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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 9, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm christie smith, live in oakland where a couple believe they saw a car go into the water. we have a rescue about to start this morning. what the coast guard and oakland fire department think they found so far. is 11 months enough time behind bars for taking a life? oscar grant's killer is getting out of jail in just days. how a victim managed to record video of a man who
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attacked her. this is today in the east bay. good morning, everybody. i'm marla tellez in for mr. scott mcgrew. it is 4:31 on this thursday morning. thank you for being with us. we want to check the bright forecast with christina. good morning. >> good morning to you. this could be the best day of the week if you are looking for the warmth. look at the trough out there. in the pacific, we have an area of low pressure that's going to cool us down a little bit. we'll talk about that and what's to come for today. it is friday eve. good morning to you. >> it is friday eve. we are looking at 580 westbound out of the altamont pass. 14 minutes for that.
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no problems so far for the dublin interchange. coming from the north, you have debris. the debris is part of a tire. there's also a big rig blocking the slow lane. marla, this may be an issue. no slowing because of the light volume of traffic. back to you. >> thank you, mike. in oakland, this is happening as we speak. a rescue going on with a car that allegedly went into the river. christie smith has the latest for us. good morning. >> reporter: we are south of jacqueline square. i wanted to give you a look at what's going on here. i spoke with the fire department. a couple was driving by this street here at 2:15 this morning. they saw what they thought was a car in the water here.
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they saw what they thought was a rear-end of a car, maybe a honda with the dome light on. they turned around. by the time they got to the parking lot, it was submerged. emergency crews are out here this morning. what they are doing is they have these very long poles they have been floating around in the boats, sticking them in the water to see if they could find the car. they are telling me there's a buoy out there. they found a hard object there. they are not sure if it's a car or not but they are moving forward and assuming it might be. they tell me there's a homeless camp nearby. they went to speak to folks who stay over there to see if they heard or saw anything unusual. they didn't. they are not sure if a car is in there or not, if anybody is in the car. they have the dive team coming
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out. should be here by 6:00 to go in the water to check. they are poking into the water and know something is there. that's what we have from here. they are going to be here for several more hours making sure to sort it out whether or not there is someone or something in there. that's what we have from here. coast guard and oakland fire looking for something in the water. we'll stay on it. as soon as the dive team gets here, we'll let you know. >> we'll keep in touch with you. 4:34 now. we are hearing a foster mother's desperate plea to get help for her drowning son at the beach. >> he's in the water right now. he's trying to drown lims. we're gonna -- okay.
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okay. >> you are listening to the 911 call that the stepmother made. the stepmother of 52-year-old raymond tells the dispatcher her stepson waded out in the water to kill himself. when emergency crews arrived, they stood on the shore and watched. a good samaritan went into the water to get zach, who died at the hospital. firefighters were not allowed to go into the water because they are not certified for water rescues. this morning a phone call is causing outrage in oakland. oscar grant's killer will be released from l.a. county jail monday. he was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to two years for killing and shooting grant on the platform new year's day, 2009. the family is stunned he is getting out of jail seven months
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after the sentencing. >> it was staged, planned, acted out. it's brought this type of conclusion. this is where we at right now, a state of disappointment. >> that was the uncle there speaking. oscar grant was not armed when he was shot. the killer insists he was reaching for a taser and accidentally fired his gun. oakland police show video they want you to see. a man who just convicted sexual assault. >> would you please leave? how did you get in here? >> the victim took this video as he left her home. he broke in tuesday morning, sexually assaulted her, then stole electronics. she is hurt, but expected to
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recover. the man is probably not linked to other sexual assaults in the area. the state is threatening to take away licenses from four day care centers on east bay school campuses including country club and bollinger canyon, green valley in danville. it's kids country. they provide half the day care in the school district. they are investigating supervision problems including kids leaving and walking home without staff knowing. kids country will have an opportunity to defend itself. a grandmother will answer to charges of kidnapping her granddaughter and passing her off as her own baby. she's accused of kidnapping her
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4-month-old daughter as the baby slept. investigators say she took the baby 400 miles away to her home in southern california where friends say she planned on raising the baby as her own daughter, even faking a pregnancy weeks before the kidnapping. family and friends of michelle lei are clinging to hope the missing nursing student will be found alive. police are saying her disappearance is being treated as a homicide. loved ones will gather in hayward for a candle light vigil. she could be alive. police are sure she was killed. she was taking a break from rounds at kaiser hospital in hayward when she went to her car and never came back. it was a spectacular day in
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the south bay yesterday. let's see what the weather holds in store for us today. >> it was a nice day everywhere yesterday afternoon. we had to wait for the cloud cover to clear the coast. overall, we all had a gorgeous day. lots of sunshine. same for today. we have changes on the way for the weekend. i's not as warm as the trough here. the low pressure is spinning toward the pacific northwest. it's going to cool us down over the weekend. today, the warmest day of the week. i'm going 80 degrees inland. livermore, trivalley, you'll hit the 80s today. i have the extended forecast coming up for you. it's 4:39. i bet there's something going on out there. >> a good number of cars for the summer months kicking in. yesterday had a lot of traffic on the roadways on the evening commute. i'm looking at the mid-70s.
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that sensor at horizon dips down. easy drive-through concord. coming off 242. the construction did not happen overnight. benicia and carquinez bridge smooth approach. of course, 80 its coming off the carquinez. 18 minute drive to the bay bridge. it's clear and smooth flowing right there. no wind advisories. over on the right, you can see the flashing lights, the arrow is pointing folks over. a couple lanes are blocked near the coliseum. >> thank you, mike. coming up, payingt forward. how an east bay seventh grader is inspiring others.
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good morning. welcome back. it is 4:43. you are looking at a live look inside the production booth. there's gabrielle. she makes all the magic happen. thanks, guys. oakland international airport is cleared for departure to cuba. they will start offering weekly charter flights to havana in december oakland is the only to fly to cuba and one of eight u.s. airports to offer service to the communist country.
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u.s. tourism and trade is banned in cuba. it's for religious and academic groups. tickets are going to be $816. no word on which carriers will offer those flights. time to get you caught up on the business news before the markets open. we turn to nicole lapin who is live this morning. good morning. >> good morning, marla. futures are higher. wall street closed down for a sixth straight session. ben bernanke's grim economic outlook and signs of a slowdown in several parts of the country. europe is lower. they were treading water until that happened. oil rallied after opec failed to
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reach a decision. crude is up. just to recap, the dow fell 21 points yesterday. 12,048 is where we closed. nasdaq 2675. citigroup is confirming hackers gained access to credit card information. roughly 1% of customers were affected. the hackers weren't able to see the social security numbers, birth dates, expiration dates. they are in the process of notifying people affected this morning. u.p.s. is testing a fleet of trucks made from a lightweight composite material that is 1,000 pounds lighter than the big brown trucks. they have a smaller diesel
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engine. they are air dynam aerodynamic. >> the brown company is going green. >> you wouldn't think the u.p.s. guy was going to be aerodynamic. >> thanks so much. the sheriff's deputies are the lowest paid in the bay area and their salaries could take another cut. new salary comparison reports show a top deputy earns $81,000 a year while deputies in other counties make more than $92,000 a year. $11,000 difference there. the association will use the data during upcoming contract negotiations. county managers are asking for up to 6% in pay and benefits cuts. 4:46. yesterday, i had the nerve to wash my car and got in a nice run outside thanks to mother
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nature. christina, it's going to be the hottest day of the week. >> you are living on the edge. wash that car! we don't have rain in the forecast for at least seven to ten days. finally. that's what i'm saying. finally, the warm, dry set up. it's taking shape in the pacific. the storm track well off to the north. this morning, high pressure is going to build in. we lost the moisture over the weekend. we are not expecting a significant round of fog. we could see fog as we head through the next couple hours. mike mike and myself are the fog hunters. we are on guard. we are looking good. let me get to your highs today. we are talking the 80s inland. i'm going 80 degrees in livermore. we are starting nice and mild this morning. it's the biggest difference. our mornings are so much more mild making for nice afternoons. very little cloud cover at this
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time as we head throughout the day today. the clouds to start. cool, cloudy start. it's not that deep. similar to yesterday. a nice, mild, sunny afternoon. the temps in the upper 70s and low 80s. 80 degrees today in gilroy. if you are headed toward the peninsula for work, it's going to be cooler in san francisco than inland. 76 by friday. this weekend we drop off a little bit as the trough digs into the area. it's going to cool us to the low 70s. we keep the sunshine and no rain. wash that car, marla. you already did. >> i did. i'm ahead of the game. >> wax on, wax off. a little kid with a big smile, a big heart and greater purpose in life. he's changing a tragedy into a life-saving mission. joe shows us how a cpr lesson
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became an obsession for this east bay student. >> reporter: on a normal day in union city, p.e. teacher mark simmons gave students a lesson. >> we felt it was important the kids could learn about cpr and teach other people about it. >> reporter: he showed students an instructional video on cpr. >> we hope they go home and teach parents and others. >> reporter: it sets wheels in motion of this seventh grader. >> he told us to sign this permission slip for cpr. my mom drove me and i said sign it, hurry up. >> reporter: he wanted others to learn it, too. >> i trained my family, then
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other people. it led me to train this buddhist temple. >> reporter: with each new pupil he trained, it was certification. >> at first i thought he was going home just filling it out. >> reporter: by the time he was done, he taught cpr to dozens of people. >> 96, i think. 96. >> 96, yeah. 96. that's amazing. it's incredible. he did a great job. >> reporter: administrators asked him his motivation tr training so many. >> i want people to save lives. my dad passed away. that motivated me to go do more. >> reporter: his father died of cancer. in the same way, he wanted people to have the skills to help his father. he now hoped they could save others.
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>> it's cpr. who doesn't want to save lives? >> reporter: it's safe to say, no one heard the call as loudly as wilson wong. >> what a great story. that was joe reporting. if you want to get cpr certi certified, check out t cross cross website. how a bay area backdrop is causing a stir in hollywood.
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welcome back. a hollywood movie set to start shooting in vallejo this month is stirring up controversy. here is what we know. it stars phillip seymour hawkins, amy adams and joaquin phoenix. the studio says it's about a world war ii drifter. film industry websites say it's loosely based on l. ron hubbard, the founder of the church of scientology. he started scientology after serving in world war ii. many high profile hollywood actors object because it reveals too much about the religion. good morning, everyone. a new company is taking over the
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ambulance service in the south bay. not everyone is happy about it. leon panetta is about to be confirmed as the next defense secretary. what he'll face once he gets on the job. if you are a green lantern fan, the movie comes out next week. we have something cool for you, even if you are not a fan. coming up. >> thanks, laura. mike has a look at the roads. >> we are looking for the green cars. it's a smooth drive past southbound 680. there's a disabled truck there. the report hasn't changed over the last half hour. watch the slow lane. i haven't seen slowing, updates or problems. there you go. it would be an issue. 680 further south, running smoothly. without delay and the san mateo
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bridge moving over the water. the taillights are heading from the peninsula to the east bay. no major windy conditions there. also, it's a clear view. that's good news. >> okay. thank you, mike. turns out willie nelson's marijuana charges won't have his blue eyes crying in the rain after all. i'm not going to sing. his wallet won't take too much of a hit, either. he has to pay a texas court $787 to settle the marijuana charges. an attorney joked the judge could sentence him to perform his hit song in court. that attorney says his suggestion was just a joke. nelson was arrested when an agent searched his tour bus after smelling marijuana on board. bribery charges against a san francisco cop.
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the scheme that let taxi drivers on the streets. this town isn't big enough for two of them. gavin newsome is moving out of town to make room for baby number two.
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good morning, i'm christy smith, live in oakland where a couple driving by thinks they saw a car floating here. we'll show you the recovery efforts going on this morning and what these rescue crews are waiting for. >> reporter: i'm damian trujillo live in san jose where a new ambulance company prepares to hit the streets in the south bay. coming up, we'll take you inside. muni drivers voting on a new contract. the overnight results and what it could mean for your commute.


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