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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  June 21, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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take a look at this amazing view. we are 2,900 feet above sea level now. every year 40,000 people visit to hike, camp, and mountain bike. now the state plans to close the park by july 1, next summer. after hiking nine miles in the state park, sean and jenna have a lot to tell their friends. >> we saw wild turkey, we think, and deer, and got down to a natural swimming hole where it was nice, clear, cold water. >> reporter: they likely won't get to repeat their visit next year. the state plans to close the park next year because .scu cuts. 15 other bayrerka arespan a the list, including the state historic park, candlestick point in san francisco, portolo redwood state park, and sugar loaf ridge in napa county. henry coe which spans more than 87,000 acres is by far the largest park on the state closure list.
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bob patry with the coe park conservation group says -- >> this is huge wilderness of 130 square miles. it's next door to, what, the -- seven million people in the san francisco bay area. it's an extraordinary resource. >> reporter: it's not just backpackers and hikers that enjoy this park, but every year at-risk students come here to learn about nature. if the park closes, rangers are worried pot growers may move in. >> marijuana groves, those are things that already occur sometimes in the park. you know, without a present here, that could become more prevalent. >> reporter: he's also concerned about fire danger from illegal campers and is worried without park staff someone may vandalize a museum collection in the visitors center. with a park more than double the size of san francisco, rangers predict without staff overseeing
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operations, keeping people out will be next to impossible. the coe preservation fund must come one $1 million by august 1 in order to save this park from closure. reporting live from henry coe state park, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. now to that heat advisory raj mentioned. if you were outside at all, you know what we're talking about. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now with a look at that. and it was a spare the air day, as well. yeah, poor air quality. it felt good until about 10:00, 11:00, then this afternoon the heat turned up. you see haze from the oakland camera. of course, you cannot see the fog as we are under this very hot event across the bay area, some of the hottest temperatures in nine months. the hottest right now, pleasanton, 104. south san jose, 100. los gatos, 100. close to 100 in sunnyvalecross
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parts of the southern peninsula and mid 90s in the north bay. we are under this heat advisory through 8:00 p.m. tonight for the entire viewing area. so remember to drink plenty of water. if you do your exercising outside, tonight may be the night to, yes, i'm giving you the okay to skip it or possibly head to the gym indoors. and this heat will be continuing into tomorrow. we'll have more on the air quality and when temperatures will get back to normal coming up. >> see you in a few minutes. this has opinion an anxious and stressful day for brentwood. six dogs and a cat were poisoned, spread across through households. all in the marsh creek vista subdivision. owners found them dead or dying last night and early this morning. neighbors came together today to comfort each other. all the pet owners say they found food in their back yards that they normally don't feed their own pets. three dogs and a cat -- one woman lost three dogs and a cat last night. she says she can't believe anybody could be so cruel.
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>> whatever happens -- somebody will be caught sooner or later. and ultimately, god's going judge them. >> animal control says there have been no prior complaints in this area. as of this hour, no arrests have been made. on our 6:00 newscast, coming up, we go after the man at the center of the investigation. students could only stand by and watch as their home went up in flames. now a san jose state fraternity is without a home. the kappa sigma house on south 11th in downtown san jose caught fire early this morning. what started with just some smoke quickly turned into a massive fire-fight. >> all i hear is like people screaming in the hallway. there's smoke in the house, and -- >> reporter: meti had planned to wake up refreshed for his 9:00 a.m. midterm. instead, he and his fraternity brothers were awakened by fraternity brothers after 3:00 this morning. all 28 made it out safely. >> and we could feel it from a
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block away. you could feel the fire. it was huge in the sky. >> reporter: a fierce combination of flame and smoke coming from the roughly 15,000 square-foot frat house on south 11th street. the four-alarm fire was of -- was fought by 90 ladders. it may have started in the loundry room. >> luckily the fire was isolated to the attic and roof area. it stayed out of the living area initially. that was a big save. >> reporter: with the collapsed roof, much of the second floor could not be saved. the 45-year-old house has a rich history of brotherhood. today some of that history was salvaged and carried out by members and firefighters. frame by frame. >> it's clear at this point that the 28 young men will be in need of everything starting now. so that means short and long-term housing, clothing, food, et cetera. >> reporter: where are you going to go? >> where am i going to go? i have a lot of options, but honestly right now, i don't want to leave. i'm staying here.
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>> now the cause of that fire has not been determined yet. one firefighter was taken to the hospital for a burned hand. he is expected to be okay. fire officials say the house is a total loss with damages close to $2 million. we've learned san jose state is providing free housing for the students for one week. that's one of the safest parts of town. tonight, san francisco police are investigating a murder near the marina green. still no word on the identity of the young man whose body was found in theis nasft wr this was a trail of blood starting at buchanan and bay streets last night, but they didn't find a body. this morning the man was seen floating fully clothed in the water between the marina green and ft. mason. investigators say the victim is white and about 19 years old. police blocked off the area during rush hour today in the morning. they say the long blood trail begins outside the post office on buchanan street.
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>> the post office boxes are? those are -- kind of where the trail kind of begins. and it goes all the way down past, you know, the trees this where the tape is. >> there could be one clue. police seized a volvo with washington license plates which was parked nearby. they aren't saying how it might be linked to the homicide. lawmakers in sacramento are paying for their own meals and their own gasoline. state controller john chung suspended their paychecks by invoking last year's prop 25 rule for the first time. chung says he did the math on last week's budget, and it didn't add up. he said it had a $1.8 million imbalance. lawmakers won't get paid. in the meantime, one lawmaker says with the state in debt, why not ban the death penalty to save money? a report shows california has spent $4 billion on the 13 executions held since 1978. >> there are 714 people on death row right now. 13 have been executed since
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1978. most of the rest will die in prison. there have actually been more people on death row that committed suicide than were executed. >> reporter: the bill would convert death penalty sentences to life in prison without the possibility of parole. president obama will address the nation tomorrow night. he will outline his plan for pulling troops out of afghanistan. with osama bin laden dead, the president is getting a lot of pressure to accelerate the withdrawal of troops. but some fear removing too many troops could give al qaeda and the taliban free reign. here's kristen dahlgren with the latest from washington. >> reporter: after almost a decade of american troops fighting in afghanistan and more than 1,500 u.s. dead, tomorrow night president obama will release a timetable to bring some troops home. >> it will pragues are over the next several years, and obviously as that happens, troops will be drawing down. >> reporter: as the president weighed his decision today, he
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met with secretary of state hillary clinton and outgoing defense secretary robert gates who pointed out military strategy isn't the only factor. >> there are concerns among the american people who are tired of decades of war. the president has to take matters into consideration. >> reporter: senior officials say the decision will likely be to withdraw some 5,000 forces beginning in july, and a second wave of several thousand more by year's end. >> the president knows he can't run for re-election without having definitively drawn down the effort. so therein lies the problem. >> reporter: a group of 27 democrat and republican senators sent the president a letter last week urging a shift in afghanistan, others worry about pulling out too quickly, reversing gains made against al qaeda and the taliban. >> if they are support troops, i think that that is somewhat acceptable. if they come out of the 30,000 surge, then that -- i think that's a matter of concern. >> reporter: the president facing a tough call with the
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stability of afghanistan and more american lives on the line. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, washington. >> once again, president obama will address the nation tomorrow at about this time. you can watch it live at 5:00 right here on nbc bay area. the bay area is represented in this year's run for the white house. palo alto native and former utah governor republican john huntsman normally entered the presidential race today. today huntsman called the condition of america unacceptable and promised a simpler tax code, new jobs, and energy independence. in 2009, president obama nominated huntsman to serve as the u.s. ambassador to china. he left that post in april this year. a trip of a lifetime. next at 5:00, the first lady goes abroad. we'll show you the unexpected visit that even took mrs. obama by surprise. the battle over gay marriage gets down to the wire. could a sixth state soon legalize it?
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also, a birthday party fit for a prince. northd comaylans for prie william. p
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not quite the summer vacation that they expected. the second named storm of the hurricane season pounded mexico's pacific coast today. look at the pictures here. an area filled with resort. hurricane beatrice tossed cars into the ocean and forced tourists to take cover. this is south of puerto vallarta and north of acapulco. no injuries thankfully. the storm has since weakened into a tropical storm. the first lady is on her biggest trip so far. she's in africa, and the trip is off to an historic start. michelle obama held a meeting
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with former south african president and political icon nelson mandela today on the first full day of her trip. kristen welker with the story from johannesburg. >> reporter: this visit certainly an iconnick one. first lady michelle obama, nelson mandela, they met earlier. her daughters, mall a and sasha, were there, as well as mandela's wife. it lasted 20 minutes, but it it was a momentous moment. as you know, there are a lot of parallels between the two nations. michelle obama is the first african-american first lady of the united states. nelson mandela, the first black president of south africa, the first democratically elected president of south africa. he endured years in jail fighting apartheid. the parallels go on and on for the two countries. both of them have endured long struggles for racial equality. so this is certainly a big day. and they didn't know if the day was going to happen because mandela is 92 years old. he's in frail health. so a lot of people were hoping this would happen.
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but it really wasn't a certainty. so this meeting is unexpected. but a lot of people excited about it. a big moment for the united states and for south africa. president obama met mandela back in 2005. in johannesburg, kristen welker, nbc news. from an astronaut to full-time caretaker. astronaut mark kelly is retiring from nasa and the u.s. navy after 25 years of service. he made the announcement on his facebook page today. kelly plans to spend more time with his wife, congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she's recovering from nearly being killed by a would-be assassin. kelly commanded "endeavour's" final mission not long ago. he said the decision to leave was not easy. the couple is also working on a book, a memoir. will be about their personal and public lives, and part of it will focus on giffords' shooting and recovery. the gay marriage battle we are all familiar with is being fought in new york. new yorkers united for marriage
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and other groups rallied today outside the state house. inside, republicans and democrats were in the midst of marathon sessions to get deals done so the gay marriage proposal could come to the floor. the issue appears to be one vote short of approval, but it could all come down tomorrow. smokers might not be able to ignore graphic new warning labels on cigarette packages next year. they explicitly depict the health risks showing smoke blowing out of an opening in the throat, and a disfigured mouth among other images. look at them here. customers will see them on packages beginning in the fall of 2012. we know that people started to ignore the earlier warning. this is the first change in the cigarette label in 25 years. >> major tobacco companies had no new comments today. but last year, some claimed the images did not educate but were "intended to elicit loathe, disgust, and repulsion." public health groups say that's
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exactly their point. an old wives tale about inducing labor may have been dispelled. researchers found that artificially inducing labor at the end of a pregnancy doesn't mean that a woman will have an increased chance of a caesarean section. the study also noted there is a higher c-section rate among obese and older women. you know it's hot outside when we actually have a fan working in the studio. it is usually freezing in here. >> and i wish we could show, the fan is right next to jeff over there. not close to you, close to the guy in charge today. >> here. fan you. >> i know how to work things around here. i thought you were going sing the intro to the song i sang last week. >> which one? >> "it's getting hot in here." >> we don't need that. we'll have more more heat tomorrow. some of the hottest weather today no doubt in the east bay as car thermometers were up above 100 doimpgs 104 in police tan ton. south san jose, 100, los gatos topping out at 100 degrees.
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in san francisco we have fog offshore. but it's just not nearly strong enough to be moved into the city now. still very mild to warm. 75 degrees, winds northwest at 20. it's the northwest component of the wind that's really helping to crank temperatures up right throughout the higher elevations of the north bay and east bay hills. still 101 in concord, 100 in fairfield. 100 in livermore. 94 in san jose. tonight we'll find mild weather. more 70s for overnight temperatures. throughout wednesday, still hot inland, but the fog is slowly going to develop. that is going to help some of our temperatures that will come down. and we're looking at a cooling weekend ahead. more coming up in my seven-day forecast. tomorrow, instead of hot we'll change it to warm here for most of the bay area. we'll get more of an onshore flow back, that will gradually decrease our temperatures. most notably throughout thursday, most of the fog really building up at the coastline. however, for the rest of tonight, we are under a spare the air alert. and through tomorrow, the air quality is going to try to get a
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little better. but still at moderate levels for the east bay. south bay, and also for the peninsula. if you live in the north bay, that's where the air quality will be the best for tomorrow. let's look at the fog. when is it going to move in, when is it going to cool us down? throughout tonight, fog will build offshore. we're not going to see a huge intrusion of the marine layer. by 6:00 a.m., fog will linger. that will provide slight cooling for tomorrow's forecast. as we head throughout wednesday and thursday night, the fog will try to get more aggressive with that onshore flow. and we should see temperatures getting knocked down. thursday, everyone's going to notice the numbers coming down here across the bay area. tomorrow, it's a transitional day. we'll still see hot weather, dangerous heat in the south bay, you'll need to drink plenty of water. 94 in san jose. 91 in los gatos. remember the pets. 79 in san mateo. 78 in san francisco. you see the numbers across the peninsula will be dropping tomorrow into the 70s and 80s instead of the 90s. inland, stead looking at those upper 90s to near 100 for napa
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and sonoma valleys. 89 in sonoma. 92 in santa rosa. more on the weather channel on cable, they have a great travel section on cable. we have a gradual cooling inland through friday with low to mid 80s. and for saturday and sunday, the fog also coming back. so tomorrow, the last hot day in our seven-day forecast. we also -- i don't know if you know about this, we have a new and updated nbc bay area -- weather section. we post daily stories there. yes, tons of video. and interactive maps. yes, you can use the same radar that i use on the air. and kind of -- you know, change the forecast up any way you like. go to click on the "weather" tab, it's all yours. >> did we have a staff meeting? this is the first i'm hearing of it. >> i decided. >> you can play jeff areranierir a day. >> thank you. party destination der. ilomst chyto we, another san francisco event is pouring the
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alcohol out of its celebration
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plans. w
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it's becoming a trend in the city want one of san francisco's legendary parties is going dry. pink saturday, the unofficial street party in the castro before the annual gay pride parade. for the first time in more than 40 years, organizers have asked police to help them stop the flow of alcohol. the move stems from the violence at last year's party where a 19-year-old was shot and killed. this is just the latest in a string of san francisco events to dry out. the union street fair and beta breakers have attempted this feat this year. maybe it's the recent scandal, maybe it's the breakup of his marriage. whatever the reason, arnold schwarzenegger seemed nostalgic on a visit to his native austria today. as speaker for united nations energy conference, the former governor opened his address in german. he talked about sustainability
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and other green ideas. but he also talked fondly about what he misses about austria. mentioning the music of mozart and a juicy wiener schnitzel. p wim.ia prince william. it's his birthday. next, spent most of the
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day without his new wife.
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san jose's mayor is doing an aboutface. now that he has a deal with the city's police and firefighter unions. before yesterday's agreements, chuck reid planned to declare a fiscal emergency and hold a fall election to ask voters to weigh in on pension reforms. now reed is postponed this vote since police and fire unions have agreed to 10% pay cut. the mayor says the city cannot afford the current pension
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system. he wants to raise the retirement age and cut benefits and will ask voter to take action next march. he may be a royal but it appears prince william spent his birthday like the most of us. like the rest of us, on the job. the prince serves as a helicopter search and rescue pilot in the royal air force. he was reportedly on duty at a base on an island off the coast of wales. there's at least one public acknowledgment of his birthday -- and of the -- just turned 29 today. a tweet on westminster abbey's official twitter feed, it read "the abby bells are ringing to mark the birthday of the duke of cambridge." yes, it was done in 140 characters or less. happy birthday, and i believe they're on their way to california in just a couple of weeks as part of their honeymoon festivities. they'll number southern california july 8, and did you see that dress she was wearing? >> i didn't notice the dress. >> that was hot. like the weather. >> thanks for joining us. now brian williams is next for
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