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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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moving forward with the plan to create a data base of pet abusers much like the megan's law data base. >> reporter: put away the car keys and get on public transportation, it's national dump the pump day. i'm christie smith. we'll tell you what is offered free on b.a.r.t. coming up in a live report. >> a live look from the south bay. what a beautiful morning it's going to be. thursday, june 16th, this is "today in the bay." >> good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check that forecast. what are we in for today? let's check in with christina. >> good morning to you. we are in for another warm one, not too bad. i've got your full forecast coming up. >> we'll take you out here where the bay bridge, we had an earlier stall and a car fire. that tunnel is now clear. a smooth drive approaching the
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area. no major closures. we also, westbound 4 has cleared up, the full closure has cleared from the roadway, eastbound you have lanes closed that starts at 6:00 a.m. i'll let you know if it causes problems. westbound, that's the one that is going to show a slow down. >> thank you, mike. 5:01. new this morning a fatal shooting on the streets of oakland. officers responded to reports of shots fired in the 600 block of elpaseo drive. police say when they arrived they found the victim dead from a gun shot wound. the incident is being investigated. >> we have an update on a shooting in oakland now a homicide investigation. oakland and berkeley officers arrived early yesterday morning and found a man with multiple gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital for treatment. that is where he died. police are looking for other suspects. >> a young man will be arraigned
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later today after being arrested for refusing to pull up his baggy pants before taking off on a flight from sfo. marla tellez joins us with an update. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are inside sfo this morning right outside the security terminal. this had me. taking a look at what passengers have chosen to wear this morning as their boarding their trips where they may be on the way to, and this may have you thinking about what you're going to wear on your next trip. it happened yesterday morning. 20-year-old deshon marman, he had made his way past security when this all went down when his trip took a wrong turn. he had just boarded a u.s. airways flight when he was arrested for refusing to pull up his sagging pants. you've seen those t the way the teens wear them, pretty low. well marman grew up in san francisco where his mother still lives, he currently plays football for the university of new mexico in albuquerque.
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she tells us a ticket taker and a flight attendant asked him to pull up his pants before boarding the plane. he told the woman he would as soon as he had his hands free so he boarded the plane, sat down and then pulled up his pants. by then it was too late. the pilot ordered everyone off the plane and marman was taken into custody for trespassing, battery and resisting arrest. his mother says her son deserves an apology and she wants his record cleared. >> he's a big tall light-skinned black boy with dread locks. gets on the plane with saggy pants, right there, you're stereotyped. >> u.s. airways gave a statement saying that the passenger refused to comply with instructions so the captain exercised his right to make a citizen's arrest after the passenger refused to deplane. marman was in town to attend his
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best friend's funeral, his best friend was shot and killed last month in san francisco. he had just attended the funeral when he made his way to sfo to head back to albuquerque where he is a student at unm. he says if he could do it all over again, he would pull up his pants immediately. he's currently sitting in the san mateo jail. as you mentioned he will be arraigned on the charges later this afternoon. >> we'll follow this one. thank you very much. it's 5:04. three san jose men are in custody and one suspect still on the loose in connection to the murder of 20-year-old jeffrey millyano. police arrested three. they are looking for a 24-year-old seen here. police say he is armed and dangerous. any one with information about his wrbz is urged to call 911.
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>> the shooting happened march 23. he was with a group of friends when they got into a verbal altercation with a second group when he was shot. he died at regional medical center of san jose. 5:04 now. san jose teen is on life support and her mother in critical condition. investigators say both were shot in the head by this man, 60-year-old jeffrey steel. he is accused of sexually assaulting the teen earlier this year. investigators say ashley volore and her daughter moved to crescent city to start a new life. but steel alleged tracked them down and tried to kidnap them. when that failed he apparently shot them. the neighbors are shocked. >> horrible. they were both really nice. their daughter, she was really sweet. >> police later found steel at a park and as they approached him, he shot himself in the head. >> later today san francisco
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leaders will discuss whether to keep animal abusers from harming again. animal control and the welfare commission wants a data base to track animal abusers so it doesn't end up adopting from shelters or rescue groups. the meeting takes place at 5:30 this afternoon at city hall. if that measure is approved it then heads off to the board of supervisors for a vote. >> officers can envol in a retirement program before they vote to get rid of it. it's designed to keep veterans on the force, letting officers who reach retirement defer for one to three years. all the while earning salary. then the city pays the officers their pensions in one lump sum. the city comptroller said it was supposed to save money but is increasing cost. the board will make its final decision on tuesday. >> this morning in an effort to save money and protect the
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environment and reduce our dependence on foreign oil drivers in the bay area are asked to ditch the cars and hop on public tran sixt christie smith is live in oakland with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i think i've given away my age but i remember when gas was 99 cents a gallon. i was in sacramento at the time, about 10 years ago. if i ran into a station that was selling it for more like 1.05 i would keep driving because i thought that was too much. yesterday i paid $3.50 a gallon so. this is the backdrop for national dump the pump day. getting people to think about getting out of their cars and getting on public transportation. one recent study showed that if a two-car family got rid of one car they would save about $10,000 a year. so b.a.r.t. and other transit agencies are behind the push about savings and creating a cleaner environment on b.a.r.t. riders can win free tickets today. of course everyone likes free
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stuffs. rider who is wear dump the pump stickers handed out this morning will have a chance to win a $20 b.a.r.t. ticket if they are spotted wearing it around the embarcadero station, in oakland or downtown berkeley. or if you submit a portrait of yourself near a gas pump showing the outrageous price per gallon and submit that on line, you could win a $500 part ticket. this starts at 5:30 this morning in downtown oakland. reporting live, christie smith, today in the bay. >> 99 cents? you must have been about 2. >> 21. i was driving when i was 11. >> thank you very much. 5:08 now. let's check the forecast for today. another warm day or are we getting cooling trend? >> a little bit of a cooldown. the good news is you won't need to use that ac as much. especially if you wake up along the peninsula. we have gorgeous weather to stafrmt it's clear out there.
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but i do believe as we head through the next couple of hours we'll see mostly cloudy all the way to oakland. we have a pretty good formation of that marine layer. about 1,000 feet. however, we're starting out so mild this morning, forget about the jacket, even the sweater. go right to the short sleeved shirt in concord, 62, 56 in napa, and 53 right now in santa rosa. we are headed toward the 70s by lunch time 75 in concord, 78 degrees in livermore and 68 degrees in gilroy. rounding out the day in the 80s. not too bad. 80 in fremont, 73 in oakland and 82 up in santa rosa. we do have changes on the way toward the weekend. i'll let you know where and i think you might like the change. that's coming up. let's talk to mr. cool, mike inouye. >> hey. that was not cool. 580 we see slowing, north livermore over to airway. that's typical. that's construction.
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we saw slowing all day yesterday on the sensors, for the roadways we're moving smoothly. 680 on eastbound 580, construction should be clearing as well as over the next few minutes. we have been tracking this. a tree that fell across highway 84. that's west of the freeway heading to the niles area or out of the niles area to 680. that tree as i understand has been cleared so highway 84 either out of pleasanton or niles is cleared. just in time for the volume to start bumping up through the area. south of there mo major issues, northbound with the sensors showing all over 60s and a little better than the speed limit in many places. expect closures tonight about noon today. travel times looking nice as well. 101 and 280, no delays and the live look at the golden gate bridge, a clear view. you can see the lights. you can almost see the marin
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side. >> beautiful. 5:10 now. a local mayoral debate with a high tech twist. that next. plus t down side of buying a used car. we're going to talk about that and your other news before the bell. coming up in a live report. the new ridley scott movie is made up entirely of youtube clips. how the whole venture came about. coming up next. >> taking a live look outside. have you enjoyed the warm days we had? a little cooldown today.
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>> look at that. that's really where it all happens. kind of like the land of oz behind the curtain. that's our director gabrielle, our producer is in there.
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there you go. watch, they are going to get off the show. they don't like to be on. 5:15. technology will be the theme for the mayoral debate. the contenders will be talking about how we'll use technology to improve the city and increase civic participation. the public will have a chance to join in that debate by voting for their favorite questions to be asked. the nine major candidates including state senator leland gee and the board of supervisors president will attend. it starts at 6:00. it will be held at pier 38. >> california budget battle is over for now. lawmakers able to get things done before the midnight deadline. one of the most interesting parts of the budget, a new sales tax for online purchases. it means it will cost more to buy from amazon or we turn to nicole lapin. good morning to you. i knew those lawmakers would get it done. they were going to start getting
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docked pay. interesting how that gets the job done. >> that's right. that definitely puts a fire in your belly. for as long as i can remember growing up in california there has been a budget issue in the state. so we're watching that very closely out of wall street as well, also what's going on in washington. futures are flirting around the flat line this morning after yesterday's massive sell-off. stocks dropped as the dollar fell against the euro amid worries that the greek debt crisis was expanding. workers there went on strike, rioted, then protested cuts as the government tries to avoid a debt default. the u.s. is impacted by a potential greek default because there are reports out that say banks have about $41 billion of exposure there. asian markets fell, europe sls in the red pretty much across the board. we get some of our stateside data out this morning on unemployment that we're watching. it is thursday, comes out every thursday. housing starts, building permits
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we're also looking at and a report on regional economic conditions. to recap, the market action, the dow dropped 178, 11,897 is where we closed. below that 12,000 mark. the nasdaq also lost 47 to 2631. making headlines, a number of foreclosures that we're looking at fell last month. realty track which monitors this says filings dropped 2% in may to a 42-month low, mainly due to the continued backlog by banks in processing foreclosure documents. one in every 676 homes received a notice. nevada has the highest rate followed by arizona, then you guys in california, michigan and utah. if you bought a used car you may need to know if your vehicle had ever been recalled because they probably didn't tell you. the gao says that used car dealers may sell cars and trucks that have been recalled but never repaired and that's because automakers don't always
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send them the same notices that go to the franchise dealers. there is no government requirement necessarily for dealers to tell buyers about recalls or repairs before they make this sale. so, i'm just saying you know, buyer beware, ask the right questions, you don't want a lemon. >> there should be a data base or something you could go to, punch in your car and see what needs to be fixed. >> groups are coming out in favor of something like that, laura. for right now, you got to go into the situation with your eyes open. >> that oil change button thing was on on my car. thank you. summer is known for multi-million-dollar block buster movies. one film trying to break the mold with the help of the internet. youtube's life in a day premiered last night in london. the premise is simple. it asks you to submit a video of one full day of their lives. the project was conceived by a
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production country. more than 80,000 hours of video were submitted and the producers had to trim it down to a mere 90-minute film. >> normally you're a director and what you do you say at this particular time shoes to be green, not blue or a wider lens on that or more smoke. and this none of that control you have. it's the opposite of that. you have to sit back and wait and be patient and rely on good luck. >> and realize how boring some lives are. most of the footage came from public entries. 30% was shot by film crews traveling to developing countries. all of the videos were shot on june 24th last year so it's fascinating to see. have to think back what you were doing on june 24. i don't know if i want to be taped by anything other than this show. i want to check the forecast. >> good morning to you. you saw that clear picture of the golden gate bridge that mike showed you. we were talking about the marine push. and now i mean, minutes later
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you can see that marine intrusion over the golden gate bridge. i'm expecting the marine layer to push all the way to oakland, maybe to livermore but i don't think so. right now we're watching onshore flow over the bay area. right to the satellite imagery. as you can see here, onshore flow is in control. a little dip here. it's not going to be able to but as we head throughout the day we'll see some of the clouds come in. and we're going to see the cool marine air push in as a result. as we head through the end of next week, take a look at this very strong ridge that's gaining energy out here in the eastern pacific. this is going to warm us back up so this short-lived cooling tend that we'll see starting today not going to last long. 56 in livermore, 56 in san jose. well on the way to the 70s, 68 for oakland at noon. 70 degrees at noon and 75 degrees at noon in los gatos. about 83 later today, 82 for concord and 82 in santa rosa. we've got a big weekend coming
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up. i'll let you know which day is best for outdoor plans, and a giants game, really hot weather today. we'll talk about that. back to you. >> we're kind of talking about it down in arizona and funny against the d'backs. fans were doing a seat crawl. what they did is they moved seat by seat around the deck after every pitch. the group sat up, sat down. look at the two girls on the other side. they ended up going the other direction and avoided that. nobody knew where to go. you're messing up our seat crawl. a lot of other available rows there. they are not participating. don't even make me. >> they could have moved down to better seats at that point. 5:20 now. the controversial head of a bay area transit agency stepping down before getting quite a golden parachute. >> lawmakers pass an on line sales tax. will they collect?
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we'll take a look. >> and we're heading down to the north bay where things are moving past highway 37, although as you hea closer t moh richmond/san rafael bridge, i'll show you where things are going to slow even as we speak. ri
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>> this is a live look outside at the moon. if you may notice has a glow to it, a red glow, a strawberry glow. actually they call it the rose moon or the strawberry moon of june. it happened as an equiclipse happened. >> muni is looking for a leader after the head announced he would step down at the end of the month. nathanial ford led the agency for the last 5 1/2 years.
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the past year has been bumpy. he's at odds with muni's board because they found out he was looking for a new job. there's also union tension. those wrapped up. ford will walk away with $384,000 severance package. let's collect the roads with mike. >> i'm fascinated with the strawberry moon and the severance package. look at this. very clear now. hayward approaching the construction. 92 and 880 clear. we'll get a live look out there. see how things are shaping up. a smooth flow with the taillights, a haze in the air but not an issue. there may be low clouds flew the area. we'll watch if it affects your drive i'll let you know. a smooth drive along the peninsula. 880 we saw for about four
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minutes a truck with a flashing red arrow pointing to the left but then that truck moved so things are moving smoothly. a's play at 12:35 so count on slowing past that area. toll plaza, the maze, smooth so far, light volume of traffic. we'll see as things start to build but so far no major slowing off of the carquinez bridge. 680 and interstate 80, very smooth right now. >> thank you. we mentioned earlier that california lawmakers passed a budget. they did so by estimating the state will collect hundreds of millions in online sales tax. scott mcgrew says don't be so sure. >> that's right. states as a rule can't tax items that come from other states, amazon based in washington, so several states, texas, connecticut and now california, have tried to claim that because sites like amazon have affiliates in state, that's enough to trigger the tax. have you noticed when sometimes when you buy something from
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amazon it doesn't come from amazon. that's an affiliate. as you mentioned california hopes to collect $200 million in new taxes that way. not just from amazon. amazon happens to be the biggest. but, amazon has bailed out of its affiliate agreement with small stores in the past. if you are a small toy company in california and sell through amazon what state lawmaker did is one of the worst things that happened to you if amazon bails on that agreement and you can't ship through amazon. the other thing is pandora. >> how did they do? >> they didn't exactly rock. the easy listening, the coit of ipos. >> where is dalila? >> slightly above the initial price after heavy trading. up about 9%. it was much more than pandora estimated a couple weeks ago they set up a price much lower
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and kept bumping it up. you look at it broadly it turned out pretty well. a couple billion is okay. >> not bad. >> a billion here, a billion there. >> all 18 din a day's work. >> california home prices down in general. there is a bright spot. bob? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. if you live in palo alto or some of the towns here in silicon valley be surprised, you probablyealize eq iuityt equity is up or at least the price is. we'll tell you why coming up. s
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>> a controversial arrest at sfo has a young man sitting in the san mateo county jail. it's all because of what he has on his body. coming up in a live report. >> plus, special olympics torch making its way through the south bay this morning. we're going to tell you where.
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>> a live look outside, beautiful bay bridge this morning. nice temperatures for this june 16th, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. it is 5:30 right now, getting so late in the day. i want to check the forecast. >> i'm ready for a nap right about now. we're looking pretty good. we're going to be cooler by 5 to 10 degrees but you saw that live picture. the fog is back. onshore flow. changing our weather pattern as we head throughout the day. i've got all of the details, what you can expect this weekend. let's get you to work with mike inouye. >> the onshore flow might affect visibility. the conditions for 4 changing. the 62 on the right, that's going to change because the speed indicators turn to yellow a couple seconds ago so that's
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indicating speeds in the 50s. your 5:30 kickoff for the slow drive through antioch. the bay bridge toll plaza, no backup yet but we see the haze developing and more cars heading through as well so we'll watch it. it's a thursday, we should get good slowing about 6:00 or 6:15. >> thank you. 5:31 now. a new report suggests fewer homeowners are going through foreclosure. while that might sound like good news, experts suggest it may be due to banks temporarily putting foreclosure proceedings on hold. home prices dropped another 10% but there is kind of an amazing bright spot. bob redell joins us live from palo alto to tell us. very unique. good mornings, bob. >> reporter: good morning. silicon valley home to the giants of technology industry have bucked that trend, they have defied the economic gravity is pulling down home prices in other california towns.
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here in places like palo alto, home prices are up significantly year over year. i want to throw numbers on the screen. the median price of a home in palo alto home to facebook of course is now more than $1.6 million. that's a jump of 20% from may of 2010 to may of this year. cupertino, home to apple up 12%. saratoga up almost 5%, mountain view up 3%. what gives? well, you hear me mention these tech companies. we're tualking about the surge n ipos and the people who work at the tech firms, live in these communities are now rich or at least richer and therefore able to afford more home and in turn pushing up the prices in these  communities. bloomberg news reports that it's even an apparent just looking at who is touring the homes, fewer
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50-year-olds, more 30 something's, the type working at these ipos. ruin agency telling the "mercury news" that their thought is that there are people buying in palo alto in anticipation of the ipo of facebook anticipated next year so they are trying to get in early knowing a lot of those employees will be flush with cash and that it could again drive up the prices more here in palo alto. this good charm, this good vibe you're finding in these communities that are home to these tech giants is not necessarily flowing south into san jose. santa clara county overall, laura, the prices year after year are unchanged. san mateo county, a little further north where i'm at, home to menlo park, soon the headquarters to faceback, san mateo county is actually overall down 4%, the prices year after year. so you're seeing this pocket of
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good vibe that is not necessarily spreading to the surrounding communities, not now. >> very interesting. so it doesn't spread bay area wide. a little pocket of nice. thank you very much. >> it is 5:33 now. the two men accused of taking part in a fatal street race will be in court. the two men are charged with vehicular manslaughter. they are expected to enter pleas. police say the men were racing down a street at almost double the speed limit in march, when they crashed into 23-year-old ashley krueger's car. she was in a coma for seven days before her parents decided to take her off of life support. if convicted both men face up to six years in prison. >> police need help identifying a cyclist who died on the alameda creek regional troyl. officers responded to an accident along the trail on tuesday. that's where they found the cyclist. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. he did not have identification
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so they are trying to figure out who he is, described as asian, 55 to 60 years old, between 5'5" and 5'7". 180 pounds. call the east bay regional park district if you know who he is. >> this morning hayward police are looking for two robbers who shot a man near the b.a.r.t. station. the men robbed a couple tuesday night after they left the station, the couple handed over their belongings but then one of the robbers shot the man. he is in stable condition. >> officers say the men also robbed a pair of women a few minutes prior to that attack. they took the purses and one of the men shot his gun in the air. in both robberies the men used something to cover their faces. >> how low is too low? a young man will face a judge today for refusing to pull up his baggy pants before his flight took off from sfo. marla tellez is live at the airport with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. his baggy and his saggy as you
5:36 am
mentioned his low pants, it is getting busy outside this security checkpoint inside sfo. we've spoken to some passengers to get their feedback on this story since it's a talker of a story. so far most of these passengers all of them in fact, siding with the young man. he is 20-year-old deshon marman. he had boarded a u.s. airways flight bound for albuquerque when he was arrested for refusing to pull up his sagging pants. marman grew up in san francisco's bay view neighborhood but he currently plays football for the university of new mexico. his mother tells us a ticket taker and flight attendant asked him to pull up his pants before boarding. he said he would as soon as he had his hands free. he boarded, sat down and then pulled up his pants. the pilot had ordered everyone off and he was taken into
5:37 am
custo custody. passengers say u.s. airways acted inappropriately. >> he should be allowed to dress the way he wants to, fly the way he wants to. he paid his ticket. he has his seat on the flight. he should be like anybody else. >> i see people going with pajamas going in nightwear. why don't they deplain then. >> u.s. airways gave a statement saying the passenger refused to comply with instructions so the captain exercised his right to make a citizen's arrest after the passenger refused to deplane. the airline says it does not have a dress code but expects passengers to dress in an appropriate manner that does not offend passengers. deshon marman's mother lives in san francisco and tells us that she wants the airline to apologize to her son and wants his record cleared. he is currently in the san mateo jail. he will face those charges in a courtroom later this afternoon.
5:38 am
he tells us, though, if he could do it all over again he would pull up his pants immediately. >> interesting. but he says he had the bags in his hands. 5:37. that's one we'll follow. oakland police releasing new surveillance video of a suspected killer. this is video from a gas station in oakland. officers say the man to the right of the camera is the suspected of shooting and killing leo duncen on june fourth. the suspect is african-american, weighing 170 pounds. 30 to 35, he has long dread locks that have red tips. call oakland police if you happen to know who he is. >> will you please leave. how'd you get in here? >> remember this? oakland police have arrested this man, suspected of breaking into a woman's home last tuesday, raping her and robbing
5:39 am
her. the woman had the presence of mind to actually take this video. she got out her cell phone and shot video of the alleged attacker. police say they found 47-year-old dionne mcdaniel yesterday a short distance from where that woman lives. officers say the video was long enough for them to identify mcdaniel as the man in it. amazing there. >> it is 5:39 now. i want to check the forecast right now. check the temperatures for today with christina. >> changes temperatures, changing weather conditions, good morning to you, bay area. high pressure drifted off to the east, enough for us to see the on shore flow. you can see the clouds coming into the bay area. they were not able to do so because high pressure was so strong. now that it's weakened and headed to the east this is what's going to happen. we're going to see a few clouds come through, noticing that fog formation especially in the north bay and along some of the bridges. mike and i will watch that. i believe at one point this morning the golden gate bridge
5:40 am
will be socked in with fog. on shore flow shapes back up, really kicks in tomorrow. that's going to bring our temperatures down to the 70s, low 80s, 5 to 10 degrees cooler than where we ended up. if you're headed to the city today, it's going to be absolutely gorgeous yet again. another warm, clear day in the city of san francisco. 65 at noon. then by 4:00 p.m. mostly clear conditions, 70-degree weather. when you make your way home from the city, even the north bay, a little bit toasty. not bad especially considering we were in the 90s. no 90s on this map. 80 in fremont, 82 for santa rosa and 89 in san jose. i've got your full forecast coming up. let's check your drive with mike. >> we're looking at 580 coming through livermore and toward the 680 interchange. there is slowing. typical spot. we've seen the construction and overnight closure there and also the slowing in the 50s. stick around through much of the
5:41 am
morning commute. 680 northbound at 580 eastbound, that connector is closed, should be picked up in the next 20 minutes as well as the top of the screen northbound around rut ger road. over to hayward, the castro valley, smooth as well as 880 and 92 a. live look will end with this shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. there is haze. watch and see if fog develops. so far no problem for the drive. >> thank you. 5:41. california lawmakers nearly come to blows. a major milestone in an amang recove recory. we'll have a live update on congresswoman gabrielle giffords.
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>> good morning. 5:43. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is finally at home after months in the hospital. today in the bay's tracie potts is live in washington where colleagues hope she will return to work one day. she's got a lot of therapy ahead
5:44 am
of her. good morning. >> a long road ahead but what a great part of this story that finally months after she was shot after four surgeries, after we finally saw her get out of the hospital she was able to see her husband blast off from the space shuttle, now she is home. she's actually not back in arizona, she is at her husband's home in texas. he of course works near the johnson space center. she'll go back and forth for intense therapy, months more, but it will be outpatient and the doctors say being home with her family is probably only going to help that process a. spokesperson said her mood and leaving the hospital was fantastic, that she was elated. president obama called it a miracle. >> it really, really is an amazing story. can't wait to see her again. >> they are pulling punches. new lows in sacramento as both sides really fought to reach a new budget deal. >> let's not buy the insurance
5:45 am
policy that tony soprano is selling us. >> i take offense at the reference to the sopranos as a proud italian american i resent that and i would respectfully ask the commenter to make an apology too italian americans in california. >> i will apologize to any italian americans who are not in the mafia and engaged in insurance scams. >> my reference is not lost on any one here. this is not an attack on any one. >> can we get the job done? seriously. republican assembly man wagner's apology didn't calm things. assembly warren confronted wagner. things got physical. no punches were thrown. certainly a lot of tension. despite the bad behavior a budget was passed. among the notable elements, vehicle registration fees will increase by $12. lawmakers approved a sales tax for things purchased on line. the state's higher education system will lose $300 million.
5:46 am
just the messenger. >> critics say lawmakers are destroying california's public school system. students graduating from ralph j. bunch high school last night say they have college dreams and plans but worry a cut to education will drive tuition costs up, pricing some kids right out of college. >> it is discouraging because at the same time if you don't have a lot of money it's already people don't want to go to college so if you don't have money it's giving you a reason not to go. >> state college tuition has gone up every year since 2002. it was about $1400 a year at csu, now almost $5,000. if the governor signs a budget that figure is expected to keep climbing. >> in a few hours the torch for this year's special olympics run will be making its way to san jose. athletes and members of the santa clara county law enforcement community will be handed over the torch at the border this morning. then it will arrive at the
5:47 am
center of performing arts afternoon today. it will head to uc davis with the summer games will take place on june 24. more than 900 athletes will be participating in that event. >> people in asia and africa were treated to a full lunar eclipse. in some places it had a red or orange tint due to ash in the air from a volcano in chile. the eclipse happens when the earth blocks out the the light from the sun. it was the first twoof lunar eclipses this year and the longest in a decade. the next total eclipse in december could be seen in parts of western and north america. that's what i was talking about, the strawberry moon or the rose moon as it's referred to. the june moon. >> the next total eclipse of the heart. the next time i see brad wilson. take a look at this. this is about 15 to 20 minutes after we looked at it the last time. you can see the haze is starting
5:48 am
to form. still pretty clear, though, we usually see it get socked in about 6:30 so right now you're getting good conditions. in terms of visibility. on shore flow is going to change that. if you're sick of the hot weather we're going to get a significant cooldown. 5 to 10-degree drop-off, then back in the 70s tomorrow. even inland. nice weather headed our way. 56 degrees in napa, 53 in santa rosa, 50 degrees in novato. we're headed to the 70s in san francisco. a gorgeous day, clear conditions. tomorrow won't be as clear. so if you want to get outside, take the clear shot at the golden gate bridge t bay bridge, all of the beautiful scenery, today is your day. evening a clear shot at the stars, then the fog tomorrow. i think we'll see a significant round of fog. 89 in san jose. 82 in concord, 80 in fremont and 85 in gilroy. the ridge of high pressure has broken down and drifted to the
5:49 am
southeast. so it's going to be warm in the south day today. as we head throughout the remainder of the week into the kennedy that's when things start to get nice. 75, you don't need the ac, the heater saturday, sunday we warm up on father's day. 79 but perfect for outdoor activities. laura's dad is coming to town. >> sure is. i can't wait. trying to keep him here for a while. 5:49. giants making room for themselves in the race for the national league west. the giants beat the d'backs 5-2. san francisco now leading the west by 2 1/2 games. let's keep it up, boys. the final game, a three-game series is tonight. you can see it live here on nbc bay area. root them on. our coverage starts at 6:30. if you join us at 6:00 you can get all of your local news before the game and we'll have all of the highlights for you on the news at 11:00.
5:50 am
>> the boston bruins probably still up this morning celebrating their stanley cup victory. strong performance by tim thomas. he shut out the canucks to help boston claim its first nhl championship since 1972. also named playoff mvp. for the canucksment is fans didn't react well. it was pretty out of control. breaking windows, flipping cars, setting some on fire. a similar right erupted when they lost in the finals back in 1994. not good. san francisco getting ready to welcome two of the premier soccer seem teams. >> google isn't the only one with doodles. >> and i drew this up for you, coming through castro value, we have another tree down. prmsmshaha m c c might cau.t
5:51 am
♪call 1-800-steemer.
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>> welcome back. a good thursday morning to you. waiting for the sun to come up officially this morning, warm things up. not as hot as it's been the past couple of days. we'll enjoy the cooler temperatures. we'll check with christina in a bit. you know, this morning tickets are going on sale for a soccer match between the two top international teams, it's happening in at&t park. manchester city from the english premier league and club america from the division in mexico play in san francisco next month. tickets are sold exclusively through at&t park at prices range from $40 to $225. the game will be played on july
5:54 am
16th at 5:00 p.m. you can hear for yourself, mike. >> it's going to be crazy, the traffic around at&t park. the 16th is a saturday. so that will be traffic through the city. we'll remind you. going through antioch we have a crowd building for the westbound direction. speeds dipping below 20. 5:54. slowing as you might expect. also south from there, 680 around rutger to the 580, those two construction areas should be clearing up. slowing into livermore and now right before knot livermore starting to get better. over to the tree that's down, we reported this earlier. we're following this in castro valley. it's about two miles south of that interchange there or the
5:55 am
intersection. the road is open. you can get by on the shoulder. that is the third tree we had reported down this morning. i have an icon for everything. we're looking at the maze. no icons needed here. a live shot, see what things are like across the oakland area. light volume. that's great news. looks steamy out there. back to you. >> 5:55. big blue turns 100 years old today. scott mcgrew, ibm has a rich history in the bay area. >> the hard drive was invented on kyle road in almaden valley by researchers. you could visit the building but it's a lowe's hardware now. we have an old documentary about. here is a clip. >> begin work in a state noted for rapid progress in electronics. california. where we had long been established in san jose, south of san francisco. >> that's right.
5:56 am
san jose. isn't that wonderful. san jose is south of san francisco. that's where you will find it. >> look how they are dressed. >> pants up. wear your hawaii to modern day. a study says if you watch netflix streaming movies you are twice as likely to trim or even cut your cable. that's bad news for cable companies. the same research says that people are watching more tv this year compared to last. the average american watches about four hours every day. i thought these were fun. if you get the red envelopes you can see them when they get the dvd's back. people like to doodle on the envelopes. people take a lot of time. these are some of the best ones. sort of a way to say hello back to netflix. i bet the mailman likes it too. >> that's interesting. i think that is kind of fun. they are keeping them, too. >> artistic. >> 5:56 now.
5:57 am
not giving up hope. a major push this weekend from the family of missing nursing student michelle le. >> a live look outside, sun coming up. cakes on the griddle? i don't know. thce temperature. at's onehiure. t sor go! go!
5:58 am
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>> reporter: a young man's trip through sfo lands him in the san mateo county jail. i'm marla tellez. i'll have the latest on this controversial arrest coming up. >> plus, a suspected sexual predator out for revenge stalks his bay area victims across the state. the stunning outcome when he finally tracked them do


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