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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 22, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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flooding in capitola three months ago still visible this morning. coming up in my live report, why this village isn't getting help from the federal government coming up. and how you can help college students displaced after a fire at their fraternity house. a live look outside. beautiful bay bridge glistening in its greatness this morning. it is tuesday june 22nd. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. hot, hot, hot yesterday. what are we in store for today? let's check in with christina. >> so hot yesterday. one of the busiest days for me in terms of people getting in touch wanting to know about the weather. we did hit 100 degrees in napa,
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pleasanton. today we're calling it not as hot, but still hot. if you live near the coast, we have a significant drop-off, then cool down towards the weekend. the full forecast in moments, let's get traffic with mike inouye. >> thank you. speed sensors showing a nice commute. sig alert declared because of an accident, overturned truck up 87 towards san carlos towards downtown san jose. only one lane blocked, no injuries. much better situation than we thought originally. but a sig alert declared for the area. we'll track this. meanwhile the golden gate bridge. there's steamy conditions. warmer weather, of course. maybe low clouds hanging around the deck at the golden gate bridge. off-ramp closed because of the off-ramp itself. tracking that. >> thank you very much. it's 5:01, an update on the condition of giants fan bryan stow. he's been in the hospital since he was attacked outside dodgers stadium in march.
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"today in the bay's" christie smith is live outside san francisco general this morning with what we could possibly here today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. i did call the media line just to double-check this morning and bryan stow is listed still in critical condition here at sf general hospital. also his family maintains a website about his recovery. but at 10:00 this morning, the chief of neurosurgery is expected to give some new details about the progress of the 42 year old. now, the paramedic from santa cruz suffered a traumatic brain injury opening day of the giants versus dodgers at dodgers stadium. it was march 31st. it was a horrible attack. his road to recovery has been long but filled with support from the bay area and well beyond and even throughout the sports community. the prime suspect we wanted to mention in the beating was given 10 months in prison after his parole was revoked for an alleged gun possession violation. giovanni ramirez's attorney said
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his client was not even at the game that day. meantime, back to the support, the website support for bryan stow, that's number four, shows it's bryan stow week going on in alameda. we're showing a couple of the restaurants, four of them, but the list is quite long. if you go to the participating restaurants and mention bryan stow or show one of the fires, a portion of your bill will go to the bryan stow fund but the list rotates each day so you'll want to check the website and make sure that the restaurant you want to go to is, indeed, participating on that day. reporting live in san francisco, kristi smith, "today in the bay." >> a very nice gesture, thank you very much, christie. we now know the i had it of the man found dead in the marina district. 26-year-old dennis nolton. his fully clothed body found
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floating in the gas house cove. they think he was killed around 10:00 in an area popular with runners and skaters. until police find the killer they are taking precautions. >> i'm going to be much more careful walking. i'm not going to walk without my husband. we're out walking the dog. i want to go safer and hope they catch who did this. >> police urging people to come forward. they believe a lot of people was out and about and someone must have seen something. bottled water is supposed to be safe to drink but one fremont family says it caused them to foam at the mouth, vomit and get painful burning sensations. a mother and her son became violently ill and ended up in the hospital this week according to the oakland tribune. the mother claims she opened a sealed bottle of crystal geyser and took a sip. she says she immediately became nauseous and didn't know it was the water, she thinks it was, until the son drank as well.
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both the mother and son were treated and released. crystal geyser is investigating the incident. testing for that day showed zero problems. in fact, the water was above fda requirements. fremont lucky store where the water was purchased has pulled all crystal geyser products from its shelves. you can now help close to 30 san jose students get back on their feet after escaping from the burning fraternity house. a relief fund set up to help them. that fire happened early at the kappa sigma house in downtown san jose. a lot of students escaped with no more than the shirt on their back or not even that. can you donate to the university's relief fund on the school's website. addresses on your screen there. click "give:your support count" then enter student emergency fund-kappa sigma. the cause of the fire has not been determined. funding from the federal government will not come to local communities damaged by
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massive flooding in marriage. mara tellez here with why fema says it can't help. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is certainly not boding well with officials and business owners along the main street here in capitola. this is capitola avenue. many businesses flooded in march. we found this one here called "welcome to the beach" appropriately named, of course. they are even posting these photos of saturday march 26th, 10:00 a.m. take a look at what this street looked like then. just devastating for these businesses here. now, if you live here, i don't have to tell you capitola was hit hard by heavy storms at the end of march, march 24th through 26th, the drainpipe ruptured and that flooded much of the village and pacific cove mobile home park to the tune of $1.5 million. roads were closed and a voluntary evacuation order was
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even established. the city was hoping to land this money from fema since it has used up its emergency reserves to repair the damage so far. now, it is a similar story for nearby sconce valley right off highway 17. that area was hit hard by a major rock slide march 21st. that cost $2.5 million. the state's request for federal aid cited a series of storms that pelted california march 15th through the 27th causing a total of $45.5 million in damage. a letter to jerry brown, fema's administrator explains the denial saying, quote, "the storms were not severe, continuous, and were not beyond the combined capabilities of the state and affected local governments." certainly a tough reality for these business owners and people who live in capitola and the nearby valley. now, laura, the governor, he can decide to appeal this decision
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made by fema. he has 30 days to do so. >> going to be interesting to see. i know they could use the help there. thank you very much, marla. a proposition to ban a controversial medical procedure might not make it to this november's ballot. opponents of the circumcision ban measure filed a lawsuit to remove it from the fall elections. it says the measure violates california state law prohibiting local governments from placing restrictions on medical procedures. the ballot measure would ban and criminalize the practice of circumcision on children. san jose mayor's plan to trim pensions is raising legal red flags. he's proposing declaring a fiscal state of emergency and seeking a ballot measure to trim employee pension. california attorney general harris says it could be against the law. reed has acknowledged some of the legal risks but says the alternative is municipal bankruptcy or greatly reducing staff. he says pension costs will be
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$255 million this year. all right. let's check the forecast. we're all talking about how hot it was. some of us lost power. >> triple digits with triplets, i can only imagine, laura. you know, what the good news is we were able to cool off a little bit more last night than we thought we'd be able to because this trough arrived early. even san francisco yesterday not as hot as the day before. elsewhere, though, we saw some of the warmest temperatures we've seen in nine months in the bay area. 104 in pleasanton and napa yesterday. meanwhile we saw triple digits across the board. hot conditions only inland today especially if you live close to the central valley. the closer you are to the coast, the cooler it will be. contour map shows that story. 54 in san francisco, meanwhile almost 70 in livermore. so easily make its way up to 84 degrees by noon today in livermore then our temperatures will easily climb to about 98 degrees in places like firefield, 96 in concord and 95
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in livermore. not as hot inland, substantially cooler towards the coast. you will notice that fog is back. i think it's one of those days no one will be complaining about the fog because that is what's going to keep us cooler especially toward the coast. i have more numbers and will tell you finally when we drop off. i think you'll like the cool down coming up. let's send it over to mike. >> thank you. i'm looking at the monitors. can we jump to 880 where we have activity going on. construction zone will be clearing past the coliseum. we just a couple seconds ago saw flashing lights clear from the scene. traffic light had a full closure. basically rolling traffic there at the coliseum. the back-up likely only going back to 98 at its worst. we're starting to see movement through this area. take you back to the maps. thank you, guys. show you the original scheme of things here through livermore, some slowing around airway seeing the past couple weeks, there again, 15 minute drive.
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antioch, watch 58, pittsburgh where we've seen a slow drive the last couple of weeks as well. there's the maze, clearing 880 through oakland. vista point, accident has the off-ramp closed as getting over from the san francisco side to the golden gate bridge a live look at the bridge itself shows it might be an issue. low clouds and fog, light volume of traffic you still want to watch that. >> good advice. thank you very much. 5:11. san francisco kicking off its biggest event of the year. plus a fight over state legislator pay could soon end up in court. and a long way from home. we're going to tell you where this little guy washed up. taking a live look outside from the southy, nicear t cooler temperatures in the works. we'll keep checking that forecast with christina. 5:11 right now.
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welcome back, everyone. live look outside. this from the gray traffic. pretty light there right now, as it usually is. still early, 5:13. certainly hot yesterday hoping for a cool down for today. meantime budget battle for power continues at the state capital. nbc bay area political analyst larry ger sten says get ready to see a slew of lawsuits challenging power. lawmakers upset john chiang who issues paychecks decided to dock $400 a day because there's no budget. in november they gave china power to withhold if a budget wasn't passed. they passed it last week but jerry brown vetoed it. federal reserve meeting today to once again consider raising interest rates for a look at that and the rest of your news before the bell we
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turn to courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters this morning. good morning, courtney. >> hi, good morning to you. futures are lower that follows yesterday's gains. we saw stocks rise on optimism about a vote of confidence in the government helping the country avoid default. asian markets higher on the same optimism. europe is flat. there isn't any economic data today. like you mentioned, all eyes are focusing on the fed. the fed is wrapping up a two-day meeting this afternoon and expected to cut its economic forecast but insists growth will pick up later this year. fed chairman ben bernanke will hold his second post meeting press conference at 2:15 p.m. eastern time. well, cash is still king in the housing market. the national association of realtors said cash buyers accounted for 30% of existing home sales last month, from a year ago and 12% in 2009. cash buyers mostly investors are enticed by low prices and
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potential rental income, prices have dropped the most. better deals, sellers know offers won't fall for for lack of financing. if you've got the cash, you don't need financing. back to you. >> there's some good deals out there if you can afford it. thank you very much. 5:16. san francisco's pride week officially kicks off tonight with the raising of the lgtb flag. mayor ed lee will raise the flag. pride week includes installation of pink triangle on twin peaks, gay pride parade sunday. celebrity grand marshals include chaz bono and olympia dukakis. this year's theme is in pride we trust. 5:16. good week for parade, let's check the weather forecast. going to be a bit cooler than it has been, right? >> yeah. i can say with confidence, it won't rain on their parade. we're looking really good as a matter of fact. as we head through the next few days we've got a cooling trend.
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we have to wait through today before it kicks in and you feel it inland. at the coast we're noticing a difference. the fog bank is back and that will keep places like san francisco cooler than we were at the start of the week. hot condition starting off warm. still have down sloping dry winds pumping through livermore, san jose, even sunnyvale. we are in the 60s in some cities. i think as we head throughout this afternoon, temperatures will continue to climb, on-shore flow really kicks into high gear tomorrow so we're going to shave off 10 to 15 degrees on your daytime highs tomorrow. 84, toasty in livermore, concord 81 degrees. this going to be one of those days if you live in the city and make your way home from san francisco back to concord, it's going to be hot. you'll be turning on that ac when you cross the bay bridge. 87 in fremont today, 91 degrees in san jose. 104 yesterday in pleasanton. when you take off 5 to 10 degrees from yesterday, still going to be hot but not as hot.
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tomorrow morning crisp start, 55, 83 by friday, 70s for one day saturday best day for outdoor plans over the weekend. back to you, laura. >> perfect timing. thanks very much. the first in new zealand, an emperor penguin managed to swim thousands of miles to new zealand. unfortunately the penguin is native to antartica and all that swimming was the wrong direction. a little lost. on a north island near wellington. experts say the penguin most likely strayed from its homeland in search of food. like how it just kind of sits itself there on the beach. a lot of people do that, don't they? okay. it is 5:18. another delay in the legal proceedings against baerds. the latest coming up next. and we'll take a look at who something interesting may be happening there. a look in tech today. as the sun is coming up, a look atmushour, i owed teshowed
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you as we had that traffic break construction clearing. i'll give you the latest look coming up.
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welcome back, everyone. what a beautiful live look outside at the bay bridge this morning. we've seen a couple of boats pass through this morning. we're going to check the morning commute there and across the bay area in just a little bit with mike. 5:21 now. fewer people driving over the july 4th holiday this year according to aaa. the agency predicts 39 million americans will travel 50 miles or more from home during independence day weekend. last year more than 40 million people hit the road over the same time period. they say that increase in fuel prices may be the reason for the decline. gasoline is about a dollar higher this july 4th weekend compared to last. always seems to be the case, always creeping up. let's check right now how many folks are out there on the roads. >> i've been counting them,
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laura. >> have you? wow, that's very thorough of you. more than this many. looking at the south baya reminder, supposed to take less than a 50-mile drive. that means a local commute. these highways a little more crowded as folks head to the barbecues around the area. sig alert that is cleared. a little better coming through downtown. northbound 87 at san carlos, accident cleared from lanes. sig alert, no injuries. all lanes should be cleared in the next few minutes. as we move up the lower peninsula, as you might expect here, 522, a clear flow past dumb arton bridge. off the peninsula side those headlights towards 880, a smooth drive there as well. the sign on the right that's cut off says safety alert. warning about highway safety for the workers working overnight construction zones during daylight hours, use extra causing. 880 that construction cleared earlier. we saw that earlier jam as traffic cleared through the
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area. now an easy flow for the freeway northbound. ban downtown towards the bay bridge toll plaza where we saw an earlier shot of the bay bridge of there's the clouds rolling in. i'm warning folks it might affect your drive coming in the dm commute as the fog hits the bay bridge. >> thank you very much. travel nightmare in australia. tens of thousands of airline passengers are stranded all because of a volcano thousands of miles away. the volcano is erupting in chile. it caused a cloud of ash to circle the earth and stop air traffic in australia. now the cloud is blowing east, which means flights could resume earlier today. still those thousands of people stranded will need to be rebooked, which means it could be days before things are actually back to normal. barry bonds on hold. federal prosecutors asking important more time to make a decision about whether to retry the star. the government was supposed to
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make the announcement on friday but has now asked the judge to delay upcoming hearings until the end of august. bonds was convicted of obstruction of justice in april but the jury deadlocked on three perjury charges. prosecutors need to decide whether to retry bonds on those charges. in the meantime bonds lawyers have asked the judge to dismiss bonds obstruction of justice conviction. scott mcgrew's favorite site be sold? >> that is the tack. yahoo!ers. hulu is where you can watch tv on computer, xbox, ipad. its ownership is complex, we own part of it, so does fox. that ownership means hulu has access to all kinds of shows because it's run by tv companies. nonetheless, there are reports yahoo! has approached hulu about a sale. yahoo! holds it's shareholder meeting of it's a company that
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truck he would. yahoo! turned around under new management 360 degrees. plus if you remember your geometry is not a nice thing to say. buzz about silicon valley startup that's going to make a special camera. we checked archives. you know what? we showed you this technology way back in 2009. the company is called litro born in a lab in stanford. here is a picture of the flower. you click on the girl in the background and she comes into focus. this hours or days or weeks after you actually took the picture. >> interesting. >> what happens is these new special cameras take all the possible pictures, all the possible focal links there are. later you can decide how to focus the picture, a year after you took the picture. >> but it has to be taken with that camera. >> with the special camera. the technology probably will end up inside nikon, that kind of
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thing. the idea you have to focus a camera or you can't change a picture once its taken will be an old idea. oh, that was out of focus. not anymore. the camera will have taken all the possible focal links at once. >> that is amazing. >> really cool. >> too bad, can't fix pictures of old. >> everything up until now, can't fix it. >> good deal. 5:26 right now. >> so there. >> reporter: i'm bob redell live in san francisco. give this guy paint, canvas, rock and roll music and four minutes, chances are he's going to come up with something like th this, amazing rock and roll artwork of brian olson coming
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up. is
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. new this morning, a request
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for flood relief in capitola denied. good morning, i'm marla tellez. why fema says we can't help. coming up my live report. plus lending a helping hand. how you can pitch in to help the south bay college students devastated by a fire at their fraternity house. home for the holidays? the president planning to make a big announcement today regarding the war in afghanistan. details coming up in a live report. meantime a live look outside. look at that, at the golden gate bridge, can't make it out across the span there, we'll check the commute. of course the forecast in seconds. it's wednesday june 22nd. this is "today in the bay." good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. you're halfway through the week. i'm laura garcia-cannon. i want to get to the forecast.
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weather is what everyone is talking about these days. >> yes, it certainly is. good morning to you. we have a warm one on tap. down right hot in the east bay. not as hot along the coast. you saw the live picture of the golden gate bridge. it looks much cooler than the blazing sun yesterday. we already have that cooloff in effect. i'll let you know what that means for daytime highs today, more importantly help you plan your weekend. check your drive at 5:30 with mike. >> good morning, christina. talk about the approach to the bridge first of all, nice over there. 57 across the bay bridge, that's great. a little faster than 50, the suggested speed limit. clear conditions there. slower on the golden gate bridge. one of the reasons is because heading up past vista point off-ramp closed, early morning accident has the off-ramp itself closed. the bridge once you get there, there's that view we showed you, there you go, that fog will be an issue towards marin county.
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lower those speeds as showing on the sensors for safety sake back to you. >> thank you very much. santa cruz county leaders are trying to figure what they will do yet after the federal government's refusal to help pay for flood damage repair. today in the bay's marla tellez live in capitola with an update for us. good morning. >> good morning, laura. yeah, we are on capitola avenue. it's the main promenade of local businesses here in capitola. many of these businesses flooded by the storms that hit back in march. we saw a business just down the block that still has a sign up that says flooded. they actually had to move locations to around the corner. this little shop here, this is called st. johns helpful shop. it has a sign saying we will be contributing $1,000 to the flood relief fund. certain a good gesture on behalf of them. this really still on the mind of business owners. flooding here happened at the end of march, march 24th, through the 26th.
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what happened was a drainpipe ruptured because of the heavy storms. roads were closed and a voluntary evacuation order was even established. also hit hard the pacific cove mobile home park. total damage here $1.5 million worth. here is the unfortunate part. the city used up its emergency funds and a portion of its contingency funds to repair the damage but the work is not done yet. so this village banking on help for the federal emergency management agency, of course, fema. scotts valley, the nearby city off highway 17 is in the same boat. the city was hit hard by a brutal rock slide back on march 21st. the damage is there, about $2.5 million worth. the state's request for federal aid cited a series of storms that hit california over a 12-day period in march. a letter to governor brown,
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fema's administrator explained saying -- the damage left behind by the tsunami that hit the sapt cruz harbor march 11th, the damage there worth $28 million. the governor, governor jerry brown, could still appeal fema's decision. if he does so, laura, he has to do so within the next 30 days. >> they could certainly use the help there. thank you very much, marla. 28 south bay fraternity members will get a helping hand after their home was destroyed by fire. san jose established an emergency fund for kappa sigma members. they are asking for the public's help. you can mail checks to the following address. in the memo section write
5:34 am
student emergency fund kappa g sig sigma. address online. the web address on the screen at the bottom there. investigators still looking for the cause of that blaze that destroyed the 25-room house. damages are estimated to be nearly $2 million. car thefts dropped nationwide last year but it really doesn't mean in california. some bay area cities rank in the top ten hot spots nationwide. oakland fremont area ninth and vallejo fairfield fifth. top three, bakersfield, modesto, fresno. the number of car thefts per 100,000 people. this morning we're showing you one of the most unusual jam sessions, drop cloth. bob redell live at the independence in san francisco.
5:35 am
what have you got for us? >> laura, you think of many artists. when they have a canvas they can usually keep paint to the area. when tubinging about brian olson, doesn't need a lot of drop cloth. what he comes up with is quite remarkable. good morning, thanks for being here. >> good morning. how is it going? >> you're called art in action. the schtick is you get a blank canv canvas, paint, and you do what? >> i'm going to create a portrait. i'm not going to tell you who it will be but it will take about four minutes. all done to music. use two hands. today i'm going to ditch all brushes and use fingers. >> sometimes with brushes, sometimes fingers. >> sometimes six brushes, always painting with both hands, always music blasting in the background. so it's a little rock and roll art. >> i know we have video of you doing bob marley. you have about 70 portraits in
5:36 am
your repertoire. how long does it take for the audience to have that moment. now i know who he's painting, i won't tell in advance. >> that moment happens at a different time for each audience member. sometimes people get it in the first minute. sometimes it takes four minutes into it and they are like that's it. now i get it. that's elvis or marilyn monroe or whoever it may be. >> when you're coming up with these pieces you're trying to create the aha moments to be as stretched out as possible. what's it like to come up with the piece itself. let's say you're starting from scratch with me. >> in the beginning coming up with key characteristics of the subject, then figuring out at what point to mirror that moment with the music to bring the audience in. so in your case, if i'm going to paint your glasses, i would wait for a certainly moment, big moment with the music and then bring those glasses in, finish the eyes and everybody is with us in the audience. >> not a bad gig at all there,
5:37 am
brian. you've been traveling the country doing a lot of private gigs. you were in san francisco last night before heading back home to denver. we're going to be hanging out with brian a little bit and find out who he's going to be painting. that will be at the end of the show. we've got a little jimi hendrix going. oh, my gosh. what do we have up here? >> air guitars. >> i'm going to be borrowing that guy's pants. we're here because they are having usair guitar championship region always this weekend. it is a real event. you're looking at hot lips, former champion. the event is taken seriously. we'll tell you more about it, laura. >> wow, feels like friday around here. we'll certainly check back with him this morning. okay. 5:37 right now. that guy wasn't wearing a shirt out there. i don't think it was because it was so hot. >> i don't mind.
5:38 am
that's all i know. they look like the chuck e. cheese guys. they weren't real. let's take a look what's cooling us off this morning. we've got that cloud bank back. really, it depends on how much of a push we get from the marine layer, that's going to particular date how hot it will be in your city today. the closer you live to the central valley, the warmer it will be for you. if you live towards the coast, a significant drop-off in temperature. that will be the case throughout the day. tomorrow marine layer will push all the way inland and we'll get a break from the oppressive heat. 58, 67 in livermore, headed 84 at noon then round out the day at 75 in the city. beautiful day in san francisco. we will see mostly cloudy conditions to start. that cloud bank will break apart and sun will shine through by noon. 87 in redwood city, 92 in los gatos, 80 in santa cruz. what a gorgeous day in santa cruz yesterday. i'll let you know what's to come for the weekend. your seven-day ready to go. if you're heading out the front
5:39 am
door, mike is here to help out. >> right about 5:30 even on wednesday we see this slowdown pop up. 58 that's registered over at hick. just past that heading to l and almost g, slowdown kicking off. lighter, easier start. tuesdays and thursday, heavier volume. this is a wednesday, a reminder, 52 in bay point pittsburgh, see that pop up next. as it builds for 584 and 580. right now looking got. 64, just a little blip as we've seen all morning airway, eastbound, livermore, no major drama for this portion of the altamont pass over towards that interchange. castro valley a 530 and 238 look nike, 880 transitioning nice to the san mateo bridge, easy drive. live look at the san mateo bridge, low clouds, haze, can't see the peninsula, visibility a bit of an issue. not a problem for the drive. just watch it there as well as the bay bridge.
5:40 am
you can't see the hills behind the freeways because of the low clouds around the freeway. >> thank you very much, mike. 5:39. cal keeping national title hopes aliver. coach getting praise. good news for hundreds of bay area families. why their loved ones could soon be home from afghanistan. we'll have more in a live report. dmv is stopping all the vehicle license renewals. what that means for you the next lled pldbeblos
5:41 am
coming up.
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welcome back, everyone. 5:42. a live look outside from the south bay, center of performing arts this morning. certainly hot inland. we'll check the temperatures today coming up. tonight in a major prime time speech, president obama will announce how many soldiers he's bringing home from afghanistan next month.
5:43 am
public support for the war was dwindling and the president was facing pressure to get out. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live on capitol hill with the decision on how many troops to pull and when has made unusual allies. good morning. >> reporter: definitely, laura. we've got conservative republicans teaming up with liberal democrats urging the president to get out of this war quickly. nearly 60 of them sent him a letter saying this cannot be a token drawdown. some saying we need to bring back half of our troops this year. not what the president is expected to announce tonight. the white house isn't letting the cat out of the bag. but from what we understand from sources, the president will announce 5,000 troops, about one brigade, coming home in july. another 5,000 by the end of the year, possibly by next spring sometime within the next year. the balance, the rest, the other 20,000 of those troops that he sent a couple of years ago as part of the surge, possibly by
5:44 am
the end of next year, possibly left open based on advice from military commanders. now on capitol hill, lots of lawmakers saying that's not fast enough. but military commanders saying we really can't drawdown much faster than that, because the afghan troops aren't quite ready to take over. if you bring our u.s. troops home too quickly, it could strengthen al qaeda, strengthen the taliban. there's pressure from all sides, including, by the way, the public. one poll shows 56% wants all our troops to come home as soon as possible. thank you very much, tracie. you, of course, can see the president's speech live here in the bay area starting at 5:00. we will also stream it live on the website nearly a month after she banished, the family of missing nursing student hired a private investigator. michael frame of the frame group is expected to work
5:45 am
independently of the fbi and police. they say the search isn't over and they are eager to bring her home live. they say frame was hired to develop information about her whereabouts. she disappeared may 27th on break from clinical rotation from the hospital in hayward. alameda approved a new contract for firefighters. the three-year contract means firefighters will pay more for health insurance and put more money into pensions but they will not take a pay cut. many people in alameda didn't want the city to approve the contract until the controversial drowning of a mentally ill man was investigated by an independent party. councilmembers did not agree and they went ahead and approved that character. the state is not going to let you renew your vehicle license tags thy time soon. they are not accepting renewals. people with expired tags will
5:46 am
have to wait. the stoppage is because the vehicle license fee is expected to drop in half by the 1st. they are talking about raise thanksgiving fee to bring in more dollars. until that's decided, the dmv stopped all renewals, asked law enforcement to give drivers with expired tags a 60-day grace period. be exciting unthe 1st. you may get stopped, however he won't cite you. santa clara county sheriff's it was a little bit taxing on all of us yesterday. not as bad today. not as bad. high pressure drifted to the four corners region. we are still getting a little
5:47 am
bit of that offshore push especially in the places soushl loca -- southerly in the bay area. inland conditions nice and clear. we do have fog wrapping around the coast. if you're waking up in san francisco, that's what's going to cool you down. temperatures reaching 75 in the city. something else on-shore flow has done for us, brought that east bay air quality out of the unhealthy range. temperature wise 67 in livermore, still, warm out there. 62 in san jose. if you're headed from livermore to san francisco, you'll want to bring a jacket. it's chilly. 54, a nice crisp start, 86 in fairfield. another day where temperatures are close to triple digit range, only in the east bay, couple of south bay. most southerly like morgan hill you might get close to the triple digits again today. otherwise, everywhere else will cool down substantially,
5:48 am
especially san francisco only making it to 69 in half moon bay. headed towards the beach, it will be cool. santa cruz is the beach to hit. 85. 85 for thursday across the bay area. temperatures dropped to 79 degrees on saturday. gorgeous day to make those outdoor plans. a little warm on sunday but still not too bad. we have no rain in the forecast any time soon, laura, so break out those open toed shoes and wear them well. >> looking at my shoes in the dark with the power outage. thank you so much. giants tying a major league record they would rather not have. they gave up eight hits to the first eight minnesota batters last night. that ties a record. all eight of those batters pretty much scored and the game was pretty much over from there. madison bumgarner was critical of his performance, calling it pathetic. giants and twins play again today at at&t park. tonight first pitch at 7:15. meantime the a's in the other direction. good for them. they beat the mets 7-3 for the
5:49 am
sixth straight win. keep the roll going. game two of the series today at 4:10 in new york. cal is keeping college world series. bears beat tex a&m to advance. 7-3 win means they will play virginia tomorrow. virginia may remember cal on saturday. they have to win tomorrow's game or else they will come home. cal's surprising run is getting the coach praise. he's been named national coach of the year. this is his 12th season at cal and first time leading the team to the college world series. not bad for a team that was almost cut. it is now 5:49. a new list is out naming some local high schools among the best in the nation. >> some new google tricks. take a look in tech today. >> what you see is a smooth drive on westbound 24 off the walnut creek interchange heading the direction of the bay bridge. what you can't see from the map is why to se wel sosee. we'll sort this out in the next
5:50 am
traffic report. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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...we finally had a new home. [ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it. welcome back, everyone. some bay area high schools are making the list of the top 500 public schools in the country. five bay area high schools in the top 200 on the list. best ranked henry m. gun of palo alto, 42nd. mission san jose fremont, piedmont high at 83. summit preparatory charter in redwood city is 132. and analy 184. they looked at ap, sat scores among other things for school rankings. congratulations to the schools and student as well.
5:53 am
time to check the morning commute with mike. >> good morning, laura. take you to livermore watching this change. starting to build the slowdown here extending all the way past the area. we're spreading out for that zone. we're also watch this area out of the altamont pass, some some speeds below 50 in the last few minutes. watch as that builds. get a look at the sunol area. southbound side to the left of the screen. just over the hill tops you see -- basically you can't see anything. low clouds hovering, clouds reflecting, sun might come down and affect visibility through sunol. not a major issue into the south bay where speeds are fine heading northbound. south of here around bear creek road reports of a deer running around the roadway, three deer running across the highway. crews heading out to hopefully safely escort them off the highway.
5:54 am
101 out of san jose, the drive north in through mountain view, the huge hangar, renovate that, shoreline at stanford, heading up the coast, nice to be on the water, your drive as well. slow 92 heading towards san mateo bridge over san mateo hill, not a major issue. yesterday san mateo saw a lighter commute as wii. live look out there and show you what things are like north of there. this is the golden gate bridge. i had to tell you, you can't see it. fog is the issue from the north bay. laura, the closure for vista point that has been cleared. earlier accident, activity in the off-ramp. >> look at that. thank you very much. 5:54 right now. a lot of drivers may be wondering what's behind the ups and downs of recent gas prices. so is the fed of the federal trade commission or ftc says it is investigating the oil and gas markets. specifically it is looking at whether oil companies manipul e manipulated the price of crude oil. ftc looking into whether they
5:55 am
lie or misled agencies about oil prices or petroleum products. profits have nearly doubled since the start of the year, even though they have only been using about 82% of their capacity. scott mcgrew, a lot of people have misunderstandings about gas prices of this they really do. first of all, oil companies don't set oil prices any more than farmers set corn prices. there are, in fact, so many questions about gas and oil, the focus. i will have big oil on the show. we'll ask those questions you always wonder. questions like is the gas at one station different than the gas at another station. e-mail about not filling up, does that have an effect? that the be sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. all the finger pointing by washington, let's not ignore the government's roll. remember, the weaker the dollar, the more you need of them to buy a barrel of oil of the fed needs to set interest rates. we don't expect them to raise
5:56 am
rates. that means more cheap money, a weaker dollar and higher oil prices. video from google, launched voice search. you need the google chrome web browser to do this. now you can ask your computer a question in your own voice and it will google the answer for you absolutely no typing. you need a micro phone on your computer. you've been able to do this with cell phones for a long time. on your laptop or whatever, hold down the button and ask a question. >> sometimes i try to use the voice activated to text somebody. claire's test turned out great, like the chicken in the -- >> i brought an umbrella. what? >> exactly. one time brent asked me, are you drunk? what are you saying? thank you very much. 5:56 right now. the church for "the vois" continues tonight. ♪ the eight semifinalists performed last night and voting is still open.
5:57 am
it closes at 7:00 this morning. you can still vote, help out your favorites. the votes will be tallied today and announced here on nbc bay area at 8:00 tonight. four of "the voice" contestants will move on to compete tuesday night in the finals. kind of unique they are holding the vote later so more people can participate. 5:57. the investigation continues into how the body of a washington man ended up in the san francisco bay. a live look outside. sun certainly coming up. warming thingsho as thos yesterday? we'll find out. we'll check the forecast with
5:58 am
christina. n. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate.
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