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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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coming upon us. looking at the forecast with christina. >> good morning to you. we've got a gorgeous weekend on tap. father's day looks pretty good. but today, beautiful weather. temperatures only as high as 79 degrees all across the board. i'll let you know when the changes arrive. we've got really, really warm weather headed our way. we've got the numbers coming up. let's check your drive at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning. a surprise for folks because it is just 5:00. we don't expect a lot of slowing through livermore. but it is there. the construction blocking part of the roadway in the east bound direction. westbound we do have an injury accident reported at north livermore avenue. i've been tracking that about a half hour. we still have some slowing through the area but just 19 minutes, 10 minutes better than it was about a half hour ago. so speeds are starting to increase but you see slowing leaving the scene. the accident is still there. we're following the bay bridge as well. no major issues. we expect lighter volume but we see the metering lights on at some point. not right now. it's only 5:00.
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>> we'll check back. thank you. this morning family and friends of missing nursing student michelle le are holding on to hope that she is out there somewhere and they want you to help find her. today in the bay's christie smith is live in hayward with more on the details of the next search coming up for the 26-year-old. understandably this family not giving up hope. >> reporter: yeah, not at all. good morning to you. michelle le's family is saying if this were your daughter or sister you wouldn't give up hope until you knew exactly what happened to her. today, they are asking volunteers to come here to hayward and meet at this building starting about 8:00 this morning to try and find the young nursing student who vanished three weeks ago. michelle was last seen when she went on break and headed toward her car at kaiser medical center here. police have not talked publicly about specific evidence but they do believe the worst, that she was likely killed. they searched the nils canyon
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area. so far they turned up nothing. we're told that her extended family is coming up to help with the search. her cousin saying it's not over till it's over and we're staying optimistic. the search begins today. volunteers can come to 25350 cypress avenue in hayward between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 this morning. this is today, tomorrow and sunday. there's also a phone number if you need more information. we should note you have to be 18 years old to help out with valid i.d., you should wear long pants, long sleeve shirt and closed toed shoes. they are expected to reveal where the searches will take place. recording live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> we'll see what they turn up. thank you very much. we have new information this morning in that case of a san jose woman killed and dumped in a sunnyvale neighborhood earlier this month. documents show the man accused in the killing confessed in
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police questioning. 47-year-old santiago is charged with murdering 46-year-old maria esther orosco. her body was found june 5th in the front yard of a home. in addition to the confession, police say they have physical evidence linking santiago to the crime. >> new and disturbing details about the man police think may be the alphabet killer. according to filings, police investigators found a numbered list of ten women in a safety deposit box belonging to joseph naso. there were clippings about their deaths. on the list were the names of four northern california women he is accused of killing. each woman has the same initial for her first and last name. police say dna of his wife was found on a pair of panty hose used to strangle one of the women. >> in days the suspect in the brutal beating of bryan stowe could walk out of jail a free
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man. attorneys for the suspect are going door to door to businesses in east hollywood hoping to find surveillance video from march 31. lawyers are targeting businesses near the comfort inn where he was reportedly staying the weekend of the beating. lawyers are trying to prove that ramirez was not at the ball park the day stowe was beaten. ramirez has not been charged with the beating but has been held in jail for a parole violation. his parole hearing is coming up next monday. >> new numbers show the so-called distressed homes make up more than half of california's resale housing market last month. that number includes foreclosures and short sales. relief has arrived for many struggling to stay in their homes. marla tellez is live with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this event expected to draw thousands of people. can you imagine if your home mortgage payment is cut by hundreds of dollars, even $1,000
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per month or your interest rate dropped to 2% all in a day. that is the pitch here at the san jose convention center. it's called the save the dream tour. for the next six days it's in town here hosted by an organization known as the neighborhood assistance corporation of america. it claims the event gets more than half of the attendees lower mortgage payments and interest rates often on the same day. how it works is it teams up with the major lenders to approve these solutions. hundreds of staff from the loan companies are expected to be on hand here. it is a free event. it starts this morning at 8:00. and then runs through 8:00 wednesday night. so, for six days each day it's going to be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the south hall here at the san jose convention center. this is expected to draw thousands. right now you can see there is not a line. we were hoping maybe for one but this gentleman here salvador if
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you want to say hello. he drove in all the way from santa maria. that's south of san luis obispo. >> uh-huh. >> how long to get here? >> about four hours. >> four hours to get here. you arrived before 5:00 this morning. what are you hoping to get out of this event? >> i'm trying to keep my house. right now you guys everybody knows economy's bad, gas prices. because of the economy they lowered my hours on my job. so i'm trying to see if these people can help me to keep my house and lower my interest rate or even my loan. and that's what i'm hoping for. >> so it's worth the 4-hour drive. >> yeah. >> reporter: salvador, you know, what if that doesn't happen today? >> well, i really i have no
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idea. i'm going to try to, if nothing is happening i'm going to try to talk with the bank. we'll see. i hope everything work out for me. >> we hope the best for you. thank you for your time. again, the event here at the convention center starts at 8:00 this morning. we saw other people pulling up. we talked to a person who drove from stockton. i imagine there is going to be a line. now's the time to come out. >> exactly. hopefully it will make a difference for these people. they are making a big effort. they want to do what they can. hopefully they help them. thank you very much. we'll check back with her and give you more information if you want to head out as well. >> also in the news, muni working as fast as it can to restore service to some of its main lines. crews have been working through the night to try to restore service on the n and j church lines. underground service was knocked out when a train dislodged a power source. muni says it's working to try to make sure the outage does not
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affect the commute. mike, of course, kind of running around the newsroom, he is a busy guy, a look at how long the delays are coming up. we're keeping him busy. also, christina loren has a look at the forecast. >> good morning. yeah, that's tough because even if muni's late you still got to be to work on time. this morning weather's not slowing you down too much. we expect a pretty good round of fog and low cloud cover especially over bridges. throughout the morning still pretty clear we have mid level clouds moving in. on shore flow, we had that trough pass through the area. high pressure is starting to build in. you can see the clouds arcing up and around this strong ridge. that's going to bring our temperatures into triple digit territory next week. yes, if we see the triple digits the likely locations will be if you are closest to the central valley, so best day for that looks like wednesday. the hot weather on the way. next week the first official week of summer. 56 degrees in hayward, 53 in livermore and 51 in gilroy.
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here's the reduced visibilities we were talking about throughout the morning. seven miles in napa, seven in hayward and nine miles of visibility or better in san mateo. santa rosa reduced a little bit. i think we'll see numbers start to come down as we head through the 6:00 hour. 77 degrees in fremont later on. 75 in san jose. you can't beat these temperatures. 70 in oakland. 67 degrees in san francisco. the biggest change in the city today will be the clouds, the clouds are back and probably going to hang around for first half of the day. >> good morning. the clouds, maybe fog along the coast. it could be an issue. right now not much of a problem. light volume through the maze and on the east shore freeway. 18 minutes to the carquinez bridge. we don't expect the metering lights until later on. over to the city. but in the city as laura told you, some delays for the muni lines. the n and j, specifically. the underground lines because of power problems yesterday, they continue today. there will be an over the road bus bridge between embarcadero
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and church that could cause delays as the commute builds on surface streets. a lighter volume in the city so things are moving relatively close to the normal schedule. check. they tell you about what happened yesterday and we're talking about updates as the morning progresses for the delays. looking through the peninsula, 101 and 280 no problem, down through 92 and the san mateo bridge and over the water on the bridge, an easy drive, the headlights come from the peninsula side. the taillights from 880 on that westbound direction. no delays, good steady flow of traffic off of 880. here 880 past the coliseum, the northbound side with the taillights, the construction cleared at the column seem. it looks like a couple of crews clearing up in downtown oakland. we have a game so keep that in mind. 7:05, fans head over to root which ever team they prefer. back to you. >> you are so diplomatic about. thank you very much. 5:10. major league baseball and the
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dodgers, boy, are they getting investigated. not just looking into the team's finances but also the security following the beating of fan bryan stowe. >> reporter: bob redell. a tour of san francisco that only a ping pong ball could take. the mastermind behind this amazing creation coming up. >> wow. that's made out of toothpicks. amazing. hey, here is a beautiful live look outside this morning overlooking the south bay. gorgeous start to our day.
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>> welcome back everyone. this is a live look inside our control room this morning. where it all happens. can you imagine keeping your eye on all of those screen, keeping it straight. that's why we've got a great
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team in there. love them. 5:13. divorce proceedings between the couple that owns the dodgers continues this morning, they must come to an agreement by 8:30 or the judge may declare an impasse. the trouble come as major league investigate as team not just for financial issues but security. new investigation from the beating of fan bryan stowe. john cadiz klemack is live in l.a. this morning with some of the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. this is going to be a big day for the mccourts. seems every time we talk about them we're talking about deadlines. yesterday the judge said he wanted to announce there was an impasse in the divorce, now he is saying he's going to give them a little more time to try to figure out what they might be able to do together so they would be able to avoid the impasse itself. so today at 8:30 they will be back in court. when they left yesterday, frank's attorney said they had a deal. jaime's attorney said no, not so fast. at the last minute the judge
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said i'll give you 24 hours so last night they spent a lot of time as they did earlier this week trying to figure out what they could do to make it work for them. and to make major league baseball happy. a settlement could likely include frank mccourt getting ownership and jaime some sort of payout. it could be a moot point if frank loses the team to major league baseball which is investigating the team's finances. the mccourts have to come to some settlement by the time court starts at 8:30 this morning. the investigation that major league baseball is doing is supposed to be finished by the end of the month. they are looking into his finances. he could clear everything if major league baseball would okay a deal with fox sports. major league baseball can't do that until the investigation is done. almost like a catch 22. >> no kidding. i was going to say the same thing. i'm sure he could get a lot of money from that deal. but everything is on hold. see what happens. thank you very much. >> when one bay area man makes a commitment he sticks it. today in the bay's bob redell
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found that out during a recent trip to the explore atorium. >> reporter: give a man toothpick, puddles of glue. >> i put the glue where the second sedge going to go. >> reporter: all the time in the world. >> 35 years i've been working on it. >> reporter: to full file a dream. >> the dream i had when i was a kid is happening. >> reporter: chances are he'll end up with something like this. holy cow. wow. you ever see a trash can like this? >> this mind boggling maze of toothpicks that seems to defy gravity -- >> there you go. that's pretty light. >> reporter: has been scott weaver's passion since he was 9 years old. >> i wanted it to look like a sculpture and not noticeable that a ball rolled through. the ball starts at the top of the tower. >> reporter: this is one man's
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twisted -- >> coming down lombard street through the gateway to china town. across the golden gate bridge, around the oakland bay bridge. >> his family's history. >> goes by my grandfather had a gym 2350 geary. into the palace of fine arts. >> he adores so much. >> the heart i left in san francisco. >> it started when you were 9? that's the last toothpick? >> yes. i put it in there. it's right back there in the corner. >> the brown one? >> the brown one. see the brown one? >> people think that i made a sketch and i planned everything. it's really free art. >> is there the park? >> i have at&t park here. >> through the coke bottle around the mitt and it goes in. these balls will actually stop in each one of the driveways of the homes. >> how many toothpicks. >> 137,000. >> you have no idea.
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>> i feel it's done. my wife wants it to be done. she's happy it's here. and not in the living room. >> she's threatened the great fire of 2010. >> she did. >> yeah. my wife said you are not wearing that in public, sir. >> good thing we're not rolling. >> that is amazing. my gosh. it's 5:18 now. can you imagine the creativity the time, the patience in building that. >> i can't imagine his wife's patience. that's what i'm trying to wrap my head around. that thing would go up in seconds. good morning to you. we don't have fire to worry about in the weather department. a cooldown. gorgeous weather. next week the warm weather arrives. this is a change, the nice cooldown we have is courtesy of this trough pushing to southern california. for us it's pulling in that really cool marine air. this morning we're going to wake wake-up a mostly cloudy start by this afternoon we'll lose that cloud cover. and our temperatures will be able to climb as a result.
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i'm forecasting temperatures today mostly in the upper 70s, i haven't put an 80-degree reading on that map. i think in the central valley, down to travel into southern california you want to bring your cool clothing because it's going to be warm down there. as we head throughout weekend, high pressure starts to regain control. for us that means gradually rising temperatures each and every day. as we head through probably sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday looks like the warmest day next week. mid 90s, possibly triple digits, the first of the year. we'll keep watching that. strong ridge of high pressure clearing the skies and gaining momentum as it gets closer to us. 50 degrees in san mateo. this is what we're looking at in san francisco. if you work in the city, unfortunately we had the clear conditions over the past couple of days, that changes today. noon today, mostly cloudy. still a full deck of clouds. but by 4:00 p.m. the cloud deck will break apart, we'll see is sunshine, warming us up to 67
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degrees. across the bay area i'm going warmer, 75 in san jose, 79 in gilroy, and 78 degrees, great beach day in santa cruz. not as good as yesterday but good. 79 on sunday, father's day, if you want to make outdoor plans with dad you might want to do it early. a little warm in the afternoon especially inland but take a look at the climb monday into thursday. temperatures on the rise. back to you. >> certainly enjoy this weekend. thank you very much. it is 5:20 now. governor jerry brown making history and it has members of his own party up in arms. >> blackberry, the phone maker in just serious trouble this morning. we'll look at what went wrong coming up in tech today. >> and we'll also show you what was going wrong in the livermore valley and i'll have your latest update for 0. we had slowing especially for early on a friday.
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>> good morning. it's friday, it's 5:22. we did have a good deal of slowing for 580 past north livermore avenue. the accident has cleared. no major injuries. that cleared so our travel time coming down to what we expect. 17 minutes now. that's a little slower than we typically see at this time but all week we had construction from north livermore and that's presented a little slow reading for our sensors. watch that corridor, some equipment might be in the area. 680 construction clearing and delays clearing through san ramon. diablo, the walnut creek interchange no problems on the 65 on the right side you see around antioch we'll see if there is slowing. that will give us a look how heavy the volume is expected through the east bay. a look at the bay bridge, the toll plaza looks light. we don't expect metering lights on for another hour. maybe 6:40. but low clouds and a wider look at the bay bridge, what
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christina is talking about, the clouds will continue to thicken. so far no incidents reported and no problems reported across the bay bridge. the clouds over the north bay. no delays into the city. the n and j lines delayed because of power problems. muni expects delays. back to you. >> no problems there. boy, california lawmakers are reeling this morning from what no california governor before jerry brown has ever done. brown vetoed the budget plan approved by democrats in the legislature yesterday, angering members of both parties. in a message the governor said the plan didn't go far enough and included some questionable legal maneuvers. critics also say the timing is suspect. this is the first time in years the balanced budget has been passed on time. and it's also the first time that lawmakers would have forfeited their pay if a budget was late. some experts say the veto could end up being a good thing.
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>> it's results that matter. if the budget gets done in a way that doesn't cut services the way that most californians don't want it to cut services, that don't raise taxes too much i think the way most want and if we have a state that the economy recovers, then voters will reward that. if it doesn't happen that way, voters will punish that. it's not about whether today is a good day for democrats or not. >> brown is warning that if republicans don't compromise on tax extensions and authorize a special election to put the question to voters, education, public safety will have to be slashed even further. republicans are pushing for pension reform, a spending cap, and changes to help california businesses. >> scott, you said that you thought sacramento was being too rosie. >> right. lawmakers, remember, put $200 million in the plus column in the budget. that's what they figured they would get for the state with taxing sales on am a son and others. when other states tried this it
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has not worked. that fuzzy math part of the reason that governor brown nixed the budget. research in motion, lay offs, this is a company in a spiral. its two ceos and it has two, are under pressure to resign or be fired. you know why, apple iphone android rim can't keep up. shares in oakland based pandora fell well below their opening price on thursday closing at $12.85 that means the average investor has lost money. early investors, those venture capitalists who funded the company made millions. guy was one of the first to get the pitch from pandora, one of the first to sink money in 10 years ago. >> when they pitched us they used this really great term. it's a less are for many. we're going to find the music genome. this has got to be a cool
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company. >> he is one of my guests on press here this coming sunday. all of my guests are very interesting people. he's super interesting. >> rich dad poor dad. >> as the host of a show once in a while it gets away from you. this would be one of those shows. sunday morning at 9:00 after meet the press. >> it's hard to get something away from you. my turn now. you know, we continue to follow investigation into a series of suspicious fires in the east bay. we're going to have the latest update for you in a few minutes. >> reporter: new this morning, the family of young nursing student michelle le asking for thec's.he lphelp. they are launching a three-day search. we'll tell you where coming up in a live report. he
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>> new this morning, the man arrested for refusing to pull up his pants in a flight out of sfo is out on bail.
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>> reporter: help for homeowners struggling to make their mortgages, good morning, i'm marla tellez. dozens of people here. details coming up. >> a live look outside this morning. the bay bridge, looks hazy. cooler this weekend. that's for sure. friday, june 17, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. it is 5:30. i want to get to the forecast right now with christina loren. we're really paying attention to it, not that we don't always but we've seen such a fluctuation in the temperatures. >> and more of the same next week. good morning to you. finally a friday, we've got good weather. for a couple of days. today and tomorrow look phenomenal, in the 70s. we're in the 50s, and then the real warm weather starts to set in across the bay area for maybe a couple weeks.
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i've got your full forecast coming up. right now it's 5:30 on a getaway friday. hi, mike. >> because it's a getaway friday we watch the outbound starting through the tri-valley. 101, right now the maze and the approach getting into the city is smooth. we're not concerned about that portion of the commute because of the volume is lighter right now. but in the city itself, san francisco is going to experience delays for the muni line, the n-judah and the j-church because of problems yesterday. lines taken down by a train. it's a piece on the muni lines, i'll put it on our facebook page. >> 5:31. the family and friends of missing student michelle le are holding on to hope she is out there somewhere and they want your help. christie smith is live in hayward with more on the search for the 26-year-old. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. in a couple of hours volunteers
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are going to start coming here to this building in hayward. they are going to get training and then going to head out and look for michelle le. they are going to get location information today. her family saying that it's not over till it's over. and they are going to keep searching until they find her. it's been three weeks now since the young nursing student vanished. she went on break at kaiser medical center in hayward. she told co-workers she was going to the car and parked in the garage and hasn't been seen since. police have conducted a number of searches, locked in the niles canyon area, questioned at least 25 people. while not revealing much about evidence, police are thinking the worst, that she was likely killed but with no body, no conclusion and a long list of questions, the family won't give up. >> we ask for compassion. she's someone's sister and someone's niece and someone's
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daughter. she is someone's cousin. she means the world to us. we need her back here with us. >> reporter: now, today begins a three-day search. it's today, saturday and sunday. they begin volunteers can start gathering at 8:00 a.m. to 4:30, the address 25350 cypress avenue here in hayward. we're told that if you want to volunteer you should wear long pants, a long sleeved shirt, and closed toe shoes. you have to be 18 years old with valid i.d., and there is still a $65,000 reward for information leading to michelle. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, christie. five fires in two weeks, one antioch neighborhood is on edge after a string of mysterious blazes. firefighters are investigating the five fires that have threatened homes in antioch. fires are set in a dry grassy
5:34 am
area between homes and a park. some homeowners say they have been dealing with threatening fires for three years. police say they are stepping up patrols in order to find that arsonist. >> in oakland today, the suspected gang member accused of killing two men in a shooting back in april is due in court. the two fathers were gunned down outside the sweet jimmy's on april 25th. a 22-year-old clem tomkins was arrested on wednesday. in addition to two counts of murder he will likely be charged with attempted murder for wounding four people. police believe those killed and injured were not targeted. tomkins allegedly thought he was firing at rival gang members. >> the university of new mexico football player whose sagging pants led to his arrest at sfo is free on bail. 20-year-old deshon marman was arrested wednesday after a stewardess asked him to get off the plane because he had not pulled up his pants over his
5:35 am
boxers as she asked. the incident escalated and he was arrested on suspicion of trespassing. battery of a police officer, and obstruction of a police investigation. it's not clear if prosecutors will file formal charges. his mother and a former coach believe he was a victim of racial profiling. >> he is a big, tall, light-skinned black boy with dread locks. gets on the plane with saggy pants, right there you are stereotyped. >> what is it to the stewardess? what is it, you know. why is she talking to him. >> in an interview marman said he was upset on wednesday, he had just attended the funeral of a close friend who had died 11 days after being shot. >> the number of new foreclosures dropped last month but it may be more due to bank procedures than fewer people
5:36 am
behind on payments. today help for people on the verge of losing their homes. marla tellez is at the san jose convention center, south hall this morning with more. woorp waiting for folks to show up. looks like there are a few behind you. >> there are more than a few. actually we're going to estimate maybe 50, 60, the line is around the door. just to be clear this is a property of the san jose convention center, we are on south market, 435 south market. it is called south hall. take a look for yourself here. already the line starts here. people are bundled up because it's not all that warm out here. and then it wraps all the way around the corner. these people all struggling to make their payments, and they hope to get that reduced all because of the save the dream tour, it's in town. that's the name of the event for the next six days. it is hosted by an organization known as the neighborhood assistance corporation of america. it claims the event gets more than half of the attendees lower
5:37 am
mortgage payments and interest rates often on the same day. joining me now live here at the san jose convention center is a spokesperson for noka. why don't you tell folks how this works. >> it's a brief three-step program. first when you get here you go through a brief orientation, you see your counselor, where they will go over the budget. we submit a loan modification request to your lender. step three to sit down, that's the most important part, sit face-to-face with your lender. we have the top major lenders and the investors as well here on site which is fannie mae and freddie mac. so that's what gets us our 50% success rate same day solutions. after that it comes up to 80%, 45 to 60 days. >> so somebody who is home now and are struggling, this will get your home payment lowered by hundreds a month perhaps? >> yes. our program is built for people
5:38 am
with unaffordable mortgages, whatever that may be due to hardship, whether you have gone through a divorce, loss of income, this is a program for you. and all of our services are free. >> rick, thank you very much for your time. i imagine this line is going to continue to grow. the event starts at 8:00, runs through next wednesday, the next six days, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. laura, we're going to stay here and we'll see this line grow. >> couple of clarifications there. so you do have to have some kind of hardship to claim there. and also clarify your location so people know if they want to come out. >> reporter: okay. we are at 435 south market street, downtown san jose. it's just right around the corner from the san jose convention center. >> and you do need to have some sort of hardship that they look at. >> reporter: yes. you need to have proof. and i will clarify that for our next report too as well. >> thanks so much. it's 5:38 now. what about the forecast?
5:39 am
saw a couple of people bundled up. it's not too cold. >> no. when i came from south florida when we had naca in town we had lines around the block. so it's kind of nice to see only about 50 or 60 people there right now. i'm talking about hundreds of people in florida. this is what we're looking at. you can see here, we do have the fog setting in. i think at one point this morning we'll see the golden gate bridge socked in. you're getting pretty good visibility. that usually happens at about 6:30, has a lot to do with the sun coming up. 64 in oakland, 66 hayward and 72 in sunnyvale at noon. then we round out the day in the upper 70s. really nice day for outdoor activities. even in the heat of the day at 4:00 if you wanted to go for a jog you can do so. 77 in fremont later today. and 79 degrees in concord. throughout this weekend temperatures stay kind of steady, sen 7 on saturday, 79 for sunday and then they climb.
5:40 am
monday, tuesday, wednesday up to 95 degrees. and i'm not goinging as warm as i could, excuse me, mike, i got to tell you this ridge, it's strong. it's a strong one. >> let's just focus on the weekend. >> right. >> baby steps. >> good call. >> the ridge is strong. that is good to hear. looking at livermore, we know that you talked about it christina, strong ridge means it's going to be higher here so the moisture not coming in. here the traffic is coming in but it's getting better over the last 15 minutes, livermore had an accident around north livermore. things have smoothed out. 15-minute drive out of the altamont pass. this is what we expect on a friday. but this is not what we expect for antioch. speeds at 65 around l street. we should see slowing popping up. so far there might be lighter volume of traffic. lighter than typical friday as
5:41 am
well. we'll track delays and no problems through bay point. we'll end with a live shot at the toll plaza. the low clouds that christina is talking about starting to cause an issue as far as the east bay hills but not for the drive. >> sounds good. 5:fwro. a south bay donuttoo o national. psycho donuts possibly coming to your tv.
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>> welcome back everyone. 5:43 right now. a number of our local mayors are in baltimore rubbing elbows with the city leaders from other states. today in the bay's tracie potts live in washington with what they will be discussing at the u.s. conference of mayors. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 1200 mayors from some of the largest cities including several from the bay area, mayor kamina
5:44 am
of lnl, mayor quan, and mayor lee of san francisco all joining colleagues typically they talk about issues that affect cities like health care and jobs, that's obviously a big one in this economy. the environment, development initiatives. but today they are going to be talking about the wars in iraq and afghanistan, the mayors expecting to pass a resolution asking the federal government to wrap up these wars so that $126 billion a year that's being spent on them can be redirected to city like san jose and san francisco. for jobs, to shore up the infrastructure, roads and things like that and energy initiatives. this would be the first time the mayors have taken this type of action since vietnam. one of the other things they are doing, checking out cash grants for cities in your area so the mayors may come back with ideas how to get cash from the federal government. >> there you go. i'm sure they want to come back with money in hand. 5:44.
5:45 am
this morning we're getting a better picture of what people can expect to see when they visit the united flight 93 memorial in pennsylvania. almost 10 years ago, hard to believe, 40 passengers and crew including some from the bay area fought back against terrorists. their flight crashed in somerset county. now the first phase of a memorial there is almost done. there will be 40 memorial wetlands and a beautiful landscape. the beauty does not draw your eye from the site itself. >> makes you stay focused on what the real intent of the memorial is to honer the passengers and crew. >> the architect designed the site to make sure you cannot leave without knowing each hero's name. the united flight 93 memorial will be unveiled on september 11. >> the man who shot and killed journalist chauncey bailey is speaking out. he said he does not expect his
5:46 am
victims' families to forgive him but wants them to know he is sorry for the pain he caused. he did not contemplate the pain and grief their deaths would cause. he confessed to killing bailey and a homeless man but is still waiting to be sentenced. broussard will spend 25 years in prison. >> a donut shop may be the next show on the reality tv circuit. psycho donuts caught the attention of the cooking channel and tlc. the 2-year-old company has stoods out by offering some tasty treats. serial killer, the employees are also called psycho nurses and yeah, look at them, they look like nurses. psycho donuts says its weird concept would be perfect for reality tv. >> this was a concept and now
5:47 am
all of these are taking place so it's really exciting but sometimes you almost have to pinch yourself to believe that these things are happening. >> psycho donuts has two stores, one in san jose, one in campbell. the shop hopes to hear by august if they are headed to tv. i was talking to the owner, too. he gets i don't know, countless calls a week on people trying to franchise as well. we'll see what's in store. you had a psycho donut. >> i walked in there and first thing i said was hello nurse because they are usually pretty attractive in there as well. actually live nearby. it's a pretty cool place. when are we going to get a reality show? that's the good stuff. >> wouldn't that be one to see. >> we might not have viewers after that. the real christina loren. it's not much different. things are pretty good right now. 60 degrees through noon in san francisco mostly cloudy conditions. i'm noticing a pretty good formation of the marine layer
5:48 am
pushing inland but not yet do we have mostly cloudy skies. if you leave now hitting one tfr bridges probably going to have a nice drive. as we head throughout the day we'll lose that cloud cover. 67 degrees at 4:00 p.m., mild in the city. temperatures now pretty comfortable. 56 in concord, 52 in gilroy. only one 40 on the map in santa rosa. 49 degrees. later on, 79 in santa rosa, 67 san francisco, and 77 degrees in san jose. we do have a big weekend. it's dad's weekend. 79 degrees sunday if you wanted to do outdoor plan, golfing, go ahead and make tee times. i know laura's dad is in town. is he here? >> no. he's coming today. super excited. the meal's all planned out. >> the giants are away but you won't have to go far to see them because they are starting a series with the a's. the giants trying to get more breethsing room in their division. last night 3-2 loss to the d'backs put them a game and a
5:49 am
half ahead. they lost in the tenth after a walk-off home runly justin upton. the game tonight in oakland, 7:05. >> the a's trying to add to their winning streak. they won two in a row, they beat the royals last night hate 4. helped in part by hideki matsui. he is one away from the big 500. it's 5:49. the closure of the neuman plant may have effects in fremont. >> dad dues love barbecue on father's day. a gadget friday grill coming up. >> mmm, barbecue. we're looking for highway 24 through the caldecott. you see the low clouds. bay brid.headiding t teo th fl i'll showou where whave slowings. it's gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away fast. new icy hot naturals.
5:50 am
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5:52 am
>> welcome back. we're seconds away from 5:52. clock change -- there it goes. we're looking here to the south bay. you might see speeds change southbound 880 at 17 at the interchange reports of an overturned vehicle. only one car involved, no injuries reported but the tow truck is arriving. we should see slowing in the vicinity. i'll track that but overall the sensors showing the northbound commute through the south bay looking good so far. friday light is the experience. but this friday also the getaway, some folks a lot of folks might head south on 17 through los gatos. we see slowing heading up the grade over to the summit. then over the hill because of this great weather some slow driving all weekend long. stand by for christina's
5:53 am
forecast. we'll get a live look, the golden gate bridge. folks coming over from the east bay. an easy flow. no issues as far as the visibility but fog will develop along the coast. we'll track this so far no incidents. there is slowing, antioch right now. we show 65 at l street. speeds in the 50s. all the way to lover. back to you. >> thank you very much. the sale of the nummi auto plant was good news for bay area workers but only mixed news for the city of fremont. fremont expects to lose $600,000 this year in property tax from the nummi site because when the plant was sold the frot was worth 40% less than the previous value. >> the mercury messenger spacecraft is starting to send back -- stop it scott -- impressive images of the solar system's smallest planet.
5:54 am
these photos released thursday are some of the most detailed ever captured of the planet closest to the sun. scientists say they have found several topographical features like rimless craters that don't exist anywhere else in the universe. mercury messenger is only one quarter of the way through its one-year mission investigating the planet. oh, the things it will find. and oh, the things that scott mcgrew tells us. he says if you are tempted to listen to rebecca black you'll be disappointed. >> you know rebecca black, the friday, friday the teenager that made the song. >> thanks for putting that in our heads. >> as you know, hundreds of millions of hits. look at youtube this morning. wait. her video is gone. it is the second time it's disappeared from youtube. the message says it's been removed because of copyright violations at the request of rebecca black. which is a bit of a mystery since she is after all the one who uploaded.
5:55 am
well, we'll never let you down. we always have a gadget friday. the nice weather, father's day. we talk grills. this is a portable grill called the element. very small grill. any small grill is portable. this is cool because it seals up. it has a big rubber band over the top. >> don't put that on when it's top. >> don't put it onto your lap when it's hot. it has this big rubber band. you think about it once it's cool and you want it back in your car, et cetera, it's got all of that hamburger gook in it. so by sealing it closed with this rubber band -- >> what's the bottom. okay. >> yes. but exactly. the legs fold down. about $150. fans will remember we talked about fuego, they had that $25,000 grill we brought in. this will cost you only about 150 bucks.
5:56 am
>> fire it up in a little bit. hoping to capitalize on the success of thor and x men, a comic book movie headed to theaters this week. >> i pledge allegiance to a lantern that i got from a dying purple alien. >> a regular guy become as superhero in "green lantern." he is chosen by planet protecters sworn to yun fersle peace. his weapon is a ring that allows him to create anything his mind can imagine to save mankind. "green lantern" rated pg-13. a business man has a shipment of penguins that turns his apartment, his life and priority upside down. jim care re kacarrey in this on. it's 5:56. take a look outside, your father's day forecast is next. along with all of your local
5:57 am
stories coming up. a hazy start. cooler weekend. perfect to enjoy the dear old dad.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> reporter: she vanished three weeks ago out of hayward. they are launching a three-day search to try and find her. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you where coming up in a live report. >> is the wrong man behind bars? freedom for the man accused of beating giants fan bryan stowe could be just days away. how his lawyers are trying to clear his name. >> and


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