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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 15, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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they cooperated, handed over their stuff and the husband was shot anyway. i'll tell you what hayward police are saying about it coming up in a live report. plus a chemical known to cause cancer in lab mice found in the ground water of one bay area city. why the water district is saying not to worry. and we're live from the gorgeous yosemite valley. good morning. i'm going to explain how the heat up in temps is threatening some of this natural beauty, even closing campsites already. what this means for visitors and you at home in the bay area coming up. back her in the bay area, taking a live look at the bay bridge, another warm one on this wednesday, june 15th. this is "today in the bay." wednesday morning, good morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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let's check in with christina. what's in store today. >> we're going to help you get through the middle of the week. we want to get you over that hump. today, the warmest day of the week, more 90 degree readings. possibly up to 95 degrees just like yesterday. just how warm it was in your city and what all this warm weather means for the melt of the sierra snow pack. of course marla is following that for you. we have team coverage covering everything happening across the state of california due to the warm-up. all morning long we'll be giving updates. now let's update you on traffic flow. >> i just drove past wind farms. that was crazy seeing windmills up close. speed issues have cleared up. i've been watching this the last half hour. saw slow driving through livermore, probably just equipment moving out of the area. construction clearing from 680 at stone bridge, north, diablo, sounds like a deer might have
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been hit on the north side of 680. i'll let you know if that will affect traffic. >> welcome back, mike. 5:01. following an overnight attack where a gunman targeted an east bay couple walking home from a b.a.r.t. station. now this morning the search is on for the person who pulled the trigger. "today in the bay's" kristi smith joins us with this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. what's scary is the couple did everything you would consider the right thing to do. they handed over the purse, the wallet. an armed man shot the husband anyway. this happened as they were walking down tennyson road near dixon road near the south hayward b.a.r.t. station after coming back from san francisco around 11:15 last night walking home. here is what hayward police are telling us. two approached the husband and wife. one pulled a handgun and demanded the couple's purse and wallet. again, neither of them resisted.
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right after the man handed over the wallet, one of the men shot him several times. the wife was not hurt. he was taken to the medical center and we're told he's in stable condition this morning. the race of the suspects unknown at this hour but they are believed to be in their late teens, early 20s, 5'7" or 5'9" white t-shirts and dark papts. they apparently put cloth over their face to cover it. hayward police working to flesh out descriptions. of course they are asking anyone who might have had information or seen anything last night to give them a call. >> 5:03. we're getting reaction from redwood city's elementary school superintendent over disturbing attempted rape case. five boys charged with trying to rape two 12-year-old girls during a school trip on the peninsula. superintendent jan christensen issued a statement this morning.
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nothing matters more to us than the safety of our students and we're thankful the police acted quickly after the students reported this incident to their counselor. she says the news is distressing and they will examine safety procedures to figure out if they need to make changes. the alleged attack happened in march when 20 students from kennedy middle school went on a social studies field trip in redwood city. prosecutors say at some point during the trip the boys, ages 12 to 14, took two girls to a secluded area and assaulted them for five to eight minutes. the girls didn't say anything until last week and those boys are in custody. san jose police announcing they have arrested a south bay teacher on charges she molested a young student. police say they arrested 28-year-old colette phelps last month and she is on bail. she worked at the stratford school, a private group with 13 campuses in silicon valley. police won't say how old her victim was. they say they arrested phelps
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after receiving a tip. traces of cancer causing chemicals in san jose's shallow ground water but the santa clara valley water district maintains the chemical is not in the drinking water supply. the chemical is known to cause cancer in lab mice p the carcinogen found in ground water during an irrigation project in south san jose. the amount did not reach danger levels, according to the water district. neighbors say they appreciate the water district telling people about the chemical. >> i don't think something like that we need to worry until that count goes a lot higher and it goes a lot deeper into our water supply. again, the water district says recycled water was used in the project, not drinking water. despite the low danger threat, it will look at ways to remove from the water. signing the measure to transfer treasure island into housing and commercial
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destination. board of supervisors approved the plan after years of legal battles. 8,000 homes, 140,000 retail space, high-rises as tall as 150 feet will be built on the island. ground breaking could begin next year and construction will take 20 years to remake the former naval base. today democrats are set to vote on california's budget just hours before the constitutional deadline. excuse me. lawmakers won't get paid if they miss that deadline because of an initiative voters passed. democrats have been unable so far to win four republican votes needed to pass the budget so they introduced an alternative plan yesterday. it will close the state's $9.6 billion deficit and could be approved on a majority vote without republican support. the plan avoids the governor's tax extensions and increases and instead delays some payments to schools, raises fees and makes more spending cuts. as the temperatures go up here
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in northern california, there's growing concern about a quick melt of snow pack in the sierra. live in yosemite this morning where they are already seeing the first signs of flooding. i know the waterfalls must be spectacular. >> reporter: just simply gorgeous. good morning, laura and everybody at home. unfortunately it's fairly dark so you can't see what's serving as our backdrop. i can assure you the tallest waterfall in north america, fifth tallest in the world is our backdrop. we're at the base of yosemite falls, just a sight to behold. once the sun comes up, we'll get you a beautiful shot of that. as laura mentioned, the issue here is the massive meltdown. snow pack, 200% of normal. now temperatures are rising, it is heating up. that snow melting quickly. the falls here, they rush right into the river. i know you're looking at video right now we shot yesterday of
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the river just rushing through yosemite valley. that has caused flooding in the valley. some campsites already closed. if we could bring you back live here, the meadow behind us, this is cook's meadow. there's a mile loop around it. i can assure you, this whole thing is completely soaked in water this morning. to explain what's going on here, the current conditions i'm going to bring in park ranger carrie cobb. she's been a park ranger for seven years now. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> the concern for campers, what's the worry. >> spring runoff is something we experience every year. right now we're at high water. this is peak flow last night and today. what that means for visitors, they may experience water on some of the trails, both front country and back country. we've also taken precautions and closed 40 campsites in north pines as well, 20 cabins and
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housekeeping camp. visitors shouldn't worry they will be swept away. we've closed trails that pose a danger to visitors here. this is the peak. the water should start receding over the next several days. this weekend should be absolutely amazing still with booming waterfalls but a little less water on the trails. >> it's expected to be, i think, in the mid-80s. today as you mentioned is the peak time. so we can see even the water rise some more today. >> the water will actually rise this afternoon, with 200% of normal stone pack and a very cool spring. we're just getting that warm weather bringing all the water from the high country down into yosemite valley. it's absolutely beautiful and amazing. >> okay. it's happening here. also happening in lake tahoe, too, heating up there and melting the snow pack there. >> i'm sure tahoe is gorgeous as well. >> i'm happy to be where i am right now. thank you for your time and we're going to talk to you throughout the morning. so stick around. and you stick around, too, because you've got to check out
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yosemite falls. laura, it is just spectacular. christina, i don't know if you've made your way to yosemite valley. if you haven't, you've got to come out, make the drive, it's worth it. >> you know, i can wait for 20 minutes when the sun is up and i'll see it. you're right i do need to get out there this morning. as marla mentioned, today is the peak for the snow melt. today is going to be the hottest day of the year so far only beating yesterday. we hit the mid-90s. it was really warm. i'm sure you noticed the difference between yesterday and monday. now, as we head throughout your wednesday, we're going to tack on a couple degrees, inland, east bay, north bay, maybe not quite as warm or just about as warm in the south bay. we'll talk about why. the good news is, peak hit, high pressure at maximum energy today. that's why it will be the hottest day of the week. we've got a little trough of low pressure that's going to cool us over the weekend, on-shore flow, marine air back over the bay as early as tomorrow. so we're not going to have to
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live with this for that long, which is good news. take a look where we ended up, 95 in gilroy, 94 in livermore. i was watching temperatures soar all day long yesterday. we didn't break any records but, yeah, close to record highs. 61 in concord, 58 in hayward and 62 degrees today. right now in livermore headed to the 90s, full forecast in minutes. let's get you to work with mike. >> good morning, folks working in the south bay are happy early accidents hasn't happened since about 4:30 in the morning. 5:00 was when the last incident was reported and cleared from the south bay. 17 heading over the summit from bear creek to summit road, reminder, drain repair and clearing so they will have traffic control through the area. one lane in each direction. no major problems, though. the peninsula shows a nice flow for 280, 101 place dumb barton exchange, eastbound heading to the east bay closer to 6:00. no major slowing there.
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traveling over the san mateo bridge, light, easy drive from the peninsula, heading to the peninsula off 880. will 80 itself past the stadium or however you know it. there's a game tonight. watch for that afterwards. 705, hills silhouetted in the background. great news. >> warm things up quite a bit. welcome back, mike. 5:12, bay area college graduate gets a surprise afterlife time at er gionat ceremony. how giants closer is giving back and what his childhood has to do with it all.
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5:14 right now. san jose has a balanced budget but not without some major sacrifices. the city has eliminated a $115 million deficit through pay cuts and layoffs. the police department will lose about 180 positions, including 100 officers. branch libraries will lose a half day of operation while community centers will lose four hours a week. there is some good news coming out of all this, the fire department will actually get 49 jobs cut last year restored. that is thanks to a two-year federal staffing grant. when the bell on wall street rings in just over an hour, bay area's pandora will make their stock market debut. value $2.6 billion. for that and news before the
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bell, let's check in with "today in the bay's" nicole lapin. she's live at cnbc's headquarters. good morning. >> good morning, laura, yeah, you guys are making a lot of the news driving our news on wall street. futures are lower after yesterday's nice rally. markets got an early boost from positive economic data out of china specifically, another push when u.s. retail sales weren't as bad as some folks expected last month. asia traded mixed, europe in the red. that's putting some pressure on our future. we do get significant data out this morning on inflation with a report on consumer prices as well as industrial production and survey on the sentiment from the nation's home builders. to recap market action we gained 123 points, about a percent, 12,076. sales of full-sized pickup trucks seen as an economic indicator have stalled this spring. sales dropped 13% compared to a 4% decline for total auto sales.
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sales of pickups are usually tied to the needs of workers who have to hall stuff or tow things. still a lot of analysts think the slowdown is necessary and sales hurt by high gas prices will improve later this summer. 80% of americans subscribe to cable television, those boxes themselves could be one of the biggest energy wasters in your home. they are always on even when the tv isn't. a cable box uses more than half the energy of a brand-new refrigerator. they are urging power saving technology used by cell phone in sleep mode to try and save us some money. >> that's pretty cool. that's a good idea. i try to unplug what i can, when i can. that tv sure does get used. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much. a viewer wrote me asking if the kids like to watch me. i said, no, they watch elmo. 5:17 right now. san francisco giant known for his wide side and trademark
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beard, he's trying to make a difference for young men and women. closer brian wilson endowing two five-year scholarships to air force rotc to any junior or senior student in college. he's dedicated on behalf of his father an air force veteran who died when wilson was just in his teenager years. an air force organization is helping sort through e-mails from candidates and he hopes to present the scholarships by september. so very nice gesture. i know christina lauren is a fan of wilson and now no doubt a bigger one. >> no, not me. who is this bearded wonder. just kidding. yeah, i love the man. i love him. we're looking good today. we have high pressure building in with a vengeance once again. we're starting out really warm this morning. you don't need a jacket. you don't need a coat. you don't need long sleeves especially waking up in the east bay. down right hot as we head through the second half of the day. temperatures climbing. look at where we are starting out this morning.
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60 in fairfield, 54 in oakland, 58 in hayward and 62 degrees already in livermore. so i do think it's going to be a couple degrees warmer because we are starting out so warm. take a look at noon temperatures. 85 degrees in livermore, 80 in concord, 88 in fairfield. the map really tells the story, the central valley triple digits in places like bakerfield as we head through the afternoon. you see the red. that's the warmest air. the closer you are to the central valley, the warmer it will be today. 60 at noont in the city, another gorgeous day, 70 degree weather in the city of san francisco. 91 in concord, 92 in fairfield. jeff ranieri will have the highs. i'll be posting on the facebook if you want to check the high temperature in your city. the good news is we won't have to deal with this after today, down to 86, still on the warm side but then the 70s come back saturday, sunday, monday. nice weather on the way. >> thank you very much.
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5:19 right now. graduation presidents don't get much better than this. a san jose woman got more than a diploma last weekend when she stepped on the stage at cal poly's graduation. take a look. >> jessica's father called me. jessica had a brother in afghanistan that she wishes to be here today. i know what that's like. my wife and i had a son in iraq in the marines. jessica, when you see your brother -- >> look how close they are. jessica freedman's little brother lance corporal returned from duty a little earlier than planned. both graduated from lee high school in san jose. isn't that nice? it was actually a short reunion. tonight eric is back with his unit in 29 palms. what a great gift. very sweet. very sweet. it's 5:20 right now.
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big announcement in the americas cup race today. we've got the details coming up next. big stock sale as well as pandora begins to sell shares to the public at the opening bell. we'll have a preview. big crowd expected, right now pretty smooth. scott, i've got something to sh t with yo auhe the commute forrest of the bay area, even if you don't care what me and scott are talking about.
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5:23. later this morning we will know who is participating in the 34th americas cup set to take place in san francisco in a couple of years. the mayor and race physicians will host the ceremony to introduce the competitors of the oracle racing team owned by ceo will defend the title during the 2015 race. early this week the team
5:24 am
practiced for the first time since winning the cup. gusty winds, crashing waves flipped over the scatamaran. they were all right and treated it as a learning experience. >> learning experience, teachable moments, some can be rough. i'm back and so is the slowing we saw in livermore. we've been seeing this pop up on sensors quite frequently over the last hour actually coming through livermore west of north livermore avenue. speeds again, yellow approaching 68. we'll expect to see this outlet of the altamont pass. 680 at stone ridge, construction at the off-ramp, and ensemble construction at diablo road. couple of lanes blocked for maybe half an hour. things starting to clear up as the volume increases a tad. here through the walnut creek interchange, live look at east
5:25 am
bay, more popular 880 past the coliseum a tad bit, nimitz freeway looking good. as the sun starts to come up, a look at the city. remember,, there will be a game tonight. you'll see traffic as people support a's. go athletics. north bay, nice view, see the marin side. see the hills and towers for the golden gate bridge. no problem as far as fog in the city. this weekend, i thought disney land was crowded. i was in l.a. this weekend. that was horrible. apparently the whole foods parking lot, that's something to deal with as well. take a look at this. someone will explain. >> everybody trying to park feel the tension i'm in electric mode can't hear the engine. >> saw the spot open up time in perfect creeping up another dude tried to steal it going the other way yo man
5:26 am
i've had a long day. >> prius, that's gangster. >> a video making the rounds on youtube. whole foods parking lot. fantastic. it's gotten something like 400,000 hits. it launched saturday and started spiking monday. about 400,000 people. it's outstanding. make sure to put it on the morning facebook page so everybody can enjoy it. thanks for sharing that. speaking of numbers, pandora, oakland-based company will start selling shares this morning. the price will bring in $2.5 billion for the company. whether you invest is up to you. but let's remember, pandora was darn near bankruptcy a few years ago because of all the high fees it has to pay the music industry. here is a chat with pandora founder last year. >> you came this close to getting knocked off the internet based on the amount of money you had to pay the music company. >> morning once actually. we've been for two years under a
5:27 am
pretty dark cloud because of royalties. we pay performance fees for our songs and it adds up to a lot of money. >> to this day pandora does not make money. we'll have full coverage for the ipo. >> it will today. >> make money that way. if it happens as the opening bell before 7:00, we have a great crane shot of the trading post on the new york stock exchange. we'll bring it to you as close to live as we can. >> exciting to see these ipos. >> exciting. a lot of money coming into the area. >> 5:27 right now. east bay school district looking at drastic cuts. tell you what they decided to keep and what they had to let go. could it be that facebook is on the decline? coming up, we'll have new numbers that suggest that growth for the world' iaedal most mpu cial media website is on the decline. that's coming up.
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new this morning san jose giving the community a chance to weigh in after a string of violence in the city. an east bay school devastated after an arson fire. and we are live from the stunning yosemite valley. take a look at yosemite falls cascading down. good morning, everybody. i'm marla tellez. i'm going to explain how these gorgeous waterfalls could prove dangerous for locals, visitors and what this means for you at homecoming up. a live look outside. our own beautiful golden gate bridge this morning. it is wednesday, june 15th. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. want to get start with a loot a your commute with mike.
5:31 am
>> take you to antioch where we see slowing popping up. if we zoom in yellow indicators, speed below 50 miles an hour have kicked in. that is traditional around 5:30. watch how quickly this builds. the toll plaza, nice flow, more people hitting the roads. the sun is coming up. looks almost steamy. what is the story today? >> the story, mike, the hottest day of the year so far. because it's so warm we're seeing significant melting of that sierra snow. we have record snow in the area, yosemite. all these areas indicated by the green here are under flood watches and warnings which brings us to our own marla tellez, live in yosemite this morning. you know, it's actually rather beautiful where you are. tell us what's going on out there. >> good morning, christina. good morning at home. it is just spectacular out here. i wish everybody could join us here this morning. enough of seeing me, though, we
5:32 am
want to show you the real gorgeous shot. that is yosemite falls. take a look at cascading water. yosemite falls if you haven't seen it in person, you have to get out here. just gorgeous. it is the tallest waterfall in north america. the fifth tallest waterfall in the entire world. now, this feeds directly into the merced river. as christina mentioned, it is the massive meltdown right now. the sudden rise in temps that has all that snow, 200% of normal the snow pack this year. all that snow is melting quickly. with temps rising that is melting. i believe you're looking at video yesterday. this the merced river rushing down, rolling. it is certainly a sight to see. the problem here in yosemite. the national "weather center" issued a flood advisory.
5:33 am
some of the campsites have been closed. if we go live, i can show you what's going on. we have yosemite falls as the backdrop. this is cook's meadow. certainly several acres behind us here. if allen can pan down and just show you, it is flooded. this is what campers are dealing with out here. some of the trails are flooded. as i mentioned, some campsites are closed. nothing, though, compared to what has been here before, if we could walk over and give you a little tour here. this was the floodwater level in january of 1997. take a look at that sign. can you imagine this entire valley that deep under water. now, just a few minutes ago, i spoke to a park ranger who tells us there is some concern for the locals and campers out here right now. >> right now we're at high water. this is our peak flow, literally last night and today. what that means for visitors is
5:34 am
they may experience water on some of the trails, both front country and back country. we've also taken precautions and closed 40 campsites in lower pines and north pines as well, as well as 20 cabins and housekeeping camp. >> reporter: right now, the flood stage is 10 feet and the ranger tells us we're currently at 11.6 feet, hence, the flooding i should say. yosemite valley is full, all the campgrounds are full right now. we actually haven't found any campers to speak to just yet. we're hoping to speak to some a little bit later this morning. the thing to keep in mind, this is just the beginning. we are peaking today. who knows what is to come. i can tell you it is gorgeous. >> i used to work not too far from there. back in '87 i got stranded there. one of the most beautiful places to get stuck for a few days. >> really?
5:35 am
>> a lot of water there. >> tough assignment. >> yeah, no kidding. we'll check back with you throughout the morning. glad you're enjoying the news. also new this morning, oakland police looking for a gunman in a late night shooting that critically injured one man. it happened at the intersection of 65th and herzog. police say they arrived on the scene to find a man with multiple gunshot wounds. he was taken to a local hospital where he immediately underwent surgery. he's in critical condition right now. so far there are no arrests. a community meeting will be held tonight on gang violence at san jose city hall. the meeting is the fourth in a series of monthly meetings to prevent and bring awareness to gang violence. speakers will include police chief as well as members of the gang prevention task force. the meeting will helped from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in council chambers at city hall. it is co-sponsored by dr. martin luther king somewhere association of santa clara
5:36 am
valley and councilman kansen chu. just as facebook gets ready for the offering, the number of users may be leveling off, even dropping. "today's" bob redell has more about facebook fatigue. >> inside facebook, this is a blogging and marketing research website, reporting that facebook itself, the website saw stupendous decline in numbers. particularly staunch in the united states. starting in may 155 million active users. by the end of the month, 149 million. for those of you keeping score, that's a drop of around 6 million people. 1.5 million canadians dropped out as well as hundreds of thousands of more users in the uk, norway and russia. and the rate of growth is down as well. it only added 11.8 million users worldwide, facebook that is.
5:37 am
i say only, because if you look at the numbers in the past march 2010 to march of this year, the website facebook was adding 20 million new users a month. you can see a decline in growth. there's four possible reasons it's happening, one, just market saturation. there aren't more people to tap. one could be fatigue, people are tired of facebook. it could be seasonal, a temporary dip, just like we see a spike in gas prices or decline in gas prices, we could see the same right now with people maybe not being attached to computers as much because of nice weather, graduation, traveling, that sort of thing. the fourth possible reason could be competition from other social media websites like twitter and linkedin. facebook does not release monthly traffic numbers. the website inside facebook came up with numbers by analyzing advertising data. facebook is criticizing their results. they say they are broad estimates. they say they are pleased with
5:38 am
their growth pointing out half their logger users logon to facebook on any given day. keep in mind, facebook still has 678 million users. it's not like they have fallen into ir relevancy. they did see big gains in the number of users in developing internet countries like brazil, india, and mexico. also keep in mind, this is interesting to note, china is a huge, untapped market. they have 420 million internet users but that government has blocked access to that website. >> they are really restricting them there. they can't become your friend, bob. >> darn. >> boy will they like you. >> yes. >> thank you. bob. it's 5:38 right now. let's check in with christina >> today is a good day to follow me on facebook. i'm going to be following your soaring temperature. 62 in san jose, your current temperatures, 53 in hayward, 54 in gilroy as we head through
5:39 am
lunchtime. up to 80 in concord, 88 in fairfield, 85 in livermore. make sure if you're someone whose going to be spending any duration outside you're drinking water. it's a dry heat so you're not sweating as much if it's humid. 77 in novato. as we head through the afternoon, tropical storm climbing once again 94 degrees los gatos. not even summertime yet. first official day is the 21st of this month. 93 gilroy, 94 degrees today in livermore. so a couple of degrees warmer than where we ended up yesterday. we do have changes on the way for the weekend. positive changes, more comfortable weather headed our way. i'll let you know why. right now let's get you to work at 5:39. >> a lot of folks getting to work. see speeds settling, dipping from the 50s to the 20s. a good volume from hillcrest all the to the horizon, lovers, typical spot pretty strong impact you're commute there.
5:40 am
walnut creek, the drive in the air 680 all clear construction there, stone ridge cleared of construction as well. the altamont pass holding steady at 16 minutes toward the interchange. the coliseum, nimitz, nice easy flow, increase in traffic, so we'll see slowing coming into downtown in the next hour or so. laura, haze in the area as well. not a problem for the driver. note as the sun comes up, it's bright as the sun retlekts off the haze as well. >> good to know. it's 5:40, we'll tell you how one bay area singer did on last night's episode of "the voice." advocates of same-sex marriage getting a couple of big wins in court. there could be a new state that legalizes gay marriage by the end of the week. how long does a person in the bay area live? new study on life expulnc tte
5:41 am
you. we've got a live report coming up next. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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welcome back, everyone. 5:42 right now. a new study out this morning finds the life expectancy of most people in the u.s. is actually falling behind the world's healthiest nations. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington with a look at the study's results and how the bay area is faring. good morning, tracie. >> hey, good morning, laura. good morning, everyone. here in the united states we're spending more than any other major country on health and health care. but with all that money we're pouring into it, we're not living longer lives as a result. that according to the institute for health metrics and evaluation. their new report takes a county by county look all over this country at life expectancy. in fact, in california, it's about 77 years for men, 82 years for women.
5:44 am
that spread women about five years ahead, not unusual. those numbers very similar in san francisco county. but i can tell you for women, they are actually expected to live alt bit longer than the rest of the women in california where you are. overall, these numbers are worse for african-americans, worse for people who live in the south. why? because of obesity, because of tobacco use, the study's authors say. even though it's come down a lot, still a big factor, other preventible-type issues. they urge as a solution moving more health care facilities into communities, particularly for people who don't live in big cities like us and really have to travel a long way to get those preventive tests that can make them live a lot longer. >> that's right. always have to look at those. stay healthy, eat well. thank you very much, tracie. >> yes. >> 5:44, probably lessen the stress as well it's happening at the state capital as time is running out. state lawmakers have 19 hours to come up with a budget deal or
5:45 am
they are going to start losing their pay. mike is in the capital with the latest on budget negotiations. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. really still no budget in place just yet. not the biggest news. lawmakers take this up at the last minute. >> we obviously lost that signal from mike this morning. we'll make attempts to get that up and going once again. yeah, lawmakers under the gun this morning. we'll see how they do and continue to follow that. 5:45 right now. the battle over same-sex marriage in california not over. supporters of proposition 8, the state ban on gay marriage, plan to appeal federal judge's decision to uphold a former colleague's ruling. a judge yesterday refused to throw out judge vaughn walker's decision last year that declared the ban on gay marriage unconstitutional. backers of proposition 8 wanted
5:46 am
the decision nullified saying judge walker is gay and, thus, should have pulled himself from the case. new york is one vote shy of legalizing same-sex marriage. a senator reversed his vote yesterday, making 31. the senate needs 32 votes to pass the bill formally. introduced by governor andrew cuomo tuesday. at least four additional republicans could change their votes. sources think the bill will be voted on and passed by friday. the governor is expected to sign the bill immediately if it passes the senate. we'll keep you posted. what's once was a vibrant place for students to learn is a heap of rubble and ashes. they say arsonists torched king elementary school near 39th and carson boulevard days before a wrecking crew was set to tear the building down. though the building was set to be torn down, they didn't have a chance to mover teaching
5:47 am
supplies to the new school. students say they are completed devastated. >> i can't even describe it. it's just so much pain and so much suffering like in my heart. it's like my soul just dropped to my feet to hear that the school that i went to burned. >> that's sad, you know. it's kind of their home away from home where they learn. >> among the losses from the fire, textbooks, computers, and, furniture. hopefully there will be fund-raising efforts for the students. the state could kick in budget there to replenish supply. this morning an east bay school district is cutting part of the budget earmarked for children most in need. last night parents, teachers packed a mount diablo school board meeting. the board voted to cut hours for 60 special ed aides. they already cut their days before an hour and forced them to pay know of for their benefits.
5:48 am
a partial tax on the ballot which will bring in more than $7 million for the school district. it did not reach a decision on that new tax. we'll keep you posted. for this singer, the end of the road for the next voice. >> superstar voice, that is frenchie. >> yeah, christina aguilera picking frenchie davis to move on. down to two. caught up with her after the show where she thanked all of her bay area fans for her support. >> i love the bay area. i love my home. everybody there, i want you guys to keep looking out for me, because i'll be on twitter, responding on facebook to all of you. i'm really appreciative of the support and go forward and put out ep working with writers and stuff. so definitely stay in touch. >> good for her. she's a darling girl. you know, the thing is, when these shows are over, it really
5:49 am
isn't over for some of these contestants on it. it's just the beginning. we wish her well. "the voice" semifinals happen next tuesday right here on nbc bay area. a lot of fun. so many competition shows out there. >> yeah, good thing is we won't be singing in the rain thy time soon. >> none of this. >> the heat is on. good morning to you. flood watches and warnings all across california. take a look at this. down towards southern california, we have excessive runoff, because it's been so warm. we had a record snowfall year. as you can see, these are the areas we're most concerned w if you're planning on heading towards tahoe, even yosemite throughout the weekend, want to check ahead, can you do so on our website, we'll let you know everything that has to do with closures. this is yesterday, 95 in gilroy, 94 livermore, san jose hit 92 degrees. high pressure firmly in control
5:50 am
of the weather pattern now for half of the united states. take a look at this. you see these clouds arcing up and around that big ridge of high pressure that clears things all the way throughout denver. we've got beautiful weather today for the first part of the day, then it's going to get hot. right now comfortable conditions, 62 in livermore, 61 in concord. 60 in fairfield. starts to get a little toasty as of noon. that's when you want to seek shade for parking in particular, 15 to 20 degrees warmer inside your car this time of year. 77 in novato at noon, 80 in sunnyvale as you break for lunch rounding out the day with a few more 90s. 91 in livermore today. as we head through tomorrow, drop off a touch. 86, not too bad. on-shore flow, more fog to contend with in the morning. our temperatures get to be very, very comfortable as we head through the weekend. 76 saturday, 79 father's day. that means great weather for barbecue and golfing, whatever you want to do with dad. back to you, laura. >> perfect day to spoil them.
5:51 am
thank you very much. we thought it was hot here, what about the desert. giants back at it, looking for another win over d'backs. last night back helping giants to a 6 and 5 win over diamondbacks. closer brian wilson with the saves. got to be hot with that beard. two teams play at 6:40 tonight. don't forget to join nbc bay area tomorrow night at 6:30 for a final game of the series. a lot of fun to watch. it all comes oun to this game seven of stanley cup finals, winner takes all. they play tonight in the bay area which means we have a special schedule. tune in at 4:00 for a half hour of local nice. then nightly news at 4:30 followed by game seven of the finals. following the game, local news. of course make sure you stick around for the news at 11:00. 5:51, new, pakistani government is arresting the man who helped us track down osama
5:52 am
bin laden. new tricks coming from google. plus, can jcpenney pick up tips from apple stores? take a line tech today. looking at the drive as well, castro valley, 580 moving smoothlyow t ow w youhireva to e ll show you where thiarbas e ing up and i'll tell you
5:53 am
5:54 am
and this is a live look at yosemite this morning. simply beautiful. a beautiful taste of vacation for you. marla tellez is there this morning. we're talking about the great waterfalls they are having but a lot of flooding that could be coming as well. 5:54 right now. much closer to home. if you've got to get out the door, want to check that morning commute with mike. >> thinking about my friends
5:55 am
camping at yosemite, trying to get ahold of them. marla now giving you feedback for highway 4. why so slow there? always slow there. almost 6:00. the volume of traffic bumps up, then clear towards baypoint and pittsburgh, holding steady. that was the worst of the bay area. the best is just starting to build. south bay, north coming through south bay, no major incidents. things clear because there are no accidents or incidents throughout the south bay moving hayward and crossing over the bay san mateo bridge nice easy drive as well. a lot of folks heading to the bay bridge passing the coliseum. the a's play tonight so there will be congestion past 80. nice drive to toll plaza, no metering lights on, volume just starting to increase a bit here. steamy skies and a live look at the golden gate bridge, laura. can you see a very nice view. >> very nice. thank you very much.
5:56 am
5:55 right now. new this morning, reports pakistani president is arresting five people who helped the u.s. kill osama bin laden. "new york times" is reporting pakistan's intelligence has arrested five pakistani informants who worked with the cia before the u.s. raid that eventually took out bin laden. one of the people arrested is the owner of a safe house the cia used to observe bin laden's compound. a senior pakistani government official says this story is false and denies anyone has been detained. the same fellow who brought the magic to apple stores is hoping to rejuvenate an aging department store chain. scott mcgrew joins us with more. >> jcpenney's ron johnson will take over as ceo there. it's hoped he can bring some of the same apple magic over to jcpenney. penney's shares jumped 13% on the news. investors think this should work. johnson is going to invest $50 million of his own money in
5:57 am
penney's. i know of the price of the stock will be based on monday's strike price. already he's up 13%. 1200 workers will lose their jobs as lockheed lays off. this will include some workers at sunnyvale's space division. among projects there, they built solar panels for the international space station. video of a gathering of google execs talking about new features coming to the world's best search engine, including ability to do searches on pc. you can do it on the phone. mobile apps, buttons across mobile google app with things like restaurant. google discovered most of those mobile searches are happening around lunchtime. you press the restaurant button and it will show you the restaurants closest to you with rely, alrely,llea ry fast. >> if the food could come as quickly. >> that would be the next thing. >> 5:57.
5:58 am
we'll be right back. ea
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