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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 29, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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coast guard still has some concerns this morning. and san jose police are looking into four armed robberies that happened in just a matter of hours. and how do you cook the world's largest hamburger? i'm bob redell at alameda county fairgrounds with that story coming up. a live look at the bay bridge. it's wednesday june 29th. this is "today in the bay." good morning, everybody. rise and shine. it's straight up 6:00. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. we'll check our forecast. >> good morning. as you're waking up planning what to wear, well, you'll probably want to take a jacket to work but you can leave the umbrella at home. we have some showers from the south but they are not heavy. they are very, very light and is
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laifted. they are not going to last long. this whole system of high pressure is on its way out. high pressure building in really really strong ridge going to bring temperatures back to the triple digits in a matter of days. 6:00 a.m., mike inouye, best traffic man out there, how do we look. >> thank you, christina. not as good as that intro. highway 4, slowing. 63 registered at hillcrest, slowing just past there heading over between g and lovers. typical pattern. late to start up. 52 holding up. toll plaza we continue to follow the developments as the traffic starts to build just a little bit. a light build there marla for wenz morning. back to you. >> thanks, mike. this morning we are following breaking news from san francisco where the coast guard was called in to help a capsized fishing boat overnight. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live near the cliff house in the city with more on this story, good morning, christie.
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>> good morning, marlin ark. now that it's turning to daylight you can see exactly where the boat capsized. the rear of it is still sticking out there this morning. that's where three fishermen were tossed into the ocean overnight. coast guard telling me the water was about 55 degrees. they are safe now but what a night. their commercial fishing boat collapsed near the cliff house. they sent out a mayday call at 12:30 a.m. they were clinging to the side of the boat. they were able to deploy a life raft and take some measures to make sure the boat would not sink by sealing up part of it so it wouldn't take honor what. by 1:a.m. the coast guard says they had them all out of the water. now there's concern about 00 gallons of diesel fuel the boat was carrying and getting the boat out of the water. >> we can only eliminate the substantial threat of discharge by safest means possible. if that includes towing the vessel inshore and then doing
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it, that's what we will do. if we can assess it out here, we'll remove the pollution out here. >> the coast guard says this was a crab boat that had 27 though crabs on it. 80 of them were full and the weight shifted. they think that's what may have caused it to tip oemplt two of the men still resting this morning. one tape to the hospital for observation and treated for possible hypothermia. when it gets a little lighter out the coast guard going to be doing a flyover looking for a possible sheen on the water. coming up in about 30 minutes, you'll hear from one of the men who was on board when the boat went down. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> scary night. thank you, christie. coast guard pulled another man near the bay from the san mateo bridge. take a look. this happened yesterday morning around 7:15. a 21-year-old man ended up in the water. the coast guard said he jumped
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from the bridge. someone driving on the san mateo bridge saw him and called 911. it took crews about 45 minutes to get to him but they were able to get him out of the water. a market owner in fairfield is dead this morning after he was robbed last night. fairfield police say they received a call from the market owner asking for help. emergency crews responded and they found a man on the ground. the victim told officers three suspects had taking back our neighborhoods him inside his store. he was taken to a hospital where he died from his injuries. witnesses reported seeing three black men in their late teens enter the store at the time of the robbery. this morning police are looking into a spree of robberies in san jose. there were four robberies all over the south bay and less than 16 hours. they happened in all parts of san jose from valley fair mall to little saigon. officers say the robberies range from gunshot to grab and go. one man robbed at knifepoint on blossom hill road feet away from
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the reese family's doorstep. >> even on a busy street, kind of scary something like that would happen. a side street or alley, you might expect that but not on blossom hill road. >> san jose have not made arrests in any of these robberies. they don't think the robberies are connected. 6:05. we're a step closer to getting a state budget. governor jerry brown is expected to sign the budget plan today, just a few days before it's supposed to go into effect. both houses approved the plan last night with little debate. the budget was worked out between governor brown and democratic lawmakers who have enough votes to pass the budget without republican support. the new budget eliminates a $26 billion deficit through deep cuts but no tax increases. however, students at uc and cal state schools will likely see more tuition increases because of the plan. the budget slices mean a total loss of $650 million for each school system. more delays on a vote to
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upgrade san francisco's communications network. for a third time the board of sups have voted to delay a plan on at&t's plan to install hundreds of network boxes. it wants a hearing on how the devices fit within city construction guidelines. each 4 foot tall box includes technology which would improve internet, cable, land line within the city. opponents of the plan say boxes would obstruct pedestrian traffic, inconvenience property owners and visually they are an eyesore. a new vote is scheduled for next month. 6:06. if you want to set off legal fireworks in the bay area this fourth of july, you only have a few options where you can do so. just a dozen cities in the bay area in santa cruz county will let you buy and use fireworks that don't explode or leave the ground. can you buy and use fireworks in these following cities. san bruno, parveg, a, union city, newark, dublin, gilroy,
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seaside, watsonville pet lumm, sebbas poll, rhonert park and cloverdale. any not bought at a licensed vendor are illegal. we'll check the forecast. we had rain, get ready for a heat wave. >> yes, indeed. i love the fourth of july when they try to emphasize safety and they blow up the watermelon. you know they will do that this year like they do every year. in concord, a chilly day, 53 santa rosa, 51 san mateo. temperatures today struggling to climb an additional 10 degrees in most cities. going to end up in the upper 60s, low 70s as the system continues to pull out, it's kicking up windy conditions as well. so there is a bit of a windchill factor. you don't want to get caught off-guard by deceptive sunshine. later on still coolish outside. low pressure taking a ride on the jet stream. can you see that front bringing significant rainfall to the sierra nevada. even snowfall to the highest
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elevations. it's going to continue to move out of here. as it does so, high pressure moving in fast. temperatures today on the cool side, in fact, below our seasonal averages, will climb into the 80s and 90s as of tomorrow. so cool today, much warmer tomorrow. i think for the first part of the day, next couple of hours before noon we'll see residual shower activity. highs in the 60s and 70s. as we head through tomorrow and especially friday, saturday, sunday, our temperatures climb. by friday we're also expecting triple digits in the east bay, 90s in the south bay. san francisco a hot one for you frei, saturday, and sunday. 80 degree weather we could hit 90 in the city of san francisco on sunday. very unusual to have these big-time changes coming into play so fast. 72 degrees today, up to 98 degrees on sunday. what a difference a few days will make around here and always what a difference a few minutes make on the road. let's check that with mike right now.
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>> that's exactly right for the morning commute, things can flip in a matter of five or ten minutes between my reports. over here, no dramatic changes, a 17-minute drive. slowing into livermore. that's the first to show up. it's been there 20 minutes. over here the next spot, starting to see congestion past livermore heading to airway, speeds still around 50. 45 in some spots where it's yellow. that means on average speeds below range. sonoma moving. south bay a smooth drive as well. northbound traffic flows on the speed sensor showing a little bit of a dip for highway 87 into downtown, out of downtown for that area. highway 101 take that freeway, green cars here continuing to show speeds above 55 for that peninsula. a little slowing around 84 north heading up towards willow and crossover. right here san mateo smooth drive at the transition on the peninsula.
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a live look out there and see how things are shaping up on the bridge itself. the camera is shaking time to time, maybe a gust of wind or two on the side. christina giving me approval. clouds not completely clear obviously. we don't see any windshield wipers now. so far, like i said, moisture sticking around but not causing a major problem for drivers. >> as that system keeps pulling out, winds will pick up. >> it's science. >> they know what they are talking about-of- science. >> 6:10, still to come on "today in the bay," giants biggest rival could be taken over by major league baseball soon. we're going to tell you why. live at the alameda county fairgrounds. bob redell is about to give us a look at some appetizing and perhaps not so appetizing food you can get there. that's next. a live look at hp pavilion in san away. thwill more comeis? sying away. will more come?
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6:10. stay with us.
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welcome back. good morning, a live look at 880 through oakland. traffic seems to be moving just fine. we're going to check in with mike in a few. 6:13, major league baseball could take control of the los angeles dodgers soon. dodgers owner frank mccourt got the outcome he wanted from a bankruptcy court hearing yesterday. a judge approved a financing plan to keep the team running, but an associated press report says major league baseball will file a motion to cease the dodgers. the league is allowed to seize control during chapter 11 protection. they think the money problems stem from mccourt using money for personal benefits.
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alameda cannot fair in full swing and families are enjoying rides, music and food. bob redell is live with an attempt to make a very big burger. >> good morning, marla. i'm on board the world's largest barbecue. when you've got a setup this large, why not try to attempt to cook the world's largest hamburger. the two gentlemen leading that effort are brett and nick. you're trying this saturday. i see you have this rig here. how are you going to pull this off? do you think it will work? >> you obviously start with the world's largest barbecue. we've developed this here and on saturday we're going to attempt to pack 600 pounds of fresh ground meat and make the world's largest hamburger. >> that's at 7:00 a.m. it's on top of the grill. you've got this so you can flip it. how do you keep it from falling out, all that meat.
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>> first of all, we've got a few secret ingredients we'll reveal on saturday that will help be the glue for the meat in there. it helps when you have the 22 foot long hydraulically controlled grill which will raise and lower it on the charcoal pit. >> you've been in touch with guinness, what are their requirements. >> guinness is restrictive. we have to make sure we have qualified witnesses that witness the process start to finish. >> forklift it off. >> we have to make the hamburger off the scale, put the whole hamburger together with the bun. >> do you have a bun? >> we have a bun. >> special bakery. >> athens bakery out of oakland, they have been there 100 years. they are the greatest bakery. a great guy, david. >> you're thinking of that post cook weight of the meat is 480 pounds. >> we think about 480 pounds. >> the bun will handle the weight. >> they have made it with a
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nice, stiff dough. it's a sour dough type situation. when we put it on there, the bun will hold it. the bun is 200 pounds itself. >> lettuce and tomato on top. assuming it sets the record, the record is set, then what happens to the burger. >> at that point we'll work with the alameda county health department. the director is a witness. if we can get the internal temperature up to 160 degrees, we will serve $0.99 bites to benefit alameda county food bank. >> 600 pounds precooked meat, 200 pound bun. how many heads of lettuce are we talking about, 40? >> fifty. >> how many toemts. >> couple of cases, five gallon bucket of pickles, tomatoes. >> you think you can get it cooked. you don't want a bloody burger. starting at 7:00 a.m., howl to cook? >> i think it's going to take
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anywhere from eight to ten hours. >> 7:00 a.m., maybe around dinnertime, 4:00, 5:00. alameda county fair ground saturday, anyone invited to come out here. $0.99 bites assuming they are able to pull this off. let's say you're not in the mood for what we refer to as regular food. jungle gorge is selling, as the name implies, exotic foods. big sellers are. >> yack, alligator, kangaroo. >> scorpions. >> scorpions. >> which you don't have the on the plate of weird insects because you've sold out. >> that's exactly right. >> i'm surprised in this country these types of foods are selling like that. why do you think? >> strange and unusual. it's a challenge. >> it's a challenge. people like it? >> people love it. >> there's one girl, marla we met earlier, we'll meet again. she lives on the peninsula, a self-proclaimed bug chef, has
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incorporated bugs into her diet. we'll meet up with her. go to alameda county the attempt on saturday, come out and see if they make it happen. the current record by canadians, 500. >> 590 pounds. >> we're going to crush them. >> you're going for 591? you guys are ambitious. >> tell brett and nick i'll take it medium rare. >> you'll take your what medium rare? >> i'll take my burger medium rare. >> they have turkey legs and sausage links. >> i'll do that, too. 6:18, i'm hungry. thanks, bob. now send it to christina for a look at your forecast. good morning. >> good morning. quite fitting we sent the world's biggest ham out to cover the world's biggest hamburger. we love our bob redell. got to try opossum. finally rain showers moving out.
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we picked up an inch of rain in the north bay in oakland. half an inch of rain even in san jose. as a result today our air quality is good. can you breathe it in. a lot of that pollen was laid down by the showers that came down pretty much all day long all the way through the evening hours. this is what we're left with, beautiful clearing skies. a really nice day to make outdoor plans. bring a jacket with you, because our temperatures which are right now in the 50s are only going to be able to climb 10 degrees. 51 in san mateo, 54 in san francisco. 54 in oakland. what is very interesting this morning, we have uniform numbers, very rare with all the micro climates here. that's because of the cloud cover overnight, tracked in heat yesterday we did accumulate, served as a blanket. this morning relatively uniform numbers. same degree, same temperature in gilroy you find in the city, rarely see that. clouds continue to pump in. that system moving out. by this afternoon, mostly cloudy
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skies out there along the peninsula in san francisco going to clear to a beautiful, sunny day. as i said before, deceptive sunshine, only the mid-60s in the city today. low pressure taking a ride on the jet stream. it's going to take this cold front with it. we're not expecting any more showers, even though you do see showers coming down over the sierra nevada, even snowfall. yes, mammoth still open all the way through the fourth of july, which is right around the corner now. as you can see here a little bit of lightning, unstable air mass. we had numerous reports of lightning throughout the east bay, flooding up in the north bay. this morning we're drying out. watch out, we have slick spots. up to 98 on sunday, marla. >> thanks christina. 6:20, a fuel spill puts a sheen on top of the lake. we'll show you coming up. >> all that excitement on wall street turns out to be a benefit for sacramento. talk about it in tech today. >> southbound 880 under cloudy
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skies moving smoothly past san mateo bridge heading down. a look at the volumin ecrea ts inayhe b increases in the bay bridges. new developments at that bay
6:22 am
bridge coming up.
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good morning and welcome back. a nice shot in san francisco of coit tower, in the background alcatraz, of course. 6:23 we'll send it over to mike for your morning commute.
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how is it looking? >> not so bad, definitely better than yesterday evening with all that rain, approaching the toll plaza under cloudy skies 18 minutes. toll plaza, that's the dramatic change. meter lights on for 10 minutes. see the huge back-up forming in the lanes. cloudy skies, so far no problems as far as visibility reported by chp. take you to antioch, showed you slowing here past hillcrest, that has actually cleared. look over here further west, more slowing through pittsburgh. specifically the speed sensor we have at east willow pass road. yellow chicklets, greater slowing, down to 50. may get a break. i'll check it. nothing so far. venicia bridge out of the east bay, reports of a bag of clothes on the roadway. we'll get that removed quickly. commute smoothly out of the north bay, 18 minutes to the
6:25 am
toll plaza where the lights are on. slowing in the city. a live shot on the peninsula, northbound headlights coming up through menlo park, palo alto, dunbar bridge. >> thanks, mike. oakland fire department still working to figure out the source of a diesel oil spill that left an oily sheen on top of lake merritt. cleanup crews finished last night but left a containment boom on the water as a precaution. the fire department doesn't know how much fuel leaked. but the battalion chief said four to five acres of the lake's surface were covered before crews contained the fuel. lots of companies getting ready to sell stock to the public. scott, billions of dollars for companies that didn't exist a few years ago. >> starting to feel a little bubbly. lots of tech companies talking about billions of dollars. the latest is zynga would could
6:26 am
raise $2 billion in its initial offering of stock. our folks at cnbc, who work on the other side of the newsroom, report they could file paperwork later this morning. they have farmville making money off players who buy things like virtual cows. which helps you rent a house or apartment use also getting ready to sell symptomwa they are trading under away. at the price they are selling it would make the website a fourth the size of hewlett-packard. sacramento figures in in an unexpected way. all that money makes taxes. they don't have capital gains like the fed does but is considered income and tax thad way. this frothy moneymaking on wall street is a major part of the money sacramento is counting on to balance the budget. when we talk about them making or anticipating more tax money,
6:27 am
it's not because people are going back to work necessarily, or getting raises because nobody is get a raise, it's because so many people are making money on the stock market and that's where a lot of that money will come from. >> and the state capital benefits. >> yes, hopefully. >> thanks, scott. 6:26. as scott mentioned the budget, we'll continue coverage with a live report from sacramento. the coast guard pulls a man from the sea overnight. scue coming up.
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♪ [ male announcer ] nothing says "you're special" like boursin, a creamy, crumbly blend of real cheese and savory herbs, boursin makes any moment more memorable. even if you're saying... my mother has the kids tonight. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you say boursin? coming up on "today in the bay," california has a budget days before the new fiscal year starts. what does it mean for you? a report from sacramento coming up. >> developing news out of san francisco this morning. a fishing boat capsizes tossing three men into the water. coming up, hear from one of the men about what he thinks caused it. why the coast guard is still
6:30 am
concerned this morning. b.a.r.t. reaches a settlement with shooting victim oscar grant's mother. a live look at an overcast san francisco. it's wednesday june 29th, "today in the bay." welcome to wednesday. good morning. it's 6:306789 i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. meteorologist christina loren has been busy this week. she has her hour by hour forecast now. >> good morning to you. wow, we did not expect that yesterday. i mean, i expected it, but a lot of people were caught off-guard by those heavy rain showers that inundated places in the north bay flooding. we had over an inch of rain in oakland and a little bit of that precipitation falling in the south bay. you can see the cell to the north of san jose. i'll let you know when it's expected to clear out entirely. then we'll talk about a significant warm-up.
6:31 am
of course you remember 300% above normal when it comes to california snowpack this year. more melting on the way. we're going to talk about that and what it means for camping plans. right now, get you to work on time with mike inouye. >> send her out there again? out here to the toll plaza where metering lights on slow down the berkeley curve, there's the toll plaza itself building all the way back towards west grand avenue and off the 880 overpass to the left of the screen. a live look at the golden gate bridge, contending with low clouds as sun starts to dry out roadways. a couple patches in the shade maybe with puddles. watch those off ramps carefully. back to you. >> governor brown expected to sign the budget passed by legislature. live outside the state capital in sacramento for more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a new budget awaiting the governor's signature, although it does not mean cuts to state programs are done quite yet.
6:32 am
in fact, we might see more cuts to spending in california if these increased tax revenues that lawmakers are depending on don't materialize. they were here until late last night, after 9:00 p.m., still deliberating, still trying to keep redevelopment agencies from being eliminated. the budget passed by democrats and lacked republican support only needed a majority vote to pass. does away with a $10 billion deficit but also hinges on $4 billion in revenue from what lawmakers say will be strong tax receipts in the coming months. we just heard about that a minute ago. people doing better in the stock market. if their gamble doesn't pay off, there will be more automatic cuts particularly to education. perhaps even a shorter school year, shorter by seven days for school children across the state. back out here already governor brown talking about ways to raise revenues in the future. you remember he was not successful in persuading
6:33 am
republican lawmakers in the legislature to agree to ask voters for a tax hike extension. the governor is now talking about gathering public sits to get that idea on a ballot, an initiative before voters in november 2012. live here at the state capital, nbc bay area news. from sacramento to oakland, oakland may miss a deadline to have a budget in place after the city council there failed to vote on one. this comes as city leaders are trying to find ways to put police officers back on the streets. the city has reached a tentative compromise with the police union and four other city employer groups. the plan could save $40 million a year. they are willing to pay a part of their pension plan. but if councilmembers vote to bring 44 cops back, 44 others would be let go through attrition. it's a problem the city's police chief has to deal with. >> this year if things go through, we're budgeted for 650,
6:34 am
we want to go a little above that by 20 to 2. knowing we're going six a month, worst case scenario for a year. for me i'll take it. >> with the deficit, they are pushing for funds being spent on social programs instead of adding more cops. a market owner dead after being robbed last night. they received a call for help. emergency crews responded. when they arrived they found a man on the ground. the victim told officers three suspects had attacked him inside his store. he was taken to a hospital where he died from his injuries. witnesses reported seeing three black males in their late teens enter the store at the time of the robbery. 6:34, we are following developing news from san francisco where a commercial fishing boat capsized off the coast overnight. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live near the cliff
6:35 am
house with this coast guard rescue. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning, marla. now thats daylight out here, this is become k quite the curiosity with people stopping to stare, even other boats pulling up to see what's going on out here. that's the rear of a 45 foot fishing boat that capsized overnight tossing three men into the cold ocean water. they were actually clinging to the side of the boat at the time. this is near the cliff house in san francisco. they were able to send out a mayday call about 12:40 this morning and even deploy a lifeboat and seal up a portion of the boat so it wouldn't totally sink. that was a scary 20 minutes. the coast guard said they had them out and safe by 1:00 this morning. we spoke with one man on board. he says it's a crab boat. dozens of pots were full and something shifted. >> we just rolled, a lot of gearshifting on the deck and the pilot took -- rolled over and
6:36 am
didn't come back. that's all. it happened real quick. >> reporter: two of the men are resting this morning. a third we're told was taken to the hospital for observation and treated for possible hypothermia. this isn't over yet. the coast guard learned that the boat was full of 800 gallons of diesel fuel. they are telling me we just got an update. they are going to be doing a flyover at about 8:00 this morning to see if any of that leaked out. they will be looking for a sheen on the water. of course if that is the case, they will have to start a clean up. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> christie, thank you. 6:36, a settlement reached between b.a.r.t. and oscar grant's mother. the agency will pay $1.3 million to settle a civil sight. she was joined by her brother and civil rights attorney john burris at a news conference in oakland following the settlement yesterday. it includes no admission of guilt by b.a.r.t. or any of its
6:37 am
officers. grant was killed by police officers johannes mehserle christmas day 2009. mehserle sentenced two years. he served 11 months and was released earlier this month. b.a.r.t. settled with oscar grant's daughter for $1.5 million in january 2010. all but one of the victims killed in last week's amtrak crash have now been identified. authorities identified the fifth victim as a person from utah. six people died in friday's crash about 70 miles from reno method nevada. record searches by our reno newspaper found new information about the truckdriver that hit the train. it found two more speeding violations by that driver. those are in addition to the four reported by the nevada department of motor vehicles. that train was headed for emeryville at the time of the crash. 6:37, we saw a lot of rain yesterday but get ready for a warm-up. christina loren joins us with the forecast. good morning. >> good morning to you.
6:38 am
it is really going to warm up very rapidly around here. today, though, kind of a nice day if you've been looking for cooler weather, we're going to see temperatures 10 degrees below their seasonal averages today as we still have the trailing effects of that cold front that came through. we still have cold air that settled in. even under full sunshine later today our temperatures are going to struggle to climb an additional 10 degrees from where they are right now. here is what we're looking at, that system of low pressure, bringing yet more snowfall to the sierra nevada where we already have 300% above normal snowpack in some parts. what that means is flood watches and warnings in place for tehachapi, sierra nevada, yosemite, you want to check ahead before you go camping this weekend all the way through the whole month of july with really warm weather on the way. we're expecting some pretty heavy melting as we head through the next few days. of course we'll stay on top of that for you, more information. a lot of you want to get out of town this weekend. after all, it is the fourth of july.
6:39 am
the jet stream has brought these showers all the way to southern california this morning. that system has taken a hike on the jet stream so it will be out of here very soon. our temperatures will climb from the 50s to the low 60s by about noon today and we're going to end up in the low 60s and 70s. let's find out how fast you're driving right now. maybe 101, how does that look this morning, mike. >> 101 starting to pick up the volume a little along the peninsula. north bay not an issue. east bay that's where we're going to focus to start with a slowing through the altamont pass, increased slowing 20 minute drive, slowing as you approach livermore and 1st street for slowing. a lot of people cut through livermore pleasanton to the bottom of the screen. a live shot, the effect of the folks as it jams up on 580. clear by fremont and south bay. a live shot here as we see a smooth flow of traffic to the toll plaza, back-up to west grand avenue. there you go.
6:40 am
>> what was that? >> a flag peeking in. >> we salute the flag as we salute everyone. >> i've never seen that before. >> there you go. bring you something new. the back of the flag. >> we like it. >> on fourth of july. >> there you go. >> 6:39 right now. giants kept score board operator in chicago busy. see how many runs they scored in yesterday's double-header. ngs hearings into a possible lifesaving cancer drug, avastin.
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a live report from washington. ♪
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welcome back. good morning, it's 6:42. fda is holding hearings on whether to approve the drug avastin for treatment of advanced breast cancer. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live in washington. tracie at issue is whether the drug works for breast cancer patients. >> absolutely. the answer seems to be it works very well for some and there are big concerns for a lot of others. there are a number of women the industry calls super responders. they respond well when they have breast cancer. the studies found for a lot of women it doesn't prolong life and can cause internal bleeding. it's been linked to
6:44 am
complications like high blood pressure. for that reason the fda no longer wants to approve use of this drug for breast cancer. it's approved for a lot of other cancers. they want to take away the approval for breast canners. that's what the hearing is about today. it was recommended five out of six members of this panel who are present at the hearing today voted to take it off the marked last year but that wasn't the final say. a number of women say they have got to have it and if it's not approved then insurance won't pay for it, even though it can still be used off label because it's an fda approved drug insurance won't pay for it. the drug costs some $88,000 a year, marla. >> tracie potts live in washington, thank you. 6:44, soon we're going to find out if it's safe to go in the water at your favorite beach pt natural resources defense council will issue their annual beach water quality report this morning. the report will reveal which beaches have pollution problems and which ones tested clean.
6:45 am
it will also include five-star rating guide for some 200 popular beaches. this year nrdc will give out superstar status to top performing beaches. the giants are taking it easy today, only playing one game against the cubs. of course they had their double-header yesterday. game one giants lit up the score board. they scored 13 runs. pat burrell and tejada had runs. game two barry zito made his return. zito pitched for the first time since mid april and he gets the win. hitters helped him out scoring six more runs in the night cap. giants won 6-3, now they have won seven games in a row. the a's scored one run last night but only allowed one hit from the marlins. the first hitter of the game.
6:46 am
adventure that, nothing. curt knocked in the lone run on the sacrifice fly. a's win 1-0. u.s. women's soccer team getting world cup off to a great start. 2-0 shutout over north korea. north korea's coach said it was a tough loss for the team since five of its players recently struck by lightning. but north korea is not known for always being truthful. 6:46 now. we're doing to check that forecast for a very honest forecast from christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you. we have some interesting baseball weather to talk about at the end of the forecast. don't you go anywhere. talk about what's happening right now. live shot shows you the city of san francisco, a little overcast. we have that system pulling out. these conditions will not last long. as a matter of fact by about noon full sunshine over the city. we're looking really good today. our temperatures are going to be kind of mild. they are not going to be all
6:47 am
that warm until we hit tomorrow and especially friday. triple digit weather back in the east bay. this is what we're looking at, system of high pressure, looks like it will drive showers in from the north. i don't think it will happen as the whole thing is pulling offer to the northeast. it's heading out of the area taking a ride on a very steep jet stream this morning. it's running almost completely parallel this morning with where we saw yesterday. that jet stream is taking the storm track well out of the area. we're looking really good. 53 in livermore right now, 56 san jose. we do have slick spots. you want to take it easy. don't go racing out the front door because it's clear now. 67 in sunnyvale, 59 in santa cruz, 71 later on today in los gatos. our temperatures aren't all that warm. you'll need that jacket especially with the winds picking up as the system pulls out, kicks up another round of instability for the bay area for the second half of the day. you will notice that building breeze. 72 inland today. that's as warm as we're going. at the coast much cooler.
6:48 am
so temperatures right now, which are in the 50s, are going to struggle to hit 60 later on. then we continue to climb to 98 degrees on sunday. let's get to baseball weather i told you about. this is the fun stuff. if you saw the game yesterday, final score 13-7, giants win. you don't usually see scores that high. across major league baseball, wind conditions are significant in some parks. wrigley field is one of those parks. as a matter of fact the wind can actually increase or decrease a flyball's distance by 40 feet or more. boy, i know it was our boys really but the wind was helping them out yesterday. what a game. go giants once again at wrigley field. back to you. >> you wanted to see pat run those bases again and again. let's loop that video over and over. 6:48 now. coming up next bob redell live at the alameda county fairgrounds. he's going to show us some food with some bite and some hop. >> plus video of what purports
6:49 am
to be ufos in london. fake, yeah, but we'll take a look. >> these are fake but represent real traffic. green means up close to the speed limit. north bay smooth drive. i'll show you where things are getting jammed coming up. a live look over san jose, an overcast day. it's going to heat up, though. t today but soon enough.
6:50 am
6:51 am
welcome back. 6:51. an update. some slowing, not just folks from livermore but an accident adding to slowing. sounds like clearing shortly but still a problem there slow through livermore bogging down around 1st street as is the traditional spot. nontraditional but has been the case for the last couple of
6:52 am
weeks here bay point, burglary, around that area, highway 4 with speeds below 50, yellow, extended stretch below 50 miles an hour, into the 40s there as you're heading through there. walnut creek interchange smooth drive there as well as the caldecott tunnel, approaching to the tunnel slowing down past the tunnel into the emeryville around the berkeley curve. oakland, a's play, live short at the coliseum volume increasing as well. smooth drive but all lanes showing traffic southbound with headlights toward the san mateo bridge continuing down into the south bay, no major issues. another live shot out there, show you what things are like on the peninsula through menlo mark, southbound side going away from us. that picked up over the last 20 minutes. north and southbound into the 50s through menlo park and also through san mateo. no major issues, extent reported. south bay northbound 101 as you're passing capital heading 680 traditional start of the
6:53 am
commute there it is kicking in speeds below 30 miles an hour in parts of that stretch. >> thanks, mike. 6:52. for some people going to the county fair means pigging out on your favorite comfort foods. there are some dishes which might leave your stomach in knots. bob redell live at the alameda county fair with a chef who specializes in dishes with creepy crawlers. >> get a burger, turkey-sized turkey legs, go to jungle georges where he has jack, raccoon on a stick, top sellers here, chocolate covered scorpions but all these other insect delights. what is that, cheddar cheese lar vachlt in many cultures, insects like this is food. as a matter of fact we met up with one girl so convinced bugs are a sustainable source of
6:54 am
nutrition she's actually incorporated them into her diet." people hire me to cook at fairs, museums, schools. >> i'm in woodside. i'm starving as always. she's a chef ready to cook up something. we have dragonflies, stink bug, silk warm pupa. >> what's that here? >> ice cream. you can't have any of that. >> what are we going to have? >> blt. >> b is for bee larva. bee larva is high in omega fatty acids like fish. it becomes perfectly clear this is good food. >> are you going to eat that? what? without even asking. >> it just fell on the counter. the counter is clean. >> i'm not worried about the counter.
6:55 am
>> there you go. you're going to like it. it's like a mushroomy bacon. >> you're right. >> there we go. i'm telling you, this is going to be one of the tastiest things you've had. bug appetite. >> i was going to make fried green tomato worms. then i have some crickets that i was going to dry roast and make into a pesto. >> i'm going with crickets. >> smell pretty good, like toasted almonds. a little basil and, of course, plenty of olive oil. there you go. >> that's plenty. >> cricket pesto. insects, contrary to popular
6:56 am
belief, are the country's most ecologically sustainable form of animal protein. >> >> boy, marla, i can't believe how much kick they still have after you roast and grind them. pretty resilient, aren't they? she does have a website if you want to learn more about her and her appetite for bugs. it's girlsmeetbugs decrease. she'll give you background, some recipes. i know i just whetted your appetite. at home if you're having eggs and bacon and sausage and cereal, you're like, what? i could have had that. we're back at the ambassadory county fair, largest barbecue. these two gentlemen here, brett and nick, on saturday are going to attempt to create the world's largest hamburger. they are shooting for over 590 pounds using this setup here. go to
6:57 am
for more information. they will be out here at 7:00 a.m. either an all day affair when you've got that much meat trying to get it to 160 degrees. probably around dinnertime is when they are going to serve that up in bite sized chunks to raise money for the local food bank here. >> good luck to them out there. bob has the burger, scott has a look at the stock market now. >> bug-free, dow industrials up 24 points. zynga is expected to file for its ipo paperwork today. home will ipo we expect. then we have video, this from youtube, got more than a million hits a day, reporting to be ufos over london. little silver dots joining with other silver dots. i'm to go out on a limb and say it's fake. it's a good fake. lots on the ground pretend to react it. they posted more than one video which makes sense of because if this really happened, obviously
6:58 am
in one of the world's largest cities, more than one person would have video. we think it may be a promotion for something, a movie or something. who knows? >> i was saying i went and saw "super 8." good flick. science fiction. thanks for being with us.
6:59 am
have a great day.


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