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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 10, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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new this morning, the fruitvale station here in oakland is expected to fill up with protesters because of the release of mehserle. i'm marla tellez. i'm going to tell you what's happening ahead of the protests. coming up, my live report. emergency crews line the shore and watch as a man drown. they didn't have the money to train rescuers or did they? curfews aren't just for nighttime anymore. how a city is cracking down on kids who cut class and what it
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means for parents' pocketbooks. this is friday, june 10th. this is today in the east bay. good morning, everyone. good friday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon in early for scott mcgrew. 4:30 now. time to check the forecast with christina loren. how are we looking? >> everything looks better on a friday morning. the weather this weekend will be fabulous, especially in the east bay. this morning, a good deal of cloud cover as we have for the past few days. it's expected to clear out by 11:00 a.m. mid-70s today. the forecast is coming up in moments. let's check in with mike inouye, busy already on a friday morning. >> a lot of folks on the roadway. it's the way it is at the toll
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plaza. we are looking toward the maze. the speed sensors are showing no major issues. there's a giants game in the city tonight and a big funeral. we'll talk about closures in the next report. a live look at oakland with construction on the right. that's from the coliseum to downtown. the volume is light. no slowing there yet. laura, back to you. >> thank you, mike. in just days, mehserle will walk out of jail a free man after killing oscar grant. already community activists are voicing their outrage. marla tellez is live where protesters will announce demonstration plans. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. this is where it all happened rksz new year's day 2009 when grant was killed by mehserle. mehserle saying he thought he
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grabbed his taser but fired his gun. today, the coalition for justice for oscar grant, expected to hold a press conference for a community response to mehserle's scheduled release facing 14 years in prison, he was sentenced to two years for involuntary manslaughter. he served part of it in a los angeles jail. that's all he's going to serve. just this week, the deputy d.a. informed he will be released sometime monday. the shooting sparked protest. they are preparing for more of the same. they are hoping for peaceful demonstrations. protests are expected to happen sunday in oakland and l.a. oscar grant's uncle says it's impossible not to react. >> to hear people of different communities expressing maybe we
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should lay down, put our hands behind our backs and get on with our lives is painful. >> reporter: again, the coalition for justice for oscar grant is going to be here at the fraught vail b.a.r.t. station to talk about what they are going to do about mehserle's release. we are going to be here for that. i should mention the oakland police chief saying he does recognize the right for free expression. he's hoping for peaceful demonstrations. >> thank you very much, marla. the story will be following. it's 4:34 now. alameda firefighters had the money for rescue training but didn't give it. in a memo, the division chief
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says they were given money to train to rescue swimmers. the memo goes against what the interim fire chief told the council the day a man died in alameda waters. at the time, they said they lost the water rescue team due to budget cuts. at least 5,000 firefighters will be in san francisco to bury one of their own. their lives will be remembered this afternoon at st. mary's cathedr cathedral. last night, hundreds of people gathered at the cathedral at a memorial service for the firefighters. today's service starts at 12:30. it is open to the public. we will air it live on comcast 186 or digital 11-2. we will stream it online at
4:36 am in concord, students who get caught skipping school have to deal with the consequences of parents and teachers. the city council will vote on a curfew to let police site and fine kids skipping and getting caught. if the council passes the curfew, they are the eighth city to use citations to crack down on truancy. four years after an oakland journalist was brought down, the men charged of his killing have been found guilty. jurors found yusef bey iv guilty. he was writing an unflattering article about the business. they were convicted of killing
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another man, michael wheels in oakland back in 2007. they will be sentenced on july 8th. the grandmother accused of kidnapping her granddaughter says she is not guilty. she entered a plea yesterday. police say she broke into her son's home in the middle of the night and took her granddaughter. the neighbors say she returned to southern california and tried to pass her off as her own. she was scheduled to return to court on june 28th. an alameda man who helped run a scalping business is now escaping jail time as well. a judge sentenced joel stephenson to community service and probation. the man ripped off customers by driving up ticket prices and buying and reselling tickets through their business, wise guy tickets. he made $25 million in profit
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from 2002 to 2009. hopefully you weren't taken there. 6:37 now. let's see where the weather is taking us with christina. >> good news, it's not taking us on a wild ride like last weekend. it's going to be calm and comfortable for outdoor activities. if you are waiting to golf, barbecue and play soccer outdoors. high pressure is firmly in control. we are going to see changes from today to yesterday. a trough is inching into the bay area. what will happen is the clouds will spill out over the bay throughout the day today. more cloud cover to contend with. shouldn't be that bad. a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures warming to the mid-70s. high pressure as you can see, things are nice and clear. a lot of moisture on the radar. it's not shower activity, it's mist because we have a deep marine layer once again today. a mostly cloudy start making way
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to lots of sunshine this afternoon. temperatures climb from the mid-50s all the way to the 70s. let's check in with mike inouye on a casual friday. >> no tie fry. no tie-ups on the freeway as well. we were talking about the funeral for the fallen firefighters. watch mission and the vicinity for surface street traffic. from 4:00 to 6:00, a full closure from the 280 interchange. 101 will be your alternate heading out of the city after 3:00. use the 101 route. if you want to use 280 head over there. it's the easiest way around all of this. a huge back up expected. look at the other side of the bay right now. the flow of traffic into the city. no major issues.
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it is friday. 4:39, almost 4:40. the get away should start around 2:30 or 3:00. back to you. >> i noticed a lot of people on 101 this morning. >> maybe folks want to get out early. >> they were all over the road. a couple lanes at times. it's 4:40 now. a judge is putting the breaks on a construction project. cal trans will have to stop construction until at least june 23rd so a judge can decide on environmental issues. they say it will destroy frogs, salmon and other animals. niles conditianyon is one of th dangerous. the number of bay area cities that will see their water rates go up this summer.
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it's largely due to work being done on the sunol valley filtration plant. it's part of a multimillion bond mesh sure aimed at upgrading the system. the benefits of the project outweigh the cost. >> you always complain about your insurance rates until you have that accident. the earthquake is the accident. the insurance policy is going to enable us to provide water. >> the project is scheduled to finish up in 2013. coming up, money ball is looking highly devalued in oakland. the as not seeing a return on their investments. now, they are saying good-bye to their old money manager. we'll tell you about the t replacement. the coupon boom. we are back in two minutes.
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welcome back,everyone. a rare live look inside our control room this morning. that's gabrielle at the helm and caitlin getting it done this morning. 4:41 now. he's out of there. the middle of his fifth season with the oakland as, they fired their manager. his replacement is bay area native bob melvin. the first bay area native since
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billy martin. he played college ball at cal before playing in the majors with the giants and six other teams. he says he's up to the challenge. >> that's the type of style this team needs to play. it's the type of style we will play. >> he says he kind of knows the game very well and of course the club. he's going to have his work cut out for him. the as lost 9-4 last night. to wall street news before the bell, let's turn to nicole lapin. good friday morning to you. >> reporter: a very happy friday to you, as well. wall street broke a six-day losing streak. the trade deficit shrank in april. a little bit of data out this morning on import prices, the measure of inflation. the dow rising 75 points
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yesterday to recap 12,124 is where we closed. nasdaq was up. hp is launching the touch pad on july 1st. you can start preordering it june 19th. it has a nearly 10-inch screen. $599 for 2 gigs. the touch pad is powered by palms operating system. hp bought palm last year. lightning mcqueen could be more popular than buzz light year. toy story brought in $2.4 billion in sales last year. disney started selling hundreds of cars items last month from toys to aprons to baking pans. >> yeah, you know, i saw like a,
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i don't know, a paper towel company is teaming up with them, paper towel, toilet paper, you name it. >> they are taking over the whole world. >> thank you very much. it's 4:46 now. a bay area company helping you save money is raking in cash of its own. $200 million in one day. wow. scott budman shows us how the coupons are creating a booming business. >> you may use online coupons. here, a silicon valley company getting big money to help you save big money. >> today is your lucky day. we have lucky chinese. enjoy. >> reporter: yes, today is a lucky day for employees of not just because they get meals delivered to the office. takes its job of saving you money so seriously, it's decorated cubicles with the
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brands. they landed $200 million in funding to grow higher and save you more money. >> when you think about buying the eggs and run out of serial, you can scan the bar code, it will add it to your shopping list and low and behold, there's a coupon available. >> reporter: the digital coupon business is ballooning these days. is on a roll. shoppers want to save money and want the convenience of finding coupons on pcs and smartphones. >> all the coupons are for serial. >> reporter: more than 3 billion coupons were distributed last year. >> everything we are seeing and being told is this is a new learned behavior. a new demographic, a tech savvy consumer looking for savings before they start their shopping
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experience. >> reporter: they will still see big business even when the economy improves. these days, if you are ready to shop, you are probably looking to save. yes, there are several companies that are red hot in this space. asks that you remember, they are the one with the "c". >> that's right. some of those extreme couponing shows. have you seen those? they save $800. they get $800 worth of groceries for 59 cents. >> if you have the time, you can save a pretty dime. i encourage that. sign up for grew upon and add me then i get $10 free. we have a ridge in place clearing from the eastern pacific throughout the four corners. this is going to warm us up as we head through next week.
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possibly, breaking record temperatures. the warm weather arrived and is going to stick around. no rain in the forecast. this is what we are looking at. i don't usually pop up the visibility map unless we have conditions under a mile. i's only 4:50 to have visibility this low is rare. for the next couple hours, it will get worse before it gets better. mike inouye and myself watching the roads and the conditions on the highways. 46 degrees in navato. we are headed to the upper 60s. 70 degrees in san jose. 64 in gilroy. we round out the day with temperatures a couple degrees cooler than yesterday. 77 degrees is the forecast high. 76 in los gatos. i think we might hit 80 in some places. gilroy, for instance. take a look at where our
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temperatures are headed. almost unbelievable. temperatures close to 90 degrees as of next week. throughout the remainder of next week into the weekend, the temperatures are going to approach, oh yeah, 90 degrees inland. that means the warmest spots across the bay area. i don't know, i hate to say it, but we could be looking toward triple digit weather. >> are you kid sng. >> i'm not kidding. it's a year of records. >> the only triplets i need are home. >> you mention them and it makes me happy. wish your ride to work was more cushy? get the app. wow, i'm often called the ginsue of traffic. no, i'm not.
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walo swingth in or slowing in t bay and give you a note about folks trying to make a get away. e
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welcome back. good friday morning to you. the last day for b.a.r.t.s mobile seat lab is almost done. they are letting riders test out new seats for the trains. check out the dates and places
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for the seat lab. we are more information on people who show up can sit in the different seats when they fill out a survey evaluating form. interesting. ninjas are launching an assault. fruit ninja is coming to kinect. there are plans to bring the app to facebook where they will no doubt attack farmville as well. fruit ninja is one of the top ten apps since last spring. the only app more popular, you guessed it, angry birds. speaking of angry birds, people in l.a. dealing with the real thing. birds are dive bombing people. yeah, they are fierce there. no serious injuries so far. just a lot of ducking, covering, shocked pedestrians. the birds are trying to protect
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a nest in a nearby bush. it used to happen every spring and my roommate and i will camp out to watch people. it was fantastic. look at that. you are walking innocently and bam! don't mess with the birds. >> do you call it people watching or bird watching? >> a little bit of both. >> multitasking. >> always. see, even way back when. >> you were prepared for triplets, the news room and us. highway 4, not a lot of folks around you. bay point, at this point, we don't see speeds past 60 now. through that area, a light volume. the last couple days, a heavy slowdown into pittsburg. watch for that today. no big deal. it's light today. the accident i'm showing on the east shore freeway away from the bridge at gillman. some folks making their get
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away. that's starting around 2:30 or 3:00. a live look south of there where we had the construction. there are flashing lights. headlights on the southbound side. crews are leaving the area. at the bottom of the screen you can see the flashing arrow moving to the left. things will be cleared in time for the 5:00 start for the commute on friday. >> thanks. coming up, remembering the life of a baby taken before his time. a community rallies around a family who loses their 3-month-old to gun violence. the long road to the white house getting a little bumpier . who might get knocked off the campaign trail.
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