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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 10, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> reporter: i'm damian trujillo live in san francisco where funeral service preparations are under way for firefighters. details, coming up. plus, dozens of people involved in an overnight brawl in the south bay. details, coming up. >> reporter: oakland police bracing for protests here at the fruit vail b.a.r.t. station. i'm marla tellez. i'll explain what's happening ahead of the action, coming up. waiting for the sun to come up over the bay bridge. it's friday, june 10th. this is today in the bay. good morning and thanks for starting your friday with us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check in with christina loren. she has the forecast. >> we wanted the warmth and the dry weather.
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boy oh boy do we have it coming next week. we round out the week with friday weather in the 70s. a gorgeous second half of the day. low clouds for the morning. they burn off by 10:30 and 11:00 a.m. just like yesterday. then the sunshines in. a gorgeous day. let's get you to work on time with mike. >> we are all right. there's a light volume of traffic. an accident on the east shore freeway. it's just moved to the shoulder away from the bay bridge to the bay bridge. no problems. tonight, there's a giants game. we have activity in oakland as we are looking at a live shot past the coliseum. should be clear in the next few minutes. construction is clearing. they are getting started on their weekend already. >> thank you, mike.
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it's 5:01 now. san jose police trying to find the people involved in a brawl downtown. officers arrived around 10:00 to find 50 to 60 people fighting. two stabbed, two hit with sticks or bats. they are all expected to survive. it started at the music in the park. when they were told to leave the park, they ended up in a nearby parking lot and things got out of hand. so far, no arrests. preparations are under way for two san francisco firefighters who died in the line of duty last week. they were killed while fighting a house fire in the diamond heights neighborhood. today in the bay's damian trujillo is live in san francisco where preparations for today's memorial service are getting under way this morning. no doubt they will have very big
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crowds. >> reporter: that's right, laura. this is where firefighters from across the region will gather this morning. this is the old fire station behind at&t park. they will get their briefing and assignments. these firefighters will fill in at fire stations across the city so san francisco firefighters can attend this afternoon's services. last night, hundreds of people packed st. mary's cathedral for a memorial. they spoke of bravery and sacrifice of two men who gave their lives. they were both from station 26 near the berkeley way home where the accident occurred. both firefighters were making their way through the four-story home when a flashover occurred. that's where everything around the firefighters ignites at once. they were rushed to sf general. vincent died a couple hours
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later. tony died after a two-day fight at the hospital. the cause of the fire is still being investigated. the loss of the two have hit the san francisco community hard. the caskets arrive at st. marys at 12:30. we are live in san francisco, i'm damian trujillo, today in the bay. >> very sad to see such a great loss. thank you. today's funeral procession will impact the bay area. there are a lot of local street closures to watch out for. head to and stay with us for complete coverage of the funeral. we will stream it live on our website, you can see it on california nonstop comcast 186 or digital 11-82. you can find the information on our facebook page nbc bay area
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morning news. police want your help in finding a man involved in a shooting. he is on the san francisco police department's most wanted list. on october 27th change and another man stormed a home. they stabbed the man multiple times. they dropped him at an intersection where police later found him. that man did survive. mehserle will walk out of jail a free man after serving 11 months in jail for killing oscar grant. already, community activists are voicing their outrage. marla tellez is live where protesters are announcing their demonstration plans. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is expected to get rowdy here in oakland this weekend filling up what protesters said about
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the scheduled release of mehserle. he's scheduled to walk free on monday. protests on sunday. the coalition for justice for oscar grant are going to talk about how they will respond. the 2009 new year's day shooting of grant sparked protests that turned violent in oakland and l.a. now that mehserle is getting out of jail after serving 11 months of the two-year sen sense, they are bracing for more of the same. they recognize the right for free expression he's just hoping for peaceful demonstrations. >> to hear people of different communities expressing that maybe we should lay down, put our hands behind our backs and get on with our lives is painful. >> reporter: oakland mayor jean
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quan says our thoughts are with the family and friends of oscar grant grieving their tragic loss. we expect peaceful gathering we do not anticipate nor tolerate vandalism and violence. protests are expected to start here starting at 3:00 sunday afternoon and this morning, 9:00, the coalition for justice for grant is holding a press conference to talk about how they are going to form the demonstrations here on sunday. i should mention to you that protests are planned to happen in l.a. as well. that is where mehserle is spending his time in jail. >> it will be interesting to see where he heads after all this as well. thank you very much. 5:07 now. the grandmother accused of kidnapping her granddaughter is not guilty. they entered a plea yesterday.
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she broke into her son's home in the middle of the night and took her granddaughter from her bassinet. an update to a story we brought you yesterday. the car dumped in the water was empty. the car was stolen and had been dumped into the water. the car was lifted from the water and towed away. a civil rights attorney is talking of taking the city to court. robert ruben says santa clara is a diversity so the council should not be 100% white. 37% of santa clara is asian. the make-up of the city council
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may put them in violation of the california voting rights act. the city may have a system that favors deep connections that could discourage minority candidates. >> they know who is on their board. they know who is on their council. they know the demographics of their city. they should have acted. they haven't. we are giving them a last chance to do so. >> he would like to see them use a voting system much like san jose. right now, they use an at large system where they represent the entire city. what do you think? laura garcia-cannon mayor? >> oh, i'm voting right now. open up the polls. i could get some perks out of that. casual friday. no work on friday. no work on monday. i like that, too. high pressure is warming us up. this weekend, we will get a great taste of spring.
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it's going to be really, really nice and comfortable. monday and tuesday, high pressure sets up on top of the bay area driving the down sloping winds. we are talking summertime weather, possibly 90s. central valley could see the triple digits. this is a big, strong ridge. look at what's happening on the east coast. they are seeing an oppressive heat wave. for us, i'm not going to put it out of the realm of possible. 90s on the map and mid to upper 90s next week. this morning, we are watching fog. watch until 11:00 a.m. otherwise, we are looking good this morning. 58 in sunny vail. another gorgeous afternoon. 70 at noon as you break for lunch, then 75 in the south bay. i'll show you the warming trend.
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it's impressive when you see it. now, let's get you to work with mike inouye. >> good morning. i talk slowing trends. it's holding up now. livermore, a nice, easy drive. we are talking higher temperatures over the next week. wow. 14 minutes, not a problem now. things are very clear as you head through livermore and the dublin interchange and continuing through caster valley. more folks hit the road. averages change. we are looking at 880 and 92. the transition over the san mateo bridge. light volume of traffic over the bay westbound with the taillights away from us. eastbound with headlights. wind is not a major issue now. we are looking at northbound speed sensors with an easy drive. 17 from bear creek to the summit. the drain repair work continues for close to a year.
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the golden gate bridge, 101 coming down. you can see the low clouds. you can barely make them out. it's an issue. christina is talking low visibility. >> hopefully, it won't affect folks on the commute. 5:11 now. california is stepping in on at&t's bid to buy t-mobile. that's coming up in a live report. three months after the tsunami hit santa cruz, many boat owners are not near normal. what the hold up is. do> the new exhibit getting red utu debut athe san francisco zoo. why you may be scared of it. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage. [ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate. coach, you get that house yet? working on it. [ coach ] the appraisal? ...springfield. wherever i was, my citi mortgage consultant had me covered.
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welcome back, everyone. it's 5:14 now.
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almost three months after a tsunami destroyed boats, many people are still waiting for help. the sental reports a number of boat owners are waiting to get their boats surveyed and repaired. it caused $28 million damage to the harbor. one insurance assessor says they were not prepared for the influx of damaged boats. they are going as fast as they can but they have a long list of people to deal with. vice president, joe biden is meeting on capitol hill to resume budget talks. they are trying to come up with something to make sure the government can pay $100 billion a month in bills. that's a lot of money. all without increasing a deficit. vp biden wants to bring in more revenue. the republicans against a tax hike. for the rest of the news before the bell, let's turn to nicole lapin at cnbc world
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headquarters. good morning to you. >> good friday morning to you. they don't want anything that could be seen or smelled or perceived as a tax cut. futures are lower after wall street broke a six-day losing streak thursday. investors cheer data shrinking in april. we get a little data on import prices, which is the measure of inflation. we'll watch that. the dow is up 75 points yesterday, 12,124 is where we closed. nasdaq inches up to 2684. falling home prices shrunk the amount of equity americans have in their homes. the federal reserve says the equity dropped to 38% at the end of march. home prices in big metro areas
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hit the lowest level since 2002. it could mean prices continue to be under pressure. regulators in california plan to review at&t's $39 billion takeover of t-mobile usa. they will examine the impact of the merger on california's economy, specifically. pass on their findings to the fcc which should sign off and will sign off, if they get the deal in the first place. it could control 47% of california's wireless market. those are some of the headlines making news on cnbc. have a wonderful friday and a good weekend. >> i don't know how you feel about spiders, but they are invading the san francisco zoo. they are bringing in the creepy crawlies for the summer. they will feature more than 20
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exotic tran las. the exhibit opens tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. line ul to see the creepy crawlies. are you afraid of spiders or anything? >> i have been referred to as a black widow many times. just kidding. good morning to you. i have no fear. only people scare me. high pressure is looking good today. it's going to warm us up so nicely. yesterday might have been too warm for you. today a touch cooler. here is the thing. we have a little bit of fog out there. it's going to take awhile before we see the clear skies like yesterday. this morning, we are starting out nice and mild. 58 in sunnyvale, 57 in san jose. we are on our way to the 70s. the impressive weather story is soon to come. 77 degrees in fremont. 76 in los gatos. 80 degrees in gilroy. 75 in santa cruz. a great beach day for the second half of the day.
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take a look at this climb in temperature. up to 85 degrees by tuesday. you know, laura, i'm not being as generous as i should be with the temperatures. it's far out now. monday and tuesday. i could be hiking the numbers up. >> are you kidding me? really? >> it's that warm. >> be careful what you wish for. >> don't shoot the messenger. you may want to head to the theaters next week to cool off. two movies coming next week. >> and action. >> watch out! >> watchout! in super8, the thriller of school kids in a train derailment. the military rolls in and people start disappearing and they don't know what to do. it's rated pg-13. a company is hiring. who?
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coming up. what the transportation secretary is saying about a national crackdown on distracted driving. you are going to want to pay attention to the north bay. visibility is coming down a bit. i'e effects of fog. i'm tracking a new accident up there which may have deadly results. we'll track that and i'll give you the latest coming up.
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big shake upcoming to sacramento today. it could lead a number of politicians fighting for their political lives. the redistricting map today. it may not be the same people they represent tonight. it's going to leave many lawmakers trying to win over new voters in their district. it comes five days before the
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state budget deadline. if they don't pass a budget by wednesday, they will forfeit their pay. california is facing more than $26 billion deficit. let's see what they get done. let's check the morning commute. maybe folks are getting an early start on the weekend? >> heading southbound through navato. the flow of traffic is holding steady. the traffic flow at the interchange is looking good. it will pick up later on. i was looking at the other side where we have an issue toward the bridge. eastbound 88. a report of an accident that's moved to the shoulder. it's been there for a half hour. it could have been a distraction. the next few minutes watch to see how things change. the maze moving smoothly up and down through the carquinez bridge. it's looking really nice. we'll show you up here in napa.
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reports confusing. one person involved in an accident. they might have serious injuries. that person they are talking about started wondering away from the car. chp and the police headed up to see what was going on. it shouldn't be a major commute issue. we are tracking that carefully. the visibility at the golden gate bridge improving. the clouds and silhouettesilhou. we end with a live shot at the bay bridge. the low clouds are still hovering. >> yeah, they are. the u.s. secretary of transportation wants more information on distracted driving before talking legislation. ray lahood spoke in illinois last night. he says america faces an epidemic of people sending e-mails, texting and making phone calls while driving. he won't say whether the government should step in to
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stop it. he wants to wait for the results of a federal study comes out later this year. 5:24 now. bay area company aimed at helping you save money, getting money of its own. scott budman takes a look. good morning, if you are one of the many people who use digital coupon services, you know that area is blowing up. everyone expecting groupon to have a big public offering soon. but, we have a coupon service here in silicon valley. it's called they let you click coupons digitally. you can take them to the store and save money. just got a ton of money. a $200 million round of funding for they are going to create more coupons and more jobs. they will hire 100 new employees over the next six months.
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while you are online clipping a coupon, brush up the resume. we have an update for a long and anticipated tablet. this is from hughlet packard. it will be launched july 1. two price tags, $500 or $600 depending on the size. we'll see if hp can make a run with their version of tablet. how is this for a google doodle. they came out with one to celebrate the 96th birthday. it's a guitar you can strum with your mous, record it, play it on youtube. an amazing google doodle. back to you. >> very nice. interesting to see how long they keep it up. a lot of people like playing with that one.
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ak 26 now. >> reporter: bob redell. this morning a taste of napa and sonoma without driving there. we are at the tasting room of an urban winery with one of the best views of the bay. you'll be surprised where we are at. coming up.
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>> reporter: i'm damian trujillo live in san francisco where fire crews are already arriving to fill in for firefighters in san francisco to attend the memorial service. i'll have a live report. another family says good-bye. funeral services for a 3-month-old baby killed in a shooting. hoping for a rise in temperatures. it's friday, june 10th. this is today in the bay. good friday morning to you.
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you made it to friday. it's 5:29 now. seconds away from 5:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's look at the forecast with christina. >> good morning to you. we are looking good this morning. we have high pressure moving in. it's going to warm us up nicely. we are talking highs today spring like. right on track with seasonal averages. tuesday is on par with summertime averages. a significant warm up. the numbers are coming up. it's 5:30. a get away friday. first, we go back to laura. >> thank you very much. firefighters are coming from all over the west coast to pay tribute to one of their own killed in the line of duty. they died last week from injuries they received fighting a fire. the fire broke out june 2nd. they were badly burned when a phenomenon called a flashover
5:31 am
overtook them when they were inside the home. the funeral takes place this afternoon. damian trujillo is live in san francisco where preparations for today's memorial service are under way. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. a lot of firefighters from across the bay area are making their way here. this old fire station on third street in san francisco. they will serve as fill ins so all the san francisco firefighters can attend the services this morning at st. mary's cathedral. people remembers vincent and tony. they were both eulogized at the memorial inside st. mary's cathedral. pat gardner is deputy chief of operations for the san francisco fire department. sir, the meaning we have all the firefighters from all across the bay area coming across to your city to fill in. >> we have 299 people on duty every day in san francisco. about half of them requested to
5:32 am
go to the funeral. we reached out to the state and brought in 11 strike teams of two engines, one truck that we are going to position over san francisco to assign to one of our battalion chiefs so if we have working fires or anything, car accidents, multicasualty incidents, the trained crews from around the bay area will come in and stay at our fire stations today. >> reporter: these are good men and woman. no need to worry about the safety? >> no need. we train together. these people are going to be assigned with our engine companies and truck companies. if there's an incident that happens, we have a plan to cover everything that happens. >> reporter: i can imagine the gratitude coming from your department to the men and women filling in. >> not only that, the people that volunteered to come in,
5:33 am
they are passing up the opportunity to pay tribute to vinny and tony. it's appreciated. >> reporter: thank you. the best to your men and women. pat gardner, the chief of operations for the san francisco fire department. the caskets arrive at 12:30 at st. marys. there will be street closures around. let's go to mike inouye for more on that. >> hats off to all those serving in whatever way possible to honor the fallen firefighters. that will be going on at st. mary's cathedral. traffic tie ups at webster and goth. vaness will remain open for the funeral. it's a couple blocks away from st. marys. plan for that. it means disruptions to many muni lines. they will reroute them.
5:34 am
after that, starting at 3:00, they are going to close 280 from 101 down to daly city for the procession. it will be a big one. a lot of folks continuing to come into the area use 101 from 280 down. it will get you well clear of that. it's from 3:00 this afternoon through 6:00 p.m. stay clear of the area to be safe and considerate. back to you. >> thank you very much. many firefighters attending today's funeral will ride b.a.r.t. to get there. respect the firefighters and leave the final car of every train empty. b.a.r.t. says fire personnel will ride in the fellowship in the last car. firefighters from all over the west coast are expected to attend today's funeral. stay tuned for live coverage of the funeral. we'll be on air at 12:30 comcast
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186 or digital 11-2. you can watch it live on our website, funeral mass will be held for the 3-month-old gunned down. the family will say good-bye this morning at 10:00. he was shot and killed this past weekend tragically. a 17-year-old was retaliating for a gang beating when he targeted the wrong family. he will be tried as an adult on murder charges. his 16-year-old accomplice faces charges. four years after the killing after bailey, they found ewe recei yusef bey iv guilty.
5:36 am
an urban winery. bob redell is live at the new rock wall tasting room to explain. good morning. >> good morning to you, laura. one thing that drew us to this place is the beautiful tasting room that opened up in the past month or so, it's the location. that's what i want to show you. they arguably have one of the best views in the bay for a winery. that's why right there. the hazy skyline of san francisco. the bay bridge. we are on the island of alameda and what used to be the naval air station. the flight deck. if you look to the left, massive hangars that are now the production facility. right here, next door, is the tasting room i was referring to. this is the wine maker. good morning to you. how are you? >> good morning, sir. i'm well, how are you? >> 22 urban wineries in the east bay. what do you think is the biggest misconception about urban
5:37 am
wineries. you don't have the vineyards like in the back of most wineries. >> people are often surprised. the wine is really good. thank you. what were you expecting? >> you get the use from napa? >> we have 36 different vineyards we work with from monterey county up to mendocino. we talk to the farmers and tell them how we like it watered, farmed, we pick the grapes, get our truck and bring them here and do the production here in alameda. >> we are going to take you to a hangar in a moment. you have so much space here. >> it's cool. >> reporter: too much space. you are probably wondering what this saddle is doing behind me. tomorrow is the second wine rodeo that's going to be inside one of the hangars. we are going to hang out all morning long. not a bad gig, huh?
5:38 am
>> no kidding. if you can get it, rope in some wine. it is 5:37 now. i want to check the forecast for the weekend. kind of overcast now. things are going to warm up, clear up, christina? >> yeah, but they will be worse before better. the marine layer, you start out 5:00 a.m. it's clear as you head off to work. if you head off at 6:00, 7:00 or 8:00, you have to drive in the overcast sky. on shore flow provided by the system of low pressure. it's going to drive in more clouds for the weekend. nothing heavy. n nothing that is going to drop the temperatures too much. monday and tuesday, we start to climb. i have the seven day coming up. 53 in oakland. 57 in hayward. headed to the 70s once again. san francisco, 70 degrees. 77 degrees in fairfield. now, as we head throughout the
5:39 am
next few days, we have a big ridge of high pressure that's going to set up over the bay area monday and tuesday. offshore winds. that means the warmest day of the week. how warm it's expected to be in your city. get away friday was hopping this morning on my way to work. >> i was talking about highway 4. i said it's weird for a friday. it's 5:39. we saw the update come in. an accident reported. it's to the left edge of the yellow spot. it's causing the slowdown. it's to the left of the red spot. it's causing increased slowing. the volume is typical for this time. getting away from the bay bridge, the accident is cleared from the roadway. it's great news. overview from the city looking at the bridge shows the low
5:40 am
clouds hovering in the area. it may be an issue. visibility is okay for the drivers. a live look at the approach coming up through the area. we end with this bay bridge toll plaza shot. this is pretty good volume. watch for early slowing there, too. >> yeah. thank you very much. 5:40 now. despite an ongoing homicide investigation, the family of a missing east bay nursing student is not giving up hope. they are gathering to pray for a safe return. candidate in the mix having a lot of staffing trouble. new e-mails about sarah palin are coming out. live report, coming up. plus more than $2 million and counting. theth a ires -pfit that is getting ready for a huge donation. what it has to do with warren buffett.
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welcome back, everyone. good friday morning to you. you know the long road to the white house got bumpier for newt gingrich. the republican hopeful lost a slew of senior staffers, over a dozen who couldn't see eye-to-eye on the campaign. brian mooar is live in washington. he needs a new crew behind him. >> you can't find a good crew anywhere. he's going to reboot his campaign. quite frankly, it's early in the race. we could be looking at the first gop casualty of the 2012 presidential bid. mitt romney is going to be at a big presidential debate along with gingrich and others including michele bachmann on monday.
5:44 am
she's going to announce later this month whether she's running. as for the debate, she's not going to miss it. someone who will miss it is sarah palin. 24,000 pages of e-mail being released by the state of alaska. this is in response to a media request made during the 2008 presidential campaign. sarah palin's attorneys did not try to stop this. as for sarah palin, the maybe, maybe not candidate, she does expect this will give her critics a chance to criticize her even more, taking some of the e-mails out of context. live in washington, i'm brian mooar, today in the bay. >> thank you, brian. phillip and nancy garrido kidnapped jaycee dugard in south
5:45 am
lake tahoe on june 10th, 1991. she was missing for 18 years. she gave birth to two children fathered by garrido. a judge sentenced phillip to life in prison. nancy will spend 36 years to life in prison. hope in the face of despair. family is hoping michelle le will come home safely. the case is turned into a homicide investigation. people will gather for a candle light vigil. the family held their own vigil in hayward near the spot where they were seen. >> i'm not going to stop until every street and corner is covered or until she's found. please, don't give up hope. >> she disappeared after telling hospital co-workers she was getting something out of the car. police believe she was killed
5:46 am
inside the parking structure. terrifying, brutal and little mercy. what it was like for two berkeley grads held captive in iran. sarah described the abuse they suffered at the hands of guards. fatel and bauer are still held captive. she says she twice begged for her life when guards loaded them into a truck and took their weapons. they will stand trial for spying. the trial was supposed to start last month but it's been delayed. it's unclear when the case will move forward. pg&e review panel says
5:47 am
urgent reforms are needed. they were understaffed, undertrained and too preoccupied when the san bruno explosion happened. they say it will take the report to heart. >> can you reckment for this commission, we will do our damnedest. the people here are not the new senior management or executives of the company. i hope we take to heart the challenges. >> the report suggests sewer work could have weakened the fabrication flaw that exploded. pg&e is grateful for the report. the option to have lunch with warren buffett closes today. it's the 12th year. it benefits a church in san francisco. the top bid for this year's
5:48 am
lunch is above $2 million. that's quite a cesar salad if you ask me. last year they raised $2.6 million. what a great cause. the bidding ends at 7:30 tonight. i guess you get to bend the ear of warren buffett. quite a successful man. >> i wonder how he tips. >> i would think well. >> i would think so, too. personally, i would rather have jimmy buffett. good morning to you. high pressure is nice and firmly in control of the forecast. a gorgeous day shaping up. hot as we head toward monday and tuesday. wait until you see the numbers. 48 up in santa rosa. 54 in santa cruz. we have the cloud debt.
5:49 am
it's moving in and we are losing visibility. you want to take it easy up there if you are traveling through the coastal valleys. by 10:00, it lifts above the highway. by 11:00 and 12:00, it lets the sunshine in. 76 in los gatos. we are going to see a few more clouds than yesterday. spectacular sunshine. a few more high clouds. a little trough to the north trying to dig into the bay area. high pressure is going to drift on top of us monday and tuesday and take a look at how the temperatures climb. up to 85 degrees tuesday. yeah, laura, it's going to go from spring-like weather this weekend to summer-like monday and tuesday. too bad the sharks respect still in it. the quest for the stanley cup continues. bruins and canucks are tied up.
5:50 am
a special schedule today. tune in at 4:00 for your local news, then "nightly news" will happen at 4:30. the game at 5:00 and right after that, you'll see a special edition of the local news. of course, we have our regular broadcast tonight at 11:00. 5:49 right now. the plane involved in the miracle on the hudson is headed home. where the final stop is. a trip to big sur gets easier today. that sinkhole hopefully won't get in your way.hereepas r wairi epon on there and for 880. the nimitz is clear pastã.
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well, a judge is putting the breaks on a construction project meant to ease traffic through niles canyon. an alameda county judge will consider environmental concerns with the project. they say it will destroy frogs, salmon and other animals. it's one of the most dangerous stretches of roadway in the county and need to do something about it. if you are looking for something to do this weekend, think of big sur. cal trans says it will reopen highway 1. this was the big problem they had there. the roadway was closed since april 14th when there was a massive rock slide there. didn't want to try to get around that one.
5:54 am
it is reopened and cal trans will reopen that today. it's quite a hole there. >> it wasn't officially a pothole. it was the road that disappeared. this system is much better. antioch, it's much slower. updated to a disabled vehicle and moved off the roadway. it triggers a slowdown on a friday. speeds below 20 miles per hour passing bihar boar and toward loveridge. holding to 50s or the slow 50s. we'll watch that. i was going to show the slowing. it's back up to 55 or 60 coming out of the altamont pass. it might cause another slowdown. we track that carefully as well. no lights on at the toll plaza
5:55 am
and no major back up. there's service at st. mary's cathedral. 280 is closed after 3:00 p.m. use 101 from b.a.r.t. requesting you leave the last car for those honoring the fallen firefighters. we'll take you to a live shot through oakland and look at 880. a smooth flow of traffic. light volume. we saw an early burst. we might see spurts of traffic. a man who helped run a ticket scalping business is escaping jail time as well. a judge sentenced joel stevenson and two other men to community service and probation. they drove up ticket prices when buying and reselling tickets through their business.
5:56 am
wise guy tickets. they made $25 million in profit from 2002 to 2009. no concord, students who get caught skipping school have to deal with the consequences. kids might face stiffer penalties. a stiffer council will vote on a curfew to cite and fine kids caught skipping class. four in every ten students have been truant at some point this last year. if they pass the curfew, con ford is the eighth city in contra costa county to use criations to crack down on truancy. 2.5 years after capital chesley sully sullenberger made the landing. it's making the final trip by
5:57 am
land. from a hangar in new jersey all the way to the aviation museum. it's expected to arrive in charlotte today. look at that. >> for us, it's about bringing something home, if you will. >> amazing how they travel there. the jet was carrying 155 passengers and crew from new york and charlotte when it had to make an emergency landing. a water landing in the hudson. it was remarkable. everyone survived. sully sullenburger is still a hero. coming up, the civil rights attorney who says it is time to sue the city of santa clara. that's the center for performing arts this morning. hazy, overcast to start the morning. i think we are going to see
5:58 am
summer come next week. we'll check the temperatures, coming up. membership rewards points from american express. they're a social currency. with endless possibilities.
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