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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  June 11, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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♪ [ folksy whistling ]] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ] go ahead evening, i'm diane dwyer. welcome back to this special edition of nbc bay area news. we are on right now instead of "nightly news" because of nbc's coverage of the belmont stakes earlier tonight. after weeks of relative calm, fighting has renewed in two cities in libya. reports say dozens of people
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have been killed as pro-gadhafi forces and rebels are fighting for control. nbc's stephanie gosk reports from tripoli. >> reporter: fighting has broken out in two key libyan cities that for weeks had been quiet. the city west of tripoli only 30 miles from this city rebels are reportedly fighting pro-gadhafi forces. this is really one of the cities where the uprising began. there were weeks of brutal fighting between rebels and gadhafi's forces, eventually after a brutal crackdown, gadhafi took control of that city. it's significant now that rebels have reportedly moved in there. the second city is the city of misrata where there was very heavy fighting but rebels took control. gadhafi has moved back in and started shelling that city. dozens killed according to hospital workers on the ground there. this after nato has intensified its air strikes here in tripoli. it seems as if gadhafi is responding in kind. stephanie gosk, nbc news, tripoli.
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two deadly explosions ripped through a market in the pakistani city of peshawar today. hospital officials say at least 32 people are dead and several others are wounded. police say the first explosion happened at an area that's home to the mitt cal offices and army housing. the second blast may have been set off by remote control. it's unclear at this point who's lind the attacks. they both happened as cia director leon panetta and afghan president hamid karzai were on a visit to islamabad. closer to home, house minority leader and san franciscan nancy pelosi has added her name to the list of people calling for new york representative anthony weiner to resign. the move follows weeks of public disgrace for the congressman whose sexting scandal now allegedly involves a high school girl. and today weiner has announced he will take a leave of absence from congress but not resign. in a statement released this morning before weiner's announcement, pelosi said, quote, congressman has the love
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of his family, the confidence of his con stilt westituents and t recognition that he needs help. i urge him to seek that help without the pressures of being a member of congress. jackie spears echoed those sentiments at a planned event in the south bay today. >> but i don't think the american people should be served by someone who engages in sexting with underage girls. >> meanwhile in new york, the congressman's routine walk to the laundromat this morning turned out to be anything but routine. reporters peppered him with questions about the latest revelation in the scandal. his alleged involvement with the 17-year-old delaware girl. weiner claims his twitter correspondent was neither explicit or indecent. delaware police say otherwise. when asked whether he would resign, weiner implied that wasn't his choice to make.
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>> this is ultimately a decision for my constituents. you know, look, i made mistakes, as i said on monday. a lot of these questions i answered on monday. now i'm just going to try to get back to work. >> he'll likely have the ultimate stay on staying on the job. since he made that statement, he has announced he will take a leave of absence from congress. wildfires aren't exactly known to respect state boundaries, right? arizona's second biggest fire in history is pushing into new mexico tonight. the wallow fire is still largely uncontained. firefighters are worried more gusty weather could cause it to grow even larger. and tonight health leaders are warning people about hazardous levels of air pollution from all the smoke. and if the fire isn't turned away from two major power lines, nearly 400,000 people could experience blackouts. the ten-day fire has destroyed more than 30 homes and relocated
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thousands of people, but no injuries have been reported as of now. here in the bay area firefighters are gearing up for the beginning of fire season. starting monday, cal fire says it will increase its staff in alameda, contra costa counties. while above average rainfall has lowered the fire risk, this month fire leaders say it's led to more grass and brush than normal. they warn the risk will shoot up again. homeowners are being urged to clear brush from their homes, clear branches and debris from gutters, roofs and eaves. we have an update on state senate lawmakers came up two votes short of passing a crucial measure that would have extended sales and vehicle licensing taxes past the end of the month. we have more on the latest holdup in budget negotiations. >> call the absent members. >> reporter: state senators spent saturday morning at work and still no budget. >> the senate completed about
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90% of its budget work. the remaining 10% is the big  issue, namely how to gain the revenue to fund public schools and to fund public safety in a way that allows those good public agencies and public servients to do their jobs. >> reporter: democrats are pushing to raise taxes to whittle down the $9.6 billion budget deficit. >> without it, public schools and public safety agencies will be shorted billions of dollars. >> reporter: republicans don't support governor brown's proposed tax extensions. >> this is not the time to ask a family of four to come up with another $1,000 where you might have a spouse that's not working or a family's having trouble keeping their home. >> reporter: but republicans are willing to bend a little if they see deeper spending cuts. >> we need to look at pension reform, regulatory reform. we need to look at a spending cap. >> reporter: if the budget is not passed by the june 15th deadline according to proposition 25, lawmakers could lose their pay. >> it is a factor, but the
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bigger factor is the voters said to us, pass a budget by june 15th. and that's our obligation. >> reporter: and lawmakers would take that cut for every day the budget is late. >> again, reporting from sacramento. san francisco mayoral canned date david chu is trying to win back support after the deciding vote in the development plan. the board of supervisors president hosted the opening of his new campaign headquarters on the 1800 block of van ness today. after the opening volunteers collected signatures in support of chu's campaign. meantime, dufty hosted a pancake breakfast and signature drive kickoff event at his campaign headquarters on market street. he served two terms as supervisor in the castro. and then, of course, there's the ed lee factor. many people believe the interim mayor would have a very strong shot of winning the election. lee insists he is not running for mayor. the giants were trying to continue their winning ways at
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at&t park this afternoon. we'll have highlights. and the belmont stakes turned into a mosh pit that made for an exciting finish. that's coming up in sports. and it was a nice day today if you were able to deal with those clouds and the winds that were keeping us cool along the coast. just 57 degrees in san francisco right now. 63 novato, 73 inland. we're already warming up. that trend continues as high pressure builds in. forecast coming up. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪
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good evening, everyone, i'm kim kozimor. after a thrilling walkoff win for the giants on friday, their ninth walkoff of the season, they were back at it. on saturday against dusty baker and reds. they were facing right-hander mike leak who earlier this year was picked up for shoplifting. today he robbed the giants. leak brought his "a" game. struck out cody ross, one of eight punchouts and picked up
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plenty. tim lincecum did not get out of the fifth inning. joey votto with a run-scoring double to the opposite field as part of a four-run inng , and that's all she wrote. giants lose to the reds, 10-2. back to friday night and despite the win, there was some bad news for the giants. second baseman freddy sanchez separated his right shoulder trying to field a ground ball in the fifth inning. sanchez had an mri on saturday, and there is no further word as to his condition or how long he will be out. but the giants acted quickly in filling the hole left by sanchez as they signed infielder bill hall to a contract. hall made an appearance in the game today at second base. he was 0 for 2 with a walk. hall had been released by the astros earlier this year. but last season he was productive for boston. and he has some pop in his bat, hitting 18 home runs for the red sox. the athletics are feeling good after ending a ten-game losing streak with a win in chicago on friday. today game three of the weekend series with gonzalez going for
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his sixth win of the year. they're in the fifth, and the white sox lead 2-1. college baseball, super regional in chapel hill, north carolina. that's tyler hansbrough, a great college basketball player, but he's not playing baseball. he's watching his tar heels against the stanford cardinal. jacob stallings with an rbi single to left. 6-1, north carolina in a rout. bottom of the eighth and stanford tries to come back. freshman austin wilson doubles deep to left center. that scores three runs and cuts the unc lead to 6-5. and that's when the rains came. they're in a weather delay. . to of the ninth inning, cardinal trying to come back. unc leads 1-0. do you like long shots? i do. final leg of racing's triple crown on the horse side. that was seen on nbc bay area. the 143rd running of the belmont stakes was a muddy mess. and what a stunner this turned
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into. >> thirsty is. coing on. animal kingdom won't get there. ruler on ice. stay thirsty on the inside! these two down to the wire! ruler on ice at 24-1 in the belmont stakes! he's won it! >> that is right. ruler on ice, a 24-1 shot wins the belmont stakes. the favorite, animal kingdom, almost lost its jockey coming out of the gate. that opened the field for the stunner of an upset. ruler on ice followed by stay thirsty and brilliant speed win, place, show. auto racing. diane, you have to see this. >> i'm watching. >> the 24 hours of le mans, first hour of the race, allen mcnish gets into a spectacular crash, loses control and he flies into and almost over the retaining wall. debris everywhere. no fans were hurt. neither was the driver. mcnish gets out of the car unscathed. that is crazy. now to golf. the st. jude's classic in memphis, tennessee, your leader coming into the day was robert
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carlson. but your shot of the day, and this is a beauty. out of the rough, many can sympathize with this lie. carl pettersson with a chip and it lands an eagle on 16. he finished 5 under tied for seventh. but it is carlson who birdies sa, finishes the day with a one-shot lead. that's going to do it for sports. what a day. what a crazy crash. >> and the fact they can walk away from that is incredible. >> that is the equation. the harder the crash, the more they walk away. a little bump and they're in the hospital. >> excellent point. >> thank you. that's like a day on the guadalupe parkway is what that was. >> thank you. still to come, which cars are the safest and which are the most dangerous according to a new report. plus, some activists took to their bicycles to protest america's dependence on oil. we'll show you the stark way that got people's attention. coming up next.
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inchsz the latest judge the results might just surprise you. nbc's tom costello has more. >> reporter: in all the excitement of buying a new car -- >> look at this. >> what do you think? >> what do you think, guys? >> reporter: this family decided on a toyota sienna. it turns out they're buying one of the safest cars on the road. >> and i can, you know, commute to work and pick them up from school and all of that and maybe take them on a long car trip, and i just feel safe in this car, and i think it's going to be great. >> reporter: the insurance institute reports the overall safest vehicles on the road are minivans with 25 deaths per million registered vehicles. suvs are close behind with 28 deaths per million vehicles. and that's a surprise since just a few years ago suvs were prone to rollovers and considered dangerous. what's changed? electronic stability control. here's a vehicle without it and the same vehicle with it. in cars that have electronic
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stability control, the fatal rollover crash rate has been cut by 75%. >> it's especially important for suvs and pickups which have had a tendency to roll over because they tend to be top heavy. >> reporter: and the evidence suggests the bigger the car, the safer the car. in all, seven cars had zero fatalities from 2006 to 2009, zero. all of them large or midsized cars. the audi a 6, e-class, ford edge suv, nissan armada suv, the range rover sport suv, and the land rover lr-3. the cars are the highest death rates, the 350z. the nissan titan crew cab pickup with 126 deaths per million cars. and the chevrolet aveo four-door mini. >> the smaller the vehicle, the less protection you've got if you're involved in a crash.
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>> our children mean the world to us. so for us, we want to make sure that we do our part driving well and then that we're in the safe cars, too. >> reporter: they're hoping they bought themselves both safety -- >> so guys, you like your new car? >> reporter: -- and peace of mind. >> and, of course, with bigger cars comes more oil consumption, right? so one bay area group protested just that by biking in their birthday suits today. we're warning you in advance. for six years this group has protested a dependence on fossil fuel by riding their bikes through san francisco naked. it's part of the world naked bike ride with protests all around the world. >> it's definitely an anti-oil company, but i think it's mainly just for fun and just kind of self-expression at the end of it. i think that's why we're here. >> he and other riders feel this is the best way to get people's attention. it certainly got our attention. and there we go. enough of those pictures. we're moving right on to
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meteorologist nick o'kelly. >> and you'd better not fall off that bike either. two words, road rash. we've got a live picture from the golden gate bridge. actually, we don't. i lied to you. it's not the golden gate bridge. we're all the way inland. and the marine clouds are already back. this marine layer is 3,000 feet deep. we'll call it the monster marine layer. and it helped temperatures down just a bit. there's a look at highs around the bay. 68 in san jose. still a bit below the average. we got to 74 in santa cruz. 71 in santa cruz. 74 in santa rosa. 64 in san rafael. can you tell where the sea breeze never let up? 59 san francisco. only 65 redwood city. that marine air pushing into oakland and fremont. what's ahead for us? the winds will die down. and temperatures will be warming here. we're not going to see quite as much wind moving on shore the next couple of days. that plus high pressure. and look at our extended
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forecast. at least some high lights here. the clouds will fill back in. it's going to stay cool tomorrow especially at the coast. inland, we begin to warm. then that extended forecast looks great. 80s and maybe even 90s in the days ahead. here's the setup for us. here's our high pressure ridge. it's been trying to move over the west coast for the last three weeks to a month. that's where it should be this time of year. one little last gasp low-pressure system moving through the intermountain west right now. that's what brought us the wind today. it's gone by tomorrow. so the clouds filling back in as we speak. we'll see those tomorrow morning as you wake up. by tomorrow afternoon again we're going to burn through, see lots of sunshine throughout the afternoon hours except from half moon bay just down to north of santa cruz. still cool at the coast tomorrow. then all that marine stratus is gone. we're going to see a nice stretch with clear skies into the workweek. so tonight's forecast, mainly 50s, low 50s, upper 40s santa rosa, 48 in napa tonight.
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52 in livermore. here's the extended forecast. we're going to bump temperatures up maybe two or three degrees inland. santa teresa, about 75. 68 in fremont. 73 palo alto. pacifica still got that strong on-shore flow. near 6 0. san francisco pretty much the same thing as you saw today, upper 50s to lower 60s. 76 fairfield. pittsburg, 70 degrees. again, a little warmer than today inland and not quite as windy. and then into the north bay. santa rosa, low to mid-70s. we really start to warm things up by monday. that's when we see the 80s back on the map. >> yea! >> yeah. warmest day of the workweek, i think, is going to be tuesday. wednesday, thursday, just a touch of cooling. and yes, the father's day weekend, we decided it's not just sunday. it's all the way through friday afternoon. >> i didn't decide that. you did apparently. >> maybe low 90s by next weekend. it's a long ways off, but we'll watch. still to come from cute to creepy, we'll show you how two
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plumbers managed to rescue a little kitten from a well. plus, the new exhibit at the san francisco zoo featuring all things tarantula.
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buffett agreed to shell out -- are you ready for this -- more than $2.6 billion to dying with the billionaire investor. last night's final bid set a record ever paid for a chartd item. all proceeds will go to the glide foundation which provides social services to the poor and homeless in san francisco. and over the past 12 years, buffett's annual charity lunches have raised nearly $9 million for cecil williams organization. speaking of big money, pleasant hill police arrested a man accused of trying to steal his way into a lottery jackpot, although big money really wasn't involved. 39-year-old robert ladd was arrested yesterday on a million-dollar warrant.
5:56 pm
investigators gave him the nickname hot spot bandit. the lottery spokesman says ladd would ask clerks for a couple tickets, then wait for the clerks to be distracted at which point he'd swipe several more. the crime spree began in april, but listen, he only netted $59 according to investigators. nick likes this. if convicted, he could get up to six years for each of the nine counts, but because he is a two-strike offender, he actually could spend the rest of his life in prison if he's found guilty for stealing ultimately $59. all right. we just couldn't help ourselves. we're bringing you a story of the kitten rescue caught on tape. look at the little kitten. oh, that was a smart kitten. he somehow ended up trapped in a well under a house in ohio for more than a week. neighbors say the little guy survived without food or water. two plumbers were able to lower that basket into the well which the kitten was smart enough to jump right into. it's already been adopted and new a home. it didn't seem all that unique.
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cute kitten. not nearly as cute right there. they might have a bad rap, but some 20 different tarantulas are on display at the san francisco zoo. i want to get away from the thing. the giant furry spiders are traveling as part of a traveling exhibit which opened today at the zoo. >> the response has been great. again, because it is an animal that people kind of judge on first sight. and so by coming in here, they're able to learn more about it and really learn. >> tarantulas produce small doses of venom, but experts are quick to point out that no human death has ever been recorded from a tarantula bite. i did not know that. the females are more fearsome, of course, as they get more aggressive after they mate. as you know, they like to eat the males afterwards. the special exhibit at the san francisco zoo runs through labor day. >> wow! one more. we've got it. so there you go. we went from kittens to tarantulas. >> yeah.
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they still spook me. are you snakes or tarantulas? which is worse? >> i'm not a big fan of either. my husband, the whole snake thing freaks him out. >> for me, it's spiders. >> thank you for joining us. share your thoughts on spiders and tarantulas and kittens for this extended edition of our 5:00 newscast, we'll have more local news on the bay area at 6:00 coming up straight ahead. until then, a couple of minutes.
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we'll see you. when you accomplish those 60 miles,


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