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tv   Today  NBC  June 22, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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good morning. on their way home. president obama set to announce he's pulling thousands of u.s. troops out of afghanistan during a primetime address of the nation. just how many are coming home and when? we're live at the white house with the latest. borrowed story? yet another surprising twist of the prosecution now raising the possibility that the florida mother stole her accidental drowning defense from a fellow inmate. and biblical proportions. the dream that led one man to build a full-scale replica of noah's ark, complete with animals two by two. what does he plan to do with it? he'll tell us today, june 22nd, 2011.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning, i'm ann curry. >> i'm lester holt. matt is on assignment this morning. estimated 100,000 american troops currently serving in afghanistan. the president will talk to the country tonight, expecting to announce a major drawdown. perhaps as many as 30,000. >> the question with that number is the pentagon on board, both timing and numbers have been contentious issues. we'll get details. meantime, there is yet another new face running for the republican presidential nomination. form you are utah governor and u.s. ambassador to china, jon huntsman. some political watchers are calling him the republican's wild card candidate. are his political views too moderate? we'll chat with him in a moment.
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plus the arrival of summer comes with it a lot of time outdoors. that can mean a number of hazards to your family. including fireworks and a new safety concern has emerged. we'll talk about that and also demonstrate the dangers coming up live. >> we send that message and still things happen. it's important that people understand the danger. we want to begin with the u.s. war in afghanistan and what we expect president obama to say in his prime time address tonight. chuck todd is nbc's chief white house correspondent. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. >> let me ask you about what the president is planning here. is it different than what we heard before when we talked about the 2014 hand over to afghan authorities? >> reporter: what tonight is going to be about is the 30,000 surge of troops that he ordered into the battle in december of 2009. in fact, it's important to look at that speech at west point that he gave then when he announced the surge. he talked about three sticks for measuring what's going on and how much success is happening there. and that is to deny al qaeda a
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safe haven, to try to push the taliban back and make sure they don't have the ability to overthrow the afghan government, and to help afghan security forces rise up and take over. on all three points, the president tonight is going to lay out a case that the u.s. has had success on all three to the point on the al qaeda front, lester, to say that operationally al qaeda in that region has essentially been defeated. and that is going to be the case he makes for bringing home these essentially 30,000 troops over a time line of approximately 12 to 18 months. possibly as many as 10,000 by the end of this year, an additional 20,000 by the end of next year. what won't be talked about too much tonight is what happens to the other approximately 70,000 troops that will be slowly coming home sometime between 2013 and 2014. >> and, chuck, are the generals on board with this phase of a drawdown? >> reporter: the best way to describe the reaction and one
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general i've talked to and some military aides, they're okay with this. i put "okay" in quotes. general petraeus argued to keep the surge forces in the region longer, that he would like to have them there for one more fighting season. the president essentially is overruling him on that front. but you talk to many military experts and they will say generals always want more troops on the ground. they say the policy is not changing, that this idea of counter insurgency and counter terrorism are going to be still used as the key component of trying to keep pushing forward and defeating the taliban. >> chuck todd at the white house this morning. chuck, thank you. of course, nbc news will have live coverage of president obama's address to the nation tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. and now here's ann. lester, thank you. now to presidential politics. the latest republican candidate to throw his hat into the ring, former utah governor john huntsman. we'll talk to him in just a moment. but first, nbc's andrea mitchell is in washington with his story.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. he is a former utah governor whose most recent job was working for barack obama. now he's the newest republican candidate for president. it was designed to look like ronald reagan's 1980 campaign. >> through the eyes of miss liberty on our gathering -- >> this magnificent monument to our liberty. >> reporter: with the statue of liberty behind him, jon huntsman had the look. there was a few glitches, the press pass with his name miss misspelled and there were more reporters than supporters. but all that aside, jon huntsman is off and running. >> i'm jon huntsman and i'm running for president of the united states. >> reporter: father of seven, including two adopted children, son of a billionaire who invented the iconic clam shell box for big macs, huntsman hopes to become the alternative to presumed front-runner mitt romney, also a mormon.
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>> we will conduct this campaign on the high road. i don't think you need to run down someone's reputation in order to run for the office of president. >> in an environment where voters are looking for something different and refreshing, jon huntsman is really the one in this race. >> reporter: huntsman has a strong economic record as governor, he's against abortion, pro gun and pro business. following his announcement tuesday, he flew directly to new hampshire, notably not iowa, where he says he won't compete. some of his positions are not popular in the first caucus state. huntsman favors civil unions and immigration and opposes subsidies for corn, soy bones and ethanol. >> if he gets the public nomination, he could be the strongest one of the whole bunch. i think his bigger challenge is just get that nomination. >> reporter: iowa is more friendly territory for tim pawlenty from next door minnesota. >> if i could do it in minnesota, we can do it in washington. >> reporter: his first television ad starts airing tomorrow. the first presidential ads in the 2012 campaign.
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as huntsman joined the fray, newt gingrich's campaign continued to implode. with two top fund-raisers joining the staff exodus. and now gingrich's latest financial disclosure forms will reveal a second line of credit at tiffany's. this one for up to $1 million. a spokesman says it has a zero balance and has been closed but won't say how recently. meanwhile, texas governor rick perry, not yet a candidate, had one of those moments when he tried to show he's down with social media. >> and you can always follow me on tweeter. >> reporter: huntsman may be a long shot. he hasn't been rising in the polls. but his theory of the case is that in new hampshire, where democrats and independents can cross over, that he could become the moderate republican that they choose, and in that case he could be a serious challenge to mitt romney. >> all right, thank you so much. we are now joined by republican presidential hopeful jon huntsman. mr. ambassador, mr. governor, thank you so much. >> jon will do, ann.
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>> jon is how we'll go, then. you have at least two major strikes against you. they're pretty big ones. we'll take them one by one. a recent nbc news/"wall street journal" poll found that 64% of republican voters have never even heard of you or don't know much about you, and a gallup poll found that 22% said they're hesitant to vote for a mormon in 2012. that's one in five, governor. what gives you confidence you can overcome these hurdles? >> if you look at numbers and assume the election were tomorrow, those would be daunting odds. when you figure you have months and months ahead in specific primary states, we live in a day and age where you can get your name out by social networking and new media tools, we have every opportunity to get out and talk about the issues, to talk about our record from the state of utah, to talk about the future of this great country, and i think over time, a, people will begin to know who we are in terms of name recognition and, two, people will begin to understand how we feel about the united states and the importance of balancing our books and getting our position right in the world.
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>> one thing they're going to learn is that you are the son of one of the richest men in america and yourself, you're also wealthy, at a time when corporate america is making record profits and not hiring. so what do you say to -- especially blue collar workers who say what they want is a president who knows how to bring jobs back to america? >> i would say that we're a great entrepreneurial family. we're very, very proud of the family business that we have built. it started from nothing. second, i would say that we were one of the greatest job creating states in utah while i was governor. we created an environment that spoke to job creation. we didn't create jobs as a government but created that environment, that foundation. and to look at the jobs we created across the board, giving people the thing that i think is most important in their lives, and that's a job because with a job comes enormous opportunity. look at the record. look at what we've done. i think they will be pretty pleased. >> i think perhaps it will be
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fair to say that a point of scrutiny might be that your own family company that you just mentioned has moved a lot of jobs overseas. >> if you look at any large manufacturing company, multinational company, you will find that your customer base is in many different countries of the world. you've got to service those customer bases. because of that you build facilities internationally. and any large business basically is in that kind of position. but let's not forget that there are export opportunities from the united states to many of these emerging markets. they create jobs right here at home. we live in a global economy. that shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody. >> mitt romney talked about your old boss, president obama, and giving him an "f" on the economy. what grade would you give president obama on the economy? >> i would say there's a lot of work to be done. over the last 2 to 2 1/2 years there are no signs of recovery, no signs of real health. and i think that's what the 2012 election cycle is going to be about.
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>> doesn't sound like you're giving aim an "a." >> listen, with 9.1% unemployment, $14.4 trillion in debt, come on, we have to be focusing laser like on getting the numbers right, tackling spending and debt, and just as importantly looking at the revenue side of the balance sheet, which will allow us to grow out of the hole we're in. we've got to create jobs and expand the economy. >> does that include raising taxes? >> listen, in a state where we became the most successful economy in america, in the state of utah, we didn't raise taxes, we created the environment for business growth. and i would have to say at a time when people need to grow and businesses need to get back on their feet and small business needs to access capital, this is not a time to raise taxes. >> off the table? >> off the table. >> let's talk about what's happening tonight. the president making his speech we've been hearing about afghanistan. 30,000 number in terms of a drawdown sit well with you? what do you think? >> i think we can probably be a little more aggressive over the next year. we've been at this nine years and 50 days.
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we put karzai in power. they've had democratic elections back in 2004. we've routed the taliban. we've dismantled al qaeda. let's get serious about what needs to be done on the ground, and that's a significant counterterror effort. not a counterinsurgency but a counterterror effort. that will require intelligence gathering, require special forces capability and some training of local forces left behind. what we need now, ann, is a healthy dose of nation building here at home. our corps is week. it is weak, we have less of an ability to project the goodness and might of the united states increasingly. we need to focus on getting our own house in order right here. >> we're almost out of time, but i want to mention something that i think people will also find interesting about you. you were once a high school dropout. you dropped out to play keyboard in a rock band, right, called the wizard? >> yeah. >> if any one of your seven children tells you or ever
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wanted to tell you that they want to drop out of high school to do what you did, what would you tell them? >> pursue your dreams but keep on going with education. that's the most important thing you can achieve in life. >> you went back. >> absolutely. >> jon huntsman, thank so much. it was interesting to speak to you. >> thank you. >> thank you for joining us here in the studio. now let's get a check of the rest of the morning's top stories from savannah guthrie in for natalie at the news desk. >> in the news this morning we begin with yet another aviation near miss this time at jfk airport in new york. speeding toward takeoff, a jumbo jet of hoo lufthansa had a tire-burning halt on monday as an egypt airplane made a wrong turn into its path. air traffic control abruptly aborted the takeoff to avoid a collision. >> cancel takeoff! cancel takeoff plans! >> the german jet slammed the brakes so hard the pilots feared the tires were dangerously overheated. new tactics today in the battle against the fires in arizona.
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nbc's miguel almaguer is in sierra vista this morning with more. miguel, good morning. >> good morning. the damage here is expected to be close to $20 million protecting homes in this fire and that's exactly what crews did overnight. the monument fire exploding, but this blaze is under control. fire used to fight fire. 1,000 acres purposely set ablaze. dry brush burned before the mouth of the fire can reach it. >> it's imperative that we get this blocked out, rob the fire of any fuel coming in here. >> reporter: this is a critical time for firefighters. the winds are calm. they can control this blaze. when winds whip wildly, homes were destroyed. nearly 60 turned to smoldering rubble. dora pa ray escaped the flames with just inches to spare. fire reached her doorstep. >> when it hits home, there's no words. >> reporter: shelters across sierra vista are full of
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evacuees. thousands can only sit and wait. the lucky ones -- >> oh, my god, it looks great. >> reporter: -- slowly allowed to leave. nearby, the threat isn't over, but widespread fear may be. crews optimistic an end is now in sight. july 15th, just over three weeks from today, that's when crews say they hope to have full containment around this fire. by the time it's all over, savannah, 35,000 acres probably will have burned. back to you. >> miguel almaguer in sierra vista, arizona, this morning. thank you. thunderstorms and heavy winds slammed the midwest knocking over airplane hangars in michigan and leaving some chicago commuters stranded on trains overnight. the storms also forced hundreds of flights cancelations at both of chicago's airports. now to wall street. cnbc's melissa lee is at the new york stock exchange for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you. a sigh of relief in greece as the prime minister secures the confidence vote necessary in
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order to push through deep budget cuts. meantime here, the federal reserve meeting on interest rates. rates are expected to remain unchanged, but the key will be what the fed chairman says about the recent soft patch in the economy at his press conference afterwards. you can join me and carl quintanilla for full coverage of the fed today and a special look at the american recovery from the front lines. that starts at noon today on cnbc. >> melissa lee, thank you. this morning the first lady addressed a group of young women choir and scores of south africans. tuesday, mrs. obama and the first daughters read dr. seuss books at a day care center and enjoyed a little dancing. and serena williams, emotional reaction to her first round victory has wimbledon fans abuzz. more accustomed to her outbursts and grunting but not tears. and yet after spending the last
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year battling health problems, the emotional win, i've never cried with joy for anything. we have al looking as handsome as they come with the weather. >> we have a risk of strong storms. could see an isolated tornado or two in this area. a line of thunderstorms firing up in eastern texas. the good news is they need the rain. the bad news, it's coming at once. it's causing minor flooding in the area. minor rain in new orleans and texas. one to three inches of rain, especially corpus christi. parts of good morning to you. well, that marine layer is back
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as a result. boy, it is feeling so much cooler towards the coast. still a little bit toasty, though. inland temperatures right now mostly in the 60s. inland 62, fairfield, 63 livermore. take a look at this. low 50s along the peninsula, up in the north bay towards the coast that means if you live near the water, today will be cool. inland hot. 95 firefield, 95 livermore, 96 concord. tomorrow we continue to cool down. world. now sweeten has pled guilty to fraud. nbc's jeff rossen is at the federal courthouse in philadelphia for us. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. at the time we had no idea why she did it, why she took her own daughter and faked their kidnapping. now it turns out prosecutors say they have the full picture. bonnie sweeten was on the run because she's a thief. this morning there's a plea deal
7:19 am
that includes federal prison time. almost overnight bonnie sweeten went from carpools . s, i do.
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>> why? >> i have a 9-month-old daughter that needs a mom, two step kids who need their mom. >> he later filed for divorce and sweeten finally pled guilty to dismeaner, sentenced to jail qime.
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good morning to you. it is 7:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the battle over power. larry gerston says get ready to see a slew of lawsuits challenging power. lawmakers are upset chiang docked their pay $400 a day. they gave them power to withhold if a dunlg wasn't passed.
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they say it was passed but governor brown vetoed it. starts next week. next in with christina. >> a new day. especially towards the coast. much cooler this morning. inland it's still a little on the hot side as high pressure is still in control and we are already in the 60s. 63 degrees in livermore. i'm forecasting about 95 degrees later on today. 87 in fremont, 91 san jose and a cool 75 degrees in the city of san francisco. as we head through tomorrow we drop off even more. temperatures falling into the 80s and then the 70s return saturday. let's check your drive. how fast are we going on the roads this morning, mike. >> not as fast as we'd like to go. it's safer that way. it's very contest gooded, 680 both directions. the bottom of the map coming into fremont out of sunol, a slowdown because of an accident blocking one lane a distraction because it's the fast lane. slow out of pleasanton, livermore, a new accident on the right reported out of altamont
7:28 am
pass. we may have a lane blocked by a pickup truck and another compact car that got into an accident. no injuries reported but an ambulance will head to that scene. there's the 26-minute drive to 580. the 24 through pittsburgh and baypoint, earlier slow down for pittsburgh, more extensive there. easy in antioch. heading to the maze, no major issues, slow through walnut creek and toll plaza laura. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us this morning for the latest traffic news updates check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook oj
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pages, i suppose. another update in
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. full-says replica.
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this is a live picture from the netherlands. we're going to tell you what he plans to do with it. >> i want to know what he knows. >> yeah. >> we'll get to that coming up. let's begin this half hour in florida with the casey anthony murder trial is entering its 25th day. b2jpvfyi@&t eleoyl
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now, if you could play cards, we could a bunch of you together. what's that, sweetie? a shy family. let's check your weather and see what's going on. you've got these delays. they are barking for delays out there. airport delays anywhere from new york city for showers and storms, philadelphia, d.c., detroit, atlanta, houston. it is going to be a mess. dallas looking at strong weather as well. afternoon, vegas, 108. palm springs, phoenix 112. tombstone over 100 degrees. that heat spreads through the gulf coast. 90s there, 80s working their way in the mid mississippi river valley. nice and mild northeast and new england. 60s and 50s back through the northern plains and great lakes. that's what's going on around the country, here is what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> boy, that cool marine air is
7:40 am
back over the bay. but really it's hugging the coast this morning. we don't have that much of an inland push. the places that are getting mostly cloudy skies courtesy of marine layer, significant cooldown. high pressure in control. instead cities on the toasty side. 63 in livermore. rounding out the day at 95 degrees. 98 in firefield. 85 in santa rosa. cooler than yesterday when we hit 104 in pleasanton. as we head to tomorrow cooler conditions, 79 saturday. >> first birthday? amily. .
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good morning to you. it is 7:56 right now. i am laura garcia-cannon. stories we're following this morning. we now know the identity of the man found dead in san francisco's marina district. 20-year-old dennis nolton of washington. his fully clothed body found floating in gas house cove marina. police think he was killed between 10:00 and 10:30 monday night in an area popular with walkers, runners and skaters. regulars say until police find that killer, they are taking precautions. >> i'm going to be much more careful walking. i'm not going to walk without my
7:57 am
husband. we're walking the dog together. i'll be more careful and hopefully they will catch who did this. >> they are urging witnesses from the safe way to come forward. they believe a lot of people were out and about and someone must have seen something. yesterday was a hot one as well. see what we're in store for weather wise today. >> 104 preveleasanton, that's h hot it was yesterday. today about 98 in pleasanton. you adjust that thermostat a little in your house and it makes a big difference. today you'll notice the difference especially if you live near the coast. that's where we see the greatest cooling. marine influence over the coastline now. we do have pretty heavy clouds. some low clouds hugging the coast. 75 degrees, though, later on today in san francisco. the sun should break through clouds at noon. 87 in fremont at 4:00 p.m. 91 in san jose. 85 degrees as we head through tomorrow. we continue to cool down towards the weekend. check your drive with mike. >> i like those numbers a lot
7:58 am
better than yesterday, christina. over here southbound, truck, no major slowing. gentle slowing for southbay, between the bridges, 880 both directions, slow in both directions for 880 as well. a look at livermore, slow out of the altamont pass towards livermore and pleasanton border. cleared lanes, a live look at the toll plaza there. there's the story, the back-up in the maze. low clouds hovering around the haze. going to make it a lot brighter because sun reflects off the haze and makes it an issue as you're coming off the lower deck as well. >> guys are working out there as well today. thanks very much. keep cool if you're headed ow the door. for the latest traffic updates check out morning news on facebook. another local news update for you in half an hour. .
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good morning. a live look at san francisco, you can see what is left of the marine air. inland, 62. 69 in fairfield. on your way to the upper 90s in fairfield and concord. 85, though. 87 in redwood city and just 80 degrees. great beach day in santa cruz. we're going to continue to drop off through saturday. that's when the 70s pop up on that great day for activities. weather. let's see if the reyup i don't know is over yet. >> al, thank you so much. it is over but i bet you would like to hug our next guest. guess who is stopping by? >> who? >> miss usa. >> i sure would. >> miss usa. >> i sure would. ♪ rossover that can go the distance. that's why we gave the chevy equinox an epa estimated 32 miles per gallon highway. but do passengers appreciate all of the comfort features we put in the equinox? hey. want me to drive? we'll take that as a yes.
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a search of a dangerous kyler on new york's long island. a man walked into a pharmacy on sun mourning, shot and killed four people and walked away with a backpack full of prescription drugs. the yinoungest victim, just 17 years old. first, nbc mike tybee has the latest on the investigation. mike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lest lester. the police commissioner called this crime the most vicious he had ever encountered. the suspect still on the run and still armed and obviously lethally dangerous. it's that fact that has the employees of so many other pharmacies here on long island more than a little worried. the surveillance photo shows a
8:10 am
slight gaunt white male with beard and white cap. he made off with prescription drugs but there was no hint of why he chose to shoot the four people in the store at point blank range. even law enforcement veterans were shocked. >> this is one of the most heinous brutal crimes we have ever encountered. >> reporter: the victims included 17-year-old jennifer, an assistant to pharmacist raymond ferguson, and two customers including 33-year-old jamie who was about to get married and whose mother cried for her daughter. >> i can't believe my daughter is gone. >> reporter: and cried out at the killer. >> we're going to get you. we're going to get you and justice is going to be done. it was so senseless. he could have stole the drugs and left everybody alone. >> reporter: it's the senseless aspect of the medford massacre that so worries this pharmacist. so worried she brought a baseball bat to work and now keeps a scissor close at hand. >> i shouldn't have to go to work and be worried that
8:11 am
somebody is going to come in and possibly take my life or people i work with. it is pretty scary. >> reporter: they're scared not just because of the medford shootings. people looking for prescription drugs have come to this mom and pop pharmacy brandishing a knife and hammer in recent months, looking mostly for drugs like oxycontin. >> over the last year the amount of people that have come into this store with prescriptions of oxycontin have probably tripled or quadrupled. >> prescription drug thefts have increased, triggered new attention in congress. >> since 2007, 1800 pharmacies from coast to coast have been robbed at gun point. >> reporter: and now meg pierce, a pharmacist for decades and working in a quiet little town arms herself to go to work. >> to be quite honest with you, if i had to defend us, i would
8:12 am
do it. >> reporter: and the families of completely innocent victims try in vain to make sense of the senseless. >> my daughter has two girls and shef she was just going to get married. she was happy. there was no reason for this. >> reporter: the father of the the other young victim said that his daughter who was due to graduate tomorrow wanted to be a doctor. that's why she loved working in this pharmacy. so obviously an incalculatable loss for a family and a town. >> jennifer's sister leslie is with us now exclusively. leslie, thank you so much for coming on. and your willingness to share your sister's story. we're so terribly sorry about your loss. >> thank you. >> both you and your sister were employed at the pharmacy. neither of you was supposed to be there on sunday. how was it that jennifer was working that day? >> jennifer always usually worked on sundays, like,
8:13 am
because, she was like the youngest one. she loved working there. it was like no problem for her. like my parents always told her, you shouldn't go in on sundays, like that's the day like we were always together. she just -- she loved working there, side by side, and she like loved everyone and she like, when everyone came in she would just give everyone like smiles and stuff and she was just really happy. >> i know you've got an alarming call from a cousin of yours on sunday. can you tell me from that point how you learned what had happened, what had taken place? >> my cousin, he called me and he said, he's like, he's like, lesly, are you okay, are you and your sister okay? i'm like, yeah, why? he's like, no, but where is she? i'm like, she's at work. and he -- and he said, there's four people dead in haven drugs.
8:14 am
i'm like, inside? he said, i don't know. i'm trying to figure that out. and i just -- i wanted to know if you guys were okay. he kept talking and i just hung up and i tried calling her and i called her like 20 times and she didn't answer. and then i called the pharmacy, and the phone like -- the line was busy. and i knew something was wrong. i could feel it in my heart. my heart just sank. >> i know. >> i could just feel it. >> and jennifer was your big sister. a year and a half age difference between the two of you. >> yeah. >> can you help us know her and what kind of person jennifer was? >> jennifer was very family oriented. like she like always like protected me and my mom. like the anyone ever came up to us and looked at us wrong, she -- she just would get so upset. like she didn't like that people like were mean and she tried to find the good in everyone.
8:15 am
like the i didn't like someone, she would be like, oh, lesly, you don't know what you're going to need from them. and she just like -- she was so loving to everyone. if you ever said she would go up to you and try to make you laugh. and when you were sad, she knew. you didn't have to tell her. she's like, i know you're sad. she would just try and make you feel better. i don't know. like i was told her, you're just so perfect, jennifer. i'm just so afraid that something's going to happen to you. and she was so happy that she was graduating. she couldn't even believe that she was going to graduate. she's like, lesly, i have a feeling like, i don't know, like it's just so scary. i didn't think i would ever make it to graduation. i thought something would happen to me before then. like this is so unbelievable. i mean, i'm so happy. she was so happy with her boyfriend. >> lesly, you honor your sister by coming on and helping us to know her and telling her story. we're so, again, deeply sorry for your loss and that of the
8:16 am
loss of the other three families. please accept our deepest sympathies. >> i just want to thank everyone for their support. like they've brought tons of food and just their prayers and they've been giving me strength, and my mom and my dad and my brothers. there's a lot of people that i can -- i'm just so thankful for their support in every way. i know jennifer's just giving me strength right now. >> we're happy there are so many people you can count on. thank you again. we'll be right back.
8:17 am
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back now at 8:19 with more of our special series "kick start our life today" with marlo thomas. author, marlo thomas is here today. hey, marlo. >> good morning. today a lot of new decisions we make every day boil down to dollars and corrects. money touches everything. from the big questions like whether to raise children full time or work outside the home to the smaller ones like, can i a afford a vacation? we met one mother of three who in order to get unstuck and move forward first needed to get her finances in order. >> i had my son when i was 26. and i hadn't really formed a career path yet. i always figured that would come. >> reporter: brook conley studied religion at columbia university. she went on to pursue photography and work with special needs children. is any of them a passion, do you think? >> i do have a passion about a lot of things. because i have the children, i feel like i have to make the right decision because i can't
8:21 am
waste my resources. >> so that kind of like paralyzes you? >> it paralyzes me completely sometimes. >> reporter: the results that the family of five is struggling financially. what is your financial situation like now? >> we pretty much live from paycheck to paycheck. since my husband works for himself i always have to get those checks from other people. >> what do you do at camp? >> play. >> do you have to say no more often than yes? >> i do have to say no sometimes and sometimes there are some tears. >> do you face up to what's happening with your finances? >> not all the time. sometimes it just feels too overwhelming. >> reporter: the first step to getting brook on the right track, some homework. we would love you to make a journal, just get a little notebook and write down what your spend every day. >> okay. i haven't used credit cards for three years. >> reporter: next we sent her to meet with "today" financial editor jean chatzky for advice
8:22 am
on what her priorities should be. >> you need a job that actually produces a paycheck. go to your bank and arrange for an automatic transfer of $25 a week. build your savings up to a point where you have that emergency fund. >> reporter: if you looked forward five years, where do you wish you would be in five years? >> living comfortably. not worrying about bills. >> what would you be doing? >> i would love my husband to help take care of the kids and he would be the go-to person. i'd like to give him a chance to do that for a while. >> brook conley and jean chatzky now joining us along with marlo. the good news is your husband is a contractor so you have a beautiful house. the bad news is that you don't really have the income coming in that makes you feel comfortable every month. so you have been trying to implement this new plan, this sort of save money every month. how has that been for you, this jean chatzky idea of putting $25 away every mondath.
8:23 am
>> well, it was a little hard to do at first. i went to the bank. once i told them to take the $25 a week out of the account, they're just going to do it. >> you just biting the bullet. >> right. >> does it give you any comfort to know that you're building this cushion that you have a cushion? >> oh, absolutely. because in the end it gives you choices, if you have money saved. >> jean, you're also advising that it's very practical when it comes to her work. she does have -- she has a passion, a clever idea for a children's product that she's thinking about. but you want her to get really practical right now about income. >> i want her to get a paycheck. and the idea is a terrific idea and that's all well and good. but we need to build a foundation. and that means working, earning some money, putting more savings away. and then down the road, when you're feeling a little more flexible, then you can start your business and then you can focus on the passion. >> you also say, grocery shop always with a list, use coupons, shop for a better deal on cable,
8:24 am
and look for less expensive car leases. >> it's all about reducing the expenses. we went through brook's budget line by line. basically every item can be reduced if you put your mind to it. you prioritize. and savings, as we talked about, they just have to be the priority. >> you also prioritize for your husband billy, prioritize drawing up a will, getting life insurance, saving for retirement. those take money. so why -- >> and time. >> but when you're trying to build your retirement, why are you spending money and time on that, because? >> because they're needs. we're not even talking about wants. when you've got three little kids, a will is a need. retirement savings are needs. nobody is going to do that but you. we have to go in order. start with the emergency cushion and progress to these other things. >> you know, i wonder, brook, you know, you represent so many women, so many people today. what kind -- what have you learned that you think might benefit people listening now, who are also in the same circumstances you are in?
8:25 am
>> i think i've learned to take it one step at a time, because when you look at your situation, it can just be so overwhelming. every day you try to do everything at once and you're just stabbing at it and you are getting nowhere. but jean was able to make some priorities for me, so i could see things a little more clearly and i can think, well, today i'll do this and that's what i'll do. and tomorrow i'll do this and that's what i'll do. and not worry so much about the whole, so that was really helpful. >> that is really brave, to not be overwhelmed. >> great advice. you've come so far in just a week. >> everyone has helped me quite a bit. and actually this little segment has motivated me to get the website up for my business, sprou >> there you go. >> thank you so much for ideas. you've done such a great job. great feedback on all this. >> absolutely. so many women have written in and said that's me. great.
8:26 am
>> we've got lots more including miss usa after this. good morning to you. it's 8:26 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. raising legal red flags, proposing to declare a fiscal state of emergency. seeking a ballot measure to trim employee pensions. the california attorney general says that could be against the law. reed has acknowledged the risk but says the alternative is municipal see bankruptcy. pensions costs, he says, will be $250,000.
8:27 am
8:28 am
welcome back. it's already 70 in livermore and 65 in concord. 56 in san francisco and 55 in novato. that cool, marine air will make for a nice day in the city. only 57 degrees. elsewhere, 98 in fairfield. we cool off as we head through tomorrow. better weather on the way. >> the weather is better but we have a very serious issues. southbound 880 at whipple road coming down through union city,
8:29 am
a motorcycle accident. the last report was that person was unconscious. a couple cars stopped by. now chp and an ambulance has stopped by. northbound, though, the commute will be moving smoothly. the backup there, back through the maze, golden gate bridge. slower drive coming from marin because of the fog. >> it's interesting to see but it's cooling things off. that's the great news. for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. another local news update in half an hour. hope to see you. have a great morning. [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves. [ eves ] years ago, i hurt my shoulder drag racing. that's when i decided to take it easy, so i took up hang gliding. [ female announcer ] a grandpa who refuses to grow up. [ eves ] the pain was bad, but the thought of not being a hang glider pilot was worse. [ female announcer ] that's when eves turned to sutter health's palo alto medical foundation. [ eves ] the doctors that i dealt with, they got it, that this old guy wanted to return as a hang glider pilot.
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they got me flying again. [ female announcer ] palo alto medical foundation, and sutter health -- our story is you. 8:30 now on this wednesday morning. the 22 8:30 now on this wednesday morning, the 22nd of june 2011. first full day of summer. the temperature is just right, the crowd is warm. i'm ann curry alongside lester holt. we've got savannah gurthrie.
8:31 am
and just ahead, catching up with one of the most unforgettable moments. >> you the king of the high wire. he gave us a tremendous performance a few years back on the "today" show. now he's taking on an even bigger death-defying challenge. we're going to explain that and talk to him shortly. and we're going to talk to the popular news meteorologist, and how her life changed with the diagnosis of m.s. she's going to share her story and tell us how she's doing if a little bit. and we're going to learn how to make four summer salads. mark is taking us to cooking school. >> and he's the one to learn from. we're going to have fun with that. let's now say hello hello to alyssa, the newly crowned miss usa. you are so beautiful. >> you want to give lester a hug? >> thank you. >> you're so welcome. >> what went through your mind when you heard your name called. i know they were listing the
8:32 am
runner-ups. >> they do list the runner ups at first. but when she said miss usa 2011 is miss california, i knew it was me, and my jaw dropped to the floor. >> and you've become really good friends. what was it like when it came out? >> we were hoping it would come down to us because we would be happy either way. when it came down to us, we were so excited. >> and is it true you don't like wearing high heels? that's got to be tough for a beauty pageant contestant. >> i love shoes, and i wasn't a shoe person before and now i am. i go shopping for shoes than i ever did before. but i'm really not into heels because they can sometimes hurt your feet. >> and your back. >> and your back. >> and try walking down those stairs. >> i tripped in my preliminary evening gown on my shoes. so i don't like heels.
8:33 am
>> september 12th, i'll be on nbc. >> what is the hardest part of the contest? >> for me it's swim suits. because i walk really fast and my adrenaline is rushing, and i have to slow down. and that's my biggest issue. >> once again -- >> we're being told we're out of time. >> thank you so much. >> our neck of the woods, not as hot. 70 degrees in livermore. right now, 69 in fairfield. upper 90s in some east bay cities. the warmest city, fairfield, 98 degrees. we've eliminated the triple digits on this temperature map. 85 in santa rosa. gorgeous day in san francisco. cloud cover to contend with. by noon, the sun breaks out and then we hit 85 tomorrow. continue to drop as we head through the weekend. hope you have a great day. and do and don't forget, you can
8:34 am
check your weather any time of the day or night, go to the weather channel on cable or now let's head down to florida and say hello to uncle willie. >> birthdays, anniversaries, you name it, we've got them all right here. smuckers orville's favorite product. happy birthday, if you will, please. this is ron hyde of jackson, new jersey, 100 years old today. and as a young boy -- hello, one of those buzzers in his hand. a prankster. john gaines, chicago, illinois, 105, and recently received an honorary doctorate. how about that? that's wonderful. at that age. any age that's good. rita, i love rita, reita carpenter, beverly hills, florida, 105, another 105. remains active in church and regularly takes good care of her
8:35 am
little garden. i'll tell you, and watches the "today" show. elizabeth guthier, and she is from northbridge, massachusetts. 110. how about that? good, healthy life. and get your hair done every single week and enjoys going to the casino. they've got good ones up there. william and mona braun, and they're from omaha, nebraska, where lawrence welk used to play live. 75 years they've been married, secret to longevity is success of marriage is making sacrifices. that's a nice one. and loving each other more than you can imagine. that's it, that's all. now back to new york. all right, willard, thank you so much. coming up, we're going to get details on a death-defying stunt by a daring high-wire artist. but first, this is "today" on nbc. nbc.
8:36 am
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8:38 am
we're back at we're back at 8:38 with a man who has become an expert at cheating death. and he's done it live right here on "today." back in 2008, he walked and then biked across a suspended high wire 13 1/2 stories in the air in newark, new jersey. and there were some very tense moments. now he's creating new stunts with the help of his family for a discovery channel series called "life on a wire." take a look. >> ladies and gentlemen, he will now attempt to walk a wire over 2,000 feet in length without a net. foregoing his personal record. >> it's so high. >> he's going.
8:39 am
>> good morning. >> good morning. >> were you wearing a camera for that? >> i was. absolutely. that's one of the exciting things about life on the wire is that the viewers actually get to see what i'm seeing, which is a new thing. no one's been able to see the angles of me performing. >> i want to talk more about this. i want to go back a couple of years ago when you were doing the performance live on the "today" show on the bike and there were very hairy moments. i've watched it this morning, i knew how it turns out. yet i'm trembling with you. how difficult is this? >> it took a lot of training. >> right there, you encountered something you didn't expect. >> that's right. the stabilizer cable slid toward me when i was walking. and that's something we have to be prepared for. and i went right to the wire. the safest place for me to go is down to the wire. >> you're not in fear of falling though, are you? >> i'm not.
8:40 am
i'm trained to grab the wire no matter what. i learned walking the wire at 2. it was put in my head to grab that wire no matter what happens. >> later you did it on a bike and you had problems there on the uphill. and once again, we all held our breath. >> and it's a different story on the bike because the bike forces you away from the wire. >> if you fall, you're gone. >> yeah. >> did you -- was there a moment there you thought uh-oh? >> i thought wow, i'm not in a good position. i'm trained to step off the bike, as well, if i had to. i never felt i was going to lose balance, i was losing traction. >> that's a big deal. big deal suspended above the street. >> yeah. >> let's talk about this show. you continue to push the limits. we showed a clip of the bahamas, 250 feet off the ground. how long was that? >> well, i did a walk over 2,000 feet. in the first episode that airs tonight at 10:00, i'm attempting to break two records. one was a walk that was over 2,000 feet in distance, and the other was a bicycle ride actually broke the record that i broke here in 2008. i broke that record.
8:41 am
at 262 feet. >> obviously there's a risk or we wouldn't be watching this. as you're doing this, are you ever afraid? is there a moment you step out there you think that maybe this isn't going to work out so well? >> you know, fear can be debilitating with what we do. it's bad -- you can't be fearful and do it. i have to be very respectful of the fact i could lose my life, and that's why i train to the extent i do. >> i want to show folks something here. when you watch this on television, you're not sure. this is the wire. >> it is. >> this is the wire whether you're biking or walking. >> that's it. >> can i give folks an example? here's a nickel. it's narrower than a nickel. and -- i mean, this is -- do you practice this now from a low -- >> practice down low. and the funny thing is, i've had to walk because of longer distances, it has to be a larger diameter cable. but because i'm so comfortable on a 5/8 inch wire, it's uncomfortable. >> you've got big news. one of the things you've been wanting to do of late is walk
8:42 am
across in front of niagara falls. >> that's right. >> but it's illegal. >> it is illegal. there's a law that says no stunting. >> and they're changing the law for you? >> they're working on that right now. it passed 62-0. the senator was a very key player in that. now it's going to assembly. i'd like to thank the assembly men for that. >> is it the distance here that's the challenge? >> it's the weather conditions. everything. >> you've got wind coming off, spray. >> there's several challenges. >> always good to see you here in one piece too. "life on the wire" premieres tonight on the discovery cha. c. s ayon nbc. c.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:44. one television meteorologist's world was turned upside down.
8:45 am
we will talk to janice dean about her battle with m.s., and the surprising meaning it brought to her life. but first, her story. >> let's take a look at our future radar as we go through time. >> she's playfully called janice dean the weather machine. >> if i was in charge -- >> a fox news meteorologist who's built a career on solid forecasting. >> yeah, had the dream career and thought i had it all. >> but what janice couldn't predict was a frightening personal storm, one that would send her own world spinning out of control. >> i woke up one day and i had no feelings under the bottoms of my feet, part of my thigh was numb. >> she was baffled and very scared. >> just something was really off. and i didn't know what was wrong with me. >> after a battery of tests, a chilling diagnosis. at 35 years old, janice had m.s., multiple sclerosis, a chronic, unpredictable disease
8:46 am
believed to be an autoimmune disorder. >> the only thing that i had in my brain about the disease is wheelchairs and a miserable life. >> an estimated 400,000 americans have the disease. >> i remember sitting in the doctor's office and thinking, my -- my career's over, who's going to want to marry me? i just want to hide. >> when janice told her then boyfriend, shawn. she soon realized it was a road she wouldn't have to go alone. >> the one thing that i remember him saying to me -- i'm not afraid of this. i'm not afraid of this disease. i'm not afraid. >> the couple married in 2007, and a year later, janice decided to go public with her battle. >> i really want to bring awareness to the disease because there are so many people like me
8:47 am
out there that really need more hope. >> now a mother with two young boys, janice says she has a much stronger love of life. not in spite of the disease but because of it. >> my whole perception of what life is supposed to be is different. i am so lucky that i have a great career. but if it went away tomorrow, i'd be okay because i have something even greater than that, and that's a wonderful family that means everything to me. >> and janice dean is here along with nbc's chief medical editor dr. nancy steinerman. >> hello. >> what beautiful children. >> they are my life. >> and thank you. >> when you're diagnosed with a disease, you know, like this that's scary and you don't really understand fully, it helps so much to know of someone
8:48 am
else who has it, who can help guide your way. >> right. >> you're here talking about it. you're stepping up because you want to guide the way for people listening. >> yes. >> what is it you want to say? >> i want to say there is hope. because like i mentioned in the piece, the first thing i thought of, it's a disease that has such a stigma attached to it. that you're going to end up in a wheelchair and you're not going to have a career or a life that could be as full as mine is right now. so i wanted to say to that person there at home that has been newly diagnosed or has a mother or sister or a brother or a father that has this disease that you can carry on, and you can be okay. i mean that was the most important thing for me. as soon as it found out, all i wanted to do was find people that had it that were doing okay. >> there you go. you said it this morning. dr. nancy, we know that right now this disease does not have a cure. are there new treatments? >> there are always new treatments. the most important thing is to
8:49 am
get properly diagnosed. it affects more women than men. and a lot of times the symptoms won't fit anything. so diagnosis gets delayed, and the medicines, as you know, really have to do with boosting the immune systems. a lot of times, courses of steroids. one of the biggest misconceptions is length of life. people think, oh, well, you won't live as long. not true. length of life is not altered, but it is a neurological disease. no cure yet. >> you take better care of yourself, which is probably something that is good. >> yeah, you adapt. >> the other thing i would like to offer you a chance to say is to say publicly as you probably have said privately to your husband who is in our studio this morning, the man who said those words to you that made you, again, cry. >> right. >> this love that was unconditional. >> most women think when their boyfriends say i would like to marry you, will you marry me,
8:50 am
that's the biggest moment of their life, but for him to say to me i'm not afraid. i'm not afraid of this journey. i'm not afraid to go with you. i'm going to take care of you, and you're going to take care of me, and we're a team. i am the luckiest girl in the world. i am. >> what a man. what that man you are. you don't have a microphone. >> he didn't want to be on camera. >> sorry, you're at the "today" show. things happen. thank you so much for sharing your story. >> thank you. >> you bet. and our best to your kids. this has been great to talk to you. >> thank you. and coming up next, interesting ways to spice up your summer salads. but first, this is "today" on nbc. there's mark. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
8:51 am
and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did.
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[ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. brought to you by i can't believe it's not butter. fresh butter taste with 70% less saturated fat than butter. >> this morning on "today"'s cooking school we're dressing up salads, variety of leafy greens are flooding the markets. mark bittman is here to teach us how to toss them. "new york times" magazine columnist and author of "how to cook everything." you've got your students ready here. lots of help. summer greens. i'm starting out with the tender
8:53 am
greens. what do you mean by tender? >> tender speaks for itself. we're talking about bibb lettuces, red leaf, green leaf, spinaches, tender. anything that is not going to offer a lot of resistance. going to add flavor. we're going to treat it simply. >> vinegariette dressing? >> yes. olive oil, usually two or three times as much as vinegar. >> three parts olive oil? >> whatever the taste. and some mustard, dijon mustard. and a little chopped shallot. >> shallot in there. >> and then whisk. would you like to whisk which? >> whisk the whole thing up. simple. >> and that's your basic vinegariette. that will be good for anything. >> salt in there. >> put it in a food processer? >> blender. it gets very creamy. >> and then drizzle, just a little drizzle there. very nice. >> did you know this is what he is doing? >> i'm impressed. >> i would put the whole thing
8:54 am
in there. >> i don't really like dressing. >> well, as you like it. >> let's move on. >> crunchy. >> crunchy. escorot is not a vegetable many use. >> any that have big ribs. romaine is my favorite. >> you are making this with grapes and roasted almonds. >> toasted almonds, chopped. and just some 1/halved grapes. >> same one? >> yes. >> more or less the same. no mustard in this one. >> nice. also exhibiting a wide variety of beautiful tossings. >> that's enjoyable. i wonder, do you have to eat that immediately so the dressing doesn't separate? >> have to is a bit extreme. if you want to eat it immediately, it's going to get wilted a little bit if you don't and dressing will separate it a little. but dress it 15 minutes before. >> from tender and crunchy to -- >> bold. >> bold is love.
8:55 am
>> so you have watercress here. and as usual, very stemmy. but these are peppery hot, arugula and mustard greens. >> i love arugula. >> and microcress. they have a love of flavor. using feta cheese, something really stronger here. and lemon juice in this vinaigrette. sweeter. you have a lot of contrast of flavors here. nice. >> look at those tools. >> this one is backwards. there you go. >> rrr, rrr. >> and we have sturdy left. and kale, which is probably least of the lettuces. >> because it's not a lettuce, it's really kale, collard. they're in the broccoli family. some people when they make it, this is, can kale here. some people need the kale to make it more tender. >> you let it wilt, right?
8:56 am
>> you do let it wilt. good wednesday to you. 8:56 and i'm laura garcia-cannon. a controversial ban for a medical procedure, to remove it from the fall election ts. it measures state law
8:57 am
prohibiting governments from flasing restrictions on the procedures. it would ban the sir couple significance on children. a look at the morning commute after this. [ beep ] [ male announcer ] new toothbrush, for that killer smile: $4. ♪
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home cooked meal: $28. [ beep ] ♪ first date finest: $33. [ beep ] ♪ having time on your side: priceless. mastercard pay pass. bringing you the most convenient ways to pay. learn more at welcome back. we have better news for 880 southbound. the sigalert has been canceled. no major injuries reported. down into union city. another motorcycle accident southbound 101 at willow road, minor injuries there. the motorcycle is still in the lanes but no serious injuries as well. a third motorcycle accident off the golden gate bridge. approaching the toll plaza and slow because of the fog at the toll plaza as well. back to you. >> the fog is cooling things off for today.
8:59 am
that's nice. hope you get a chance to keep cool. for the latest news updates, or to be our friend, check out the nbc bay area morning news page on facebook. have a great day. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage. [ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate. coach, you get that house yet? working on it. [ coach ] the appraisal? ...springfield. wherever i was, my citi mortgage consultant had me covered. [ crowd cheering ] and 500 miles from home...
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[ cheering, cellphone beeps ] ...we finally had a new home. [ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it. back now with more on "today" on this friday -- i want it to be friday -- wednesday morning, 22nd day of june, 2011. nice warm day. it is still warming up. we've got great people mugging for the camera here on the plaza. >> mugging. >> they are. starting to get a little muggy for the camera. i'm ann curry along with lester holt and tamron and al roker. >> the prosecution now is saying that the there is a possibility that casey's accident a drowning
9:01 am
defense sounds an awful like a fellow inmate. is it a coincidence or did she borrow the story? a live report from the courthouse coming up. a lot of folks think about retiring early but there are a lot of financial issues involved that's not in the cards for everyone. on our "today's" money 911 we're going to look at when it a good idea to leave your job early and when to stick it out. plus, how to improve your credit score and whether it helps to pay off old debts. >> it's only the size of your thumb, your thyroid is the size of your thumb but it controls everything from your mood to your heart and, of course, your waistline. we're talking about the thyroid. millions of women have some sort of disorder affecting it. we'll tell you how to recognize the symptoms and how to get your thyroid working properly. the size of your thumb and it controls everything. >> wow. who knew? >> okay. we'll get to that. but also, let's get a check of the top stories with savannah guthrie. >> in the news this morning, the faa is investigating a
9:02 am
terrifying close call monday night at kennedy airport in new york. officials say a jet with 286 passengers plus crew was accelerate for takeoff when it was forced to make a screeching stop to avoid an egypt air jumbo jet that apparently took a wrong turn into its path. >> officials did not say exactly how close those planes came to each other. president obama addresses the nation tonight about the nearly decade long war in afghanistan. he'll discuss the future of the 30,000 extra troops he ordered in during the 2009 surge and outline a plan for their gradual withdrawal over the next year and a half. nbc news will provide live coverage of the president's address beginning at 8:00 eastern time. thunderstorms and heavy winds stllammed the midwest
9:03 am
knocking over airplane hangars in michigan. the storms also forced hundreds of flight cancelations at both of chicago's airports. the airline qantas has reached an undisclosed settlement with rolls royce after an engine disintegrated in mid area last year. the qantas a 380 was forced to make an emergency landing with passengers on board and much of the australian carrier's fleet was subsequently grounded. cigarette packs in the u.s. will soon feature new warning labels, and we should warn you they are intentionally graphic. the labels are part of an fda effort to discourage smoking an show diseased lungs, disfigured teeth, and the other dangers of smoking. the warnings must appear on cigarette packs by the fall of 2012. tobacco use is to blame for more than 440,000 u.s. dertaths ever year. this morning the first lady
9:04 am
addressed a group about leadership in south africa. she was greeted by a joyful choir and scores of south africans. tuesday mrs. obama and the first daughters read some dr. seuss books at a day care center. >> our fish said, no, no, make that cat go away. tell the cat in the hat you do not want to play. he should not be here. he should not be about. he should not be here when your mother is out. >> and the visit wasn't all story time. the obama girls even got in a little dancing with in with the kids. if you're going to shell out cash for a beer at the baseball game you might want to keep the ball out of the drink. a foul ball at fenway went up into the second deck of the stands and right into that guy's beer. soaked in the suds, he was a good sport, raising his plastic cup to a laughing crowd and he even took a sip of the ball brew. it's now four minutes past the hour. back to al with a check of the weather. >> thanks a lot, savannah. let's check it out.
9:05 am
we do have a risk of strong storms from tyler, texas, philly and d.c. could see isolated tornados in this. large hail, daming winds, and torrential rain. look at the rain in texas and mexico border up into louisiana. one to two inches per hour. that rain is going to stretch all of the way up into the great lakes and later on into the northeast tonight. looking at anywhere from one to three inches of rain from corpus christi good morning to you. the temperature map tells the story. the marine layer is keepinging things cool. 57 in san francisco. the dry, northerly winds. well on the way to the 90s as we head through the afternoon. 98 degrees in fairfield and 95 in livermore and 96 in concord. take a look at the city. just 75 in san francisco. gorgeous weather and even a cool
9:06 am
down in santa rosa. ♪ now for "today's" money 911, we're answering your questions on everything from retiring early to handling a bad credit report. jean chatzky "today's" financial editor and author of "money 911, and david bach and a contributor to yahoo! finance and the author of "psyche yourself rich." good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> we're going to get right to it. start off with skype. from david, he lives here in new york city. he wants to retire sooner rather than later. hey, david. >> hi, how are you doing. >> great. what's the question? >> the question is i'm planning on retiring in about 3 1/2 years. i've not saved much money so i'm planning on moving out of new york and going to the carolinas andn't coing to work to make up
9:07 am
the difference. is that a good plan? >> jean? >> the thing about retiring early is that you're working with a smaller pool of money, whether it's a pension or whether it's the balance in your retirement account. and you need to understand, can i afford to do this? so before you decide you're absolutely going in 3 1/2 years i want you to go to i want you to run a retirement calculation. and i want you to understand how much it will truly cost you to live, whether you can afford to continue to live this way until you are 95 or 100 years old because that is the wild card. we don't know how long we're going to live. we don't know how long we're going to be around and health care is going to get more expensive as we get older. and if you do decide to do this, the next 3 1/2 years you're living an austerity and saving as much as you possibly can. >> and also if he goes to work in carolina, there are calculators you can run to see how much lower his expenses will be when he moves and gets a job there. his money will go further.
9:08 am
>> his salary might go down, too. >> that's right. sheryl is on the line from washington state. good morning. >> good morning. >> what's your question for the crew? >> my husband and i are trying to rent a house, but everybody does a credit check. and they reject our application. we got to pay $40 to $80 each time we apply. there's no way to repair credit history because it was such a spectacular fall from grace due to a small business failure. our combined retirement checks total about $5,000 a month. so all we're looking for is $1300 to spend on rent and that's not a stretch. is there anything we can do about that? >> let's see if we can get an answer. >> good news. one, they've got $5,000 a month in income coming in. what i would suggest to you is go out and sell yourself to a landlord. the landlords that will take you as a tenant are not the major corporations. you're looking for individual
9:09 am
landlord, something who is an investor, has a home or rental condo. i recommend you do is this, go in and present to them, look, we've got first month and last month's rent. if they want a third month as security deposit, if you've got three months, i'm telling you, most landlords would be thrilled to take you right now. as far as that credit score goes, rather than have tell run the credit score give them the credit score you just paid for. i recommend reference letters. get three reference letter, write a nice coverage letter, i think you will be able to find yourself an apartment or home in a short period of time. >> best of luck, cheryl. e-mail question. this is from elizabeth. she lives in texas. she writes, i wanting to improve my credit score and i have several items on my credit report that are from several years back and need to be paid. i heard that if you pay on old debts that it could actually hurt your score. >> so paying down old debt does not hurt your credit score. but it doesn't help, either. it's sort of a catch, right?
9:10 am
what happens is when you're 180 days past due on any account it goes on your credit report and stays there for seven years regardless of whether you pay it off or it will it sit there. the damage has been done. here's what i would still do. if she can afford to pay off the old debt make that effort. while her credit score won't improve the credit report will be update sod say, yes, she had this delinquent debt but it's paid off in full. if she's in the market or a mortgage, car loan, that will put her in a better light. lenders like to see that she was responsible at some point. to boost her credit score, pay off your recent debt more aggressively than the old debt and pay on time because timeliness is more than 0% of your credit score. good luck. >> let's go back to,mail mail bag. angela writing, i haven't had any late late payments in 13 months. substantially reduced my debt but my credit score has barely risen at all. we are trying to buy a home and my husband's score has gone up but mine hasn't.
9:11 am
it keeps us from getting a prepaid loan. >> she's right in assuming that the longer these things go in time, the more your credit score will improve. if you're paying on things that are old, collectibles, delinquents, doesn't help as much as paying on the recent debts. make an effort to pay those and stay current and keep the utilization, the amount of debt you're carrying on every credit card and on all your credit cards in general to below 10% to 30% of all the debt you have available to you and you will be okay. >> we're going to go out to the crowd now. we've got gretchen with a question for us. gretchen? >> hi. i'm 40 and starting over with two kids to support and i'm really worried about sort of how to get started and, also, i'm worried about retirement this late. >> all right. david? >> 40 is a perfect time to be thinking about this. so here's what i tell you, number one thing is pay yourself first. if you're working right now and they told me you're working part time i want you to open up an
9:12 am
ira account, pay yourself first. whatever that is. i recommend at least 10% of your gross income being put away into an ira account. if you've got an 401(k) plan at work then use the 401(k) plan. make sure you take full advantage of any marching dollars but get yourself putting money into a retirement account every single time you earn money. so every two weeks, if you get a paycheck, part right off the top and pay yourself first. you will be in good shape. >> way to go, gretchen. jean chatzky, of course, david bach. thank you so much. for those on the east coast, great news, david is sticking around for more questions and answers. so type away and check him out. go to coming up next, did casey anthony steal her defense strategy from another inmate? we will have amazing details. up next, from our weight to our heart, could you thyroid be to blame? ♪ have a better day [ male announcer ] only subway has a deal
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get the ball, girl. hmmm, you can't do that. but you can do this. bengay pain relief + massage with penetrating nubs plus the powerful pain relief of bengay. love the nubs! with penetrating nubs plus the powerful pain relief of bengay. revlon launches growluscious plumping mascara. with a conditioning formula that helps strengthen and plump lashes up to 200% instantly... for maximum volume... new revlon growluscious plumping mascara. if morning on "today's" health, the thyroid. it's the power center of our bodies. for 10 million women the gland is on the t. fritz which would
9:16 am
lead to infertility and cardiac problems. how can you know if your thyroid is not working properly? dr. carrie peterson is a contributor to "women's health" magazine. >> good morning. >> about the size of a finger, right? and so important. just to start us out, what is the thyroid and what does it do in our bodies? >> well, the thyroid is a gland and it's shaped like a butterfly and it sits in the lower part of the neck. so it's about that big. and it plays a wide role of functions. primarily, it regulates body temperature and metabolism. it really has a role in every part of the body. it keeps the brain sharp. it keeps the bowels moving, your periods regular and it contributes to hair and nail health as well. >> and millions of people have thyroid disorders. more women than men. what is it about women that makes them more susceptible to problems with the thyroid? >> it's quite significant. "women's health" found that
9:17 am
women have 12 times more likelihood than developing thyroid disease than men. it's thought that because thyroid disease is predominantly auto immune and women are prone to auto immune diseases that there's some association. really it is genetic, primarily. and, also, actually pregnancy does play a role. when women become pregnant, indents of thyroid disease goes up. >> you can have two different kinds of problems with thyroid. you can produce too little thyroid hormones or too much of it. too little is hypothyroidism. what are the symptoms of that? >> first, hypothyroidism, when the gland makes too little, everything slows down, so you get weight gain, constipation, dry hair and nails, irregular periods, feeling weak when you workout, with no explanation, you can even have hair loss. >> these are general symptoms. >> they are. >> how can somebody know that it
9:18 am
may be something with the thyroid? >> if you bring it to the attention to your doctor that you're tired quite often, then doctors will typically screen for thigh roitd problems as a cause. it can be challenging because the symptoms are subtle and gradual in onset. >> i'm going to take a another crack at@this, what is the treatment of hypothyroidism. >> it's replacing the hypothyroid with synthetic medication. initially you will have blood tests every six weeks until you get the levels right. >> hyperthyroidism is more common. it's too much. >> right. exactly. you have an over-do pro duducti of thyroid. everything speeds up. you at the time diarrhea, weight loss, your heart races rapidly, you can get jittery. it almost feels like you had too many cups of coffee. like you're really revved up. >> does it come on quickly? >> it comes on much more quickly than hypothyroidism and because
9:19 am
it's more severe it's easier to diagnose. >> what's the treatment? >> it's a little different. you take a medication every day that slows the production of the hormones or you can do radioactive iodine which destroys the thyroid tissue. >> is the issue with either of these conditions you don't have enough iodine? >> not necessarily. when you're iodine deficient you can have difficulty making thyroid hormone so it can actually cause thyroid deficiency but it's not necessarily auto immune cause. >> let's talk prevention. what are some things you can do to make sure you keep your thyroid healthy? >> one thing is to make sure you get enough iodine in your diet. basically, iodine is fortified in foods, in salts and breads. and nowadays so many people are having gluten free diets or salt-free diets. >> you say quit smoking. cigarettes xser bait this?
9:20 am
>> they have twice the likelihood of developing it than nonsmokers. >> last thing, check your neck. really? literally check your neck? >> this is a tough one. you can try it. tilt your head back, swallow. look to see if any bulges. >> i might have you try this on me. okay. if it feels thick? >> if you see any bulges protruding from your neck, you may have a thyroid problem. >> or have your doctor check your neck. >> that's true. >> thank you. coming up, how to be a beach beauty. we're going to put some waterproof products to the test. a dog is not merely a pet. a dog, well, a dog is family. and when it comes to your family's health, you want the best.
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9:24 am
coming up, did she borrow her story? we're going to tell you why prosecutors are looking into the possibility that casey anthony's defense is a little too similar to another inmate who was in a nearby cell. and it's smelling pretty good in today's kitchen. we have maple brine woolly pig. good in today's kitchen. we have maple brine woolly pig. >> and the best beauty products. ? just hold the bag. we need a portable x-ray, please! [ nurse ] i'm a nurse. i believe in the power of science and medicine. but i'm also human.
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9:26 am
good morning to you, 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. you can now help san jose state university student get back on their feet after escaping from a burning building. many students who escaped with no more than the shirts on backs. they really could use the help. do nate on the school's website. the address is there on your screen. click "give:your support counts." the cause of the fire has notewt
9:27 am
we're going t take a quick break and will have a look at your morning commute and the forecast after this.
9:28 am
welcome back. it's 75 degrees inland in livermore. meanwhile, just 56 in san francisco where we have the cool, marine air. as we head throughout the afternoon, we'll see upper 90s in the east bay. 95 degrees in livermore and 96 in concord. if you live towards the coast, a significant dropoff from yesterday. 57 75 degrees in san francisco. we continue to drop off in temperature for tomorrow. let's check your drive. >> there is major improvement in the last half hour. southbound 101 jammed off and a throughout the afternoon we'll
9:29 am
watch that. more updates if there are any changes but so far in gilroy ahead of san jose. southbound 880, two accidents there but that's not the same accident that we had before. this one is now at the on ramp. watch it if you're going shopping. north of there, slow through oakland. it's clearing up a bit. an accident at westbound 880 as you travel through berkeley. watch for additional lights and lane blockages that may happen. >> all right. for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. have a great day.
9:30 am
♪ bieber fever coming to the plaza. tamron is so excited. >> savannah said whew. >> 17 -- no, not him. >> no, not him. >> 17-year-old singing sensation is going to be filling us in on his newest project, justin bieber, tomorrow on "today." hopefully my dauger is not watching because then she's going to want to come in tomorrow. >> i'll take care of her. i like that song. so sue me. >> okay. >> meantime -- >> you are a lawyer. >> good segue. we have surprising new courtroom
9:31 am
drama in the case against casey anthony, is she using a fellow inmate's story? that's what prosecutors are looking into. live to florida with the latest on that. all righty. in "today's" kitchen we are living high on the hog with a wooly pig. it's supposed to have a lot more flavor than ordinary pork. and it is said to be better for you. one of new york's top chefs is here to show us how it's done. it looks like a pig with a '70s perm. >> it's a pork mullet. >> yeah. pig makeover in order, i guess. >> that's right. and stephanie plumb is back, former lingerie buyer turned bounty hunter all part of the imagination. she's going to be here to tell us at her newest novel. we've only put her in a monitor so she doesn't get loose. >> there she is. >> she's really here. >> she is terrific. first, let's get a check of
9:32 am
the weather. >> all right. we're going to show you that we've got right now for today, the risk of strong storms stretching from the lack bakes, beautiful out west. 89. parts of southern oregon. 112 in phoenix. tomorrow, we've got more of a risk of strong storms from the mid ohio river valley all of the way up to the northeast. slight risk back to the western plains. showers in the pacific good morning to you. taking a live look now over the embarcadero, you can see the marine layer being pushed out. we're getting clear skies over the city. take a look at what that marine intrusion did to the temperatures at the coast. really mild. 66 in san mateo and 75 in livermore. on our way to about 95 degrees. hot inland and nice and mild in san francisco today. 10 degrees cooler in redwood city. just 87. we continue to drop off tomorrow. 70s back on that map on saturday.
9:33 am
and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. up next, could another inmate's story be linked to the up next, could another inmate's story be linked to the casey anthony murder trial? for better nutrition. fooe and that's what they do with great grains cereal. see the seam on the wheat grain? same as on the flake. because great grain steams and bakes the actual whole grain. now check out the other guy's flake. hello, no seam, because it's more processed. now, which do you suppose has better nutrition for you? mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal. just got more powerful. introducing precise pain relieving heat patch. it blocks pain signals for deep relief precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol. us♪ jt love me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just hold me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just kiss me
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9:37 am
surprising developments in the casey anthony murder trial now in the 25th day. nbc's kerry sanders is in orlando with us with all the details. kerry, good morning. >> good morning. resumed now the testimony is back under way, but on tuesday i sat and i looked a long time at the jurors. i saw them fidgeting in their seats, stretching their arms, one juror rubbing his neck and several jurors for extended periods of time not looking at the witness box, not looking at the judge, not looking to casey anthony. their eyes wandering all over the courtroom. the one thing that might have grabbed their attention, well, they didn't hear it because they weren't in the courtroom. surprising new details revealed by the state. with jurors out of the courtroom, prosecutors revealed just days ago this woman made contact with their office. april whalen who was in jail on a drunk driving charge and was briefly housed in a jail cell
9:38 am
adjacent to casey anthony's. they said her personal tragedy sounds suspiciously familiar. >> apparently her child died in a swimming pool and was found by the child's grandfather. >> reporter: that's casey anthony's defense, that her 2-year-old daughter caylee accidentally drowned. but five days into the defense case to prove there was no murder, there's been no mention of drowning, only this. >> when we run a gas chromatograph -- >> defense witness. >> the top layer is called the humus layer -- >> reporter: after defense witness. >> it speaks for around 150. >> reporter: explaining complicated science. at times tuesday jurors may have found it harder to follow the accent than the science. >> well, you know, could be described as appearance on a certain locations. >> reporter: and it was specifically confusing when defense attorney jose baez at one point objected to the
9:39 am
testimony from his own expert. >> so what we did -- >> let me stop you there, sir. just so you can answer my question. >> the witness is being interrupted. >> he's being nonresponsive. >> sir, you may finish answering the question. >> thank you, sir. where was i? >> when a defense lawyer is objecting to the testimony of a defense expert, it tells you that somebody didn't do their homework and the defense lawyer was not prepared. >> reporter: the defense also claimed they were blind sided by prosecutor's plans to present rebuttal evidence taken from the anthony family computer. >> we have withdrawn our computer experts from the witness list because we expected them to testify to what was in their reports and not to new evidence now given to us. >> reporter: but the judge said -- >> it's not new evidence. i don't know how something can be new evidence when it was given to you, but it's not new evidence. >> reporter: the defense team
9:40 am
was given that hard drive two years ago. meantime, april whalen is still being investigated by the state attorney's office. she said, according to the state attorney's office, that she did not tell her story directly to casey anthony but, of course, the prosecutors would still like to know whether that's where she got the idea for this defense. of course, her defense says this is not something they concocted, it is the real story. >> kerry sanders, thanks. up next, best-selling author and, later, cooking up wly pig in t and, later, cooking up wly pig in t ay'sod kitchen. [ wave hing ] and, later, cooking up wly pig in t ay'sod kitchen. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] and just like that, it's here. a new chance for all of us: people, companies, communities to face the challenges yesterday left behind
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9:44 am
a serial killer is on the loose and bounter hunter may be the next on the hit list. "smokin' seventeen." janet, so good to see you. >> thank you. it's great to be back here. >> a lot going on here. again, 17 books. stephanie still cannot decide between her hot boyfriend morelli or ranger, the kind of mysterious man about town. what's going on? why can't she make a choice? >> why should she? >> sure. >> let's face it. if you had two hot guys in your life, maybe not you. >> yeah, i know. >> but me, maybe i would. >> maybe you would. >> well, you know, the fun part about this is that there are so many great characters in stephanie's life. for example, her mom is now playing matchmaker for her as well. >> yeah. her mom thinks it's time. everybody thinks it's time. they want her to make a decision. so this is the decision book. she's got a lot of pressure on
9:45 am
her to choose between these guys. and i don't want to give too much away for people who haven't read the book. >> right. >> but this is kind of my sex book. >> oh. >> so -- >> well. >> yeah. well, you know, we don't want to make stephanie be too trashy. so we have to be -- but it's not her fault in this book. it's always gramndma bella. it's all her fault. >> she's always putting the evil eye on stephanie. >> yeah, she put the eye on stephanie. >> this book, of course, it's a murder mystery. and there are no lack of murders in here. >> yeah, there are a lot of bodies in this book. we raised the body count. usually she destroys about 40 cars. and i had fun with this because this time there are bodies all over trenton and they have little gift tags on them addressed to stephanie. >> you know, the great thing about this book is there's a lot of local color. it takes place in jersey. jersey is very hot right now. you were ahead of trend. >> it is.
9:46 am
yeah. yeah. me and the "sopranos." how can you go wrong with jersey? jersey has everything. it's got, you know, it's got the boardwalk. it's got greasy pizza. it's got big muscle guys. it's got attitude. you know, it's easy to write about jersey. >> 17 books. are you still enjoying doing this? is it still a hoot bringing stephanie along? >> it is. i really like it. i love getting up in the morning and going into my office with a cup of coffee and going back into the world. you know, it's the world of plum that is really intriguing because it's stephanie, but it's also a lot of other characters that you follow year after year. you know, i get to write the stories. i get to be there. >> every year i ask you, janet, when is it going to be a stephanie plum movie and, finally, you have an answer. >> y, a y. yes, they made the movie. they made the movie. it's going to be in theaters in january, i'm told. >> and pretty great cast. stephanie is going to be played
9:47 am
by katherine heigl. >> yes. >> and that's fantastic. she dyed her hair to look more like stephanie. and then lula is going to be played by a fabulous sherri shepherd. >> i think sherri shepherd is going to be amazing. i'm a huge sherri shepherd fan so i was excited about that i thought that was great. >> and stephanie's wacky grandma, debbie reynolds which is fantastic. >> i would never have thought of debbie reynolds. when they told me i was like, oh, man, that's just -- that's going to be so much fun. that's perfect. >> you know, your fan base is so rabid about these characters. do you worry about when they finally see it on the big screen that some of them are not going to be happy about this? >> you know, i guess you always have to worry about that, but i think you just have to go with an open mind and have fun with it. you know, that's the good part for me. i had nothing to do with the movie. so i finally get to be the audience. you know, i get to go with all
9:48 am
of the other fans and sit there and for the first time i get to see stephanie, you know. so i'm -- i can't wait. i think it's going to be great. >> already working on number 18? >> well, 18 comes out early this year. >> oh. >> 18 comes out in november. this is the first time i'm doing two numbers in one year. >> wow. >> yeah. >> do you have the title yet? >> "explosive eighteen." >> there you go. you heard it here first. always great to see you. you can read an exert of "smokin' seventeen" on speaking of smokin', we are spoking in the kitchen with a different kind of pork for your next barbecue. but first, this is "today" on
9:49 am
9:50 am
♪ this morning in "today's"
9:51 am
kitchen, what's for dinner, how about some maple wooly pig, it's one of the most popular dishes right here in new york city. sam is the executive chef. sam, good to see you. good morning. >> good morning, tamron. >> i'm a southerner. i love pork. >> i was going to say, from texas, you better like pork. >> i never heard of a wooly pig. i googled a picture of it and i said it looked like a pig, look, it's a '70s perm. why is this such a popular animal? >> i'll tell you. the pig itself is just so loaded with fat. i mean, you can see by this piece, this loin right here that we have. you to just -- look at the ratio from meat to fat. >> it just kicks it up to another level. >> touch the woolly. >> okay, i'll touch the woolly. look at that. >> that's the wooly pig right there. again, it's got a prettremendou amount of fat. we brine it. >> you can use any type of pork. you don't have to use wooly pig.
9:52 am
>> right. especially if you use my recipe. it all works. this is -- >> this is the brin snerks. >> yes. this is the base of maple syrup. add to it water. what's important about this is the ratio of the sugar to water. and then we add fresh bailey and thyme and garlic and sugar. >> the sugar on top of the maple. >> yes. it enhances the color. and then -- >> whisk it? >> whisk it in. drop the pork. >> nice pieces of pork loin. >> clean. >> nice. >> how long do you let it sit? >> depending on the portion size. this goes for an hour or two. the longer you brine it -- >> the richer the flavor inside. and here? >> roasting the pork as you see. look at that color. >> nice. these are pretty thick pieces. how long do we -- >> this probably takes about six to eight minutes. they lowered the internal temperature of cooking pork to 140 degrees.
9:53 am
whereas before it was 165 which for me was a little bit over cooked. for me, we brine it on all sides. we take this fat right here and we render it down and brown the pork actually in that fat. >> nice. and here you have roasted tomatoes? >> roasted tomatoes. also what we do is we also cook some -- >> red onions? there? >> shallots. >> if you think -- let me ask you this. think about tomatoes, think about lettuce. >> summer. >> what sandwich? >> blt. i watched "sesame street." there you go. >> that's what we're doing. >> nice. >> so what you want to do is take this butter lettuce, again, we're cooking in some of the pork fat. render down the shallots. add the lettuce and that's it. >> and this is -- where is the finished product? >> one thing at a time. >> i'm sorry. >> that's okay. >> bossy. >> take the pork here. and we're going to add some of the --
9:54 am
>> bibb lettuce there. do we let this pork rest? they're coming? >> easy now. easy now. easy. okay. >> easy. >> okay. >> wooly pig? >> slice it there? >> slice it. >> nice. >> look how beautiful that is. >> you know, if you look at this, look at the color of it. >> stunning. >> we slice it nice and thin. >> all right. we've got just a minute left. i'll let you plate that. tell us about these deviled eggs because apparently people fight to get into your restaurant for this. >> saba, and we're going to finish it with a little -- >> really, can i see the deviled eggs? >> she just wasn't used to it. >> trust me. >> these are the deviled eggs. what we actually do is fill the egg with this deviled egg mixture. the key is caper juice. we actually add caper juice to the filling and it gives the level of salt to the dish. we have this great blue cheese dressing and we have this nice shallot dressing which we'll toss the sal ld. >> savannah, grab one of those. >> we left the pork over there.
9:55 am
we have to try that. >> let's finish it. hold on. hold on. hold on. >> the show is over, sam. >> there you go. >> hold on. just a second, tamron. >> all right. >> final round in the competition after your local news and weather.
9:56 am
snoo. good wednesday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. barry bonds case is on hold. prosecutors are asking for more
9:57 am
time to make a decision about whether to retry the former giants star. they were supposed to make the announcement on friday but have now asked the judge to delay upcoming hearings until the end of august. bonds was convicted of obstruction of justice in april. prosecutors now need to decide. they have asked the judge to dismiss the obstruction of justice conviction. car thefts dropped nationwide last year but it doesn't really apply to california. in fact, some bay area cities rank in the top ten spots for car thefts. oak labd and fremont is ninth on the list and top three is fresno, modesto, and bakersfield. the rankings are per 100,000 people. going to get a cool break today. a little one.
9:58 am
>> yesterday felt like fresno, bake bakersfield. 80 in santa cruz. when you consider the fact that we were in the triple digits, take the 90s inland. 80s come back and low 80s on friday and then 70s really nice day on saturday. let's check your drive with mike. >> that six or eight degree break. in sunol, more than a few miles per hour slower. traffic is flowing on the left a little better than in the last ten minutes. watch that through the area. we see slowing down the east shore freeway. metering lights are on. the lanes in the fast lane, take advantage of that. very easy drive. >> looks crowded to me. glad i'm not in it. thank you. mike. for the latest updates, check
9:59 am
out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. we'd love to talk to you. do something for it. show it some love. chevron with techron. care for your car. welcome to the neighborhood. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you say... can you believe it's been 20 years since college? ♪ [ male announcer ] nothing says "you're special" like boursin, a creamy, crumbly blend of real cheese and savory herbs, boursin makes any moment more memorable. even if you're saying... my mother has the kids tonight. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you say boursin?
10:00 am
♪ captions paid for by nbc-universal television from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoet hoda kotb. >> live from studio 1a in rockefeller mraz. >> hello, everybody. you made it to winesday wednesday the 22nd of june. the only bad thing is the days start to get a little bit shorter so wring out every bit of sunshine you have. >> so if you were home last night chances are pretty good that you were watching "the voice." yes. >> they're doing very well. >> the exciting thing about how they do "the voice" is they are cutting so deep.
10:01 am
they're eliminating half of the:teams like that. half the team in the teams. it's not like you're losing someone, i'll watch next week. they're cutting the teams in half. >> down to bare bone. >> they are. >> so cee-lo. the two remaining members on his team are vicky and nekia. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> all right. >> team adam had two left. now it's two left, too. >> javier is the guy with the sideways hat. >> america loved him. >> yes. >> adam chose a girl named
10:02 am
casey. >> what happened to javier. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> beautiful. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> all righty. those are good. >> good chops. good song to sing. it is so identified with whitney houston. you either have to make it totally different or you will be seen as someone -- >> trying to copy whitney. >> team christina is frenchie who sang "like a prayer" and beverly. >> who sang "the thrill is gone." ♪ ♪ ♪
10:03 am
>> she was having fun. >> i'm digging on frenchie. >> you what? it's a good year for bald chicks. >> all right. >> just when i got my hair the way i like it -- darn, it's a good year for bald chicks. all right. go ahead. >> team blake. the last two that he's got, dia is singing choosing my religion -- >> losing. "losing my religion." and "the man who can't be moved." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> this is blake's team? >> uh-huh. >> lovely ladies, but i don't think they have the pizazz the other performers have. >> they're younger and they're a
10:04 am
little more scared. >> is that what it is? >> it may be. >> it's getting down to who's -- it's going to be the person. >> i think there are four coming up this week. >> i just wish they'd put it on earlier! >> so, by the way, today is our voice competition. >> yes! >> and we're down to two as well. >> and america's going to vote. >> yes. all of you -- >> all five of you are voting. >> there are many of you out there. >> a lot of people will vote. >> your team is. >> my team is tasha and b.j. russell from west virginia. >> and mine is russell. >> in case you missed it. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> you picked her so quickly. >> because i knew, baby. all right. and here's your girl. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:05 am
>> they're cute. wilma flintstone. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> so those are the two. >> and again, liza minnelli will be back with us and montego glover and friedman. >> you what they're going to sing? >> "start spreading the news." and also lewis la cary, la, la, lar la, la, la did makeovers for them so we'll see them made over. >> we're also tomorrow going to have a lovely performance by the young lady on my team who was not able to perform thursday when we announced the winner. that's tomorrow, hoda woman. >> i'm trying to keep it straight. keep it straight. >> tomorrow she'll be back. she had a gall bladder operation. >> can you imagine, this is your big break and you have to go have surgery. we just want her to sing for us. all right. if you like "america's got
10:06 am
talent." if you like jackie evancho. >> and there is another little girl and she's also being called jackie. you're 11 years old and they're already replacing you. listen. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> wow! ♪ >> look at howie. ♪ ♪ >> wow! such a maturity about her voice. talk about soulful. >> yeah. >> she's terrific. we'll meet her. >> i am so excited because our network has two huge hits. >> yes, we do. >> i am so excited. >> other than our show. >> mean in prime time. >> so there's another study out. >> there's another study out
10:07 am
which i disagree with again that says women dig dudes driving hot cars. >> they say women look. if you see a guy walking down the street and he steps into a porsche does your opinion change? >> joey lavafrnga. >> if he seems like a nice enough guy and he gets into a fancy car. >> does it? >> for me, not really. not really. >> say it. >> i feel sorry for him. he thinks that car's going to get him the girls, and i guess it does. >> it works. >> it doesn't with me. never been a car girl. >> there are things that are turnoffs. i do think guys that are too flashy, anyone that tries to pay with -- pulls out all of the cards and the money. i'm not into flashy. no. i'm not. i'm against it. >> you're against what? >> yeah. what i'm against is somebody that is miserly and doesn't
10:08 am
share the limelight with people and doesn't tip nicely. somebody that doesn't even recognize that people are serving him or a woman, too. you know, people are bringing things and they're not even seeing the person. that bothers me. >> you know, i was at an event a long time ago, bill clinton spoke and he said -- i loved this line. he said it was in some other language, but the translation is i see you. he said if people would just -- when someone hands them someone -- just look at them. >> it takes a second, you expect someone to put down the but thor and you don't even look up and say a word. >> can you imagine going through all day long and nobody acknowledging. >> that's why we would like to say thank you to jerry who brings us our wine every day. we love you, jerry. >> we do love you. >> today he brought us two lovely once. look at jerry. he's exhausted from serving us wine. >> i would be, too. >> women would also not date
10:09 am
unemployed men although they would rather marry for love than money. >> that both makes sense to me. i think you can marry for love, not money and if someone is recently unemployed through the recession, i get it, but willfully marrying someone who is chronically unemployed when there are jobs out there. >> or ssisn't going look. >> it tells you something about the character. >> women like rich men, but we're talking about this. it's not the money it's the traits that the guy has, the ambition. >> the passion for life. >> things like that. >> what if the guy is like an artist and he's not selling a lot of his stuff yet, he has to cut off his ear and become van gogh, but he loves what he wakes up every morning to do, that will be sexy. >> it's a turn on. >> oh, yeah. >> okay. they sell these in the stores all of the time. makeup, eye liner. >> they're all hard to get off, by the way. >> the question is does it really work? today we'll put it to the test.
10:10 am
we'll put on make up, eyeliner, mascara on these women's faces and dunk them in water. >> fun. >> pull them out and see the truth because i like to see what really happens like sometimes i wear makeup when i go running because i like to, just a little, lipstick and eye stuff and when i'm done i look like a freak and it's all coming down and some of it's coming down apparently. allegedly. >> all righty. lindsay lohan has got a new gig. i personally am happy for her. >> yes. >> i don't know why this is cause anything kind of controversy, but apparently she filmed an 18-second commercial for >> while she was under house arrest. >> the site offered her $25,000, but ultimately she did the commercial for an undisclosed sum, but they're saying maybe she got $10,000 worth of free shopping. >> if you're allowed to work while under house arrest there's nothing wrong. >> i just wanted to share with you during my time at home i
10:11 am
found an amazing site. >> oh, during my time at home. >> she's been through an awful lot. we have to remember she's still very young. every time i'm tempted to say i remember the kid that i first met when she did "parent trap" just a sweet kid and that kid is still in there and let's just -- you know. >> cut her some slack. >> you were honored yesterday and is i was honored to introduce you, hoda. >> you give a good intro. no one gives an introduction like you. >> all i did was look at you, hoda woman. >> sponsored by concern u.s. and the international humanitarian organization. >> it's a great group. they do stuff all over the -- all over the world. >> with the poorest of the poor. >> megan and jackie. >> that was honored. >> yeah. her name is amy nut and that's not her. >> we like to put ourselves on tv.
10:12 am
amy nut is a pulitzer prize winner. i want to thank ann and kathy and everyone for coming to thor is money. >> jo ann leaned over and said where does hoda put all these awards that she gets? >> i don't know. you send them home to sammy? >> mom gets some of them, yes. >> we had a big old show for you today. >> coming up, we'll talk about the photos that make you say, what? >> hollywood's most bzzable m news stories right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ use 4g... and permanent mounting tape. have you seen my phone? no... [ siren wailing ] that's my phone! [ cellphone rings ] no, that's her flat screen... she lives in malibu. hello, mr. stockton. yes, i have the agenda right here in front of me. [ male announcer ] get low prices every day on everything, including all the best carriers and smartphones, like at&t's blackberry torch, only 97 cents. save money. live better. walmart.
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10:15 am
it's time for a special win's day edition of "today's buzz" from the idol future. >> here with the behind the scenes news is rob shutak from let's begin with miss j. lo because there's been a lot of buzz which that she would not
10:16 am
return to idol. >> she's only got a one-year deal. she signed a one-year deal for $10 million. they thought j. lo would be the big star to replace simon and the winner of "american idol" has been stephen tyler. >> she's great. >> no, she really made a big comeback with this. >> she hasn't resigned yet. they asked her to resign, and they don't want to pay her more money, but it's still a lot of money. she still wants to make more moves. >> j. lo is so savvy. i used to work for her. she's a really, really clever lady. this might be part of her negotiating strategy. >> this doesn't surprise you. >> can we make pretend that she may not be back. >> shania twain. they'd make millions and it would be stupid to not have a back-up plan. >> we haven't seen shania in
10:17 am
many years and she's glamorous. >> there's a wedding coming up that miss gifford may be attending. >> i've been told a particular date. >> tell me. tell me. >> i can't, but what are you hearing? >> it will be massive and it will be televised. if you lose your invite in the mail they will televise it. ryan seacrest is putting together a deal to televise the entire deal. it will be a two-hour. >> i'm sure every great celebrity in l.a. will be sitting there. >> darn right. >> it will be massive. >> it's this summer? >> it's this summer. >> whrm her sister khloe got married they televised it on e. >> i love weddings. >> what about nick lachey? >> his brother drew is across the street at new york live and he told me any day now they'll get married. he's the best man and they don't know the day. >> they will film that one, too. >> which kind of surprises me a little bit. >> after "the newlyweds" and they made a lot of money on it
10:18 am
and made them big huge stars, but what a price they paid for opening up their home and relationship to the cameras. >> nick hasn't got the memo that reality tv and relationships would not be the best idea. >> they've been together a long time. maybe they'll weather it better. >> it's a wedding special, not a reality show. >> if somebody wants to pay me $10 million, i'll marry frank gifford again. no problem. give me the deal, baby. i'll do it. >> big news with the movie "the transformers." we've been reading a lot of buzz about this? >> in 2009 megan fox said the director was like working for hitler. these remarks were quite shocking and everyone was surprised that quickly after she said that she was gone. she said at the time to "people" magazine that she didn't want to do it anymore and two years later the director said steven spielberg fired her the minute she said that. >> stephen's not going put up with that kind of stuff.
10:19 am
>> she's gone. look what's happened to her career as a result, too. you never hear about her. these kids should be grateful that these incredible opportunities. there's always a gorgeous young woman waiting to take her spot. >> exactly what she said about the director, he's like napoleon and he wants to create this insane, infamous and mad-man reputation. when he's not in director mode i kind of enjoy his personality because he's so awkward, so hopelessly awkward. >> that's what she said. >> shia labeouf said she shouldn't be talking rubbish and that's why she's gone. >> aim winehouse, i saw a bit of her performance and it was cringe worth. >> she could barely stand up. >> she is kind of tooling around on the stage kind of thing. >> she canceled a week of concerts and now she's canceled the entire tour. she needs to get help. >> she is not going to live very long if she doesn't get into rehab and stays there until she stays clean.
10:20 am
this is not going to end well. >> and i'm so excited about your singing competition. >> me, too. >> you're excited that liza is here! >> first we have wacky photos and then we have your girl, liza minhely and montego glover and all of our singers in the competition. first, these messages. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:21 am
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where you book matters. expedia. i was just thinking about that. ♪ hmmm...italian. [ female announcer ] thinking italian tonight? hamburger helper has six delicious flavors, like lasagna. hamburger helper. one pound, one pan, one happy family. we're back with that wild and crazy segment we call "what the what."
10:23 am
how many times have you looked twice at something to make sure you were seeing what you thought you saw. the photos that make you say what? >> i sifted through the photos with kate cook and came up with this photo sent by virginia. i guess you can call this fair warning? >> dead end. >> lovers lane. >> that was a bitter person that wrote that. >> that's good. >> our next photo was sent in by ana from new york, new york. this is great advertising. get people talking about your bulging biceps instead. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow! the sports club new york. >> i miss anthony weiner. >> and ana worked for a show. she does travel for us so i've worked with her for years. nice catch. teresa from aurora, colorado, sent thus photo and take a look. she wrote, i'm a tall norwegian and we ate somewhere else.
10:24 am
>> they have a section for anything. >> clearwater beach, florida. this is in clearwater beach, florida. >> there's not a restaurant called little italian? >> no. >> just checking. >> it might be little italian, but it's better to imagine they have sections for everyone. what does that even mean? >> you bring us anything, we'll fix it. >> i'm going my dentist today. >> ish. >> thank you, sarah. >> thank you very much. >> all right. coming up, guess what? >> what? >> we have our voice competition. >> liza, montego and there's alexis! ♪ ♪ so, at our company, we pay about the same, even though i'm a great driver, and he's... not so much. well, for a driver like you, i would recommend our new snapshot discount. this little baby keeps track of your great driving habits, so you can save money. [sighs] amazing.
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which helps me be my best... positive, cheerful and on top of things. help regulate your digestive system. love how you feel or your money back. ♪ activia good morning to you. cal baseball is still in for a national title. the bears beat texas a&m. that means they will play virginia tomorrow. virginia beat cal. cal must win or they will head home. remember when the a's couldn't win a game? now they can't seem a lose one. they beat the mets last night. meanwhile, the giants tied an amazing record. they thought they would never not have the vote for the first
10:27 am
eight minutes of nevada's last night. all scored and the game was over from there. critical performance afterwards. giants and twins play again tonight at 7:15. let's take a quick break. we'll be right back. honey...? [ mom ] yes. honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?! we switched to at&t high speed internet and got wireless access. no more cords. wireless, okay, honestly, can i just get a cord, please? dad, the cord's invisible. [ female announcer ] call at&t today to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services and a 1-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price. no home phone service required. oooh. videos online? here? how much is that?
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10:29 am
it's going to be a beautiful day. low clouds are hanging out over the city. but by noon today we'll see the sunshine. 75 degrees is the high for san francisco. you'll need the ac once you get home today. 92 in los gatos. speaking of the bay bridge -- >> right now the focus is on the south bay. not because most of your commute but 101 i want to remind folks, two lanes are headed south heading into morgan hills. it clears up around bailey road where that construction clears. lafayette there is an accident at 24. slowing off the walnut creek interchange. slow through berkeley and then a live look at the toll plaza as we talk about getting into the city. a live look at this golden gate bridge and the fog is still an
10:30 am
issue. >> thank you, mike. for the latest traffic and news updates, check out nbc bay area morning news on facebook. if not, see you tomorrow morning starting at 5:00. ♪ ♪ we're back on this wines day wednesday with the final elimination round in our "today's voice" competition. >> so exciting. to recap, we began the competition having our team of three singers and our official today's voice judge the wonderful liza minnelli chose the final two acts to move on. >> from my team, liza chose husband and wife b.j. and tasha roberts, and from hoda's team, liza chose college student alexis russell. here to explain how the rest of the competition is going to work is sarah. >> hi, sarah. >> we are down to the finals, this is so nerve-racking. today you'll see both of your finalists compete together on one song and next -- oh, excuse
10:31 am
me. today the viewers decide. the viewers get to decide. they can go to the website klg and until 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight so get on it right away and then tomorrow we announce the winner and the winner gets free tickets to l.a. and two tickets to the fin ale of "the voice." before we move on to the final round, our finalists have gotten the royal treatment. let's take a look at what they've been up to and we can get to know them better. >> my name is alexis russell. i live in nashville, tennessee right now. i am 19 years old. i started singing when i could talk. i never got on stage until eighth grade. i always wanted to be a singer, but i never thought i could get on stage and be by myself because i've always been in a group and now i'm here and a finalist so it's awesome. >> i'm b.j. >> i'm tasha. >> we have four boys and a princess. we finally got a girl.
10:32 am
i was scouting talent for a youth choir that was doing and i met her at a church. >> he heard me sing, and i was there singing. >> i turned around, and i saw her and i looked at a friend of mine and i said i'm going marry that girl. >> i started singing in the church at 3 years old, and i grew up singing with my family. >> i started singing in the choir at my church when i was 7 years old. >> we hope that the viewers will hear the passion when we sing and it will really move and touch them. >> hi. >> nice to meet you. >> are you excited? >> super excited. >> i cannot wait. >> yeah! >> i pulled some strings to have the store open for you. >> this is crazy. >> it's like the vip treatment. >> really excited. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i wanted to shock you with this. >> you shocked me. >> i think she's pretty hot. >> i, b.j., will not say anything bad about myself anymore. oh, this is so sweet. i think we can do hot.
10:33 am
>> maybe not. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hi, how are you? so nice to see you. congratulations. all right. so we're going make you all look like the superstars that you really are, right? >> we'll try. >> this is debbie. debbie is the girl -- she's the feather girl. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> figure out which color to pick. >> see what it's doing right now? see that? that's what i'm talking about right there. that's my alfalfa look. ♪ ♪ >> okay, now. that's it. no looking until tomorrow. it's going to be a big surprise. >> our contestants are singing "new york, new york" made famous by miss liza minnelli with a "z." ♪ ♪ ♪
10:34 am
>>. ♪ new york, new york" is challenging because it's like the star-spangled banner. if you can sing o, say -- you probably can't sing "and the rocket's red," so it's very low and very hot. >> he is used to sing alone and the girls only join him at "top of the heap". >> that's better. >> that sounds fabulous. >> they're wonderful singers and very enthusiastic and they're fresh and young and they're excited. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> love it! all right. liza's back with us. she happens to have a new cd out and it is called "confessions." also back is the outstanding, magnificent montego glover from the tony award-winning show "memphis" you've got to see it along with our three final contestants. all three will sing together, but america has to watch closely and figure out which they want to choose. are you ready?
10:35 am
>> david freeman. >> take it, baby! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ start intreding the news ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:36 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> awesome! awesome! >> david, love you! >> guys! >> all righty. just so you guys know, when you're voting and we'll talk to liza in one second, you're either voting for kathie lee's team, tasha and b.j., hold hands. or you will vote for alexis who is my team. liza, what did you think? >> i think you were all great,
10:37 am
and i mean, it was just sensational. it really was. and the thing that is so positive about it is that you believed that you were going new york, not that you were already there, you know? >> you kept yelling out "where?" ? "where?" >> the song is not about someone in new york, it's about i want to get there. so i believed all of it. i really did, and -- >> you know what i kind of missed? i kind of missed it when you used to bring it back with the -- >> even then -- >> they didn't do it, and i kind of missed it. i have to be honest. >> that's the musical department. >> oh! ♪ my, my little town hold on to that -- okay? you didn't have a chance. >> wait, montego, montego, what did you think? what did you think, sweetie? you trained them.
10:38 am
>> do you remember me saying yesterday? when it's your time to say "new york, new york" it's your time to express it and put your spin on it, you did exactly what i asked you to do. alexis i want to see more of the joint chief singing. when you're not, you're beaming and when you are singing you are singing and you go right to it. >> people got to vote now. >> they should go to our website vote for your favorite act and you have until 5 -- flow, 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight and then we'll announce the winner tomorrow live on the show. >> wait! and the winner gets to go to l.a. it is so thrilling! >> l.a.! >> coming up, we'll play "who knew" after this. ♪ ♪ >> good job! ♪ ♪ living with diabetes is a reality for me,
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didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea. >> our weekly trivia game "who knew" and today we have questions from the fourth of
10:42 am
july. kathie lee has made her way to the nbc experience store in the rain where she's ready to hand out $100 to those who answer the questions correctly and to those who don't, they get a cope of her cd. lucky them. the author of "don't know much about history." you always teach us things so we love it when you come on with us. >> it's fun to talk about history. people don't believe that, but it's true. >> let's head across the street. >> look at this southern california family. who was the first to sign the declaration of independence? was it benjamin franklin, john hancock, thomas jefferson or george washington? >> john hancock? >> yeah! daddy's smart! >> yeah. >> he signed it so big, too. >> that's where the phrase came from, didn't it? >> he did put his john hancock on the declaration, but not the big signature we think of. that came later. on the fourth of july they signed the piece of paper they'd been working on. hancock was one of the men who
10:43 am
paul revere was out to warn that famous night a year before in april that the british were indeed coming. >> we've been hearing a lot about that lately. let's go back across the street. >> where are you from, again? >> texas. >> right out of waco. what is the next line from america's national anthem "the star-spangled banner" o, say can you see by the dawn's early light. >> what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming. >> had to help you there a little bit. >> it's harder when you don't sing it. it's harder when you say it. >> two for two. this song comes from a later war, the war of 1812 written by francis scott key and it didn't become the national anthem until much later, but it was the second war against england in the war of 1812, written in 1813. >> interesting. >> back across to kathkathy. >> who designed the first
10:44 am
american flag? it might be a trick question. oh! was it betsy ross? was it molly pitcher, martha washington or george washington? >> betsy ross. >> uh -- >> she sewed it. >> short show left. >> can we hear the choices again? >> no, darling. >> betsy ross. >> it's a trick question. your mom's right. she -- >> betsy ross sewed the flag. >> that's the legendary answer to the stars and stripes and that's not true. this is show and tell. this is what it looked like. george washington designed this flag which he displayed over the troops -- hold it this way in 1775. of course, it looks a little different with the british on that side. >> it looks very british. this was 1775 they weren't at war yet. there was still a hope that they
10:45 am
could come to some agreement, so washington designed this flag to put over the troops in boston in 1775, a year before independence. >> that was a little bit of a trick question. >> it was. >> two sisters rendezvousing in new york from virginia and tennessee. which of the following do americans spend the most money on for the fourth of july? beer, hamburgers and hot dogs, watermelon or soda? >> hamburgers and hot dogs. >> maybe at your house, not at mine. >> the correct answer is -- >> beer. appropriately on wine wednesday it is beer, but there is a historic connection here as well. sadd sam adams was a famous brewer before he became a patriot. sam adams beer, much later, and has nothing to do with it. we can find a connection to history in almost anything. >> thanks for coming on. >> coming up, water is
10:46 am
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10:50 am
>> time for today's beauty. we've all been through it. you go to the pool or a beach party and aside from the intolerable heat you get close to the water you are sporting raccoon eyes with the swimsuit. >> can we look -- elaine defarley had the u.s. women's national water polo team put waterproof makeup to the test and now she's here to do it live on the show. >> i would say that is a good test. >> waterproof does mean waterproof? >> yes. at "self" magazine is all about authenticity. who better to test it than the water polo team. they spent six hours in the water and they came back with glowing comments and here today we will try it out. >> first, we want to give a big thank you to our models. >> brave ladies. >> galen has on eye liner and
10:51 am
gail sen going to put her face in that bowl of water. >> this is makeup forever. it's the aqua liner. do it. don't breathe. come out. come out. >> color is really in for summer and voila! it's still there. >> it stayed. >> it sure is. it didn't smear or anything. >> how do you get it off? >> you have to use a eye makeup remover because it has oil. >> she has the waterproof mascara from wet and wild. >> it's mega lash. >> they're all anxious. >> that wasn't much of a dunk. >> you need to go back in there. yes! >> she's going spinning later. >> it will last through a spin class? >> it looks beautiful. >> wet and wild. wet and wild, that's the one you like. >> you're out there living your life. you have to get out there.
10:52 am
>> this is one that i was surprised about. >> jen has on a cream eye shadow. >> yes. it's from tart. >> hold on! don't go anywhere. >> the water just glides right off it. >> are you ready, jen? >> okay. hold on. >> and there she is, voila! >> it's fantastic. >> if you were to wipe to dry off would it stay? >> think if you wiped really hard it will probable economy off because it's makeup. >> you just want to be very careful. >> it's not going come off if you're splashing around in the water. you can go on the online edition and you can see the water polo team. >> let's go to ellen. >> she's waiting patiently. >> this is such a cool product. >> you did your hair. >> this is from nyc. it's $4 and it's a lip stain. bright colors are in this summer. >> hold on. go in.
10:53 am
>> oh! it ran a little. it ran a little in the water, but it's still on her lips. and that's the key! so it's a stain. >> it ruins your pool. >> it's not about the pool it's about you. >> it's about the beauty! >> ways to remove it? >> these are more products that are great for summer. this is a tinted moisturizer from estee lauder. it is also waterproof. this is a great new sunscreen from neutrogena. >> we had this the other day and i've been using it since and it's fantastic. >> this is a great secret product, inside info, it's bio oil and what it does is it hydrates your skin when you're in and out of the water your skin gets dry. >> you don't think of it, but it is drying it out. >> put this on before you go. >> this is for after the water from nivea. >> thank you, ladies!
10:54 am
>> thank you for doing that. we really appreciate it. >> we'll be back with more on nbc. ♪ ♪ sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from
10:55 am
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10:57 am
okay. so we saved a little time to check in with aira. what's up? >> some of the fans wrote in about our voice. my vote is for both teams. wow! i was looking forward to hoda wearing the green dress. >> that's not vintage. >> and harriet wrote in that she loved it. that's a hard song and they did a great job. she wrote in and said congrats for the award. >> tomorrow we'll have the winner so vote, votev.te. at 8:00 eastern. >> hoda and i go to jamaica, mon. bye! -- captions by vitac --
10:58 am
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