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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 22, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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ways you can help in his recovery. and fema denies capitola flood relief money. good morning, i'm marla tellez. i'm going to explain why the federal agency is saying we're not going to help coming up. we now know more about a man found dead in san francisco. why police think there must be witnesses. it wednesday june 22nd. would you believe this is a live look outside at the embarcadero? can't make it out. we'll have christina loren explain that today, june 22nd, "today in the bay." good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. 6:00 right now. let's get a look at that forecast with christina. is all that fog going to cool things off? >> it really it. it's almost like mike our floor director held up a white piece
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of paper in front of the camera. it ithick out there. this is one of those days we want the fog. that fog as you see it overhead, look up and see mostly cloudy conditions, that means significantly cooler. however, inland cities not going to get that marine influence. that means another hot one. i'll let you know just how hot it's going to be. 6:01, show you how the drive heats up. >> this is what it would look like if mike held a white paper in front of the camera. there it is. the maze, an issue we're following away from the bay bridge oakland southbound 880. possibly two separate accidents occurred here. right now sounds like two left lanes blocked fifth and embarcadero downtown. no injuries reported but we'll track this, two lanes blocked 880, not a good time. they happened at 6:00 a.m. >> thank you very much. 6:01. we're going to get an update on the condition of giants fan
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bryan stow. he's been in the hospital since he was attacked outside dodgers stadium in march. christie smith live outside san francisco general with what we might hear today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. bryan stow is listed in critical condition at the hospital. all along his family has been maintaining a website how he's doing. in just about four hours we're expecting to hear from the chief of neurosurgery at sf general who will speak and update his condition. one of the recent entries on the family website, support for bryan stow, showed doctors are lowering his seizure medications to find a good balance. he's sleepy but still able to track family with his eyes. the 42-year-old paramedic from santa cruz suffered a traumatic injuries on march 31st as he was kicked and beaten on opening day. the prime suspect giovanni ramirez was not charged in the beating but did have his parole revoked this week and sent to
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prison for 10 months for an alleged gun violation. meantime support for stow across the bay area and sports community is still pouring in. the website shows it's bryan stow week and there's a partial week we have of restaurants in alameda that will donate a portion of your bill when you come to eat to the bryan stow fund. restaurants rotate each day, so you'll want to check that website. it runs through saturday. there is also a golf tournament coming up in santa cruz on july 1st. reporting live in san francisco. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, christie. we now know the identity of the man found dead near the mar in, a in fort mason, dennis nolton of olympia, washington. his fully clothed body found floating in the gas house cove marina tuesday morning. police think he was killed between 10:00 and 10:30 monday night in an area that is very popular with walkers, runners
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and skaters. regulars say until police find the killer they are taking precautions. police are specifically urging witnesses from the nearby marina safe way to come forward. monday night was a hot one so they believe a lot of people were out and about and someone must have seen something. the government agency in charge of disaster relief will not send any aid for relief. live in capitola with why a lot of people are frustrated there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. many businesses along the main promenade affected by the flooding in march. this one here known as welcome to the beach actually has posted three photos of the flooding from the viewpoint of the storefront saturday march 26th, 10:00 a.m., just devastating for these businesses. come on, take a little walk
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along the promenade, we'll show you this other business two doors down called st. johns helpful shop. it's actually contributing money, raising money for the flood relief. they will be contributing $1,000 to the flooding fund. still very much on the minds of local business owners. the state put in a request for federal aid citing a series of storms that pelted california over a 12-day period in march. the storm that hit the village of kocapitola, a voluntary evacuation order was established. a similar story off highway 17. a rock slide on march 21st caused $2.5 million in damage there. both areas hoping to get some money, some help from fema. fema explained in a letter by
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the administrator writes -- now, i just spoke to a local who happened to be on his morning walk. he's a landlord. i asked him his opinion. he said, you know what, it's just too bad. he can understand citing other areas in our country such as the midwest that have been hit by a deadly natural disaster recently. perhaps they deserve the money a little bit more. it's a tough issue, certainly frustrating for business owners. governor jerry brown could still appeal fema's decision. if he does so, he must do it in the next 30 days. >> we'll continue to follow it. thank you very much, marla. a controversial ban on a medical procedure might not make the ballot. opponents of circumcision filed to remove it from elections saying it violates california state law prohibiting local governments from placing restrictions on medical procedures.
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the ballot measure would ban and criminalize the practice of circumcision. the battle for power continues at the state capital this morning. nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston says get road to see a slew of lawsuits challenging power. john chiang, who issues paychecks, decided to dock their pay $400 a day because there's no state budget. in november voters gave him the power to withhold lawmaker pay if no budget was passed. lawmakers say they passed a budget last week but jerry brown vetoed it. the new fiscal year starts next week. san jose mayor chuck reed plans to trim worker pensions it's raising red flags. he's seeking a ballot measure to trim pensions. the california attorney general said that would be against the law. reed has acknowledged some of the legal risks but says the
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alternative is municipal bankruptcy or greatly reducing staff. he says pension costs will be $255 million this year. barry bonds on hold. federal prosecutors asking for more time to make a decision about whether to retry the star. the federal government was supposed to make the announcement friday but now asked the judge to delay upcoming hearings until the end of august. bonds was convicted of obstruction of justice in april but the jury deadlocked on three perjury charges. prosecutors need to decide whether to retry bonds on those charges. in the meantime bonds lawyers have asked the judge to dismiss bonds obstruction of justice conviction. it is 6:08. want to check the forecast. certainly hazy behind me, a far cry from yesterday morning. >> i know. you could see the sun blazing in yesterday looking at the live pictures even at this time yesterday. we knew it was going to be a hot one, a much different story.
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a little trough picked up speed and arrived earlier. you get a little cooldown overnight along the coast. we're going to have to wait a couple of days before the marine push finally makes it to the east bay and cools us off. by saturday forecasting 7 degrees. the coolest day in your extended period. once again it will be on the hot side today in the east bay. we hit 104 degrees yesterday in pleasanton, 101 in santa rosa, warm day in south bay, 101 south san jose. a break in san francisco, only reached 84 degrees because of that early on shore push. here is what we're looking at for today. similar conditions. what will be different, you'll notice the mostly cloudy start. in san francisco, by noon a thin veil, warm conditions at that time, not hot. mild at 4:00 p.m., 75 degrees. we'll see a nice, light breeze. for someone going to the giants game tonight, the forecast in moments. 87 in fremont, 91 san jose, 92 in napa. the further you live inland,
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yeah, it's going to be a warm one for you today. start to drop off significantly. as of tomorrow seven-day coming up. mike is watching roads closely. >> very closely. smooth in some spots where they repaved. overall the approach not so bad. christina reminds you the giants playing, watch for congestion around at&t park. here we're watching because while the first report said two accidents, consolidated to one accident, one lane closed. in the last couple of seconds, another accident at 880, minor injuries. we have more of an issue as you're heading south through oakland, embarcadero accident, 5th. nothing sthhowing on the sensor. we'll track it. the pass into livermore, good amount of slowing into and through livermore, 68 holding
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up. things seem to clear by the dublin interchange. 67 over on the right, still have slowing. mild, though, focusing from l street towards g, maybe horizon. not so bad. light here, 49 to the right slowdowns to pittsburgh. we'll track this. live look at san matt bridge, a smooth drive, can make out peninsula, a little haze, fog not an issue here. bay bridge, live shot we'll end with that. starting to get congestion in the lanes. fog not permitting us to see. thank you very much. 6:11, "today in the bay," san francisco's pride week starts tonight. we'll tell you what's happening. ways to help college students affected by a huge
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fire. i'm bob redell, who needs a guitar when you've got air. back here in the bay area, the action coming up. >> good morning to you, a live look outside, embarcadero, a little clearing theitre, can yo make out embarcadero at least.
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6:12 right now.
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6:14 wednesday morning, live look outside. trans america pyramid, make out a flag blowing in the wind. marine layer hanging on but will cool things down. you can help 30 san jose students get back on their feet after escaping from their burning fraternity house, a relief fund set up to them.
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we showed you the kappa sigma house in downtown l.a. a lot of students got out with only the shirt on their backs. you can donate right on the screen there. enter student emergency fund kappa sigma. the cause of the fire not determined. you think you can shred but can't play the guitar? perfect. we have a competition right up yourally. good morning. that's not bob redell. what's your name? >> is that a good thing? >> i don't know. >> that's alex cole aka awesome performing this weekend at the usair guitar regional championships taking place here at the independent in san francisco. this is a real event, no matter how much you haven't heard of it, you might think it's fake.
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hot lips hoolihan. billmeyer, cold steel renegade. how in the world does anyone get into this type of competition. >> typically a dare. >> is it a dare? >> or three-drink minimum. >> matt, how did you get into this? >> well, it was either serial killing or air guitar, so i figured item go with a more positive avenue. >> is this your song? >> it is, indeed. >> go for it. i like your outfit there. come on over here. i'm curious when you guys do the competition, what are the judges looking for? how many is accuracy? can you even tell if there's accuracy involved? >> there's three parts, technical merit, obviously he knows every lick and stage presence, so much to use or abuse your stage but most important the quality called airness. usually described like
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pornography, you can't define it but you do know it when you see it. >> alex, you've been doing this how many years now? >> about four professionally. >> you guys practicing you're home in front of a mirror, right? >> sometimes. sometimes blindfolded. sometimes i have like an inversion table upside down to work all the muscles. >> craig, you've got one you're going to do here. this is actually the former 2008 u.s. world air guitar champion. he's actually retired. he had to defend his title in 2009, went up against his nemesis, a guy from france took them both out. so laura, if you want to see usair guitar championships, come here -- >> i think i've seen enough. tell me about it. i know a lot of people want to go. >> yes, friday and saturday at the independent in san francisco, go to as far as we know the entry slots are full. they might be able to squeeze
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someone in if they are at home watching. that's exactly what i do in the shower. i could probably parlay that into a competition. >> tmi. >> over here coming up -- you okay, craig? need 911, cpr? no, he's good. brian olsen, art in action, give him a track of music, four minutes, paint, a canvas and he'll come up with a portrait of a rock and roll star, sports athlete. you name it. find out in a half hour. it's amazing. >> perhaps reporter bob redell, that would be interesting. >> i don't think so. >> okay. thank you very much, bob. got to find out where to get some of those fringe things that guy was wearing. pretty snappy. christina, you'd like nice in a pair of those. >> yes, and someday love will find us. 80s going on. i can always rock out. rocking big '80s hair every day of the week.
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high pressure looking good for today, drifting to the east just in time for us to cool off. that mostly goes for everywhere besides the east bay, you're going to be hot. not too bad. i'm not forecasting triple digits. close. 98 degrees is about as close as i'm getting to the triple digits. yesterday 104 degrees in pleasanton. if you made it through the night in pleasanton without air conditioning we salute you this morning. 67 in livermore, 59 in concord and 58 in hayward. at noon in the city, the city is really going to cool off today. 68 degrees, really comfortable conditions. you can feel comfortable in your business suit. 75 by 4:00 p.m. as you make your way home. as you make your way home from san francisco as you're headed to the east bay, toasty, 98 in places like fairfield, 96 for concord, 91 san jose, 92 in los gat gatos. we've eliminated triple digits, cooloff continues, tomorrow kicks in. 85 the forecast high. in the warmest cities i think it's only going to reach the
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mid-80s tomorrow. 83 by friday. a nice looking weekend on tap. yes, you don't need the ac this weekend. that's great news. i was at home depot yesterday, laura, and that's where all the people were. they didn't want the hammers yesterday, they wanted ac units. >> i needed a generator when the power went off. >> swamp cooler at least. >> no kidding. 6:20. more questions answered about the san bruno explosion, details coming up. raising money for e.t. and the future of in tech today. >> who knew 580? i did, you did, too. slower all the way slower all the w to theay dublin interchange. we'll track that and show you
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what else you need d to watch f.
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welcome back, everyone. a beautiful live look outside this morning overlooking the center for performing arts in san jose this morning. hoping for a little bit of a cooldown. let's check that morning commute with mike. it is 6:23. >> good morning. no problems down there. smooth flow. maze good on the map. look at the bottom. we still follow that accident southbound. a lot going on. there we go. southbound 880 at 5th avenue. reports of an accident there. confirmed blocking one lane. no injuries. three or four vehicles blocking
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one lane past the embarcadero exit. a slow drive. volume, a live shot south of the coliseum you see headlights coming through. folks are able to make their way out towards oakland, the coliseum. watch that approaching 5th, off the bay bridge. if you're heading to the bridge, meter lights turned on, have been for 10 minutes. that's quick for wednesday, all the lanes past 80 overpass. only 10 minutes for the build to occur. pretty good volume. low clouds at the bay bridge and fog. >> thanks so much, mike. it's 6:24 right now. san francisco's pride week officially kicks off tonight with raising of the lgbt flag. the mayor will raise the flag at city hall at 5:00 tonight. pride week includes the installation of the pink triangle on twin peaks. that's going to happen on saturday. then the pride parade on sunday.
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celebrity grand marshals include chaz bono and olympia dukakis. this year's theme is in pride we trust. e.t. may want to phone in a pledge. scott mcgrew said mountain view city is holding a fund-raiser. >> a fund-raiser, search for extraterrestrial intelligence had to shut down it's powerful telescopes that scan the skies for radio transmissions for other worlds. they have announce add fund-raiser to get those telescopes back online. already its raised $21,000 out of a hoped for $200,000. talk this morning that yahoo! or some other company might be ready to buy hulu. the site that let's you watch television from your computer or xbox or ipads, movies like "space balls." its ownership is complex. we own part of it. so, too, does fox network. that ownership means hulu has access to all kinds of great tvs and movies because it's run by
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tv companies. nonetheless, there are reports that yahoo! has approached hulu about a sale. >> you wanted to show that video. >> ludicrous speed yahoo! meanwhile holds its shareholder meeting. yahoo! has turned around under its new management, turned around 360 degrees. which if you remember your geometry is not a nice thing to say. >> not nice at all. 6:26. pg&e released new document about the pipeline that exploded in san bruno last september. the questions they answer and don't coming up. some capitola businesses displaced from the march flooding. they are not g g aid
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find out why in a live report.
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call or come in and talk with us today. new this morning, the governor tries to get money for
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capitola's flood relief repairs. fema says no can do. good morning i'm marla tellez. why the federal agencies is denying the beachfront village coming up. good morning, i'm christie smith live at sf general hospital where in just a few hours we're expecting an update on the condition of giants fan bryan stow plus new ways you can help. pg&e released new details about the pipeline that exploded killing eight people. live look outside. look at that. barely make out the golden gate bridge this morning. it is wednesday june 22nd, "today in the bay." good wednesday morning and thanks so much for joining us. it's 6:29 right now. just 30 seconds away from 6:30. let's get a look at that forecast this morning with christina loren hoping for a cooldown.
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>> you just saw that live picture of the golden gate bridge socked in with fog. usually that's a down right ugly picture this time of the morning. this morning it represents cool marine air. boy, we want it in the bay. going to take a little while to get to the inland locations. today substantial cooldowns toward the coast. i've got forecasted highs. what's to come for the weekend, changes on the way. let's get you to work at 6:30. mike inouye. >> continual changes livermore, 21-minute drive, speeds in the 30s and 40s where the speed sensor around vasco road. heading to the dublin interchange. the rest of the approach to the maze looking clear. we do have surprise toss tell you about. i'll show you that coming up, tracking 880, embark dcaderoemb accident needs to clear. pretty heavy over there on wednesday. back to you. >> 6:30, request denied. this the answer to santa cruz county leaders looking for
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federal aid to repair flood damage areas. "today in the bay's" marla tellez joins us with an update. good morning, marla. >> reporter: good morning, laura. the flooding happened here almost three months ago. you know what, these business owners along quopt, a avenue, the main strip in capitola have not forgotten, many posting signs on their business story front saying we're raising money for the flood relief efforts. this business, welcome to the beach has posted three photographs, take a look at capitola avenue where we're standing today. completely flooded, inundated with a surge of water. the state put in a request for federal aid citing storms that slammed california over a 12-day period march 15th through the 27th. the storms that hit here in capitola started march 24th causing $1.5 million worth of damage. a local mobile home park flooded, roads were closed.
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even a voluntary evacuation order was established. in nearby scotts valley on highway 17, a similar story there, rocks caused a landslide. $2.5 million in damage. both hoping to get money from fema, especially when so many facing budget deficits and cuts. kopt, a used emergency relief funds to repair some of the damage here but could use more. in a letter to governor jerry brown, fema's administrator explained why the agency is saying no. he writes -- to be clear this separate from the state's federal aid request from damage left behind by tsunami that hit the santa cruz harbor back on march 11. that is a separate federal aid request. that one was approved. now, laura, governor brown, he could still appeal fema's
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decision if he chooses to do so, though, he must do that within the next 30 days. >> be interesting to see what he does. thank you very much. 6:32 right now. new documents just released by pg&e shows the utility did not have outside contractors install the san bruno gas pipeline. it exploded killing eight people and destroying 28 homohomes. a pg&e spokesperson confirms pg&e installed the pipeline in 1956. a consumer group says people are now going to want to know where else pg&e installed pipelines during that same period. documents show it has dealt with a lot of welding issues on its natural gas lines. we're going to get an update this morning on the condition of giants fan bryan stow. he's been in the hospital since he was attacked outside of dodgers stadium back in march. "today in the bay's" christie smith is outside san francisco
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general hospital with what we can hear today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. with all they are dealing with, bryan stow's family has been very good at keeping everyone updated on how he's doing through a website. i called the hospital. he's still listed in critical condition. in just a couple hours we're expected to hear from chief of neurosurgery on how the 42-year-old paramedic is doing after suffering a traumatic brane injury march 21st when bryan stow was attacked, kicked, punched at dodgers stadium. this week the suspect giovanni ramirez had parole revoked for an alleged gun violation and given 10 months in prison, though he hasn't actually been charged in the beating. for stow, though, the outpouring of support has been amazing. from the public and sports world. in a recent post, the family said the doctors continue to lower his anti-seizure medication. he's sleepy but tracking family with his eyes. a link on support for bryan stow
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shows it's bryan stow week at participating restaurants in alameda. we have a partial list of some of those restaurants. it is quite long. we're told if you mention stow, a portion of the bill will go towards his recovery efforts. there is also a golf tournament planned for july 1st down in santa cruz. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith today, in the bay. >> every little bit helps. thank you very much, christie. 6:35. car thefts dropped nationwide last year but it really doesn't apply to california. in fact, some east bay cities rank in the top ten hot spots nationwide for car thefts. oakland fremont, san francisco is ninth, while vallejo fairfield comes in at fifth. rounding out top three, bakersfield, modesto, fres no we should mention large are cities don't rank as high in this report because it ranks the
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number of car thefts per 100,000 people. it loses many cars in the hav time at a lakers game as they do in modesto. i'm going to check the forecast for today, certainly hazy out there. that's cooling things down. >> certainly is. certainly is. the tale of two sides of the bay today. the inland locations are going to be very, very warm. but this fog, this marine cooldown significantly impacting places along the peninsula this morning. san francisco much cooler. much cooler start. so crisp conditions to start. as we head to the afternoon, another warm one with temperatures on the brink of 100 degrees in places in the east bay. high pressure in control of the weather pattern. this area of low pressure here started digging earlier than we thought it would yesterday. as a result on-shore flow started yesterday afternoon so we were able to cool down in places like san francisco, a little early. it will be on the hot side once again today inland, but not too bad. i'm forecasting 98 degrees as
6:37 am
the warmest city across the bear. fairfield, 64 in fairfield. easy to see why we'll climb so quickly. 67 in livermore, 58 in hayward, 54 mild. by noon, 68 in oakland, 59 in san francisco, 67 in san mateo. so this cool marine air is going to keep things nice and mild today. 91 is the forecast high in san jose. i've got your weekend forecast, giants forecast. can you imagine, though, at&t park hopping tonight, at the park. >> yeah, hoping there, smelling like garlic with garlic fries. toll plaza, first on the map marked bay bridge lights on. we know about that i'll show you in a second. i'm following the accident south of there, southbound 880 at 5th avenue, three cars involved in the accident all on the shoulder had good slowing through the corridor. chp has not updated the incident but we've seen it clear up over the last 10 minutes. my guess, they cleared the last of the cars in the area.
6:38 am
no lanes look blocked now. minor through oakland. live look at the toll plaza, more than a minor delay, back towards west grand avenue making its way to the maze, heavy build off the curve. look at this, surprise, folks, slow southbound left of the screen down in the shadows coming into the sun, slowdown through sunol through the hill into fremont. plan for that delay for 680. use 880 if you can, although it's not a great alternate for you, have you to travel 84. if you're on 680 and can't use 880, use that and stick it out and know about that delay in fremont. >> thank you very much. 6:38, a work of heart in minutes. we'll show you as it happens coming up. the dream is still alive for cal baseball. see when they play their next game in the college world series. president obama meantime is set to make a big announcement about getting troops out of afghanistan. details coming up next in a live
6:39 am
report from washington.
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6:41 am
. toin tonight in a major prime time speech president obama will announce how many soldiers he's bringing home from afghanistan next month. public support for the war has certainly dwindled and the president is facinga lot of pressure to get out.
6:42 am
"today in the bay's" tracie potts is live on capitol hill with the decision on how and when it's made unusual allies. good morning, tracie. >> it certainly has. there are democrats, liberal democrats that teamed up with conservative republicans to urge the white house, urge the president to bring these troops home. tonight we expect, based on the sources we're hearing now he will announce 5,000, about a brigade to come home in july, another 5,000 sometime in the next year and perhaps the remainders, bulk of that surge, 20,000 more troops either by the end of next year or we're hearing he could leave that open for military chanders to decide. military virus have told president obama we cannot bring these troops home too quickly because it could strengthen al qaeda, strengthen the taliban and cause more violence. here on capitol hill, there are some 60 senators and members who are urging the president to expedite these drawdown.
6:43 am
in fact in a letter to the white house, they said it should not be a token drawdown. some are calling for 50,000 troops, half the troops we have in afghanistan right now to come home by the end of this year. there's pressure from all sides including the public, a recent poll that shows 56% want all our troops home as soon as possible. >> that's pretty big numbers. i know a lot of families would like to see them hole. cal baseball in the hunt for the national title. they won last night to advance. they will play virginia tomorrow. virginia you may remember beat cal on sunday. cal must win tomorrow's game or else they will come home. remember when the a's couldn't win a game? now they can't seem to lose. they beat the mets 7-3 for their sixth straight win last night. game two of the series today at 4:10 in new york. meantime the giants tied a major league record they would rather not have. team gave up eight hits to the
6:44 am
first eight minnesota batters last night. they actually tied the record. all eight of those batters later scored and the game was over from there. madison bumgarner critical of his performance, afterwards calling it pathetic. they play at at&t park, the first pitch at 7:15. check this out from the dodgers game. they are up 4-1 with this home run. it looks like we'll take a look in the crowd. look, pat sajak is there. what's wrong with that what's wrong with the name. i think we need to buy an a. what do we win? a trip to hawaii. there we go. i'd like to solve the puzzle. not too bad. let's solve the puzzle of the weather. hot, hot temperatures yesterday. i'm hoping for a cooldown. >> we all are. we all are, especially if you're
6:45 am
someone who hasn't yet purchased that air conditioning unit for your home. if you got through last night, cool news. it will drop off substantially. as we head through, continue to drop off. saturday cool days ahead. high pressure in control. today in the inland area, east bay a warm one. starting out at 63 degrees. this is your low for the morning in livermore. it's not going to get any cooler, but will continuously climb with the sun up. the map shows the story, you saw the green hugging the coast, marine layer. not penetrating that far inland. a little bit on the warm side even in san jose today. i'm forecasting close to 90 degrees. the good news is on-shore flow eliminates unhealthy quality and now in the moderate range. this is what we're looking at. noon today temperatures in the mid-80s, livermore 92, the 2 in
6:46 am
los gatos. overall cooler, not as hot in the east bay, substantially cooler along the peninsula. 75 in san francisco, down from 84 yesterday. that means if you're going to be headed out, bring a jacket with you. upper 60s at 7:15 p.m. as they take on the twins once again. hopefully it will be better than the first 10 minutes of the game yesterday. zito shut out for fresno, grizzlies, now the last reshlgs game. 85 on thursday, 70s in the mix saturday. that's the day for outdoor plans, laura, with those triplets. >> >> reporter:. thanks very much. bob redell live in san francisco this morning. he has a special treat for us. pretty cool. >> reporter: good morning. it's been kind of a rock and roll theme. we had air guitarists earlier. now brian olson, a rock and roll
6:47 am
artist. i think what makes it interesting is his setup. a canvas. you can see he's a messy painter based on his outif the. that's why he's got drop cloths. eleven colors, 4.5 foot canvas that's blank. you're painting somebody on here, you're not telling who. over the next four minutes we'll find out. >> four minutes. let's get started with a little music and i'll show you what i do. >> he just needs a little music. go ahead, glen. ♪ >> reporter: jimi hendrix. ♪ >> reporter: i'm trying todd if we see a figure emerge yet.
6:48 am
no brushes this morning. he's doing it all finger paint this morning. all right. we're going to find out in a few minutes, laura, who he's painting. brian olson at the independent in san francisco. so stand by. >> 6:48, a check of wall street. we'll go back to the painting as well coming up in just a bit. we're looking at, there's no haze here but there is on some parts of the roadway. a smooth drive for 880. i mig leprndmsob ais. s problems and big slowing in other parts of the bay.
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come back to see exactly where
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that is. b
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>> reporter: good morning. welcome back to "today in the bay." this is bob redell. we're here at the independent in san francisco. you're looking at artist brian olson from denver. art in action. if you remember before the commercial break, we had a little jimi hendrix music, a blank black canvas, about 11 cans of paint and his messy fingers. can you see -- wow, look at that. i just saw the hair come up. laura, it was about a minute in, a minute 30, we had the aha moment where you're like, it is jimi hendrix. i just had the aha moment when i saw his hair. he's a performance artist, clearly does it to the music. brian, that was awesome. i would shake your hand. >> i would love to see some of his childhood artwork. >> reporter: i'm curious, how do you -- when you start a performance like this, how do you know where to start and to get it to look the way it's
6:52 am
going to end up in for me i need to be standing become and really concentrate. you're obviously doing this on the fly. >> for me it's like put a puzzle together because the canvas is so large. it's sort of like working section to section. like you start with any suspect the bridge, the eyes, the nose and everything builds from there. this is just a little bit of reversal because i paint on a black surface. so it's all making everything light as opposed to making everything dark. >> reporter: i know during when the music would punch, you would punch something with the painting, try to get that aha mom. for me it took a minute into it when i realized it was going to be jimi hendrix, the music also was a nice hint. how do you time that and sync that. >> the music is the timing. it's my guide in the whole piece. after i've got the actual painting figured out, then a build a music set and go with
6:53 am
the tune. >> an absolute pleasure. brian olson he travels the country doing performances, actually here in sf last night. who did you do last night? >> last night we did a little jerry garcia, of course. >> shocker. >> we did some elvis, james dean and john lennon, actually. >> do you ever have someone who is just so not with it, they go, i have no idea who that is and you have to hit them over the head. >> i have a diverse repertoire, 65, close to 70 different people. so i get to pick and choose for must audience. i think i need a shower. >> do you sell these paintings? >> they are. all the paintings for sale. got to the website. >> what do they start at. >> they start at around $1500. >> what about his vest. can we buy his vest. >> reporter: we want to know if the vest is for sell. he's getting a sponsor from wet
6:54 am
wipes. are you a messy eater, too. >> outstanding. what a talent. i love to see that that's really cool. all right. 6:53 right now. mike, can you top that. >> let me see what i can whip up here, green, red, yellow and a water main break to clean up. 40th at kirkham street. want to warn folks in the area sourt southth going in san francisco, might be in effect. haven't heard about closures. back-up on the bridge, haze, low clouds. so far streets are fine until the berkeley curve. back-up in the maze. back to the maps, show you other issues. no problems for highway 4. that's a big surprise. big slowing through pittsburgh and bay point. a different pattern for highway 4. there is where it's unusual for folks -- unpleasantly unusual. here at livermore. a jam-up at this exchange.
6:55 am
out of pleasant on and 680, 680 at sunol show you the jam. first reports of debris, an accident, hit-and-run south of this shot. 101, slowing in the northbound direction. back to you. >> thank you very much. it's 6:54. scott is checking the markets this morning. we've been open for just a bit. >> dow industrial down 47 points. the fed finishes the two-day meeting so we should hear something on interest rates. we don't expect much of a change. lots of newspapers talking about a new camera this morning. all kinds of buzz about a silicon valley startup. we checked our archives. we talked to you about this december of 2009. >> so ahead of the game. >> litro, born in the lab in stanford. a quick demo. take the picture. you see the flower and there's a woman back there. this is after the picture is taken. can you change the focus of the picture. >> or fix it. >> year after the picture was taken. that is the exciting thing there. >> that's amazing.
6:56 am
who was in that photo. very cool. also cool this morning, bob redell showing us some amazing artwork, a very talented artist in the bay area. >> brian olson out of denver completed this portrait in four minutes while listening to jimi hendrix. performance artist. he's signing it. the beauty is you have to watch the painting not know who is going to be on the painting. you have the aha moment. the usair guitar championships, region always portfolio they go onto chicago. we have some competitors here. i don't know which one -- do i want to be dressed like him or him? i don't know. it's a toss-up. he's got the cool shoes but he's
6:57 am
got the cool hachlt anywat. has he the cool outfit. if you're interested in brian olson, have him come out and perform for you. >> finding unique things and people this morning. thanks a lot, bob. thank you for joining us this morning. "today show" coming up next. a local news update in half
6:58 am
an hour. have a great day.
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