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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 23, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> reporter: good morning. i'm christie smith live in oakland. could state and federal conflicts over marijuana laws finally be coming to an end? coming up i'll tell you about a historic bill being introduced today. >> president obama lays out his plan to pull troops out of afghanistan. we'll have world reaction this morning. the east bay mom who says her family became sick after drinking bottled water. she tells her story. what the store is going to do about it. >> a live look outside, it's thursday, june 23rd, 2011.
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this is "today in the east bay." >> good morning everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. let's get started with a thursday forecast and christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you, scott mcgrew. we're looking so good for today. finally some major heat relief. we're waking up with the 50s, it's crisp and cool in the east bay and we're headed toward the low 80s. that's it for today. i've got your full forecast coming up. but it's thursday, we'll call it friday eve around here. let's check the drive. >> good morning. we'll take to you the maps directly. let me show you what's going on on the approach to the bay bridge. a smooth drive, the sensors no issues there. at the bottom of the screen you see construction marked. i saw some flashing lights. we had a short traffic break as they moved signs, scott.
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we typically see. we had left lanes closed north of high street up to downtown you might have crews clearing from the area. i'll watch the speeds for you as well. back to you. >> a new bill co-written by a bay area congresswoman would legalize pot on the federal level. it's set to go before congress. christie smith is live in oakland. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning, scott. what happens here locally in places like oakland, how it's enforced at the state level and the federal level, how it seems, when it comes to marijuana are totally at odds. today we're starting to see a shift, at least in the form of what's happening in efforts to end federal prohibition of marijuana. members of congress introduce what they call historic legislation modeled after the repeal of alcohol prohibition. the authors and sponsors a diverse group including democrat
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barney frank, republican ron paul and oakland congresswoman barbara lee. this would be the first bill to repeal laws criminalizing not only possession but use and sales of marijuana. lee saying it's time to turn the page from this failed drug war. a spokesperson for the marijuana policy project are saying each state would basically be free to make up its own marijuana policy and be responsible for enforcing it. last year 53% of california voters rejected legalizing recreational pot use, medical use is now legal in 16 states. this is going to be introduced at 11:00 this morning. reporting live, christie smith, today in the east bay. >> thank you. 4:33 now. today in new york president obama will meet with troops home from afghanistan. this comes after his announcement winding down the war there by bringing home a third of our troops by next summer. today in the bay's tracie potts in washington with reaction to
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the drawdown. >> reporter: with the american economy in mind president obama says the war in afghanistan is coming to an end beginning next month. >> we have spent a trillion dollars on war, at a time of rising debt, and hard economic times. it is time to focus on nation building here at home. >> reporter: his plan, 10,000 troops out by the end of this year, 33,000 total by next summer. it's a more aggressive pullout than military advisers wanted but even some democrats aren't satisfied. >> we've got a deficit. you want to save a third of a trillion get this war over soon. we need that money back here in the united states. >> 70,000p troops have to stay there so one faction can be equal to another. i don't understand that. >> reporter: the remaining troops who could be there until 2014 are needed analysts say, to protect america's interests in the region. >> primarily it's western pakistan and yemen and we hope
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to keep them out of afghanistan like we have. >> for al qaeda president obama says it's weakened. half its top commanders taken out, victories that allow the u.s. to refocus on problems at home. tracie potts. >> she did wait, didn't she. 4:35. tracie potts there. four suspects arrested in connection with police corruption in contra costa county will be in court this morning. former officers lombardi, welsh and tanabi along with christopher butler will all make appearances at a walnut creek court house charged with numerous crimes including taking and selling drugs fr s from pol seizures. >> we know the name of a 19-year-old man shot and killed tuesday evening as he drove past a shopping mall in east oakland.
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he is rodnell hampton. he was driving on eighth street around 5:45 when he was shot. he was able to drive a block where he crashed into a house and fence. he later died at a hospital. this is the 56th homicide for oakland this year. >> locked out of pleasanton country club workers will be back on the picket line. the workers will rally on the castlewood club's biggest annual golf tournament. 60 food, service and janitors have been locked out since february 25. the dispute is over salary cuts and family health insurance. the picket and march starts at 7:45 this morning. >> a fremont woman claims she and her 7-year-old son became sick after drinking bottled water on sunday. tammy molina says she and her son drank the crystal geyser
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bottled water and in minutes throwing up experiencing a burning sensation. they called 911, an ambulance took them to the hospital. her family bought the water at a lucky supermarket in fremont. both san francisco base crystal geyser and lucky markets say they have not received other complaints. crystal geyser says it's looked at the testing done on the water, when it was produced and showed nothing wrong. >> i have nothing to gain out of saying there is something in the water. i'm not suing them. i'm not going to get money but there was something in the water and people need to know. >> the lucky market has removed the crystal geyser packs while additional testing continues. >> federal prosecutors due in court to discuss whether they intend to retry barry bonds. this is bonds last night at the giants game after he made another appearance in federal court. back in april bonds was convicted by a federal court of obstruction of justice but the jury dead-locked over the actual
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original charges. the prosecutors must decide whether to drop those or schedule a new trial. >> a 5-year-old feud between the golden state warriors and the team's landlord may be over. as a result there should be money for improvements to the oracle arena. the deal calls for the oakland alameda county coliseum authority to upgrade the sound system, start putting money in a $4-million fund to improve the fan experience. the dispute ended when the warriors new owners settled a $10 million debt with the coliseum authority. >> pride preparation in san francisco t city's mayor ed lee raised the lgbt flag at city hall. [ applause ] >> one million people including chaz bono, their son, expected this weekend for the largest pride celebration in the nation on sunday.
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hotels and restaurants getting ready for the boom. >> something that people look forward to, i think people save up for it and i think people do go out and celebrate during pride especially during this week and weekends. >> there are some changes, last year's known as pink saturday ended with a shooting death of a teen. organizers say this saturday police will be cracking down on public drinking. the weekend celebrations at the civic center will be ending earlier than in years past. >> it is thursday t day before friday. let's check in with christina and the weekend forecast. good morning. >> celebrate. we've got good weather finally. good morning to you. east bay, boy, you have been so warm over the past few days, triple digits, 104 in pleasanton. we're going to see the low 80s and 70s returning, only 67 in san francisco if that's where you're headed. right now we're in the 50s, a crisp cool start. we've got mostly clear conditions.
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i am expecting pretty significant round of fog. we'll see a mostly cloudy start making way to mostly sunny, climbing into the 70s in the east bay at noon. just a beautiful day. you can give that ac a break. this is where we're headed. 83 in livermore, around 83 degrees today in fremont and 82 for concord. yes, significantly cooler. i've got your seven-day. the weekend is around the corner. let's check what we have in the traffic department. >> good morning. that's good, 19-degree swing in fairfield. we're looking here, we're going to see a swing in speeds for antioch where you see the 64, but yesterday, wednesday, we saw surprisingly barely any slowdown, in the 50s there yesterday so. we'll watch for that. also there will be a change from 242 over to 880 on highway 4 in toward pinole. there is going to be striping work so starting at 9:00 you might see slowing between about
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680 and martinez over to basically the pinole area. i'll let you know if i find any slowing but so far not a big deal. the rest of the east bay looking good. the striping is not going on now. the construction was at oakland. we saw the slowdown earlier as they moved the the crews. the northbound side with the taillights just cleared. it's got the southbound side over on the left. one light. there was earlier a couple of vehicles there. i don't see what's going on now with the light but it's out of the lanes. i'll let folks know if there are additional distractions. >> one of the most notorious gangsters has been arrested in california. plus t secret internationally recognized journalist was living with in the bay area for years and the newest of foods that make you fat. faster than anything else. use it and it could save your life. looking at a live picture of the bay bridge. [ male announcer ] bring home a complete meal for your family.
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>> it's 4:44 as we look at 880 there, starting to gum up a little. we'll check with mike in a minute. a legendary boston crime boss on
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the run has been arrested here in california. james whitey bulger indicted on 19 murders arrested by the feds last night at a home in santa monica. this is video of the scene here. bulger's arrest ends an international manhunt that had gone on since he desire appeared 16 years ago. the 81-year-old is a former fbi informer who disappeared after being alerted he was facing new indictments. he was the ininspiration for the film ""the departed."" a journalist with ties to the area is outing himself as an undocumented immigrant. in an upcoming interview and new york times essay jose antonio vargas reveals he lived with the secret even as he began work at "the washington post." a product of mountain view high school and san francisco state his former principal says he was a phenomenally involved student.
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>> he was doing so well. you couldn't just push him out of the system. i had no basis for doing that. he was doing the right things. >> vargas did not find out he was in the country illegally until he tried to apply for a driver's license as a teen. he is at risk for deportation. he plans to lobby the dream act that would give undocumented immigrants educated in the united states a path to legal residency. >> apple wants to rule your tech world. quoting an unnamed former apple executive who says that the cupertino based company plans to enter the television market by the end of the year. we have doubts but the source claims apple will unveil a console that will have apple tv and itunes built in. the blog says that apple plans to team up with an existing manufacturer to provide televisions branded under apple's name, something apple
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almost never does. the last time apple did that they came up with the motorola rocker phone. does kourtney reagan remember the rocker phone? >> good morning. i do. i remember all of those phones. futures are lower now, scott. it's a carryover. when stocks fell after ben bernanke acknowledged the economy slowed but offered no hints about further stimulus, the fed will cut its growth forecast for the year and expects unemployment to remain high. asian markets fell on the fed's soft view. europe lower. we'll get down to this morning on filings for unemployment and new home sales. the dow lost 80 points so trade is going to begin at 12,109. the nasdaq was off 18 to 2669. let's make a deal, at least american express is teaming up to offer discounts.
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four square are accustomed to awards when they check in at certain shops and restaurants. customers will be able to sync with the site to do the same. toyota will reportedly boost shipments of the prius. it won't confirm specific numbers, deliveries have been hampered by the earthquake and tsunami in japan. more than half of the hybrids on the road in the united states are the prius model. >> 4:48. let's check in with christina. >> good morning to you. beautiful start in the east bay this morning. we have the 50s, it's crisp and cool. i think you'll be happy what we have for you. you can see here we have pretty significant changes in our satellite imagery. high pressure still in control, and it's going to be a little bit warm but really nothing compared to where we were earlier this week. low pressure is moving in. you saw the clouds pushing in.
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i think the marine layer will be pretty significant, deep enough to penetrate all the way inland so livermore, you'll probably have a mostly cloudy start, making way to mostly cloudy skies as early as 11:00 a.m. usually clears out first. the city probably socked in with fog out here. possibly until 1:00 or 2:00, it's a deep marine layer. that's what we're picking up this morning. 74 at noon as you break for lunch in livermore, comfortable. rounding out at 83 degrees. give the ac a break. we'll be in the 50s overnight as well. we've eliminated the 60s. temperatures start to level off as we head through next week, we don't have any major changes. i'm looking for a warm-up, nothing out there. a 10% chance of rain on wednesday. that's all the excitement i have. finally, seasonal weather for us. >> nbc's "the voice" is down to its final four. the singing competition revealed the four singers going home and the four who will move on.
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last night, a wrap-up from los angeles. ♪ i won't let you down >> reporter: after the eighth semifinalist teamed up for an opening number, eliminations began. first nikia. america's vote was much more definitive. >> vicki martinez. >> reporter: next time to decide between casey and javier from adam's team. adam gave javier 30 more points than casey and explained why. >> i can't see you not go to the end. and america agreed. >> javier. >> the competition intensified with team blake, dia versus zenia. blake scored them evenly, 50-50. >> i don't feel like i can win or lose in this situation with either one. >> america narrowly pushed dia forward.
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christina aguilera had trouble deciding between her duo. she split their score 50-50. >> there are no winners or losers because with all shared such a special journey together. >> that left neerk decide which would move on. >> beverly. >> now it's on to the finals tuesday night, contestants will perform original songs, with america casting the final ballot. >> next week is going to be heart breaking no matter what happens. >> for the one person who will emerge as the voice. stephanie stat stanton, los angeles. >> the winner will be revealed on wednesday's show. this morning there is a list of foods that pack on the pounds. researchers studied the weight gain of 120,000 people over four years, number one culprit, potatoes, french fry, potato chips followed by suggester sweetened drinks and foods
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containing transfat. the bumpiest roads in the bay area a list of the most pot hole ridden roads. for news, weather, traffic, check us out on facebook.
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>> one of the world's few uncontacted tribes was discovered in a remote corner of the amazon rain forest.
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leaders in brazil made the announcement. four huts were found surrounded by corn, peanut and banana crops, on the border with peru. the tribes were spotted after three small forest clearings were spotted. the brazil leaders believe it's made up of 200 people. >> a trashy turn at 5:00. >> thanks a lot. what's that about? >> you suppose the tribes are on facebook? yesterday they had no idea. today they are on facebook. >> there you go. i'd like to see them. thousands of pounds of trash, that's the trash that he's talking about, pulled from the ocean. it's being put to good use this morning. it's happening at the marine mammal center. you'll see it's kind of an eye sore but kind of a piece of art. it will be interesting. we'll show it to you. plus, two years after getting her first driver's license an 18-year-old from the bay area hitting the nascar circuit.
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our bob redell took a ride with her and as he, as he put it, he had to change his shorts. we're going to take you live for that story. stick around. >> thank you much. let's check in with mike where people are racing around just under the speed limit. >> right. hopefully not changing any clothes. 580, a smooth drive. over the speed limit, we point out this at el charo. there must be some folks that are under the speed limit out of the altamont pass. we've been seeing blips, slow north of 580. 680 a construction zone. a live look out there shows you the good news is nothing interesting going on. the commute hasn't kicked in so westbound over to the peninsula the taillights are moving smoothly. east bound to the east bay slowing in about with a half hour. back to you.
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>> 4:56. i'm sure a lot of people feel their commute is on one of the worst roads. we have a new report that lays out whether you have the bumpiest path. according to the report some of the most pot hole ridden streets are in the north and the east including larkspur and st. helena. the san francisco and san jose roads are rated as okay but could use work. both cities had better streets than oakland. oakland was 98th on the 109 worst list. >> coming up, summer job prospects. what are your chances of landing that job? pretty lousy so far late this year, i'm sure. for all of your news, weather nd traffic updates check us oun ththneh wswsit wlaura in two minutes. it
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