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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  June 9, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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blood samples to the alameda crime lab to be analyzed. the results are expected within a week. in the meantime her family refuses to give up hope. >> right now is not a time to grieve over michelle because she's out there and we just need to find her and we need to double our efforts to find her. >> reporter: heyward police are calling this a homicide investigation based on evidence, including videotape surveillance from the parking lot and interviews with witnesses. police are calling le's former friend gisele esteban, who lives here in union city, a person of interest. they confirm her ex-boyfriend requested a restraining order against her. the family says that so many strangers have come forward and they now are offering a reward of more than $65,000 for anyone who can help them find michelle. reporting live in heyward, marianne favro, nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you very much, marianne. guilty of first-degree murder. a jury read that verdict today in the trial surrounding the death of oakland journalist chauncey bailey. >> our jodi hernandez was in the courtroom when that verdict came down. she joins us live from oakland with the details. it took them ten days. all right. let's -- jodi filed this report just moments ago, and there she is. >> reporter: hugs outside the courtroom as a jury delivered guilty verdicts for the 2007 murder of oakland journalist chauncey bailey. >> i'm very teary. this has been a long journey. but justice has finally been done. and it's over. it's over. >> reporter: the former head of your black muslim bakery, yusuf bey iv, and bakery associate antoine mackey didn't flinch as the verdicts were read. jurors found the men guilty of first-degree murder, not just for bailey's killing but for the murder of michael wills, a man
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prosecutors say was targeted simply because he was white. >> chauncey bailey was murdered just two blocks from here. michael wills was picked at random by yusuf bey as mr. wills was walking down the street. he was shot nine times by mackey. through bey's own actions and by his direction he has brought extreme violence to oakland and has victimized many people and our community at large. and in his arrogance bey believed he was above the law until now. >> reporter: the killers' attorneys say they're disappointed with the outcome. bey's mother says she's convinced her son is innocent. >> ultimately, god has the final decision. and that's what i rest in. and i believe in my son's innocence. i do. >> reporter: bailey's family saz they're relieved. they believe the verdict brings justice for chauncey and for his profession. >> and that's one of the reasons that the family decided to talk to the press, because that's what chauncey would have wanted us to do. you know, he was one of you guys. he wanted the truth to get out.
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>> i hope that it sends the message that the first amendment is not going to be murdered by murdering journalists, that you cannot kill the man and expect the message to be killed. >> sentencing for yusuf bey will be on july 8th. our jodi hernandez will be back at 6:00 with more on this story in a live report. well, the grandmother accused of kidnapping her own granddaughter from a bay area home and then trying to pass the baby off as her own was in court today to enter a plea. 58-year-old erica gallego pleaded not guilty to kidnapping and burglary before a contra costa county judge. gallego allegedly snuck into her son's house overnight last month and then took a 400-mile taxi ride south with the baby. friends say gallego had faked a pregnancy in an attempt to claim that 4-month-old reme, her granddaughter, was her own child. her disappearance sparked a massive search, which finally ended happily on may 22nd. a memorial service for san
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francisco's fallen firefighters will begin tonight at st. mary's cathedral at 7:00. firefighters vincent perez and anthony valerio were killed in a diamond heights fire last week. thousands of people are expected to attend the funeral tomorrow at st. mary's cathedral, including firefighters from all over the state. we are also learning tonight new details about how that fire started. investigators now say the fire was an accident and started from an electrical source. a dangerous phenomenon called a flashover is what killed both men. a third firefighter was also hurt, but she was released from the hospital later the same day. after the services more than 200 fire trucks will make their way toward the holy cross ceremony in colma. now, because of that the funeral procession will cause lots of traffic problems for commuters. interstate 280 will be closed southbound from san francisco to daly city from 3:00 p.m. till 7:00 p.m. street choeshlosures in the citl start at 9:00 a.m. from goff to geary and eastbound from
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divisadero to goff. the procession will end at the cemetery in colma. we will carry the funeral live tomorrow on the california nonstop channel on comcast 186 or digital 11-2. that's beginning at 12:30 tomorrow. police are on the lookout for a suspected bank robber tonight. santa rosa police say 30-year-old kelly keating walked into a bank of america, handed the teller a note saying he had a gun and that he wanted cash. police used surveillance photos and witness statements to identify keating. investigators say keating may be driving a light brown-colored 2006 chevy pickup and that the plate may read 8v as in victor 22243. if you know keating or if you have any information, you're urged to call the santa rosa police department. people due to leave san francisco on a sea princess cruise tonight are boarding a little late after the ship had to undergo extra disinfection. on its last voyage, which ended may 30th, 128 passengers caught nor o'virus, which is a gastrointestinal illness that
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causes vomiting and diarrhea. the delay has canceled or changed a few stops along the way. cruise organizers are urging passengers to wash their hands after every time they use the bathroom, eat, smoke, drink, sneeze, cough, or even just touch their mouths. harsh words for pg&e tonight. in a report ordered by the state puc. the bottom line, that agency needs urgent reforms. the independent panel was organized in the wake of last year's deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. panel members today slammed the utility's technical competence and the management of its pipeline integrity procedures, accusing pg&e of focusing more on workers' safety than on the safety of the system itself. >> but frankly, this report is damning of pg&e almost across the board. i mean, is the way i read it. when it has no overall strategy to improve how it assesses the integrity of a system, that is a -- that's a straight declarative sentence of an awful
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lot of heft. >> other findings in the report, the utility is understaffed, undertrained, management too heavy, and too preoccupied with its financial performance. in a statement pg&e said solely that it was "grateful for the report." the clock is ticking for state lawmakers to nail down a budget for the year. so far neither house nor senate has called for a floor vote on governor jerry brown's may budget revision. republicans and democrats are still divided on tax extensions. the senate is expected to meet throughout the next weekend and into next week. the constitutional deadline to pass a budget is june 15th, less than a week away. no more cuts. that's the message a group of california seniors and people with disabilities had for lawmakers in sacramento today. some 100 protesters rallied outside a chase bank, claiming the bank owes the state millions of dollars in back taxes while seniors and people with disabilities continue to see their programs cut. protesters pled with lawmakers to vote for tax extensions,
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which they say will help support programs they need. >> we need four republicans, two in the senate and two in the assembly. that's it. that's all that stands in our way between survival and not. >> protesters say their programs already took a huge hit back in march when lawmakers cut 11 billion in spending, including 1.5 billion from health and human services. coming up, is the car you drive every day considered safe? we'll show you some of the safest and most dangerous vehicles on the roads today. and again fallout tonight from the twitter pics involving congressman anthony weiner. tonight new information about his wife and another potentially revealing photo online. and monterey's own leon panetta faces his first test before taking the cabinet post as secretary of defense. we will hear his testimony today in washington. and good afternoon. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a warmer day with, yes, even more 80s in our inland spots. right now 81 in livermore.
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we'll have more clouds tonight, but we'll talk about our e lafoarmingale givthyo u and we'll also give you the latest on our first eastern pacific hurricane coming up.
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want to get you up to speed right now on some breaking news that's happening on the peninsula. a caltrain accident, a fatal accident, now the second fatal accident in the last last two days. you're looking at chopper footage. this happened around 4:30 this afternoon. southbound train on caltrain, train number 362, hit and killed a person. this is in the area of bellevue in burlingame is where the accident happened.
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so far they've taken the train and stopped it at the san mateo station. what you're looking at, again, are live pictures now of the investigation under way. the accident happened near bellevue in burlingame, or where bellevue crosses the tracks in burlingame. as i said, just yesterday another caltrain killed and hit a person in burling-game. that was the eighth death on the caltrain tracks this year alone. of course what happens today now, this makes it the ninth. we're going to get more details on this story, and we'll update you throughout the evening as we get more information. citibank is in damage control mode tonight after the company revealed more than 200,000 accounts may have been compromised by computer hackers. the hackers were able to gain access to citi's account online service to view customer names, their account numbers, and even contact info. they weren't, however, able to gain access to social security numbers, birth dates, card expiration dates, or card security codes. citibank officials are contacting customers affected and are putting procedures in
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place to make sure, they say, it doesn't happen again. new york congressman anthony weiner says he will not resign, even though several of his colleagues are demanding he step down. several top democrats have joined the chorus calling for weiner to step down. this comes as a new lewd photograph purported to be of the congressman is make the rounds online. democrats say weiner's conduct is shocking. >> certainly as a member of congress, as a woman, as somebody who is appalled by this behavior, that the right thing to do is for anthony weiner to resign. >> sources confirm that weiner and his wife are expecting their first child. the congressman has not commented on that. but he has spent the past few days calling several of his fellow democrats to apologize for his behavior. senate confirmation hearings are under way in the nomination of monterey native leon panetta as the new secretary of defense. in his opening statement panetta told the senate armed service committee that the most important duty of a defense secretary is to be "a tireless
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advocate for the troops and their families" and to protect the country. panetta, who would replace robert gates, says his priorities if confirmed would include prevailing in the current conflicts in iraq and afghanistan and also in the fight against al qaeda. >> we are no longer in the cold war. this is more like the blizzard war. the blizzard of challenges that draws speed and intensity from terrorism, from rapidly developing technologies and the rising number of powers on the world stage. >> as the current director of the cia, senate confirmation for panetta is expected to come quickly. well, the man whose office panetta will be moving into is also in the news tonight. >> the outgoing secretary of defense, robert gates, tops our look at stories making headlines around the world. gates today made his last visit to nato headquarters. he shared his views on nato's afghanistan strategy, the u.s. relationship with pakistan, and the fallout from the killing of
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osama bin laden. he says the u.s. isn't going to make a quick exit from afghanistan. gates also explained the pakistanis don't fully trust the u.s. and warned that it's too early to tell what impact bin laden's death will have on militant groups. the devastating tsunami that crippled the japanese nuclear plant has prompted germany's chancellor to call for phasing out nuclear energy by the year 2022. chancellor angela merkel told the nation's leaders that germany will be the first major country to shift away from nuclear power. now, she admits japan's nuclear crisis has been a turning point for her country. germany has had a strong anti-nuclear movement, which gained momentum after the japanese earthquake. let's talk a little about that gorgeous weather we had today. and it sounds like there's even more on the way. >> a-plus. >> thank you very much. i think the heat's been making it into the studio. are you guys warm? i know, i'm just complaining a lot lately. we have a great crew and staff here.
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but it is kind of warm today. san francisco, right now we do have the overcast. also the cool moving into the coastline. 64 right now. winds northwest at 21 miles per hour. so this onshore flow once again keeping the coast cooler, very reminiscent of what we should be having here in june across the peninsula and also for our immediate coastal sections. but look at this. for the first time in a long time we do have some 80s, widespread 80s across our east bay communities from livermore with 81 right into walnut creek, danville, also alamo with low 80s right now, 80 in fairfield, and still holding on to a very respectable 74 right now in santa rosa. tonight we'll see the patchy fog returning with some low clouds inland, and throughout friday more 70s and more dry weather. and here's the best thing. we haven't changed anything in my ahead forecast here. warmest stretch possible we have had not only in weeks but in months coming our way in our seven-day forecast. you do not want to miss that coming up here in about a minute and a half. all right. our satellite radar picture is clear here at the mid to high levels. but i do want to give you an update down to the south here in
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mexico we do have our first eastern pacific hurricane which has formed. category 3 a very strong storm by all standards, but take a look at this. the path heads it well offshore here of mexico. if you are doing any vacationing here, you should not have to worry about hurricane adrian at this point. all computer models taking this away. but still could stay out of category 3 strength by tomorrow and then by next tuesday. it still lingers out here in the pacific, and then it looks to break down. it's going to kind of linger out there in the pacific. it still could cause maybe a few flight diversions if you are heading to mexico but no big problems. for us we're just looking at that patchy fog as we continue throughout tonight and the next 48 hours in the morning. and as we head throughout the weekend, more dry weather and more 70s staying put. so let's get a look at this timeline. throughout tonight we'll start to see those clouds moving back for the coastal areas and also the peninsula. then by 6:00 a.m. another foggy start. more low clouds, as we've been mentioning. and then by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow more widespread sunshine from san jose to livermore, concord, also into fairfield.
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meanwhile, tonight we're going to be dropping down into 48 in los gatos, 51 livermore, 53 in fremont, a 54 in concord. and your numbers tomorrow, upper 70s to near 80 degrees. 79 in morgan hill. and we have 75 in san jose. 76 in los gatos. 76 in palo alto. and as we head into the peninsula 69 in san mateo and 67 in san francisco. so a very nice day once we clear out from that fog once again. 76 in napa. and 76 in hempfield. more anytime on your travel forecast on the weather channel on cable and hopefully i get a few more a-pluses here on my seven-day. >> you're like the weather god p the air-conditioning just turned on when you said it's hot. >> i can feel it. >> you have power over all things weather. >> wednesday and thursday i do want to note that. low to mid 80s. at least for three consecutive days. so that is good is what i'm trying to say. >> yes. good would be the word i would choose as well. >> great. >> thank you very much.
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>> you're welcome. >> all right, thank you, gentlemen. well, still ahead here at 5:00 brian "the beard" wilson has a secret. and her name is victoria and chanel. we'll explain. and up next, are you driving a safe car, truck, or suv? we'll take a closer look at the top vehicles to drive and the ones you might want to avoid. there's no doubt the bay area can get some wild weather. and just because it's rainy in one spot doesn't mean it can't be sunny on your street. and that's why our new layout lets you localize your forecast. headed to a soccer game in pleasanton? just type in the zip code and get the neighborhood weather. we want to keep you ahead of severe weather by placing our weather alert section front and center. and when that weather hits, you can even turn into a reporter by sending us your pics with just one click. plus we make sure there's always a fresh forecast from the entire
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team of meteorologists updated ki turaym yong bay you one-stop shop for all your weather needs.
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this next story's very important if you're looking for a new car. >> which vehicles are considered safest and deadliest by the insurance industry? the answers may surprise you. nbc's tom costello shows us. >> reporter: in all the excitement of buying a new car. >> look at this. >> what do you think? what do you think, guys? >> reporter: the pascule family decide on a toyota sienna. it turns out they're buying one of the safest cars on the road. >> i can, you know, commute to work and pick them up from school and all of that and maybe take it on a long car trip, and i just feel safe in this car. and i think it's going to be great. >> reporter: the insurance institute for highway safety reports today the overall safest vehicles on the road are
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minivans, with 25 deaths per million registered vehicles. suvs are close behind with 28 deaths per million vehicles. and that's a surprise, since just a few years ago suvs were prone to rollovers and considered dangerous. what's changed? electronic stability control. here's a vehicle without it and the same vehicle with it. in cars that have electronic stability control the fatal rollover crash rate has been cut by 75%. >> it's especially important for suvs and pickups, which have had a tendency to roll over because they tend to be top-heavy. >> reporter: and the evidence suggests the bigger the car the safer the car. in all, seven models had zero fatalities from 2006 through 2009. zero. all of them large or mid-sized cars. the audi a6, the mercedes e class, the toyota sienna van, the ford edge suv, the nissan armada suv, the range rover sport suv, and the land rover
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lr3. the cars with the highest death rates? the nissan 350z two-door with 143 deaths per million cars. the nissan titan crew cab pickup with 126 deaths per million cars. and the chevrolet aveo four-door mini with 119 deaths per million cars. >> the smaller the vehicle, the less protection you've got if you're involved in a crash. >> our children mean the world to us. so for us we just want to make sure that, you know, that we do our part driving well and that we're in a safe car too. >> reporter: the paskills hope they've bought themselves both safety -- >> so guys, you like your new car? >> yeah. >> reporter: and peace of mind. >> isn't it fun to ride? >> that was nbc's tom costello reporting. well, nbc bay area news at brian wilsoes with giants bri. >> the beard is pushing underwear fit for a giant. >> or not. ps
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san francisco giants star brian wilson stepped out of his orange-black and into the pink. sounds strange, doesn't it? this is brian wilson, after all, we're talking about. but wilson spent part of his door at the victoria's secret store at the san francisco shopping center. he was there to celebrate the new line of victoria's secret pink giants gear. major league baseball apparel and a place known for lingerie sound like an odd marriage, but actually the two have linked together for almost a year. as for wilson, he didn't lack for things to do. he spent much of his time hanging out with the supermodels and meeting the fans. >> well, you know, pink is their college line. so it makes sense that they would partner with the giants. exactly. but why wasn't aubrey huff there? he's the underwear fan. i'm a little baffled. that's going to do it for us. we'll see you at 6:00. >> nbc "nightly news" with brian williams is up next. >> bye-bye.
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