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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 9, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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police ask for their help. >> reporter: good morning, i'm christie smith live in oakland where a sheriff's department dive team is about to go into the water after reports that a car was seen floating in here overnight. we'll have the story, coming up. >> reporter: i'm damian trujillo live in san jose where a new fleet of ambulances get ready to hit the streets in santa clara county. coming up, we'll take you inside. a live look from the south bay this morning. should be a nice day ahead. it's thursday, june 9th. this is today in the bay. good thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us. 6:00 right now. let's look at the forecast with christina. it's getting down right hot. >> oh. you know that christina aguilera
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song, "it's getting hot in here" is another song you could sing today. we are going 80s. that means beach weather. i have the beach forecast, the surf forecast. i'll let you know what's in store for you this weekend. hint, hint, you'll probably like it. do we like the traffic right now, mike? >> at the moment, we do. it's light volume. the maze is moving nicely. the giants playing later this evening. south of at&t park, a disabled box truck. keep it in mind if it's your off ramp. a live look at the golden gate bridge. another thing we are watching are the low level clouds. if they turn into an issue, i'll let you know. we have an update on a possible rescue happening in oakland. divers are trying to find out if a car went into the water and if
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anyone is alive. >> reporter: a dive team from the alma mee da sheriff's department arrived on scene. they are going to suit up and get into the water. they are going to focus on an area where the coast guard set up a buoy. this, after a couple driving buy saw a silver car floating in the water with just the rear end sticking out and dome light on. this is near the aquatic center about 2:30 this morning. they drove back to the parking lot. by that time, they tell police they couldn't see the car anymore. the fire department launched a boat along with the coast guard. they started looking to fipd it with poles. >> we are running seven feet of
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water here. we can touch all the way to the bottom. we know we are hitting something other than the bottom surface of the water. we are hitting an object four feet under the water now. >> reporter: they tell me an object is popping up on an electronic depthfinder. something is there, they are just not sure what. police tell me there are no obvious signs a car crashed or skidded into the water. nothing the broken. there is a boat ramp and they are thinking if a car is here, it's how they got into the water. i was speaking with people rowing out here this morning. they told the police a couple weeks ago, someone pushed what turned out to be a stolen car into the water. i talked with a firefighter. he said that happens from time to time. they are going to go in.
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we'll check in with you in about 30 minutes. that's the latest from here, live in oakland, christie smith, today in the bay. san francisco police are defending the actions of two officers who shot and killed bank robbery suspects. the officers are in danger of losing their lives. the fbi confirms it man killed was a gen x bandit. the officers involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave pending investigation. dozens of stabbings and fights have neighbors living in fear. this woman says it's getting worse in the neighborhood near blossom hill road. she's seen bottles thrown to brawls near her home. she would like to see police
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officers walking the neighborhoods instead of patrolling in cars. >> i don't feel comfortable. my kids can't ride a bike because they are afraid they will take the bike. >> the mainly hispanic off sis, they are not immigration agents. police want neighbors to overcome their fears. call police if may see a crime being committed. the next time you dial 911, you'll see a different ambulance drive up. not everyone is happy about the change. damian trujillo is live at the san jose headquarters. good morning. >> good morning, laura. the ambulances as you mentioned will hit the streets on july 1. they take over the contract for amr. let me take you inside one of these. they are equipping them to make
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sure they are ready to go on july 1st. this is all state of the art equipment they have in here. all the equipment they will need is supplied on the rigs by july 1st. the ambulances have new technology that allow the emergency room to receive vital patient information in realtime. that allows them to be better prepared. once the patient arrives, sending them five or ten minutes. not only do the ambulances look different, they will sound different. there's a secondary i republican that emits a vibration. chances are, there's an ambulance behind you. >> that siren system emits noise
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and vibration to generate the attention of motorists. >> reporter: santa clara county is overseeing the contract. the company rehired most of the paramedics that work for the current ambulance provider amr. in fact, some of the paramedics e-mailed nbc bay area. they are concerned with their pay. this morning rural metro says they will pay the same, if not better wages than receiving right now. >> something new we will notice in the south bay. it is 6:07 now. a new service lets people send in anonymous tips about crimes through their cell phones. it's received through a secure tip line or connection. if you want to report a crime, call the tip line. now, you can text 274637. if you include nvcs in the
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message as well, it helps. tips that lead to an arrest will receive a cash award up to $1,000. a san francisco police officer goes to court accused of taking bribes. marla tellez is live with a look at the other headlines. good morning. >> good morning, laura and good morning to you at home. a san francisco police officer will be arraigned on bribery charges. he received bribes from taxi driver applicants. he took $100 from the family. the 36 year vet rap was in charge of dprading written exams. he gave passing marks regardless of the results. the taxi driving school will
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also stand trial. now, on to muni. muni drivers voted down a contract agreement. an arbitrator will step in now. whatever contract they create, both sides have to live with it. the new contract will be created by tuesday and go into effect on july 1. it's 6:09 now. that's the latest. back to you. >> thanks. i want to check the forecast. certainly springtime temperatures are nice. >> yeah, they will be nice. we have the june gloom out there. we have to burn that off by 11:00 a.m. gorgeous afternoons. it's getting toasty alt 4:00 p.m. if you work outside, drink more water this time of year. we continue to warm up.
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next week could see a couple 90s. high pressure is in control of the forecast. it will stay in control for the rest of the afternoon. this is what we are looking at. we'll see mostly supny skies other the east bay and south bay. they clear the same posz. this afternoon, plentiful sunshine, might be using that man. the trough is going to be cooler. shave off a couple degrees. 51 in santa rosa. headed toward the 70s. 77 in fremont. 76 in los gatos. the storm track stays to the north. the temperatures continue to climb. for today, we are going to drop off a little bit tomorrow and more for the weekend. next week, by wednesday, high
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pressure takes control. could be seeing 90s on thursday of next week. mike, it's getting hot in the weather department. >> we saw an early start to the slowing. it's been holding steady. right now, things are heating up a lit bit. 16 minute drive out of the altamont pass. it's the extent of the speeds. averaging 54 miles per hour. slower through antioch. from a street focusing toward horizon. it's much better than we saw yes. it's unusual. we see a heavier volume on thursday. we are looking at the maze and the toll plaza. the feeder freeways looking good.
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there's the toll plaza. a lot more headlights. back to you. >> thank you very much. it's 6:11. still to come, shuttle companies may get a break when they cross the golden gate bridge. what is next for the 17-year-old charged in the killing of a 3-month-old baby. >> reporter: this is bob redell. coming soon to a theater near you, we are talking about the green lantern. it was a comic book. we have some of the original pages here in san francisco. we are going live to the cartoon art museum, coming up. that having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate, agents who can help speed up the process, no matter how intricate. and that's good news, whether you're trying to sell or hoping to buy. because the only sign you really want to see is "sold."
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new this morning. the 17-year-old boy accused of shooting at a family in east palo alto and killing a 3-month-old baby will be tried
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as an adult. he made his first court appearance yesterday. he did not enter a plea. the parents of the baby were in the courtroom. investigators say he and another person shot at the family after mistaking them for gang members who beat him up in may. he will be back in court on the 15th to enter a plea. three people will stand trial for a string of home invasion robberies in oakland. a 24-year-old and 21-year-old man and woman are from the bay area. the other is a 25-year-old from stockton. they face nearly 80 felony counts including 49 home invasion charges. they happened over an eight month period. shuttle buses could get a discount when traveling across the golden gate bridge. an agency is looking at a
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proposal to charge airport shuttles $7.50 if it has a fast track responder. other vehicles pay $11. they used to cross for free. now, they are paying $3 since last year. crime fighter in green will appear on theaters across the country. ryan reynolds will be starring as the big man in green. >> your name? >> hal. hal gordon. >> the ring, it chose you. >> this morning, bob redell is live with a unique look at the green lantern this morning. good morning and a happy birthday to you, bob. >> reporter: thanks, again, laura. we are at the comic museum here. the green lantern has been around for 70 years now.
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what they have done is they have original panels from the comic book. you can see, you come up here. back in the day, this is a cover that was cut and pasted. compare it to a panel down here where you can see it's computerized and the technology of making a comic book has changed significantly. andrew is the curator. you have the piece here. this is an original piece from 1971. this piece shows the inside baseball that was going on in the comic book industry in the '60s. it was the hipper comic. superheroes were younger or more interesting. d.c. represented the batman and comparing them to authority figures. this is a change d.c. liked.
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>> right. this was drawn by adams. this added really vens to the comics. >> reporter: they have the green lantern. he gets the green arrow. he has side kick who is a drug user. that was their idea of trying to be hip? >> yeah. i wish i were making this up. the side kick's name is speedy. they were off touring the country and learning about america. speedy fell in with the wrong crowd and became a drug addict. this story line, it's a little dated today. they dealt with political corruption, environmental issues. the issues that were a concern to america's youth in the early '70s. this is, it's great to have this cover. it's such a highly recovered
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run. >> reporter: it starts at 7:00. this is your opportunity to come out here. there's going to be writer who is live here in the bay area. come here and pick their brain. if you have never seen comic book art in person, there's a level of appreciation you may not realize is there. when you see the original, there's a difference. it's at 7:00 tonight. go to if you want more information. thanks for being here with us. laura. >> let me ask you something. you got a new ring. is that from the green lantern or what? >> reporter: it doesn't work. it doesn't work. this gold one works. >> why do you wear it on your pin pinky. >> it's swollen from soccer. there are no women around me. no good looking women.
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>> because you have one waiting for you at home. it's the best one. the only one you need. your time is up. >> reporter: thank you. >> good woman. 6:19 right now. i want to check the forecast with christina. a good day to get out and about. bob owes sherry a day out on the town. >> i think so, too. we are looking foggy now in the town. san francisco cities really socked in this morning. let me show you what's going to happen. i have put together a future cast to show what's going to happen over the next 12 hours. satellite imagery shows what's warming us up. high pressure. we have this ridge. a firm ridge in place. it's going to scoot to the east as we head through the next 24 hours. the trough tries to dig in. this is going to cool us down slightly, not by much. we are looking at a nice weekend. 51 degrees in livermore.
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54 in oakland and 54 in napa. you saw the city socked in with fog. we'll hit 65 degrees. we are starting out warmer. by 4:00 p.m., all the clouds clear out of the city. 70 degrees. a gorgeous second half of the day. this is the warmest day of the week. 78 degrees in san jose. 70 in san francisco. 80 degrees up in santa rosa. if you work outside, drink a lot of water today. the mornings are much warmer. if you are golfing, san martin looks good. a light breeze for friday. in the morning, in the south bay, we don't see as much of the marine push. we get more sunshine to start. the tee times might benefit you. 72 saturday and sunday. that means i don't need to run the ac. my electricity bill is going to go down.
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>> open the windows. it will be nice. 6:21 now. coming up next, you can channel your inner jimmy page with googles latest doodle. >> google doodle, i love to say that. visibility is holding up all right despite the low clouds. no slowing on this map. i'll show you where delays are cropping up. [ bailiff ] fee court is now in session. come on out, guys. the jury has reached its decision. now, you guys found the other airline guilty of charging a 150-dollar change fee. you bet! southwest would never do that. and that was after she changed her flight
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it welcome back. it's 6:24. coming up on 6:25. a slowdown at telly. it's usual. it shows more of what the speeds are like through the area. we have an issue southbound 17 through the construction zone south of bear creek. a divider is pushed out into the roadway. construction eastbound 237 on to southbound 880. you should be okay. it should be cleared up over the next half hour. we'll follow that. no delays reported. we have slowing on the altamont pass through livermore and growing. clear after you get toward the dublin interchange. the construction on 680 is cleared in the area. the maze is approaching the bay bridge. a few minutes earlier, a heavier volume visible.
6:26 am
they watch out for us. that's why you have the slowing there. >> thank you very much. have you seen google today? check it out. yeah. today. isn't cool. and the inventor les paul. very creative. another thing people are addicted to, angry birds. scott budman explains. good morning. since it is morning, we are going to start with breakfast. advice from the guys that brought us angry birds. the game has been down loaded a ga zillion times. they are talking clothing and movies on the way. we have a cookbook that will
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teach us how to make what else? eggs. after breakfast, you have a bus or train to catch and you can get help from search giant google. the mountain view company says it will program into maps ways to track the train or bus to get to work. type the data into your desktop or mobile device and google earth or google maps will track it to let you know if it's come and gone or how long until the bus reaches your stop. news up the road from twitter. you have 140 characters each time you send a tweet. we love to do it here at a station. some of the web links take up a lot of the 140 characters. they will automatically shrink them down. if you already use a shortener like tiny url, that's okay. you can still do it. if not, twitter will take over
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and shorten the links themselves. there you have it. breakfast, train and what to do when you get to work. >> 6:27 now. coming up at 6:30, the former b.a.r.t. police officer that shot and killed oscar grant could be out of prison in a few days.anerce svice is aulance ses chin in the south bay. a car could be under water. we have a live report on what'sh going on right now, coming up next. after we make a dingy floor look brand new,
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it's not uncommon for the term "hero" to be bandied about. but does bringing a floor back to life really make us heroes? yes. yes it does. ♪call 1-800-steemer.
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coming up on today in the bay, despite her case being treated as a homicide, michelle le's family is holding out hope she'll be found alive. >> reporter: good morning, i'm christie smith. alameda sheriff's divers are getting ready to get in the water whachlt witnesses saw, on a live report.
6:31 am
>> reporter: i'm damian trujillo. we're going to introduce you to a new ambulance company to provide service in alameda county. that's next. waiting for the june bloom to burn off. today is june 9th. today in the bay. good morning. a happy thursday to you. thanks for joining us. 6:31 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. time to get a look at the forecast with christina. it's a nice one. >> it is, other than the june gloom you alluded to. we didn't get may gray. it's june rain. i think by 11:00 a.m. the cloud deck will break apart. the cloud deck will break apart. a mild start to a warm afternoon. i have that forecast coming up. this is that time, mike, 6:30,
6:32 am
people start rolling out the door. >> they do. i'm showing the travel times as you approach the maze. green all over the place. it's deceptive. the metering lights were turned on early this morning. already in the last 15 minutes, oh -- the camera couldn't stand that. we are moving to 880. we have seen a great increase in traffic on the right side as well. it's northbound past the coliseum heading into downtown. it looks like a heavier volume toward the toll plaza and into the city. that means it commute all around the bay could be affected back to you. >> we are tracking something unusual in the east bay. emergency crews are searching a body of water in oakland trying to find out if a car went into the water and if there's anyone inside. christie smith joins us with the
6:33 am
latest. >> reporter: the alameda sheriff's department is suiting up to get into the water. they are going to head to the buoy that the fire department placed out here when they got reports that something was in the water. they went out with 12 foot poles. this is only about seven feet deep, the water, but they did find something. what exactly, they don't know. they are looking for a car there. this is an all volunteer dive team that searches by touch after a couple spotted a car floating in the water with only the backside sticking out with the dome light on. they turned around and came back but the car was gone. i spoke with a member of the
6:34 am
team that said they found something with the pole. >> it will be a recovery of whatever the item is. we'll support them as needed. >> reporter: oakland police tell me there are no obvious signs that an accident happened here. no skid marks, no broken railings. there is a boat ramp in the parking lot. if there is a car here, it's probably how it got in the water. they don't know if there is a car or worse or if someone may be in that. it's what they are looking into or perhaps it was stolen and someone dumps the car here. as soon as we get any information, we'll bring it to you. >> we'll check back with you once again. 6:34 now. this morning an unexpected phone call is causing outrage in oakland. oscar grant's family got word
6:35 am
that meser ly will be released from jail next week. grant's family is stunned he's getting out of jail seven months after the sentencing. >> this was staged, it was planned, it was acted out. it's brought this type of conclusion. this is where we at right now, a state of disappointment. >> oscar grant was not armed when he was shot. he insists he was reaching for his taser and accidentally fired the gun. family and friends of michelle le are hoping she will be found alive. despite word from investigators they are treating the case as a homicide. loved ones will gather for a candle light vigil. they believe she could still be alive even though the police are
6:36 am
sure she was killed. may 27th, she was taking a break from her rounds at a hospital when she went to her car and never came back. there's a $65,000 reward in the case. a woman accused of kidnapping her own granddaughter will be in court today. marla tellez is live with that and more. good morning. >> good morning to you at home. a grandmother will answer to charges of kidnapping her granddaughter and trying to pass her off as her own baby. the 58-year-old is accused of kidnapping her 3-month-old granddaughter as she slept at her family home in contra costa county. she took the baby 400 miles away to her home in southern california where she planned on raising the baby as her own daughter, even faking a pregnancy before the alleged kidnapping. oakland police hope this video help catch a sexual
6:37 am
assault suspect. the victim took this video of her own attacker using her cell phone as he left her oakland home. a man broke into the home tuesday morning, sexually assaulted her and stole electronics. the 28-year-old woman was hurt, but expected to recover. if you recognize the man, get in touch with oakland police. >> i can't believe she could do that. >> brave lady. >> very much. let's hope they catch him. wars in the budget will be on the top agenda list for the next pentagon chief. cia director leon panetta will be on capitol hill for the confirmation hearing as the next defense secretary hearing. he will testify before the senate armed services committee. he's expected to be confirmed as defense secretary. he'll have to deal with the wars in iraq, afghanistan and libya.
6:38 am
the south bay will soon see new ambulances. certainly not everyone is happy about them. today in the bay's damian trujillo is live in san jose with an update and to explain. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. this is a new ambulance that will hit the streets beginning july 1st. it will replace the red and gold amr ambulances. one of the differences on the rigs is the seal on the side of the door. i'm going to pull in a bit to let you look at it. this is the county seal. santa clara county is overseeing the contract with rural metro ambulances. they provide emergency transport services in several parts of the nation including san diego. they are bringing new technology to the south bay with electronic gurneys that will better help the paramedics and patients. they have new technology on
6:39 am
board. crucial information to the emergency room that can potentially save valuable minutes in providing care to patients. on july 1, the new ambulances will be ready to roll. >> the vehicles are larger than what is deployed today. they are blue and gold. the larger vehicles give us enhanced capabilities to take care of patients. >> reporter: the ambulances have a secondary siren. one that emits vibration in case drivers or pedestrians for some reason don't hear the primary siren. this morning, nbc bay area news room received two e-mails from a couple paramedics saying they are not happy with the pay of rural metro. rural metro said they agreed to pay the same or better wages than the old provider. rural metro says they are doing
6:40 am
that. live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, today in the bay. >> we'll look for them on the roads soon. thank you. it's 6:39. i want to check the forecast. it's a day to get out and about. >> it is. if you are a surfer like laura garcia-cannon, i have the surf report coming up. i can barely get up on my knees but i can catch a wave. we are looking okay this morning. if you are trying to catch a wave, you have a good surf to look forward to. high pressure firmly in control. warming up three to five degrees from yesterday. we'll see the 80s. we saw the upper 70s. this afternoon plentiful sunshine. as you walk out the door, a gray, overcast sky. we started with a 2,000 foot marine layer. it's going to take time to burn that off in san francisco.
6:41 am
already noticing it clear in the east bay and south bay. 51 in santa rosa. we head throughout noon in santa cruz. this is what we are looking at, 62 to 67 degrees. they have a great deal of fog this morning. it's going to take awhile to get out of there. by noon, 12:30, sun and clouds. wind out of the northwest. we make for a good surf. three to four feet. not as big tomorrow. hang ten, dude. 78 in san jose. 76 in los gatos. as we head through tomorrow, a bit of a drop off. a big ridge of high pressure finally shifts to the east just enough for us to cool down to 78. 76 degrees. cooler for the weekend. staying nice and dry, mike. >> all right. we're looking over here to the altamont pass and a slower drive still. 20 minutes is the travel time out of the area.
6:42 am
once you are past livermore, 68 as you are passing by the former portola exit. a slower drive-through antioch. just like yesterday, the speeds in the 60s. more slowing toward 242 and concord as well. 242 is showing a bit of slowing as well toward 680. toward the maze, it's holding up steady. the speeds slowing down the berkeley curve. we end with a live look out there. back up in all lanes to west grand avenue. >> all right. hanging on, too. thank you very much. 6:42 right now. there is a twist in the scandal involving anthony weiner. there are reports his wife of less than a year is pregnant. a new picture is being released. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. with details for us. amazing, this story. >> reporter: it keeps turning. we have new developments today.
6:43 am
we talked about his wife, houma abdean. she's overseas with clinton right now and nbc news confirmed she's pregnant. we haven't heard from her at all during the scandal. we see a new photo of her husband, congressman anthony weiner. this is the one the conservative blogger who broke the story says he wasn't going to release is now on the internet. someone he showed the photo to snapped a picture of it, he didn't know and it's on a website for all to see. this has become a big issue here on capitol hill. not only republicans, now seven democrats, at least, are telling him he needs to step down. he says he's not going to stop serving the people of new york. he wants to hold on to his job. pressure is mounting on him and his colleagues. republicans saying the democrats who accepted campaign
6:44 am
contributions from him need to give them back. laura. >> amazing. amazing. it keeps coming out on this. thank you very much. it is 6:43 now. still talking politics. see the guy in the middle? "30 rock" star alec baldwin may take over for anthony weiner. weiner was the favorite to replace michael bloomberg. baldwin is going to leave "30 rock" but he says 2013 is awhile away. he certainly has political views. giants have new secrets. see the new waylay di-s can show their team spirit or keep it covered up. bay area day cares could lose their licenses. we'll tell you why. a live look outside.
6:45 am
hoping for the june bloom to make way for sunshine. it's 6:44 now. [ male announcer ] yiayia may not approve of an unmarried couple living together.
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you are going to hell. [ male announcer ] but yiayia approves of them eating athenos greek yogurt. mmmmmm! because athenos is made the greek way,
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never using preservatives or artificial flavors. athenos. maybe the only thing approved by yiayia. welcome back, everyone. a good thursday morning to you. a live look outside the beautiful golden gate bridge. foggy to start the day. it's 6:47 now. it is a youtube video turning
6:48 am
into a public relations nightmare for delta airlines. u.s. soldiers returning. the gear they used to fight for freedom was deemed excess baggage by the airline. soldiers were forced to pay for excess baggage because they had four bags rather than the three they were allowed. >> for me, it was a weapons case holding my m-4 and 9 mm. they are tools i use to protect myself and afghan citizens while deployed. >> it's not like it was souvenirs. delta charged each soldier $200. it looks like delta got the message. it's including military traveling in coach to the free bag allotment list. california is threatening to
6:49 am
revoke licenses for day care centers at four schools in the east bay. nonprofit kids country clubs. the centers in question are two schools in san ramon and two in danville. the state cites problems with supervision including reports that children left campus and walked home alone without anyone on the staff knowing about it. a kids country spokesperson says none of the children in those incidents were hurt. world champs are teaming up with victoria's secret. that's right. victoria's secret and the giants are teaming up to show off a new pink collection. it's going to be unveiled today. they will be at the san francisco shopping center today at 1:00 for the debut. brand name is pink, but nothing in this collection is. it's sticking to the traditional
6:50 am
giants orange and black. not a traditional way to show team spirit. i guess a new way in the modern day society we live in. giants getting ready for a series with the reds at at&t park. matt cane did it all. he hit a double to knock in a run, then pitched a complete game. not bad. they beat the nationals, 3-1. the as, they keep piling up. they are in chicago hoping to get back on track with a win over the white sox. they lost their ninth game in a row yesterday in baltimore. the orioles took them down. shake it off and move on. luckily, we are still early in the season. and an early look at the forecast now. things are looking bright. >> yeah, especially because i signed up for the brian wilson story. yes, i get to meet him.
6:51 am
we'll show you how it turns out tomorrow. i went up to the assignment desk and offered my reporting skills for this story. >> really? >> high pressure is building in today. as it does, you are seeing the compression from the moisture left over from the showers over the weekend and in combination of the marine layer formed at 2,000 feet. pretty deep. we are socked in with fog in the coastal valleys. watch out for that. 51 in santa rosa. 53 in santa cruz. looking for a nice day. by noon, we'll start to see the sunshine through the clouds. it will break apart the deck over san francisco. 65 degrees, mild conditions in the city. then by 4:00 p.m., poof. all the cloud cover disappears. 70 degrees. we see a nice breeze pick up. open up the windows, let the sunshine in. toasty in the east bay today. 70 in livermore. 77 for concord and 78 in san
6:52 am
jose. giants game tonight in san francisco. they are going to take on cincinnati at 7:15. nice, mild conditions. bring a jacket. when the sun goes down, the temperatures considerably drop. this is what we are expecting for the remainder of the weekend. looking good. 72 degrees saturday and sunday. great for outdoor plans. great for moeing the lawn. if you haven't had a chance to do so because of all the rain. a lot of grass is growing wild. >> i'll send brent over. he's great. mike is back with another look at the morning commute, coming up next. plus the hang over part two in theaters. one of the stars spilling the beans on the plot of the next movie. this is bob redell. the guy with the green ring making a debut on the big screen. coming up, we are going to a
6:53 am
comic book art museum. green lanter was expected to be a huge blockbuster this summer. that's coming up. the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over ary. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future.
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just up on 6:55. a good volume of traffic on antioch. as we jump to the maze, the back up here as well. the metering lights turned on early. a heavier flow through the maze. oakland, 880 past the coliseum. a good drive-through the area. low clouds. fog as you hit the top of the grade. we end with the golden gate bridge and fog in the north bay. back to you. >> we have a crime fighter in green. ryan reynolds will be starring as the man in green. >> your name. >> hal. hal gordon.
6:56 am
>> the ring. it chose you. >> green lantern. green tie event tonight will celebrate one of the most popular comic book heroes, the green lantern. bob redell is live at the cartoon art museum with a live look for us. good morning to you, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. they have 15 original pieces of art from the green lantern. comic has been in production non-stop for 70 years. if you come look at michael, comedian, comic book artist himself. it's amazing. look at ryan reynolds and look at that and say they are not the same guys. >> they couldn't have ryan reynolds in a purple cape. it distracts the motion picture. this is how he looked in 1944. we have a bunch of panels that go back that far. he did, when they revamped from the golden age to the silver age tharks is the character you will
6:57 am
recognize from the film with the side-by-side with the old silverage. >> reporter: i think the cool thing about this exhibit is you can see how they used to cut and paste the comic books and see how they evolved over time. what would you say to someone who doesn't have an appreciation. >> you can see how the sausage is made in the kitchen. it's gorgeous to see the mistakes. there's white out. you can see where an arm was too long. it wasn't right. they had to white it out and bring the arm into a regular sized arm. it's fun to see behind it all. >> reporter: tonight is the green-tie event. it's 7:00 p.m. it's the official opening. they are going to have writers from the comic book itself. you can mingle with these people. you can go to to get more information.
6:58 am
michael, i am very disappointed in you. that is pathetic. haishat plastic? t t tiasplc? >> all right. all right. thank you very much. we have local news coming up in a half hour. c? our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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