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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  June 23, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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deal with every day. pothole ridden streets that leave drivers like kathy, feeling jolted. >> it's not good. it should be fixed. we need to figure a way how to fix it. >> reporter: these potholes have earned the town a dubious distinction. the metropolitan transportation commission's annual pothole record says they got some of the roads in the entire bay area. >> one of the problems are a lot of the roads were built in the '20s for model-t's and we have cars and trucks driving on them all the time. >> reporter: the report says the bay area local streets are fair at best. and most cash-strapped cities are simply putting a bandaid over a much deeper problem. >> generally speaking we're in a very dangerous place where if we can not get our roads maintained, they're going to deteriorate very, very rapidly. >> reporter: but not every bay area city has a pothole problem.
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driving in dublin's a breeze. >> it drives like brand new, smooth as silk. you get on the road and you just glide. >> reporter: the mayor says the secret is simple. when it comes to road repair, don't cut corners, even in tough times. >> it's like your mortgage, you miss a payment and the payment doesn't go away you got to catch it up and it's difficult to catch up. the same with street and road repair. you miss a cycle and you're playing catch up and they continue to deteriorate. >> we are back live in dublin. now, other cities that scored good marks for their streets were brendwood, los altos. we have posted the entire list on our website, reporting live, jody hernandez, nbc bay area
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news. could the feds be getting out of the marijuana regulation business? some lawmakers want that. a bill cosigned by congress was introduced in congress and legislation would eliminate marijuana specific penalties under federal law, but would maintain a ban on transporting pot across state lines. individuals would be allowed to grow and sell the drugs where states make it legal. those four legalizations of pot say the bill is reminiscent of how alcohol was legalized of prohibition. >> this is the like the amendment, the 21st amendment repealed alcohol prohibition and only federally and in states that allowed it. and so that's what we see happening with cannibas. some states will move forward. >> the bill has no chance of passing the republican-controlled house. nancy pelosi appears to be to be
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passing on the bill as well. this is video from the chopper. showing crews working to put out a wildfire in the east bay. cal fire called out to crockette before 1:00 today. they are look at a charred truck to see if it was related to the fire. a city that prides itself on tolerance is addressing an issue of intolerance. san francisco district attorney george gaskone says violence among transgender people h not be accepted. a judge decided to dismiss hate crime charges against two machine accused of beating a transgender woman in the mission district. the alleged attack against the 20-year-old woman sparked a large protest since the april incident. today a judge ordered the suspects to stand trial on other charges saying it appeared they were trying to rob her of her cell phone. the d.a. said he plans to challenge the decision base on the victim's testimony that,
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attackers made homophobic comments. new census results say one in four gay couples are raising kids. 2010 was the first time that the census house cold gay households and kids. more than 18,000 couples are gay men in the area. nearly 16,000 couples are lesbians. they found that wen gay couples move to the suburbs they're most likely to be raising children. two men are under arrest for allegedly plotting to kill u.s. military recruits. the description of the men are, quote, driven by skrie lent, extreme ideology. the two face terrorism and firearm charges. they plotted to gun down men and women enlisting at the military entrance processing station in seattle. the u.s. investigators have been following the suspects after a citizen who was asked to supply firearms and take part in the
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attack alerted the seattle police. barry bonds was back in court as federal prosecutors decide whether they'll retry him on three charges that he lied to the grapd jury. bonds, you may remember, was convicted in april of obstruction of justice for not telling the truth to the grand jury about his use of peds in 2003. the jury, deadlocked on three counts of perjury. prosecutors have to decide if they'll ret the home-run king on those counts. bonds' legal time insigss any retrial should begin within a month. some call it a sr price move by president obama today and it should stabilize gas prices. he ordered the release of 30 million barrels of oil from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve. the release is the biggest ever for the united states in an effort to replace the oil production lost because of the turmoil in libya. the u.s. strategic reserve was tapped in the 1991 gulf war and
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again, following hurricane katrina in 2005. the average price of a gallon of regular in san francisco was a little under $4. $3.97. san jose, $3.87 and in oakland, $3.85. they say tapping the oil reserves will help, but not for long. >> unless we see some complimentary reforms addressing the role of speculators in the future's market, for example, we won't see a long-term impact on price reduction on this release of strategic petroleum supply. >> the international energy agency says it will review oil prices in about a month and take more action if necessary. >> the cops are saying that he's a cop, so i won't loog for the cop. >> he was the inspiration for that martin scorsese film.
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bulger was captured last night in santa monica. he and his girlfriend appeared in a l.a. federal court and ordered to return to massachusetts to face charges. nbc's michelle franzen has the story. >> reporter: james whitey bulger had a full white beard and wore glasses. the 81 year old waved his right to a removal hearing and a judge ordered bulger be returned to boston to face charged for his alleged ties to mob hits and other decades-old crimes. >> he appeared to be calm, collected and he said in a very matter of fact way he was familiar with the charges against him. >> reporter: bulger had been on the run from federal authorities for 16 years until last night, when fbi agents arrested him along with his long-time girlfriend catherine grigg at this santa monica apartment complex. >> the arrest mark the end of a long and exhaustive hunt for one of america's most wanted men. >> reporter: the worldwide hunt for the notorious boston
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organized crime boss. >> do you know who i am. >> reporter: who became the inspiration for jack nicholson's character in the movie "the departed." bulger fled in the mid '90s. the family of one of his alleged victims spoke out today. >> i'm an eye for an eye type of guy. i would have been more glad if i found him. >> reporter: all these years, bulger was one of the fbi's top ten most-wanted fugitives but rose to the top when osama bin laden was killed. the fbi launched a new public campaign on tv this week in california. this time, focusing on tracking down greek who reportedly had plastic surgery. it paid off with a tip. >> over the last 16 years, the leaders of the fbi and the fbi boston division have stood on this podium and promised to spare no effort to return james bulger to boston. >> reporter: and now authorities are wasting no time. bulger is expected to return to
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boston as soon as possible. michelle franzen, nbc news. fascinating story. coming up, an over-the-counter remedy you probably have at home. the po enttentially life-saving benefit of aspirin. and olympic skiing could be coming to california. and everybody's favorite wizard is entering a new universe. his. stay with us. i'm chief meteorologist jeff raneri in pleasanton. we'll tell you how to have fun. it involves plenty of delicious food and, oh, ryes, this cute little piglet. we'll talk in a few minutes.
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it's kshing one of those see lept killers. hepatitis-c affects about 4 million americans but most of them don't know they're affected. new research shows a drug approved by the fda is effect t ively treating the virus. maryann? >> jessica, the drug found that adding this drug to standard therapy cut treatment time in half. that's a major benefit to patients. but it's the cure rates that are really giving patients hope. new research showed patients using this new drug had a cure rate of nearly 80%. almost double what the standard treatment used to offer. renee web was diagnosed with hepatitis-c. she believes she was infected years ago when she was stuck with a needing as a young nurse. as a mom of two your honor
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children she worried she wouldn't be around to celebrate the big moments in their lives. >> you think, what if i don't see her get married. >> reporter: she struggled to take a year off for traditional treatment ant she enrolled for a clinical trial of a new drug. this drug shows that combined with two standard drugs works not only in patients just starting treatment, but in those that failed earlier treatment. researchers found not only did the drug increase the cure rate, but it also cut the treatment time in half, from one year to six months. the fda approved the drug last month at kaiser, dr. joanne that reddy calls the new meditation a milestone for patients. >> a much better bang for your buck. if you have to take a medicine you might as well take the best one you can and this affords you the most likely opportunity to clear the virus. >> reporter: but the payoff the hung. five years later after she
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started treatment renee shows no sign of the virus and now she's working at a clinical trial nurse to let other patients know about much more promising options. >> i want to see more drugs like this. >> reporter: hepatitis-c is the reason patients need liver transplants here in the u.s. hoping that this medication will reduce the number of transplants and while the drug is promising it still has major side effects including rashes, fatigue and anemia and it's four times the cost of standard treatment. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, maryann. experts say one in five people with hiv in the united states still don't know they're infected. in 2007, the cdc called for hiv testing to become a routine part of care in 25 high-risk cares. since then, nearly 3 million people were test and close to 20,000 people diagnosed with hiv. experts say it's important for patients to get tested and
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treated if needed as early as possible. national hiv testing day is next monday. state senator mark leno and scott weiner say they plan to get hiv tests tomorrow. an aspirin a day it turns out, may help keep melanoma at bay, at least what a new study suggests. doctors have recommended a daily aspirin to seniors to ward off strokes or heart disease but boston researchers found that the risk of medical know that cut nearly in half when patients took an aspirin a did for five years. melanoma is not as common as other types of skin cancer it is the most dangerous, killing 9,000 people in the u.s. last year alone. in an unusual move doctors are talking on the fashion world. the annual meeting this week of the american medical association, they took a firm stand on photo shopping models. the doctors oppose fashion ads which are manipulated to make the models look thinner and taller, among other things and
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with 'waistlines more narrow than their heads. one doctor referred to this ralph lauren ad. the olympic rings could be flying above lake tahoe. the lieutenant napt governor joined the california winter games committee at the state capitol pushing to bring the winter games to the sierra in 2022. they've got time to gin up the enthusiasm. >> for those that say, i don't care about sports, i think they care about the economy and jobs and they care about a legacy in terms of infrastructure that's benefiting their grandkids. i think this is a great opportunity. >> he says last year's winter olympics in vancouver brought in over 45,000 jobs and nearly a billion dollars in economic activity. back in the 1960s the winter olympics were at squaw valley. we saw a piglet and corn on the cobb.
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what does that mean? >> it means jaef raneri is in my hood in pleasanton at the alameda fairgrounds? >> yes, we are and this little guy wants to talk to you. of course, now he's quiet. he was squealing away. we're out here at pleasanton fair that's coming up and there's so much to do out here. i even have my own personal ice cream holder. you said you wouldn't have any. do you think you'll be able to keep that? >> yes. >> all right, all right. >> i'm getting my own ice cream later. >> perfect. we'll talk with april michelle with the fair and these piglets are so cute but it's one of the many things people can do? >> we have so much to do between the animals and great food and free concerts tonight. everybody needs to come and check it out. it's such a great fair. >> and a lot of special deals. can you tell everybody about those? >> wacky wednesday ties in with our 99 night. and kids free friday and senior free thursdays. come on out.
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>> how did you end up getting the quiet piglet? >> he likes me better, that's what it is. >> yes, all right. here's your weather maps. conditions dropping down into the 50s. nothing like the alameda county fair out here in pleasanton. we're looking at temperatures that will be gradually dropping off throughout tonight with patchy fog building at the coastline. over the next 48 hours a region of high pressure slowly decreasing here offshore and by 7:00 a.m. we'll start in the mid 50s and we'll see that fog coming back and that's what will keep it cooler throughout the area. by 6:00 tomorrow, temperatures will be in the 70s. all right. as we look at our tomorrow forecast we're looking at mid 70s in the east bay and also, for the south bay, and then temperatures on our seven-day forecast, it will be staying in the low to mid 80s here as we head throughout the next seven
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days. remember, it's all about the alameda county fair out here in pleasanton where tickets range umm to about $10 from kids to adults. and it goes right into july so you definitely don't want to miss it. on your seven-day forecast, that fog, once again, lingers as we head throughout tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week. and some people say, in june and may, only rain when pigs fly. well, the pigs are going to be flying out here. i'll show you that in a second. and we also have a chance of showers as we head to next week. raj and jessica, we did the pig race last year and we're about to let it go again today. donald, are you ready to let him go? >> i want the one with the yellow vest. >> all right. you're yellow. raj, you're orange and i'm green. let them go, donald. >> turn around, mister. >> and they're off to a blazing start. >> and the gate is stuck!
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it's not going. >> my piggy is stuck, jeff. oh, i'm green i said i was green! >> look how good that is! >> oh! >> i think the green was me, right, guys? >> no, the green was me. >> no, it was me! >> all right. so there you have it. come on out and you can see a pig race and get a turkey race, some ice cream. a little bit of everything. >> you sabotaged my pig. all right, jeffy. >> turkey leg, pig races, ice cream and jeff raneri. he falsely predicted the end of days but did he see this coming? up next, we'll tell you the latest on the man who predicted the apocalypse. and it's four stories tall and as long as a football field? this man really? this man is recreating noah's ark. stay with us. s
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mountain view based google might be in hot water. according to the "wall street journal" google is a day away from getting federal subpoenas. they say the federal trade commission is looking into whether google abuses its search monopoly to extend its dominance into other areas like mapping, shopping and travel. rivals complain that google uses its searches to steer users to its own sites and services. google and the federal trade commission are not commenting. the bay area man that predicted the end of the world is now out of a job. the family radio station is pulling the plug on harold camping, cancelling his radio program. he made international headlines when he spent millions of dollars on billboards predicting judgment day would occur on may 21st. that didn't happen and in fact, he amended his statements saying it might happen in october. he's currently recovering from a
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streak. attention all your mugles. the best-selling is harry potters will be available in e-book. the author announced the creation of potter-more. >> i'm in a position to give you some unique. an online reading experience unlike any other. >> fans buy copies of the book to download and play games. it has a million hits within 36 hours of launching. she was first initially against the digitally publishing the series but she had a change of heart. the final movie is out next month. july 15th. >> and perhaps that change of heart was a big paycheck when it comes to it. >> i don't think s more moneyny more money but i'm sure that was it.
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finally tonight, a look at how one man's nightmare led him to a project of biblical proportions. johannes is building a ship, recognize it? not just any ship. this is a full-scale replica of noah's ark. he's a expert builder and he used the bible to come up with the specs for the arc and told "the today show" he had a dream that holland suffered a massive flood. the next morning he started planning for his arc. he's been working on it for the past three years. the boat is as long as a football field and four stories high. look inside. it's already stocked with life-sized animal pairs. he plans to sail the ship up the thames river in london in time for next summer's olympics, the
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2012 games. that will it do it for us. see you at 6:00. >> bye-bye.
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