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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 3, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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coming up on "today in the bay," new employment numbers are in, and they do not look good. >> reporter: good morning, i'm christie smith live at san francisco general hospital, where the san francisco fire one nur. another here this morning in the hospital. report. >> reporter: and one week after a my23 ai loo her continues in the east up. good morning, pre i'll tell you hayward police coming up in my live report. have joinius. the weather ylc.
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beau saw3 mome jo bay." good friday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. 6:00, i'm laura garcia-cannon. beautiful sunrise we saw moments ago, and those pictures, hope you are g chance to enjoy it, because the weather is going to turn stormy by this weekend. >> yeah,tomorrow.ú close clouds are getting thicker and thicker. we're noticing it on our satellite imagery this morning. showers on the way today. rain tomorrow. heavy at times. we'll break that'std< one of the thousands of people with tickets to the giants game over the next three to four days, i'll let you know which ones could likely get rained out. that's coming up. let's av( átek(au vm101. o02 2óky m fromañzx thesndents. north one lane of the off-ramp
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e brinow butu i'll bring a s 1while, fhe we @ is e8 things bright now. but area, so fire departm this as it -- if it causes oh[ e partners, a fire department veteran firefighter is killed in the line of duty last night. they were overtaken by a wall of flames while fighting a fire in the diamond heights neighborhood yesterday. "today in the bay's" christie 5 sayin lostçs of
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they certainly appreciate the show of support they have received from across the city. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay."
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>> thank you very much. in fact, this morning, fire investigators still looking into exactly what went wrong. they think firefighters actually encountered a flashover. that is when there is a sudden ignition and the room bursts into flames, creating temperatures of 1,000 degrees or more. experts say when a firefighter is caught up in something like that, it will lead to significant injuries or even death. one expert we talked to said, with protective gear, new safety gear with how protective it is, it's actually difficult for a firefighter to realize if they're in a dangerous situation until it is too late. it can happen so, so quickly. it is 6:04 right now. a man who was caught with a stolen laptop that was tracked with security software will be arraigned today on felony possession of stolen property. oakland police say 27-year-old muthana alberdashi was arrested for stealing an apple mac book. he was cracked down thanks to a
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software application called "hidden." it's installed in the computer. the owner of the mac book, joshua kauffman was able to track its movement and record shots. kauffman even blogged about the theft and posted photos of the suspect. today marks one week since nursing student michelle lei disappeared in the east bay. investigators followed up on what they believe was a potential break in the case. "today in the bay's" ma la tellez joins us with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. a couple things happening today. first off, hayward police are expected to hold a press conference a little bit later this morning to give everybody an update on the search for missing nursing student, 26-year-old michelle lei. but so far, investigators are saying they did not find anything significant when they followed up on what they were calling a potential break in this case. yesterday, s.w.a.t. teams searched the niles canyon area, which is where lei's cell phone last pinged on saturday. now, a ping happens when a phone
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communicates with a nearby cell tower, so this, of course, means her phone was in that area at some point. but, again, investigators say they did not find anything of significance. now, lei disappeared a week ago today during her rounds at kaiser hospital here in hayward, where she was last seen heading to a parking garage. her honda suv was later found just a few blocks away in a neighborhood cul-de-sac. well, tonight family and friends are holding a candlelight vigil in that exact spot where her car was found. that's here in hayward on pond rosa court from 7:00 until 9:00 tonight. so far, investigators have questioned 15 to 20 or so people in this case. but no one has been arrested. now, word of lei's disappearance spread quickly online and actually through smart phones i myself actually received this message on my blackberry, missing, $20,000 reward. this was sent to me from a friend of mine to be forwarded to the next person, of course, to get the word out.
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$20,000 reward being offered in the case. her father from vietnam actually putting up the money for that reward. laura? >> let's hope they find her. thank you very much. well, the secret pain is now public. jaycee dugard is reliving her kidnapping, and revealing why she didn't try to run for almost 20 years. at a sentencing hearing yesterday, the judge released dugard's grand jury testimony. dugard says phillip garrido used a stun gun when he abducted her from south lake tahoe. she says she was raped weekly, but didn't run away, because she wanted to keep them from doing the same thing to anyone else. garrido was sentenced to 431 years in prison. his wife, nancy, was sentenced to 36 years behind bars. more than a week later, and there's still no verdict in the trial of the man accused fd killing oakland journalist chauntsy bailey. the jury will resume monday. they're recessed today. prosecutors say they ordered the
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murder of bailey to stop the journalist from publishing an unflattering article about your black muslim bakery, his business. macke is accused of taking part in bailey's murder. a major announcement is expected today in an east bay law enforcement corruption case. three former officers and a private investigator are accused of stealing drugs and guns from police evidence lockers and selling them. today, the contra costa district attorney's office will hold a news conference in what it calls a major development in the case. though they aren't saying what that is just yet. we're closely following the story and will have the very latest information for you as soon as it comes in. also, we're closely following the series of storms that are hitting the bay area pretty hard. what's in store, christina? >> we have a rough, rough ride ahead of us as we head through the next 72 hours, at least. it just depends on whether or not this system sits and spins, and remains stationary for over 72 hours, which is definitely possible.
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a lot of the models are actually projecting it to just kind of sit offshore as we head through saturday, sunday, and even the first part of your monday. now, what that means is, once this system of low pressure does slide to the south and sets up right here, just off shore from the bay area, it will be able to continuously pump in this moisture, this wrap-around moisture right at the coastline. we do have the concern about whether it's going to tap into this sub tropical moisture tap just to the south. if that is the case, we could see heavy flooding and we'll be measuring the rain in inches. this is what we're looking at, a dry break through noon today. if you need to get outdoor plans taken care of, roll up the windows, still have time. heavy rain tonight. we'll see the showers start light, light in nature to begin with, and then by tonight, heavy periods of rain. that will last through your saturday. then sunday morning, the rain starts to clear just a little bit. but the afternoon we're expecting a pretty strong round of thunderstorms. now, we've got the giants back in town as of tonight. they've got their first game at 7:15. so this is what we're expecting.
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possibly a rain delay as early as tonight. i think that the game tomorrow, 1:00 p.m., could get downright cancelled because of the rain activity. and probably some rain delays for the 1:00 p.m. game on sunday, as well. monday, you should be okay. but just make sure you're checking ahead at find out if it your game is on schedule. as you can see, rain stay with us through monday. let's check out your drive, mike. >> i have two outdoor birthday parties this weekend, so we're following that. meanwhile, highway 4. being friday light, we have a lighter volume of rask, where we still have that slow down and speeds below 20, where it's red on the maps between g street and over towards horizon lane. not a major stretch, but still slow through that one specific area. meanwhile, heading towards the venetian bridge, out of the north bay, the commute direction smooth heads highway 4. this afternoon and evening, some folks might be heading towards the central valley getting away, a lot of graduations throughout
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the next few weekends, so some folks heading to relatives. rain might be coming through the area, as well. the east shore freeway not experiencing any problems, though. 18-minute drive off the carkinus bridge and the total plaza, a live look. the sun playing a factor now. visibility over towards the sun looking atta direction. don't look at the sun, obviously. look at the road, instead. and we have a smooth drive. the sun coming up around 880. and then the freeway, no incidents through this portion. north, coming through downtown, now a report of debris in the lanes. i'll bring you more details coming from chp, but light volume so far here. and 680 are southbound to the top of the screen out of sunol into treatment, might see some slowing past highway 84 in a few minutes. >> thanks for burning my retinas. >> you got it. >> looking at the sun. 6:11 right now. still coming up, the governor coming to silicon valley today. we'll tell you why. and the latest employment
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report came out less than an hour ago. see what kind of picture it paints for the economy. next in a live report. and a live look outside. sun is out, at least right now. we better enjoy it while we can. live look at the golden gate bridge this morning,thly. we'll have tinhe ver smoothly. we'll have the very latest. 6:12 right now. [ male announcer ] yiayia may not approve of an unmarried couple living together.
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keeping our eye on the newest federal jobs report, doesn't look good. tracie potts joins us live from washington with the details. trac tracie? >> reporter: laura, good morning the unemployment rate now up a
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little bit from 9.0, the month before. but the number that you'll really hear a lot about today, are the number of jobs that were created. 54,000, which is half of what the worst predictions were. and just a quarter of what we saw the month before. this is the worst hiring record since last september. also, the number of private-sector jobs created. when you take a very close look at this report, also one of the worst since last summer, 83,000 jobs. this is when you take out the job losses from the government sector. so bottom line, this is being considered a dismal report. today, take a look at market reaction, and also lots of analysis today on whether or not this is a temporary bump in the road or the start of another slide into recession. laura? >> we will see. thank you very much, tracie, for the latest. this morning, governor brown is on his way to the south bay for the first time since becoming governor. kind of hard to believe. but he will meet with a group of silicon valley ceos today to
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discuss the state budget. officials with the silicon valley leadership group say they will have lunch with the governor in san jose. it will be a private lunch, hosted by netflix founder and ceo reid hastings. in addition to the budget, the group is expected to discuss government reform, education and the state's business climate. a new report says americans who use the internet are more worried about companies tracking what they do on the web than the government. study out of usc found that nearly half of internet users age 16 and older are worried about business checking what they do. of only 38% worry about the government watching them. but the worries cannot stop the shopping. 82% of americans use the internet just to buy stuff. it is 5:16 right now. lots of people worried about the forecast, especially if they've got tickets to the giants game this weekend. >> oh, my gosh, laura. and this is one of those weekends where everybody is like, what's the weather going to be like? >> graduation. >> yeah, graduations, people
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have friends and family coming into town. because this is typically when we get the best weather. but not going to be the case this weekend. i can tell you this. i'm looking at everything. trying to find the sunshine. and it looks like as we head into next week, tuesday, wednesday, thursday in particular, our warmup begins by the end of the week, we're talking about 80 degree weather. and it looks like it will last for a while. we've just got to get through this storm first. let me show it to you. extremely impressive to see this set-up this time of year. you see that system of low pressure digging into the bay area, just driving all of this cloud cover. and you see the clouds have made their way all the way to livermore now. and the system is going to continue to slide to the south. as we head through tonight and tomorrow morning, and as it does so, it's going to kind of stall out, just off the coast. and what happens when it stalls out is, we have two possible scenarios. we could see it stay further enough to the north to where it stays away from the sub tropical moisture tap. that's what we want. if that is the case, we'll be
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measuring the rain in the north bay and east bay probably less than an inch. however, if it sets up further to the south, we're talking about inches of rain, heavy flooding possible across the bay. and, yeah, this is the first week of june, highly unusual. 44 degrees right now in livermore. it's cold out there this morning in gilroy, 4 42. of 50 in san jose, and 47 in santa cruz. we'll start to see our first showers push into the north bay at noon. but then, 4:00 p.m., the changes take shape. 55 degrees, the temperature had drop. showers arrive, possibly some thunderstorms, even this afternoon. a stronger round of rain moves in want to. heavy periods of rain. you'll probably hear that rain falling on your rooftop tonight. 63 degrees in oakland today, 65 in fremont. and here it is, the seven-day tells the story better than i can. 71 degrees, periods of rain for your saturday. 63 on sunday. rain at times, especially for the first part of the day. then we'll get a break, and
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you'll think things are clearing up. oh, no. we do have the potential for strong storms to develop sunday afternoon. and then a few residual showers post frontal precipitation as we head through your monday. then, there's our dry break, laura. we're going to get to where those open-towed shoes again, i promise you, girl. promise you. >> better get a pedicure. 6:19. coming up, it's going to cost you more to park downtown san jose, very soon. >> and it's free parking at the mall. but then inside it costs you more. but you might want to head there, given christina's forecast. your friday commute, okay so far. we'll check out how things are developing and what to expect for your get-away, coming up. and a live look outside this morning. mike will tell us more about this over 880. oiesn't look too bad in - fm pf oewvi. 6:19 right now. .
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welcome back. live look outside. look at that. you can see the top of the transamerica pyramid right now. not shrouded with clouds, not covered with rain. just yet. both are coming. 6:22 right now. want to check the morning commute, as well. at least the roads are dry now. that makes for an easier, safer commute. >> that's right. and we're seeing a lighter volume, anyway. spots like that, the transamerica building in san francisco might see more traffic midday because of the weekend traffic that gets into the city. northbound on your right, just a blip there, things sorting out
6:23 am
for the south bay. although we do still have the incident getting into the south bay. it is like it shows on the map, well off the road wae, no injuries reported, a car went off the road into fencing. no slowing through the fremont funnel. hayward, a smooth drive, as well. caster valley all wide with chick let's moving nicely. a live look showing you things north of there, 880. laura, you said it looks like fine there, and it does. you're right. >> yeah, i knew that. >> you absolutely knew that. but north of here, debris. a report of tire in lanes at 23rd, so a couple lanes affected by debris and the removal as we have a crew heading up to the scene in the next few minutes. and north of there, a slight build to the volume of traffic at the bay bridge total plaza, looking for metering lights to be turned on. just about two minutes ago, we had the metering lights turned on, and a slow build at the toll plaza. back to you. all right.
6:24 am
those folks headed into san francisco. but if you're headed to downtown san jose, could you experience more expensive parking, starting next month. san jose city council is considering a plan to raise the rates there between 25 and 33%. at five of the city's public garages. the plan also calls for parking fees on weekends and holidays, something that will be hard to get used to for some folks, because it's free right now. the council will vote on the plan on june 14th. if it is approved, the new rates will take effect on july 1st. supporters of oakland's libraries are protesting major cuts to funding with a mock funeral. they say if the cuts are allowed, the buildings would be closed. like silent tombs. so tonight they'll march through the city in a mock funeral procession. city plans to actually close 14 branches to save money. the other four locations will be open a few days of the week, with limited services. tonight's protest starts at 7:00 at the intersection of 20th and broadway. here's an eye-opener for you
6:25 am
this morning at what helps to open your eyes. starbucks actually raising the price of the package coffee that it sells in stores. it's hiking package prices by 17% in july. it's going to take the price up another dollar per pound to about $14.95. this is the second increase since march. i'm telling you, expensive, just to get a cup of joe. coming up this morning on the "today" show, back street's back, and they're bringing the new kids with them. ♪ ♪ makes me crazy ♪ everybody ♪ the old kids on the block are still the new kids on the block. and the backstreet boys are teaming up to perform together on one stage. they're even confining combining their names, nkotbbsb. new kids on the block, backstreet boys. never getting old, i suppose. all coming up this morning on "today." they're no doubt going to have a
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big crowd out there. 6:25 now. coming up on "today in the bay," the man arrested for beating brian stow could get out of jail today. a live report from los angeles is coming up. and police are following new leads in the disappearance of a bay area nursing student. meantime, live look outside from the south bay this morning. as we mentioned, the sun is out, shining right now. we would hope to warm things up, but no, the s i i coming. when and where. we'll tell you so our dentist recommended act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle.
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coming up on "today in the bay," we will have the latest on the investigation into a fire that killed a san francisco firefighter. >> reporter: and family and friends get ready to gather in hayward to show their support for missing nursing student michelle lei. good morning, i'm marla tellez. the latest coming up in my live report. and the latest live look
6:29 am
outside. oh, the clouds starting to who have verify this morning as the storm moves in. it's friday, june 3rd, "today in the bay." good morning, thanks for joining us. it it's 6:30 now, i'm laura garcia-cannon. you can see the clouds coming in. >> showers. and we're expecting the showers to arrive by about noon. you can see the live picture of the golden gate bridge, mostly cloudy conditions. it's turning overcast already, six hours away from this big storm producing its showers over the north bay, but only two hours away from nkotb-bsb. >> wait until you see the dances we have planned within the newsroom. no, we're not showing video. we're looking over here to the eastshore freeway, an 18-minute
6:30 am
drive, very smooth now. friday, light for most of the area. a couple things to point out as we give an overview. giants playing tonight. christina talking about some rain, probably not a washout, but still watching for that. and, of course, walking from your car to the stadium. metering lights on, so a live look shows what you things are like. a slower build because of a lighter volume. but still, the metering lights on for under ten minutes. slow as you're approaching the toll gate. so from the metering lights, it's starting to fill in, and there we have the build just forming at the toll plaza itself. 6:30 now. today marks one week since nursing student michelle lei disappeared in the east bay. investigators followed up on what they believe was a potential break in the case. marla tellez is live in hayward, joining us with the very latest. good morning, marla. >> reporter: good morning, laura. seven days have already passed, and today hayward police are expected to hold a press conference here at police headquarters in hayward to give an update on their search for
6:31 am
missing nursing student michelle lei. so far, investigators are saying they did not find anything significant when they followed up on what they were calling a potential break in this case. yesterday's s.w.a.t. team searched the niles canyon area, which is where lei's cell phone last pinged on saturday. a ping happens when a phone communicates with a nearby cell tower. so this means her phone was in that area at some point, but, again, investigators say they did not find anything of significance. lei disappeared a week ago during her rounds at kaiser hospital in hayward, where she was last seen heading to a parking garage. her locked honda suv was later found a few blocks away in a neighborhood cul-de-sac. tonight family and friends are going to be holding a candlelight vigil in that same spot where her car was found. this is in hayward on pond rose acourt from 7:00 until 9:00 tonight. they are calling this a show of support to gather strength in
6:32 am
the search for michelle lei. again, hayward police expected to give an update on their search for her. so far investigators have interviewed, questioned, 15 to 20 people or so, but no one has been arrested. laura? >> thank you very much for the details there. it's 6:301 right now. flags are flying at half staff in san francisco this morning in memory of a fallen firefighter. 48-year-old lieutenant vincent perez died of a heart attack after he was -- he suffered from severe burns and smoke inhalation yesterday. another firefighter, 53-year-old tony va layr ois in critical continue. it stems from a house fire in the diamond heights neighborhood yesterday. this morning, investigators are looking into whether a flashover occurred. bay area fire chief says it's something that can happen in seconds. menlo park fire chief harold shapelholeman says it's important for firefighters to read the smoke around them, quickly. he says it reaches maximum
6:33 am
ignition, and it's so hot, everything in the room bursts into flames. >> can reach anywhere from 1,200 to 1,500 degrees, even at the floor. so, again, for firefighters caught in something like that, it's going to be unsustainable. it's going to be typically significant injuries or even death. >> he adds, with major advances in their fire safety gear, it's actually a lot more difficult to tell how hot it is getting, and when firefighters get deep into that fire, it could be too late. condolences and tributes are pouring in this online. we're seeing people changing their facebook profiles to show a badge with a black stripe through it in honor of lieutenant vincent perez. you can leave your comments on new this morning, a man accused of pointing a gun at oakland police officers is in custody after a manhunt that lasted most of the night. police say no one was injured in the shooting that happened at 67th avenue and bancroft around 8:00 last night. police say they shot at the suspect after he pulled out a
6:34 am
gun, and aimed it at an officer. that man managed to run away through nearby yards, but police found him, just after midnight. 6:33 this morning. and we're learning that dr. jack kevorkian died in a detroit area hospital this morning. the well-known assisted suicide advocate was being treated for pneumonia and kidney problems. he was 84 years old. keeping our eyes on the skies this morning as the storm is headed our way. christina, you say we've got a few hours here. >> yeah. we have got a few hours -- about six hours to take care of last-minute business. that's especially up in the north bay. and i think that the shower -- the bulk of the moisture today will be north of the golden gate bridge. we're not expecting a whole lot of rain today in the south bay, even along the southern peninsula. let's go ahead and show you what we are expecting. i have been sifting through information, all kinds of data coming in on this system. and a lot of these models don't agree. this is what i think. this is my best stab at it, after hours and hours of analysis. i think we're going to get a
6:35 am
pretty good dry break through noon today. heavy rain moves in tonight. by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, south boy, that's when you're heavy rain is expected to really develop. and that will last all the way through saturday night into sunday, the first part of sunday looks pretty wet. we'll see some lighter showers at that time. and then sunday afternoon, as high pressure starts to build back in, enough daytime heating for the potential of some strong thunderstorms. so let's go ahead and show you. this is what your future cast is picking up. we stopped the clock for you at 12:00 p.m. today. there's the front right off shore, already see how juicy it is with those yellows. that's an indication of moderate rain. it pushes on shore, and as you can see, a lot of shower activity stays north until tomorrow morning. by 5:00, you see deep pockets situated over the south bay. we'll stop the clock at 5:00 a.m. sunday. and it looks dry at this time, clear across the bay area, just a cell over the south bay. but then we see those thunderstorms, we're picking them up in our future cast
6:36 am
today, so watch out for severe weather this weekend. sunday looks to be the most likely, of course. we've got our own rob mayeta watching all weekend long. 53 degrees in hayward now. a cool day, 64 in concord. that's it. i've got your seven-day forecast in just minutes, mike. but, hey, if they've got to get out the door, what can you tell them? >> it's a a great time to get out the door, because it's relatively light volume. friday light, and a lot of folks expect. northbound 101, typical slowing at the off-ramp. also, highway 7, southbound side, reports of debris in the roadway, no lanes blocked. but they might be removing a tire from the roadway there. a live look at 87, coming into san jose, a cool transition, coming through the south bay into downtown, those headlights slowing as you're come towards curtner. light volume. and another live look shows you the bay bridge toll plaza, meet everything lights now on for 20 minutes, roughly and we see them
6:37 am
build now, slowly building up as you're approaching the toll plaza just about mid lanes. we also see flashing lights over on the left-hand side, chp stopped temporarily, and we'll find out what's going on. but it doesn't sound like any lanes are blocked. minor distraction. 6:37 now. this morning, there is a chance that the suspect in the brian stow brutal beating case actually could be set free from jail. we'll have the very latest coming up. and also coming up this morning, aubrey huff is hot against the cardinals. see what he did, copying up. plus, the federal government released its newest jobs report. eiv report from washington next.
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6:40 am
new this morning, there is a chance the suspect accused in the brutal beating of giants' fan brian stow could get out of jail. we are live outside the l.a. courthouse this morning where giovanni ramirez faces a patrol hearing. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning to you. that parole hearing moved to the men's central jail, where giovanni ramirez has been for about the last week now, never charged with the beating of brian stow, simply accused. they're holding him on a parole violation. that's why they're having this parole hearing today. it's possible he could be released. his attorneys are saying they would be surprised if any charges officially come down ever against giovanni ramirez.
6:41 am
they say he was not at dodgers stadium the night brian stow was beaten. in fact, they say, according to his girlfriend, he doesn't even like sports. and last night, we're understanding that according to this girlfriend, the mother of their daughter he was apparently babysitting the night of the beating, the daughter spoke with investigators and gave specifics what they had for din they're night and who was there to visit at the house just before game time. relatives say they did go to the game, although, once again repeating that gee vanny ramirez was not dodger stadium. lapd, however saying he remains their primary suspect. that's the latest. we'll send it back to you. >> all right. so many people watching it. thank you very much. also watching the latest federal employment numbers. they are out with a new report. tracie potts joins us live from washington with details. not so great. >> reporter: not so great. and there are two numbers you want to remember today as you watch the reaction of the markets in washington. 9.1%. that's the new unemployment rate. it's a little bit higher than
6:42 am
what we saw last month, up about a tenth after the news today that not nearly as many jobs were created as originally thought. the worst predictions from economists were that we would see 100,000 jobs created over the past month. instead, we only saw 54,000, almost half of what they predicted, a quarter of what we saw the month before. it is the worst hiring record in eight months. and so today be on the lookout for reaction from the white house, reaction from here on capitol hill, certainly reaction in the financial markets, and lots of concern about whether or not this is a temporary bump in the road or whether or not it's the beginning of a slide into recession. >> don't need that. thank you very much, tracie, for the numbers. turning to sports news, giants play the rockies, first pitch at 7:15. last night, aubrey huff with a monster game against the cardinals, three home runs for six rbis, the ball jumping out of the park.
6:43 am
three other players hit home runs, including freddie sanchez. huff hit his last homer in the top of the ninth. giants beat the cardinals, 12-7. nice numbers, there, as well. nba finals even after a thrilling comeback last night. dallas mavericks were down by about 15 points with a little more than six minutes left in the game. but, boy, did they storm back against the miami heat, and won it 95-93. close one. game three is coming up on sunday in dallas. team pop star justin bieber using his celebrity to help local kids head to college. bieber will perform a benefit concert at the mountain winery in saratogaa next weekend to help out the nonprofit college track. college track says it works with local kids to help them get college degrees. concert at 8:30 on june 1 1th. there are a few tickets available to the public, but they will cost you about $250 to $1500. i guess that gets you closer to
6:44 am
the bieber to release that fever. you never know who you might find on the side of the road. they say don't pick up hitch meeke mi hikers, but gilbert rou lay who plays hockey for the edmonton oilers convinced his girlfriend to pick up a hitchhiker tuesday. that guy was this guy, yeah, world famous rock star bono. he and his assistant i guess went out for a walk and got caught up in the rain. and brulee picked him up, they rode in the back of the truck with a german shepard. he thanked the couple on stage on wednesday. yeah. go sit back there with the dog. which i guess is safer if you've got a hitchhiker with you. bono plays in oakland this coming tuesday. so there you have it. >> i always thought he would be taking a hike around joshua tree. kind of an odd duck that bono,
6:45 am
but very charitable, we love him. looking good now, clouds pushing in, clouds all the way across the east bay now. and they're going to continue to push in. so, yeah, that sunshine we had now limited at best. this is what we're looking at when it comes to this system. this is a very juicy system, it's taking a substantial dip for this type time of year, the jet stream itself taking the storm track well into southern california. now, if this thing taps into sub tropical moisture, we're going to be measuring some pretty heavy numbers, possibly 1 inch of rain along the peninsula. maybe up to 2 to 3 inches in the north bay. and we're looking at 1 inch in the east and the south bay, as well. so this is a big-time weather maker. it starts to produce light showers as of this afternoon. by tonight, heavy periods of rain. and that will last through tomorrow. sunday we'll get a break for the first part of the day. then we've got to watch out for thunderstorms sunday afternoon. 47 degrees now in sunnyvale. 53 in hayward. let's take you through your hour by hour forecast. noon today, 58 degrees.
6:46 am
mostly cloudy conditions over the sea. we might have a few isolated showers at that time. still mostly dry, though. and then by 4:00 p.m., yeah, that's when the showers move in. our temperatures drop as the cold air pushes in. breezy, as well. so if you've got tickets to the game tonight, hold on to those tickets. i'll get to your forecast in just a sec. 65 in fremont, 70 in san jose. here it is. giants game tonight, 7:15, as they take on the colorado rockies, i think wee we'll see some rain delays. make sure you bring a jacket to the stadium. want to bring an umbrella, as well. and tomorrow, if you've got tickets to the 1:00 p.m. game, you want to check ahead before leaving the house, because it could get rained out. by sunday, rain at times, possibly more delays for the 1:00 p.m. game. then monday, laura. rain early, that's when we'll start to see clearing. tuesday, wednesday, thursday. we'll jump back up into the 70s. and i cannot wait. i don't know about you. >> i don't know. it seems like you're kind of liking it. a juicy storm is coming. kind of excited. >> who am i kidding.
6:47 am
coming up, find out how some car dealers are taking advantage of people who want one of those hybrids. and a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. flashing lights, friday light? i don't know. i'll tell you about a rocky time in the city for this evening, coming up. hey, want to go see "green lantern" before it comes out? "today in the bay" is giving out tickets to a special sneak preview june 16th. arr details, head to nbc bay eaor m bay area morning news on facebook. while you're there, like us. ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity.
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6:50 am
could be a rainy one for them. the morning commute dry. plus friday light, right, mike? >> that's right. two things combined showing a nice flow of green on the maps. but the colorado rockies in time, that's the time you'll experience. the bay bridge toll plaza going to get busier around midday, typical pattern for a friday. right now, slow. the metering lights on since 6:20. clouds hovering around, the mist in the air and that's what christina is talking about, the change over the course of the day. 880 showing gray now as folks heading past the coliseum. but no major delays, north or southbound, and no major incidents reported for the nimitz freeway. that is a treat. looking at the crossing between 880 and 101. as we're traveling westbound on the highway 92, the san mateo bridge, hazy drive. starting to make it tougher to see the peninsula hills. things change here. and looking at sunl. the reason i haven't showed maps, showing green. speeds above 50 miles per hour for major commute spots, but a
6:51 am
little problem here in sunol the hast 15 minutes. i've seen it go from bright and sunny to clouds over the hills. back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:50 now. this morning, a san francisco veteran fireman killed in the line of duty and another firefighter battling for his life this morning. they were overtaken by a wall of flames while fighting a blaze in the diamond heights neighborhood yesterday. christie smith live in san francisco joins us with more on the story. very tragic. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, laura. this is heart wrempli-wrenching francisco firefighters. nary not only mourning the loss of one firefighter, but still pulling for another one still in critical condition this morning in the intensive care unit. i just smoke with a member of the san francisco police department, and they are here offering their support, as well, saying this really affects the entire community. police stood by firefighters and city leaders, mourning at sf
6:52 am
general hospital to say goodbye to lieutenant vincent perez as the 48-year-old's body was taken away. he's a 21-year veteran. he was a marine, a san francisco native. and in the words of one firefighter, really someone you trust. he and two other firefighters got into trouble in a house fire in the diamond district, a possible flashover. the house just too hot, too fast. anthony valerio still in critical condition. we caught up with the incident response team leaving the hospital about what they're trying to do. >> a lot of times, it's not what you say, just your presence, just being there, supportive. just letting him know that they're not going through this alone. that there are other people to offer their hearts and their -- you know, resources that have been made available. >> reporter: now, we're learning that valerio has been with the department since 1997.
6:53 am
another firefighter was treated for smoke inhalation and minor burns and released. we also heard from a spokesperson this morning, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. but they found nothing suspicious. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, christie. the chevy volt is a pretty popular car right now, and it looks like some dealers are taking advantage of anyone who wants one. "l.a. times" reports that several dealerships are pricing volts at $20,000 over the suggested price of $41,000. and others are selling the vehicles as used and taking the $7,500 tax credit for themselves. that leaves buyers out in the cold for that credit. gm and regulators say there isn't much they can do about it. dealers are independent franchises, and they actually can set their own prices. skimping at the pump, no longer means skimping on safety. car pro jerry reynolds joins us with a list of the safest
6:54 am
economy cars out there. good to see you. >> good morning, great to be with you guys. it's true. not long ago, you had had to choose between safety and good gas mileage. but that's just not true anymore. take a look at this list. all six of these small cars have received top safety ratings from the insurance institute for highway safety, and crash testing. and all six of these cars are really great sellers. the new 2012 ford focus. the new 2012 honda civic, and then the 201100 day elantra, the ct 200 lexus hybrid. also the nissan juke and the new edition of the prius. all those cars are doing great, all those top rated as far as safety goes. now, volt, one of the cars for you here today, this is the 2012 model ford focus. i've been reviewing this car all week long, and i've got to tell you, i've really enjoyed it. this is the kind of car i've been educating people on now for over a year.
6:55 am
back in 2008, when gas prices spiked, we had no choices. if you wanted something with good gas mileage, it was going to be a stripped-down model. not the case anymore. this car drives great, it's got a beautiful interior, all leather. it's got ford's sync system-and-a-half fumigation system, my touch, 10,000 voice commands, 38 miles to the gallon on the highway. >> wow, pretty good. >> mspr petition -- it is good. 26 grand on the sticker of this super loaded one. in this model here, the focus, most are selling for under $20,000. >> all right. so not bad there. hey, you know, here in the bay area, we're always focused on tesla motors. i understand the company updated its progress to investors. what do you think? how are they doing? >> you know, it's amazing. this company gets so much love from everybody, including me. they've yet to turn a profit. but they've got their new s sedan that's coming out, a $50,000 car they say will go 300 miles on a single charge.
6:56 am
i'm going to have to see it. i have yet to have one of the -- >> jerry has got to drive it. >> go as far. yeah. i mean, i -- honestly, i'm skeptical of that mileage. but apparently not everybody is. 4,600 people have put money down on this car. a crossover comes next, and then their second convertible. if they pull this off, tesla will be fine. >> no kidding. jerry, gi got to drive one of te convertibles. they're pretty nice. >> yeah, they are very nice. >> thanks so much. i was kind of rubbing it in. jerry has a ford focus and i got to drive the tesla. thanks a lot. have a great weekend. nbc bringing back one of its biggest hits of the last decade. "fear factor" will be back. the show is casting for a new season. could be your big break. nbc says this time the show will be bigger, and won't focus on as many gross-out stunts like eating bugs this time around. remember that guy you saw him there, briefly joe rogan, said
6:57 am
to be at the top of the list to be the host. he soft hosted the first editio that ended back in 2006. but fear no more, "fear factor" coming back. a dog that traveled hundreds of miles was missing from his family for a year-and-a-half, is going to make the journey home today. 7-year-old buster brown, like the good old shoes, will arrive at sfo later this morning for a flight back to denver. buster disappeared from boulder last year. his owner never gave up hope that buster would be found. and you see him checking for the microchip in buster. well, there was one. and good old buster brown went from boulder to salinas. employees quickly found buster's owner and gave her the great news. >> she has been looking for him, she has been missing him, kept his stuff in the house, and just really sad that her dog was missing. thought maybe he was stolen or bus it's rural, maybe a mountain
6:58 am
lion got him. thrilled beyond belief. >> frontier airlines flying him home for free. thank you so much for joining us this morning. "today" show next. i'll be back with a local news update in a half hour.
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