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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  June 8, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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you are about to hear dispatch talk to the mother of the man who took his own life. >> hello. >> hi. are you his mother. >> yes. >> okay. why do you think your son is doing this on purpose. >> sometimes you have to make decisions and they are all based on risk. this was a low-risk/high-reward
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situation where they could go get this man and bring him back to shore. people who want to commit suicide do it in their own home not a public place. >> reporter: that was daniel lisker, a former oakland firefighter. he is critical of how alameda police and fire handled the apparent suicide of raymond zach. this is getting nationwide attention because the public is upset alameda police and fire stood on the sidelines while zach took his own life. police say they did that because they were not properly trained to go into the water. they are saying they were not trained because of budget cuts. there is much much more on these 911 tapes. we have a full report coming up at 11:00. live in alameda, cheryl herd.
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> today, pg&e say there was a leak that they told no one about. traci grant put the tough questions to pg&e. >> reporter: pg&e is trying to defend itself tonight. a pg&e spokesman talked to us this afternoon and said the utility company didn't withhold this information on purpose. he said shoddy record keeping prevented them from figuring it out sooner. >> we were informed by pg&e there was a leak on line 132. >> reporter: the same pipeline that ruptured last year setting off an explosion and fire that killed eight people and damaged 38 san bruno homes. pg&e says the previous leak was small and discovered in an annual inspection in 1988 in a spot nine miles from the san bruno explosion site.
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the utility company says the leak was repaired soon afterward. the investigators asked for any prior incidents on that pipeline nearly five months ago. pg&e informed the ntsb about it recently. >> we do not know why pg&e did not provide this information to our investigators. that is a question you have to ask pg&e. we are glad to have this information now, but we would have expected to see it sooner. >> reporter: pg&e's delay may have slowed down this information. san bruno residents and victims could finally have answers. >> what we're concerned about is the process that prevented them from providing this information. >> reporter: pg&e spokesman says there was nothing deliberate about the slow pace. as soon as employees discovered the document they turned it over to the ntsb but it took months to find it.
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>> our records should not be in the state they are in right now. it shouldn't take a tragedy to repair that. that is what we are doing now. >> reporter: now that pg&e spokesman told us he would have to check the records to find out exactly what happened on the night of the fire. but it is well established it took about 16 minutes for pg&e to inform ntsb. gone without a trace, a man was found on the uc santa cruz campus. the victim of a hit-and-run. the chp says the man was riding a bicycle on heller drive, a main route for students entering
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and leaving the campus. police say his identification says he lives in santa cruz. officers say from paint chips at the scene they believe the cyclist was hit by a maroon nissan. oakland police hope a rape victim's cell phone video will help them find her attacker. >> will you please leave. how did you get in here? >> the victim caught this video of the suspect leaving her house. the 28-year-old woman was alone when the suspect broke into her home, sexuay assaulted her and stole electronics from her house. this happened yesterday morning. if you have any information call oakland police department. community members in san jose are expected to meet with the police chief to talk about
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the escalating murder rate. 20 homicide so far this year compared to 20 all of last year. the city stands to lose 100 officers to budgets. cut losing officers could be devastating and they want police to work closer together. the meeting starts in a few minutes at st. julie's catholic church. the family of a 3-month-old baby killed in a case of mistaken identity got a chance to look the accused killer in the eye in court today. chris sanchez was in court where things were very emotional for the baby's family and the family of its accused killer. chris? >> reporter: the mother of the 3-month-old baby, garvin, wept the entire time though she was comforted by police detectives
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and the chief district attorney. i sat next to the suspect's mother who stared forward unable to see her 17-year-old son's face as he faced murder charges as an adult. no words from the family of the 3-month-old who was murdered as they arrived where they would see their son's accused killer for the first time. the mother yvonne garcia lopez arrived in a wheelchair. when the 17-year-old shot them and 3-month-old isaac who was hit in the head it was a case of mistaken identity. he was casing the home where the family was visiting friends looking to allege his beating at the hands of gang members. he is charged with murder, two counts of attempted murder and a special circumstance of lying in wait because the da says he
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waited and watched intending to harm them. the chief deputy district attorney says he is charged as an adult because of his age and the baby's age. >> this crime was particularly callous and heinous and the death of a 3-month-old, the most innocent of victims is unimaginable. >> reporter: isaac's family is planning a visitation service thursday, his funeral friday. they will return to court friday. as the young mother was comforted by a east palo alto detective, she was grateful. >> i appreciate all the help, all the support from everybody from the community. thank you very, very much. >> the family is particularly thankful to witnesses who were willing and able to talk to police about this case in a community where often the opposite is the case. there is a 16-year-old charged in this case.
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he faces weapons charges but because he is a juvenile the district attorney's office would not comment on that. siragosa will be in court a week from today to face charges of murder as an adult. the maximum stens could be life in prison without the possibility of parole. >> thank you very much, chris. it has taken much of the afternoon to for caltrain to get back to normal service after a person was struck and killed. 143 hit the person. the san mateo county coroner has yet to determine the sex and identity of the person and police have not given any reason why the person was on the tracks. the train was heading northbound from san jose. there were 900 people onboard. both directions of the track were shut down.
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this is the eighth fatality on caltrain tracks this year. there is one bright spot in the bay area. apple is planning a major expansion, along with it will come some much needed commerce. the plant expansion will be on 150 acres down the street at the corner of prune ridge and wolf. mary ann favro joins us to talk about the plans. all the fruit apple wail bear for all the businesses around it, too. >> reporter: people are excited, jessica. this building will be unique. a circular building in which 12,000 employees will work inside that one building. underground park ing sotrees can cover the entire campus. what most people in coopertino are interested in is how it will impact the local economy.
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apple has come a long way. >> apple is growing like a weed. as you know we have always been in cooper tino. started in an office park and eventually got the buildings we are in now. >> reporter: in a special presentation last night apple ceo steve jobs told the city council of his vision of the future where he would like apple to land next. >> the campus we would like to build there is one building that holds 12,000 people and it's a pretty amazing building. let me show it to you. it is like a spaceship landed. >> reporter: built on 155 acres. employees here at this opt metrics center hope 12,000 apple employees will need new glasses. >> i'm happy to hear they are
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expanding. that would be a great potential for us to increase our business as well. >> reporter: here at q cup, the owner opens the apple employees will crave crepes. >> this is great news for us. we hope it will help our business. >> reporter: with the influx of tax revenues residents will win, too. >> we can tell our residents regarding your potholes, your parks, your services, by apple staying here, that will guarantee it. >> reporter: apple must complete the same environmental review process, don't expect hiccups in the process. >> there is no chance we are saying no. >> reporter: which is good news for area merchants who consider the apple campus the whipped cream on a fruitful future. a section of this street prune ridge drive may have to be shut down. what is next? the environmental review process
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is now under way and come fall of next year, the city council will decide whether or not to approve the project. if everything goes smoothly apple is hoping to open this campus in 2015. live in cupertino, mary ann favro, nbc bay area news. next at 6:00, shutting down open carry advocates. what some call a freedom to carry a weapon others are kuhling a recipe for disaster. why lawmakers could be coming after gun toters. >> facebook getting too personal? why the company is forced to apologize about a personal information violation. another stel lar day. you like what you see? ?mo75ve more in terms c of tem p re on this coming up.
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waiting for a verdict. the jury in the chauncey bailey murder trial has been deliberating for nearly three weeks now and each day has been agonizing for the family and friends of the slain journalist. jodi hernandez talked with one of bailey's closest friends. >> chauncey was a dear friend. >> reporter: derek nesbitt is hopeful he will soon see justice for his friend and former colleague chauncey bailey. >> you don't just murder people that are doing on behalf of the community and think you are going to get away with it. >> reporter: nesbitt will never forget rushing to the shooting scene to find the journalist
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laying lifeless in the street. >> i was shocked. when i went out and saw the tarp covering him, i yus could not believe it. we talked about this. >> reporter: nesbitt worked with bailey for years producing a community access television show. bailey was never afraid to ask tough questions that got tempers flaring. >> i remember saying to chauncey one particular show, i'm not going to walk out of here with you. you really got everybody riled up. that is the way he was. i'm not going walk out with you. he said, don't worry, this stuff doesn't happen in this country. >> reporter: turns out bailey was wrong. the people accused of killing him because of an article he was writing about the black muslim bakery. >> if he murdered chauncey then he is going to sit in jail and
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think about it for the rest of his life, i hope. >> reporter: but nesbitt says nothing will erase the pain of losing a friend and a journalist the likes he feels can't be replaced. >> i miss him a lot. i miss him more than i ever could say. i wish he was here. >> reporter: in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. the manhunt for an alleged child abuse suspect ended this afternoon. campbell police arrested george rodriguez just before 2:00 in south san jose after receiving a tip about his location. you may remember this story. rodriguez suspected of abusing his girlfriend's daughter. he has been on the run for about a month. he was arrested and charged with child abuse and false imprisonment. the girl's mother was originally arrested as well. the case surrounding giants fan brian stoe is changing hands.
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the lapd ask transferring it to robbery and homicide division. that unit is used to handling high profile cases including michael jackson's death. police have arrested one suspect but no charges have been filed. carrying an unloaded gun in public could face up to a year in jail and a fine up to $1,000. californians can carry an unloaded weapon without a license. seeing a weapon in public, says lawmakers, creates unnecessary tension. >> think about it. do you need a gun to buy a cheeseburger? do you need a gun to go into starbucks? no. you need an atm card or five dollar bill. let people in mcdonald's or at
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the starbucks sit in peace. >> lawmakers are being accused of trying to curb their second amendment rights. >> it is hard to be back in the studio today after getting to go outside. we take you into san francisco where we had the clouds this morning and the low cloud cover throughout a lot of the bay area. it did clear out. some of the warmest weather in the south bay with an 83 in the almaden valley. 75 in gill roy, 57 in livermore, 66 in san rafael. a warm day for inland spots. we are finding dry conditions from the north to the south bay. if you like these dry conditions it is going to be lasting for the next several days. we are holding on to low 70s in
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san jose, 76 in concord, 72 in santa rosa. the upper 50s in san francisco to san matte. we are getting the strong onshore flow. nothing the the way of storm activity. high pressure is going to stay put over the next five to seven days. a lot of 80-degree temperatures associated with it. that is moving in especially throughout a good part of next week. we start off tomorrow morning with low to mid 50s. by 11:00 a.m. 70 san jose. if you are traveling and heading to the airport you may face delays heading towards minneapolis and chicago. strong to severe weather heading into that region and boston and new york a strong line of severe weather. coming up, yes, my seven day is sizzling. i can feel the heat right next to that.
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i don't know if you can. >> thank you, jeff. on the trail of an arsonist. investigators in the east bay searching for a fire starter before he strikes again. capping credit card charges. big ban h t the savings be passed on to you?
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oh, yeah. fidelity investments. turn here.
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we have developing news to bring you information just into the nbc bay area newsroom. jodi hernandez reports the l.a. district attorney has told grant's uncle johannes mehserle will be released from prison on monday. he was sentenced to two years after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. mehserle shot oscar grant on a b.a.r.t. platform new year's day 2009. >> he will serve 11 months.
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has facebook fumbled. is the palo alto company in hot water tonight? scott budman is here with reaction. some people a little unhappy about the faces out there. >> it is true. facebook has another way to make it easier to find people and that has some up in arms. tagging photos. instead of manually identifying each photo in your library, facebook has a way to recognize your friends so if you tag someone in one photo, facial recognition will automatically tag that person in other photos unless they opt out in facebook's privacy settings. some privacy advocates say it is creepy and an invasion of privacy. the european union has launched an investigation. no comment from facebook. you are less likely to miss the bus thanks to google. google maps tracks buses and
6:26 pm
training, let you know when it is coming and if any problems are stalling its progress. san francisco among the markets where google is testing the software. twitter wants to shorten thing more. twitter will shorten web links posted on the site. this will help keep to the 140 character limit. garvin, twitter says, you can use them, too. >> thank you very much, scott. and then there were none. hercules voters ousted the last two city council members. they voted to replace four other members of the city council. should he stay or should he go?
6:27 pm
the saga continues for embattled democrat anthony wiener. a new very personal twist to his scandal. >> an obsession with saving lives. one bay area man who made it goal to keep those around him safe. it may be a delicacy but the health department does not agree. a san francisco restaurant is changing its menu.
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there is a new twist in the cybersex scandal involved anthony weiner. the new york democrat and his wife are expecting their first child. this revelation hits just as the disgraced congressman spent the day calling colleagues to apologize for his photo scandal. >> reporter: nbc news has confirmed anthony weiner's wife
6:30 pm
is pregnant. the top clinton aide was spotted today with the secretary of state on a seven-day trip, that as more democrats are distancing themselves from weiner. how can you explain that somebody can be so smart but so stupid. former dnc chair tim kaine said lying about something publicly is unforgivable and he should resign. the current rnc chair called on d dems to pressure him. >> reporter: weiner has vowed to stay. a poll taken after he admitted inappropriate relationships online 51% of new yorkers think he should keep his job, 30% say resign. >> he does a good job. >> nancy pelosi asked the house ethics committee to investigate.
6:31 pm
>> if house resources were used, he could face concerns or problems under the code of conduct in the house. >> reporter: there are new allegations. weiner had an online relationship with former porn star ginger lee and offered to help her cover it up. >> cameras are showing up, calling her family members. she is upset and he says do you need pr advice. >> reporter: more lawmakers advise weiner to resign. here in california governor brown is showing the state he is showing the state he is serious about cutting spending. he made a 44% reduction of state cell phones. brown's office estimated the state would save $13 million if some of the cell phones were retrieved. >> arson investigators are
6:32 pm
investigating the links to two suspicious fires just blocks from each other at roughly the same time. the first one happened in the 500 block. while firefighters were fighting that fire they noticed another one down the street. the investigators say that's more than a little unusual. >> pretty much both fires are coincidental if they happen within a minute of each other. >> the fires were put out quickly and no one was injured. the cause is under investigation. undocumented immigrants could be card carrying members of an east bay city. richmond city council will give municipal i.d. cards to anyone living in the city, allowing bank accounts and access to city services. the protests say the cards encourage illegal immigration. the proposal goes for a final vote in july.
6:33 pm
san francisco and oakland have implemented similar programs already. drivers in san francisco might not be able to park for free at broken meters anymore. they want to enact a two-hour limit for cars at broken meters. the agency says the rule will help them improve parking management. the board will discuss the proposal at its next meeting. more than a dozen local, state and federal agencies dismantled a notorious gang. law enforcement made 75 arrests tuesday in madera and merced. they are believed to be part of the nuestro familia gang. 16 local state and federal agencies teamed up on the bust
6:34 pm
seizing two dozen fire arms, marijuana plants, crack cocaine and 64 grams. 101 arrested include assault and drunk driving. bankers and retailers went head to head over credit card swipe fees and the banks lost. the u.s. senate voted to let the federal reserve lower credit card swipe fees beginning next month. 44 cents per transaction the fees have been a huge source of income for the banks. it adds up to $16 billion a year. retailers say the fees hurt them. starts next month the keys will be capped at 12 cents per swipe. >> the main street community banks or credit unions are a different story. the small guys who had nothing to do with the financial crisis do not have the same flexibility the wall street banks have.
6:35 pm
>> some senators expect bankers to approach retailers with a different plan. the president visiting a community college in virginia where teachers partner with u.s. companies like ford and gm to teach high-tech skills and help students land jobs. president obama's goal is to keep education spending. republicans say the government has gone too far already. we can help get out of the severe economic downturn if washington gets out of the way. >> the poll showed obama leading possible republican opponents for 2012 by double digits. scorching temperatures prompt heat warnings in more than four dozen cities and several areas the high temperatures have turned deadly. jay gray has the latest. >> reporter: a brutal heatwave continues to challenge records and the resolve of thousands
6:36 pm
from the mid south through the eastern seaboard. excessive heat warnings have been issued in dozens of cities. 90 or better in downtown detroit with the concrete and asphalt. >> reporter: the climbing temperatures can be deadly. >> yeah, real sad. >> reporter: 75-year-old arlene white was dead in her memphis apartment. she apparently was not using her air conditioner. >> reporter: in chicago human safety workers are going door to door to check on elderly residents. >> do they have an air conditioner? do they have a fan? are they okay? do they have senior services in place. >> reporter: to make sure his family was okay matt walsh loaded up the car when the ac quit working. >> i had a bulldog that was
6:37 pm
getting hot and i had to ice him down. >> reporter: in austin police had to rescue this pup left in a parked car with the temperature inside climbs over 103. >> all that heat resonates in there, builds up. >> reporter: across texas it is not only hot, but also dry. we have 134 days without a half inch of rain in the city of houston. the official start of summer is still almost two weeks away. jay gray, nbc news, dallas. wow. when itchy eyes aren't what they appear to be. >> next at 6:00, how you can protect yourself from long-term eye problems. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. a few low 80s near the almaden valley. cool to the east bay. we talk about the hottest weather we could have or have
6:38 pm
had in months coming our way.
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with allergy season in high gear, doctors are warning rubbing your eyes can be dangerous to your health. many allergy sufferers get an infection in the eye. with treatment the condition could last weeks even months. without treatment it could be bad news. >> it can sometimes lead to a corneal ulcer. bacterial and viral conjunctivitis can cause an issue. >> wash your hands and face as soon as you come in from the outside. keep your home dust free.
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>> delicacy or disgusting? off the menu. a bakery has been serving grasshopper tacos for a year now. the department of health wants the grass hoppers to come from the u.s. and is forces the restaurant to stop serving the grasshopper tacos. it is considered the best new mexican hole in a wall in san francisco. we will have to do some investigative work. >> i love those grasshopper tacos. so crunchy. matt cain. doing something he hasn't done all season. this is as they were wrapping up the series with the nationals. shining the entire time. the story of the a's is sad and sorry to dismal. this is not supposed to be one of the worst teams in baseball. the 49ers are players who will eventually wear red and gold are
6:42 pm
trying to keep it together moving forward during lockout. we check in with them coming up in sports. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. some clouds and fog tonight. we will tell you about some very
6:43 pm
warm weather coming our way. at some point many of us
6:44 pm
have been trained in cpr. >> how a lesson became an obsession for one east bay student. >> reporter: on a normal day at alvarado middle school p.e. teacher mark simmons gave students a lesson. >> we felt it is so important that the kids learn about cpr and teach other people about it. >> reporter: simmons showed students an instructional dvd on cpr with a simple assignment. >> i figured they would go home and at least teach their parents and maybe a couple others. >> reporter: unbeknownst to simmons the challenge set wheels in motion to this seventh grader. >> they told us to sign a permission slip for cpr. i told mom, sign this, hurry up. >> reporter: he wasn't just interested in learning cpr, he
6:45 pm
wanted others to learn it, too. >> i trained my family and i started training other people which led me to go train to this buddhist temple. >> reporter: with each new pupil he trained another certification form for simmons. >> i'm like, wilson, are you getting these people? oh, yeah. >> reporter: by the time wong was done he taught cpr to dozens of people. >> 96, i think. >> 96. yeah. 96. yeah. that is amazing. it is incredible. he did a great job. >> reporter: administrators asked him his motivation for training so many. his answer took them by surprise. >> i want people to save lives. my dad, he passed away and that motivated me to do more. >> reporter: his father died of cancer. he wanted people to have the
6:46 pm
skills to help his father if he needed it. >> it is cpr. who doesn't want to save lives. >> reporter: alameda county ems has trained 10,000 students as part of the cpr program. it is safe to say no one heard the call as loudly as wilson hoang. >> that is a kid who you want to be your kid's best friend. >> that's true. >> go with wilson. >> that's true. all of our best friends these days is going to be jeff ranieri. we are done talking about rain, 70s, 80s. what do i hear, upper 80s? >> 61 in san francisco. plenty of 80s coming our way. winds westerly. we have fall coming back through tonight. the radar scans away, we are not finding rain drops in 350 miles
6:47 pm
here across the state of california. numbers, holding on to 70s in livermore, that cool pocket right near the coastline and towards santa cruz with the onshore flow will develop fog and cloud cover tonight. thursday, plenty of 70s coming back. here is the best thing as garvin was alluding to, 80s coming our way, some of the warmest weather not in weeks, but in months. 1,500 miles of nothing but clearing. a storm system out here will continue to break up in the next 48 to 72 hours. high pressure to the south will keep it generally warm with fog for the morning and temperatures in the 80s as we head through thursday's forecast. throughout friday we will stay dry in the forecast. here is how it will play out. we start to see cloud cover build offshore. in the morning hours, patchy fog and for our east bay
6:48 pm
communities. it is going to back off through thursday night and into the afternoon hours for tomorrow. 48 los gatos, 51 in gilroy in the morning. thursday upper 70s to low 80s in the south bay. 77 in san jose, 78 in livermore, 75 in dublin. not upper 80s tomorrow but trying to get back to where we should be for this time of the year. 79 in concord, 77 in fairfield and 79 in napa n. the north bay, mid 70s from san rafael to santa rosa. seems like we have a camera on the loose over there, can't focus. on saturday, sunday and monday and tuesday, upper 70s to low 80s with dry weather. possible mid to upper 80s by wednesday and thursday. it is chasing us. it is coming towards me on the set.
6:49 pm
>> revenge of the camera. >> holy moly, the thing moved from here to there. >> we have robotic cameras. one is running around the studio. >> he got excited when he heard the weather forecast. >> let's turn things over to lawrence. >> good evening. johnny five is in place. the giants are rolling into a four game home stand and it is a full weekend but they will enter in style against the cincinnati reds. the finale against the nationals. a great day for sunglasses lucille always has them on. matt cain with the first run scoring eli whiteside. bottom seven with the game tied at one, brandon crawford at the plate ripping a triple that brings around cody ross. from that point it is 2-1 giants.
6:50 pm
who would add one more in the inning. the real story of the day is matt cain, his 11 strikeouts and the fact he goes the distance for the first time this season. a complete game 3-1 win. even after the gem cain was talking about his offense. >> the double felt good to get us going. he was -- their guy was throwing the ball well and keeping us off balance and we were able to scratch one across. that helped out a lot. >> that was nice. cainer kept us in it all day and came up with an rbi double. >> it was huge. a good team win. i mean, cain pitched his butt off. we had a few clutch hits. it was a big game. good one. >> the a's are in dangerous territory with their season slipping away. a loss tonight would mean the
6:51 pm
hat trick for getting swept. trying to avoid three straight sweeps. the finale in baltimore. weeks made his debut last night and got his first major league hit tonight lacing a double to left. later in the game he got on base to score both oakland runs. the difference was the two-run homer. the a's are on the path for being stuck in the cellar for good. nine straight losses. now to chicago to face the white sox in a four-game set which will make it harder to get swept. every night at 10:30 a full 30 minutes of coverage of teams you care about. go deep with sportsnet central. in recent years we've seen the dallas cowboys and the new england patriots practicing at san jose state. it usually involves staying on
6:52 pm
the west coast between games instead of returning home. now the 49ers players are invading the land of the spartans for the alex smith boot camp or the player run and organized practices. there is not a whole lot about players getting together without a team facility. it does show dedication and critical timing drills which can help in the long run. it is anyone's guess when the lockout will run. the niners trying to emulate off-season get togethers on their own. >> i'm not surprised. that is what leaders do. he is a leader and he is trying to set an kpacexample. we need alex to step up. >> it is nice to have the turnout we did. everybody is working real hard. excited about the team and excited about the opportunity to have the season. >> i love football. being out here again with these guys and just running around,
6:53 pm
jumping around, that is the part you miss. the crazy times we spend together. that is the part i miss. i can't wait. >> usc recently learned the bcs can and will strip your national title from you if something fishy ends up smelling too much. just saying. but they can never take away the visit to the white house. auburn doing just that today. the defending national champs. the first overall pick cam newton was there to meet president obama with the rest of the tigers, a war eagle with the commanrde in chief.
6:54 pm
>> something to remember.
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become back. so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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with jcp cash, earn $10 when you spend just 25... and, unlike other stores,... we don't make you come back to save. get $10 off with no exclusions! we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. tonight at 11:00, they say you are what you eat, but can a certain diet affect whether you are more likely to have a boy or a girl? what some expecting couples are doing and the potential dangers. tonight at 11:00. >> this is a side note. many apple fans have been wondering for a long time, where does steve jobs get those dark crew neck sweaters. van rosen, a german clothing company is putting out the word jobs purchases the sweaters from
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him. his sweater became the craze. jobs wears black cashmere sweaters that cost $616 per sweater. >> did you say $616? >> that is why i don't have any of those. >> i can get three suits and an extra pair of pants. of course, brent dresses much nicer. >> i don't know. coming up, the bay area is one of the best places for cancer research. there is a fund-raiser under way as we speak. they will join us without their hair. we'll explain. summertime. we are talking grilling. a special interview. you talked about this, science changing, the textbooks and what you need to know in chemistry class. a couple of new elements being discovered by scientists in the bay area. >> makes it harder to do the
6:58 pm
fifth grader thing every day.
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