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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  June 25, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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near reno this weekend. a semitruck crashed into a train killing at least two people and tonight, authorities say they know more about what the truck driver did before the crash. let's check in with kimberly terry. >> reporter: that's right, that crash happened actually 300 miles from here. what was supposed to the the final destination, emoryville. two people are confirmed dead including the truck driver, but investigators say it is likely that number will rise once they're able to get into the two burned out train cars. right now, there is some concern they could topple on to rescues. today, federal investigators arrived at the scene and are looking into why the truck driver ignored signals. authorities say they will be looking into the driving and
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medical records of the big rig driver. an autopsy will also be conducted to determine if the driver had taken any drugs around the time of the collision friday morning. passengers say they felt the impact, which ripped the train cars up. they say almost immediately, a fire ensued and the heat was intense. >> it was very terrifying. first thought was oh, my gosh, i don't know what happened, we're going to burn to death. i picked my baby up and booked it to the back of the car. trying to get to the back of the car as fast as i could. the train came to a streeching halt. >> reporter: this is cell phone video, the passenger we just talked to took. he said there was a mad rush to get out. he said because the crash happened in such a remote area, it seemed to take crews a while to get to them. now, the train was supposed to
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arrive in emoryville yesterday afternoon, but many did not arrive until late last night. amtrak put the passengers on buses, but some decided to make their own arrangements. >> all right. thank you for the update. in san joerks one is dead and six are hurt after a car accident at a nursing home. it happened before 10:00 this morning. police say a 90-year-old woman visiting a relative crashed her car into an exercise room. she was apparently arriving at the amber woods nursing home when police say she likely hit the gas instead of the brakes while parking. >> i turn around and see a car halfway through our activity room and you see residents wheelchair's being pushed by the car. it was scary. >> authorities have not released the name of the person who died, but did say the victim is is an
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89-year-old female. the fire department told staffers that two of the other injuries are serious. >> praying for a lot because when you're older and you get in a trauma, you don't know, certainly praying for that. >> the exercise room was full of people because they were just getting ready for class when the accident happened. a house fire if east bay seriously injured one person. a fire official told the mercury news the victim is not expected to survive. neighbors called 911 when they saw the flames and they found the woman passed out just inside the front door. >> victim was unconscious and unresponsive. very shallow respirations. our paramedics resuscitated the victim and transferred her to a medical helicopter to the burn
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center. the fire district is investigating the cause, but says it appears to be accidental. we have an update on a story we first reported last weekend. police have released the sketch of a man they say assaulted a woman last friday. the assailant is described as white, bald, tall, weighs about 210 to 230. police say he has a circular tattoo on his right arm and goatee. the 23-year-old said she was attacked last friday while jogging on five creek path behind two large apartment complexes. she told police the man grabbed her arm then tried to cut her face. also on the north bay, one man is dead and police have a murder suspect in custody after a chase and search that lasted for hours this morning in santa rosa. officers found a 23-year-old man with a gun shot wound to the head on cumberland street about 2:00 this morning.
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the victim died soon after. officers say they saw a van leaving the area soon afterward. the officers used spike strips which stopped the car, but then the man fled on foot. hours later, they found 39-year-old latroy clinton trying to stop traffic on highway 101. they believe he was trying to hijack a car. authorities arrested him. halfway across the country, it's likely going to be a long night in minot, north dakota. the swollen souris river is lickly to crest and the national guard says tonight and the next couple of days are going to be critical. tens of thousands have been e c evacua evacuated. the river is expected to reach historic levels by monday. >> it's not a all time record by just a little bit. it is a catastrophic event. >> water has swamped 4,000 homes
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and businesses so far and boats are the only way to get around. volunteers from as far as california are scrambling to set up shelters for the 12,000 people evacuated. very few have flood insurance to help rebuild. coming up next at 6:00 -- >> reporter: it's the largest lgpt event in the u.s. live in san francisco tonight, coming up, we take you to the pride celebrations now in full swing. plus, an even more damming picture of pg&e's upkeep. a line that runs parallel to the one that exploded in san bruno. >> one girl came in and hugged it. >> we'll show you the new high-tech soda machine that could be the wave of the future and why people are hugging them.
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pride and politics. they go hand in hand as the lgbt community celebrates gay pride and a big victory. elyse is in san francisco where the annual lesbian march and rally is in full swing. >> reporter: hundreds are here celebrating diversity. if you look behind me, you can see just how large the crowd is here for the 41st annual lesbian, trans gender festival. this comes just as people here are celebrating a step forward. yesterday, governor cuomo signed a bill making new york the sixth and largest state where gay couples can now wed. we just spoke to one woman visiting from new york who says finding out she can now marry her partner makes celebrating
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this weekend more special. while those from california are disappointed i didn't happen here first. >> it's legal, you know. god forbid, if someone happened to me, my wife has my benefits. everything, it's good. >> i'm so much more hopeful that california's a progressive state. we should totally already have it. i can't believe new york beat us to it. so frustrating, but only makes me that much more hopeful. >> and this is just one of many events planned this weekend. this morning, a huge pink t triangle was raised on twin pinks. they say it's a reminder about the repression gays and lesbians have faced. during world war ii, they forced them to sew their clothing with a pink triangle.
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tomorrow, you're going to have the huge parade along market street. for now, live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> and a whole lot of traffic tomorrow as well. thanks a lot. still to come, it's almost become cliche, right? the thriller flash mob. only this one in san francisco today comes with a reason. we'll show you, straight ahead. plus, a little dog once mistaken for a rat wins a big honor at the fair. we'll show you. and we're looking at a live picture of the bay bridge. little hazy out there and the clouds are lining up against the coast, your sunday forecast includes maybe some rain. we'll talk more about that in just a few minutes.
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new information is emerging recording those welding problems on pg&e's gas pipelines. records show pg&e documented numerous welding failures on the gas line right next to the san bruno line. documents from as far back as 1963 to 2009 show a pattern of defective welds along the length of line 109, from mill peeds to san francisco. that runs along the san bruno pipeline, which ruptured on shoddy welding last september, killing eight and incinerating an entire neighborhood. it appears pg&e stuck with a method designed to check for corrosion and not poor welds. pg&e says they are addressing the problems and plans to replace much of line 109 by
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2014. fast food restaurants are using technology developed for hospitals to give consumers exactly what they want at least when it comes to soft drinks. the new dispensers are a hit, at least with some folks. >> reporter: it's the free style. a surprisingly small dispenser developed by coca-cola, offering a big selection. 125 flavors. >> i was wowed. i was wowed. >> reporter: it's been inside this burger king restaurant in the green haven area now for two months. the manager says -- >> it's been awesome. >> reporter: he says it takes at least one time for people to get used to it. the screen guides you through the unusual flavors of sodas, waters and energy drinks. >> i would just put them all into one cup. try them then. >> reporter: the secret is a cartridge of concentrated liquid flavors and a computer which reorders and tracks the
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preferences. this is actually the outgrowth of medical technology. used to measure chemotherapy for cancer patients. >> we've had people taking pictures of it. one girl came in and hugged it. a really good reaction. >> okay, so, it's very cool. hugging it? i'm not sure. the machines are in several burger kings in sacramento and stockton, but after this testing phase is over, they could be popping up all over. an example, how about a peach sprite? in san francisco today, thousands of people poured their love of danceing into michael jackson hits to mark the second anniversary of his death. ♪
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event started at the ferry plaza this afternoon. participants continued to moon walk on to powell street. their last dance took place on market street a short time ago. organizers say they rehearsed their moves in advance and put up youtube tutorials for those  who decided to join in. 2011 could go down as the ski season that just never ended. people could take a pick between skiing and biking down the mountain. at tahoe, we've got squaw, sugar bowl and alpine -- nick, you said there's rain coming. just for entertainment's sake. >> i'm going to go out on a limb
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and say no. >> good for you. >> you can go and enjoy. >> i am. >> friends visiting from out of town, frequently making the trek across the golden gate bridge, you saw a little bit of sunshine out there today, but it's hard to come by and temperatures were cool. look as these readings. way below the average. few degrees cooler than yesterday. 75. got to 86 in the valley. along the coast, our friends in santa cruz, half moon bay, 50s to low 60s. hardly any sun. tomorrow, a better chance for it, i think. the reason is that our marine layer is being mixed up a little bit. a weak little trough is running through northern california, mixing up those marine clouds. they'll be with us tomorrow, but won't last as long. clouds returning tonight, especially around the bay. tomorrow, a bit warmer,
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especially inland and we keep teasing about this rain. let's get into that. right now, our dominant feature is this weather system in the central pacific, but on the edge of the map, you can see this low. it's right up in the aleutian islands. san francisco's really going to be our cutoff point. chances are going to be somewhat slim, but outside chance for some thundershowers. tonight, low clouds fill ng around the bay. they won't move as far inland as concord or livermore. readings down into the low and mid-50s. sea breeze is starting to wind down, but still, rather breezy and cool. tomorrow, i bumped temperatures, you'll see a warm-up. in san jose, it's going to feel
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warmer by a few degrees. i'm holding out hope for more sunshine, half-mo moon bay. friends around the russian river, kentfield, you should see mid to upper 70s and we'll get a couple more days of this. into monday, most of tuesday, quiet weather, but then the system comes through. rain chances, pretty decent and outside chance for some showeth. that's pretty odd weather for june. >> all right. it is really weird. i was at stinson the other day and it is beautiful. thank you. still ahead at 6:00, we'll show you the first lady's trip to africa.
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first lady michelle obama is in botswana. kristen welker has more. >> reporter: the safari will be one more highlight in a week
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filled with unforgettable moment. the pinnacle came on monday when malia and sasha were able to meet nelson mandela. it was a brief meeting, but the first lady tells me it will leave a mark on her and her daughters. the white house has billed the trip as a good will tour. for example, just yesterday, she visited an hiv aids clinic here in botswana and painted a mural with some kids there. this comes as the president has come under criticism. some african officials say he hasn't paid enough attention to this region. politics aside, this has been a first lady's biggest fray on the international stage and it comes to an aend tomorrow. >> that was kristen welker reporting. for a look at sports, a little giants action, little a's action. >> little of this, little of
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that. that's what we have here. coming up in sports, we're going to take you live for the update on tomorrow's 350. plus, this. giants and what they did today. could they win another? we'll find out next in sports.
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good evening, everyone. that five-game losing streak the giants were on, remember? that's a thing of the past now. the g-men have put together good pitching and timely hitting with a sprinkle of surprise, like today. indians and giants, the boys trying to stay hot. scoreless in the seventh. surprise. tony sip is called for a balk. tejada comes in to score. top of the ninth. two outs. bryan wilson in for the safe.
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travis buck, a fly to center. loses it in the sun, but that's a fabulous catch. they won four in a run. >> matt cane extends his winning streak to four games thanks to an interesting seventh inning as the giants collect their win at home. >> made some good pitches. put some good swings on it back up the middle and tried to make sure to you know, get the next couple of guys out. >> a great hand today. really kept us in the game and got out of some swass. >> before the game, the giants placed the struggling jonathan sanchez on the 15-day disabled list. he told reporters after the game, it had been bothering him his last three starts.
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barry zito was activated. a's have lost three straight, taking on the phillies in philly. a's down 1-0 until a solo home run off cole hamels. two outs. chase utley. he hits a streamer to right that could be trouble, but connor jackson robs him of extra bases. a's lead it 3-1 on the phillies. auto racing. the first road course of the nascar season greets the drivers this weekend. this is one of two road courses in the sprint cup series and the drivers have a lot to think about. dan has more on sunday's race. dan? >> well, in the leadoff to sunday's race, brad was fastest in the final practice session and joey ended up winning a support race for 64 laps of practice, but there's more on
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the minds of the drivers than turning right the first time. in fact, ryan newman was thinking about tires and about getting back into the chase. >> it takes a few laps r for us to get the tires hooked up and going. felt pretty good in practice. we'll see if we can make the best of it. >> we definitely got a chance. the car's really fast. probably the best i've been here, but never been one of my best tracks. coming up, i thought i had a better chance at dover or loudon, but i feel good about it. there's so much luck and strategy that goes into it. just putting yourself in the right position. >> 110 laps of bumping and grinding and all kinds of lead changes. 110 laps of greatness in
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nascar's sprint cup road series. >> that is going to be a great race. one more note, gold cup final underway between the u.s.a. and mexico. first half one nil. u.s. with the lead. michael bradley with a goal. that's a look at sports. now back to the nbc bay area studios. back to you. >> thanks, jim. a time honored tradition at the marin fair. already cracking up. once again, a pooch with a face only a mom could love. she's a 14-year-old chinese crested and chihuahua mix. have a good night.


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