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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 22, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm christie smith live at the hospital where the chief of neurosurgery is expected to give an update on bryan stow's condition this morning. how the giants fan is doing coming up in a report. plus project gridlock could get you pulled over. it's wednesday june 22nd. this is today in the east bay. good morning, everyone. it's 4:30. i'm scott mcgrew. meteorologist christina loren
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tweeted out it's going to get cooler. that is welcome news indeed. >> so you're following me these days. >> absolutely. >> it's about time. i've been following you for about six months now. technologically advanced. today a cooldown. take a look where we're starting in livermore. 67 degrees. that means it's going to be pretty easy for you in the east bay to hit triple digits once again. i am backing off a little from where i forecasted yesterday. it's still going to be hot. the good news if you work in the city a big-time break. records, forecast for your high, a significant cooldown for the weekend. get you to work with mike inouye. >> 64, 66, that's the speed sensor. a blip showing up the same spot as the last few weeks. not as extensive as we've seen. we have seen speeds in the 50
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around airway and portola. eastbound away from the dublin interchange heading into dublin and livermore. should be clear in a few minutes. i'll give you an update. >> thanks very much. beaten but not broken. the bay area doctors trying to save bryan stow's life will give an update how he's doing. christie smith is live at the east bay hospital where the fan has been recovering for about a month now. good morning. >> reporter: i just called the media line at the hospital to bubble check and they still have bryan stow listed in critical condition this morning. we're expected to get some more specific information when the chief of neurosurgery speaks out about the 42-year-old paramedic from santa cruz who suffered a traumatic brain injury. the giants fan was beaten in a horrible attack at giants stadium march 31st. following the ordeal, stow has
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received an amazing show of support from the community across the bay area and also from within the sports community. meantime we wanted to mention the prime suspect in the beating was given 10 months in prison after his state parole was revoked for a gun possession. giovanni's attorneys said he's innocent and did not attend that game. meantime on a family website for stow that follows his recovery, last week they posted doctors are continuing to lower his seizure medication. of course we will be here at 10:00 a.m. when the chief of neurosurgery speaks out. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, live in the east bay. >> christie, thank you. the number of cars stolen dropped nationwide here. the story very different here in california. in fact, some east bay cities rank in the top 10, oakland, fremont, san francisco area ninth on the list. vallejo fairfield 5th, top
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three, fresno, modesto, bakersfield. large stes tend to not rank as high in the report because it ranks the number of car thefts per 100,000 people. or as the spokesman for the national insurance crime bureau tells associated press they lose as many cars in the halftime at a lakers game in los angeles as they do in modesto. a stalemate in sacramento has the department of motor vehicle in park when it comes to renewing your car registration. gorge tells us why you could end up getting pulled over. >> reporter: her registration tag is about to expire. when she went online to try and renew, she wasn't allowed to. the same thing happened to those that tried to renew in person at the dmv purchase ridiculous they wouldn't take your money. >> i'd be upset if i came in to pay. what would they do if we mailed it. >> reporter: you can blame this,
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the fee was set to drop nearly half by july 1st. lawmakers want to extend a current higher fee to raise more dollars. they are still debating about that. dmv asked law enforcement to ask drivers with expired tags a 60-day grace period. >> all officers know we will not be citing untilas the 1st. you may get stopped, however he won't cite you. santa clara county sheriff's department was not even aware of the changes. to this driver it doesn't make sense when the state is hungry for money. >> any revenue for the state, they are not collecting anything at all. really, they are looking out for their best interest. also stalled by the budget stalemate, lawmakers paychecks, surprisingly the decision by the state controller has irked many politicians. john chiang who issues paychecks
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calls it miss calculated, miscounted and misfinished. he's docking lawmakers' pay but $400 a day. calling the move an illegal power grab. he says the argument is a substantial one. >> there's nothing in the ballot language to say the controller is the one to decide whether it's a good budget or bad budget. you can bet your bottom dollar in 24 hours there will be a slew of lawsuit challenging not just his decision but his authority to render that decision. >> under state lawmakers don't get paid at all if they don't produce a budget. despite anger and protests from the public, a three-year contract has been approved on the heels of a controversial drowning of a mentally ill man. alameda firefighters and police stood and watched from the shore
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as raymond zach bobbed in the water on memorial day for nearly an hour before he finally drowned. firefighters claimed they didn't have the proper training or certification to help. some taxpayers say the firefighters new contract should have been put on hold um some sort of independent party could investigate the drowning. >> we've seen photographs from the fire station in the days after that showed they had equipment. they had training. it's been debunked this was a funding issue. stonewalling and withholding of documents, sanitizing of documents so that people who are really responsible for this are made to lo as if their hands are clean. >> the new contract has firefighters paying more for health insurance, also have to put some money into their own pensions. the family of missing nursing student has hired a private investigator to help in that case. they have hired a danville-based detective to work independently of the fbi and police. in a written statement, her cuss
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insays the detective was, quote, hired to develop information regarding her whereabouts saying the search for the 26-year-old is not over. the family is eager to bring her home. now, police investigators say they believe she was killed, after she disappeared during a break from her work at the hospital in hayward. let's check in with tris tina. we were talking about triple digits, maybe a little cooler. >> a little cooler. unfortunately doesn't go for the east bay. towards the coast the most significant cooling. this morning we're waking up near 70 degrees in livermore. pretty warm to start. as we head through the day, our temperatures will climb through the noonhour. as we head through noon, 84 in livermore, 82 in san jose and 86 degrees in fairfield. so i do think some of these east bay cities closest to the central valley, that's going to be the warm spot. 98 degrees, close to triple digits. in fairfield 95, livermore, 96
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in concord. pleasanton, 104 degrees. we had some really, really warm down sloping winds. the area with the strongest winds warmed up the most. 101 in morgan hill, 104 in napa. today significantly cooler especially towards the coast. san francisco back in the 70s. redwood city 87 degrees. 92 in los gatos if you're headed to the south bay for work. 94 in gilroy. now so close to the "weekend now," just two more days in the workweek to get through. i've got that forecast coming up. i think you'll be quite delighted to what we have for you. back to you, mr. mike inouye. >> i will be delighted if it is cooler at all, which does look like it. better news. looking at an accident, folks will be delighted, the accident is cleared, no injuries, sounds like everything out of lanes now. slowing showing up in the westbound direction due to a construction zone that cleared overnight. the maze overnight looking nice.
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speeds close to the limit through the area, 24 showing that burst of speed out of lafayette on the other side of the tunnel. debris reported westbound 480 lakeshore avenue, a mattress in a middle lane that will get cleared as they have a freeway crew heading out there. watch for that, folks. i know you try to get as many zs as you can but that's ridiculous. oakland, the coliseum, left lanes affected as you're heading north, arrows over one lane, just over to the right, fast line up towards embarcadero. >> all right, mike. thank you much. 4:40. he was san francisco mayor, lieutenant governor now. is gavin newsom looking for another office. his spokesman trying to put an end to speculation saying, "contrary to rumors and speculations cited in recent media reports, lieutenant governor newsom has no intention of pursuing a run for the u.s. house of representatives. some remain skeptical back in
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2009 newsom's gubernatorial manager made this memorable remark when asked if newsom was eyeing the lieutenant governor's seat, which is where he served now. i would have newsom kidnapped by one-eyed aliens from puerto rico if he ever made that decision, which, of course, he did. troop drawdown. the president's big announcement about the number of boots on the ground in afghanistan. and top of the class, east bay public schools ranked best in the nation. we'll tell you which ones just ahead. you're looking at a live picture of our control room as we go to break. blan .
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welcome back. it's 4:44 as we take a live look at the toll plaza there. we'll check in with mike in just a minute. tonight in a major prime time speech, president obama will reveal how many soldiers he's going to remove from the war in afghanistan. the troop drawdown is prompting a showdown on capitol hill. obama will reportedly bring home 5,000 troops next month, another 5,000 by year's end, then 30,000, the entire surge from 2009 will be home by the end of next year. some lawmakers don't think that's enough. nearly 60 democrats, even some
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republicans sent the president a letter saying half of the 100,000 troops in afghanistan should come home this year, but not everyone agrees. >> we with drew from afghanistan and the taliban came eventually followed by al qaeda, followed by attacks on the united states of america. >> it's not wise for the commander in chief to pull forces in the middle of a fight. >> we will certainly bring you the president's speech live tonight. that starts at 5:00 california time. wondering what's behind the ups and downs in recent gas prices? washington is, too. the federal trade commission says it's investigating oil and gas markets, specifically looking at whether oil companies manipulated the prices of crude oil. ftc also looking into whether oil companies lied or misled agencies about the price of oil or petroleum products. we checked some local gas prices on gas
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down from where we've seen them recent months. prices for a gallon of regular vary from $3.59 in livermore to $3.99 in oakland and walnut creek. meantime gas prices could bring fourth of july travel plans to a hall. for more on that and other news benefactor bell, courtney reagan live at cnbc. good morning. >> good morning to you. futures are lower after yesterday's gains. it looks as though we've actually gained back a little bit today. stocks did price on optimism on the vote of confidence in the government that will help the country avoid defaults. higher on the optimism. europe is relatively flat. there's no economic data today but fedex just reported their earnings. they beat the street. that's handlingly seen as an economic indicator, people buying, shipping and things looking better. see how the markets play out with this news. big focus on the fed, wraps up a two-day meeting this afternoon that is expected to cut its economic forecast.
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but insists growth will pick up later this year. fed chairman ben bernanke will hold his second press conference at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. cash is still king in the housing market. the national association of realtors said cash buyers accounted for 30% of existing home sales last month up from 25 a years ago and 12% in 2009. cash buyers are investors enticed by low prices and potential rental income, prevalent in markets where prices fell the most. got cash, you don't need to go through that whole financing route. back to you, scott. >> courtney, thank you very much. check in with christina. >> it is cooler but east bay it is going to be hot, what i consider hot. close to 100 degrees, unseasonably warm. tomorrow, even better and 70s pop up, we'll get to that in a
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minute. this is a change. a significant trough to the north kicking up that on-shore flow. we're bog to see a pretty good cloud bank this morning on the coast. this morning you are going to see fog in places like san francisco, over the bridges. that will cool you down through the day today. inland areas, not that much of a marine push. that means it will be hot once again. also starting out near 70 in livermore, 67. 59 in concord, 58 in hayward. still getting that warm down sloping wind through livermore right now. san jose also 62 and sunnyvale 64. that's why it's so mild. as we head through the afternoon, winds will shift. see this on-shore flow kick in in the east bay. that means at lunch, 84 degrees. 3 to 4 degrees shy of noon yesterday rounding out the day in the upper 90s, fairfield 98. only 96 in concord, down from foreign minister digits we saw. 95 in livermore. we did see the warmest city across the bay area in the east bay yesterday, pleasanton.
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nice cooldown as we head through the weekend. that's when you'll really start to feel better. don't have to use that ac at night. 85, nice crisp start. 55 degrees, 83 on friday. those 70s return just one day looks like now on saturday. then sunday not too bad. 82 degrees, great for outdoor plans. if you're like scott mcgrew, i would recommend wearing light colors today. i like that tie. >> thank you. i thought it was a hot day tie. newsweek released rankings of top public schools in the country, a couple of east bay schools cracked the top 100. number 61, mission san jose in fremont. number 83, piedmont high school. the magazine revamped last year to include graduation rates, average sat and ap courses offered. coming up from almost getting the axe on campus to the world series. cal baseball highlights just
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mike will mention those flashing lights there and check traffic in just a bit.
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in the meantime if you're craving caramel apples and funnel cakes, the alameda county fair kicks off today. to celebrate its 99th year, it's 99 cents on wednesday before 3:00. tickets range from $6 to $10 at the gates. the cal bears beating the odds surviving elimination once again in the college world series by beating texas a&m 7-3. comcast sports net has the highlights. >> reporter: cal bears want to stick around college world series, rally, three in the sixth to beat texas a&m 7-3 the bears will tell you that was the game. >> i was disappointed giving them the home run, being down. our over to come in and put up a three spot right after. it gave me a second life and boost to keep going. >> a chip on our shoulder.
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our backs were against the wall, cut us. we've got to prove something. not only to the community but to ourselves. now in the college world series only from the west coast, our fans and everyone who supported us along this roller coaster, we can do this. we're meant to be here. we showed it today. >> bears advanced to play thursday night 4:00 bay area time. win number 38, the most for a cal team since 1991. at college series, for nbc bay area. >> talked to a woman without air conditioning all night with triplets. >> i didn't know what -- i'm wearing pants this morning. >> probably got dressed in the dark. >> i was fanning little babies last night. thankfully the power was back on this morning. we'll check the temperatures, of course, i know you have with christina hoping for a cooldown today. also following the day's news. we now know who was killed along
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marina green waterfront this morning but the why is a mystery. coming up, how you can help police track down the killer just ahead. no relief for victims of flooding in capitola. why this damage isn't enough to get money from the federal government. rock and roll, the bay area artist that can paint a six-foot portrait of your favorite rock star in four minutes. trust us, something you really need to see. all that and a lot more this morning on "today in the bay" in just a bit. kick off your wednesday shoes, trailer for the new footloose is hitting airwaves, vw bug, tuxedo and ban on dancing. there are a few changes. >> where are you from? you talk funny. >> i talk funny? you should hear you from my end. >> that's the main character
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renn with a south boston accent. the movie in october. there are some movies, mike, that should never be remade. footloose is one of them, red dawn is another and they are remaking both. >> are they remaking red dawn, maybe he'll say wolverines instead of yell it. >> different enemy this time around. turns out russia is our friends. >> okay. find out how that goes. looking at oakland. we did have an accident westbound. sorry, debris westbound on 580. that mattress has been cleared up. should be a smoother flow through oakland. no major issues because of the light volume of traffic. bay bridge toll plaza shows you the live shot and light volume through this area as well. east bay, no delays through the cardenas bridge through the toll plaza. sig alert northbound snort of this shot in downtown, san carlos, three-lanes blocked.
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doesn't sound like any injuries. despite sig alert and overturned truck, no one hurt, should be cleared. >> thank you much. 4:56, a ban on circumcision may not make the november ballot. we'll tell you why just ahead. and the fraternity house gutted by flames leaves 28 young men without a place to go. where they will go and what we know about the fire starting ahead. for news, weather, traffic updates check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area morning news. "today in the bay" starts in two minutes. u good morning.
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i'm christie smith, live at san francisco general hospital where we're expecting to get an update on giants fan bryan stow's condition plus new ways you can help in his recovery.


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