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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  June 3, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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about to start, and the latest on this investigation. george, what do you have? >> that's right, raj. you can see some of michelle's friends are out here right now setting up. they're getting ready for tonight's 7:00 vigil here on ponderosa court. this is where her car was found about a week ago. obviously, they're worried and concerned for her safety. you know, she moved to san mate ao from oakland about a year ago so she could sustained nursing sxool be close to work. police say that she was leaving kaiser hospital for reno that night, but apparently she went out on break at about 7:00. she stepped out during a break. a surveillance camera shows her white honda leaving the kaiser parking garage the night, and it doesn't show clearly who was driving. investigators, they're working several leads, and michelle's family, obviously, not giving up hope. they're offering a $20,000 reward. they're also passing out these flyers as well as t-shirts to many of the neighbors around here. again, this candlelight vigil starts about 7:00. we do expect the family to be
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out here and speak to the group as well. we're life here in hayward. well, to department waiting for some good news. we're learning about more now from san francisco house fire where one firefighter lost his life and another firefighter remains in critical condition. investigators are still trying to determine what sparked that blaze. a blaze so powerful it melted the mask of one firefighter. nbc bay area's elise kitchen ner joins us with the latest, and ellise, the aftermath is usually difficult, but it also can be very revealing. what do we know tonight? >> reporter: raj, it's unclear what the cause of the fire was. tonight we do know, however, that injured firefighter remains in critical condition. 12% of his body is covered in burns. his family has been by his side since he was taken here yesterday, and we've also seen a stream of firefighters coming here to show their support, hoping they don't have to say
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good-bye to another firefighter tonight. >> he is still critical and touch and go. >> reporter: burns cover 12% of anthony valerio's body. vincent perez were the first firefighters to rush into the burning house in san francisco's diamond heights neighborhood yesterday. perez never made it out alive. now the 33-year-old is fighting for his life at san francisco general hospital. >> he was there for a while. i mean, his mask had melted off. that's how hot the flashover was. >> it was just -- i believe it goes from, like, 300 to 400 degrees to maybe over 1,000, 1,200 degrees, and it's just instantaneous, super heated. >> reporter: battalion chief mark morris suspects in just seconds a flashover, when temperatures in a room rise so high, it ignites, driving the
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temps even higher may have overcome the men. >> you hope it never happens. vince perez, a fine man, 21 years in the department, and i think just this flashover wrong place at the wrong time. >> we're devastated. this is a tough time. sense i have been chief i've never had a line of duty death. >> reporter: while firefighters mourn the loss of one of their own, they hold vigil outside of the hospital hoping they don't lose another. >> it's tough. we'll -- you know, we're going to get through it, and we're going to be there for the perez family and we're there for the valerio family as well. >> everyone is trying to stay upbeat even though the news is dire right now, and we still have no idea whether or not it's going to be one way or the other. >> reporter: and valerio's drr doctor talked to us late this afternoon and it's an incredibly touch and go situation. he described it as a roller coaster. one minute he improves, and the next minute it's worse again.
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we should mention a third firefighter was injured in this blaze. she was treated and released, and, again, fire investigators still don't know what caused this blaze. reporter gene ely is following the story tonight, so we'll have more at 11:00 on the incredible outpouring from the entire community of firefighters without the bay area. live in san francisco, elise kirchnor, nbc bay your news. >> it's about an a long team since a member of the san francisco firefighter was killed in the line of duty almost eight years. now, around the city and the state flags are being flown at half staff to mark vincent perez's death, and tony valerio's serious injuries. governor brown release aing statement today saying, and we quote, our thoughts are with those mourning this tragedy, and we will continue to keep his colleague, firefighter anthony valerio in our prayers. >> well, today a bit of a respite from the rain, but this gloomy june weather is going to continue. meteorologist rob is here now to explain what's ahead.
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rob. >> well, vicky, right now we are seeing a lot of clouds around the bay area, and the rain is starting to approach the coastline. let's take you here to san francisco where we've had a little bit of light rain. 59 degrees into oakland. also 59 mostly cloudy skies. san jose, a bit more mild. 63 rightow west wind at 3 miles per hour. over the last couple of hours we've been watching some of the mainly light rain into sonoma county. santa rosa, 200th of an inch. we roll towards the weekend, and the treasure island, bay bridge, you're seeing light rain. nothing showing up just yet in the santa clara valley, and that's about to change as we see really a january-february-like storm rolling right off our coast. this is going to bring a one-two punch and take a look at these rainfall projections. this is impressive regardless of the time of year. we're talking two to four inches mounigintomo, and maybe one to ino inches around san francisco, which would be an all-time record for the month of june. that is something that, unfortunately, is terrible news
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for folks with weekend plans or for those who earn a living outdoors like we're seeing tonight. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us from san jose with that part of the weather-weeltd story this evening. >> well, i am here in downtown san jose where the subzero festival is now underway. this is an event that showcases the talents of local artist says and musicians, and some of the artists actually sell their work here. they say that the threat of rain is painting a gloomy picture. not just for them, but for some brides to be too. >> they redirected inside to say her i dos all because of rain.
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>> other option would be renting a tent, which is -- >> we're supposed to be havi having -- >> and many are already scratching those plans. michael foley hopes to sell this painting for $150 tonight at the subzero festival in downtown san jose. now the artist is worried rain may keep buyers away cutting his profits in half. >> this is my livelihood. this is the only job i have. i am a full-time artist, and this -- i'm really hoping people just decide to come out  regardless of the weather because there are a lot of us like me who we depend on these events. you know, this is our bread and butter. >> reporter: organizers are doing what they can to make sure visitors who do show up stay dry hoping if they put up tents, they will come.
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the subzero festival will run until midnight tonight, and organizers say they will keep it open whether it rains or not. reporting live in downtown san jose, mary ann favro, nbc bay area news. >> bring the umbrella. thank you, mary ann. san jose city leaders struck a tentative deal with police today that will save 156 officers from being laid off. here are the details of that agreement. officers will give up 10% of their pay. 20 positions will go to civilians. airport policing will now be outsourced, and negotiations are pension reform and six leave pay-outs vbt yet been decided. now, both the mayor and the president of the officers association praised the deal, but even with the concessions, the police department stands to lose 122 officers. >> i'm hopeful that the council over the next two weeks will find some way to reduce those number of layoffs. quite frankly, we're already understaffed with the major city police department in the united
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states. we can't afford to lose one officer, let alone 122. >> both sides acknowledge this year's deal will not solve future budget problems. it's likely the department will face more cuts next year. new at 6:00, if you thought the budget cuts only affected city employees, think again. the cuts might also impact your neighborhood. code enforcement says it now has to adopt a policy that dates back to the 1970s. nbc bay area's damian trajillo joins us from city hall. we're talking about code enforcement inspectors here, damian. how does this affect us? >> reporter: we're talking about quality of life issues for everybody in san jose, raj. if your neighbor is a slum lord, for instance, or your neighbor constantly has old couches and mattresses and old television sets in the front yard, chances are he will not be getting a visit from code enforcement inspectors.
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he wants to make sure his home looks presentable. it's a matter of pride. to make it look good, says rosales. but down the street this is what's in front of his neighbor's house, and beginning monday there isn't much the city can do about it. >> we just simply will not have enough staff available to respond with field inspections. >> reporter: so code enforcement will send suspected violators this letter highlighting the problem sxwshgs if that problem isn't corrected, then an inspector might show up in 90 days. might. >> it's extremely unfortunate. we're dealing with a down economy where people are seeing their property values go down, and they attribute the loss of property value not necessarily to the state of the economy, but to the condition of their neighborhood. >> reporter: two homes on luther avenue are slated to get the warning letter from code enforcement. a neighbor complained the homes are blighted, the homeowner doesn't see it that way. >> maybe some wood because this property, when i did it, i improve it.
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you know, permits cost me a lot of money. >> reporter: joseph will get the warning letter, but likely not a face-to-face inspection. code enforcement is now relying on the complaining naeb to make sure the problems get fixed. >> i really need my residents to be much more of an active participant in the process. >> a process that reverts back to the 1970s. in silicone valley, in the 21st century. >> reporter: code enforcement says it will respond to public safety concerns like a torn fence, a security fence around a public swimming pool like in an apartment complex. they aback in the 1970s they have between a 75% and 85% compliance from people who got these letters. we will see. we're live in san jose city hall. >> thank you. a corruption case too big for contra costa county. tonight federal investigators are taking over the investigation of an east bay law enforcement scandal. three former police officers and a former private investigator
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are accused of various crimes, including stealing drugs from evidence lockers and selling them. the investigation has resulted in 38 criminal counts, including conspiracy, embezzlement, ask drug and bribery charges. the suspects who are free on bail could be rearrested by federal agents in the wake of this new development. >> this investigation has now encompassed multiple cities and counties, multiple police officers, multiple police agencies, and it has crossed state lines. >> the case has let to more than a dozen criminal cases being dismissed because of concerns about tainted evidence. the woman who park sparked a scandal at the san francisco drug lab has pleaded guilty to a drug possession charge. 61-year-old debbie madden was a civilian criminalist at the crime lab. last year after she admitted to taking small amounts of cocaine from evidence, the lab was closed and hundreds of drug cases had to be dismissed. madden was charged with drug
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possession after san francisco police served a search warrant at her san matteo home last march. madden originally pleaded not guilty in april of last year, but after a 13-month delay in the case, she changed her plea to guilty just yesterday. well, history is being made in the east bay. >> we're going to show you the massive product that is now tting underway that's expected to be a windfall for new job creationay w.h us stay with us. .. ..
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a celebration of the end of the school year. hogan high school in vallejo is about to close for good. another victim of the shrinking budgets. students and staff are taking it hard. jody. >> reporter: they really are, vicky. students are gathering here tonight for their senior award ceremony. the class high school's very last graduating class. now, that's a reality that's very tough for both the students and the staff to come to terms with. >> i'm sad. you know, hoeing is an a great school. >> reporter: kids at vallejo
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hogan high school are pug the finishing tumpz on murals that capture the spartan spirit. students hope to leave their mark on campus before hogan high closes not just for the summer, but for good. >> the actual mural is a spartan, a hogan spartan passing on the torch to the wildcat. we're trying to leave a legacy on and pass it on to the next generation. >> it's been a big investment in my time and my heart and it's hard to say good-bye to it. >> reporter: activities and athletic director ann says the school's pending closures just now is starting to hit her. with just three school days left, reality is sinking in. >> it's a very special place, and i'm sure that other sites have their own magic, but other sites get to continue to experience their magic, and we're going to just say good-bye to ours. >> reporter: declining
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enrollment has forced the district to close hogan. starting next year its students will attend one of the district's two other high schools, while the campus becomes a middle school site. >> it just hurts me. it hurts me. it's not fair. >> reporter: but students and teachers say their spartan spirit will stay strong. >> i am very proud to be a spartan, and even in my, you know, whatever i go and do next, i'll still bleed blue, and i'll still remember the spartans. >> reporter: a feeling that won't fade even after the students are gone. now, next wednesday will be the school's last day of class. then on thursday the school will hold its very last graduation ceremony. again, that event is expected to
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be a bittersweet celebration. reporting live in vallejo, i'm jody hernandez. >> spartan pride lives on. well, the question continues to be asked, does the lapd have the wrong man? the only suspect in the beating case of giants fan brian stow is still not being charged with the crime. according to the lawyers for giovanni ramirez, the l.a. parole board says there isn't enough evidence to homohold ramirez on the assault charge. stowe was severely beaten after the giants-dodgers game in the parking lot. ramirez is being held for parole violations stemming from weapons found in the home where he was arrested on may 22nd. as lawyers also announce he has a solid alibi. lis 10-year-old daughter says she was with her dad at home on march 30 3 1st. we're going to hear from the mother of ramirez's daughter tonight at 11:00, and despite the claims of his lawyers, the lapd stillnsists thatti ramirez was involved in that attack of brian stow. an oakland man accused of
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pointing a gun at police officers is al now a four-hour al officers stopped and pulled over a car near the intersection of 67th avenue and bancroft street already. tyrell coulter took off and allegedly pulled out a shotgun yar pointed it at police.8yce n was hurt in the shooting. it took him four hours to find coulter finding in a nearby yard. temperatu ?$ bu ( to happen?g >> just down right incredible. as can you see for our temperatures today, built a bad day. still 71 arranged morgan hill this afternoon. 67 in san hose xwra. 6 for a high in los gados. highs in the mid 60s, and low to mid across the north bay.
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right now san francisco starting to cool down. we've had a little bit of light rain this evening. pickingvw gloomy skies. and gloomy skies. and relatively mild outside. no rain outside just yet. 64 degrees.cnn p furtherlov[7g you can7;ónly li drop about .02 of an inch of rain. between oakland, and op evening san jose, things are dry. as we go through the next 24 b2 ght, the rain mis a j#am
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what if you were inside a bank when someone tried to rob it? kid at his family? mark a has the remarkable
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story. >> reporter: on leave with his family in sarasota, florida, an iraq there no reason rightl) at a man with a car there to commit robbery. peoples can be seen in the background shielding his children from harm. >> he is pointing the weapon right at un but@6 s th children out of his line of fire. >> reporter: with the gunman looming, peoples tells his kids to get under the seats and moves chairs in front of them for morg aft know, if anyone does anything, the kiddie is going to get it. >> reporter: police identified the rob esh at 34-year-old matthew rogers and out of the bank with tens of ém >> reporter:
6:26 pm
to kçrcar. > when in the the gun was a realistic fake. the money was recovered, and peoples' son had an important h. waswcvoted >>jqas good. >> reporter: for aft bravery, peoplesoh, th sup status.s$/ñ next a u$)g a ñ fra keepingg francisco bayybkki. >> dad is cool after that. >> oh, two thumbs up. status. never for thisdq j]
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& two yexçrhquake.8,@ñ
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two years of their lives for noc , is. of the major earthqs
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rese p >> flickering black and white re univers ask6a=eporter: to ye hvrict. reservo a i makeover. sup beams.+lhem, publiché@ dj
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>> so nowl rez nl8ld inra thep of thefcáu4t water. j5' andeastá ba 6 seismic proj em >>' andmf thatiz(çt tob2jpvfyt
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thoer on a hunger strikes in protest. today sarah shords she talked to fatal and bower on the phone. it's only the third phone call they've been allowed make in 22 months. when we were relieved to know that they're alive. i mean, we go through months and months at a time not even knowing, not having any information the outside world doesn't see them at all. so a phone call is, of course, helpful, but it's not enough. >> reporter: the three cal grad students were captured while hiking on the border of iraq and iran in the summer of 2009. it is unclear when the remaining two men will go on trial. a bay area family is about to be torn apart in a few months if a special law isn't passed on their behalf. brenda gutierrez moved to the united states from guatemala 20 years ago with a 4-month-old
6:33 pm
daughter, louisa. she married another immigrant, jose gutierrez, and had two more daughters with him. one of those daughters has a rare blood disease and needs constant attention. that complication is why jose was granted citizenship after coming forward and applying for asylum. brenda was denied asylum because she hadn't been in the country as long. even though gutierrez is married to a legal citizen, she and her daughter face deportation in september. >> all my life is here. we build everything here. we don't have anything over there. it's going to be hard to start all over again over there. seems we have everything here, and my daughters -- my two little ones born here. she grew up here all her life, and she's going to college and doing well. >> reporter: the family is asking the public to help them urge senator dianne feinstein to sponsor a private bill on their behalf. they argue their situation is exactly where the united states needs a comprehensive immigration reform bill.
6:34 pm
alameda police department is now considering several proposals to reign in the budget, all of them involving staff cuts. one plant would eliminate four positions in the police department as well as five jobs at the animal shelter. another proposal cuts nine sworn police officers. the city faces a 7.4 million dollar budget shortfall. the cuts would save the city a little more than $3 million. the alameda city council will vote on that budget at the end of the month. in oakland now construction crews will soon begin a major renovation project in highland hospital. you're looking at today's groundbreaking ceremony for a $668 million project to build a new acute care tower. the six-year three-phase project will also include a new front entrance to the hospital, a courtyard complex, and the demolishing of six existing buildings. now, when built, we're told the state-of-the-art facility will comply with california's seismic safety laws. the rampant use of cell
6:35 pm
phones in californians' prisons is again being addressed by the state senate which has passed a new bill fighting violators, whether they're hidden in hollowed out shoes or tucked away into a custom carved out book, cell phones are getting into prisons by the thousands. now, specially trained dogs are used to sniff them out, but there's no punishment. s last year then governor schwarzenegger vetoed a similar bill. today the senate tried again. this time passing a law fining violators $5,000 per fine and imposing a sentence of up to six additional months in jail. >> in 2006 there were 261 cell phones confiscated from throughout our california prison system. last year that number grew to 11,000. >> padilla says the cell phones have not not just to talk with loved ones and to track -- they're also testing technology that would block calls from prisons, except for free pre-registered phones. a family confronted the man
6:36 pm
accused of killing their daughter and stuffing her body into a lab wall. the former yale lab tech raymond clark iii was sentenced to 44 years in prison for beating and strangling annie lei back in september of 2009. today in court her family spoke about the loss and the senseless nature of her death. clark pleaded guilty to murder and attempted sexual assault charges in march. lei was found on what was to be her wedding day. john edwards' secret love affair kept quiet with donors dollars. those are the new accusations tonight against the former presidential candidate. this is video of john edwards walking into a federal courthouse in north carolina. today a federal grand jury indicted him on illegal campaign contributions, and false statements. the question is whether the former senator used more than $900,000 in campaign donations to cover up his affair with a staffer in which they produced a child. edwards plans to fight the accusations. today the 57-year-old made a
6:37 pm
statement after his first court appearance. >> there's no question that i've done wrong, and i take full responsibility for having done wrong, and i will regret for the rest of my life the pain and the harm that i have caused to others, but i did not break the law, and i never ever thought i was breaking the law. >> if edwards is convicted, wee face up to 30 years if prison and a maximum fine of $1.5 million. you an artist, raj? >> no, not at all. >> no drawing skills whatsoever? >> no. >> too bad. here's what you are going to find out about what a doodle is worth. it is worth a lot if you are the winner of the google doodle contest. how this bay area 7-year-old got a lot closer to his dreams of being an astronaut and it all started with his love of drawing. bringing poetry to the masses. next, one of the newest officials in the south bay wants
6:38 pm
you to understand what she does and why it matters. >> speaking of the south bay, right now not too bad for the moment in san jose. 64 degrees. we have the clouds filling in right now, and your south bay forecast, though, as we head towards saturday morning includes increasing rain, which at this hour is flying across the bay. bay. details on a soggy weekend forecast.
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some kids want to hang out with the san francisco giants. others kids want to visit diz if i land, but this kid had something else in mind. it's a dream come true for this bay area 7-year-old. a chance to hang out at google. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman introduces us to the google doodle winner and his big prize. >> reporter: for matteo lopez, it was like a visit to willie wonka's chocolate factory. snoo daddy, look. >> reporter: a sweet day for the
6:41 pm
san bruno 7-year-old who out of 107,000 submissions won this year's national google doodle contest. >> i want to work at google or pixar. >> reporter: matteo and his family got a tour of google for this, his doodle, which starts with a -- let's let him explain. >> the aliens are slurping the juice out of the earth. the o is the earth. that's the planet that we live on. the other o is an astronaut. the g, the g is a satellite. the l is a rocket ship, and the e is a meteorite, and that's all. >> reporter: then the big surprise. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: a real astronaut telling matteo, who dreams of going into space, that he and his family will be guests at space camp in alabama chshgs matteo can look up on, what else, going the earth. >> is that a satellite? >> reporter: then the capper. a trip to the google coulded studios.
6:42 pm
>> you want to sit in the hot seat? >> reporter: a a chance to google. >> to come here to google and see this amazing place and to be able to expose matteo to the google doodlers and what they do for a living and hopefully inspire him to continue doing art is a wonderful thing. it's a wonderful gift for us. >> he is a little bit nerdy, a little goofy, and a whole lot of fun. he fits in around here really well. oh, he is giving me the face like how dare you, but i think he knows as well as us. >> reporter: new friends, new camp, maybe even a new career. not bad for a 7-year-old who likes to draw. in mountain view, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> that's a dream for anyone. snoo we'll be working for him one of these days. >> remember that name. giants management reacts to the angry comments made by general manager brian sabien yesterday regarding cousins. >> it's getting sticky with the giants. also, a homecoming for a bay area kid who grew up attending
6:43 pm
giants games. he is now going to be playing for the giants for the first time at home. we may be dodging some showers for that giants game. right now you can see the cloudy skies from oakland looking west to san francisco. plenty of rain underneath those clouds as well for the weekend. your forecast is coming up. wrap it up, boys. while i'm still young. ♪ two hours till bedtime. let's move it. ooh. you do your own stunts, right? well, i -- good enough. [ male announcer ] your favorite movies right when you want them. watch unlimited tv episodes and movies instantly through your game console or other devices, all for only 8 bucks a month from netflix. they know they have guns, right?
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get an extra 20% off apparel, shoes & accessories with your jcpenney rewards credit card! all regular, sale and clearance items! no exclusions! go to to see everything on sale. we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. robert frost is perhaps the most famous poet laureate in american history, but did you know santa clara county has its own local version of the poet
6:45 pm
laureate? >> sally ashton just appointed to the two-year term on april 1st. while poetry is not on the minds of the general public, it is her mission to change that. nbc bay area photojournalist mike anderson spent some time with her and asked her to introduce herself to us in her own words. >> red wing black birds perch in mustard plants and the first raindrops hit the windshield. >> hi. i'm shally ashton. i'm a poet laureate. >> to stare out the window at everything that rushes past, at everything that stands completely still while i rush past. >> reporter: i'm the poet laureate of santa clara county as of april 1st, which i find quite charming that i came into the position as an april fool. the majority of people that i come across don't ever think about poetry. what in the world is a poet laureate? do i swear a special hat? each poet laureate has a special mandate given to them. in my case it's to be an add very cat for poetry, literature,
6:46 pm
and the arts. to kick off my term i am asking every resident of the county to consider whether any poem has ever made a connection with that resident in any way and to submit their poem and i am poetsing those on the blog. the cars hit, the navy's mothball fleet sits like game pieces. the water, gray leather. >> the tradition waxes and wanes. my best guess is that the resurgence in the interest of having a poet laureate occurred around the time of 9/11. thatas w when there were suddenlyas poems coming across e internet and people were sharing poetry with each other. i think people reach for poetry at times like that. >> it is difficult to speak these things to anyone, to be swallowed up in memory and motion. >> poetry and all art attempts
6:47 pm
to make the world look like what it feels like. poetry shouldn't be a foreign language. i had heard the red winged black bird cry in summer. the hawk wheels overhead, dives. >> and i find that is a really fun job to think of doing is helping people celebrate an art form that i'm quite passionate about. >> i'm sold. an incredible program. >> i was trying to skribl down a haiku about the june weather, but i only got through the first two lines. june, where is the sun? rainy storms are not your norm. >> she was a valedictorian in college at usf. this is what i have to deal with, rob. >> we have been having a lot of interesting ways to describe our weather. it's about to get a lot more interesting for the weekend. right now 50s and low 60s outside. not too windy just yet. we'll see southeast winds picking up tonight. it will turn breezy. eventually it will turn pretty rainy, i think, as we get
6:48 pm
towards 11:00 and midnight tonight. so far the rain is lael kind of hanging out across the north bay. mainly just light rain at times around sonoma county and marin county. san francisco over to oakland. ewe been watching some of the lighter rain fly east bay hills, tri-valley and out to san ramon. a few sprinkles out there, and we're starting to see sprinkles across over to places like morgan hill and san jose. a light rain aloft that's drying up before it hits the ground. this is setting the stage for periods of rain. not nonstop rain this weekend, but periods wrl there could be locally heavy rain. the way this pattern is going to set up, if we can manage to see one to two inches of rain flying, especially for plays like san francisco, this will end up being the wettest june rain event going back to 1967. a very remarkable and rare event. unfortunately, it is arriving just in time for everyone's weekend plans. saturday through sunday, the low holding its position off shore. we'll see these bands of showers rotating through, and as we take you in the timeline tonight, this evening, obviously, we have these fields of mainly just
6:49 pm
light rain. as we head towards 11:00 tonight, what i think you'll start to notice along the coastal range and around the peninsula is more moderate rain starting to fly. areas most impacted by this pattern will start to notice this as we start saturday morning. the marin county areas, the headlands heading towards the santa cruz mountains. highway 17. you can see the yellow bull's-eyes popping up here, and this means heavy rain at times coming in for saturday morning. perhaps a break coming in for saturday afternoon. we're expecting scattered showers tomorrow afternoon. then another band of showers rotates through sunday. could include thunder showers with very chilly air aloft moving in for sunday afternoon, and this pattern is going to hold on probably until about monday. between now and all the way through monday take a look at the rainfall projection. this is like a time machine back to january. when you see the numbers, two to three inches of rain across some of the coastal hilltops. less so inland, but keep in mind, this is june we're talking about. this would be record smashing rainfall if this plays out over
6:50 pm
the weekend, and the most impacted areas, obviously, being the higher hilltops facing the ocean. one to two inches still possible even for inland valleys. tonight turning breezy. we'll see rain developing. temperatures are not going to be too chilly tonight thanks to the wind direction which will be out of the southeast. tomorrow even as the rain starts to fly, we should still see temperatures in the mid to upper 60s for tomorrow. pretty soggy, i think, to start the morning. around highway 17, santa cruz mountains. the rain could fall heavy enough that we could have some localized urban and small stream flood advisories popping up for the weekend. if we see two to three inches of rain come down across the coastal range. highs in the north bay. 50s and 60s, so here we go. between now and monday we'll be in and out of the raindrops. maybe thunder for sunday. then tuesday and wednesday, finally a break. temperatures in the 70s for the middle part of the week. >> it's been amazing. >> it has been. >> on, off, on, off. patio covers go back on the furniture. >> you can leave them on for a while. >> let's get to sports now. >> now the xfinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. >> the giants are doing some
6:51 pm
damage control tonight after yesterday's biting comments from general manager brian sabien. he lashed out at scott cousined. he is the player who collided with buster posey last week. now, during a radio interview brian sabien said if cousins never played a game in baseball again, we would all be happy. the giants tonight issuing a statement. it reads, in part, brian sabean's comments yesterday were you said out of frustration and out of true concern for buster and not meant to vilify. brian has been in contact with florida marl irnz general manager larry beinfest to claire fews his compensates and to assure him there is no ill will against the player. he has also reached out it to scott cousins directly." we spoke to giants president larry bear a short while ago. >> out of frustration, and still pretty raw emotional time for us having losing for the season a guy who means so much to us. having said that, we're looking
6:52 pm
forward and we're looking forward to buster's recovery, and we're certainly out of the -- out of the business of talking about the incident. >> okay. so from there the giants just try to move on now. what's happening on the field? the giants are back at china basin tonight to take on their division rivals. the colorado rockies are in town. weather permitting, tonight, tomorrow, and through the weekend against the rockies. now, it's also a special homecoming for this young man. born in mountain view next to google headquarters, before growing up in pleasanton. this is brandon crawford, he will be suiting up for his first regular season home game tonight. crawford, you might recall, was called up from single a san jose just last week. he met with his new teammates in milwaukee where the rookie hit a grand slam in just his third major league at-bat. it was his first hit. crawford was a prep school phenom at foot hill high school at pleasanton. everyone is rooting for him tonight. he then went on to ucla before the giants drafted him in 2008. for our continuing coverage of the giants, just switch over
6:53 pm
to our friends at comcast. theyave nightly coverage of the giants, and all the local teams that matter. comcast bay area and nbc teaming up for comprehensive coverage in the bay area. okay. go're going to move on e to'rg bain be ck with some free tickets for, what, the you2
6:54 pm
>> how to get inside b free.
6:55 pm
you'll want to stick around for this.
6:56 pm
we're talking about another storm moving in. stay one step ahead of our fast-changing bay area weather tonight. our weather department is tracking all of the changes and they'll show you how your weekend will be impacted. plus, win cash on your phone. we're going to show you how you can rake in the green with the touch of your screen. that's tonight after dateline on nbc bay area news. the hard rock cafe in san francisco will be very busy next week. it's a beautiful day now when you2 fans can get free tickets to the show. ticket reseller stub hub is giving away -- that's not a typo. giving away 100 free pairs of tickets to see u2. the chirt event is being held at the hard rock in san francisco on monday afternoon, june 6th, a day before the concert.
6:57 pm
>> get there early. well, nothing free at this upscale auction in finland, one of the world's oldest bottle of champagne sold today. it brought in a record price with the buyer in singapore bidding more than $43,000. the bottle was found in a baltic sea ship wreck. the vintage not certain. the ship sank around 1825. raj, it's not one of yours. experts opened and tasted the sam pain in november, and had he say it held up beautifully and even retained a little bit of the bubbly. for the record the champagne wasn't the most expensive ever sold. it is the most expensive ever auctioned. >> real quick, brent canon is abbing w us as we look towards the 7:00 newscast. sdoo we'll talk to an east bay representative who was highly involved in the education process and all these budget cuts. she's part of a subcommittee, and she'll join us. a doctor who first discovered aids is with us tonight, and the leading minds trying to figure out why we are so drawn to the ocean. a rare summit, and we have very smart people trying to figure
6:58 pm
y ouwht we love it swho much. >> see you in a couple of minutes on the 7:00 show.
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