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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 8, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm christie smith live in highward where police say they have blood evidence in the case of michelle le. her family, though, refuses to believe that the missing nursing student is actually dead. they're releasing new billboards, plus information on a possible person of interest. that story coming up. also, heated criticism in alameda after a man drowns even though help is nearby. what the city has decided to do about it. and the new candid cameras cracking down on east bay toll cheats. and a live look at the bay bridge this morning. it is wednesday, june 8th. this is "today in the east bay."
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good morning, everybody. i'm marla tellez in for scott mcgrew on this wednesday morning. it is 4:31. we first want to get a check of your oeeast bay forecast with christina loren. it was just gorgeous yesterday. >> it was nice and we have more of the same for you today. right now your satellite imagery shows you mostly clear conditions. we are going to see a pretty good round of fog this morning. that's what we're expecting. overall, though, the sunshine will come back out. it's going to be beautiful, a little warmer even. i've got those numbers coming up. it's 4:31. let's get you to work on time with mike. >> it should be a nice drive overall as far as the conditions go. the approach to the bay bridge is very light. but i have to take you to the peninsula because early this morning just after 3:00 there was a deadly accident that
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happened southbound 101 involving a car and pedestrian. the pedestrian was hit. it sounds like the coroner is heading on scene, not yet there. so three lanes are blocked currently and we don't know when the lanes will be opening. so far very light volume there. note that the three lanes are blocked, one lane is still open, marla, back to you. this morning the family of missing nursing student michelle le still holding out hope that she will come home safe. christie smith is live in hayward this morning with more on this story. >> reporter: good morning to you. yeah, michelle le's family has heard what we've all heard but still they're not giving up hope. they say until they have concrete proof of exactly what happened to her, they're going to assume that she's out there alive and in need of help. well, police here in hayward are saying that they just can't give up all of the evidence and information that they have because that might give whoever did this a chance to create an alibi and even hide potential evidence. now, the family has also put up
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a new billboard in the hopes of finding the 26-year-old nursing student who disappeared on may 27th when she went to her car on break from kaiser permanente med center in hayward. police say that they believe this is a homicide, that they have blood evidence in her car, surveillance video, interviews from 25 people and information from five searches but for her family, that's just not enough. >> yeah, i would want to see the body. they can't just tell me, oh, they find something, you know, something and say that she's dead. we don't believe that and nobody believes that. >> now, one person of interest lives in union city, a former roommate of le's. police have visited there several times and there are reports that she disliked le and blamed her for ruining a relationship with a former boyfriend but that she said she had nothing to do with the
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disappearance. meantime, police are still questioning people. we're told that le's family is planning a vigil for this thursday both here in the bay area and san diego where she once lived. the reward for information about what happened to her now stands at $65,000. reporting live in hayward, christie smith, "today in the east bay." >> such a sad story. thank you very much. well, police in san leandro are looking for two teenage girls who tried luring two children into a van. investigators say it happened at 1:45 sunday afternoon at the intersection of cary drive and san jose street. an 8-year-old girl and a 9-year-old say they were walking when the suspects walked up and tried to lure them to the van with candy. police say the younger girls ignored the teens. day 10 of jury deliberations in the chauncey bailey murder trial begins in just a few hours. jurors are trying to decide if yousef bey iv is guilty of the
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murders. yesterday the jury reexamined testimony regarding the willing of michael wills, another victim in the case. later this morning, top government leaders are expected to tour the san bruno pipeline explosion site. bay area congresswoman jackie spear and the chairman of the national transportation safety board will give an update on the agency's investigation into that blast. the two will also talk about issues on natural gas pipeline safety. the ntsb is expected to finish its inquiry sometime this fall. as you probably recall, the explosion took place last september. eight people were killed and 38 homes were destroyed. 4:35 now. alameda's mayor is calling for an independent review of the circumstances surrounding the memorial day drowning of a 52-year-old man. the man walked into the water and eventually drowned while police and firefighters watched
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from shore. as cheryl hurd reports, many were at last night's meeting to talk about the issue. >> the council meeting packed, many people wanting to step up and have their voices heard. many of them angry over last week's drowning death of raymond zack. >> i'm angry. i have no trust in you. >> reporter: alameda residents lashing out at the mayor and councilmembers at a scheduled council meeting. >> a man died because of our city services and i've heard not one of you and one officer say that this should not have happened. >> we allowed him to die. mayor, i want you to look at this room. who would you let die in this room? >> reporter: on memorial day he walked into the water at crown memorial state beach in alameda. these are pictures of people looking on. the fire department came but did not go in.
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a private citizen pulled his lifeless body out of the water. >> now what you've got in front of you is the first-ever assisted suicide in the state of california. >> reporter: on the beach was his stepmother. the city relies on the coast guard for water rescues. on this day the water was too shallow for the boat and the helicopter was on another call. daniel is a retired firefighter for the oak laent department. >> if it was a police matter, why didn't they bring in a negotiator and try to communicate with that gentleman. >> reporter: two years ago the fire department put their water rescue on hold. they said they were not go in because they were following protocol. >> firefighters are incredibly dedicated. these are dedicated personnel. they want to act. >> reporter: the mayor is calling for a full investigation. absent from the meeting, members of the police and fire department. autopsy reports won't be in for
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another couple of weeks. 4:37 now. hercules voters have are recalled the only two remaining members of the 2010 city council. joanne ward and donald cooney were ousted last night. voters were upset over the deterioration of city finances. in november they voted to replace four other members of the city council for that same reason. in other election news this morning, richmond voters shot down measure d. it was proposed sales tax increase to help restore serves for children and the poor. measure d would have increased richmond's sales tax to 10.25%. voters did approve measure c. it will direct some city sales tax revenue to the west contra costa unified school district and bring back in services for low income residents. toll lane cheaters, be warned. the roads will soon have an eye on you. operators of the bay area's first toll lane on interstate 680 from pleasanton to milpitas
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are planning to install cameras in hopes to catch solo drivers illegally driving on the 14-mile express lane without paying the toll. the system would also assist the chp by quickly identifying cheaters. at first violators will be sent notices to pay the toll. if the cameras are reliable, the interstate 680 joint powers agency will create bigger fines to penalize those cheaters. 4:39. it was so gorgeous yesterday that even i was poolside. christina, are we going to get more of it today? >> that's quite an image at 4:39 in the morning, marla tellez. good morning to you. we're looking good. we have high pressure in control once again today. it's going to warm us up nicely throughout this afternoon. warmer by 3 to 5 degrees than where we ended up yesterday. as we continue to head throughout the weekend, high pressure stays in control. we've got this nice, warm trend and it looks like no rain in the forecast for the next ten days at least.
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i'm looking at everything. this morning as i zoom in for you, on the east bay you can see we don't have a lot of cloud cover right now but we are expecting that marine layer to push inland just like yesterday. it's not that deep, about 1,000 feet right now, so it will probably break apart before we hit 10:30 or 11:00. 57 in hayward, 54 at livermore and 55 in concord. we are headed towards the 70s. even the city will get a taste of the 70s finally. 75 in concord. you're looking at 76 in fairfield and 75 in livermore. stay tuned, seven-day outlook moments away. another vision, mike inouye hopping into a pool. >> hey, that'll wake folks up, like a bad dream, you know, like when you're falling. let's look over here at construction. this is eastbound highway 4 typical through antioch and that will clear up before 5:00. 242 with a little construction but no slowing there. between those two spots on 242 and 680 there's a new accident
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on the northbound side at main street off of 680. sounds like one lane might be blocked. we'll follow that. the approach to the maze moving just fine. over to the peninsula, we do have a deadly accident southbound 101 at oregon expressway blocking three lanes. we did get video. this is from a few minutes ago. a deadly accident where a pedestrian was hit. the coroner has been called to the scene. chp hopes to have the lanes open by this morning's commute but so far haven't given any official reopening. getting over to the peninsula or from the peninsula back to the east bay, highway 92, the san mateo bridge moves smoothly over to 880. no major slowing right now in that portion right now. 4:41 now. fire crews still fighting to get an upper hand on what has now become the second largest fire in arizona history. more homes in the eastern part of the state are on stand by now to evacuate. the fire has already burned more than 486 square miles.
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half of the town of eagar is empty and flames are threatening nearby springerville. coming up -- >> it's a war on the home front and a war against our own people. for america, this is as iraq as it gets, period. a veteran soldier survives gunfire in iraq while his father dies in a shooting right outside his east bay home. this morning prayers for peace in an east bay neighborhood known as the killing field. and baggage fees, cramp ed seats, lost luggage. is there anything to be happy about when it comes to airline travel? it turns out there is. we'll tell you about that coming up. and a live look at the bay bridge on this early wednesday morning. it is 4:42. we're going to check your forecast and see if mother nature will provide us with another nice day with christina in just a few minutes, stay with us.
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welcome back at 4:45 now. most frequent flyers are happy with just about everything associated with air travel except rising costs and fees. for the second consecutive year, air travelers are most satisfied with airlines in general, but according to the results of a survey out today, they're upset over rising airfares and having
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to pay a fee from everything from priority seating to extra baggage. researchers say customers resent it. >> so while different airlines, depending on their base fares, may have had different levels of decline in satisfaction with the base fare, the real difference and the real improvement or slippage came with additional fees. >> the survey finds low cost carriers fare better. jetblue beat out southwest for the top ranking. overall low-cost airlines get higher marks from consumers than the bigger airlines. well, the chair of the federal reserve is staying positive about the future, saying things will pick up before the end of the year. for more on that and the news before the bell, we turn to bertha coombs live at cnbc's world headquarters for the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the markets didn't take much cheer in ben bernanke's comments yesterday. in fact it looked like we're going to have a lower start again today. stocks lost steam in the final minutes as the fed chairman began speaking at a banking
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conference in atlanta and he was glum about the economy and weaker job market, a couple of other fed speakers saying things are kind of tenuous, but mr. bernanke still expects growth to pick up later this year. he didn't offer any hints whether the fed is going to provide any more stim lafb measures and that may be where some investors were disappointed. asia was lower overnight, europe is trading lower this morning. later today we'll get the fed's beige book. that's where the fed tracks conditions in all 12 of its districts. we're not expecting to hear good news. a little good news, oil under $98 a barrel as opec ministers are meeting in austria and debating whether to lift production limits. saudi arabia says yes, iran says no. we'll start out the day right back at that 12,070 level. the nasdaq back at that 2700 level after losing one point. nintendo unveiling its new
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game system in l.a. it will not hit stores until next spring but sorts a new wireless controller pad. the games will appear in high definition, a first for nintendo, and can be displayed simultaneously on the controller and the tv. analysts, though, not so wowed. they say the wii looks evolutionary, not revolutionary. las vegas, meantime, is losing a bit more of its glitz. asia will boast the world's two biggest casino markets later this year. singapore set to take the number two spot from sin city. singapore opened its first two casinos just last year. a chinese island has been the top gaming spot since 2006. even those guys in "hangover" went to asia for the sequel, so maybe that's another harbinger that las vegas is losing its steam. >> that's kind of hard to believe. it's pretty glammy and glitzy, but we'll see. >> i thought the first
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"hangover" was better than the second. >> i haven't seen the second one yet. >> you judge for yourself, but i think the first one was better. >> thank you very much, bertha. well, a violent and deadly weekend in oakland has people outraged this morning. five separate shootings last weekend left five people hurt and one person dead. as jodi hernandez reports, residents are now taking action. >> i know my dad is looking over me, you know. i know this is what he wants me to do. >> reporter: leo doneson jr. is marching for peace in oakland with a broken heart. his father, 50-year-old leo, was shot and killed as he changed a slashed tire last saturday afternoon. >> i'm not saying that my father is -- i'm not saying that my father is jesus, you know, but he was my father. >> the elder dunson was one of six people hit by gunfire in east oakland in five separate shootings over the weekend.
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his son, a decorated iraq war veteran, says the streets are oakland are nothing short of a war zone. >> it's a war on the home front and it's a war against our own people. for america, this is as iraq as it gets, period. >> we want peace, we want peace, we want peace. >> reporter: people who live in what many consider oakland's killing field say enough's enough and march through their neighborhoods and met with oakland police demanding something be done. >> stop the violence, we love our community. >> reporter: leo dunson jr. can't believe he survived firefights in iraq while his father died from gunfire right outside his own home. he said his mission now is calling for change. >> you've got a whole police force. you guys get out here and show a show of force. i don't care if you need a police officer standing on every
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freakin' corner of the street. as far as i'm concerned, it's dangerous right here. it is 4:50 now. let's just hope the next seven days will look like yesterday. let's check the forecast with christina loren. good morning. >> good morning. you know, they will look similar to what we saw yesterday but it's going to be warmer. so if you want the really tranquil weather, that beautiful room temperature, we are going to see that today, about 72 degrees. along the coast even the 70s. high pressure is firmly in control of our forecast and will stay in control the next 7 to 10 days. this is what we're looking at this morning across the east bay. mostly clear conditions. as we head throughout this afternoon, our temperatures will be able to easily jump into the 70s. we're looking at a really nice day today. 73 degrees is the forecasted high in napa, 75 for concord and 72 in fremont. as we head through the weekend, yeah, we didn't get outside much because of the rain. a lot of kids are now out for summer and it's going to feel
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like summer this week. if you want to get outside, make those plans to ride that bike. 78 friday, 72 on saturday. we will see temperatures drop just a little bit but staying nice and comfortable tomorrow. the warmest day of the week, 80-degree weather, that's what i'm forecasting inland. back to you, marla. coming up, a bay area chef will be serving up some world class food for the first lady n just two minutes we'll tell you who that chef is so you can get a jump start on booking restaurant reservations. and fancy breakfast or an eggo waffle, roads are pretty clear. there's a sig alerte' wthninsul and another coming through walnut creek. we'll give you that update coming up. ol
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welcome back, at 4:55 a live look at the golden gate bridge toll plaza. it's looking pretty empty there. the bridge waiting for the sun to rise. we have a lot more ahead coming up on "today in the bay." this morning laura is in the newsroom. what are you working on for us? >> good morning, everyone. well, it may soon look like a spaceship has landed in cupertino. steve jobs lays out his vision for a new apple campus near the existing headquarters in cupertino. we'll show you what he has in mind and how city leaders are reacting this morning. and some amazing facial recognition technology is rolling out. you're soon going to see it used on facebook and maybe even some
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day on your smartphone, but it's also raising some privacy concerns. we'll explore the issue coming up in just a few minutes, marla. >> thank you very much, laura. we'll see you in a couple. now we want to check the roads now with mike. how's it looking? >> good morning. really light right now. also the summer months are starting to kick in and a lot of vacations kicking in so we'll see lighter volume overall the next few months. we want to focus on 580. still an easy drive and construction on 680 just north of the dublin interchange. we have an accident main street northbound 680 just north of the 24 interchange taking out a couple of yellow barrels. slowing you down after an accident. there was an accident so cleanup to go but no injuries and just the cleanup of the barrels that remains. we'll follow this. meanwhile the bay bridge toll plaza heading over the bay, no major issues there. we do have an issue on the peninsula, a deadly accident southbound 101 past the oregon expressway. the latest update, marla, shows
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speeds moving smoothly and caltrans justed for chp they'll pick up the closures in the next ten minutes so this could be better news for the morning commute. an east bay chef will be cooking for the first lady come next week when michelle obama comes to town. famed chef alice waters will cook for two fund-raising breakfasts in the east bay. waters is a close friend of the obamas. the menu will consist of organically grown ingredients from local farmers. tickets start out at $1,000 and go up to $25,000. mrs. waum obama is in town to r money for her husband's presidential campaign. we'll tell you about a series of smash-and-grab burglaries on the peninsula.
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>> reporter: police say she was killed, but michelle le's family refuse


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