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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 21, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> reporter: breaking news out of oakland. police s.w.a.t. in a standoff with a man holed up inside of a house. we'll tell you what led to it coming up in a live report. >> plus, a fire rips through an oakland home overnight leaving two families including some children homeless and a cry for help unanswered, how people in alameda are using their voices to demapped change after rescuers when a man drowned in the east bay waters. it's tuesday, june 21, this is "today in the east bay."
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>> good morning. i'm scott mcgrew. the first day of summer and boy, is it ever. let's check the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you. yeah, it's going to feel like august although it's june 21, the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. this is one of those days we want to end quickly because we're forecasting temperatures in the triple digits. i've got the forecast coming up. right now let's get you to work on time when it's still cool out there with mike inouye. good morning, mike. >> good morning. we'll take to you the maps and the maze. we have construction, the 23rd avenue on ramp to 880 is closed for a half hour. 880 here is clear tcht construction closed at the 92 interchange until a few minutes ago. coming off of the san mateo bridge you have the eastbound 92 connector separated from
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hesperian. over at tennis son you should be fine. >> thank you. new this morning, oakland police going into hour six of what appears a stand-off with an armed suspect. christie smith is live with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. right now three blocks of cairo road are closed behind yellow police tape. in the last five minutes we've seen quite a bit of police activity. until this time we have been here maybe an hour it has been silent. since then we've seen a few officers and s.w.a.t. team members walking around here on cairo road. i spoke with one officer who said it appears this may be coming to an end. how, though, we don't know. oakland police s.w.a.t. here in front of a home where they believe they were called out to a man inside with a gun.
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i spoke with patrol officer. they got a call of a man inside, they came here, they got no answer, no compliance from inside the home. this has been going on since before 10:30 last night. a man was speeding up and down the street in his truck and a neighbor tried to tell him to slow down. there was some sort of confrontation. the man ran in the home, police called out, the officer i spoke with said, again, there was a call for an armed man in the home. they have been trying for several hours here to make contact with the man inside the home and formulating a plan of entry is what he said. in the last ten minutes or so we heard a loud boom. what that was still don't know. we are trying to talk with police on scene. they have been very busy. neighbors told to shelter in place. two ambulances have been
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standing by all morning as well. but at this point it appear there is is activity. we're going to try to get an update and bring it to you as soon as we can. >> sounds like things are changing quickly. if things change let us know and we'll come back to you. >> one person is dead rather injured we're showing flames in the newsroom of an overnight fire in oakland ripping through a home on 23rd avenue around 2:00 this morning. two families in the two-story home. when i said dead i was incorrect, injured. everyone including three children managed to get out. took firefighters about an hour to get the fire under control. so far we do not know how it started. >> also this morning, there is one person dead, three injured after a shooting in oakland. police are trying to track down the person who pulled the trigger. neighbors called after hearing
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gun shots and screaming on 32nd street near west street. police were told all four victims had been drink tune hospitals. the three people injured by gunfire should recover. no word on motive or arrests. weeks ago rescuers watched as a suicidal man drowned. today angry residents will pack city hall to demand change. they say they are going to the meeting to demand that city leaders put a stop to a vote on firefighter contracts until the drowning is investigated. city firefighters stood by and watched along with police from the shore as raymond zach walked out and drowned on memorial day. rescuers say they couldn't go in the water because the swimmers had not completed training. since then firefighters have gone in the watt irfor rescues even without the certifications. recently sunday when swimmers
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tried to save a father and his two children. it was the coast guard that fished the family out of the water. capital punishment is an expensive failure says one. >> senator loni hancock believes the death penalty does not deter crime. that's only one reason why she is working on legislation to get rid of the death penalty. >> it has led in other states to the execution of innocent people, there is very little relief for the victims' families because the required legal review literally goes on for years. it cost the state a huge amount of money. >> according to a report due out next week keeping the death penalty in california costs at least $184 million more a year than it would to leave killers in prison for life. the the death penalty has been
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in california since 1978. there have been 13 executions, close to 700 people on death row and according to the report it cost the state $90,000 more a year to keep somebody on death row than in the general population. >> if we would have life in prison without the possibility of parole, it would be more closure in many ways for victims' families. >> victims advocate mark class disagrees. >> there is a guy that kidnapped, raped and murdered my 12-year-old daughter who was sentenced to death per the laws of california. and now there are people that are creating legislation to spare his life. i mean it's absolutely unbelievable. >> cheryl hurd, "today in the east bay." >> sacramento lawmakers trying to take a couple of days off before heading back to the bargaining table to come up with a budget. as you know the govern vetoed a
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proposed budget last week. a big point of contention continues to be whether to ask voters to extend tax increases which will otherwise expire this summer. an idea a democrats and a majority of californians support. >> i believe that the ball is really in their court because they know what the demands are of the republicans willing to put the tax question before the voters. >> the governor could have recognized that the governor also has and had so called blue pencil authority. >> it is unclooeb clear whether state lawmakers are going to get paid as state law requires, lawmakers to come up with a budget on time or else lose their salaries, until they come up with one. but they did come up with a budget. thanks to the veto it never took effect. the fight will be over wun way
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or another. a neighborhood will find out if a cell phone tower will be built near their homes. at&t is planning to build the tower. neighbors are fighting the tower saying the company should consider other sites not in residential areas, also worried about with possible health effects. the church sight is om one that will work for them. they would disguise it as a try so it could not be an eye sore a. final decision tonight. it's 4:37. let's check win christina. i heard you saying triple digits. look at those. >> this is yesterday. i'm going about five degrees warmer in some cities today especially the east bay, one of the hottest locations across the bay area. pleasanton hit 101 yesterday. one of the hottest areas.
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i'm going p 103 in fairfield. it's the first official day of summer, the longest day of the year. so for us the good news is we're going to cool down a bit but after tomorrow i think tomorrow is going to be about as warm, even in the city we hit 88 degrees. so, hot conditions in the east bay, 62 right now in oakland, 64 in livermore, almost 70 degrees now in san jose. you gone go straight to the tank top. no problem. 100 in santa rosa. 100 in livermore. 103 in fairfield and spare the air day, we'll talk about air quality. i'll show you the seven-day. let's talk to mike, see what's going on. >> surprisingly we have the slow sensors but we're seeing this about a week and a half, two weeks on the westbound side. eastbound is where there is construction. but you see the westbound
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slowing that triggers off, clearing up about 6:00 then kick in around 630 because of the volume. just keep that in mind. the construction is on the eastbound side this morning. that should be picking up shortly. concord moving. antioch no problems now. 68, that's around the area of l street where we'll see that about 5:30 so under an hour slowing there. for the last two weeks seeing this move over to pittsburgh and bay point where we had a lot of congestion toward wilma pass road. early slowing, the maze looking good, 23rd on ramp to northbound 880 t construction remains so we'll track that. no slowing. it's at the on ramp, not on the freeway itself. you have the issue of 92 east being closed. the sign on the right says
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safety alert, watch for highway workers, that's because -- >> sadly. go ahead. >> because it is common sense but it's something that caltrans wants to remind folks. over the weekend one of the workers was killed. >> give them a break. very good. 4:42. perseverance, courage, strength, people honored in the biggest of ways. a sneak peek. the biggest in the west built right in the east bay. >> you're looking at a live picture of our control room.
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>> 4:45. a live picture of police activity in oakland. cairo road near empire road. traffic has been shut down. you see people turning around. there is an apparent standoff. christie is monitoring this. we'll have the latest if anything changes. >> a new challenge to apple and google as far as smart phones go. and wall street looks to build on yesterday's gains. for more on that it's nicole lapin. good morning. >> good morning. futures are higher, markets rising on some of the fears over greece. investors snapping up some stocks and bargain hunting,
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tackling greece again as the prime minister faces a vote later today. asian markets rose and europe is higher. we get some of our own data on existing home sales and the fed kicking off a two-day meeting. the fed is not expected to change interest rates and will likely confirm it's ending the bond buying stimulus program. we're watching everything out of mr. bernanke's mouth. the dow rising 76 yesterday, 12,080 is where we close, the nasdaq 13, 2629. take advantage of the unlimited data plan now. starting next month verizon will move from that to a tiered option program or use based plan for smart phone customers. plans run $30 for two gigs of data to $80 a month for 10 gigs, with tethering to other devices available for about 20 bucks.
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and nokia, it's first windows based phone. it's a ways a way. they have been losing to apple's iphone and the droid devices. nokia will likely drop to third in terms of manufacturing behind samsung and apple. right around the corner from you guys. >> nicole, thank you. we have some breaking news. there is a fire at the the capa sigma fra turnt. the minute we get the latest pictures we will. outside of san jose state. >> billed as the biggest bronze monument in the west, a 40,000 pound sculpture that will cover more than 1,000 square feet in downtown oakland. it will cover something else, years of struggle and triumph for peace. joe introduces us to the artist
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and his inspiration. >> reporter: there once was a time when historic deeds and people were immortalized in bronze. >> what you're looking at is the makings of oscar schindler. >> reporter: now in an east bay foundry artist mario's own view of history is taking shape. >> this is the martin luther king march, the march on selma, can't really tell because the heads are missing. >> the faces of 25 historic figures peer out from a mountain of bronze. >> in this area here is where frederick douglas' head will be. >> what it's about is remembering people who did extraordinary things under the most difficult of circumstances. >> when it's done this will stand 21 feet and weigh 60,000 pounds. the idea came to him 3,552 days
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ago. the day of the 9/11 attacks. >> at the moment i said why would any one do something like this and what am i doing to contribute or not. >> his contribution is a memorial that will live in a park in the emerging uptown district. >> this will contribute to showing that oakland is more than what people hear all the time. oakland is a place to be recognized. >> among the figures, martin luther king, mother theresa, also poet maya angelou and harvey milk. >> you look at the individuals, at issue is the fact that some of them made mistake, some didn't do in the early part of their years what they ultimately did in the final part of the years. >> there were people i grew up with, people who i saw along the way for my own journey and i look to them. >> he hopes the figures will
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inspire others once they are unjailed. serve as a don you want to the past in a city trying to shape its future. >> we continue to watch breaking news out of the san jose state university. the fraternity house there, flames through the roof we hear. we do hear that all of the boys are out of the house and nobody han has been hurt. we'll get you pictures as soon as we can. christina has a look at a very warm forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you. we're painting a different picture, very, very hot conditions throughout the day and tomorrow some of the warmest air over the bay area since september. so significant warm-up today, tomorrow, just about as hot. the east bay you'll probably be the warmest location. because of that.
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we have very, very light winds. with no systems of low pressure around but this morning very light winds, high pressure sinking air has caused a spare the air day and that goes in the east bay where we have unhealthy air quality. if you suffer from asthma probably good to say inside. the worst is in the afternoon commute when everyone hits the highway. 64 in livermore. at 65 in fairfield at any way to 103. 100 in livermore and 101 in concord. tomorrow i'll use the triple digits probably as i did today as i think it's going to be as warm. much warmer tomorrow, some cities lows in the 70s as we wake up. we've got the 70s as highs back on the map friday and saturday, a cool down intime for the weekend. if you get through these next two days you'll be happy for fridaynd saturday. >> thank you much.
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>> it is 4:54. a live picture of san jose off to the left and we have crews on the way, a fraternity house fire, a kappa sigma house at san jose state. flames through the roof. there are no injuries, the latest we're hearing is all of the members are out of the house, it's a three-alarm fire.
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we have a helicopter and news crew on the way. the minute we get something, we'll make sure to tell you about it. let's check in with mike. >> the most important news sounds like all of the guys got out. that might affect the east of campus. right here, the carquinez bridge from the north bay, come down closer to the water if you are north of here. fairfield, 103 today, so watch for that number. i have much lower numbers but very good coming down to the east shore freeway, 18 minutes off of the carquinez bridge. you are about the speed limit coming down the east shore freeway. we have taillights past the coliseum. moving to sunol, those taillights moving south. we see that for the summer, a little later commute around the 7:30, 8:00 hour for much of the
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bunching up. >> contra costa county holding off on plans to build a new fire station in alamo. they want to give neighbors time to weigh in. many neighbors call on the city to drop the plans because they think a fire station will cause a drop in property values. the new fire station would sit on stone valley road. it would replace an older station. the county will make its decision july 11. >> b.a.r.t. asking for help to make your ride kushi. you'll be able to find out the new seats. the lab, the seat lab starts at 2:30 until 6:30. the process should take you about 15 minutes. the seats will be installed on the new b.a.r.t. fleet. coming up the man suspected of
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beating giants fan bryan stow has not been charged but he's still going to prison. it may not look like it but san jose the new vegas. for all of your news, weather, traffic, including all of the breaking news, check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area news. ws
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>> caught on tape. new video of what appears to be the shark sighted off the stinson beach earlier this week. breaking news, a fraternity house in flames. you can make out the smoke to the left of the screen. crews battling the fire as i speak. we'll have the latest coming up. it's tuesday, this is today in the bay.


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