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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  June 28, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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this wild weather led to scenes like this all across the bay area as roads became a headache for drivers. >> let's get right to meteorologist rob mayeda with the details of what is very winterlike weather in late june. >> yeah, it's hard to believe we're talking about rain by the inch in a few spots around the bay area. just smashing rainfall records from the north bay to the south bay, here's a look at the latest totals, after 6:00 over one inch for san raffaele, san francisco, 0.78 of an inch, and the old records over a quarter inch of rain, so well above the records. concord and oakland more than a half inch of rain and even san jose a half inch of rain and you can see the same in the tri-valley in th east bay,n sa ramon 0.75 of rain, and they had
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an intense thunderstorm at 2:00 in the afternoon. most of the heavier showers moving east of 680 towards the altamont pass in livermore, and san jose the heavier rain moving off to the south, morgan hill and gilroy you are getting hit hard for the next half hour, but that, too, will slide off to the east. but with the area of low pressure lurking offshore, that will bring in cool and unstable air on top of us as you try to go to bed tonight, still scattered showers and a slight chance of thundershowers, more of those possible even tonight, then the rest of the seven-day forecast we're talking scorching heat for that fourth of july weekend. some wild changes coming up in your seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. garvin? >> thank you very much. the rain did more than mess with people's commutes or hair, it likely led to an oil spill on oakland's lake merritt, the hazmat team was called to the lake when a sheen was spotted atop the water. authorities are say it is likely oil that had at one point been
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spilled on a ground and only washed into the lake because of the rain today. the fire department is unable to estimate just how much fuel leaked, approximately four to five acres of the lake's surface was covered before the spill was contained. and for complete weather coverage you can always go to our website, you can find your seven-day forecast as well as interactive radar, again, that's b.a.r.t. has reached a second settlement in the oscar grant case. this time it is with oscar grant's mother. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd has the very latest from oakland. >> reporter: oscar grant's mother reaching a settlement for $1.3 million in a civil case. you may remember her granddaughter reached a settlement with b.a.r.t. for $1.5 million. that was in january, 2010. grant's mother wanda johnson flanked by her brother and civil rights attorney john burris at a
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news conference in oakland. she says a decision to settle was difficult. >> no amount of money would ever make me satisfied. what would make me satisfied is that my son would be here. that's what would satisfy me. >> reporter: oscar grant was killed by johannes mehserle on new year's day, 2009, he was sentenced to two years in jail and served only 11 months. burris said it's been a tough 2 1/2 years. >> rarely is everyone happy with the settlement because settlement's by nature is a result of compromises, discussions, and no one gets all that they want. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. president bob franklin says the tragic death of oscar grant will remain a painful memory for all of us. but, he says, there were lessons learned. a federal case for oscar grant is pending. in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news.
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new tonight at 6:00, next week will mark 18 years since the mass shooting at 101 california street in san francisco, the district attorney is asking the upcoming anniversary to ask congress to pass a federal ban on assault weapons. it left eight dead on july 1st, 1993. the shooter was a disgruntled former client at a law firm in the building which also shot himself. the massacre led congress to pass a ban on assault weapons, but that ban expired in 2004. a similar ban is now pending on capitol hill after several recent high-profile shootings involving assault weapons including the one in arizona that seriously injured congresswoman gabrielle giffords. gascone says enough is enough. >> i don't believe that there's any reason why a civilized nation like ours should continue to allow this type of weapons and this type of capacity to be out there. there's no civilian application for this type of weapons.
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>> the legislation introduced in january is currently being considered by a house subcommittee. happening right now, lawmakers in sacramento are gearing up for what is likely to be a very long night debating what is an all-cuts budget. they will formally convene in about 20 minutes. kris sanchez joins us live with the newsroom where we go from here? >> it will be a long night not only for lawmakers but journalists who are watching this and trying to get the information out to the public as well. the governor makes clear it's not the budget he wanted, but without a single republican vote to extend existing taxes there was no other thing to do but cut. the good news is come friday some of your taxes will be lower. >> reporter: there's a festive air at this dealership in san jose and not because of the upcoming holiday weekend, the general manager said when the sales tax dropped by 1% and the vehicle license fee dropped by half on friday it may be enough
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savings to give folks a reason to buy. >> fourth of july is huge, but buying more car and spending less on government fees will be great for the people. >> reporter: but without the revenue from the three tax extensions, it's an all-cut budget. the cal state and uc systems will lose $50 million apiece and perhaps more if the state doesn't hit revenue targets. this senior said he's graduating in the nick of time. >> i'm glad i only have one semester left compared to everybody else which will get more cuts. >> reporter: with a billion dollar cut to the corrections department, the prisoners could get a break with early parole. melinda jackson said the budget illustrates to her students the importance of voting, because of prop 25 lawmakers lost $4,800 in pay for missing their deadline. >> i think the voters are getting some of what they want, but i don't think the budget that was passed represents what a majority of californians would have wanted if they had a chance to weigh in.
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>> let's go ahead and talk about the trigger cuts now. if the state brings in less than $3 billion, there will be $600 million in additional cuts. we're talking about more cuts, the uc, scu and community college systems will lose as well in-home supportive services and care, public safety programs, medi-cal and child care and libraries and there's more. if the state brings in less than $2 billion, we could see $1.9 billion in additional cuts and that's when things will get tricky. public schoolchildren could lose seven school days. they could lose their school bus transportation, community college students would take another hit if those trigger cuts kick in, that means community college students will be paying 77% more since last spring. we won't know until december whether the triggers will kick in. that's when the governor's department of finance has to certify whether the revenue projections are, in fact, accurate. as for tonight, the senate president's press secretary tweets that the goal is to finish all budget work tonight,
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again, they are starting to gather. they will formally convene in the assembly and the house at 6:30, stay tuned. >> we can't afford to lose more school days. is it legal for the fbi to stick a gps tracking device under your car without a warrant? tonight the justice department says the lawsuit over warrantless gps tracking should be tossed. he discovered one under his car and he filed suit against robert mueller back in march. the justice department says the student doesn't have ground to sue because he isn't facing arm. forced to work under harrowing conditions, that's what federal investigators say happened to a brazilian woman promised a better life by two italian citizens living in san francisco. the woman told investigators that when she arrived here from brazil in 2009, 54-year-old
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giuseppe penzato and his wife took her passport away and said she was only suited for work as a servant. penzato worked for the italian consul in san francisco. the woman was allegedly forced to work 60 hours a week without pay for months. she finally left the home after she was slapped, she said, and shaken. the couple is charged with forced labor and human trafficking. the italian consulate has declined to comment on the story so far. it's been 3 1/2 years since the fatal tiger mauling at the san francisco zoo. now, the zoo is welcoming a new tiger. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows us how the tiger is bringing closure to the tragic event. >> reporter: on a soggy san francisco morning, martha, the siberian tiger, took a casual stroll through her new digs. a smattering of visitors braved the steady rain to get a look at the zoo's newest star. the last weekend the 10-year-old transplant from a nebraska zoo spent her first day's learning the subtleties of her new home.
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>> when she first came in she went into gaquarantine so she w healthy. >> reporter: looking plenty fit, martha bounded up the stairs from the moat, the same moat that on christmas day, 2007, was the scene of immense tragedy. >> it is part of the healing process and it's something really positive for us and we're really excited to be able to bring a tiger in again for education purposes. >> reporter: martha is the first new siberian tiger for the zoo since that christmas day when 350-pound tatiana jumped from the moat and mauled one man to dead and injured two others before she was shot to death by police. although there were claims the victims had taunted the tiger, zoo discovered the enclosure was four feet shorter than the national standard. >> people wanted another one, so it's something that a lot of our regular guests and members are really excited to have again. >> reporter: but since the attack, the exhibit's walls have been raised, now there's a new
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face behind them. >> she's been investigating the whole thing, and all of the items and living creatures. >> reporter: at the same time there are plenty of living creatures investigating her. >> it's nice that they're able to bring in a new one and not let it have kind of, oh, i guess a stigma or anything. >> reporter: the zoo's last siberian tiger tony was euthanized last year leaving the spotlight all to the newcomer. as she made the rounds in her new tiger grotto, the pains of the past seemed to slip a little further away. joe rosato jr. nbc bay area news. >> they are magnificent, aren't they? the tiny danger that could take down a billion dollar industry. i'm scott budman. your prius won't cut it anymore. the silicon valley solution to the carpool lane. plus, seized on the streets how counterfeit san francisco giants' gear is now going to help the needy. i'm rob mayeda in for jef ranieri today, still j tracking
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homeland security agents showed off thousands of dollars of giants gear in san francisco today. its merchandise, though, no bay area fan will be wearing any time soon, instead it's headed to haiti. agents seized all of the counterfeit items in san francisco last year during the play-offs. they are turning over the merchandise, more than 2,400 items, to world vision, it's a humanitarian organization that helps poor children and families around the globe. immigrations and customs said counterfeiting is a growing problem that takes money and jobs away from americans. >> we got the items from several dozen different street vendors. some of the vendors were literally hiding the items in
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their underwear so that when the undercover investigators approached them anded and to buy, say, a counterfeit t-shirt, they would reach into their underwear and pull out a counterfeit shirt. >> it should arrive in haiti in time for the 2011 world series. the examiner is reporting that debra johnson will take over as the interim department chief on friday. she's been muni's lead agency negotiator during contract talks with the operators union. johnson, though, was not the board's first pick. muni's executive deputy director was expected to replace nathaniel ford who was asked to resign earlier this month. rowan announced his own resignation last week. while the board will accept applications for a permanent executive director from all across the country, it is likely they will pick someone local for the job. a new car club is coming to the south bay and providing a couple hundred jobs in the process. but will the new location
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revitalize or criminalize the area? >> that's what we wanted to find out, we spent the day at the construction site to find out if the surrounding community is at all in. >> reporter: the giant banner proclaiming a new casino is difficult to miss, but perhaps as a sign of the times, top billing on this sign is an opportunity for employment. >> we currently have 487 jobs here. we expect to add 200 more and take it to 687. >> reporter: the garden city casino has new owners, new digs and a new name, it will sit on the 101 close to the airport. the general manager scott hayden said the casino could help the fortunes of san jose. >> we're not looking at this as a traditional card club. we're looking at this as a casino hotel which is really going to change what you can do in san jose. currently, you have santana row and we're pretty limited. most people want to go to the city. >> reporter: while the casino will create jobs, but the
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gambling bring an undesirable air to the area? >> as a local resident i welcome the casino. >> reporter: the councilman opposed the measure allowing the expansion. while he's concerned with the social cost, he does admit it isn't a full-fledged casino. >> you won't see slot machines or craps or showgirls. these are the same card clubs essentially as have always been allowed in san jose simply in a different location. >> reporter: the location is set to open next spring, nbc bay area news. two moths in a trap near aptos are causing a mountain of trouble in santa cruz and santa clara counties, they are european grapevine moths which are damaging to grapes and they harm other crops too, and they've set 287-mile quarantine and to check with farmers if
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they're more moths in the area they don't fly around and spread. anyone with fruit trees is being asked not to bring fruit out of the quarantined zone. everybody at home you want to pay attention to this weather forecast coming up. >> unlike you did? >> yes. you wa to believe what he says, i'm sorry, rob, i didn't bring the umbrella today. but yesterday you called the seven-day forecast the strangest you have ever done in your forecasting career and that's something we ought to pay attention to when you say that. >> it's true. it seemed like exaggerating and i was surprised by the computer models, an inch of rain in the north bay and when it happened, still pretty shocking. the other thing we're not really talking about is today's high temperatures, almost 20 degrees below average. we should see highs in the 80s inland, mainly mid-60s today. in fact, we're still in the 50s and low 60s outside. a bit breezy but the real headline was obviously the rain. why did we get so much rain? we had a very juicy weather system that tapped into tropical moisture from the southwest and then it only moved ten miles per hour over the bay area, like it
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was stuck in rush hour dropping all the rain for four or six hours' time, so you saw the rain totals ratchet up to about a half inch to an inch in some spots especially in san rafael, more than an inch, and san francisco, all of the records getting close to an inch of rain around the tip of the peninsula, and the south bay, san jose picked up more rain as the frontal boundary stalled and slowed down at ten miles per hour, a half inch of rain. for the second half of the evening commute, things are starting to dry out, lighter pockets in san francisco, same story in san jose. the heavier rain moving away from morgan hill, but we've got this area of low pressure which will move on top of us later tonight that will keep the slight chance of showers or maybe an isolated thundershower on the coastline into tonight. tomorrow afternoon, watch the hilltops of the north bay and areas to the east of san jose, enough cool, unstable air aloft that we could get day time showers across the hilltops and as the sun sets things turn stable in the atmosphere and we
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finally can pack away the umbrellas in your forecast. tomorrow morning, we are calling for possible isolated showers, and tomorrow afternoon, hilltop showers, tomorrow's highs better than today, but running cool, 60s to low 70s inland, and then as garvin talked about, the roller coaster part of your forecast, you can add 30 degrees to your temperatures as we move to the seven-day, we'll show you that coming up in the next full forecast in half an hour. back to you. >> thank you very much. still ahead at 6:00, the rain is rat ling nerves in the east bay where some homeowners are waging a new fight to fix their damaged home. the historical documents on landslides they say is a smoking gun. also ahead, amazing video as a teen takes a serious spill from an escalator. and the new proposal that could have military vets fighting fires here. right in california. ibacko.twn back in two.
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increasing safety at bay
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area ports. that's the goal. local state and federal agencies will work together at a new facility on yerba baena island, the ioc opened on yerba buena and it will serve as a central base for multiple agencies. the idea is to improve port security and water rescues and environmental disaster response. the new center was created in response to the safe port act. there's a new bill to make it easier for military veterans to become firefighters in california and it's making its way through the legislature. assemblyman mike morrell says the bill would allow servicemen and women to get to work faster after returning home from duty. it will allow the federal fire certification to be equal to the basic certification california requires for firefighting jobs. we told you earlier the legislature for the second time in two weeks has passed a budget, but is it truly balanced and will it pass muster? there's only one person on your tv screen right now who knows
6:24 pm
the answer to that. let's ask nbc bay area legal analyst, is it balanced? >> you get the very famous yes and no. yes, the legislature has passed a new budget. yes, that's correct. they say the budget is balanced. the governor has opted in on it and it looks like controller cheung will opt in, and it looks like we have a balanced budget as far as they're concerned. >> it's a no-cuts budget. that to me sounds like republicans stand up and said we won, that's what they wanted all along. >> here's where we get to the no part. the budget is based on a whole bunch of assumptions, right? any one of which could come tumbling down faster than what you can say whatever, okay? look, some of the big problems in the state budget that proin is counting on, democrats in particular, republicans say we don't know, $4 billion more in income tax revenue, $1.8 billion
6:25 pm
from eliminating the redevelopment agencies and $300 million from internet taxes. there are a lot of other assumptions, if you add it up, it's over $6 billion, guess what, that's how much we were short a couple days ago. all of those could fall apart. >> the governor was clear when he got elected, no gimmicks to balance the budget. it sounds gimmicky to me. >> it's three gimmicks, that's all there is to it. there's no other word to describe what's going on right now. if you look at it in that sense, garvin, you can see winners and losers right now today. republicans smiling, because really very few tax increases -- no tax increases, just a few fees. the democrats reeling. they have a majority and they had to go home crying and the republicans -- and the governor the last guy he is just hurt. i mean, he's just hurt, he got nothing in terms of what he wanted and he's had to sort of take his marbles and go home. >> okay. getting back to the question about the republicans saying we got the budget we want, but how does that potentially backfire
6:26 pm
on them? >> that's why we say today they win. we're going to have to watch this whole thing unfold. there have already been incredible draconian cuts, the $11 billion, and more cuts this time around. the universities cut again. home services cut again. schools cut again, people will go to school in september, they'll see a different world than they saw last june and the question then will be how will they feel about the republicans then? >> very interesting. larry gertsen, thank you very much. >> thank you very much, gentlemen. still ahead here at 6:00, emotions running high as cancer survivors plead their case to keep a breast cancer drug on the market. the carpool lane is about to become a more exclusive place. we'll show you the silicon valley companies that can speed up your commute. and more fallout from this video showing beaten giants fan bryan stow, we're learning more about what caused the confrontation. and landslide victims in the east bay do some digging.
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the city of san pablo says it wants to help a group of homeowners with a temporary fix for their sliding homes. the homeowners who live near hillcrest road have other ideas. they are filing claims against the city demanding it accept full responsibility for landslide damage as well as pay for permanent repairs. traci grant is in san pablo where the battle is playing out. >> it's understandable that the homeowners want their properties fixed and at the end of the day that's what they want. the city's offered a temporary solution with some indemnity language in there to protect the city. >> reporter: san pablo assistant manager casey worthy is imploring the homeowners to take
6:30 pm
what they've offered because it's all they're going to get. they've been watching their homes slide down the hill since a bitter rainstorm last march. now they're insisting that the city foot the bill for the damage. worthy says what happened to their homes is not the city of san pablo's fault. >> it would be fiscally irresponsible for the city of san pablo to spend some total of millions of dollars the exact amount of which is not known at this point on six private properties. >> reporter: the city attorney said the most important thing to remember is the slides happened on private property. she handled landslide cases in the past and unless the city of san pablo actively did something to cause the landslide, it has governmental immunity. >> the homeowner can seek recovery for the damage to his property from the developer, the person who built the house, or from the owner -- prior owner who said told the house to him her. >> reporter: that's what the homeowners needed to do instead
6:31 pm
of blaming the city for not informing them of the history of landslides before they bought the property. last week fema denied their request to help the property owners. he said despite the threats for a lawsuit, the city will pursue the only other option trying to receive financial assistance from the state on behalf of the homeowners. in sab pablo, traci grant, nbc bay area news. the coast guard rushed to the aid of a man stranded in the bay. we want to show you how it looked like from above from our helicopter. some tense moments this moment on the san mateo bridge when this man was seen just bobbing in the water. the coast guard pulled him from the water after being notified by the chp. it's still unclear, though, how he ended up there in the middle of the bay. no word on his condition, but he was conscious and responsive after he got pulled into the boat. an east bay family in mourning tonight, mourning the loss of a loved one. specialist kevin hilleman was killed in sunday on afghanistan when rebels attacked his unit.
6:32 pm
he joined the armny 2003 and was a d oreatd soldier it was his third deployment. another deadly day in afghanistan, back-to-back explosions rocked a western-style hotel in kabul today, the two blasts happened a minute apart. the taliban claiming responsibility. the interior ministry spokesmen said four suicide bombers either blew themselves up or were killed in the attacks. a u.s. government spokesperson said initial reports say there were no americans at the hotel, however, there is word that some afghan provincial governors were staying at the hotel. the man seening confronting bryan stow on the night he was attacked is speaking out. he paints stow as the instigator, and as patrick healey tells us, that's an accusation that has stow's family outraged. >> reporter: bryan stow's family now confirms he is the seated fab who is being cursed at in this cell phone video. it was published by tmz reported it was taken at dodger stadium
6:33 pm
opening day before the postgame parking lot attack by others who nearly killed stow. at the beginning of the video before the cell phone is rotated, a man wearing a 23 jersey can be seen pointing his finger at stow's face while cursing him. john stow told the ap the person who took the video has spoken to the family. she said the guy was coming in and trying to instigate a fight with his cousin. bryan put his hands up and said him to respect the game. tmz said he's been notified of the i.d. of banda 23. the sender of the video said he was arguing with the man because he'd crossed the line. they say the man identified as stow had made a rude comment about dodgers. they say the sender of the e-mail was speculating about the later attack on stow, maybe he said the wrong thing to the wrong guys. stow remains hospitalized in san francisco. in a later posting, tmz states
6:34 pm
they were contacted by a stow family representative who sees an implication in the postings and tmz's commentary that the attack somehow may have warranted and objects to that. >> that was patrick healey reporting. police now have the video and are using it to look for clues in to who may be responsible for the beating. as of now, they are not commenting about what they may have learned. well, there's a little-known island off of highway 37 between sears point in vallejo that has for decading been off limits to the public. but it's changing. skaggs island in sonoma county is rureing from warfare to wildlife. it's been handed over to the u.s. fish and wildlife service. the navy vacated in 1994, so now it's being incorporated into the san pablo bay national wildlife refuge, which means the site will be restored to tidal wetlands. >> speaking on behalf of the
6:35 pm
navy, we're pleased today to be standing on fish and wildlife property. >> the san pablo refuge lies along the north shore of the bay in sonoma, solano and napa counties. we're about to find out just how lucrative it can be to play games. nbc bay area's business and tech reporter scott budman is here with news of another pending ipo. >> this is likely to show how fun and games can bring huge profits. cnbc is reporting that ziynga will file papers to go public tomorrow. it could bring $1 billion to $2 billion into their coffers. another strong day for the markets on what's turning into a strong week. tech stocks alonge led ed cocpleksf o after a couple of again. buzz and wave may be gone, but google rolled out what it called google plus, a way to network online with your friends in a different way from facebook.
6:36 pm
google lets you network with small groups of people, they call them circles. the hov lane also stood for high occupancy vehicles, we call it the carpool lane. you could use it by yourself if you drove a hybrid car. starting next week that hybrid just won't cut it. you'll need to go electric. like this. >> reporter: jerry gets to drive in the hov lane anytime he wants. but these prius owners, even oil co-founder steve wozniak, can't anymore, they drive hybrid gas cars and are losing their hov lane stickers. now, if you drive an electric car, like jerry's tesla roadster, you get the faster commute. >> i sort of got addicted to the hov lane. i was a prius owner previously and the stickers were expiring, i was looking around for a way to stay in the hov lane for the last three years, it's been great. >> it's one of the top selling
6:37 pm
points. >> reporter: so, tesla because of california's lane change is seeing many new customers willing to pay big bucks to get a car that's not only sexy, it's suddenly very practical for commuters. >> and about a third of people come in to us saying we're interested in the sticker, but everybody we tell them this is the advantage, this is the amount of time, this is the amount of money you can save by driving an electric car. >> reporter: the roadster at $110,000 isn't cheap, but california wants to give you an incentive to buy electric and save time when you drive. >> i can make it from down in almaden, it's a 40, 45 minutes difference some days with and without the sticker. >> reporter: it might take a while for the electric car to catch on, but eventually the state hopes it will stick. and interestingly, that roadster that tesla makes they'll stop making that and start up the "s," which will be a four-door electric car and that will be able to go into the carpool lane
6:38 pm
when you can eventually buy it. >> or just get the used roadster. >> yes. >> thank you, scott. >> you bet. quite the tumble, the amazing video of one teen's harrowing plunge from an escalator. is it patience versus scientist, a push to keep a breast cancer drug on the market. we're tracking the rain impacting your evening commute. it's certainly slowed things down. maybe not so much in san jose, but 880 in oakland, a lot of water on the road. same story across the bay ry bridge, so how much longer will you need the umbrellas for your june weather forecast? we'll ca ystwehen e com .baven-oucky re ca wwen come back.
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6:40 pm
topping our health watch tonight, 150 scientists with one goal, finding a cure for alzheimer's. they met today at stanford university to collaborate on new ways to fight the disease which now impacts some 600,000
6:41 pm
californians. while there's no cure yet, research shows there are some things you can do to at least stave off the disease. >> it is clear that things like physical activity, diet, which is higher in vegetables and lower in fat, staying connected with your community, all are things that result in less alzheimer's disease. >> right now scientists are pursuing ways to alter the proteins in the brain associated with alzheimer's. in 2030,he number of people living in california with the disease is expected to double to 1.1 million. there's a battle going on about a cancer drug made by genentech, avastin was temporarily approved in 2008, but when studies did not back up earlier research, the fda moved to revoke the approval, some patients and doctors and panel
6:42 pm
members told the fda why it helped curb the cancer growth. if it's taken off the market, they may have to pay the $90,000 price tag. 1:15, san ramon, thunder, and suddenly downpour. and suddenly we got drenched. >> the dogs ran for cover. >> crazy! >> and the kids getting drenched in the summer rain, record-breaking rain. there's a live look at the bay bridge commute as we're also watching the weather impacting the a's' dame this eveningame t. and are you a double-double kind of person? then today is for you. the giants double dipping at wrigley, and look who is on the mound, barry zito making his first major league start since april. how is he doing? details next. she notices when my skin's rough. (announcer) gold bond ultimate softening lotion. with shea butter for soft healthy skin. gold bond ultimate softening.
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this stuff really works.
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take a look at this video. underage drinking and horsing around on an escalator rail is a recipe for disaster. >> oh. >> there he goes. an 18-year-old massachusetts teen, there you go, fell 20 feet over the rail. in the local transit station, fracturing his elbow in the process. the teen admitted to drinking at a concert before the incident and later apologized saying he
6:45 pm
has learned his painful lesson. >> and let's hope anybody else watching the video has learned the lesson as well. we should have learned our lesson when rob told us yesterday that it was really, really going to rain. >> it did. >> yes, it did! >> a lot. >> more than even i expected especially around san jose. we had about a half inch of rain come down. it is still coming down at least not as hard as a couple hours ago, but we're testing to see if the roof on the station might leak because of the heavier showers. southeast wind at 7 in san francisco. 59 degrees, another record breaker with just over 0.75 of an inch of rain and oakland updated rainfall total for you getting over one inch of rain today, 59 degrees, obviously a little slow and misty along 880 right now, and a we do have the florida marlins in town, they're accustomed to heavy rains and thunderstorms in june, maybe not the bay area. but as we go through the game, we should see decreasing showers, likely areas of lighter rain off and on throughout the game. hopefully the showers continue to wind down for the east bay.
6:46 pm
the reason why? we saw the supersizing of our rain totals today was the cold front kind of slammed on the brakes. it slowed down to 10 miles per hour, instead of one or two hours of rain, we saw four to six hours of rain around the bay area. the rain totals ramped up for san rafael, an inch of rain. record breakers, on the map, san francisco you saw pretty close to 0.75 of rain and san jose more than a half inch of rain. the good news for the rest of the evening, the heavier rain has pushed off to the east, seeing it in the east bay, pockets of lighter rain in the peninsula, and the south bay seeing moderate rain. if you're heading into morgan hill and gilroy, that's where the cold front has finally moved on, too. it took time to scoot it out of here, but we've got a slight chance of showers courtesy of this area of low pressure which will drop down the coast tonight, possibly fire off an isolated shower or thundershower overnight and during the day tomorrow, still some unstable air, especially over the hilltops to the north bay and around mt. hamillton we may see hilltop showers and look at the
6:47 pm
temperatures even with the sun shine tomorrow, still low 70s for highs. then friday huge change in the weather. this is going to be like a hair dryer setting up over the bay area, the air will dry out and warm up face. 90 starting friday, probably pushing 100 degrees in the east bay, pleasanton, livermore, san ramon, you could get close to 100 degrees by sunday. a complete flip-flop on friday and for the fourth of july weekend ahead. the futurecast model heading into tonight shows lingering showers nothing too heavy but maybe an isolated thundershower a possibility overnight. and tomorrow, mainly across the hilltops is where we'll see the showers neshl essential peciall north and east bay. temperatures in the 50s tomorrow, but still an isolated risk of a shower for the hilltop locations. temperatures by the way, will be running cool. we'll be looking at numbers in the mainly low to mid-70s for the parts of the south bay. average highs this time of year
6:48 pm
should be in the mid-80s. we'll not get there. 72 degrees in san jose and livermore. east bay temperatures, watch the hilltops around mt. diablo northward to napa county that's where i think around lunchtime you may see a stray shower or two with the eating of the day. now, the other shocking part of your forecast, it will be a big one, we'll see the temperatures mid to upper 90s. it's the strangest seven-day forecast i think i've seen to wrap up june, but we'll not get drenched or fogged in for fourth of july, so there's silver linings. >> let the barbecues begin. >> all right. all right, let's get to sports. it is fitting. it was the chicago cub who made the phrase famous let's play 2, and the joigiants are playing t with the cubs. how are they doing so far? >> garvin, the chance to work in a double shift today, but does it mean double trouble for the chicago cubs? let's go out to old wrigley
6:49 pm
field for the doubleheader, beginning with game two, barry zito on the mound for the first time since april 16th recovering from a sprained right foot. top second, giants on the board first. nate she nate, and still 1-0, zito gives up a two-run homer to luis montenez, his first of the year to make it 2-1 cubs, but the giants are in control. giants and cubs game one, the wind blowing out at wrigley. giants take advantage of it. pat "the bat" burrell, top of the third, homers off of davis, his seventh of the year. giants take the lead 6-3. it didn't get much better after that. top of the fifth and bases loaded for aaron rowand, everything keep rolling and rolling and rolling on in. three rbis right there foror aan
6:50 pm
rowand, giants win 13-7, it's a beat-down! >> especially early, take some heat off, and let them trying to get, you know, hits consecutively. i mean, we've had a tough time stringing hits together. so for us to getomhie ts with runners in scoring position and kept the line moving, too. over to the green and gold, the a's are scheduled to start a nine-game home stand, marlins are in town but rain could be a factor. kate longworth joins us from the coliseum. give us the latest, kate? >> reporter: not exactly a beautiful day for a ball game. the tarp has been on the field all day here in oakland. the game is delayed until at least 7:30, but the players after dropping four of their last five games are eager to get back on the field and back in the win column. after all, the last time they were at the coliseum, they were riding a season-high win streak. >> it's nice to be back here
6:51 pm
although i guess we left behind some pretty nice weather. yeah, we played really well here before we left, and hopefully we can pick that back up, you know, wear the gold jerseys that are supposed to be worn and hopefully put together a nice winning streak. >> we like playing here, it caters to our strengths, running the bases and taking the extra bases with the last-out territory. we won a lot of games last time here and we're looking forward to that again. >> reporter: now, there is a bright spot for the a's when it comes to their starting rotation on this gloomy day. the team announced that richa richarding will be activated from the disabled list and will make a start on friday. and, guys, applause is starting as the tarp is coming off the field here at the coliseum. henry? >> great job, kate. over to golf. a hurt tiger woods is not even close to being dominant. he's recovering from a knee and achilles' injury and the former number one golfer in the world hasn't hit a golf ball in 47 days.
6:52 pm
the british open is less than two weeks away but tiger says he has no idea when he'll begin practicing or play in a tournament. also, women's world cup usa versus north korea, scoreless until the 54th minute, abby wombach crossing to lauren cheney, a beautiful header. 1-0, u.s. celebrate, you can keep celebrating because to the 76th minute loose ball, stanford product, rachel bueller flies in for the strike and beats the keeper near post. usa wins 2-0. well, that will do it for now, but don't forget coming up tonight all your highlights from the giants and a's. jessica, garvin, good to see you. i think jessica will look good doing a header in a soccer match. what do you think, jessica? >> i have one of those nets in my backyard, i'll practice and i'll show you. thank you, henry. >> see you tonight. for a full half hour of bay area sports coverage youts can
6:53 pm
watch comcast sports net central tonight at 10:30. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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6:56 pm
finale is going on for the east coast. we've got to wait a few hours to see it on the west coast, but so far from what i've seen, it's a show that you don't want to miss. here's what i can tell you so far, each performer will be doing a solo and a duet with their coaches. for the solo, it's an original song created especially for them, you know, this has been weeks of amazing performances that have led us up to this point with the top four. now, we have, again, it all comes down to one man and three women. in the finals javier, dia, beverly and vicky. all four singers, four unique styles. initially it looked like javier was the one to beat, but right now it could be anyone's game. all of these singers are popular. they're making strong showings in itunes, so it should be very exciting to see who wins this competition. now, again, once this show is over, it's america's turn to vote. the vote solely lying in america's hands, and so we'll know tomorrow who will be the first-ever winner of the "voice"
6:57 pm
during the results show. we'll send it back to you guys. >> thank you very much. we'll be watching. after "the voice" on nbc eight area news at 11:00, how fattening is a night on the town? we crunch the calories, the numbers are astounding, but there's a slimming solution. that's tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. vicky nguyen is doing double duty. what do you have? upcoming wail talk about safeway in pleasanton, they are pumping their new line of natural foods, we'll tell you what it means for consumers and how it could help the bay area's biggest employers. we'll have larry gertsen on for an in-depth analysis of the state's budget process, and we'll talk about future stalemates. a lot to come up on comcast. that does it for us. we'll see you at 11:00. [ male announcer ] zero calories, maximum pepsi taste.
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