >> i'm so thankful for everything that i got out of it. >> reporter: no surprise, lily's parents are holding a viewing party to watch lily's battle. you can see if lily moves on tonight at 10:00 right here on nbc bay area. then at 11:00, nbc bay area
6:57 pm
news, don't miss marla's full interview with the singer. then stay tuned for nbc bay area news at 11:00. okay, brenlt cannon is here with a preview of our 7:00 p.m. news. we were talking about newsroom demographics on the commercial. is that on your program tonight? >> it could be. i'm officially the old man around here, can you believe that? speak up, sonny. you guys were talking about the amber alert in morgan hill looking for the little baby. good news, she's found, but there's more to the investigation. george has been on that story and is en route right now to another scene to try to hopefully get more information on what's going on there. we'll check in with him in just a couple of minutes. also a high-profile bay area murder case involving a prominent bay area attorney. his wife was mutterrdered and w got new allegations coming out in that case today. we've got our legal analyst here, stephen clark. he's very close to that case and will give us some insight as to what's going on in that case. that and much more coming up on
6:58 pm
comcast 186 in just a few mi nutes. >> happy birthday, brent. y tnkhaou very much. millions of babies in california are exposed to the harmful toxin bpa. not in the air, but in baby bottles. nine states have already restricted bpa. california should be tenth. i'm siouzanne shaw. bpa is a synthetic hormone used in plastics, including sippy cups and baby bottles. the chemical can leech into children's drinks. studies show it is linked to serious problems, including early puberty and cancer. canada was the first to ban bpa in baby bottles. the european union was next.
6:59 pm
now china is considering a ban. we believe, as with so many reforms, the bay area can make the difference for california, demand that we limit the use of bpa. we support assembly bill 1319. don't let the chemical lobbyists barter with our babies' health. help it become law. nbc but does bringing a floor back to life really make us heroes? yes. yes it does. ♪call 1-800-steemer.


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