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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 1, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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robbers coming up. a lot of news on this wednesday morning for you, including change in the weather once again. it is june 1st, believe it or not, "today in the bay." maybe we don't have to wash the car ever again. 6:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. i say that because once again another storm moving through the bay area. christina. >> yeah, we've got a series of storms on the way to the bay. it's raining right now, especially across the east bay, and the showers are getting closer and closer as a front is approachi approaching, san francisco, stinson beach, i'll let you know just how much longer we have to wait until this steady rain arrives and how long that steady rain will last. we've got more rain in the forecast tomorrow as well as friday. i've got your forecast coming up. let's check your drive right now with mike. actually i'll send it back to you, laura. >> yeah, we are talking about the morning commute because a
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major stretch of interstate 880 certainly backed up and a mess. a big rig crash closed it for most of the overnight hours in the east bay. christie smith is live in oakland to show us what's happening right now. we are expecting it to open up. do you know how close they are? >> reporter: well, the best guess i would say is any minute now because we've been here basically all night and all the action was right down here. they had sweepers and emergency vehicles cleaning up this diesel fuel spill. they have been gone for maybe seven minutes now. now, when it does open up, we're going to see traffic moving this way. we haven't seen that happen yet, but they told us 6:00 this morning, so that's now. we're expecting them to start rolling any minute now, reopening after a hit and run accident. this is really critical to get back open because it's a straight shot right to the bay bridge. the cleanup was quite a big effort, because this was 200 gallons of diesel fuel all over the roadway. caltrans had to put down quite a bit of absorbent to make sure it
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was all clean because this was really slick. we may have more rain coming. they certainly don't want another accident. overnight a driver hit a car, then a big rig. that slammed into both sides of the freeway. the accident was pretty bad. >> there was a reckless driver going northbound on 880 approaching 7th street in the oakland area. and he was driving very fast and in a reckless manner. he ended up rear-ending one vehicle and that collision caused him to go across the freeway and strike a big rig, rupturing one of the big rig's gas tanks and taking out its steering system. >> reporter: four people were injured, one person transported. the truck driver was okay. they're still looking for the hit and run driver because they had reports that another car came and the hit and run driver hopped into that car and was spotted over off of 7th street
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near a gas station or fast food restaurant. chp went over there and the oakland police department and couldn't locate him. but they do have the car so they'll continue to look for him throughout the day. i wanted to give you one more look. still waiting this morning, but any minute now we should see them come rolling through. i know a lot of people have been taking detours this morning to get around this. mike inouye, how's it looking out there? >> you just heard the chopper overhead and actually we do have a live shot. the full freeway closure continues for 880 northbound. let's get a shot from our chopper. it looks like some folks got out of that red track. there's caltrans vehicles as well as a few sweeper trucks and they are getting ready to open this. a full freeway closure. traffic is backed up as you're approaching 980. folks are forced to 980 and then to 580 towards the toll plaza. we do have the full freeway closure continuing. chp is poised and ready for that to reopen. it does look like all of the
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sweeper activity has cleared. there's the backup. we're following this, laura, as we hope this will open in the next few minutes because the brunt of traffic really starting to have an impact on that downtown commute. 580, expect more traffic as big rigs are allowed there. >> we'll check back with you. activists will be gathering in oakland's fruitvale bart station protesting the release of johan mehserle. a judge is expected to set him free. this is after serving 11 months of a two-year sentence along with credit for time served. mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the killing of oscar grant back in january of 2009. but the 29-year-old still faces a lot of legal trouble after leaving jail. he faces a federal civil suit. in a few hours the san jose police department will be going
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door to door in one part of the city to tell people there is a sex offender moving in. starting at 9:00 this morning, people living near payne avenue and san tomas expressway should expect a visit from the department. it's a warning for neighbors that registered sex offender wayne allen page is living in the area. page has prior offenses including rape and kidnapping with intent to commit sex crimes. the 61-year-old was paroled in february. page is not wanted by mepolice, but they are required by megan's law to notify the public of his presence. two separate carjackings in two different parts of the bay area with one common thread. in each case, the carjacker took off with a young child in the back seat. vallejo police say a toddler was inside her mother's car when they were carjacked just before 10:00 last night. an officer says somehow the little girl let herself out of the car overnight and wandered to a nearby apartment complex
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for help. >> picking at the door like this. i say who are you? where you live? she say -- you know, she didn't say nothing. i said i don't know you. i said where mommy and where daddy? she say -- i don't know. >> luckily they helped her out and she was okay. but in the meantime, a 1-month-old girl, you see her here, from morgan hill, she's also safe thankfully this morning after a carjacker took off from a parking lot with the baby still inside the car. the girl's mother says she left the baby in the car with the keys in the ignition when she went inside a food bank at a church. the baby was luckily found safe inside the car at a nearby park. in just a few hours, san francisco mayor ed lee will present his balanced budget plan to the board of supervisors. he's expected to propose cuts to city departments and programs but not as deep as first thought. increases in tax revenue and a slowly improving economy could
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mean no widespread layoffs or closing of fire stations. the police department and social serves will most likely face the biggest cuts as mayor ed lee tries to close the $306 million deficit. more san jose city workers will see their paychecks and benefits go down. the city council voted yesterday to impose a 10% cut in salary and benefits on four labor unions. san jose faces a $115 million budget deficit. the cuts will be for the international brotherhood of electrical workers, electrical workers operating engineers, and the municipal employees federation and the confidential employees federation. summer just weeks away, but you wouldn't know it by stepping outside. marla tellez is live in san francisco this morning with more on the chilly weather hitting the bay area. the storm's a brewin'. >> reporter: good morning, laura. yeah, we're right outside union square in san francisco right along market street. it is chilly here. that's not too unusual for san
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francisco. i know the city is only expected to hit about 57 degrees today. now, this morning i've seen plenty of people looking like me all bundled up, some people have their umbrellas. those people have certainly heard the forecast. as a news reporter you look forward to the summer months so it's not so cold when you're out reporting live. i guess no such luck. i did put in a call to the national weather service this morning and the folks there tell me, yes, this is unusual but it's not unprecedented. it's actually similar to the pattern we experienced last year. we had a fairly dry january when we should have been hit with rain and now late in the season we're seeing a series of storms. case in point today, more rain and thunderstorms expected. maybe even some hail today. temps throughout the bay area expected to be in the upper 50s to the mid-60s. some people we chatted with this morning say this weather is bizarre and unpredictable. >> oh, when is summer going to start?
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it's weird. >> one day it will be sunny, a couple of minutes later it will be all rainy. then it will be foggy, then back to sunny again. >> reporter: now, if you want to look on the bright side of things, the drought is officially over and we should finish our rain season 100% to 125% of normal. now, this information coming from our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. laura, i'm not sure if you heard it, but jeff, he coined a very funny term i thought so last night on his -- on the newscast. he said that it feels more like junuary out here. >> that crazy jeff ranieri. no kidding. well, and you know what, our own christina loren, she says, oh, this is nothing. >> hey, let me tell you something. jeff stole rob's thunder. that was rob's line. oh, yeah. but we are a three-man team and so it all comes together. we're looking pretty good right now. we do have some light cells
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pushing onshore. a pretty substantial cell located over the richmond bridge so take it easy through this this morning. let's show you what's going on, why this relentless rain continues to pour over the bay area. it's definitely a change in the pattern, the overall pattern, so we've got low pressure here just to our north. it's going to drag a front through today. another system will take a ride on that jet. and this is kind of what it looks like. the jetstream, a river of air up in the atmosphere that transports these low-pressure systems. typically this time of the year it sits way to our north and takes the storm track into the pacific northwest. but this is typically the setup we see january, february, even march. that's what we're seeing right now this 1st day of june. this is our next rain maker. this one much juicier. you can see that here, this deep white. that is moisture that's going to push through friday into saturday. a soggy weekend ahead. let's take a look at what your futurecast has for you. 9:00 a.m., you see the north bay getting their first showers
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between 9:00 and 11:00. 11:00 to 1:00 for the east bay, south bay. along the peninsula, that will be the most active time for today. then we'll get a pretty substantial break for your thursday. as we head into friday, a really strong front arrives. that system, that juicy system i just showed you pushes into the bay area. you see that yellow? yeah, a little bit of moderate rain as this starts out. 47 in livermore right now, 51 in hayward, 53 in sunnyvale. it's cool out there. grab the jacket, grab the umbrella. throughout the afternoon the warmth will probably fuel iawe few thunderstorms. we are expecting thunderstorms today. anything major develops, we'll break into coverage and let you know but we're not going to rule out the potential for tornadic rotation with some of these stronger storms. we saw it just last week so we're not going to rule it out. somebody who's been very busy -- actually we'll get to him in just a minute. >> we'll take it over here. we want to follow this big rig going through 580 and through
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oakland. 580 is your alternate for big rigs as well as passenger vehicles. big rigs temporarily allowed as they clear 880 in the northbound direction. we just saw this, traffic just started to move close to freeway speeds. look at that, the two chp officers in the front very happy and the folks behind them even happier. they just picked up the last of the cones heading northbound past 980 through down toen oakland. they are going as fast as those iefrsz will -- officers will allow them. just be prepared for that. meanwhile 580 will see a shift of traffic and big rigs with no longer will allowed on there. it has reopened just in the last few seconds as folks are traveling north to the bay bridge. let's get a live shot past the coliseum and there was no significant backup over at high street. in fact a lot of folks went over towards 580 to try to stay clear completely of this whole incident. in the south bay we do have that commute just starting to kick in
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coming up towards 101 and 680. a typical build for the 6:12, as time continues to march on. >> that's pretty cool to see it open right before our eyes this morning. thank you, mike. it's 6:12 right now. still to come, caltrain keeps talking about making cuts, so why is it spending so money? and a congressman gets a lawyer to look into what is going on with his twitter account. find out why. >> reporter: and you know you're not one of the brightest criminals when the laptop you stole has a webcam and the guy you stole it from is posting pictures of you with his laptop. you stole it from is posting pictures of you with his laptop. no surprise this guy has been arrested. we'll have the details coming up. after we make a dingy floor look brand new,
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new this morning, caught on camera, a suspect is arrested for allegedly stealing an apple macbook. its owner tracked him down using some high tech gadgetry. bob redell is live in fremont to tell us more about it. >> reporter: good morning, laura. joshua kauffman is the guy who caught the thief of his macbook laptop. he happens to be a web and software developer out of oakland. it was in march that somebody stole his macbook from his apartment. little does this thief know that joshua was tracking him, watching him, watching what he was doing with his computer the entire time because joshua had preinstalled an application called hidden that let him do this so joshua decided to have a little fun with this. he started blogging about it, naming the blog "this guy has my macbook." and he posted pictures of the alleged thief sleeping on the couch next to my macbook. unbeknownst that the webcam was rolling. he's got a shot of the guy in
6:17 am
his bed with his macbook with no shirt on and joshua's caption is i really don't want to know what this guy is doing with my macbook. he's got screen shots of the thief logging onto his google account. even one shot of the thief deleting joshua's macbook settings. he's got other photos of him. even a photo of him taking the macbook away in a cab. initially joshua did contact oakland police. oakland police at the time said they were too busy and it was too much of a low priority. yesterday joshua started tweeting about it, he did get the attention of oakland police. he said, look, i found an e-mail this guy sent on my macbook indicating that he's a cab driver. oakland police set the cab driver up, tricked him into picking them up and last night they made the arrest. joshua has been tweeting about this over the past 24 hours. here we go. this was nine hours ago. the police used my evidence e-mail which pointed to a cab service that he was a driver and
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tricked him into picking them up. nice work, opd. arrested. an oakland police officer just called me to let me know they arrested the guy in my photos. back in march josh even had the location of the laptop because his application lets him track the location. police said they were too busy at the time. now police are saying, look, we only have three theft investigators, we get 2400 cases a month, they're obviously overworked and they were very apologetic to josh. i actually talked to an investigator early this morning who was on his, i don't know what, tenth cup of coffee telling me just how swamped they were and that was they couldn't make a comment or even confirm this case. but this is how it has unraveled thus far. on twitter, joshua kauffman catching the guy who stole his macbook and apparently that macbook back in possession. >> and then the police came through in the end as well.
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happy ending. 6:18 right now. new york congressman anthony weiner claims he's a victim of a twitter hacker. on friday a picture was tweeted to a 21-year-old female college student that follows the congressman's account. that picture showed a close-up shot of a man from the waist down in his underwear. now representative weiner has a lawyer looking into what action should be taken. twitter has not said whether or not it found anything funny about the congressman's twitter account. a beta breakers runner is alive today because a stranger knew cpr. they're all going to share their near-death story today. the runner is ken bike. he's going to talk at a news conference in san francisco today. he's actually joining up with the american heart association and san francisco's paramedics association as well as the san francisco fire department. they're all holding the event to encourage people to learn cpr. after that, they are going to hold a free hands-only cpr training session at 11:00 in
6:20 am
front of san francisco city hall and in front of 657 mission street. i talked to him earlier last month when we took the show on the road to san francisco and it was quite amazing. you know, he's a fit runner at the very end of the line, he doesn't even remember he had a heart attack, a massive one. and people that just happened to be around gave him cpr and literally saved the guy's life. in fact he just recently met up with the person that was doing the cpr on him because that person thought he had died. isn't that an amazing story? >> yeah, it is. getting to thank the person who saved your life. pretty phenomenal. we've got some phenomenal weather moving in for this time of the year. this is the setup we see in the winter months and even the fall but not so much the summer. it's the unofficial start of summer, today is the 1st day of june. june 21st the first official day of summer but we're going to have to wait quite some time to actually feel the effects around here. as you can see right now, this front is getting closer and
6:21 am
closer to san francisco, timing at about 8:05 for the city. that's when the front is expected to arrive. i'm also noticing a couple of pop-up thunderstorms already and it's still significantly cool out there but this is an indication of just how unstable this air mass is that's moving in right now. we could see widespread thunderstorm activity as a result this afternoon. we've got that warm air in place. you need that to feel those thunderstorms. this is what's happening. this is typically the jetstream setup that we see in january, even february. it's taken a very substantial dip to the south. that is like the conveyor belt that brings in the rain, the systems that produce the rain. right now you see the first one is moving in that will drag a cold front through. another juicier system on the way for friday will bring pretty heavy rain into the area friday into saturday but we're looking towards a pretty wet setup each and every day until then. headed towards the 60s later on. i'm increasing my probability for thunderstorms today. 60 degrees in oakland, 63 in fremont.
6:22 am
if you live inland you actually have a better chance because it gets a little warmer in the inland cities. here we are, rain saturday, clearing sunday. if you need to make outdoor plans, i think you'll get a chance tomorrow afternoon and sunday afternoon. that's the best bet i can give you right now, laura. >> i thought you were going to say if you need to make outdoor plans, book a ticket to hawaii. >> or that. 6:22. next on "today in the bay" caltrain warns that it's going broke, but the budget certainly says otherwise. and google launches its groupon killer today. we'll take a look at it coming up in tech today. and most of your lanes ares. still sdp goin g for 880 causing some slowdowns. we'll give you the latest coming up. our planes start flying when it's dark.
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welcome back. it is now 6:25. i'm showing you 880. heading past the coliseum things are smooth and suddenly slowing into downtown. although we did have reports that all lanes of 880 have reopened after the earlier hit and run and the fuel spill and that accident and debris and that cleanup that happened to take about six hours overnight, we do still have one, maybe two lanes, one and the shoulder approaching oak street. it sounds like there's a disabled vehicle there. one of those vehicles that was responsible for that cleanup so there is some slowing heading into the downtown area. just plan for that. we head back to the maps and see the extent of the slowdowns from 980 all the way back in towards downtown. almost until you get to the park street bridge is where the slowdown starts but the rest of the maze looking just fine.
6:26 am
580 just fine as far as the alternate goes. the bay bridge toll plaza we see a light, gentle volume starting to build and we do have the expectation of the metering lights to get turned on any second now. the metering lights have just been turned on. i got the update from chp. and the volume starts to build here and the metering lights, there you go, breaking news, just turned on. >> you keep topping yourself. first opening 880 and now metering lights. thank you very much. caltrain spending at record highs despite claims that it needed money to keep those trains running. the rail line's planned $103.8 million budget is the highest in its more than 20-year history. now it's paying more for executives than first proposed. in fact the new budget has caltrain managers giving themselves $333,000 more in compensation than their first budget proposal. for more than a year caltrain had wandrned the agency was goi broke and that braumtd local government agencies to bail out
6:27 am
the rail line while the agency increased fares and parking fees. google totally missed the social networking revolution. scott mcgrew said the ceo is actually owning up to that. >> yes, he is. google takes this very seriously, laura. now they do. let me show you something, a painting called emerald sea. it's been reproduced in google offices as a way of scaring googlers a little bit. the ocean is facebook and that ship down there in the corner, that's google. the message you're trying to get here -- >> is that really true? >> no, it's a great story but i'm not making it up. you can find this painting at a google office. the idea here is if we're going to surf this wave, we better stay afloat with this. former ceo eric schmidt in fact said it was a screw-up in his words not to take the threat from facebook more seriously. admitting at the "wall street journal's" all things digital conference that it was a bad move by going el. he also said the internet is ruled by a gang of four, google
6:28 am
and he moved really fast at the time. google, facebook, apple and amazon. google launches its google offers today. it launches in portland and will in to the bay area this summer. basically this is just groupon ton by google. you'll recall that google tried to buy groupon. do you remember how much the offer was for? >> a lot of money. >> a jillion with a j, but they turned it down. so google is building its own groupon. launches in portland today and then the summer to san francisco. >> good deal, thank you very much. we're also keeping an eye on interstate 880. good news, it's back open for the first time in hours this morning. boy, it was a big mess out there as you can see from these pictures earlier. we've got details on why it was closed for so long all coming up in a live report. introducing icy hot naturals ncer ] with natural menthol. it's gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals. [ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go.
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[ magical chime ] ♪ [ people cheering ] [ girl ] whoo hoo! coming up on "today in the
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bay" see what police are doing now in their search for a missing nursing student. >> reporter: good morning. i'm christie smith live in oakland. great news for the morning commute. northbound 880 is back open through west oakland after a long overnight closure. we'll tell you what took so long coming up in a live report. >> reporter: and it's june 1st, but you wouldn't know it judging by the weather. good morning, i'm marla tellez. i'm going to have more on these below average temps coming up in my live report. and the storms keep heading our way, but this is a nice look outside coit tower, alcatraz island. it's wednesday morning, june 1st, "today in the bay." good morning and thanks for joining us this morning. it's 6:30 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the series of storms coming our way are really packing a punch.
6:32 am
we want to check in with christina. >> they really are. because we're seeing this cold, cold air move into an area where we have had a pretty good chance to warm up, we are expecting some potential severe weather. i'm noticing a lot of thunderstorms popping up already this morning. we'll talk about what you can expect for today, tomorrow and the rest of this rainy pattern coming up. right now, 6:32. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much. also this morning we're following a major stretch of interstate 80 finally back open right now. it was closed most of the night. while the chp investigated and cleaned up an overnight big rig crash. christie smith is live in oakland where she's been really all night. now it's amazing to see that traffic sailing by behind you. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. this is great news for the morning commute and all things considered. they originally said this might be back open at 7:00 a.m. now and then we're seeing a little bit of congestion, even when we do, that's really a great thing to see. it was 6:12 when the chp finally escorted traffic past the 7th
6:33 am
street exit onto northbound 880. what started all this mess? well, it was around midnight. the chp says a hit and run driver plowed into another car and then a big rig, which had just filled up with 200 gallons of diesel fuel. the truck driver lost control, hit both sides of the freeway. diesel fuel spilled all over. they had to put a lot of absorbent down because this is really slick stuff and they are expecting rain. they got sweepers out here. wouldn't you know it, the first sweeper hits metal, it broke down. they had to bring a second one out here so the clean uptook a while. four people injured, one taken to the hospital. the truck driver is okay, though. and at this hour they're still looking for the hit and run driver because the strange part is that apparently another driver came by and he hopped in that car and was last seen, the hit and run driver was last seen over on 7th street. chp went over there and so did oakland police.
6:34 am
they didn't locate him but are still going to be looking for him today. at this point, again, traffic moving pretty good but there were some detours set up overnight. mike inouye, how's it looking out there? >> it took about 15 minutes for things to clear up and now moving very smoothly. we do see the 64 registering as you're coming up past oak. get a live look out at the chopper because even though all lanes reopened, she also talked about that first sweeper truck that broke down. there it is still facing the wrong direction in traffic. i saw some folks try to pull something out from underneath the sweeper. it sounds like another tow truck has been called to the scene. still one lane blocked but traffic is moving smoothly so 880 is moving nice low from oakland. there's the metering lights. that is an added bonus for folks, the backup going past the 880 overcrossing now. 6:34 right now. alameda changed a policy that
6:35 am
may have contributed to a man's recent death, but it still has not stopped the public outrage. >> so it just strikes me as unbelievably callous that nobody there with any sort of training could strip off their gear and go and help this person. >> a number of people spoke out last night at a public meeting in alameda. they're angry because a 57-year-old man drowned on monday after walking into the bay and bobbing in the water for about an hour of the police and fire crews watched helplessly from the beach because of a policy forbidding water rescue attempts. alameda reversed the policy last night. the fire department's water rescue program was actually discontinued back in 2009 they say because of budget constraints. investigators are looking through security video in hopes of finding a missing east bay nursing student. they are also reviewing michelle le's cell phone records. she was doing a clinical rotation at kaiser permanente in hayward. around 7:00 she told a classmate
6:36 am
she was going to her car to grab something but she never returned. le's cousin says she's sure something happened because le had so many plans and so much to live for. >> and i love her. and i even came to that parking lot just to get some sort of piece of her. she's out there, she's safe, i hope she's safe and i pray to god every second that she's safe. >> investigators are also looking into an unsolved murder case in fairfield to see if it's connected. phuong le disappeared from a barnes & noble parking lot in april, 2010. police admit it's a long shot but they say it's worth looking into since the women have similar last names and she was also a nursing student. for the first time in 27 years, all of san francisco's famed cable cars will be out of service for the next few days. starting today, all three of muni's cable car lines will be down for maintenance. shuttle buses will replace the
6:37 am
lines with reduced fares until the cars are up and running again. all the cars are expected to be back in service by monday. over 24,000 passengers take those cable cars every day. no doubt they have got to keep them up and working. those would be cable car riders would have been braving a chilly day. the bay area is struggling to reach the mid-60s today and it's june 1st. marla tellez is live in san francisco with more on this very unseasonable weather we're having. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. yeah, what we are experiencing in the bay area is unseasonable but here in san francisco it's not all that unusual. after all, most of us familiar with mark twain's famous quote, he said, the coldest winter i ever saw was the summer i spent in san francisco. now, the city expected to hit maybe 57 degrees today. still, i think it's fair to say we all had hoped memorial day would bring some much-needed warmer temps. as of today an area of low pressure moving over the bay
6:38 am
area expected to bring some rain and thunderstorms that could even produce some hail. now, this weird weather has resulted in some weather factoids for the month of may. in all of may the east bay only had two 80-degree days compared to 17 days in the 60s. keep in mind the average highs for the east bay range in the upper 70s to the low 80s. most people out here today say this weather is pretty bizarre. i ran into some folks visiting from florida who actually say they don't mind it. >> june 1st we would expect to get different weather, but that's okay. we'll enjoy it anyway. >> reporter: because it's hot in florida? >> it's getting into the 90s already. >> reporter: so this doesn't bother you some. >> not too much. if it doesn't go below 50, that's fine. we'll enjoy it. >> i'm happy here. >> reporter: even though it's chilly. >> no problem. no problem for me. >> we'll drink wine. >> i like it.
6:39 am
>> reporter: i'm coming with you guys. really a nice group of people there. now, we've made it to wednesday so all of us, of course, looking forward to the weekend. laura, as christina i'm sure is about to tell you, more wet weather expected for our upcoming weekend. >> that's right. we'll let you go enjoy your bread bowl with those tourists out there. thanks so much. christina, you're telling us this isn't even the worst of what we might see. >> no. i think the worst is the fact that it's just not going to warm up any time soon and that is a pretty hard factoid to deal with the first of june. we're looking at pretty strong cells already developing this morning. already we have some pop-up thunderstorms. i saw a couple of those actually develop onshore so we could see a pretty severe round of weather. this is what the timing looks like right now. fremont 9:22 is when it will hit your area. 8:37 in san francisco, 9 dlon 09 in hayward and 9:21 in sunnyvale. right now it is already getting
6:40 am
a little spottier and a little more active up in the north bay so watch out for that this morning. as we head throughout the morning hours, this system will continue to push toward us. it's taken a right on that jetstream. that jetstream will continue to pull it to the north later on today. so the front that does come through will actually lift to the north just like we saw yesterday. that does mean we'll see a pretty nice second half of your day. if you've got to get outside, do any yard work, try to do so after 3:00 p.m. then the next system moves in for friday, that's a juicier system. 51 in hayward, 47 in livermore. by noon in the city, 55 degrees. yeah, it's still going to be raining at that time but by 4:00 p.m. it will start to get a little better but thunderstorms will definitely continue in the forecast throughout the daytime hours and nighttime hours. if anything changes, i'm consistently updating on my facebook and twitter pages. you can add me and i'll update you all day long. mike, how are wing to on the roads? >> much better than if it was
6:41 am
raining out there. the chopper was moving around a bit and we saw a rolling traffic break, that's when chp goes back and forth slowing traffic approaching oak street. i showed you a disabled sweeper truck. that has just cleared from the area. with all that dust from the kitty litter, the cleanup that had to go on after the fuel spill. all lanes have just cleared. now it's slow heading into the area. we'll end with this shot and see the slow approach through oakland. more news right after this break. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through
6:42 am
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6:44 am
hey, the national spelling bee is getting under way in just a couple of hours and there are actually a couple of bay area kids looking to hoist this year's trophy. tracie potts is live in washington. she joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: hey, laura, good morning. be on the lookout for these numbers. number 19 and number 23, these are your bay area participants. number 19 is a fifth grader from san jose, number 23 is an eighth grader from walnut creek. both of them among the 275 best spellers not only in the nation, but in the world. there are students here from canada, china, japan, ghana, new zealand, the caribbean, all hoping to win that $30,000 cash prize. now, they completed their preliminary round, their written round yesterday. today they're on stage for the first time. then tomorrow we'll see the semifinals and those all-important nail-biting finals when students try to become the best speller in this
6:45 am
competition. about half boys and half girls this year, most of them between the ages of 8 and 15. most of them, though, around middle school age. but there are some, at least one that we know of as young as third grade who has qualified for this national competition. it's amazing. if you can spell any of those words probably today, but tomorrow gets pretty tough. >> no kidding. i love to see them, you know. it's fun when the kids are characters too. it will be fun to watch. always fun to watch the giants and tim lincecum will take the mound for the giants in st. louis tonight. the game starts at 5:15. they were winning it 3-1 in the eighth inning but albert pujols started a rally with an rbi double. when it was done, the cards took the lead 4-3. the giants didn't score any runs in the ninth. 4-3 was the final on that one. a's will wrap up their series against the yankees tonight. last night was a rough one at
6:46 am
the coliseum. the yankees jumped all over t m them. they lost it 10-3. tanly cup finals actually start tonight without our bay area team, the sharkies. vancouver canucks host the boston bruins in game one tonight starting at 5:00. you can actually see it all on nbc bay area. that means we're changing things around a little bit. nbc bay area news will be on at 4:00 p.m. nbc nightly news starts at 4:30. the game will be at 5:00. then more news for you at 8:00. and don't forget, you can get all of your local news on california non-stop at 7:00 p.m., that's on comcast channel 186. in case you were thinking i look a little tired this morning like every morning, there's a good reason for it. the triplets and i were up a little late last night to surprise brent on his new 7:00 p.m. newscast. >> dada. >> hi, sweetie. hi, sweetie. >> i told you, we were going -- yeah. >> dada. >> just in case you're wondering, that's dada. >> hug. >> okay, hug.
6:47 am
>> mama. >> and mama is over there. >> that was katherine pointing out who everyone is in the family. jack is there in the middle. claire is on my lap. it was actually a special moment for brent, daddy, because it was his birthday and he actually didn't know that we were coming last night. we won't tell you brent's age. the kids, however, are 2 and you can see more of brent on our new 7:00 p.m. newscast, comcast channel 186 or digital 11-2. thanks to the crew last night for putting up with three 2-year-olds in studio. a lot of fun. we want to check the forecast right now. i don't think i'll be taking those kids to the park any time soon with all the rain coming our way. >> unless they each have their own individual rain coat and umbrella that. would be adorable. things are looking really good right now. we don't have that front just yet, it's pushing in. in fact i'm watching it start to pu
6:48 am
push onshore in the north bay. even in the spotty activity we've had, a couple of thunderstorms this early in the morning. let me show you something very significant. you see that cluster of red and yellow here also indicating some hail on the doppler just a few minutes ago. this is what's headed our way. this is a very unstable air mass. it's packing a lot of moisture. as it warms up today, i think we could see a pretty good round of thunderstorms. there it is. you see that purple, that's dime-sized hail. this is what we're looking at in terms of your forecast today. you can see 9:00 a.m. front comes in. steady rain forecasted until about 1:00 p.m. up in the north bay. i'm going to give it until 3:00 p.m. everywhere else. after that it will be warm and moist enough for the potential for some thunderstorms. thursday stays relatively dry. but then i put it back into motion for you. friday, yep, there's that front. this is the big weather maker friday into saturday. so today not a lot of action in
6:49 am
terms of the rain showers that we are expecting. if you do get caught up in one of those thunderstorms, you could find yourself in a pretty heavy downpour. also expecting pea-size hail, possibly nickel-size hail with some of these stronger storms and tornadic rotation is possible with a severe setup like this. it's very, very unlikely, but possible. so jeff ranieri and myself will be here watching all day long for the potential of some of those severe storms to roll onshore. 62 degrees, that's it today in san jose. we're down to 60 tomorrow. rain moves in friday into saturday. finally a bit of a break sunday into monday but then more showers move in. tuesday looks okay, but another round of rain comes in tuesday into wednesday, so just reentless, laura. >> no kidding. there are still some schools holding those graduation. 6:49 right now. coming up, see a guy who better put away that number one dad coffee mug he might have. we'll show you why. and angry birds is coming to your television. we'll show you how it works coming up in tech today.
6:50 am
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withlicious flavors all around 100 calories each. yoplait. it is so good. welcome back, everyone. temperatures not going to inch up too high as big storms approaching the bay area. hopefully not going to affect the morning commute. we've already had a rough run. >> and we found something else for these folks getting treated to another issue for the same area of oakland, 880 coming up past -- basically through downtown oakland. there's a disabled truck. it's not a big rig like the picture entails here.
6:53 am
we'll show you live pictures from the chopper. it's a box truck and the slow lane is blocked. i just saw a tow truck leave the scene. looks like they need a bigger truck and that is going to be a bigger delay. there's a chp officer blocking that slow lane and the backup now forming as you're approaching the area coming past the park street bridge so plan for that. meanwhile back out to the maps, hayward just south of there, san leandro to hayward a smooth drive. a lotter volume of traffic for a 22-minute drive. we'll end with the bay bridge toll plaza with the backup that keeps building but it's only back to the 880 overcrossing. back to you. this morning a suspected laptop thief is behind bars after its owner used technology developed for the apple macbook. bob redell is live in fremont with more on this high tech cat-and-mouse game. >> reporter: this is a cop and robbers story, laura, that can only happen with at that's technology in this day and age. there's a defy named joshua kauffman, a web and software
6:54 am
developer. as you can see he's also a heavy twitterer. he's out of oakland. last march someone stole his macbook laptop from his apartment in oakland. little did the thief know that joshua had already installed an app on this called hidden that lets him track the location of his macbook, lets him record screen shots, take pictures from the webcam so joshua called oakland police and said, hey, i know where my laptop is, can you go get this. the police said sorry, we're too busy. in the past 24 hours josh started tweeting about his problems and he even started a blog called "this guy has my macbook." on there he started posting pictures of the alleged thief taken by the webcam on his macbook. he's got pictures of the guy asleep on the couch, unbeknownst to him that the webcam is taking his picture. here's a picture of the guy in his own bed without his shirt on and josh has the caption i
6:55 am
really don't want to know what this didn't i is doing with my macbook. he has a screen shot of him logging on to his google account. yesterday opd decided to help out after they heard about all the tweeting that was going on, all the publicity. joshua actually had found an e-mail the guy sent to a cab company indicating that he was a cabbie, so police tricked this thief into picking them up for a ride and they made the arrest. here's the tweet that came out yesterday. arrested. an oakland police officer just called me to let me know they arrested the guy in my photos. booyah. oakland police point out they get around 2400 theft cases a month. they only have three theft investigators. i talked to an investigator overnight who is very tired, going on, i don't know, sixth or seventh cup of coffee and could not comment on this case, they were too busy with an unrelated case. so there you have it. >> well, it made a difference in the end.
6:56 am
that's interesting, bob. the highest paid reality tv star may soon be a woman named kim humphries. who's that? it's kim kardashian. she's engaged to nba player kris humphries. now online reports say he actually plans to take his name when they get married. kardashian is the star of "keeping up with the kardashi s kardashians." she reportedly made $6 million last year. that's more than any other reality tv star. amazing. hey, we've got some evidence this morning that chivalry is not dead but may be seriously wounded. a dad is at a dodgers game and holds up his daughter to try to get a baseball thrown their way. one comes but he drops his daughter when the ball comes his way. bam. he didn't even catch it. later he gets an elbow from his daughter and probably not a very didn't father's day present as well. it seems like as good a time
6:57 am
as any to remind you about this guy. yeah. he ducked out of the way of a foul ball at a houston astros game last august. ouch. the ball instead hit his date, not cool. you never know when the cameras are around. certainly not that kiss cam. >> never trust dodgers fans or those guys that wear their hats funny to one side. either way, it's a tip. >> hey, what's going on on wall street. >> we've got do you industrials down better than 56 points. we're worried about jobs this morning. we get the big jobs numbers from the labor department on friday, but we're getting early word from private organizations that there are not as many jobs being created as we hoped. dow industrials down 56. angry birds coming to your television set, laura, very cool. about 75 bucks over at best buy. and you can play angry birds. >> how do you play that, though, with a little controller? >> it's going to be very difficult with the remote. it's not out yet but the minute it is, we'll test it out and figure it out. >> and it will work for more
6:58 am
than just angry birds. >> netflix and hulu and all kinds of stuff. >> for how much? >> 75 bucks. >> look at that. hey, thanks for joining us. "today" show coming up next. i'll have a local news update in half an hour. hope to see you then. have a great day. stay dry! chevron with techron. care for your car. um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me.
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