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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  June 14, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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elise, when did this all happen and how did the police find out? >> reporter: raj, the alleged sexual assault took place at a local park not far from the middle school behind me. it happened during a school field trip. school officials didn't find out about it until last week. that's when those young victims came forward and told school officials about it on the day before the last day of school. >> it's appalling. i can't imagine. >> reporter: the unimaginable. two 12-year-old girls are allegedly raped by five other middle school boys. it happened in broad day night in redwood city during a school field trip. >> it's a surprise that something happened when somebody is watching. >> i've been three and a half decades with the district attorney's office in this county, and to have this type of a crime by such youthful offenders is without precedent in this county. haven't seen it. >> reporter: authorities say the instance dent occurred when students from kennedy middle school attended a field trip with two teachers. at some point the boys, ages 13 to 14 years old, broke away from
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the group and went after the two seventh grade girls, allegedly sexually assaulting them for five to eight minutes. >> there were two supervisors there and approximately 20 students. >> so how can that happen with two supervisors there? >> that's what we're under investigation to find out. >> reporter: redwood city school district officials do know the students involved were part of a newcomer program, a class for kids who have only been in the u.s. for less than a year. >> they receive intensive language instruction in this program. as part of their social studies, the teacher took them out to the park. >> thinking about what it means to immigrate here. oftentimes there may have been trauma beforehand, there may have been traumatic experiences during the process of coming over, and there may have been experiences that have been really hurtful being here. >> reporter: jessica hollander with the rape trauma services in burlingame says it's not uncommon for perpetrators this young to be victims themselves. >> i think that unfortunately children are really a vulnerable
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population, and i think that when we look at who experiences sexual abuse, they're oftentimes kids. >> reporter: and the five boys have all been charged on multiple charges of sexual assault. if convicted, they could serve up to 14 years and nine months at a detention center. live in redwood city, elise kirschner, nbc bay area news. a special ed teacher at a vallejo elementary school appeared in court today after being arrested for allegedly raping a developmentally challenged student who worked with him as a classroom aide. 56-year-old jerry johnson teaches special ed kindergarten and pre-kindergarten. vallejo police say his 18-year-old victim has the mental capacity of a 7-year-old, so she's incapable of consenting to any type of sex. the student aide helped johnson with the younger developmentally challenged students. first lady michelle obama is on her way back to the white house tonight after a visit to the bay area for two fund-raisers. a breakfast in berkeley and a
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lunch in san francisco. dozens of people lined the streets to catch a glimpse of mrs. obama as she left. about some 250 guests attended the breakfast fund-raiser paying between $1,000 and $25,000 a seat. famed chef alex waters catered the event. mrs. obama later attended a luncheon in san francisco. just into the newsroom, some candid photos from the first lady's fund-raiser in berkeley. you'll recognize some of these. faces, you see it there. there's sully sullenberger, chef alice waters and in this one, the first lady herself. new tonight at 6:00, a new state law may prohibit you from buying beer and liquor using the self checkout lanes at the grocery store. a senate committee delayed a vote on the measure today. the backers of the bill, including mothers against drunk drivers say young people are abusing the self check systems. retailers disagree and they say there are enough safeguards in place to prevent alcohol purchases by minors.
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>> this bill is an incremental effort to discourage and prevent kids from purchasing alcohol. is it inconvenient to the rest of us in some way? perhaps. >> unfortunately, youth are getting access to alcohol. they are not getting it through self checkout. that is just not true. >> supporters of the measure say teens are also exchanging information online on how to beat those self service systems. the san jose woman whose body was found dumped in a garbage bag in sunnyvale was laid to rest today in sharp contrast to how she died. as kris sanchez reports, today was how about maria esther orozco is remembered and what's next for the man accused of killing her. >> reporter: she arrived in a white casket at our lady of guadalupe church peacefully and handled with dignity by people who knew her kindness and her smile. in times like these, families often ask us for privacy, but
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this family welcomed this at the funeral to make sure people know she deserved better than what she got. >> she just want her not to be forgotten and, you know, for justice to be done to such a brutal crime. this was so brutal. >> reporter: sunnyvale police say this man, 47-year-old feliciano santiago of santa clara killed her june 4th at the sunnyvale home where he was doing work. police found her body in a garbage bag with five blocks away at 10:00 the next morning. the coroner said she died from massive head trauma. >> i shouldn't say it, but i think he deserves -- for what he did to her, i hope he pays for this in prison the same way. >> reporter: her niece is struggling with one of the things that her aunt was known for, forgiveness. >> maria was a great person, she had a good heart.
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she was the type of woman, very naive, who would never hurt anybody. you know, if someone would hurt her, she would say, it's okay, god forgive them. >> reporter: orozco came from mexico 20 years ago. in 20 years she made lots of friends, from people she worked with as a janitor to people see saw in passing every day. >> she had a lot of flaenriendst cared for her because of the way she was. she was always on the bus so people that met her there that have known her for years. >> reporter: police say the two knew each other, which adds to her family's and friends' sadness. as a clearer picture of the violent death emerges, her niece wants us to replace that image with a different one. >> we just want to remember her as a good person. we would always love her. she's always going to live in our hearts. >> reporter: kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. barry bonds former personal
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trainer will not be able to coach his son's youth baseball league in burlingame. the burlingame youth baseball association says that greg anderson isn't a registered coach and can't be on the field during games. anderson has been coaching for years, but was told of the ban after a parent complained about the convicted steroid dealer's participation. the league president says there have never been any complaints against anderson until now. anderson, as you know, spent three weeks in prison earlier this year for refusing to testify at bonds' trial on charges that he lied about steroid use. anderson previously pled guilty to steroid distribution. well, it appears an arsonist may have beaten demolition crews to the punch in destroying an east bay elementary school that's being replaced by a brand new building. the problem is last night's fire also destroyed valuable teaching materials and equipment that the kids still needed. the elementary school is located near 39th and carlson near interstate 80. jodi hernandez got a firsthand look at those losses.
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these are things school districts can't afford to replace. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. this kind of damage is tough to see. you can see how the fire scorched the outside of the building, while inside it is a melted, ashy mess. school material and memories are left charred. >> i can't even describe it. it's just so much pain and so much suffering, like in my heart. it's like my soul just dropped to my feet to hear that the school that i went to burned. >> reporter: that's how children in richmond are feeling, after seeing their school and its belongings go up in flames. firefighters say it appears someone intentionally set fire to martin luther king jr. elementary last night, just days before it was due to be demolished and before the school had a chance to move its contents to the newly constructed school. >> the 400 something kids that are coming back in the fall from k through 6 will have to have
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learning materials along with the teachers. this is devastation. it's just catastrophic and it's chaos. >> reporter: among the losses, computers, furniture and textbooks. >> my heart hurts. it's crying. >> reporter: teacher elva carothers says what hurts the most, seeing items the children created destroyed. >> i saw a diarama of a student i helped in sixth grade that hurt my heart a little bit, wishing they had been here the last day of school to pick it up. oh, i'll come next week and now the work is gone. >> reporter: this 12-year-old calls it crushing. ms. memories of his school days so far now singed. >> i just think whoever did this should be punished because this school meant a lot to me because i went here for so long. and just to see it burn down was like a part of my life all gone. >> reporter: we are back here
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live. fire officials say this fire had several points of origin. again, they do believe that the fire was intentionally set. now, the district tonight is trying to put a dollar amount on the damage. fortunately a lot of the items that were inside were taken out before the fire started, but still quite a bit was destroyed. of course some of it simply can't be replaced. reporting live in richmond, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> makes you wonder who would do something like that. thank you, jodi. let's get to the weather now. jeff ranieri comes in and we have outdoor cafes were bustling, kids are out of school. welcome to june. >> definitely. some people were out in flip-flops. we did see a lot of people out in san francisco wearing even some shorts. we had some clear weather across the bay. plenty of sunshine as we take a look from our current camera right now. not much in the way ofse fog. there's a little bit lingering off the coastline but with these
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dry, northerly winds in place, 92 in livermore, 96 in santa rosa. gilroy was 95, livermore 94 and south san jose with plenty of low 90s. it's all about these warming winds and this hot region producing this hot weather and the big question right now. will we have any triple digit heat? i'll answer that for you and also get some viewer feedback from, yes, my facebook. that's all coming up in just a few minutes. still ahead at 6:00, she breaks her silence. arnold schwarzenegger's former mistress talks about the lies, the cheating and raising his child. how she says maria shriver confronted her. also ahead, an important ruling today involving proposition 8. details on what's next for the controversial case. and while the late season snow was great for skiers, it may turn out to be dangerous for the rest ofth us. we'll show you why in two.
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murders are up in san jose while the number of police going down. 156 officers who thought they would be laid off will keep patrolling the streets. marianne favro is live at city hall to explain how the jobs are finally being saved. >> reporter: well, it's all because san jose police officers agreed to a 10% across-the-board pay cut. but despite that sacrifice, the police officers union says that basically san jose has one of the most understaffed police departments in the nation. gunfire erupted early this morning in east san jose, injuring three and killing one man. he is the 27th person murdered in san jose so far this year. >> crime is rising at an alarming rate.
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homicides are up and on pace to eclipse a 30-year high. violent crime is up. we had a riot downtown just last week, involving 100 people. property crimes are up. residential burglaries, commercial burglaries. >> the hope is the increasing crime rate will start to go down. that's because 156 officers facing layoffs will now remain on the streets. the police officers association agreed to 10% pay cuts to save those jobs. the city council approved the plan today. >> i'm gratified that our police officers have stepped up and done something very difficult, which is to take a cut in pay, 10% in total compensation. that's a big step. >> reporter: unfortunately, the mayor says the city will still likely need to slash at least 100 officers, as the city deals with a $115 million budget gap. that worries robert amadore. >> as it is, if the murder rate has gone up, less officers will
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just make everything worse because there's more opportunity for that to happen with less eyes out. >> reporter: he's glad to know 156 officers will still be patrolling, but he says the streets still need more. >> i do feel a little less safe with less officers out. >> reporter: the police officers association also agreed to restructure its pension plans, and that could save the city millions of dollars in the future. now, if the city happens to have more sales tax revenues than they originally projected for, they could potentially hire back five additional officers. reporting live at city hall, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. from san jose we go to the coast now. half moon bay's police officers are still on the force tonight, but they're now deputies working for the san mateo county sheriff's department. this morning the sheriff swore in 14 police officers at the courthouse. the city's police department was officially merged with the sheriff's office on sunday. half moon bay's former police
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headquarters now serves as a sheriff's substation. budget cut backs and a bad economy for city leaders to provide the county law enforcement services. last september's pg&e explosion will cost the utility nearly $2.4 billion. and now a joint federal and state investigation increases pg&e's chances of being heavily fined for the accident. those fines would be something the utility would not be able to pass on to its customers. eight people died in that explosion. 65 more been injured and more than 100 homes were destroyed or damaged in that san bruno blast. well, it was bound to happen eventually. with the weather warming up, the lingering sierra snowpack is melting at a record rate. joe rosato jr. shows us how it's causing problems for some and yet relief for many. >> reporter: the flood gates at folsom dam rage with a cascade of water. it's a sign warmer weather is finally here and the sierra snow
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is finally melting. as a result, the swollen american river is surging at 190% of normal. the san joaquin river, 180%. >> as expected, the snow is starting to melt. it's been a delayed melt due to the cold weather that we've had this early spring. >> reporter: this week the snow runoff is expected to hit its peak for the season. in yosemite, officials are calling for evacuations over the next few days because of the potential for flooding. but among the rest of california's water systems, officials have been bracing for this runoff for months. >> we've been coordinating operations with the national weather service, the corps of engineers and reservoir operators for two or three months to make sure that the reservoirs have made space to accommodate that snow melt. >> reporter: after several years of drought, this wet year is expected to ease water deliveries to agriculture and other users across the state. >> we're certainly pleased to see this type of water year. it's filled the reservoirs to the point where those reservoirs
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are meeting all the demands that are coming. >> reporter: but water economics were far from the mind of russell and his pals today as they headed to the banks the american river. >> warming up, i'm out of school finally. just going to go relax, go to the lake, go to the rivers, do everything that i can before i have to go back to school. >> reporter: and even colder than normal water wasn't derailing his plans. >> it's a little abnormal, but not to the point where we can't go in. the current seems like it's just fine. >> reporter: state water officials say they will closely monitor runoff levels until july, when they're expected to ease. but for many, the snow melt isn't late at all. in fact it's just in time. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. now check out these pictures from yosemite. it is spectacular, but potentially dangerous as well. tomorrow on "today in the bay" our marla tellez will join us live from the park to show us how the snowpack is causing thunderous water falls and rising rivers.
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then tomorrow at 4:00, meteorologist rob mayeda will also be live in yosemite to explain why nature's wonder can turn so deadly. look for those uniquely bay area stories all day long on nbc bay area. we're rejoined now by our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. we know he's getting serious when he has his little -- >> he's newt apple spokesperson too. >> are you getting kick backs for this? >> no, i did not get this for free. i had to wait in line. i did want to upat a time you guys. susie, living between morgan hill and gilroy with a 94.1 at her last check. also christian with 92. ann had 106 but that's from a friend in phoenix, thankfullieyt wasn't that hot here in the bay area. 94 in livermore and 90 in san rafael. so near record-setting heat, but not anything in the way of strings of records. however, some of this heat we're
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seeing in the east and the south bay, some of the warmest weather we have had in eight months. it really has been since about october sense some of you have been this hot. we are clear, obviously, at the lower levels with our sunshine. it will be mainly mild as high pressure remains offshore. that still has plenty of 90-degree weather associated with it, as we head into tomorrow's forecast. before we start to see that fog filtering back in. throughout tomorrow morning it's going to be that mild start with low to mid-60s here for most of the viewing area. even close to 70 at santa rosa. right around 7:00 a.m. around 10:00 a.m. a very fast warmup. you can wear the shorts tomorrow. 84 in fairfield, 77 napa, 79 in santa rosa and 77 for gilroy by 10:00 a.m. coming up, the all-important question anyo 100 degree weathe? i'll let you know. still ahead at 6:00 now, the
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major aerospace company about to layoff employees here in the bay area. also, new details tonight on when iran will make a final decision about the case involving those two uc berkeley grads being held there. and the clock is ticking. the last-minute proposals on the state budget and why lawmakers personal financial selves in mess. we're back in two minutes. ♪ stay inside? nah. not when you have a five-star overall vehicle score for safety. one more reason chevy traverse delivers more.
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lawmakers are playing beat the clock again. now they're working on two budget versions, one which extends expiring taxes and one which does not. since not enough republicans have gone along with putting those tax extensions on the ballot, democrats will probably pass a budget relying on short-term spending cuts and budget shifts, creating a budget which would let california get through the first few months instead of next year. and with that said, we have
6:25 pm
a feeling they'll want to get paid and, therefore, will pass a budget pretty quickly. we're joined by our political analyst larry gerston now. any gimmicks here, any side carts? >> that's the unfortunate thing, especially for someone like jerry brown. it looks like we're going to see a budget once again full of these gimmicks. deferred maintenance, borrowing from special funds and the like, all these things. but here are a few changes that we need to see that will hone us in on what to expect. there's going to be a delay in repaying the school's $3 billion that the state had promised they had been owing to schools for years. $1 billion from the children's first five program but that's subject to court challenge. and perhaps $1.7 billion from drastically scaled-back redevelopment programs. you add all that up and it's $5.7 billion. the remainder, fees, borrowed funds from other agencies and some program reductions. but in short, dog gone it, it's the same thing we've seen again
6:26 pm
and again. >> flat tire, we're replacing it with the spare, so to speak? >> a spare that's half flat already. yeah, it's not good. the fact of the matter is that there are real serious issues here they're just not addressing. >> so where does governor brown stand with this, which is likely going to happen in the next 24 hours. >> that's very interesting because brown laid down the gauntlet. he's been doing this for months. he said give me one of those two things. give me the tax extensions i've been asking for, income, sales and automobiles, or you make all those cuts. $9.6 billion in cuts. don't give me this gimmicky stuff. what's happened is that in the end brown has had to back off. he's had to back off because he knows he's not getting what he wants. republicans have stayed true to their call here so it's forced the governor really to call his hand. >> yes or no answer. ineffective so far, jerry brown in his second term as governor? >> listen, enough blame to go around. jerry brown is going to get in trouble for not bringing the republicans along.
6:27 pm
the republicans are not looking good for being stubborn against these kinds of changes. and the schools are likely to l lose a lot of money they desperately need. >> thank you, larry. jessica, back to you. still ahead at 6:00, the sun is out and so are new guide lines involving sunscreen. changes to help you better understand what you're really buying and putting on your kids. also ahead, the moment maria shriver found out about arnold schwarzenegger's love child. what his former mistress is saying in her first interview. and top democratic leaders meet for the first time since the anthony weiner scandal broke. what they have decided to do now. and to recan you say or not wec ruling involving prop 8
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we're back in two minutes. well, making gay marriage illegal is still unconstitutional. that's the upshot of today's
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ruling on prop 8. antigay marriage groups argue that the openly gay judge in ruled in favor of same-sex marriage was biased and never should have been presiding over the case. tracy grant is live at the federal courthouse in san francisco to explain today's decision. >> reporter: jessica, anti-same sex marriage groups lost their fight to get judge vaughn walker's ruling against prop 8 tossed out. now, this court decided today that there was no reason to nullify walker's decision and that his sexual orientation and relationship status had no bearing on the case. >> we're able to move forward and that the judge came out to the right decision. >> reporter: enrique is part of the legal team who worked to overturn the same-sex marriage ban last year. those same lawyers successfully argued that that hard-fought federal court ruling should not be thrown out because of the sexual orientation. >> it's a powerful ruling that recognizes that gay and lesbian
6:31 pm
judges are entitled to the same notions of fairness and impartiality as all other federal judges. >> reporter: judge walker ruled last september that a ban against gay marriage was unconstitutional. months after making that decision, walker revealed in the media that he was openly gay and had been in a same-sex relationship for the last ten years. in a hearing yesterday, prop 8 supporters argued that walker should have disclosed that relationship and stood to benefit from a ruling in favor of gay marriage. they say he should have recused himself from the case from the start. chief federal judge james ware released an order that declared the fact that judge vaughn walker shared some of the personal circumstances and characteristics and could be affected by the outcome as the way other members of the general public could be affected but is not a basis for recusal or disqualification. whereas lawyers challenging walker's ruling yesterday whether he should not be allowed to preside over certain cases because he's african-american.
6:32 pm
in his order, he stated prop 8 lawyers argument would mean all minority judges would have to recuse themselves from most if not all civil rights cases. walker lives in the castro district and has been following the prop 8 case very closely. >> i think it's a wonderful step in the direction of fairness and equality of treatment. >> reporter: now, in the interest of full disclosure, judge ware actually told lawyers on both sides yesterday that he had actually performed a same-sex marriage back in 2008 when the marriages were still legal in california. we tried to talk to a group called protect marriage, one of the main proponents of prop 8 today. they didn't return any of our calls and they didn't update their website to include any of the latest information about this decision. live in san francisco, tracy grant, nbc bay area news. it's already been a long couple of years and now it will be a long summer for shane bauer and josh fattal. the two uc berkeley hikers who are still in an iranian prison
6:33 pm
awaiting word on their fate. iranian prosecutors announced the americans' next court date is between june and late august. they say a final decision may come during the court's summer session. but refused to elaborate. bauer, fa tall and sarah shourd are accused of espionage. shourd was released on humanitarian grounds after concerns for her health last september. the u.s. government has often appealed for their release, insisting they have done no wrong. the. new tonight at 6:00, another big name bay area employer is slashing jobs. this time in the aerospace and defense industries. contractor lockheed martin is cutting about 1200 workers. many of the cuts will come from the company's plant in sunnyvale, which is heavily invested in federal contracts. those federal contracts are set to expire in the next coming weeks and months. fewer new contracts are being drawn up as federal budget cuts shrink the amount of defense spending. lockheed martin says it will
6:34 pm
offer voluntary layoffs to eligible workers and will cut middle management by about 25%. big changes for google and putting your grandma on tv. scott mcgrew has a wrap of today's tech and business stories. >> reporter: google announced new features today in san francisco, including an update to its mobile apps and voice control of your desktop searches. coming soon if you want a recipe for chicken marsala on your computer, just say it and your pc will find it. skype announced a partnership with comcast. coming soon, you'll be able to use a special comcast box and webcam to video conference over your tv. one click of your remote and you can connect with anyone with skype in high definition. i should mention, this tv station is owned by comcast. the guy behind the success of apple stores, ron johnson, is going to be the new ceo of j.c. penney's. shares jumped 13% on the news as
6:35 pm
investors hope johnson can bring some of his magic to the stale store chain. and finally, and boy do i mean finally, 14 years, one month, 17 days after it was announced, they released duke nuke 'em forever to stores today, actually setting a real guinness book record for longest delay of a tech product. as for the quality of the game, it's full of poop jokes, which is rated m for mature though honestly it's very, very immature. back to you. when president obama arrived in puerto rico today, he became the first u.s. president to visit the island since john kennedy's visit back in 1961. although puerto ricans are u.s. citizens, they cannot vote in presidential elections. there are thousands of ex-pats on the mainland who can vote. many also serve in the u.s. armed services.
6:36 pm
>> i also want to take a moment to acknowledge all the puerto rican men and women who serve in our country's uniform. >> reporter: the presidential election isn't until next year but there's a lot of movement today. jon huntsman, president obama's former ambassador to china, announced he's jumping into the presidential race. the republican and former utah governor will make his formal announcement next week. the drum beat is getting louder on capitol hill with more calls for congressman anthony weiner to step down. today democratic house leaders met for the first time since the sexting scandal broke. they didn't take action against weiner but are clearly increasing the pressure on the congressman to resign. after more than two weeks of an ongoing photo sexting scandal, seeing more of congressman weiner than they wanted, many on capitol hill say they want him to step down. >> i wanted to be sure that the knew why i came to the
6:37 pm
conclusion that with the love of his family, the confidence of his constituents and the need for help, that congressman weiner should resign from the congress. >> republican house speaker john boehner also called for weiner to resign. now he's on a two-week leave from congress and seeking treatment. congressman weiner has said he will not make any decisions without his wife, who will arrive back from an overseas trip this evening. still ahead at 6:00, the biggest night in music or one of the biggest nights in music is just hours away. we'll take you live down to los angeles ahead of tonight's special live edition of "the voice." usplew guidelines changing how you'll buy your next sunscreen. and you sure needed that sunscreen out there whitoday wi plenty of heat throughout the south bay. los gatos topping out with 94 degrees. south san jose also with low 90s and still hot inland with 90 at livermore and 90 in concord. it will cool o but we'llffnit b whether there's any triple-digit
6:38 pm
heat in my seven-day forecast coming up.
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. topping our healthwatch tonight, now that the sunshine is finally here, here comes the sunscreen. but are you putting on the right stuff? skin cancer rates are rising. and today the fda announced changes to its labeling requirements for the first time in more than 30 years. all sunscreens in the united states will soon be categorized according to how they protect against the harmful ultraviolet ray that say can cause skin cancer and wrinkles. those will now be labeled broad spectrum. and only those with an spf of 15 or higher can make that claim. there will also be no more sun block, waterproof or sweat proof because the fda has decided no product can make that claim. well, potential problems in your pantry. the food and drug administration has found traces of listeria at a kellogg plant in augusta, georgia, that manufactures cookies, specifically keebler and famous amos cookies. they found listeria in several
6:41 pm
spots along the production line that comes in direct contact with the food. listeria can cause serious problem in young kids, pregnant women and others with impaired immune systems. this isn't the first time listeria and kellogg have been in the headlines. back in 2009 it was found in a kellogg plant in atlanta, georgia, as well. jeff ranieri is back with us again and this is getting exciting for you now because now the sunshine is blazing. >> yes. and we have some of the hottest weather we've had in eight months so this is good news. you guys have been wanting the heat and it is finally here. a live look out here across the bay. we'll let you know how long this hot weather will be sticking around and if there's any triple digits in my forecast coming up. coming up in sports, did you know that pandas are not extinct in arizona? that's right, the giants lineup gets a boost. plus, a homecoming for one athletic in oakland. details next. ♪
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in her first interview since the scandal broke, arnold schwarzenegger's former housekeeper said she initially didn't talk with the former governor about her pregnancy or the child that he gathered with her. in a paid interview mildred
6:44 pm
baena revealed that maria shriver guessed the truth after noticing the boy's resemblance to schwarzenegger saying, quote, maria would ask if i needed to talk to her, and i kept saying no. finally she asked point blank if joseph was arnold's son. i just broke down. i dropped to my knees and i was crying. baena says when her son was told his biological father was schwarzenegger, he responded by saying, "cool." she also called schwarzenegger, quote, "a good man." chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, take it away. we have a week filled with sunshine. >> yes. and you know this heat so rare, at least lately around here. we did get a report from santa rosa of a broken thermometer. it's reading unfortunately 117 but we know it's not hot there. let's look across the bay. we do have relatively clear conditions. a little fog still hanging off the coastline but it's not going to have enough motion to move in across the entire bay tonight. and how long has it been since it's been this warm for some of you? way back on october of 2010.
6:45 pm
so about eight months here across portions of the east bay since we've had weather this widespread and this hot. okay. another thing that's warming us up is not only the warm air aloft but these dry, northwesterly winds, anywhere from 10 to 27 miles per hour just offshore. it's that northwesterly wind even tomorrow that will keep these temperatures hot yet again. so we do have still, yes, right now 90 in livermore, 80 in san jose, 79 in sunnyvale and temperatures in the upper 60s and low to mid-70s. so it's not record setting, it's not at extremely dangerous levels, but you still have to remember to hydrate yourself in heat like this so even tomorrow while we're not going to have widespread triple digits, we'll be in the 90s and definitely sdp you need to think about if you're doing a lot of workout side, take frequent breaks and drink lots of water. we'll see a cooling trend coming on back with some fog but mainly the next 48 hours we'll see high pressure offshore keeping it warm with more 90s coming back for wednesday's forecast. a look at the fog forecast and what you'll find is little to
6:46 pm
nothing. by tonight at 11:00 p.m., a little stratus tries to form offshore but doesn't really get anywhere. around 6:00 a.m. just spotty cloud cover and lots of sunshine for san jose, redwood city, san francisco and also novato looking fantastic. tonight this is how it looks. 58 in los gatos, 60 in santa cruise, 61 in oakland, 59 in redwood city and 63 in san francisco. and tomorrow not triple digits in the south bay but very, very close. near record-setting for some of you. 92 in los gatos, 90 in evergreen, 88 in san jose, 91 in dublin, 93 in livermore and low to mid-80s from san mateo to redwood city. you head into san francisco, we'll see 70s, but it will probably feel like the 80s if you're down in the financial district. 90 in conkoefrd, 89 in orinda and 89 in novato. morning time on the weather channel on cable, if you're doing any traveling, they have a great section there as well as we cool off friday, saturday and subbed. for father's day it looks about
6:47 pm
perfect with 83 and mostly sunny skies. so tomorrow the hottest day of the week, but i think, you know, everybody can handle it just fine. >> yes, i think it's going to be okay. >> it's going to be nice. >> thanks, jeff. let's get to sports now. okay, it's been buzzing around here in the newsroom this week. last night we debuted our new look sports department. we went from about eight people and expanded to about 80 people. we're joining forces with our friends over at comcast sportsnet. >> and tonight we introduce one of the faces we'll be seeing a lot of. henry joins us from the comcast sportsnet newsroom. hey, henry. >> hey. it feels real good, we're family now. we start with some good news for a change on the injury front for the giants. there's a panda sighting in arizona. for the first time since april 29th, pablo sandoval back in the lineup. the panda has been out with a
6:48 pm
broken hand. right now giants are leading in the top of the first 1-0. pablo sandoval 1 for 1 with an rbi. what about the green and gold? you know that saying there's no place like home for new a's manager, bob melvin. tonight marks his first chance to manage in the bay area for a team he grew up watching. our kate longworth is live at the coliseum with more on melvin's homecoming tonight against the royals. kate. >> reporter: well, henry, i can tell you there is a new energy here as bob melvin takes over the reins for the a's, and it's certainly the excitement we felt here back on opening night. and for the bay area native, he said tonight will fall nothing short of special, as he suits up for the green and gold for the very first time here in oakland. >> you know, driving up here was terrific. i've been in this complex many, many times, whether it's baseball, basketball. and starting at a very young age. so being able to put on a white
6:49 pm
uniform here instead of a gray uniform and i must admit when i walked out today, i veered to the right for a second and realized i was going to the left. it was a good feeling. so any time you're able to come home in this type of capacity, it doesn't happen very often, and i understand the significance. >> any win is big right now. you know, no better time than right now to get his first win here at home and start the home stand off right. >> reporter: now, though, the a's are a season high 11 games under .500. melvin said oakland is not in need of rebuilding. he said this team is playing hard. they have just fallen short in a couple of key situations, so we'll certainly see how this home stand plays out. reporting live at the coliseum, i'm kate longworth for nbc bay area. thanks, kate. from the pros to the college ball where cal was back on the field today for their first practice as they prepare to take on number one seed, virginia, in the college world series in
6:50 pm
omaha. you take a look at the numbers from this season and it's obvious why virginia is the number one seed. the cavaliers a high-powered offensive team. jamie is live in berkeley with more on the golden bears prep for sunday's game. >> reporter: well, henry, win or lose, it's already been a dream season for cal baseball, but simply making it to the college world series is not enough for these guys. now they want that fairy tale ending. >> right now it's a good article. if we can win some games, it will be a great movie. but, you know, i think it's been meaningful regardless. certainly we're going out there not just to be there. we're going to go to try to win and that's the only way you can go to the world series is to try to win games. >> our whole goal and everyone's dreams is to win that thing and have another dog pile. that way we can celebrate winning the national championship. >> obviously it's a successful season, but the bar keeps being risen by us so we're looking to win it and getting there is not good enough for us any more. >> reporter: and one x factor
6:51 pm
that could give cal the edge they need is team chemistry. as we saw with the giants last season, it was a vital role in their championship run. so with everything that they have been through so far this season, this team is closer than ever. reporting live from berkeley, i'm jamie sire for nbc bay area. now back to henry. >> great job, jamie. that will wrap it up. giants and a's highlights tonight at 11:00, raj and jessica, this is an incredible story with this cal baseball team. earlier this year they were on life support where they were alive and healthy and they're about to turn off the lights on some other teams. we're down to eight teams in the college world series. while we still have you here henry, i've known you about ten years and now you're doing comcast and nbc. welcome to the family. do you get two paychecks, is that how it works? i'm your agent. >> i wish it works that way. if you're willing to be my agent, we can definitely talk about it. for right now, i'll settle what
6:52 pm
i'm getting paid for, as you can say the same thing as me. i know it's great to be your teammate and now you're my teammate. it's all in the family. so give me a big hug. >> we'll wait until we see you in person. thanks, henry. >> thank you. henry from our comcast she notices when my skin's rough. (announcer) gold bond ultimate softening lotion. with shea butter for soft healthy skin. gold bond ultimate softening. this stuff really works.
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the excitement is building
6:55 pm
for the summer's biggest new show, nbc's "the voice." the second live show of the season comesup in just a few hours. our sara edwards is live outside the studio where you just talked to some of the judges. >> reporter: i'm telling you, we did. this is a big night, jessica, because four singers from the teams that competed last week, team christina and team blake, they go home tonight and then tonight we've got team adam and team cee lo taking the stage. the competition is fierce and, yes, just moments ago i talked to adam levine about the competition. >> on a scale of 1 to 10, how is your team going to do tonight? >> 78. we've got it all wrapped up. >> reporter: he is very confident. also talked to cee lo who said he talked to his team, the four singers, and they did a great job at rehearsal. they're all nervous but he's got them in a good place so it should be an absolutely terrific
6:56 pm
show tonight. it's amazing how popular this show has become and again america has voted so tonight we lose four singers. america saved one from each team and judges save one from each team for team christina and team blake. it gets a little confusing, but the bottom line is some people go home tonight and some people will really be shining on stage. for nbc bay area news, i'm sara edwards from los angeles, back to you. >> well, you know, sara, we've got a girl here from the bay area who actually goes to school in l.a., that she's one of the finals. her name is lily elise so we're really rooting for her. did you hear any buzz about that. >> reporter: you know, i haven't heard any buzz specifically about her, but everybody looked really loose and fun. we saw her walk by. we saw all the contestants go by. you know what, they're just excited, that's what it's all about. they're all excited to be here because already their careers are taking off, no matter who wins. >> boy, they are. we've got to get on that voice, i'm telling you. we've got to come up with an act
6:57 pm
and figure. >> out. thank you. >> i could be your stage manager. tonight at 11:00 we go in-depth entering an elift world where cutting corners for cosmetic procedures can be a life-threatening gamble. black market botox. we reveal the ugly truth about buying beauty on the cheap. that's tonight at 11:00. >> before we go, we want to turn things over to brent cannon and find out what's coming up at 7:00. >> we're going to go in depth and take a closer look at today's ruling affecting prop 8. we're also going to talk to a bay area chef who is now getting national recognition, and a geography whiz kid. he was at the national geography bee, like the spelling bee in washington, d.c. he's back from that. the kid is a real whiz. and i think -- i think i might just put up a map and go head to head with him a little bit. >> you're going to challenge him. you? >> i'll probably get my tail kicked. >> and what grade is he in? >> he's 10 years old. >> you will go down. >> are you smartern fourth grader tonight at 7:00.
6:58 pm
>> we'll see you at 11:00. with new wide-sweeping cuts proposed, we're about to dismantle one of the world's greatest systems of hire education. nbc bay area believes we can't go down this path. i'm suzanne shaw. with california's population growing by 400,000 a year, we can't let our community colleges turn away 100,000 students or let cal state suffer a 36% cut in funding. we're already short of higher degrees. do we really want more jobs to leave the state? do we want more undereducated, underemployed so we shrink the tax base, increase welfare? we need a billion five to save
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education. roughly 38 bucks per person. we either pay now or forfeit our future. an educated competitive workforce is core to a thriving economy. with sacramento in gridlock, let the voters decide what to spend


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