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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 23, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a cooler start to the day. thursday, june 23, "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. it is 6:00, i'm laura garcia-cannon. i want to check that forecast, one we've been waiting for. >> oh, yes. 15 to 20 degrees cooler this afternoon than where we started this week. we want that cooldown. plenty of opportunities to get outside throughout the day. even in the heat of the day, only 85 degrees in the warmest cities across the bay area. consider we were in the triple digits earlier, much, much welcome news. we have a complete forecast coming up for you in minutes. this is when the roads start to get busy. hey, mikey. >> good morning. we're looking at unusual flow for highway 4, look at this. antioch, you have to circle this because that's where the slowing is. right there. right around l street. very light for 6:00 in the morning, a thursday.
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we expect to see much more slowing. not a big deal as you move over to the maze. walnut creek interchange light. the east shore freeway is not a problem. the toll plaza, a smooth flow even off of the 88 -- vercrossing. it's starting to build but this is light for a thursday. we'll send it back to you. i'm suspicious about this. >> it is interesting. very light. thank you. a bill co-written by an east bay congresswoman could give states the power to grow and sell marijuana without the fear of federal prosecution. christie smith is live in oakland with more on the bill set to go before congress later this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. oaksterdam provides training. they might have to have a new course. members of congress introduce a bill today that supporters say
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would put marijuana laws and enforcement solely in the hands of the states. now, they also say that this is the first bill aimed at repealing laws, criminalizing possession, use and sales. the legislation is authored by democrat barney frank, republican ron paul and oakland's congressman barbara lee is a co-sponsor. she said in part, i believe it's time to turn the page on this failed drug war. of course last year voters in california rejected a measure to legalize recreational marijuana use. though medical marijuana is legal in california and 15 other states. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> this morning two former cops and a private investigator will be in court to answer charges of stealing drugs and selling them back on the streets. former san ramon officer lewis lombardi is expected to enter a plea facing charges of selling drugs to police informants and
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stealing from evidence lockers. police say the alleged crimes happened when lombardi worked on the narcotics enforcement team headed by norman welsh. welsh and christopher butler also face drug charges. >> giants fan bryan stow is now in serious condition this morning, doctors announced yesterday they upgraded his condition from critical. stow was critically injured when someone beat him outside of dodger stadium back in march after a giants/dodgers game. his recovery is slow and doctors do not know how much better he will get. >> when we interact with him he is able to open his eyes and he has been able to open and close his eyes in response to say can you close your eyes, open your eyes. that suggests that we do have some circuits that are reconnecting and there is some level of function. but how that's going to predict his outcome is a promising sign but again, i think the theme of today is to level expectations
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this does not mean a full recovery and we are yet to really understand where that will be. research and to be able to treat traumatic brain injury. >> the doctor went on to tell us that stow was transferred to san francisco general back in may after receiving weeks of care in los angeles. >> this morning federal prosecutors are due in court to discuss whether they intend to re-try former giants star barry bonds. yesterday bonds made another appearance in federal court. in april he was convicted of obstruction of justice but the jury deadlocked when it came to his three perjury charges. prosecutors must decide whether to drop the charges or schedule a new trial. bonds' lawyers have asked the judge to dismiss his obstruction of justice conviction. >> alameda county judge will hear arguments whether the $80 million niles canyon road widening project can move
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forward. alameda creek alliance to halt the project because it feels the work will destroy natural habitats. caltrans says it's necessary because niles canyon is one of the most dang arous stretches in the county. the project has been on hold since the environmental group brought on its suits. >> researchers from stanford and uc santa cruz made a major discovery, there are two so called highways in the pacific ocean where sea creatures migrate, feed and reproduce. it allows ten years of research for 75 scientists from five countries. the leaders are from stanford and uk santa cruz. researchers compared the highways to africa's sarin getty plan. one of the highways runs down the california coastline. it could be a dangerous journey as a growing amount of trash and debris are dumped around the coastline. a new exhibit is set to open
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this weekend addressing the need to clean up the garbage and save marine life. marla tellez is live at the mammal center. she joins us with more. an interest iing display. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. right away i want to introduce you to the turtle. here she is. a turtle made completely of trash, trash items found along ocean beaches and the southern oregon coast. this is one of 15 sculptures put on display at the marine mammal center this weekend for the next almost six months, maybe four months from june 25-october 15. it's part of an exhibit called washed ashore, plastics, sea life and art. the woman behind it all, she's joining me now live. angela hazeltine-poltsy. you went along the coast and picked this up. and what inspired you to do this? >> well, kind of comes from personal tragedy that i was kind
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of trying to figure out what to do with my life after going through some trauma and went to the ocean to heal. my sanctuary there i found the ocean needed healing. garbage everywhere. i thought what's going on. i've got to do something with my life that means something. i have to try to make a difference. and i have been a teacher for 30 years, decided to use that and my artistic background to pull it together. >> allen is giving you a look at what is depicted as coral reef but that's all styrofoam. >> we get a lot of styrofoam like every beach in the world is getting garbage. and styrofoam that is rolled by the ocean and those pieces go off into the ocean and it's really bad for the environment, for the animals and things. this is really about hope. we really try to use this as an opportunity to have fun and make people excited about picking up
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the garbage and creating art work out of it. i work with every age, every ability, every person in every walk of life. we have community workshops in bandnd where i have this project and we actually have fun doing this, and therefore you get people excited and involved. you can't have everyone be upset and depressed and take action. you have to have it be interactive and fun. >> it's all about reusing, recycling and rethinking. folks can come out and see it, it starts this saturday at the marine mammal center in the marin headlands in sausalito. june 25 all the way to october 15. you know what, the best part is it's free. it's such a great family event. come out here and inspire your children just to throw their stuff away in the garbage so it does not end up in our waterways. >> and recycle what needs to be recycled. we don't need it in the ocean.
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>> sounds like you have friends there, too. >> yeah. right. that's not -- those aren't women screaming. they are sea lions. they are hungry. >> you better get to work. >> i know. >> thank you very much. certainly cooler out there this morning. a welcome change by many. let's check the forecast. >> yes, sea lions are happy. they have some cool weather. bay area, boy, finally going to feel like it should for the start of summer. we're done with the triple digits. i eliminated the 90s from the seven-day forecast. we're going to see a nice stretch of early summer-like weather here. visibilities are dropping across the board, even though we have about seven miles in napa, you'll find pockets of fog around the bay now. you'll lose visibility in spots. especially half moon bay, so take it easy. mike and i are always watching that for you. here's what it looks like.
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52 in santa rosa, 54 degrees in santa cruz. uniform temperatures because that marine layer pushed inland. that means mostly cloudy conditions to start all across the board. 83 degrees later on and starts to warm you up in livermore. 85 in fairfield. 75 in san rafael and 70 degrees in santa cruz. a cool beach day. as we head throughout the weekend, we do have a little bit of a change. i'll get to that in a minute giants are back in town at 12:45. if you are headed to the game, low 60s, 5 to 10 miles per hour and the sun will come out at times but i think mostly cloudy during the game. 5 to 10-mile-per-hour winds not bad for a ball game. traffic around at&t park, not so much fun around lunch time. >> not so much any way around there, then with the game, yeah, a lot of folks. it's beautiful, goodness, so it's going to be crowded on that side of the bay. the maze, the approach, that's moving smoothly. it's a thursday. we expected to have your volume
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yesterday. i want to show you a similar map, the b.a.r.t. system through the same area. we have 8 to 10-minute delays. reports of track side maintenance that's causing delays for the orange and the red lines for folks south to fremont or under the bay, sorry, under the bay over to the san francisco and millbrae side. we'll see if that causes repercussions. those are the only two that originate in that area. we have a look at this change, the slowdown we saw, that has cleared up so speeds above 55 through the area. but around 55 and slower around willow pass road. a broom in the middle lanes, that's the only thing going on there. i don't know why i'm doing that but it's because it's repetitive for highway 4. a live look outside and see how things are shaping up. oakland, the volume just starting to pick up here. now we're seeing the northbound side with a little more volume but the last 10 minutes lanes completely empty. we're just kicking in for that
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commute. back to you. >> thank you very much. still to come we can tell you which bay area cities are the pits when it comes to pot holes. >> reporter: i'm bob redell live. you're not going to find pot holes here. we're getting ready for nascar, one of the bigac re race weeken here in sonoma.
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the bay area -- a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future.
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every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. welcome back everyone. a live look outside at the embarcadero this morning. cooler temperatures, a welcome clang to many across the bay area. 6:14 now. some of the biggest names in racing are headed to the bay area this weekend. bob redell is live in sonoma at the infineon raceway. very cool assignment. >> reporter: good morning. got the official pace car for
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toyota safe mark 350. noon sunday, you have jeff gordon here, jimmie johnson, tony stewart, dale earnhardt jr., we have janet here. we were talking earlier when fans come out here this weekend unlike other sports they will be able to meet or do q and a. >> we created a couple of ticket packages folks who purchase those can come out on sunday morning, hours before the green flag drops and have q and as with top drivers like jeff gordon and jimmie johnson, two of the top in the sport. >> how receptive are they typically to fan questions or the fan experience overall? >> i think that in motor sports, these drivers, they respect the fans. they think the fans, they know those are really the bread and butter of the sport and they want to spend time with the fans and those that make them as popular as they are, just hours before the race. i know a lot of other athletes per se, might not take that time
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but it's really important to these drivers to get out there and listen to fans and answer questions they might have. >> this is the trophy they will compete for. nascar's only trophy that has a bottle of wine on it. i'm not sure if that's full or not. to get that trophy, they are going to have to conquer this out here, the 1.99, rounded up two-mile road course here at infineon. it has ten turns. the fact it's a road course, it's one of two on the circuit. >> that's right. this is a road course, we have left and right turns here, unlike owel values where you know, it's just a single turn in one direction. so we're one of two on the nascar circuit so it's a lot of these guys look forward to doing something different a couple weekends the year. we're the first stop on the circuit for a road course. they love sonoma. it's a very interesting track, it's difficult for a lot of these guys, you know, they bring
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out some road course ringers for the race. really it's a lot of the top names in sprint cup series that they come out and they do great. we've seen six winners, six different winners in the past six years. it's anyone's game. >> appreciate it. toyota save mart 350 at noon, on sunday here at infineon raceway. it's a three-day event starting tomorrow. another race on saturday and of course the marquis event on sunday. they expect over 100,000. we'll take you for a ride on the track with a teenage race car driver. she has quite a story to tell. >> do you have to buy them ahead of time? >> reporter: i'm sorry? >> can you get tickets at the zbhat. >> you can get tickets in advance or purchase at the gate. >> sounds good. we'll check back with you. get in the car with that teenage driver. look at this.
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an amazing aftermath to a motorcycle crash. this is from france. look at that. two riders got in a crash, the bikes got tangled going around. earlily look, they don't know what to do. i'd get out of there. dangerous. eventually i guess the bikes stopped. one rider got on the bike and back in the race. look at those. kept going and going. like a wild animal out there. want to check the forecast with christina. >> when you fall off a jet ski and it keeps circling around. scary. high pressure today, finally pushing off to the east. giving us major heat relief. about 20 degrees cooler this afternoon. a significant drop-off courtesy of this little guy here, we have a little area of low pressure. you can see that trough here this morning on your satellite imagery. for the bay area that means a mostly cloudy start. making way to mostly sunny conditions later. pretty thick fog over the local
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bridges so take it easy out there. give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. 53 in oakland. 53 in san mateo. 55 in livermore. uniform temperatures, the marine layer has pushed inland so it's mostly cloudy but it's that cool marine air so we like it. 62 at noon in the city, i think the fog bank will stick around. then 4:00 p.m., clouds break up a ilittle. the seven-day outlook, not bad. 70 degrees in oakland. we'll be cooler as we head through tomorrow and then temperatures really start to moderate. mother nature giving us a fair stretch of weather. typical to what we usually see this time of year. >> we love it. thank you. 6:19. pot holes can make for a rough ride. which bay area cities really have a pot hole problem. >> a influence way to get daily deals, and what is 4g? >> we're looking southbound with
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3-d, this is my map through the north bay, an easy drive after they clear tlad car from the side of the road. we'll see hows the cte i shaping up. christina is warning of fog around the bridges.
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>> welcome back everyone. live look outside. court tower, alcatraz there in the distance. that water has to be cold this morning. cooler temperatures to start our day. let's collect the morning commute before you head out the door. >> good morning. the 68, hold onto it here at el
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charo. that's one of those spots if it's slow it's heaven out of pleasanton. right off of the 205/580 merge, north flynn, west of there, and slowing into livermore through livermore but then again the el charo 68 holding up. 18 minutes through this portion. sunol is moving. no major issues there. the south bay smooth as well. a lighter volume throughout the bay area but starting to kick in as far as more cars hitting the road. we'll see slowing around caesar chavez park. music in the park that starts about noon with closures in the area. keep that in mind through the summer. we had a disabled vehicle northbound 101 around the san antonio exit that has cleared but you might see folks doing paperwork. not a big deal past the dumbarton bridge. the san mateo bridge, see how things are shaping up. some haze and you can't make out
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the peninsula side. watching the bridges like the bay bridge, low clouds around there and the metering lights are on and the backup past the 88 -- vercrossing. >> a lot of the commuters know a thing or two about pot holes. a clearer picture on where the best and worst streets are. the transportation commission released its pot hole report. it says brentwood topped the list of 109 communities in the bay area with the best roads. rio vista had the worst. san jose and san francisco at 75th and 77th position. but oakland close to the bottom at 98. the report says overall the conditions of streets and roadways are the same as they were a decade ago. unfortunately. >> 6:24 now. cell phone providers say they are 4g. what does that mean? scott says one lawmaker says it's time to settle that question. >> i think it is. 4g supposed to be a standard,
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laura. the new generation, the fourth generation of cell phone networks. the problem is from a legal standpoint nobody said for certain what is and is not 4 g, so companies are quick to use the 4g label even on existing networks. congresswoman has proposed a law that would stop cell phone companies from claiming 4g connections when they are really not. meanwhile, as -- do you know four square that you can check in. four squeer teaming up going to offer deals. you check in, use your amex card and you might get a deal, say 2 for 1. and it used to be you could depend on a few things. death, taxes and the twins saying they were ripped off by facebook. they made a whole movie about them. the brothers, these are the real brothers, not the movie brother, 3 dropped their suit keeping millions they have already won
6:26 am
but they will no longer be suing facebook. "time" magazine points out america's court system just got less handsome. >> no kidding. very chiseled. and wealthy. thank you very much. 6:26. a mobster who spent years on the run is finally in custody this morning. find out where police caught up with him. a new bill could legalize marijuana across the country. upex apot.inom nupext.
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>> reporter: good morning. i'm christie smith live in oakland. marijuana laws conflicting between the state and federal government could soon be coming to an end. we'll tell you about a bill being introduced in congress today. >> and i'm marla tellez taking a walk through some whale bones, all made out of plastic bottles found on the beach. going to give you a sneak peek
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of this art exhibit to get you to recycle your trash. >> taking a live look outside this time prom from the south bay. cooler temperatures prevail across the bay area on this thursday, june 23, "today in the bay." >> good thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us. we're seconds away from 6:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check win christina with a look at the forecast. >> a much cooler forecast. good morning to you bay area. low pressure providing a deep marine layer. it pushed all the way inland but the sun is out. high pressure now back in control. san jose, we're seeing that sunshine, warming our temperatures. i'll let you know how warm it's going to be not that bad. that's your hit. let's see how bad it is on the roadways. >> badder than before. it's worse than before from westbound 580, we have more slowing coming through livermore. so 21-minute drive, three
6:30 am
minutes more than 10 minutes ago so there we have it. 68 at el charo. clearing by time you get out of livermore into pleasanton. that's a typical pattern for that area. lighter volume toward the bay bridge toll plaza. the berkeley curve slowing. folks heading in for the game, and the backup at the toll plaza then and now. we'll get a live look. metering lights are on. backup building over the 880, over crossing. >> this morning a new bill co-written by a bay area congresswoman could legalize pot on the federal level. it's set to go before congress today. christie smith is live in oakland with more on the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. drug reform advocates say this would be the first bill on a federal level aimed at possession, sale and use of marijuana. at places like oaksterdam university where they teach a
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lot about marijuana, that would basically change their curriculum. they would have to add new courses. what this would do is leave it up to the states to decide how to enforce it and, basically, create their own marijuana policy. this is a diverse group of members of congress bringing a bill that they say would end the federal government's blanket prohibition of marijuana. the authors again quite a diverse group, democrat barney frank and texas republican ron paul co-sponsors including oakland's barbara lee. they say it would limit the federal government's role in marijuana enforcement to things like interstate smuggling and issues between states. lee has said in part that it's time to turn the page on this failed drug war. last year californians rejected a measure that would have legalized recreational pot. medical use is legal and in 15 states. they are going to be introducing this at 11:00 this morning.
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christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. south bay coffee shops are serving up a side of controversy. police are investigating cafes and tea houses where the waitresses reportedly wear next to nothing. san jose police say they are getting complaints about a few of the city's vietnamese coffee shops. police say some of the coffee shops are pushing the envelope with nudity to try to bring in more money. but they say they are concerned about the potential ramifications. >> our fear is that this type of behave yore could lead to more serious crimes like prostitution or human trafficking. that's what we want to try to avoid. we don't have proof that it's going on. a lot is hidden behind those doors. >> san jose police say they do spot checks to make sure covery and tea shops are not breaking the law. >> a legendary boston crime boss whos with on the run more than a decade was arrested here in california. james whitey bulger indicted on
6:33 am
19 murders was arrested by the feds last night at a home in santa monica. we've got video of the scene. the arrest ends an international man hunt that had gone on since he disappeared nearly 16 years ago. he is a former fbi informer who disappeared after being alerted he was facing indictment by a retired fbi agent. whitey was the inspiration for the 2006 martin scorsese film "the departed." the public will get a chance to voice on pension reform. the board rules committee will hold a hearing at city hall. they will discuss the city's plan which would save $750 million. other groups including the public defender offer different initiatives which would save even more. san francisco will spend $422 million on pension contributions next fiscal year and it will nearly double in three years. a new exhibit is opening,
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addressing the need to clean up our coast. as a growing amount of trash is making its way to the bay. marla tellez is live at sausalito's marine mammal center with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, certainly not a bad view from the marine mammal center. as you mentioned this weekend a new exhibit opening, it's called washed ashore, plastics, sea life and art set to open on saturday. it consists of 15 sculptures of sea life. plastic bottles, glasses, flip-flops, rope, styrofoam, they make up a big turtle created here, a seal, star fish, some of the sculptures here. 15 on display. something to see. bittersweet, really. it's collected by this woman and
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many volunteers. joining me is angela hassle tine pozzi. we have henry the fish made up of aluminum cans, dish soap bottles. you'll give people an idea how this comes together. it starts with one scale made up of plastic stuff. >> right. i mean, if you really want to go back it starts with every piece of plastic that we pick up off the beaches has been purchased by somebody at some point. every piece of plastic that is made up of all of these is picked up off the beach. we sort them by color. we drill them. then we wire and stitch everything together. it's a massively labor intensive process. we have student interns at our institute. artists in residence work with us. and we're continuing to make sculptures all the time.
6:36 am
each piece of the sculptures has to come together to make the giant thing. it's how i think we're going to solve a lot of problems of the world. we all need to work together. >> what i think is great is that you can inspire people to do this. next time you're at the beach, collect the litter that you find and you can sort it, clean it and see what kind of art you can create. it's all to inspire all of us to do our part to reduce, recycle and reuse the trash, rethink. absolutely. so this weekend it all starts here at the marine mammal center in sausalito, from june 25 all the way until october 15. you can bring your family, it's a great family friendly event. and it is free. so, come on down here and then you know, take something away from it. we need to clean up our beaches. >> absolutely. i have to tell you, henry is going to celebrate his first birthday, one year old in
6:37 am
august. we'll be having events during the summer at the marine mammal center as well to bring people here and really it's a matter ever finding hope. >> great. thank you so much. laura, in case you wonder it took more than six months to make henry. >> it is amazing. but it's sad as you mentioned. >> it is. that's why i said it's bittersweet. angela describes it, it's beautiful yet horrifying. >> thank you very much for bringing it to our attention. also, the cooler temperatures you can feel them as you head out the door. let's check the forecast with christina. the cooldown is here. >> it's here. the marine air we're accustomed to this time of year is going to keep things nice and cool. earlier we had temperatures we don't see all that warm in august. it was so warm. 104 degrees in napa, 104 in pleasanton. today we're talking about the 70s, low 80s, as high as i'm
6:38 am
going is 85. that's for gilroy and fairfield. mostly cloudy start over the bay area. throughout the afternoon temps will climb. into the 80s but i think that fog bank will stick around, hugging the coast so mostly cloudy in the city of san francisco, possibly to about 2:00 p.m. cool there. if you are headed there for work take your jacket with you. we do have this little area of low pressure kicking up the onshore flow. this is where we are. 57 in concord, not that much cooler in the city, 53 in san francisco, 57 in sanny veil and 57 in san jose. 82 later on today in concord. what a difference a few days make. 68 in san francisco, 75 in redwood city. giants playing today. if you are headed out at 12:45, cool, cloudy, a little traffic. >> that's right.
6:39 am
so if you're coming along the peninsula try and take caltrain which comes up to the ballpark and they have been able to stabilize that budget so you'll have caltrains going over to at&t park. we'll look at the maze and the approach. a disabled truck is reported around the interchange. 880 and interstate 80. that's the fly over here. it looks like traffic is flowing but congested. and the lanes off of the maze heading past. there is the truck. it's slow. 20 minute drive, that's not so bad for 6:39 in the morning. a blip around g street and then we have the 49 showing up around the pittsburgh border. that might be the slowest spot so we'll follow that over the next hour. very light for this time of the morning.
6:40 am
we're looking at 580, things are clearing up. smoother through livermore and heading over to el charo. a lot of relief toward that dublin interchange. 580 moving through the castro valley y, there is a blip heading to san mateo toll plaza. no incidents but we have slowing there as well as toward the dumbo. >> we'll check back. coming up a giants pitcher is becoming a comeback story of baseball. and this man was allowed on a plane dressed like this. and it's adding fuel to the fire after an incident where a passenger was taped off for wearing much more. president obama announces what could be the beginning of the end of the war in afghanistan. some anti-war politicians are not happy.
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>> welcome back. 6:43 now. the president will meet with troops just home from afghanistan today. that's after he announced about 33,000 additional troops will be leaving the fight by the end of next year. today in the bay's tracie potts is live in washington with reaction from the capital. good morning. >> reporter: laura, good morning. even democrats criticize this plan saying it's not enough, not fast enough, a third of the troops out just before the presidential election by the way, but somewhat a more
6:44 am
aggressive plan, the pentagon warned against that. but some lawmakers here say leaving 70,000 troops for up to three more years is not acceptable. it's been 10 years, we need to get out of this war much more quickly. some of them now plan to use they defense authorization bill, the bill that funds the pentagon, to try to force a quicker withdrawal. they are talking about that, maybe taking funds away so that the president would be forced to bring back some of the troops more quickly. by the way, while the us sus starting to plan a withdrawal france says it will do the same thing, 4,000 french troops and france's president plans to bring them home this summer. >> thank you, tracie potts. southwest airlines pilot could be a subject ever the want to get away campaign because he lashed out about gay flight attendants unaware everything he
6:45 am
said was broadcast over an airport radio channel. >> over the top homosexuals and a granny. 11. i mean think of the odds of that. i hate 100%. >> yeah. that's audio of the southwest airlines pilot slurring, swearing, to complain that he can't date most of a group of 12 flight attendants. during the rant other pilots and air traffic controllers couldn't access what is a crucial radiofrequency, southwest airlines says the pilot has been suspended without pay, and has been offered sensitivity training. >> southwest posted this to its facebook page. we agree the actions of the pilot are inconsistent with the professional behavior and overall respect we require from all 35,000 of our employees. the pilot apologized and was advised that any future actions
6:46 am
ever this nature will result in more severe discipline up to and including termination. >> u.s. airways faces heat as a recent traveler popping up all over youtube. this guy dressed in women's underwear and high heels all while flying the friendly skies. this morning we're hearing from an airline passenger who says it's unfair for u.s. airways to let the cross dressing man fly while arresting another man for allegedly refusing to pull up saggy pants. jill said she took the picture after complaining to the airline about this man's attire. she says nothing was done and the man wearing women's underwear boarded the flixt she shared the photos days later when she heard about the arrest of deshon marman. >> it was so hypocritical for the airline to allow this man who was obviously exposing so much flesh, you know, deshon marman looked like he was
6:47 am
dressed for church compared to the man who was on my flight. >> u.s. airways says there is no dress code but crews are allowed to use their judgment to assure the comfort and safety of passengers. >> by the way, the chronicle got in touch with the man shown in the underwear. he says he is a business consultant and has been dressing that way for years but says he's happy to put on a sweater or pant asked. he had no idea his outfit was making national news. all right. switch gears. let's talk baseball. the giants host the twins today at 12:45. tim lincecum taking the mound. it's another giant pitcher turning out to be a big story this season. ryan vogel song turned in a great performance last night. he allowed four hits and one run in seven innings, against the twins. the giants break a five-game losing streak by beating the twins 5-1. vogelsong spent the last five years trying to make a major
6:48 am
league team, now he is 5-1 this season. great for him. >> the a's are going to try to win their series against the mets at 10:00 this morning. oakland lost a tough one in the big apple last night. bases loaded and richard brad ziegler hits the batter. a's lost that one, 3-2 in 13 innings. what about cal baseball? they are going to be back on the field. they play the virginia cavaliers in omaha. the bears lost their first game at the college world series so they have to win them all to win a national title. if the bears beat virginia they play south carolina tomorrow. certainly keep you posted. >> if baseball is not your thing, how about mutton busting. the contest broke out tuesday night. look at the little ones trying to hold on tight. like a mini bull riding session. a lot of fun.
6:49 am
a lot of kids, they got to finish the ride. some took nasty spills. they always get up and keep going. >> you can watch that all day as long as we don't get hurt. let's check the forecast. cooler this morning, christina. >> much cooler. good morning to you. i think mike has been reporting lighter than normal traffic all morning. probably because of that giants game. way to go. we're so proud of you. you can see a mostly cloudy start, this is a live look at the transamerica pyramid. it's mostly cloudy, i think the case in the city for the most part today. 56 right now in concord, 53 in san francisco, as we head through about noon mostly cloudy, on the mild side. then will warm up as we head throughout 4:00 p.m. lose some of the cloud cover. 67 degrees, what a difference a few days make. as we head throughout the afternoon we're going to see a
6:50 am
little bit of a warm-up. as we head throughout the weekend seasonal temps. switching over to the fan, pg&e bill getting a break and temperatures next week as well, right about where they should be for this time of year. 83 in fremont, 82 in los gatos and 80 in santa rosa. throughout this weekend, mild, fog around the coast but inland that's the place to be. as we head throughout tomorrow, 79 degrees. 82 on saturday. breeze picks up a little sunday. we stay in the 80s, low 80s continue all the way through wednesday. back to you. >> 80s not a bad thing. bob redell goes along for a ride with a teenage here has a need for speed. that's next in a live report. >> but the race car movie cars 2 not so fast. we'll take a look coming up. >> my 5-year-old will be -- he doesn't care about reviews. we're looking at a smooth drive.
6:51 am
this is slowing. i'll show you where and what is unusual about this commute coming up.
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> welcome back. it's 6:53. look at this. we have slowing through livermore. there popped up over 20 minutes. good slowing past livermore, slow out of the alta mont passion. look at this. antioch, just minor slowing where the 61 changes to the 50s, and slow at 42 as you come into bay point. that's very unusual. just like yesterday. even lighter than yesterday. that's unusual for a thursday. approaching the bay bridge, the maze was smooth, slowing at the berkeley curve. and the city, the giants game, expect traffic in the city. the only delay you have is at richmond, to the bay bridge area
6:54 am
because of equipment problems. a live look we'll end with this look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the need for sunglasses. >> we have the need for speed. some of the best drivers will be competing this weekend in sonoma. bob redell is live at the infineon raceway. i hope they didn't pull him over. a look at nascar's race and a local drive here is going to make a homecoming of sorts. good morning, bob. >> reporter: please don't pull me over. it's only you. >> you are kind of right. >> reporter: we're here at winner's circle so someone will end up here after the toyota 350 to hold up this trophy. the likes of jimmie johnson, tony stewart, jeff gordon to name a few. you might not be aware on saturday there is another race, the thunder valley resort casino 200. this is part of the knn pro
6:55 am
series west where driver goes to hone their skills. in that race will be one layward native, this is a young person who has been racing cars many years longer than she has had a driver's license. >> normally when you tell me i got to get in a race car with a teenage driver i'd be like next. no thank you. but i feel pretty comfortable with jessica. 18 years old and racing since you are 10. so eight years. >> this is my ninth season. this will be my first anything televised near home so this is really exciting for me. >> today was your first time on infineon. what were your impressions, trying to work out? >> this is definitely the heaviest thing i've been in on a road course. shaking the cob webs out trying to get used to road racing in something this big and heavy. >> for me i get the butterflies.
6:56 am
how do you overcome the fear factor? >> because it's become such a habit and muscle memory you aren't afraid. there are times you drive over your head and go oh, crap that was a close one. it's not something that you're afraid of. you get over it really fast. >> when we went off the road there a little bit, for you that's pushing the edge? >> that's my' pexing too early. >> apexing too early. for me that was change of pants real soon. you had your real driver's license for how long? >> two years. >> when she got her license it was like you need to slow down. >> it was really weird. >> because stop signs. >> the only thing i could relate to the was driving in the pit. >> she went right through a stop sign. i said jess, that's a stop sign. she's like well there are no stop signs on the racetrack, dad. it took a little getting used
6:57 am
to. >> i'm not exactly you know, out there promoting female drivers. i'm promoting myself. when you're in the car you don't know the difference. you would never know i was a girl. everyone deserves an equal opportunity to show what they have got without being prejudged. >> was that fun? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: a very good time. jessica no longer lives in the bay area, she has moved to north carolina to participate in nascar's drive for diversity program and she is also preparing to go to college. she'll race at 12:45 here in sonoma. the toyota save mart 350 is sunday at noon t entire race weekend begins with celebrations and events starting tomorrow. so a three-day event. they expect around 100,000 fans. >> thanks a lot. need for speed there. may not need to speed to the theaters. >> as we head off to the "today"
6:58 am
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