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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 23, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i'm christie smith live in oakland. could state and federal conflicts over marijuana laws finally be coming to an end? i'll tell you about a new bill being introduced today. >> i have nothing to gain out of saying there is something in the water. i'm not suing them. i'm not getting money out of it. there is something in the water and people need to know. >> nausea, vomiting from the water? we hear from the east bay mom who says a bottle of water landed her in the hospital. >> and new information this morning about a man in drag flying the friendly skies. what he does for a linang ld his reaction to being thrust into a debate about racial profiling. live look outside, beautiful bay bridge, cooler out there. you can feel it. it's thursday, june 23, this is "today in the bay." >> you made it to thursday
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morning. good for you. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check that forecast with christina loren. we made it to the cooling trend too. >> finally. finally it's here. if you've been putting off the outdoor plans because it's been too hot, you can walk the dog, even paint the house today if you wanted to. temperatures mostly ranking between the low to mid 70s along the peninsula and all i'm going is 85 in the warmest city across the bay. i'll let you know if it's your city and what's to come for the weekend. we're so close now. i bet that means more traffic this morning. >> you know what, things have been weird the last couple of days so we don't see a lot of issues going around the bay bridge. we see the volume kicking up and it's only 5:00 but not enough to bring speeds down. in the north bay, tracking an accident and here in novato around the dumps there and things are cleared but we might have a crew showing up because it sounds like there is a car in the ditch.
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doesn't seem like anybody is in a rush to get there. slowing possibly as crews arrive around 6:00. i'll let you know. >> we'll look forward to that. this morning a new bill co-written by a bay area congresswoman could legalize pot on a federal level, set to go before congress. christie smith is live in oakland. she joins us with more on the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this would be a radical departure from what we see now on the federal level. it would be aimed at possession, sales and use of marijuana. according to drug reform advocates and basically leave it up to states to decide how to enforce their own marijuana laws and set their own policy. this is a diverse group of members of congress bringing in a bill they say would end federal blanket prohibition of marijuana. the author barney frank and ron paul co-sponsors including
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oakland's barbara lee, they say it would limit the federal government's enforcement to smuggling growing and use. lee has been saying it's time to turn the page on this failed drug war. last year californians rejected a measure that would have legalized recreational pot use. medical use is legal here and in 15 other states. >> thank you very much. it's 5:03 now. he's popping up all over youtube. you see it here, a man dressed in women's underwear and high heels all while flying the friendly skies. we're hearing from an airline passenger who says it's unfair for u.s. airways to let the cross dressing man fly while arresting another man for allegedly refusing to pull up his saggy pants. the woman took the picture after complaining about the man. she said nothing was done and the man wearing women's
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underwear, boarded the flight. she shared the photo when she heard about the arrest of deshon marman. >> so hypocritical for the airline to allow this man who is obviously exposing so much flesh, you know, deshon marman looked like he was dressed for church compared to the man who was on my flight. >> u.s. airways says there is no dress code but crews are allowed to use their own judgment to the comfort of their passengers. the chronicle got in touch with the man and said he's been dressing that way for years but is happy to put on a sweater or pants if the asked. he said he had no idea his outfit was making the national news. 5:04 now. doctors treating injured giants fan bryan stow are upgrading his condition. he is moved from critical to serious condition.
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doctors say stow was opening his eyes and showed some movement in his arms but they remain cautious saying they don't know how much better he will get. just 10 years ago stow would have not survived the injury. he was severely beaten after a dodgers game in march. >> this morning we're hearing from a bay area family who says don't drink the water. we told you yesterday they say crystal geyser water made them sick. tammy and her son called 911 after they experienced a burning sensation in their noses and throats from drinking the water on father's day. they say they bought it from lucky's supermarket in fremont. the grocer confirmed it's investigating but says it received no other complaints. tammy says she is telling the truth. >> i know there was something in that water. i'm not like the person that lied about the chilly bowl. i'm telling the truth about the water. there is something in this water.
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>> san francisco-based crystal geyser looked at the testing the day the water was processed and the company tests showed no problems. it will do additional tests just to make sure. >> new research results released shows marine animals are migrating to california by so called corridors of life. there are two, one stretches across the pacific ocean, another down from the arctic region to california. but the journey to the golden state could be in jeopardy due to growing amounts of trash. a new powerful oceanic exhibit is street open designed to inspire all of us to reduce, reuse and recycle. worldwide more than 80% of marine debris comes from land-based sources. much of that garbage hurts or kills sea life. today in the bay's marla tellez has some stunning vigils to put it in perspective.
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>> reporter: good morning. yes, 8% to 10% of the animals that end up here in the marin headlands at the marine mammal center, it's because really they are victims of trash, they get tangled up in it and come here to get nursed back to health so. this public exhibit which opens this weekend is to inspire us to stop trashing our beaches. it is what i'm calling it bittersweet. it's a sight to see but goodness, look at this. it is so sad. this is an actual s.e.a.l. are we live? this is a seal. it is made from the trash volunteers and artists put this together on their own. i can just see lots of unidentifiable objects, cigarette lighters, plastic cups, tops, it's amazing yet so sad. now joining me now i want to bring in jim oswalt with the marine mammal center.
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talk a little about this. this is something else. >> it's an incredible exhibit. we are so pleased to have washed ashore here because it really conveys a powerful message which is we need to have change. we need to make change with our environment and every action that we can take to recycle and conserve will help the ocean and our animal patients. >> and the exhibit is called, i failed to mention, called "washed ashore plastics sea life and art." >> angela hayeslestein is the artist you'll meet later. this is an incredible piece of work she has done. it's wonderful vision, thousands of pounds of ocean trash mainly plastics collected, and as you mentioned, much of this are items we see our patients get tangled in. we had a seal that died because
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of a netting and couldn't forage. so it's a powerful message. in that is the beauty of art an we think it's going to resonate with the public. >> and washed ashore, it's made up of 15 of these giant sculptures. behind us, it's whale bones. >> it is. whale bones made out of bleach bottles and different bottles. you can interact with it. that's what we want people to do. touch it, to walk through it. and really get a sense and feel of what it's made of. then think about what you can do to change things to help the environment. >> jim, we're going to talk to you throughout the morning and also as he mentioned the woman who created this who made all of this happen, brought it here to the marine mammal center, we're going to tell you when you can look at it as well. >> i think it's amazing to see but it's sad at the same time.
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thank you. we'll check back. also looking forward, i am, to the cooler temperatures. >> a little cool but you know what, it's not one of those days where we have to stay inside this afternoon because it's going to be so warm. >> thank you. >> plenty of things to take care of outside. my poor dog, he wants to go for a walk. today he's getting it. if you are waking up in the bay area, temperatures are not all that warm. the highest i'm going, 85 degrees, that's fairfield and gilroy. get to the numbers in a minute. the marine layer is deep. we're picking it up on our satellite imagery. i think san francisco will see a solid round of fog at least until about noon, possibly until 2:00 because it is so deep. i think even livermore will see a mostly cloudy start. 55 now. 57 in san jose. and 50 in novato so cooler this morning as we head throughout this afternoon, the comfortable
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noon time temperatures, 70 in novato, 73 in san jose. look what the fog bank is going to do to santa cruz. 59 at 11:00 a.m. if you want to hit the beach the best place the north bay. in terms of highs, 80 in santa rosa, 68 in san francisco, and about 85 degrees in los gatos so a little bit on the warm side in the south bay but san jose, i'm only going 79, that's downright perfe perfect. >> i would agree. i would agree that 20 degrees that you would break for folks around the area, 20 miles per hour, slower for 580 coming up. we're seeing slowdowns. airway boulevard, we see these blips pop up of it and construction north of 580 causing slowing. i've seen speeds below 50 in the last 10 minutes there. so watch that. smooth over to 880. then between blanch avenue and 680, construction for mission
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boulevard so watch that. it can cause tie-ups during the middle of the day. a live look at oakland, 880, past the coliseum. a smooth drive but we're seeing the volume pick up. the nimitz, a lot of cars building. >> where are they going? early start of work, i guess. the only paycheck some teens may get this summer may be from the bank of mom and dad. whyd ldingr job is harder than ever. softening lotion. mate with shea butter for soft healthy skin. gold bond ultimate softening. this stuff really works.
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thank you very much. 5:14 now. work with a great crew. in a few hours the public will get a chance to voyz their take on pension reform. the rules committee will hold a hearing this morning at 9:30. they will discuss the city's plan which would save $750 million over 10 years, other groups including the public defender are offering different initiatives. san francisco will spend $422 million in pension contributions next fiscal year and nearly double in three years. >> for some teens the only paychecks they get will come from mom and dad. how the final hour of trading yesterday went and how it will affect the opening bell. for more on that and other news we turn to kourtney reagan. >> good morning. futures are lower. if you're bullish that's not good news. that's a carry over.
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we saw stocks fall in the final hour after ben bernanke acknowledged that the economy has slowed but offered no hints about further stimulus. fed also cut its growth forecast and expects unemployment to remain high until 2013. asian markets fell on the fed stock. europe is lower. we'll get data on filings for unemployment and new home sales come out. the dow lost 80 yesterday, we're going to start at 10,109. the nasdaq off 18 points to 2660. it could abcruel summer for the teenagers. the labor department says the job market is so tight 75% of teens may not get one. official teen up employment is 25%. teen employment was high through the 90, fell during the recession of 2001 but never really bounced back. with consumer spending down the retail sector, a stronghold for teen jobs is a struggle.
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and cuts to state and local budgets means fewer jobs at libraries, parks and pools. lover boy wasn't wrong when they sang everybody's working for the weekend, new government stats show 35% of people are working on the weekend. a slightly bigger percentage of part-timers work on saturday and sunday as opposed to full-timers. on average those who work weekends put in about 5 1/2 hours. pretty full day. back to you. >> thanks for putting that song in my head this morning. i know, right, just what we need. you want a piece of my heart. thanks. 5:17. this morning military leaders and troops are preparing for a speedy drawdown from afghanistan all ordered by the president. >> we'll bring home a total of 33,000 troops fully recovering the surge i announced at west point. >> holding true to a promise made in 2009, president obama says he will begin pulling u.s. troops out of afghanistan nearly
5:18 am
a decade after the 9/11 attacks. the first wave of 10,000 troops expected home by year's end. another 23,000 soldiers will return by summer. bringing the total number of troops ordered home to 33,000. >> the president's announcement is giving bay area parents some relief. anita and norm watched the speech at their home in oakland. their 23-year-old son vincent is serving in afghanistan right now as a medic. they are proud of the work their son is doing but it's time for the troops to come home. >> i was pleased to hear that it wasn't 50% of them in the next few months. i think these are the soldiers sent over in '09 for the surge, and the surge has done and is continuing to do what it was meant to. >> certainly i'd like to see all our troops come home, sooner, but that's not probably in the cards.
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>> we're going to have reaction from capitol hill coming up in a live report a little later in the show. >> if any of the troops come home to the bay area they will expect nice weather today. cooling temperatures. >> cooling temperatures, it's going to feel like the bay area should feel this time of year based on our averages. high pressure has taken a significant trip to the east. it's over the four corners region, you can see the storm tack up and around the ridge of high pressure. for us that means onshore flow can move on in. low pressure providing some really cool marine air. we don't have fog to tell you about but i think as we head through 6:00 that's when we see it. of course mike inouye and i are always watching all of the fog and reduced visibilities for you as we head throughout the morning. as you can see here, it's so deep in spots we're seeing the drizzle. so you might get a little maybe a couple raindrops on your windshield. really nothing significant. really going to be a cool mild day.
5:20 am
53 now, 57 in concord, 57 in hayward. because of that thick cloud cover i think the city's going to hit 68 degrees later on. inland temperatures, 85 in fairfield, 83 in livermore, and just 85 in gilroy so basically we've got a much cooler trend even better for tomorrow. 79 degrees. yeah, that's the day, that is the day to get outside. 82 for saturday. not too bad. a little coastal fog in the morning and sunday 81. back to you. >> people feeling sick, getting a fever. coming up are you falling through the cracks on bay area roads? a pot hole report. >> the phone companies claim they have 4g networks. what does that mean? we'll talk about it in tech today. >> and over the last couple days we're inspired to head to the beach. highway 17, slowing toward the summit. we'll show you what else is in store for your [ male announcer ] how do you say...
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>> welcome back everyone. one of my favorite shots of the morning, the bay bridge. looks like traffic is picking up a little bit. nice cooler temperatures to greet you on this thursday morning. 5:23 now. bay area commuters certainly know a thing or two unfortunately, about pot holes it but a new report gives a clearer picture where the best and worst streets are located. the metropolitan transportation commission released its pot hole report yesterday. it says brentwood topped the list of 109 communities in the area with the best roads, while rio vista had the worst. san jose and san francisco at the 75th and 77th positions, oakland came in close to the bottom at the 98th spot. the report says overall the conditions of streets and roads are the same as they were a
5:24 am
decade ago. i guess you try to fix them but they always come back. just like mike inouye. >> try to fix me and i keep coming back, broken as ever. if we could get folks to stop driving on the roads they would be nice all the time. talking about brentwood, i'm looking south, two issues. livermore, 580 going to get beat up. a lot of traffic heading through the area. if you're heading out of this area east, watch 580 around byron highway, through tracy, we got a call from the battalion chief, they finished battling a 5-acre fire. it's under control. you might see smoke. 580 open out of the area or into the area through tracy. the south bay moves nicely. downtown about noon they are going to start closing streets because of music in the park as is typical on a thursday during the summer. on 280 north of 85, up along the peninsula on the west side you see it on the left.
5:25 am
no major issues. not a lot of scenery. it's beautiful if you drive through the area. let's go from the drive over, 92, slowing over 101 as well as off 280 at the transition for the last few minutes but it's sorting itself out. a live shot shows you what things are like north of there. the golden gate bridge, a beautiful shot look at that, the hill, the sun rising but we're following the accident reported. 101 and southbound, that's the commute direction, we'll watch that. a live look at the toll plaza, an easy drive so far. that's going to change. >> nice and easy. thank you very much. 5:25. mark zuckerberg can sleep at night. scott says the founder of facebook no longer being chased by the twins. >> used to be you could depend on a few things, death, taxes and the twins claim they were ripped off by facebook. they made a movie about it.
5:26 am
these are the real life wigglebosses. bloggers sometimes call them the winkle. they dropped their lawsuit. as "time" points out america's court system just got a little less handsome this morning. you know four square where you can check in with places like say slanted door in san francisco, four square is going to team up and offer deals. you check in, use your amex card and you get two for one or something similar. did you know what 4g means? 4g phone companies say they are not sticking to standards. one congresswoman says she's proposed a law that would force phone companies to agree on what 4g means and not advertise super fast connection they are not truly fourth generation. there are all kinds of
5:27 am
standards. lte, and that stuff, there is a true 4g. companies like t-mobile had a network and started calling that 4-ge when they really had not changed anything. >> sounds cool. >> this is the 4-ge report, it doesn't mean anything. i'm going to have a 6-g. >> there you go. it's kind of true. >> there needs to be standards. particularly in advertising. >> it is 5:27 now. we know that. cops turned crooks. one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good.
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5:30 am
from trash found on the beach. how these scump turs could save sea life. >> plus, a curveball for barry bonds in court. why the giants home run king could get hit with more charges. walking with pride. changes to the largest lgbt celebration in the world. it's thursday, june 23, taking a live look outside. cooler morning. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. ite 5:30. i want to collect the forecast with christina. it's cooler this morning. >> this is unconventional for what i normally do but i want to show you that we are leveling off, done with the triple digits in the bay area. and it's finally going to feel like early summer around here. so we're so close to the weekend degrees, we've got the giants in town today, i'll let
5:31 am
you know what that means for the forecast. could come into the game. that's all i can tell you. let's check the drive now. >> you're part of the team, there you go. we're looking here at antioch. this is going to get their game on. 60, fine at hill crest. 59, that's in the area around willow pass road. that's where we're seeing slowing yesterday. that was the only slowing we saw for highway 4. we're tracking that to see if thursday's volume caused a slowdown. a live look at oakland. we've seen slow downs there from time to time as construction cleared early this morning. haven't seen a problem since. i hope i didn't jinx it. the nimitz looking nice. i'll let you know if that changed traffic reports. >> we won't hold you to it. thank you very much. 5:31. new research results released shows marine animals are migrating to california by so called corridors of life. it says there are two of these highways, one stretches across the pacific ocean, another comes down from the arctic region to
5:32 am
california. but their journey could be in jeopardy due to growing amounts of trash. a new exhibit is set to open this weekend. it is designed to inspire more of us to reduce, reuse and recycle. worldwide more than 80% of marine debris comes from land-based sources. according to the u.s. commission on ocean policy. much of that garbage hurts or even kills sea life. marla tellez is live at the marine mammal center with stunning visuals. as art puts it in perspective. >> reporter: it does. it certainly does that. this is a starfish. this whole exhibit is called washed ashore, plastics, sea life and art. 15 colossal sculptures on display at the marine mammal center. it's all made from trash found
5:33 am
on the beach. it was started by this woman, angela hazelteen. you went out and picked up this trash along the oregon coast. >> and we're still doing it. >> how long did it take? what's the purpose of this exhibit? >> well, the real purpose is raise awareness about the plastic pollution in the ocean and to wake people up and have us rethink our use of plastics and what we're doing. >> reporter: allen is giving you a look at the sea jelly. this is made up of plastic bottles. >> we find more plastic water bottles on the beach than possibly anything. that and white plastic. and so we create sculptures based on what washes ashore. we get people to get them and i work with hundreds of volunteers, school kids, tourists that drive by, art 101 in banden, oregon.
5:34 am
i've started a nonprofit corporation and it's really a way of bringing this whole thing to the forefront through having people experience it first-hand, you can't really deny that we've got a problem when you see it and interact with it. >> i think you summed it up the best. angela said that this is beautiful yet horrifying. it is a bittersweet exhibit. you can come down to the marin mammal center and check it out for yourself. it is starting this saturday, june 25th. you have a lot of time to catch it. it runs all the way to october 15, june 25-october 15. it is a free exhibit. there are 15 of these sculptures, we're going to show you more of them. coming up later in the show. >> pretty amazing and sad at the same time. thank you very much. this morning two former officers and a private investigator will
5:35 am
be in court to answer charges of stealing drugs and selling them back on the streets. former police officer lewis lombardi is expected to enter a plea. he faces felony charges of selling drugs to police informants and stealing from evidence lockers. police say the alleged crimes happened when lombardi worked on the narcotics team headed by norman welsh. he is a private investigator. christopher butler also is facing drug charges. >> this morning federal prosecutors are due in court to discuss whether they intend to retry former giants star barry bonds. bonds went to the giants came at at&t park after another appearance. back in april he was convicted of obstruction of justice. the jury dead-locked when it came to his perjury charges. prosecutors have to decide whether to drop the charges or schedule a new charge.
5:36 am
bonds' lawyers asked them to dismiss his conviction. an 18-year-old is hitting the nascar circuit despite only having her license two years. bob joins us live from infinnian raceway. >> good morning. here on sunday some of nascar's top drivers, jimmie johnson, tony stewart, jeff gordon, just to name a few will compete for this trophy. of course that's for the toyota 350. on saturday there is the thunder valley resupport 200. this is part of the pro series west where drivers go to perhaps making it up to the bigs. one of those, a young hayward native who has been racing cars, many years longer than she had a driver's license. when you tell me i got to get in a race car with a teenage drive are i'd be like next, no thank
5:37 am
you. but i feel pretty comfortable with this young lady. 18 years old. and you've been racing since you were 10. so eight years. >> yes. this is actually my ninth season. this will be my first anything televised near home so this is really exciting for me. >> today was your first time on the track. what were you trying to work out? >> this is definitely the heaviest thing i've been in on a road course. shaking the cob webs out, trying to get used to road racing in something this big. >> for me i get the butterflies. how do you overcome the fear fact center >> it's such a habit and muscle memory you aren't afraid. there are times where you drive over your head and go oh, crap that was close. it's not something that you're afraid of, you get over it really fast. >> we went off the road there a
5:38 am
little bit. >> whoa. >> for you that's pushing the edge. >> that's apexing too early. >> apexing too early? >> yes. >> for me that was change of pants real soon. >> you've had your real driver's license for how long? >> two years. >> when she got her license it was like you need slow down. >> it was really weird. >> because stop signs -- >> she went through a stop sign. i said that's a stop sign. she's like well there's no stop signs on the racetrack, dad. it took a little getting used to. >> i'm not exactly out there promoting female drivers. i'm promoating myself. when you're in the car you don't know the difference. we've got our helmets on. you would never know i was a girl unless someone told you. everyone deserves an equal opportunity to show what they have got and are made of without being prejudged.
5:39 am
>> was that fun? >> oh, yeah. it was. jessica no longer lives in the bay area, she moved out to north carolina to participate in nascar's drive for diversity program as she pursues a career in racing she is preparing to go to college. she was telling me you never know with racing. you can get hurt. things happen. not only is it good to have a plan b with, also not a bad idea to get a college education. this is an interesting course. it's two miles, 10 turns and one of two road courses in the series for nascar. the race noon on sunday, the 350, and on saturday the race is at 12:45. laura. >> very, very cool. were you nervous? you do a lot of amazing things. >> yeah, it was nerve-racking. as i mentioned there are a lot of turns on this course and i was kind of the guinea pig since
5:40 am
i was one of her first runs on the course. you are wearing protective gear. she is quite a good driver, a good reason why she is competing. >> she can't drink that wine. >> should be noted she's not competing for this trophy. this is the toyota 350. she is in kind of the you look at it as the farm league or aaa baseball if you want to compare to the that, comparing to the nasc nascar. >> higher level than you or i. should be gorgeous weather this weekend out there, really across the bay area. >> that's right. 80 degrees is the forecasted high both days in sonoma so saturday and sunday bring your sun screen and of course you'll have some of the heat radiating off the pavement. not too bad when you consider we had 104 two days ago. live look at the bay ridge.
5:41 am
we do have the fog settling in. i think we're going to get socked is in. mike is watching the roads. visibility still pretty good but the numbers are coming down in napa and hayward. i believe the marine layer will push inland this morning making for a mostly cloudy start. mostly sunny later today. 74 at livermore. 73 in san jose. and 79 degrees in santa rosa, rounding out the day at 80. these are your lunch time temperatures. 82 degrees, that's it in concord. 85 degrees in gilroy. giants game in town at 12:our 5. what about traffic now? >> then probably more than now. especially today. a shout out to 580 and livermore. if you are heading away from this area, east, you're going through tracy likely where you'll see remnants of cal fire working on a fire.
5:42 am
no lanes closed. you might see smoke as the sun comes up. more of a distraction. your commute direction, westbound, 15 minutes but slowing dow consistently around airway boulevard. the start of the slowing. pretty light through this area. 680 through sunol. easy drive as well. they are going south through sunol, around the gulf course. visibility is fine. we'll end with the shot at sunol. it's beautiful now. >> thank you. it's 5:42. from the bylines to the headlines a journalist's secret life. why he's sharing his story even though he could lose everything he works for. sex sells. nearly fay ked baristas serving up. is it legal? we'll look at the issue just
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> welcome back. a little bit of haze, low fog, low clouds greeting you this morning. the san mateo bridge. certainly going to cool things down. nicer cooler temperatures are in store. we'll check the forecast with christina. 5:45 now. legendary boston crime boss on the run for more than a decade is now in custody. he was caught in california. james whitey bulger indicted on 19 murders was arrested last night at a home in santa monica. we've got video of the scene. whitey's arrest ends a man hunt that had gone on since he disappeared 16 years ago. the 81-year-old is a former fbi informer who disappeared after being alerted that he was facing indictment by a retired fbi agent. he was the inspiration for the
5:46 am
film ""the departed."" 5:45. president obama will meet with troops just home from afghanistan after announcing his plan to wind down the war there by bringing home a third of our troops by next summer. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. this morning. the announcement certainly a relief for a lot of military families but some lawmakers are disappointed with the plan. >> reporter: that's right. including some democrats who say it's not enough, he's not bringing them home fast enough. 10,000 this year, 33,000 before the election by next summer. president obama says we spent a trillion dollars in iraq and afghanistan it's time to bring these wars to a responsible end but some lawmakers here on capitol hill say he needs to do it faster. 70,000 troops would be left in afghanistan for some of them up to another three years. now, the military winding down, diplomacy winding up. we'll get a briefing from secretary of state hillary clinton on our relationship with
5:47 am
afghanistan. laura. >> thank you, tracie. a pulitzer prize winning journalist is outing himself as an undocumented immigrant. we're hearing from a principal who helped secretly mentor the award winning writer. in a televised interview and essay jose antonio vargas rev l reveals he lived with the secret for years. the product of both mountain view high school and san francisco state his former high school principal says vargas was a phenomenal student. >> he was doing so well. you couldn't just push him out of the system. i had no basis for doing that. he was doing all of the right things. >> vargas who could be deported now plans to lobby for the dream act proposed legislation that would give undocumented immigrants educated in the u.s. a path to legal residency. 5: 5:47. talking about the cooler temperatures you can feel it as you head out the door.
5:48 am
want to check the forecast with christina. >> you can feel it when you walk out the front door, it feels so much better. this afternoon if you've been putting off the outdoor activities because it's been so hot, you're going to get a chance to go out and enjoy comfortable weather, especially inland where it has been so, so hot. this morning we're waking up with the 50s and throughout the afternoon as high as i'm going is 85 degrees, that's gilroy, fairfield. we're starting to notice the marine push. we had great visibility at 5:00, now starting to lose that and as might be and i keep checking for you, it looks like your bridges are starting to get socked in. the cloud bank is going to keep things cool. especially in the city. 55 in livermore. 57 in concord and 56 degrees now in fairfield. relatively uniform conditions. starting out with temperatures all over the place inland versus the peninsula over the past couple of days. this morning the marine layer is
5:49 am
making everyone cool, it's a crisp start. we had to wait for a couple days to push inland. 74 in livermore. at noon as you break for lunch high today 83 degrees. 82 in los gatos and 80 in santa rosa. the seven-day outlook looking good for today. temperatures are going to continue nice, 79 for friday, 82 on saturday, leveling off to the low 80s and maybe rain on wednesday. a 10% chance. i don't think so but hey. you'll hear about it. i don't think it's going to happen. >> and you're going to hear about it too from a lot of viewers. thanks a lot. 5:49. south bay coffee shops serving up a side of controversy. police are investigating cafes and tea houses where waitresses wear next to nothing. san jose officers say they are completing complaints about a few of the vietnamese coffee shops. some of the shops are pushing the envelope with nudity to bring in more money but they say
5:50 am
they are concerned about some of the potential ramifications. >> our fear is that this type of behavior could lead to more serious crimes so that's what we want to focus on, try to a avoid. but we don't have proof that it's going on because a lot is hidden behind those doors. >> police say they do spot checks to make sure coffee and tea shops aren't breaking the law. 5:50. a 4-year-old's first t-ball trophy lost in a house fire. how lucille stepped in to save the day. >> $1 billion for a video game company? we'll look at that coming up in tech today. >> gosh, i hope these maps didn't cost that much. a smooth drive westbound 24, i'll show you what is unusual about today's commute. and some lines that shouldn't be crossed coming up. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle.
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>> welcome back everyone. taking a live look outside, golden gate bridge. you can visualize it across the span but the low clouds hovering hanging on making for a cool start to our day. 5:53. we want to check the commute with mike. >> good morning. we'll take you out to antioch where i do see a tad bit of slowing, a little bit around horizon lane. that's a typical spot for the start. really that wasn't a problem yesterday and we're watching because it's been 20 minutes to a half hour since we typically see it start. we're watching this area as well. this is the bay point pittsburg area. we've seen slowing there despite the fact that antioch has been lighter. this may be a problem. we're watching both areas for 4. past 242 at the right side -- left side, you have folks between that area and basically
5:54 am
interstate 80 into her cue lease. some striping work so watch for crews. signs reminding you about safety for highway workers. we had a tragic accident in san diego over the witness when one of the workers was killed so they want to remind folks. 101 around the novato dumps, a car went off the roadway. no one is there. sounds like they cleared that car from the side of the road. so you should have a smooth drive. 37 slowing because of the volume. further south you showed this earlier, the live shot of the golden gate bridge. the low clouds, the fog coming in toward the area. watch along the coast. visibility might be an issue. folks have encountered patches south of san rafael. oakland, gray sky. the northbound side smooth. southbound where the headlights picking up and the headlights sticking around because there are patches where things are darker so keep that in mind as
5:55 am
the sun light starts to hit everybody. >> the makers of the jewels may soon be able to afford all kinds of jewels. scott joins us. >> reports say someone wants to offer $1 billion for makers of the jewel and pegle and plant versus zombies. who? we don't know. think about this. it could be zynga, the company would pick up high quality games. it could be electronic arts. spooked by all of the gaming and bought a company called play fish. but a billion seems high. we'll keep our eye on the story. i have no good excuse to show you this video other than i think it's cool. it's video of a dog. he lost all four legs to frostbite when he was abandoned in nebraska. those are prosthetics. it's believed to be the first dog -- isn't that amazing.
5:56 am
i think it's extraordinary. the first dog with four prosthetic legs. looking happy and having fun. >> wow. i love that. yeah. thank you. this is a great one too. something a lot of little boys dream of playing baseball when they grow up. one little boy from northern california took that dream seriously, he went as far as sleeping with his t-ball trophy. on sunday zach lost his t-ball trophy when his home burned down. that's where he saw lucille there. the giants came in, the team heard about the story, not only replaced his trophy but the little guy got to meet some of the players and play. at at&t park before yesterday's winning game. isn't that awesome. he got box seats to check out all of the action on the field. great story. >> it is 5:56. the slow and steady recovery, how far bryan stow has come in his treatment and how far he
5:57 am
needs to go. a live look outside, kind of a hazy start. cooler certainly. teurermphiator m i am so sorry...
5:58 am
let's just think of warm new- -steak grilled sandwich...piping hot with tender steak, grilled onions, and bourbon barbecue sauce all covered with hot melty cheese on grilled artisan bread. hot...steaky... toasty...melty... this isn't working, i'm just getting hungry. that's working...that's...
5:59 am
>> reporter: good morning. i'm christie smith live in oakland. could conflicts between state and federal marijuana laws finally be coming to an end? we'll tell you about a new bill being in introduced in congress today. >> we are previewing a new art exhibit set to open in marin county. isn't this beautiful. well, if you look closely it's made up of trash found on the beach. i'm marla tellez. we're going to interview the artist behind it all coming up. >> plus, former cops accused of being criminals go to court. a look outside at the


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