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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 8, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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is alive and need of help. they have a vigil planned for this week, plus information about a person of interest here in the bay area. i'm christie smith, that story coming up in a live report. plus the investigation continues this morning into a deadly officer-involved shooting. we will hear from a witness. >> reporter: i'm damian trujillo live at cupertino city hall where steve jobs makes a pitch to the city council. stay tuned. a live look outside, beautiful bay bridge. you made it to wednesday, june 8th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check that forecast with christina. good morning. >> good morning. another nice one. >> i can't hear you, sweetie. >> can you hear me now? >> i can hear you now. >> she's got her husky voice on.
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>> yeah, that helps when the rain stops, you can breathe in that fresh air and this morning it's helping me get a little bit of a raspy voice. we're off to a pretty good start. no wrenches in the forecast today, just a gorgeous kay on tap. lots of sunshine, good air quality, temps in the mid-70s, but will it last? i'll let you know in your complete forecast. let's get you to work with mike inouye. >> we have to start out with very unpleasant news. a deadly accident happened southbound 101 just past oregon expressway. this happened just before 3:00 a.m. and there was an investigation. the coroner was called to the scene. chp is there. we just got an update lanes will be clearing soon. chp and caltrans say just after 5:00 a.m. for those southbound lanes to be cleared. we'll follow this for an update but so far very light volume so no major slowing at the scene. well, this morning not convinced by what police are saying, the family of missing nursing student michelle le are holding out hope that she will come home safely.
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christie smith is live in hayward with more on the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. you know, it doesn't sound good. police say that they have blood evidence from michelle le's car and several other pieces of evidence to suggest that she was killed. but her family is not giving up hope. in their mind they have nothing concrete to say she is dead. as grim as it sounds, that includes having her body . until that happens they'll assume that she's alive and in need of help. they put up new billboards in hopes of bringing the nursing student back home. she disappeared on may 27th when she went to her car on break at kaiser permanente med center in hayward. the car was found a few blocks away. hayward police have surveillance video, interviews with at least 25 people and good information taken from at least five searches, but police say they just can't share every detail. >> we tip the hand and commonly
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we give people the opportunity to rehearse alibises, obtain evidence, there's a whole slew of things that could happen by unfortunately releasing too much information. >> reporter: now, one person of interest in the case lives in union city. that's a former roommate of le's. police have visited the home several times and searches and there are reports of some erratic behavior and this woman blamed le for a break-up with a boyfriend but that she said she had nothing to do with the disappearance. police do say that she is one of several persons of interest in the case. meantime, family and friends of michelle le are planning a vigil for her on thursday here in the bay area and also in san diego, where she once lived. reporting live in highward, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. meantime the investigation into a deadly officer-involved shooting in san francisco continues this morning. the coroner's office is trying to determine if the man shot and
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killed last night was a suspected bank robber from southern california. san francisco police say they were notified by the fbi that a stolen vehicle involved in a robbery in irvine was in the area. the officers tried to stop the car on buena vista avenue, but then things got out of hand. one man who lives nearby told us what he saw. >> there was two or three of them and they were sort of screaming at a vehicle and i realized it was this gray bmw. then the bmw started to back up. he was trying to get away even though there was no space. and then there was gunfire. >> the officers say the man in the car tried to run them over, so they opened fire. the man died at the hospital. investigators are trying to confirm if he is the same man responsible for two bank robberies in irvine in may. they have not said if the suspect was armed. prosecutors should decide today whether to file murder charges against a 17-year-old
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boy for the fatal shooting of an infant in east palo alto. the district attorney is trying to decide whether to try the boy as an adult. the teen is accused of shooting at 3-month-old isaac jimenez garcia and his family on saturday night. the infant died and his parents were injured. officers say the teenager was retaliated for a gang beating and targeted the wrong family. a 16-year-old accomplice could be charged with weapons possession. police have identified the body found inside a garbage bag in sunnyvale. the coroner says she was killed by trauma to the head. her body was found sunday morning near highway 85. the bag was lying between two bushes next to the sidewalk. police in one peninsula city trying to figure out how a body ended up outside a storage facility. marla tellez in our newsroom with the very latest for us. good morning, again. >> reporter: good morning, laura. good morning to you at home. it is now 5:05.
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today police are expected to release more information about a man found dead at a storage facility. the man was found yesterday afternoon at all american self storage at east 3rd avenue and detroit drive. investigators believe the middle-aged man was stabbed to death and they're calling it an isolated incident. the area around detroit drive and east 3rd is shut down during this investigation. now, also on the peninsula this morning, san mateo county sheriffs have a warning for san carlos residents. dozens of cars have been broken into over the last month of the most of the 36 car burglaries have happened in neighborhoods west of el camino. most of the cars targeted have been unlocked, so sheriff's deputies say it's a reminder for people to lock your car doors and remove or just hide valuables, such as electronics that can be seen by thieves. three dozen car break-ins have been reported since early may. laura, that's the latest from here. back to you.
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>> always good to play it safe, no matter where you are. thank you, marla. tonight, hundreds of leaders are expected to meet with san jose police chief chris moore to ask for public safety to be a top priority. it comes at a time when san jose has had 24 homicides so far this year. that's compared to 20 for all of last year. the city stands to lose more than 100 officers to budget cuts. packed leaders want to stress to the community tonight that police trust would play a key role in reducing the city's murder rate and overall crime rate. communities leaders say losing officers to the chopping block could be devastating and they want police and neighborhoods to work closer together. with ipads and ipods selling at a fast pace, apple needs more elbow room for their employees. damian trujillo is live at city hall where leaders will make a formal announcement this
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morning. >> reporter: steve jobs may have surprised quite a few people last night by showing up here at city hall at the council meeting. his message, like you said, we need more space. jobs made his sales pitch last night at the council meeting. he said apple has purchased 92 acres in cupertino, property that once belonged to hewlett-packard. the city council posts its meetings on its youtube page. the proposal doubles the acreage owned by apple in the area. apple showed an artist's rendition of the project and jobs said the area is a perfect place for apple. >> here's where we are today, which is on infinite loop drive. and what we've done is we bought this land right here. the campus we'd like to build there is one building that holds 12,000 people. it's a little like a spaceship
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landed, but there it is. >> reporter: that's his macworld pitch. the mayor says the announcement was enthusiastically received by the city council. apple is head quartered in cupertino and is clearly the largest employer in this south bay community. the city council will make that formal announcement right here at city hall this morning at 11:00 a.m. we're live in cupertino. i'm damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> i'm laughing because it seemed like some of the councilmembers were a little giddy that he was there. >> reporter: all the tech geeks are giddy when he is at mac world so you can imagine the regular joes here at the city council meeting. >> show off my mini. yeah, thank you very much. yeah, christina, i still have my mini. it works. >> she keeps it next to her g-5 tower. she sets it right next to that g-5 tower. we're looking pretty good this
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morning. we have some high pressure building in once again today. what that means for us is we're going to continuously warm up all the way through thursday. that looks like the warmest day of the week. friday morning we'll be waking up with temperatures close to 60 degrees. friday looks good as well. a few more clouds come in so we'll lose a little daytime heating. this is what we're looking at for today. right now pretty clear conditions but i am noticing a pretty good formation of that marine layer. it's at about a thousand feet so it will probably drift all the way inland. we'll see mostly cloudy conditions to start but the clouds will break apart much earlier than yesterday because it's drier out there this morning and the marine layer is not as deep. 54 in napa, 56 in sunnyvale and 53 in san mateo. we're headed towards the 70s today. you can open up the windows in the house later on, a nice breeze will blow through. and then a little bit of a change for the weekend. i've got those numbers coming up. let's get you to work right now, 5:10. what are the numbers on the roads? >> right now we're focused on
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101. because of that sig alert that occurs on the peninsula. we had a full closure of three lanes as you're heading down towards the oregon expressway. this was not long after the accident occurred, a deadly accident when a pedestrian on highway 101 was hit by a car. presumably that's the car. the investigation continues. we just got the update saying that caltrans hopes to have those lanes open in two or three minutes. they're reopening some lanes right now just past the scene. we'll take you back to the maps and show you the speeds. there are no major delays past that area, southbound 101 just south of highway 84. that's better news through the area and hopefully will have another update when we come back. the maze shows a smooth flow. but 70 right around main street there is an accident there affecting those yellow bafrrels at the off-ramp. there might have to be a lane closure but i'll let you know. 680 has roadway repair but the lanes should be cleared. also the on-ramps for the next half hour and livermore moves
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smoothly, 580 westbound. >> thank you very much, mike. well, it's 5:11 right now. crazy weather continues. some amazing video of lightning strikes coming up. and decades in the making, a bay area city finally moving forward with plans for a veterans memorial. plus, ipads in the cockpit. what alaska airlines is planning to use that apple product for. freshening breath? that's easy. keeping teeth strong? that's tough. so our dentist recommended act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle. [ woman ] this icelandic mud was working wonders on my skin. but if it was going to do the same for my spa, i had to figure out a way to get it back to the states. so i called my citibank small business expert. he got me a line of credit to make it happen and even improved my cash flow. now, my spa has more business than ever. ...and so does our cleaning crew.
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welcome back, everyone. 5:14 right now. a beautiful live look outside. look at the clear blue skies out there, waiting for the sun to come up. finally some nice weather on the horizon this morning. also on the horizon, after waiting more than 80 years, san francisco will finally get a war memorial. the three design finalists are on display at the war memorial
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building. a tribute to vets was part of the original 1920 plans for the complex, but it never moved forward because of a lack of funding. that's a long time to wait. the memorial will stand in the court between the opera house and the veterans building. major general mike myett served in vietnam and iraq. he says the honor is long overdue. >> i had 33 months in vietnam and that's really a special time for me. i lost a lot of marines there, and they'd love this. >> nearly $2 million has been raised for that memorial. it will be formally dedicated on november, 2012, on veterans day. apple's big announcement earlier this year at the e-3 expo in los angeles doing nothing to boost the markets. bertha coombs is move at cnbc headquarters with a look at how we're faring in early trading. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, i got an e-mail from one trader who said this market is in a funk. we are down five days in a row
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and looks like we're going to start the sixth lower as well. late yesterday stocks lost steam. ben bernanke was giving a speech in atlanta at a banking conference. as predicted, he said the economy is not doing very well at the moment and the job market remains weak, but he still expects growth to pick up again later this year. one thing he didn't offer some investors had been hoping for, maybe some talk of more stimulus measures. he didn't say that. he sort of said at some point the markets have to do things on their own essentially. the markets traded lower. asia lower overnight, europe is lower this morning. we're going to get a bit of data later on today from the federal reserve, what they call the beige book which tracks all of the conditions in the 12 different fed districts, so it's going to be a tough day. the one bit of good news, oil is down almost a dollar, about $98. opec ministers arguing whether to lift production. we'll start the day around 12,000 again, after falling 19 points yesterday.
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the nasdaq, again, going to start at around 2700 after falling one point. all those april showers brought a lot of late airplanes. the government says nearly a quarter of all domestic flights were delayed in april. that means they were at least 15 minutes past the scheduled departure/arrival time. a lot of rain and violent weather contributing to the delays. carriers cancelled about 2% in the month of april, the worst month of delays in more than a decade. and alaska airlines is replacing the bulky flight manuels with ipads. the aim is to reduce clutter for pilots and other airlines are considering doing it as well. and the wii-u getting introduced in l.a. not getting terribly good reviews. it's going to have a touch pad like an ipad. one reviewer said what he liked was that you could play it in the dark so that he wouldn't be disturbing his wife when she
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goes to bed. >> wow, how considerate. what a great guy. >> reporter: if that's the best thing about it -- well, you know, he lets her sleep. >> actually that is very considerate. thank you very much, bertha. 5:17 right now. you know, thunderstorms over toronto and canada helped create an amazing lightning strike. it was actually caught on tape, take a look. we've got the lightning bolt striking the tip of toronto's cn tower yesterday morning. unfortunately, lightning is being blamed for at least two house fires in the area and 20,000 homes also without power, nasty weather systems sweeping across southern ontario bringing strong winds, heavy rains and even hail to that area. finally in our neck of the woods, nice, nice weather. let's check in with christina. >> i know, i love, i love these those words out, hail, lightning, heavy rain because that's what we were talking about all last week. this week a completely different picture in the weather department. and this is typically what we see this time of year, so if
5:19 am
this satellite imagery looks similar to yesterday that's because it's pretty much exactly the same. high pressure still in control taking that storm track well off to our north. it's going to continue to move in today. as it does so, our temps will climb 3 to 5 degrees from where we were yesterday. right now we don't have a lot of fog out there. watch out if you're traveling throughout the coastal valleys. that's where we are noticing retusd visibilities, but really no fog to tell you about just yet. we'll rule it out after 8:00 a.m. 56 in sunnyvale, 53 in santa rosa. everybody gets a taste of the 70s. by noon in san francisco, the cloud deck will break apart. as it does so, the sun will shine in and take the temp from 63 degrees at noon all the way to 70. we've got a giants game in the city during the day today, 12:45, take on the nationals one more time. the weather should be perfect. if you have tickets to that game, what a treat. 72 degrees in fremont, 75
5:20 am
degrees in san jose. here it is, laura, this is the weather we've been waiting for. if you've got the clothes you've been stowing away in your closet because it's been too cold, break them out this week. 80 degrees thursday. open-toed shoes. ladies, break out the summer dresses. oh, you know, girl, you know. >> thanks so much. 5:20 right now. san francisco trying to make your drive through the city a little easier. we've got the details coming up next. plus nintendo is unveiling a new toy. we'll look at what bertha was talking about, the wii-u coming up. see if it's something for you. and as we drive on what looks like my video game, a smooth drive a,880.ns nie ula,ulre we're following the sig alert and deadly accident. i'll give you the latest update when we come back. w
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welcome back, everyone. san francisco voters will have to decide this november if they want to pay to fix the streets. the board of supervisors voted yesterday to place a $248 million bond measure on the ballot. now, some of the improvements would include 148 million for street paving, $22 million to build curb ramps and improve the sidewalks and $7 million to repair bridges and tunnel access as well as $50 million for pedestrian and bike safety, $20 million will go to traffic signal upgrades. a lot of money they're talking about, but a lot of improvements, which could be nice. voters can decide now. it's 5:23 right now. let's check the morning commute. kind of a rough start. >> yeah, but we have a better report now for the peninsula, laura. highway 101, that sig alert has been cancelled. all lanes are reported clear. there was a deadly accident just before 3:00 when a pedestrian was hit. i don't know why someone was walking across highway 101, that's part of the investigation, i'm sure, but we
5:24 am
had three lanes blocked at oregon expressway. the person who did hit the pedestrian stopped and filed that report. the investigation just cleared the scene and peninsula just starting to see a little bump as far as the volume of traffic. no slowing there heading across the bay. a look at the san mateo bridge and you see the volume from 101 with the headlights, easy drive there. heading over with those taillights away from 880, a nice, smooth drive all the way past the toll plaza. there's 880 with a nice increase in volume over the last 20 minutes. the southbound side with those headlights past the newly dubbed coliseum. we're going north through the area and the east bay time throughout the time. 242 not showing any slowing. highway 4 will show slowing in about ten minutes. laura, back to you. 5:24 right now. the navy ship that played a big part in the operation that led to the death of osama bin laden is back in u.s. waters this morning. the uss carl vinson arrived in
5:25 am
hawaii yesterday. military officials say bin laden's body was taken aboard vinson after the operation and it was from this ship that the al qaeda leader's body was placed in a weighted bag and buried at sea. the uss carl vinson will next travel to its home port of san diego, concluding a six-month deployment to the middle east and asia. 5:25 right now. apple's cloud causing quite a stir, and not just good news for apple, but other bay area companies as well. scott budman explains. >> reporter: good morning. not even one day after apple made its announcement about putting your information and music in the cloud, i walk into a coffee shop and what are people talking about? the cloud. this is technology that's been around for a long time but now thanks to apple it's getting sexy and that's great news for many cloud-based companies here in silicon valley. companies like brocade which have been involved for information storage for more than a decade, not to mention smaller companies like
5:26 am
that lets businesses and consumers going giga bites worth of data in the cloud. tuesday was not kind to apple shareholders. perhaps after a big run-up in the stock ahead of monday's announcement they wanted something more like maybe a new phone. investors actually selling off apple shares both monday and on tuesday. also concerns as there have been for a long time about steve jobs' health. although to be honest from where i was sitting he looked as energetic as he has been in some time. speaking of energetic, e-3, the gaming expo. big news from nintendo. the company that gave us the wii, perhaps the most popular entertainment system of all time and now we have the wii-u. another strange title but this takes the wii and makes it portable. it comes with a screen about 6 1/2 inches big. it's got portable gaming, it's
5:27 am
even got an accelerometer. good news for gaming, good news for the cloud. i wouldn't be surprised if eventually nintendo puts their games up in the cloud. 5:26 right now. we've got a warning for parents this morning after someone tried to lure a pair of kids into their car with candy. >> reporter: and a furor over facebook's newly rolled out fa rognition technology. did you even know it existed? we'll tell you what the controversy is all about coming up. ♪
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[ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. new this morning, chp on the scene of a deadly accident. things are getting cleared up as we speak. we'll tell you how the area looks right now. plus moving forward. san francisco making a decision on the fate of the treasure island improvement project. >> reporter: i'm damian trujillo live in cupertino where apple's
5:30 am
steve jobs is proposing a spaceship-like structure right here in cupertino. that's coming up. and the temperatures taking off this morning as we take a live look outside in san jose. it's wednesday, june 8th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you, i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's start things off with a look at that forecast. christina loren, you're in a good move today. >> you just saw me playing the air guitar to our theme music today. high pressure moving in, that's going to make every outdoor activity more tolerable today than we saw over the weekend. a beautiful day on tap with temperatures ranging from the low to mid-70s. even san francisco today, i'm going 70 degrees in the city. i'll let you know how much longer this beautiful weather will last before it gets a little hot around here. right now let's see if it's heating up on the roads with mike. >> get a few more folks on the
5:31 am
roadways over the next half hour but the summer months have kicked in so a little lighter pattern, even as early as this week right when the summer weather has started to kick in. there's a smooth drive towards the bay bridge. 101 and a deadly accident on the peninsula. we had a sig alert since 3:00. all lanes have cleared in the last few minutes. southbound 101 all lanes are now cleared. chp continues the investigation because we don't know why that pedestrian who was hit and killed was indeed walking on highway 101. just a note to folks, do not walk on the freeway, it is not safe at any time of day. police are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting in san francisco this morning. they're trying to figure out if the man shot yesterday was a suspected southern california bank robber taken in these surveillance photos. police say the fbi told them a stolen vehicle was in the area. when officers tried to stop the car, they say the man inside the car tried to run them over so
5:32 am
police opened fire. the man died at the hospital. the coroner is trying to figure out if that man is responsible for two bank robberies and a vehicle theft in irvine. apple's steve jobs is asking cupertino city leaders for the green light to build new headquarters, and it would be one of the most unique-looking buildings in the bay area. damian trujillo joins us now with an update. >> reporter: good morning, laura. it's been a busy week for steve jobs. one minute he's introducing the icloud, the next minute he's here at cupertino city hall pitching a spaceship-like structure here in the city of cupertino. in a move that surprised quite a few people, steve jobs showed up at last night's city council meeting. the city government posts the meeting on its youtube page. jobs told city leaders he wants to build a new campus just down the street. jobs showed an artist's rendition of his plan. with the soaring sales of the
5:33 am
ipad and macbooks, apple is in need of expansion. the company just purchased 92 acres in town, property that once belonged to hewlett-packard. and with the same enthusiasm from his macworld announcements, jobs described the revitalization of the area in cupertino. >> today about 20% of the space is landscaping. most of it is a big asphalt parking lot. we want to completely change this and we want to make 80% of it landscape. the way we're going to do this is we're going to put most of the parking underground. today there are 3700 trees on the property. we'd like to almost double that. >> reporter: apple is head quartered here in cupertino and the company is the city's largest employer. there will be a formal announcement this morning right here at city hall.
5:34 am
>> thank you, damian. controversial action taken by leaders in two bay area communities. marla tellez has an update this morning on both. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, we're going to start in alameda and a tragedy that has captured national attention. alameda's mayor is calling for an independent review of the circumstances surrounding the drowning of a 52-year-old man on memorial day. now, some alameda residents lashed out at the mayor and city council last night, angry over last week's drowning of raymond zack. on may 31st he walked into the water at robert crown state beach. the fire department came, but firefighters did not go in. a private citizen pulled the body from the water instead. the city relies on the coast guard for water rescues but the water was just too shallow that day for the boat. >> i've heard not one of you and not one officer say that this should not have happened. >> if it's a police matter, why didn't they bring in a negotiator? why did they try not to communicate with this gentleman? >> reporter: two years ago
5:35 am
alameda put its water rescue program on hold. fire department officials say firefighters did not go into the waur because they were following protocol. now to san francisco. after more than a decade of legal battles, ground breaking could begin as early as next year on a massive project to transform treasure island. yesterday the san francisco board of supervisors unanimously approved the $1.5 billion . it would create housing and a shopping and business district would be built. now, the board rejected an appeal by environmental groups. reports say it will take more than 20 years to complete this entire transformation. it's going to be something else. 5:35 now, laura, back to you. >> thank you very much, marla. facebook users will now have a choice to opt out of the social media site's facial recognition feature. the company is making changes to
5:36 am
the process for tagging friends in photos, but what does it all mean to you? bob redell joins us live from mountain view to explain how it all works. good morning, bob. >> reporter: well, you know how it works right now, laura. if you have a photo, like i have right here on my facebook page, you have to manually go on there and identify yourself and your friends. there's conan o'brien, myself and some other colleagues there and manually put your name on there. facebook has just rolled out a new facial recognition technology that actually does this for you. it will recognize your photo, if you're already one of the 500 million users on facebook, as that being you. so if you have a new photo from here on out that is uploaded to facebook, even if you're not the one who uploaded it, it will recognize you and whoever uploaded it will recommend to that person, hey, this is bob redell, do you want to label him as much. this is raising some privacy concerns.
5:37 am
let's say you're in a strip club, you're at a nudist beach or being at a barney concert or having something traumatic like this happen this morning. look at this, this was just posted on our facebook nbc bay area news page. there's mike and christina just hanging out. exactly, what am i doing and how did i end up in that picture? fortunately, the facial recognition technology did not recognize that as bob redell, the idiot on the phone stuffing his face with doritos at 4:30 in the morning. so that is the issue and facebook is catching some flak for this because you have to opt out of this. you can't opt in, you have to opt out. >> so what do you do, go to your security settings? >> go to your privacy settings. but there is a way to go into your privacy settings and disable this feature right there. there you go.
5:38 am
so it's no longer disabled so all those pictures of me in those uncompromising places, positions, if you will, will never be seen the light of day. >> but those are for the new ones that will upload. what about those old ones, like the time we went to the moroccan restaurant, remember? >> i do remember that. fortunately because it has not been posted. my understanding is it is on photos from here on out. it isn't exactly clear. this was going to be a silent rollout that's now catching some steam out there. the bottom ryline is you can op out. the issue is you already opted in without knowing it. >> i make you a little nervous when i talked about those pictures. we went to this restaurant years ago. brent and i were saying we've got to gather up the gang and go again. >> that leaves a lot to the imagination this morning. you need to untag me right now, bob redell.
5:39 am
that's about the worst picture i've seen of myself in a long time and i see why the debate is so hot. seriously, untag me. as we head throughout the afternoon, high pressure will continue to warm us up. this is what we're looking at for today. this might be the best day of the week because tomorrow we're going to hit 80. this is going to be great, though. as we head towards the afternoon hours, about 4:00 p.m. is when we hit our highs this time of year. right on track with seasonal averages today. the coast, low 70s, not too bad. a mix of sun and clouds to start and then the sun will come out. it will be just like yesterday, spectacular sunshine in the afternoon. temps this morning right now in the 50s. we're headed toward the 60s. by noon, 63 in the city. you're already peeling off a layer even in san francisco. then by 4:00 p.m. 70 degrees, completely clear conditions. elsewhere across the bay area we're going even warmer. 75 in concord, 76 in fairfield and 77 in santa rosa. i'll let you know what we have for the big weekend coming up.
5:40 am
right now let's get you to work at 5:39 with mike. >> i was just tagging more photos of you. 101 northbound past tully, we typically see a blip here and there, and this slowdown showed up seven or eight minutes ago and it's sticking around. not atypical for the area past tully but this length for this long, we'll follow that. no incidents reported through the sot bay commute. northbound speeds looking really good. westbound 580, that 14-minute drive out of the altamont pass at the limit. the on ramps still might be closed as late at 6:00 a.m. now we should see some slowing westbound highway 4. there's a little bit. that 62 actually registering there, but we see in the vicinity of l street there is slowing so we'll take that away and show you as we zoom in. mine at home we'd have to zoom in to see it that small.
5:41 am
looking at the east shore freeway, 18-minute drive off the carquinez bridge and a live shot of the san mateo bridge where there's some haze developing. >> thank you very much, mike. it is 5:40 right now. the battle on capitol hill today that could affect how much yy ft pay for that credit card. we've got a live report coming up next.
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welcome back to you. it is 5:43 right now. you know, there's a huge battle between wall street and giant retail outlets really brewing today and the senate is stepping in. tracie potts is live in washington with what they're fighting over and actually how it could affect all consumers. good morning. >> reporter: laura, good morning. they're called swipe fees. every time you swipe your debit card at a store, the bank takes a fee, on average about 44 cents. congress thought that was too much. they changed the law last summer. the federal reserve now wants to
5:44 am
bring that down as a result of that law change to 12 cents. the banks are fighting that. it's supposed to go into effect on july 21st unless today the senate in a scheduled vote postpones or delays those caps on the fees. now here's how all of that really affects you. when those fees are charged, small businesses say they can't really afford to pay them. in fact they even say they're upside down on small transactions so they raise the prices of everything to cover those fees, the things that you and i buy, the goods and services that we buy. there are some estimates that we spend an extra $300 a year just to cover these fees in the things we buy from day-to-day. today the senate will take some action whether to cap those fees next month. now they'll vote on whether or not to delay that decision. >> interesting to see. thank you very much. we appreciate it. 5:44 right now. police are trying to figure out who killed a san francisco prep football star.
5:45 am
21-year-old david henderson was shot back on may 26th on kirkwood avenue in the bayview district. he was being treated at san francisco general hospital until he was eventually taken off of life support on monday night. police do not have a description of the killer. henderson was a stand-out football player at lincoln high. he holds a number of san francisco public school records for rushing. he graduated in 2008 and was recently playing for a semi pro team in pacifica. police in san leandro are looking for two teenage girls who tried to lure two children into a van. investigators say it happened at about 1:45 in the afternoon on sunday at the intersection of cary drive and san jose street. an 8-year-old girl and 9-year-old girl say they were walking when the suspects walked up and tried to lure them into the van with candy. police say the younger girl ignored the teens who followed them before eventually leaving that neighborhood. later this morning, top government leaders will be
5:46 am
touring the san bruno pipeline explosion site. bay area congresswoman jackie spear and the chairman of the national transportation safety board will give an update on the agency's investigation into the blast. the two will also talk about issues on natural gas pipeline safety. the ntsb is expected to finish it's inquiry sometime this fall. as you may recall, the explosion took place last september. eight people were killed, 38 homes were destroyed. most frequent flyers are happy with just about everything associated with air travel except those rising costs and fees. for the second consecutive year, air travelers are more satisfied with airlines in general, but according to the results of a survey out today, they are upset over rising airfares. consumers are really incensed over fees from everything from seating to baggage. >> so while different airlines depending on base fares may have had different levels of decline
5:47 am
in satisfaction with the base fare, the real difference and the real improvement or slippage came with additional fees. >> the survey finds low-cost carriers fare better. jetblue beat out southwest for the top ranking and overall low-cost airlines gets higher marks from consumers than the bigger airlines. well, "the voice" live show debuted last night with a bay area singer fighting to stay on the show. ♪ it's time to be a big girl now, big girls don't cry ♪ >> it's kind of funny you're singing with backup dancers behind you. lily elise had the daunting task of delivering fergie's "big girls don't cry." after the show she talked with garvin thomas and jessica aguirre to talk about what it was like. >> just to go from being a normal college student and then all of a sudden being on this huge show, that's like a
5:48 am
phenomenon, you know. so it's just completely life-changing. >> you see that dancer? look at that. that guy is all around you. maybe i should try to anchor like that and have those guys around me. hey, you know what, it's you the viewer that has to vote for elise to make sure she moves on. let's cheer on the local girl. "the voice" returns to air on tuesday at 9:00. christina, what do you think of that, can you do your weather with men back there? >> i'm all for dancing men. what do you call that, you know the move i'm talking about. what do you call that? and when you do it repeatedly over and over, i'm sure there's a name for it. things are looking good this morning. we've got the high pressure moving in. as it moves in today, we'll warm up even more so yesterday's temperatures, if you enjoyed what we had for you yesterday, we'll add a few more degrees,
5:49 am
more sunshine today to start you out because that marine layer is not as deep. you can see here this moisture that we do have over the pacific not making its way onshore but it does indicate that onshore flow. you can see where those showers are headed. yeah, onshore flow, that means the marine layer will be able to push all the way inland but it's really shallow this morning so you can actually see just how shallow it is when you walk out your front door. 55 in concord, 57 in hayward and 56 in sunnyvale. as we head throughout this afternoon, our temperatures will climb into the 70s by noon. 73 in santa rosa, 70 in san jose and 64 degrees in hayward so, yeah, this is one of those days where if you're stuck in the office, you're looking outside and watching everybody enjoying the good weather, you'll get a taste of it. 4:00 p.m. it will still be nice. 75 in los gatos and 76 in gilroy. here it is, the seven-day outlook. 78 degrees friday, 72 saturday. really comfortable nights. great dancing weather as we head
5:50 am
through saturday night and sunday night, laura, so break out those disco shoes, girl. >> yeah, i've got my own backup dancers here. look at this as i do the news. what do you think? floor director mike? i don't know. this is as we go to sports. nba finals all tied up this morning. i think they better practice their moves a little bit more. it's really been a close battle between the heat and the mavericks and last night's game was no different. down by nine in the fourth, dirk nowitzki scored 10 of his 21 and led the mavericks back to take the lead by three. with seconds left, the heat could have tied it up with three but lose the handle, don't get the shot that they want. look at the crowd of blue out there. the mavericks with another comeback, winning it 86-83, tying the best of seven series at two. a sea of blue. it is now 5:50 right now. a couple of special election results now in. we've got the details coming up next. plus, what the chp is doing to crack down on car pool cheats, even when there is not
5:51 am
an officer watching. and we're always watching that commute. we are looking at 580 for some slowdowns. it might not be evident from this shot but there's a little slowing through this portion of spots.he sloworntut oomr he ow yeah, i've got you backed up. introducing icy hot naturals ou] with natural menthol. it's gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals.
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[ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate. coach, you get that house yet? working on it. [ coach ] the appraisal? ...springfield. wherever i was, my citi mortgage consultant had me covered. [ crowd cheering ] and 500 miles from home... [ cheering, cellphone beeps ]
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...we finally had a new home. [ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it. toll lane cheaters be warned. operators of the first toll lane on interstate 680 from sunol to milpitas are planning to install cameras. they hope to catch solo drivers illegally driving on the 14-mile express lane without paying that toll. the system would also assist the chp by quickly identifying those cheaters. at first violators will be sent notices to pay the toll.
5:54 am
if cameras are reliable, the interstate 680 joint powers agencies will create bigger fines to penalize toll cheats. i wonder if they'll start doing facial recognition too, link it with facebook. >> you never know. you might see bob eating doritos in the car pool lane as well. that's one of the biggest frustrations in car pool lanes is people that cheat that system. let's look over here getting through the maze and heading over to the city. no major obstacles right now, a nice drive. in the city tonight or this afternoon, 12:45 game, the giant are playing so keep that in mind. now, we do have a backup hitting very hard through antioch, westbound highway 4. speeds below 20 miles an hour. so your typical pre-6:00 a.m. slowdown has started. but the rest of the area, including livermore with a 16-minute drive out of the altamont pass moves smoothly. there's some haze in the air.
5:55 am
then a live look on 880 coming past, a smooth drive here so watch to see if fog might play a part later on. got some news for hercules voters. they have recalled the only two remaining members of the 2010 city council. joanne ward and donald cooney were ousted last night. voters were upset over the deterioration of city finances. in november they voted to replace four other members for the very same reason. in other election news, richmond voters shot down measure d. it was a proposed sales tax increase in help restore serves for children and the poor. it would have increased the sales tax to 10.25%. voters did approve measure c which will direct some city sales tax revenue to the west contra costa unified school district and bring back some services for low income residents. the e-3 expo resumes this morning. a lot of video game companies
5:56 am
making a big splash, including nintendo. scott budman takes a look. >> reporter: good morning. we start with gaming and some exciting news from the gaming industry. we'll take you down south to e-3, the electronic enter statement expo and we have an update to what has been just about the most popular video game system in the world, it is the nintendo wii. they just unveiled what it calls the wii u. this one takes the wii experience and makes it portable. you have a 6 1/2-inch screen complete with an accelerometer so you can take the games with you. nintendo says it will be out in mid to late 2012. no word yet on pricing. pricing affecting apple shareholders. prices tumbling on tuesday. the second consecutive day apple stock has fallen. why? there are some concerns about steve jobs' health. i sat close to the stage and he looked pretty energetic to me. probably blamed this on profit taking. apple ahead of announcements
5:57 am
usually gets a big run-up in the stock. they did ahead of monday's announcement. but with no new phone or pad, the news about the icloud is very exciting but not all that sexy. cloud computing, however, is starting to get sexy. just ask companies like brocade, the san jose data storage company that watched its stock price rise to multi-year highs. also, a start-up getting all sorts of business from both businesses and consumers that can store their information in the cloud. all of a sudden cloud computing is sexy and that's really good news for silicon valley cloud companies, both large and small. watch these guys get even more business in the months and years to come. that is business, back to you guys. >> lik p c theth sky. it's 5:57 right now. more when we come back. ♪ let's go out to the dmv ♪ it's ok that we're number four hundred and three ♪ ♪ we'll find ourselves a comfy seat ♪ ♪ and watch some shows and stuff ♪
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