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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  June 11, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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it was three days of hope. of love. of empowerment. it was three days the way the world should be. here i am, second year in a row, and i'm already signed up for next year's. (man) register today for the... because everyone deserves a lifetime. good evening, i'm diane dwyer. bay area members of congress are joining the growing number of voices urging congressman anthony weiner of new york to resign. so far he's refused to do so although he did agree today to take a leave of absence from the job so he could, quote, seek professional help in the wake of his internet sex scandal. our monty francis is in san francisco with reaction from two bay area democrats. monty? >> reporter: diane, good
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evening. earlier today the democratic leader of the house, nancy pelosi of san francisco, asked congressman weiner to resign. there are reports that behind the scenes pelosi is furious about this scandal. so far congressman weiner is refusing to step down. this afternoon he issued a statement saying he would take a temporary leave from congress to seek professional help. all of this stems from his admission that he sent lewd photos to women on fwtwitter an lied about it and engaging in explicit talk with six women on facebook. allegations he exchanged explicit messages with an underage girls he denies. a majority of his constituents think he should stay in office. we caught up with congresswoman jackie speier in the south bay today. she is also calling on her
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democratic colleague to step down. >> he has refused, and i think it's a reflection on the n narcissistic nature. he is subject to the rules the rest of us are, and that's disconcerting. >> reporter: this morning nancy pelosi released this statement. it says, quote, congressman weiner has the love of his family, the confidence of his constituents and the recognition that he needs help. i urge the congressman to seek that help without the pressures of being a member of congress. now, weiner's office says he is still refusing to step down, but they say he is taking pelosi's advice and that he's seeking professional help. it's still not clear what kind of treatment he is seeking. live in san francisco, monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, monty. on the bay bridge, traffic is starting to move again after the chp shut down two lanes of the bridge. you're looking at video taken just about an hour ago of traffic headed into san francisco from oakland.
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a man drove onto the westbound lanes, stopped, got out and then threatened to jump off the bridge. the man who had been standing on the ledge for almost two hours was apparently taken into custody by chp at 4:40 this afternoon. police say the man climbed over a rail on the upper deck near the treasure island exit. the chp closed down the two westbound lanes and one eastbound lane while they tried to get him down. traffic is still moving slowly, but it's no longer at a complete standstill right now. preparations are reported l under way for johannes mehserle. he killed oscar grant in 2009 on a b.a.r.t. platform, and that killing sparked protests in oakland. supporters of grant and his family announced they'll hold a protest tomorrow afternoon at the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station where grant was killed. at least 100 extra oakland police officers are expected on the streets starting tomorrow afternoon in preparation for the demonstrations. there's also protests planned outside the los angeles county jail for monday where mehserle
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is scheduled to be released. mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to two years but is scheduled to be released after serving 12 months and receiving credit for good behavior. san jose police are investigating the city's 24th killing of the year. investigators say a young man was shot multiple times in the city's southeast seven trees neighborhood. his body was found around 2:40 this morning on the 400 block of nerdy avenue. police have not released the identity of the victim, but they do say he appeared to be in his mid-20s. it's not clear if the incident was gang related at this point. and vallejo police arrested six people in connection with an execution-style killing. the six suspects ran s raging i from 20 to 40 are facing charges of kidnapping, torture and murder in the death of keith osby jr. police say he was found dead in a parking lot on temple way near the springbrook masonic temple in vallejo. investigators say osby was tied up and shot in the head
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execution style. and in hayward, a teenage girl was seriously injured and a hit-and-run driver is on the loose. the 17-year-old girl was crossing soto road south of 92 around 9:15 last night when she was hit. the teen is hospitalized with serious injuries. the car is described as white, possibly a toyota corolla or jetta. a new wave of bay area fo h foreclosures hit the auction block today. they're selling more than 200 bank-owned properties. 96 hit today. this year alone homebuyers in oakland and surrounding areas have spent more than $32 million on foreclosures. >> i think it's a good opportunity for a buyer to come in where they can get a house at a discounted price. and not only if you're buying for your own residential purposes but if you're looking for an investment it seems like a very good house. >> a new report predicts the foreclosure crisis is the worst in u.s. history and will drag on
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for another five years. a housing predictor says more than 15 million mortgage holders will be affected in the end by this foreclosure crisis. for many college students, graduation is not only a time to celebrate but it's also a time to try to find a job and you know the so-called real world. santa clara's university senior class graduated today, and there are some unexpected reports out on the job front. our kimberly terry has that story for us. >> reporter: santa clara university graduates are celebrating getting diplomas today. it. as job prospects are looking out for this group now entering the work force. recent reports from the national association of colleges and interiors shows job growth for recent college graduates is stronger this year than last. in nearly every industry sector. about 53% of employers surveyed intend to hire more college graduates from the class of 2011 than from the previous year. the research firm also reports that employers are receiving
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fewer applications per job opening as current graduates now have more opportunities to choose from. the graduates we talked to from santa clara university say they are hopeful about the economy. as for their future, some know what they're going to do. others are still figuring it out. but they're all glad they chose to continue to on to college. >> i'm headed back to a ranch to work in colorado. so right now i'm actually not really kerconcerned about the economy, but i'll need to get serious in the fall. # >> a hard four years of work, and fortunately i have a job waiting for me at the end of it. so i feel very fortunate, and i'm very proud of my last four years here. >> you graduate from a good school, you kind of go out with a leg up on most people. >> i'm from this area, have quite a few connections. i don't want to say i'm going to depend on those connections, but i'm not worried about finding work. i'm just more -- i'm more concerned about what i want to
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go into for, say, the rest of my career. >> reporter: according to a new survey among of college class of 2011, 4 of the top 5 paid majors are engineering and all received starting salary offers in excess of $60,000. the only major among the highest paid that isn't engineering is computer science. now, despite the positive news, counselors say students do need to be proactive about getting a job, and they also need to be flexible with short-term career goals. live in santa clara, kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. ahead on nbc bay area news at 6:00, an al qaeda operative linked to the embassy bombings in kenya and tanzania may be dead. we'll take a look in our "world wrap." and also, new information on how to visit the september 11th memorial site in new york when it opens. also, lunch with billionaire warren buffett will cost you, but it's also very good for a san francisco charity.wel we'll show you how much he
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raised coming up.
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flames from the wildfire in arizona are an obvious danger, of course, but health officials are concerned about another threat now brought about by the fire. officials are warning of health problems from smoke and soot. calm winds have slowed the fire's progress for now, but stagnant air is raising pollution levels there. residents are being urged to stay indoors unless it's absolutely necessary to go outside. the second largest wildfire in arizona history has destroyed more than 30 homes and nearly 10,000 people have been forced to evacuate. one of hollywood's most famous couples has made a donation to help rebuild joplin, the southwestern missouri city that was devastated by a tornado. angelina jolie and brad pitt donated $500,000 from their foundation. brad pitt grew up in southwest
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missouri. the tornado killed at least 150 people and destroyed more than 8,000 homes. the general public will be able to start making reservations on july 11th if they want to visit the new september 11th memorial and museum in new york city. the museum is slated to open september 11th on the tenth anniversary. tickets will be available online for dates. family members of victims will be able to start making reservations a little bit early. a special telephone number that will be provided. an estimated 45 million people are expected to visit the museum within the first year. the first lawsuit against toyota over alleged acceleration problems is scheduled for trial. the case of a utah man whose toyota camry hit a wall in 2010 is set to be heard in court of february of 2013. it will be the first of several cases that will help determine if hundreds of other lawsuits will proceed. plaintiffs claim that a throttle defect caused the cars to
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accelerate unexpectedly. toyota maintains that floormats, driver error and other nonmechanical problems led to the accidents. two people were killed in that 2010 utah crash, by the way. on friday, a record was set for the most expensive charity item ever sold on ebay. an anonymous bidder agreed to pay more than $2.6 billion -- no, i'm sorry, million -- billion would be cool, too -- for a lunch with investor warren buffett. the winning bid was less than what was paid for last year. the bidder paid an additional $300,000 to set the new record. buffett has helped raise $9 million in the past 12 years through lunch auction charities. the auction proceeds, by the way, go to the glide foundation in san francisco. and still ahead at 6:00, a new exhibit at the san francisco zoo is crawling with life. we'll show you the eight-legged visitors. first, we'll take you to the aftermath of twin blasts in pakistan as part of our look at stories making headlines around the world. and we're talking about a warming trend, but it's going to
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wait a day or two to get to most areas. temperatures rightalg the 50s along the coast. your complete forecast is coming
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and it's looking nice and warm. in news from around the world tonight, an al qaeda operative connected to a pair of u.s. embassy bombings in africa in 1998 is reportedly dead. somali government officials say a man killed by security forces on tuesday was that operative. a senior u.s. administration official also confirms the killing in a shootout with somali govnmten forces. the explosions in both kenya and tanzania killed 224 people including 12 americans.
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and hospital officials say at least 32 people are dead and several others wounded in pakistan. police say the first explosion happened at an area that's home to political offices and army housing. the second blast may have been set off by remote control. it's unclear who's behind the attacks at this point. they both happened, though, as cia director leon panetta and afghan president hamid karzai were on a visit to islamabad. changing gears, we're going to check in with meteorologist nick o'kelly. what's going on, nick? >> yeah, we're talking about summerlike temperatures the next couple of days. we'll have to wait, though, if you live at the coast. we still have this veryrine lay. the cameras have been bounced around all day. temperatures today, it really depended on where you live. 68 in san jose. los gatos, 72. but can you see where that marine air pushed on shore through the day? mid-60s around san rafael and oakland, san francisco, you only
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got to 59. tomorrow some warming especially inland. a little trough moving through, but check out these headlines for the next several days. clouds moving back in as we speak for tonight. maybe even a little drizzle right at the coast. tomorrow, much like today, morning clouds, sunshine in the afternoon. a little warmer inland. but in the ex-tended, things looking very warm, almost summerlike. the reason is right here on this map. this high-pressure system, it's big. it's strong. it should have been here about three weeks ago. but it's moving in. got this little trough moving through right now. that's going to keep us with the clouds, the gray and winds tonight and through the first part of tomorrow. the computer models have been very consistent in burning that marine layer away through the afternoon hours tomorrow. so a sunny sunday afternoon. as we go back to work monday, the marine layer somewhat disappears. looking for that high pressure ridge to eat away the marine clouds. temperatures are going to
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rebound. tonight, mainly in the low 50s. get down to 48 in napa. 49 santa rosa. a little drizzle from half moon bay to pacifica. maybe down to santa cruz as well. tomorrow, we'll start off cloudy. readings will jump into the 50s and mid-60s by lunchtime. and i think we're looking at mid-70s for you, san jose through the santa clara valley. 73 in palo alto. but pacifica, just 60 degrees. san francisco, being optimistic, hopefully 64. 61 half moon bay while more raug goe, lower 70s. into the delta, 73 in concord. 77 in napa. beautiful in wine country tomorrow. hang on to your hat because it will be a little breezy. calistoga, 77. here's the extended forecast. not bad at all. our first taste of summer. warmest temperatures in about, i think, seven or eight months. we did see that little warm-up we were talking about back in february. but since then, it's been a very cool spring. a little cooldown into wednesday
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and thursday. no big deal. no rainfall. and for father's day weekend, i might be a little optimistic here, but there's a chance we'll see the lower 90s by next -- >> really? >> it's a possibility. it's a long ways out. those are the weather -- >> i may make you commit to it. >> my name is right on that forecast. but beautiful weather ahead. moren nbc bay area to come a news at 6:00, the san francisco
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zoo has a new exhibit that's not
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four-legged. we'll be right back. some 20 tarantulas are now on display at the san francisco zoo. the giant furry spiders are part of a traveling exhibit that opened this morning. one of the tarantulas is about 15 years old. that's about middle-aged in the tarantula world, in case you didn't know. and by the way, contrary to popular belief, tarantulas actually produce only a small dose of venom. but experts are quick to point out that even that, there is no
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record of a human ever being killed by a tarantula bite. the special exhibit at the zoo runs through labor day. from spiders to naked people, i'm not sure how to transition, so here we go. one bay area group protested big oil by biking in their birthday suits. for six years this group has protested the dependence on fossil fuel by riding their bikes through san francisco naked. okay. it's part of the world naked bike ride with protests all around the world. we had to shoot this video carefully. riders feel that this is the best way to get people to pay attention. certainly it's a good way to get television stations to pay attention because we have lots of fun with that. that was a close call. >> shoot it carefully, wre have to look at it carefully. >> yes. now to you, jim. >> are you ready? you look lonely. i thought i'd come out and join you. >> that was so sweet of you. >> that's the kind of guy i am. tim lincecum continuing to struggle and the giants looked
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flat against the reds today. plus -- when you say plus, always something big is coming, eth injury bug hits the giants. the giants player
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who might be able to help them stay on top. sports is next. good evening again, i'm jim kozimol. sometimes things don't go your way like today against the reds. they were facing right-hander mike leak who earlier this year was picked up for shoplifting. leak was at the top of his game striking out cody ross in the second. one of his eight punch-outs in the game. and he picked up plenty of run support. the freak did not have command. tim lincecum did not get out of the fifth inning. national league mvp joey votto to the opposite field as part of
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a four-run inning. that's all she wrote. giants lose, 10-2. despite the winfrey night, there was bad news for the giants. second baseman freddy sanchez separated his right shoulder trying to field a ground ball in the fifth. sanchez had an mri on saturday, and there is no further word as to what his condition is or how long he will be out. the giants acted quickly in filling the hole by sanchez. hall made an appearance in the game today at second base. he was 0 for 2 with a walk. hall had been released by the astros earlier this season, but last year he was productive for boston. and he had some pop in his bat. he had 18 home runs for the red sox. the athletics are feeling good after ending a ten-game losing streak with a win in chicago on friday. today game three of the weekend series. geo gonzalez trying to make it two in a row for the athletics. game tied at 1-1 in the fourth. that's when sox slugger ramon castro hits a solo shot to left.
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his third of the year. sox up 2-1. sixth inning. and the a's tie it. y.fl hideki matsui sacrifice this is a nice play by carlos quentin. coco crisp gets the equalizer. they are in the top of the seventh, the sox lead 3-2. college baseball, super regional chapel hill, north carolina, that's basketball star tyler hansbrough who's a great college player. he was watching the tar heel s taking on the stanford cardinal. top of the seventh, all unc. stallings, rbi single to left that scores moran, 6-1, north carolina in a romp. bottom of the eighth, stanford tries to come back. austin wilson doubles deep to left center. that scores three runs, cuts the unc lead to 6-5. and then the rain started. and it has continued. they're in a weather delay. top of the ninth. unc leads 1-0. i hope you didn't bet the favorites at today's 143rd
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running of the belmont stakes. if you did, rip up the tickets because the rain made this horse race a muddy mess, and there was a stunning surprise winner. >> thirsty is coming on. animal kingdom won't get there. ruler on ice, stay thirsty on the inside. these two down to the wire. ruler on ice at 24-1 in the belmont stakes! >> my goodness, that's right. ruler on ice, 24-1 shot, he wins the belmont stakes. the favorite, animal kingdom, almost lost its jockey coming out of the gate. that opened the field for the upset as seen on nbc bay area. ruler on ice followed by stay thirsty. and brilliant speed win, place, show. auto racing. always wear a seat belt and a hans device. this is the 24 hours of le mans. the first hour of the race. allen mcnish, that's a spectacular crash, everybody. loses control of his car, flies into, almost over the retaining wall. debris everywhere but nobody
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hurt during this whole thing. neither was the driver. mcnish gets out of the car and walks away unharmed. guys want to feel old today? >> sure. >> how about 49er great joe montana turning 55 years old. happy birthday. >> that doesn't seem that old. shows you how old i am. >> i feel like a young buck, but 55, goodness sakes. >> happy birthday to joe montana. i just got an e-mail from the folks at the lindsay wildlife museum. they have tarantulas on display all the time. that's another option for folks who want to see tarantulas and snakes. >> i'll take the snakes. >> ew. >> thanks for joining us. scott budman's up


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