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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 12, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm kris sanchez, coming up on "today in the bay," 11 months behind bars that's the time served for former b.a.r.t. police officer johannes mehserle who will wake out of jail a convicted murderer and free man tomorrow what east bay police are doing for east bay cities bracing for possible protest. the first photos of congresswoman gabrielle giffords after the shooting rampage she survived at grocery store. how far she's come and the road to recovery ahead. a bloodstained jersey the smoking gun in the bryan stow beating case. does it match up to the man
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behind bars? this is "today in the bay" it is sunday, june 12th. and looking live on what is the start to a lovely sunday morning, a little bit of fog there in the distance but we are expecting a warmup. thanks so much for joining us this morning, i'm kris sanchez. meteorologist nick o'kelly has the full forecast. >> good morning to you. this is meteorologist nick o'kelly, we are talking about warming temperatures for our inland spots today. we should reach the lower 70s for evergreen and los gatos. stale bit cool along the peninsula, we he got that afternoon wind reaching to 25 miles per hour, san francisco just 64 degrees today. we should see mid to upper 70s for napa and fairfield later on this afternoon. calistoga, beautiful, 77 degrees. how about that extended forecast? we have got this high pressure ridge that's going to build in starting, well, today. we are going to see readings warming nicely into the next
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several days, highs approaching 90 in the warmest spots by tuesday. tomorrow, former. >> bart: police officer johannes mehserle will be released from jail, serving just 11 months for killing an unarmed passenger, oscar grant. this morning, oakland police are preparing for possible protests. twice before, protests against mehserle turned violent on the streets of oakland. once in the days after the shooting and then again when mehserle was sentenced to involuntary manslaughter. starting this afternoon act, least 100 oakland police officers, additional ones will be on patrol as activists plan rallies and demonstration. supporters of oscar grant and his family announced they will hold a protest this afternoon at the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station where grant was killed there is a protest planned outside the los angeles county jail for monday where mehserle is scheduled to be released. the family of missing nursing student michelle lay will hand out fliers urging people to keep looking for her. they plan to gather at the harner road and mission
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boulevard in hayward around 2 this afternoon. mark class, who started the class kids foundation after his daughter, polly, was kidnapped and killed in 1993 will also join the family in support. this weekend with, investigators searched 30 square miles of canyons, fields and hills of southeastern alameda county. she disappear maid 27th from the kaiser permanente medical center in hayward where she was working. the family those find her alive however, the police department has compelling evidence to believe that she was killed. this morning, a new twist in the case against the man accused of beating bryan stow at dodger stadium. sources now telling the l.a. times that a bloody jersey turned into police by a suspicious dry cleaner is not stained with stow's blood north blood of his accused attack, giovanni ramirez. 31-year-old ramirez is not charged with beating stow, however, necessary jail on weapons charges. ramirez's attorneys say the
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jersey is further proof that their client is inspect of this beating. stow remains in a coma at san francisco general hospital. after a six had-hour search in an east bay nature preserve, an elderly east bay hiker is now safe and sound. east bay regional park police found the woman around 11:00 last night at the trail at the volcanic regional preserve. the woman and her husband, both in their 80s, been hiking-to-together but some house, got separated. rescuers say the woman seemed to be in good health when they found her, however they did take her to the local hospital as a precaution. state lawmakers will once again walk that tight rope in the state budget talks but with just days of budget deadline, is the balancing act turning into a three-ring circus? this report from sacramento. >> call the absent members. >> reporter: state senators spent saturday morning at work and still no budget. >> the senate completed about 90% of its budget work. remaining 10% is the big issue,
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namely, how to gain the revenue to fund public schools and to fund public safety in a way that allows those good public agency he is and public servants to do their jobs. >> reporter: democrats are pushing to raise taxes to whittle down the $9.6 billion budget deficit. >> without it, public schools and public safety agencies will be shorted billions of dollars. >> reporter: republicans don't support governor brown's proposed tax extensions. >> this is not the time to ask a family of four to come one another $1,000 where you might have a spouse that's not working or families having trouble keeping their home. >> reporter: but republicans are willing to bend a little, if they see deeper spending cuts. >> we need to look at pension reform. we need to look at regulatory reform. we need to look at the spending cap. company company if the budget is not passed by the june 15th deadline, according to proposition 25, lawmaker could lose their pay. it is a factor but the bigger factor is the voters said us to, pass a budget by june
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15th and that's our obligation. >> reporter: lawmaker would take that cut for every date budget is late. >> this weekend, lawmakers met within their own parties but the state senate could call members to the floor at any moment if a vote compromise is reached. we will talk more politic with us larry gerston a little later on had this morning. you can think of this one as megan's law for animal abusers. san francisco could create a database to track animal abusers and prevent them from adopting animals from city shelters and rescue groups. the animal control commission will discuss plans for that database at a meeting on thursday night this week. a san francisco school program which has been mired in political battles is looking to avoid the chopping block. nine junior rotc teachers from the city's school district are trying to get a one-year extension on a deadline to save their jobs and the program. it wants time to earn a physical education cred dention to continue teaching. would two years ago, the district struck a deal to keep
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the junior rotc as an independent course for students. it would have fulfilled a physical education state requirement for high schoolers. however, many of the program' instructors do not have that physical education teaching credential. all nine teachers received layoff notices last month. if you live in san francisco or you are heading there you might soon develop a green thumb. constituent proposing to transfer the care of 24,000 trees to private property owners. that move would reportedly save $600,000 in the next fiscal year. a public meeting will happen tomorrow more agent 10 at city hall. now, currently, property owners are charged with carrying 65,000 trees along sidewalks and the city takes care of another 31,000, plus those planted on the medians. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, gabrielle giffords all smiles, the first photos of the congresswoman after she was shot in the head
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during a rampage at a tucson town hall meeting. >> i think it's a reflection on the narcissistic nature of him as an individual are. he doesn't believe he is subject to the same rules that the rest of us are. >> bay area democrats calling o n antny weiner to resign, why he is refusion and what's asking for instead. a difference in my community.e
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and we look live inside at the hard-working folk to who make all this magic happen. a happy birthday to molly who is 19, just like me. a massive wildfire in arizona is becoming more than just arizona's problem, with soot and ash drift nothing neighboring states. health expert says people as far away as albuquerque, new mexico, could have breathing problems because of this fire t is a fire threatening two major power lines that move electricity from arizona to west texas. at least 620 square miles are burned, 30 houses are destroyed
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and thousands of people are forced from their homes, just to be on the safe side. new this morning, the first photos of congresswoman gabrielle giffords since she was shot in the head during a shooting rampage at a tucson grocery store. an aide to gabrielle giffords posted this photo this morning on the congresswoman's facebook page. she continues to get stronger at rehab center in houston now aide says there is hope she could be released by the end of the month. doctors say it is too early to tell when or if giffords will be able to go back to work on capitol hill. for those of you looking for juicy news from the thousands of newly released emails from sarah palin, some disappointing news. so far, no bombshells, what she calls those gotcha moments in the 24,000 pages. the e-mails depict palin as an image-conscious leader, concerned with the day-to-day duties of running her state. they show her ambitious,ageing
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for the vice presidential nomination months before john mccain picked her. interesting though eat mails seem to show a more moderate side of palin who worked to find a state response to global warming and even gave props to then-senator barack obama for his support of the natural gas pipeline in alaska. many thought he would be preparing for a run at becoming the next mayor of new york city but this morning, congressman anthony wooener is preparing for a stay at a psychological treatment center instead. weiner is asking for a leave of absence from congress to get help after he admitted to sexting and sending lewd photos of himself to women online. but democratic leaders say a leave of absence isn't good enough. >> the american people should be served by someone who engages in sexting with underaged girls. >> weiner denies sexting that
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underaged girl bus admits to inappropriate online relationships with six women. democratic leaders and nancy pelosi are urging weiner to resign. coming up, never say never, a bay area cancer patient gets the of a lifetime. how doctors and paramedicthleed t the red carpeto ht elp a young girl see her favorite pop star and get there in style. a [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates,
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[ male announcer ] got something you'll love to keep doing? take care of your heart. you can start with cheerios. the natural whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. brrrbb... makes you feel ageless. [ male announcer ] it's time. love your heart so you can do what you love. cheerios. [ bob ] squak. while most 6-year-olds are looking forward to summinger break, riding bikes, going on vacation, one little girl is just excited to be able to leave the hospital for one night. the young bay area patient in the bay area has a chance to forget that she's sick for a few hours to and see her favorite superstar in person. "today in the bay's" kimberly terry has her story. >> reporter: for 6-year-old olivia bianco, this is her reality. she has been confine to her hospital bed for weeks she got a rare chance to get out and realize one of her dreams.
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>> four months ago, she was running around the beaches maui without a care in the world and now she is truly fighting for her life. so um, yeah, our whole life has been turned upside down. >> reporter: olivia's parents temporarily moved the family to the bay area so her daughter can get the treatment she needs. >> she has a blastoma that has metastasized, a highly malignant brain tumor. >> reporter: she has been in santa clara three months now. >> doesn't think about high school or college or getting married right now, she just thinks about what makers had happy and, you know, today and tomorrow and being love and had is what makes her happy is that little cardboard cutout in the room there justin. >> reporter: justin bieber, olivia's favorite pop star. when olivia's child life specialist found out the singer would be in the bay area doing a benefit concert she made arrangements to get olivia and her family n it is not just them
7:17 am
going. >> i'm excited. i can't say office big justin bieber fan. >> reporter: her doctor is going, too, to make sure olivia is okay. >> this has been a hard year for our team here at kaiser santa clara, we have had had a lot of difficult case and opportunities to give back to people and to make families happy and to have them forget their illness is a real joy and opportunity for us. >> excited? where are we going tonight? >> reporter: american medical response stepped up to provide the transportation and they even worked to make sure olivia was riding in style. >> we have met her several times. she has become a little favorite of ours and it is just a great honor to be a part of this. >> reporter: for the concert, the family and even the doctors don bieber's signature color, purple. they know this is a rare opportunity and say this experience has taught them to be grateful for the time they have with each other. >> it is just really important to appreciate what you have and don't ever, ever take it for granted. >> this isn't any more a race for the cure. this is just a race to enjoy every minute they can with their
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beautiful daughter. and we hope that other families turn and look at their kids tonight and say, you know, we are lucky that we have this time with our child. >> i hope she had a great time. we want to check our weather forecast with meteorologist nick o'kelly. >> good morning to you this is meteorologist nick o'kelly. we are starting wauf a lot of cloudiness may bayh-wide. marine layers prett deep. almost 3,000 feetre deep. going to take a bit of time to burn off. by midday, partly cloudy skies, temperatures inland will warm a few degrees, the start of a trend that will carry us through most of the coming week. high pressure settles in we will look at a lot less cloudiness by tomorrow morning and a lot more sun, that leading to warmer temperatures inland, going to be seeing 80-degree readings warmer spots throughout the week. by midweek, we could be talking about highs approaching 90 in some of the warmest spots. how it breaks down us for this
7:19 am
ridge of high pressure offshore. now normally this would have built in across the west coast a couple wks ago but we have been plagued by these troughs moving through. the latest one, exiting off to the iner mountain west and that ridge will start to build in as we go through the day today. wearing away the marine cloud, helping to boost temperatures. here are how things are breaking down. for today, warming temperatures, especially in the afternoon hours, we will see the clouds really diminish as we get into tomorrow morning with mostly le sunny skies expected monday and tuesday before we see the marine cloud reese develop through the middle part of the week. highs today should be a few degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday, especially for our inland spots, pleasanton, 72, 73 in san jose, pretty cool around pacifica, high near 60. 65, alameda, 61 half moon bay, at the coast, may not see sun until 1 or 2 p.m. 77, napa. just absolutely gorgeous in the wine country for the next several days, in fact, borderline hot by tuesday.
7:20 am
i will show you in the extended forecast. 66 in san raffaele, about four or five degrees warmer than what you saw yesterday. so, here's that five day, well, the extended forecast. give you all seven days, look for readings reaching near 83 the warmest spots on monday, approaching 90 by tuesday. >> nick is graciously filling in on weather doubt first rob mayeda, where is rob? sleeping in and basking in the glow of his new emmy award. just guessing. check it out. rob my yade dark all dressed up, holding his emmy alongside deidra fitzpatrick from our sister station in sacramento. he was honored last night for regional emmy for the best weather anchor no secret to us. congratulations, rob we wonder if he will show up to his next shift in that tux, looking good. more ahead on "today in the bay," coming up, not quite crook
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and kipe. >> california wins it! >> why cal student announcer is apologizing for this call, just ahead.
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the giants have been thrilling their fans with walkoffs this season but sometimes, things just don't go your way. they were facing right-hander mike lee who earlier this year picked up for shoplifting, however, all he did was handcuff the giants' hit wers his performance. 8 ks in the game. s lose, 10-2, to the reds. trying to make it two in a row, eighth inning, coco crisp, deep to left, going. then it cost. the game-saving catch robs crisp
7:24 am
of the 1,000th big league hit, a's lose 3-2. cal bears baseball an incredible story this year from the brink of being eliminated a as program to being within two wins of playing in the college world series. cal and the super regional opener santa clara taking on dallas baptist, top of the eight, marcus seaman hits a three-run homer to the left. cal wins, 7-0. now they lead that series, 1-0. if they win today they go to omaha for the college world series for just the sixth time in school history. not the case for stanford cardinal, after a 3:4 3 2-minute rain delay, north carolina advances to the college world series, beating stanford, 7-5. and there was definitely a showdown at the 143rd running to of the belmont stake bus it wasn't the one that we expected. kentucky derby winner animal kingdom expected to square off with the preakness winner, shackelford, right here on nbc
7:25 am
bay area. but -- >> coming on, animal kingdom wouldn't get there shackelford back to fourth. thriller on ice. these two down to the wire, ruler on ice, won the belmont stakes. >> animal kingdom almost lost its jockey right out of the gate and left the race wide open. through the muck on the track, 24-1 long shot ruler on ice by half a length over stay thirsty. for the three big races in 2011, three different winners. and of course, some of our favorite sports highlights this week happened off the field and in the broadcasters' booth. >> all right. go derek. that's awesome. 3,000 hits. that's like -- that's twice as many as 1500 had. >> that is cubs pitcher ryan dempster doing his best impression of harry caray, legendary cubs' broadcaster. his rendition of what he would
7:26 am
sound like announcing derek jeter's 3,000th hit. >> california wins it, 9-8. i cannot believe it! i apologize, folks, i'm sure you didn't hear any of that! rodriguez, my voice is gone, i called two games yesterday. >> the voice of the next harry caray maybe, cal baseball student announcer getting very excited a little squeaky, when he called baylor getting -- beating baylor on monday night. much more ahead on "today in the bay." still to come, a bay area city as diverse as they come. so why are all of the city council members white? and an east bay man drowns as first responders look on from shore. why are people planning to wade into those waters today?
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good morning to you, a live look this morning, trans america building in the distance, a little bit of fog to start the day cool start but a warmup in the forecast. isth sunday morning, i'm kris on sanchez. meteorologist nick o'kelly has our full isforecast. >> good morning to you, i'm meteorologist nick o'kelly, looking a at lot of marine cloudiness that spread right across the bay area through the abernight hours and pretty thick ,000 feet deep that means the cloudsngreoi goio take their time burning off and our coastal locations argoing to remain rather cool once again for today, but there are some big changes in the offing. well, really starting today, as high pressure builds in
7:30 am
offshore. here's what we are looking forward to. today, clouds are going to break.through the midday hours, still rather cool for us around pacifica and daly city, up to half moon bay. clouds may not break up until about 1 or 2 p.m. and that breeze is going to be, well, really cooking through the coastal gaps, 25 miles per hour. inland, temperatures should warm a few degrees today. tomorrow, the ridges ight start to take hold. the cloud, not verta bride spred at all, lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures in fact, looking at 80-degree readings through much of this week. by the weekend, maybe 90. forecast details coming up. new this morning, a surge in violence continues in san jose where police have been investigating an overnight shooting. police say a man was shot at 2:30 on east ridge drive near mount pleasant road, expected to survive no arrests in that says case so far. meantime, we have the name of san jose's 24th homicide victim killed yesterday.
7:31 am
san jose police say 24-year-old victor manuel garcia was shot and killed 2:40 yesterday morn on nerdy avenue the seven tree airs ya the south side of town. police say paramedics did first aid and cpr but garcia die ted scene. police have no suspects nor do they have a motive for this shooting. this morning, a teenaged girl is seriously injured and a hit and run driver is still behind the wheel and on the loose this morning. 17-year-old girl was crossing soto road south of 92 around 9:15 last night when she was hit. the car is described as white toyota corolla or jetta. this morning, a group of activists will wade chest deep into alameda waters to protest the way that first responds stood and watched onshore as a suicidal man drowned last month. the group's organizer says they want to show how says to would have been for police and firefighters to rescue 53-year-old raymond zack. zack bobbed in the water alone for almost an hour while rescue crews stood on the shore doing
7:32 am
nothing. alameda rescue crews say they were not allowed to get into the water because of department protocol and because they did not have trained rescue swimmers on the force. the city of santa clara may face a lawsuit challenging the ethnic makeup of the city council. every single member is white, despite the community being as die ver as they come. "today in the bay's" george care yamma looks at a new legal challenge to the way city leaders get elected. >> reporter: walk around el camino real and you can see the rich diversity of santa clara. korean businesses next to indian and pakistani stores. on the city council, this is what you see. >> i see all white face. >> reporter: attorney robert rubin says santa clara the might be in violation of the voting rights act ands have haas a voting system that may favor the political establishment with deep connections that could discourage minority candidates and political newcomers running. the 2010 census shows 37% is
7:33 am
asian, 36% white and 19% hispanic. currently, the city council is 100% white and critic says that doesn't reflect the community or its diverse interests. they know who is on their board. they know who is on their council. they know what the demographics are of their city and they should have act aid firmtively, they haven't. we are giving them a last chance to do so without forcing litigation. >> reporter: ruben says woe like to see santa clara use a voting system like san jose where it may give minority candidates better chances of wing. santa clara usance at-large system, candidate runs for specific seat bus represent the city as a whole, not just a district. >> you have seven chances for an idea, you come to me and say i would like to forward this idea and i don't agree with you, you got six more chances. so everyone in santa clara that sits on the council cares about constituent as a whole, not just one little neighborhood. >> reporter: attorney change was part of a korean-american group than successfully tried to rename a stretch of el camino real little seoul to reflect the businesses in the area.
7:34 am
the outcome would have been different in the city council reflected the community, he says. >> had there been any minority members, let's say including koreans, i would certainly is fair shake. fair chance absolutely. >> reporter: ruben says he is repaired to take santa clara to court but wait and see what the city does in the next few months. mayor matthews says it is all about encouraging diverse voices to run. >> i'm hoping that will change, because the more voices we have at the table, the stronger we all r >> that was george care yamma reporting. he tell us that robert rubin is currently taking san mateo county to court on this very issue. he sued three school districts i and two cities in central valley and has won every case. still ahead, more on "today on the bay," another big apple announcement, the latest news from the tech giant coming up. and want to live like high roller in the everything must go sale that will have you feeling like you are in a vegas casino all the time. and looking live v at our
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control room, saying thank you to the hard-working folks who make it all happen. wither back in two minutes. -- we are back in two minutes.
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good morning, a live look at the golden gate bridge, fog will burn off, a cool day today but then a warming trend, hot day on tuesday. apple announcement overload. on the heels of its new icloud system and plans for a brand new campus, now there's word that am has another big plan in the works. apple insider report that is company is ordering new macbook air laptops based on intel's latest processors. the new macbooks could go into mass production as long as this month.
7:38 am
and this week, google is taking aim at apple and dominance over the notebook market. cnbc's sue herera joins us from cnbc world head quarters with more on the upcoming week in the world of business. >> this week, we will get a few economic reports that will likely give us more proof that the recovery may be slowing down, including retail sales figures from may and read on consumer inflation. with the nation's jobless rate ticking higher, president obama meets with his jobs and competitiveness council in north carolina this week. some corporate earnings of note as well. electronics chain best buy, blackberrimaker, research in motion, and rvmaker winnebago report their quarterly earnings this week and all expected to see less profit. but retailer pier one should see net income rise. and look out am, google will start selling two new notebook computers that run on its chrome operating system. and after nearly ten years, the first civil wrongful death trial stemming from the 9/11 terrorist attacks is slated to begin this week in new york city. all 95 of the other lawsuits
7:39 am
were settled with survivors receiving benefits. not this one, however. and with half of the nation's corn crop going to make ethenol, the senate it this week votes on whether to end the $6 billion a year in tax breaks for the ethenol industry. and after six decades, the world-famous sahara hotel and casino is all closed up now, if you are in the market for a peeves las vegas history, owners are selling everything, chandeliers, chairs, lamps, neon sign, everything must go and now, i have to go i'm sue herera. get your business news on cnbc. >> a reminder, you can get all your business and tech news before the bell weekdays, "today in the bay" starts at 4:30 in the morning. ninjas are launching an assault on the tech world. the ever-popular app fruit ninja is coming to kinect, microsoft's motion control system for the xbox. there are also plan notice works to bring the app to facebook, they will no doubt attack farmville as well. fruit ninja has been one of the
7:40 am
top ten most popular iphone apps since it debuted in spring. the only app more popular, angry bird, of course. much more ahead on today in the bay, still to come, the state's political landscape changes with just days until the budget deadline. how will it impact that impasse? political analyst larry gerston weighs n good morning, there's lots to do today in the bay. my friend and colleague, scott budman, will be emcee today at the fourth annual silicon valley duck race and festival in los gatos. look at those. last june, 15,000 rubber ducks raced their quacks off to raise $60,000 for 16 local charities. scott wants to see how much more they can raise this year, get by 1 p.m., you sponsor a family or even a flock of ducks, get your chances to win $1 million. now, for the food and fun you have to be there for the slide show, go to and why should the ducks have all the fun? maybe you feel like gliding silently along the water as the sun sets along the horizon.
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in there. that is what is going on today in the bay. you have yourself a great one.
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looking live at oaklanda little bit of gray start this morning, looking toward the city but it is going to warm up just a bit today and then warm up a bunch on tuesday. the california citizens redistricting commission has released its first draft of the state's new assembly senate and congressional districts. beginning in 2012, some districts will be very different than they are today. for more on that let's bring in nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston, thanks for joining us. always nice to see you. >> yeah. >> commission? why a commission? different than a citizen's panel? >> by law, let's get to the beginning, by law, the state must rebalance legislative districts after every -- after every sentence. now, in the past, in the past, this were done by the
7:45 am
legislature but they were accused of sort of like holding hands, singing kumbaya and protecting each other's backside. why? the incumbents win. how did they do that? came up with the exotic districts. >> look like keys and all over the place. linchts rorschach test, figure out what this is. no more. no more. we pass and innish dave couple years ago, starting different this time, we have the independent assistance commission their job would be to design new districts, balanced by population, not by politics, not by incumbency. so you know, the initial data examination looks pretty good, done a pretty good job and these how we have got ton where we are. >> now, what changes will we see? will this affect who is elected and where? >> yeah. good question. more changes in some parts of the state than others no question about t because of these new boundaries, chris, the democrats are likely to pick up a couple of seats in the senate, that's good for the democrats, not so good for the republicans, likely to pick up three or four
7:46 am
seat notice house of representatives. it looks like there's going to be the status quo arrangement in the assembly, maybe a seat or two goes more to the democrats. we are looking now at the -- at the population breakdown by party. and this shouldn't really be a surprise that the democrats would gain, because the latest data suggests that about 44% of the registereds are democrats, 31% republicans, makes sense they are going to get most of this stuff, to okay? but in the bay area here, we are pretty fortunate, because most elected officials in the bay area will not lose their jobs. they may lose where they live. that is to say they may have to move around a little bit because some may find themselves competing in the same districts, may have to move a little bit, some place else. have that kind of problem in san francisco for mark lee. so for that reason, we are going to see some of the districts extends east, some of the districts extend south but basically, we will be contained. >> the new boundaries are drawn but that is not end of the story.
7:47 am
>> of course not. we have to go back and forth for a couple of years. >> an ongoing drama, remember this is the citizens commission that means we have to get input from everybody and anybody who cares about this thing, so, what happens here now is that they are going to go ahead, they are going to have more hearings, they are going to go after the hearings, make sure they haven't offended anybody in any which way, at least not too many groups, then put out another set of maps have more hearings and come up with their final set of maps by august 15th. that's the day when, you know, whatever, that's what's gonna happen. done. >> okay. so now, let's talk about a different deadline, which is the dead lynn to pats budget. >> i thought you might ask. >> we are learning. >> we have been talking about this for months, everybody said, oh, they will deal with it get it done, get done, don't forget, proposition 14 that requires the legislature to pass a budget by june 15th.
7:48 am
if they don't do so, no pay, not withholding it to give it back later no pay for every day that don't do t amazingly, sudden lynn very motivated. >> very motivated. >> running out of time. 15th days away, decisions have to be made mostly because we still have this $10 billion gap. the governor has been besieging the republicans particularly to allow him to put it to a vote. they have been withholding support for that and inching toward some resolution. you kind of get the feeling that for the first time, they may do it because, you know what nobody wants to go without a meal. >> no i would think not. thank you vy much, larry. always get more of larry's political insight any time, those hard-working folks post his prop zero blog every weekend. thank you, larry. nice to see you. ahead of the nation's education system is asking congress to make changes to the no child left behind law before the next school year or he will
7:49 am
do it himself. secretary arne duncan is prom e promising promis promising to waive parts of the law for states to push measures i wants. including student achievement, explaining charter schools and overhauling lowest performing schools. it was passed in 2001 and requires states to test students in math and reading and punishes schools which follow short of the objectives set forward by the states. the law labels too many schools as failures but narrows curriculum and waters down standardized testings. we will have to watch and see what happens there. still ahead on today in the bay, nick o'kelly is here with a look at the forecast that is
7:50 am
warming up into your workweek.
7:51 am
good morning to you, take a live look, a little bit of a gray start too this morning, but
7:52 am
a warmup in the distance. by thursday, might need a short-sleeve shirt. this morning arrange east bay woman suspected of selling counter fit passes to the happiest places on earth is in a not so happy place this morning, behind bars. police arrested the woman this weekend after finding fake park passes at her pleasantville home. police say the woman duped several families by running an ad on craigslist. victims wouldn't realize its discounted tickets were fake until they tried to use them at disneyland. her bail is set at 60,000. check that forecast with nick o'kelly. >> good morning to you this is meteorologist nick o'kelly. starting with low cloudiness baywide. that marine layer is deep. almost 3,000 feet deep. going toake a bit of time to burn off, midday, we are looking at partly cloudy skies, temperatures inland warm a few degrees, a start of a trend that will carry us through most of the coming week that high pressure settles in, we will look for a lot less cloudiness
7:53 am
by tomorrow morning and a lot more sun. that leading to warmer temperatures inland, seeing lot of 80-degree readings the warmest spots throughout the week. by midweek, we could be talking about highs approaching 90 in some of the warmest spots. here is how it breaks down for us, we have this ridge of high pressure offshore and now normally, this would have built in across the west coast a couple weeks ago but we have been plagued by these troughs moving through, the latest one, well it is just exiting off to the inner mountain west and that ridge will start to build in we go through the day today. wearing away the marine clouds and helping to boost temperatures. hear how things are breaking down. for today, looking for warming temperatures, especially in the afternoon hours. we will see the clouds really diminish as we get into tomorrow morning, with mostly sunny skies expected monday and tuesday before we see the marine clouds redevelop through the middle part of the week. highs today should be a few degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday, especially for our inland spots. pleasanton, 72 degrees, 73 in
7:54 am
san jose, still pretty cool around pacifica, a high near 60, 65, alameda. 61, half moon bay. at the coast, you may not see a lot of sun until about 1 or 2 p.m. 77, napa, just absolutely gorgeous in the wine country for the next several days. in fact, borderline hot by tuesday. i will show you in the extended forecast. 66 in san raffaele, about four or five degrees warmer than what you saw yesterday. so here's that 7-day forecast, the extended forecast, give you all seven days, readings reaching near 80 to the warmest spots on monday, approaching 90 by tuesday. an all new meet the press is just moments away. david gregory is in washington with a look at what's in store. >> good morning. coming up, an exclusive debate between the twleefrtsd major political parties. joining me, democratic national committee chair debbie wasserman schultz and republican chair, reince priebus. we will discuss the fallout of the anthony weiner scandal, the politics of the economied as well as the future of medicare
7:55 am
our meet the candidate series continues with pennsylvania senator rick santorum and our political roundtable, all coming up this morning on "meet the press." a big con grant lations this morning to meteorologist rob mayeda, here he is, all dressed up, take a look at what's holding that is the emmy award he won last night. he is celebrating with dees rah fitzpatrick from our sister station in sacramento. our very own hard-working weatherman was award last night with the regional emmy for best weather anchor. we are not surprised. congratulations, rob and hopefully, we will get to see him in that tux next time he is in the studio. and new this morning, the first photos of congresswoman gabrielle giffords since she was hot in the head during a shooting rampage at a grocery store. an aide posted this photo this morning on the congresswoman's facebook pay. giffords continues to get stronger at a rehab center in houston, her aide says, and now, one of them says that she could be released as soon as the end of this month. doctors say it is too early to
7:56 am
tell when or if giffords will be able to go back to work on capitol hill. for those of you looking for juicy news from the thousands of newly released emails from sarah palin, disappointing news. so far no bombshell he is and no gotcha moments, as she calls them, in the 24,000 pages released from her office. eat mails depict palin as an image ---conscious leader closely involved with the day-to-day duties of running alaska. the e-mails show her as ambitious,ing an ling for the vice presidential nomination months before senator john mccain even pinged her had. interestingly though eat mails seem to show a more moderate side of palin who worked to find a state response tol gbalo warming and even gave props to then-senator barack obama for his support of the national gas pipeline in alaska. one of "the hangover" stars giving await plot of the next movie. "the hangover part 2" a hit but some complain the plot is a
7:57 am
rehash of the first movie. if you believe zach galifianakis, that won't be the case for part three. he told rolling stone magazine, the next movie will center around his character, alan, trying to get out of a mental institution. we will have to wait and see. and "the hangover part 2" comes on on dvd and blu-ray, you might see something different, guy who designed mike tyson's face tattoo is suing the makers of the movie for copyright infringement. one of the characters wakes up with the same tattoo in the movie. this is an agreement the tattoo can stay in the movie while in theater bus it might be changed through cgi for home video. people in l.a. are dealing with real angry birds, not the ones on their i phones. a group of blackbirds are dive bombing pedestrians as they walk through the pacific pal his aids is part of los angeles. no serious injure voice far, just a a lot of ducking and covering. residents say the birds are probably trying to protect a nest in a nearby bush. a scrub jay doing that in our
7:58 am
yard. thanks for joining us this morning, more local news 4 at 5, 6 and 11 and all day long at you can find us on facebook as well. have a great sunday and we will
7:59 am
see you next weekend.


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