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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 30, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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bridge on this thursday, june 30th. this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning, everybody. welcome to thursday. it's just about 5:00. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. she's off all week. we're going to check your forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you. friday eve around here. that's how we like to think of it. so close now. we've got some really big changes on the way in the weather department. we're going to break down what that means for your city. we'll show you all the difference microclimates, which spots will be the coolest over this holiday weekend, and a little casual thursday action happening in the traffic department this morning. >> there you go. and no tie today. you know, got it loosened up because of the forecast. it changed from the rain to the hot weather here. the change from a clearer report for the bay bridge, too. actually reports of a camper
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shell that just dropped on the span. we'll watch for any delays. details still coming in. the golden gate bridge, the cones have been moved for the morning commute. the crew just getting to the marin side now. no delays across the bridge but watch in for the fog as it rolls in. >> thanks, mike. 5:01. after running two wars for two presidents, defense secretary robert gates is calling it quits. he retires today. today in the bay's tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more on gates' achievements and what he loaves behind. >> reporter: he's been pretty outspoke ben those challenges as well and the economy and the effect on our troops. but we will hear from president obama later this morning in an official going away ceremony for the secretary. he had a private dinner with the president at the white house last night. >> both among the public and in the congress. >> reporter: robert gates retires today as the only
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defense secretary who has worked under two presidents from different parties. he's known around the administration as a straight talker. >> he brought calm to what was previously chaos in this building. you know, he also brought a sense of accountability. >> reporter: gates leaves having brought iraq to an end and having led the surge that reduced violence in afghanistan. >> if i were a taliban, i would often be asking, what did al qaeda ever do for me except get me kicked out of afghanistan. >> reporter: osama bin laden was found and killed on his watch. gay soldiers were allowed to serve in the military and the u.s. went on the offensive promoting democracy in arab nations. but the cost of those military actions leaves the pentagon at risk. >> we're going to have to trim out the fat here. bob gates has already done a good job identifying $400 billion in cuts. but we're going to do more. >> reporter: gates calls the 10% cut president obama's requesting disastrous.
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but the focus today will be on gates' role preventing disasters in america and beyond. but now that tough task of slicing the pentagon budget, well, that will go to his successor, leon panetta. live from capitol hill, i'm tracie potts for "today in the bay." marla? >> thank you, tracie. in just a few hours, a man accused of stealing an expensive violin will make an appearance at a san francisco courthouse. scott sylvester is charged with second-degree burglary and receiving stolen property. you can see him here on a muni surveillance video. he stole it from the san francisco conservatory of music in april. police arrested the 27-year-old a few days later when he turned over the $20,000 antique violin to a priest at st. mary's cathedral. he has since pleaded not guilty. sentencing will be handed down to a poll worker who stole election equipment last november. carl bradford pleaded guilty in
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december for stealing the electronic tabulator which an nbc bay area news crew found lying on a sidewalk in the tender loin. election officials believe he stole it after the memory card and balance were collected. they say the incident did not affect any ballot results. this morning, a two-alarm house fire in the east bay leaves one person dead and another in the hospital. fire officials say an elderly woman died and a man is hurt. this happened in el cerrito last night. emergency crews responded to the single family home at moeser lane and king drive. the man tried to get his mother out of the home but she died in the fire. the man was taken to a hospital and the extent of his injuries, though is not known. the cause of that fire is under investigation. 5:04. this morning we're following developing news from the south bay where the city of san jose will make a major cut to its police department. today in the bay's christie smith is live in san jose where dozens of police officers are about to turn in their guns and
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badges for pink slips. a tough day for them. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning, marla. this budget crisis brewing in san jose is coming to a head with 70 police officers being laid off. it's official today. and we're told that at 8:00 a.m. officers may swing by and continue the process from yesterday when many of them got a debriefing and turned in their badges and guns. the victims of the city's $115 million budget deficit. some heard from union leaders that any officer with less than 20 years experience might want to just pick a new career. the security is just not there. and one officer went so far as to point his finger directly at city hall. >> this summer is going to be bloody and violent. and the blood is not on our hands. i'm looking at it as the blood is on city hall's hands at this point. >> reporter: with the homicide rate on its way to potentially tripling this year compared with last, that, of course, has many neighbors and business owners
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asking what's next for the city of san jose. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." a rabbit raid in the east bay leads to the discovery of a breeding facility intended to raise bunnies for food. oakland animal officials are looking to find homes for about 21 malnourished and abused rabbits. they were found in the backyard of a home near lake merit. stacked on top of each other in a pair of cages. the owner is under investigation for keeping the animals in inhumane living conditions. a peninsula lawmaker wants to give same-sex couples the right to share a key benefit straight couples have. jackie spear introduced a bill last week which would provide cobra health care benefits, regardless of sexual orientation. cobra is an extension of employer-provide health care which is good for up to 36 months after quitting your job or being fired. it can be shared with a legal spouse or dependent. the bill is likely to face stiff
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gop opposition, though, because it would increase the costs of benefits for employers. a similar bill by senator barbara boxer is making its way in the u.s. senate. 5:06. get ready for that warm-up. heat wave, really. christina loren joins us with a look at your forecast. >> good morning to you. we've got some summertime weather finally to look forward to as you can see right now. it's nice and clear. i am expecting, though, a very sig thnificant round of fog as h pressure builds in and we have a lot of moisture left over from the showers we picked up on tuesday. this is what's we're looking at for today in san francisco. if you look in the city or work in the city. even at noon, mostly cloudy, 60 degrees. and this morning it's nice and mild out there. we're going to see temps in the 80s today and upper 70s. gorgeous day on tap for us. and all of the thunder, all that activity has now pushed into the four corners region. high pressure is building into the area. that's going to bring about a gorgeous day.
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but, really, really warm days ahead. downright hot as we head into this weekend. all the way through your fourth of july holiday. we'll be taking a look at that forecast in the east bay and south bay and, of course, the north bay and peninsula as we head through the next couple of days. i'll give you a very good idea of what you can expect when the fireworks go off on the fourth. 80 in san jose. 80 in fremont. really comfortable conditions. you probably don't need to run the ac. leave the heater alone. but as we head through this weekend, ac swamp cooler time. triple digit weather. i'll tell you where coming up. mike is busy this morning. we have a camper, you said? >> a camper shell. i'm changing my inputs right now checking my views. if we can take the upper deck shot. i want to show folks what's going on here. you notice something missing. those headlights coming into the city. we told you about the camper shell around treasure island and
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the tunnel. looks like all those headlights have disappeared. the lower deck is open. the upper deck you can still see folks heading to the toll plaza. getting an update from chp. no word on that officially about a -- they are not talking about a traffic break but something is going on there. oh, there go the headlights. watch the slowdown as you are approaching treasure island. meanwhile, the construction that was scheduled overnight for 101 near belmont, the full closer has cleared. no problems south of 92. 92 itself a little slowing coming over the san mateo hills. more folks heading toward the roadways itself. a live look out there shows you a smooth flow. it's starting to pick up with that volume westbound. shouldn't see major backups as we approach the holiday weekend. a lot of folks get their work done a little early. but we're looking at the san mateo bridge and oakland. the a's game at 12:35 as well as tonight, rihanna has a concert
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at 7:00. so that's a little bad timing because if rihanna had come a few days ago then she would have needed her umbrella, ella. >> eh-eh. >> i don't know what to talk about that. >> a pretty cool fund-raiser going on in japan for march's quake and tsunami survivors. hello kitty all dressed up in swarovsky crystals. it's going to be auctioned off to benefit the japanese red cross. 5:10 now. check this out. an avalanche caught on tape. we'll show you what happens next. a nex tt next venture for google. how the bay area company is helping you visit denmark without the pricey plane ticket.
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this is "today in the bay." >> welcome back. a live look over san jose. 5:12 on this thursday morning. well, thieves targeting the site of facebook's future headquarters. police in menlo park say copper thieves have struck the site three times this month stealing costly copper metal. the robbery is at the future facebook site. it happened between june 7th and the 22nd. more than 2,000 pounds of copper has been ripped off worth about $8,500. well, call it a case of failing to communicate. a new study by fidelity investments finds only 41% of couples handle their retirement decisions jointly. that means a majority of couples only has one of them planning for the future. now of those, only 17% are prepared to handle the finances if their spouse dies. fidelity says it is important
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for both husbands and wives to know how to cope if their partner is no longer available. for the rest of your news before the bell we're going to turn to nicole lapin live at cnbc world headquarters. >> very good morning to you, marla. futures are higher after wall street put in modest gains yesterday. traders are really pointing to relief over the greek parliament voting to pass a new round of austerity measures. but they also say the reents rally may be due to the usual end of the quarter window dressing by mutual and hedge fund managers. europe is also higher. we do get some data out today on unemployment and manufacturing. the dow rose 72 points yesterday. 12,261 is where we closed. the nasdaq also added 11 to 2740. the unemployment rate rose in more than half of the nation's major metro areas last month. the labor department says that was driven by weak hiring in the private sector and the impact of natural disasters, a flooding in the midwest and tornados in the
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south. christina knows all about that. that's a sharp reversal from april when unemployment fell 90% and most of u.s. cities and metro areas with biggest areas seeing declines -- tourist destinations. they hire a lot of seasonal workers. also toyota is planning a major ad campaign as production returns to normal levels after the earthquake and tsunami in japan. toyota will be rolling out a redesigned camry. they've reportly told u.s. dealers the ad campaign will include 40 commercials trying promote the company as a, quote, safe, smart and worry-free company. those are the latest headlines, marla, making news out of cnbc. back to you. >> thank you, nicole. take a look at this. a huge avalanche rocked mt. rainier in washington state on saturday. and two climbers caught it all on video. witnesses say chunks of rock the size of homes or semitrucks kicked off the slide. check out the massive cloud of rock, ice and snow that rushed
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about two miles down the face of that volcano. the avalanche was even strong enough to register on seismographs in the state. fortunately no, injuries were reported. this was the third major avalanche at mt. rainier in the last five days. 5:16. we're going to send it over to christina for a look at your very hot forecast. >> some like it hot this time of year. it's what we're used to. but we had that crazy weather earlier this week. things are now starting to come back to the norm. here's a live picture of the bay bridge this morning. and you can actually see pretty well here. we don't have any vision obstructed on the immediate highway. as we head through the 6:30 hour, into the 7:30 time span, we'll start to see some pretty good fog formation. keep that in mind today. overall, looking good as we get closer and closer to your holiday weekend. nice, clear conditions for now. coastal fog, though, starting to develop. and i think that marine push will be able to come all the way inland today. so we're talking about mostly
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cloudy start. making way to mostly sunny conditions. high pressure really strong right now. and our temperatures, which are kind of mild, will end up in the 80s and upper 70s. but that's it for today. we've got those 90s in the forecast as of tomorrow. 80 degrees in los gatos. 80 in san jose. 82 in gil roy. seven-day outlook shows you a significant warm-up lasting all the way through the fourth. we'll talk more about that coming up. back to you. you'll soon be able to tour the famous city of copenhagen without ever leaving your home. the danish capital's famous for its canals and google is working on a version of its internet mapping system that gives a 360-degree image of the city as seen from a canal boat. it's also starting google bike which will give riders views of the ten most popular bike rides in denmark. the tours are expected to be ready on google's website in the next several months. a new movie filming in the bay area.
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we're going to tell you where, coming up.
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this is "today in the bay." good morning. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. still dark out there. and those metering lights not on too early for that. a new film is shooting in san francisco this week. knife fights stars san francisco native jamie chong of "hangover 2" fame along with sexy rob lowe and "modern family's" julie bowen. the film is in its early stages so there's not even a trailer yet. the director says the film is about how politics has really played, a knife fight and a telephone booth where blood is spimd low blows are common and the best candidate is not always the best person. and you know what. i'm not sure if i'm supposed to admit this, but a friend of mine is in this. she's playing a news reporter in
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that flick. >> oh, i thought she was getting a dream role. everybody wants to be a traffic reporter. >> exactly. we'll look for those developments and maybe inside stories from marla. the chp activity near yorba buena island. originally reported as a camper shell and then a few other things. we didn't see any headlights for a period of time. christina did show you that shot. the upper deck is now showing headlights heading into san francisco. we had a call into chp. the officers told us there's nothing big going on. those people were walking on the shoulder of the freeway. you aren't supposed to be walking there. sounds like they might have had a stall. but the lanes were blocked for a period of time. no details from chp. no injuries and nobody is in trouble. looking at the backup forming at the toll plaza there. these are not the metering lights. these are the toll plaza lights. the green lights are the open lanes. cash for the folks waiting. and over to the right we have
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the fast track lanes. and turnover the left, those are the hov lanes. we'll get another look outside. this is the golden gate bridge. we had an earlier incident cleared from the roadway. hasn't been a problem for the flow from marin county. you can even see marin county. fog may be rolling in but right now it's not a problem for the bay area commute. we'll see how things commute as the sun comes up. >> such a pretty shot. thank you, mike. germany is voting to shut down its nuclear power plants. german lawmakers began considering the shutdown after the crisis at japan's nuclear plant. they are looking to shut down the power plants by 2022. germany has 17 nuclear power plants. panama is turning a former presidential mansion into a park. the mansion was once owned by manuel noriega. panama's president says since the property did not sell at auction, it's going to be knocked down to make way for a park.
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panama tried to auction the estate off twice for $2.5 million. but received no bids. the new park will be called memory park to help remind people of all the damage noriega did to that country. just about 5:23. did the world really need another tablet computer? scott mcgrew joins us. tomorrow the hp tablet. >> yeah, based on palm technology. you'll be able to buy the hp tablet. the big question, should you buy the hp tablet. here's video from when hp first revealed that tablet last winter. now the two top gadget reviewers in the nation, walt mossberg of the "wall street journal," david poeg of "the new york times" both say -- pointing in to the fact it's heavier than the ipad. then to the fact it has only one camera and you can't take pictures with it. odd. we will have our own review in the next couple of days. if samsung had its way, you wouldn't be able to buy an ipad at all. the korean company has asked a court to prohibit apple from
5:24 am
selling anything with samsung's technology inside. it's a patent war. apple started it saying samsung's tablet had apple technology. this is textbook legal maneuvering. i founded an internet company that let folks download and share music for free. >> kind of like napster? >> exactly like napster. >> you know what's cooler than buying myspace for $35 million? justin timberlake who played a tech entrepreneur in "the social networ network." myspace does continue to lay employees off. they've been finding out about this. myspace had a lot of layoffs. this is just the latest of them. >> j.t. really getting involved then. >> really getting involved. see if he can breathe some new life into it. >> bringing sexy back.
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>> exactly. trapped in the sierra, the east bay boy scouts who got more than they bargained for on their camping trip. i'm bob redell. an early birthday celebration for the world's most famous bridge. getting ready to turn 75. we'll take you to san rafael coming up. and how about a live look at the golden gate bridge about to turn 75. well, next year anyway.
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new this morning, a very painful day for the san jose police department as dozens of officers are laid off. i'm christie smith. coming up, you'll hear from one officer who had to turn in her badge and gun. and a real-life less none survival for hundreds of bay area boy scouts trapped in the sierra. plus, alameda turn to an outsider to investigate a controversial memorial day
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drowning. in a and a live look at the bay bridge. what a gorgeous shot on this thursday, june 30th. this is "today in the bay." >> from the nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you, this is "today in the bay." good morning. thank you for being with us bright and early on this thursday morning. almost 5:30. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. we're going to send it over to christina for a look at the forecast. going to get hot out there soon enough. >> it certainly will. this morning it is just gorgeous out there right now. we don't have really any fog that's going to impact your drive just yet. however,s we head through the next hour, i think that our bridges will get socked in. we have a lot of moisture left over from the showers we picked up on tuesday. and high pressure compressing that moisture. so fog definitely in the forecast this morning. i'll let you know what's to come as we head toward the weekend. hot, hot, hot around here. i've got those numbers coming up. let's check your drive with mike. >> the folks here in livermore want to listen to those hot, hot
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numbers coming up. right here a nice flow of traffic. you like these numbers? close to 65 for much of the commute. you are going to have -- the circle with the yellow, speed indicators below 50. a look at sunol. christinaing toed about fog rolling in. this is right over a golf course where there's all that moisture. the fog right over the girlfriend but the roadway moving smoothly from sunol. picking up the volume for 680. i'm watching this one. this morning, we are following developing news from the south bay where the city of san jose will make major cuts to its police department. christie smith is live in san jose where dozens of san jose police officers about to get a pink slip. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you. i have calls this morning in to the head of the police officers association here in san jose. he wrote a very blunt opinion calling this an assault on
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public safety. today, 70 san jose police officers will be laid off. we're told that some may swing by around 8:00 this moerk rning continue the very painful process from yesterday when many turned in their badges and guns. these the victim of the city's budget crisis. the president of the poa says the union did their part agreeing to a wages and benefit contract designed to save jobs. for one officer who already had to turn in her badge and gun it was just too much. >> the younger officers are the ones that are going out, making the arrests, you know, finding guns, finding dope, because we're the proactive ones. >> reporter: now the homicides in this city, we're told, already stand at 28 this year, which is higher than last year and that has many business owners and residents, of course, wondering what's next for the city of san jose. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." 5:30. time is running out.
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oakland city council has until midnight tonight to pass a new budget. council president larry reid says he's optimistic that they can beat the deadline. oakland faces a $58 million deficit. much of the budget will rely on concessions from city workers. those still need to be approved by the unions. today's meeting starts at 4:30 at the council chambers. we have an update on the nearly 200 eagle scouts from the bay area who are trapped on the wrong side of a fast-moving river. they were separated from the main camp site at the calaveras big tree state park. they will be able to cross safely later today as the river water lowers. heavy rainfall on tuesday caused the water to crest covering a foot bridge. an emt and registered nurse were able to cross rugged terrain to the campsite and scouts, most from contra costa county have enough food to hold them over until they make it across the river. >> the bridge is visible.
5:32 am
it's not visible enough for us to look at the structure, make sure it's structurally sound and safe for our boys to come back across. >> the video that we're showing you here just previously showed you, not actually video of the current boy scouts and their current situation. now there's no phone service there, but officials are able to communicate with the scouts through cell phones which are able to connect to old-fashioned hand radios. and an update this morning on the condition of that east bay teen buried alive over the weekend. ryan buchanan's family says doctors have weaned him off of all sedation medication and are now using new medicine to reduce seizures. ryan has apparently had a few seizures but is functioning on his own, breathing without a machine. he could open his eyes in the next few days. ryan was injured on saturday at a beach near watsonville when a tunnel he was digging in the sand collapsed on top of him. the city of alameda has found someone to conduct an independent review of the memorial day drowning of a
5:33 am
suicidal man. the city has chosen a former state fire marshal who also served as director of cal fire to head the review. we'll take a detailed look on how raymond zach died and the city's response to the drowning. alameda came under scrutiny after emergency responders stood around for an hour while zach waded into the water off crown beach and drowned. crews said city police prevented them from acting. now the inquiry is expected to be completed by the end of september. results will be presented as a public meeting. 5:33. it's still another year before the world's most famous bridge turns 75 years old, but in the north bay, the celebrations have already begun for the beloved golden gate. today in the bay's bob redell is live at the marin civic center to explain. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. the golden gate doesn't actually turn 75 until may 27th of this year. if you come to the marin county fair they have this wonderful pavilion set up where you can learn tidbits and see old
5:34 am
artifacts. this is an original aircraft beacon that used to be up on top. still the old ge insignia. there's the light itself. it's been restored for this special exhibit. you can come over here. you can see some of the tools they still use to deal with the iron of the bridge. looks like this san old rivet. i don't know what you call an old rivet oven. you used to heat the rivets and then toss them to each other when they were building the bridge. and someone here who has been with the bridge for her 20th year. mary curry. congratulations. >> thank you. >> let's go tfor 20 more. >> this shows how bridges were made before. >> before slide rules, before computers. it's amazing what these guys did. this is just one example of how they built the golden gate bridge and made the final design. it was built in 1933 to test the stress on the towers. they were worried that the towers could handle the length of the bridge because it was the longest suspension sfan ever built at the time. >> i don't know if you can see
5:35 am
in there. there's a black and white photo. this was at princeton university. and this model was lost for some time? >> it was lost. it was supposed to have gone back to princeton and stayed there after the testing and one of our engineers found it in los angeles in 1982. and we asked if we could have it back. and we got it back. >> now people might not have realized the navy wanted the bridge to be colored a bubblebee scheme, black and yellow stripes. >> they thought it would help navigation for the strips. the longest suspension span ever built and they were concerned about ships getting in and out of the gate. >> it ended up being this international orange which -- i wouldn't want to say was an accident but necessarily wasn't part of the initial plan until what happened? >> it was kind of an next that the steel that came from pennsylvania had a red lead primer on it and that really inspired irving morrow, the
5:36 am
architect. and then he tweaked the color to the international orange that we see today. >> and these are the sky boxes they still use today. if you can imagine you have the workers in here. they are attaches to the cables that go up and down. they shut kind of like a clam shell. that's the view inside the box. if you are looking down. you can see the cables are in there. >> my stomach just dropped. >> and then if you look up, you can see the view up. doesn't look like they've gotten any paint on the box. so i don't know -- >> bob, they really -- >> the marin county fair runs through this weekend, july 4th. come here and see this. coming up, we'll show you some of the artwork. they had a competition for artists and photographers to show their vision of the iconic bridge. of course, everything has been -- >> i didn't mean to interrupt.
5:37 am
but the bridge is constantly being painted, 365 days a year? >> yeah, mary, the bridge is always being painted from -- once you get done, someone is already starting -- >> that's one of the grand myths. >> i knew it. i knew it. you're wrong. >> hey, well, good. >> we don't go from one end to another and then go back again. we paint by priority. southwest winds, more corrosion because of the salt air blowing through the southwest side of the bridge. >> 365. >> 365. >> i'm 50% wrong. >> my misconception. >> i'm 50% right. >> we're even, right? >> thank you. >> see you, marla. we're going to check in with christina for a look at the hot forecast. >> good morning to you. yes, one of the most iconic structures in this great country. celebrating the birthday of this great country in just a few days. we have some hot fourth of july weather to look forward to. high pressure building in really strong already this morning. as a result, we have some pretty significant coastal fog rolling
5:38 am
in as we speak. it's not all that strong right now. not all that thick just yet. as mike and i know, as we head through the next hour, that's when we are expecting the bridges to get socked in. right now, though, still looking pretty good. he did show you that sunol picture, how the moisture is just being compressed by high pressure. so you see that. you can see it. it visually stands out when that happens. i love when you can see the moisture in our atmosphere. 52 in santa cruz. great beach day in santa cruz. temperatures around 75. and the city will be a little cloudy because of the marine push, because of the fog we're expecting. all the way through the noon hour. 60 degrees. as you make your way home from work, 65. beautiful, clear conditions. it will be a gorgeous day to do some sort of shopping in san francisco. sightseeing. taking a look at the bridge. 83 in fairfield. 82 in livermore. 65 in san francisco. we'll talk about what's coming up this big weekend and then we've got more changes towards the start of next week.
5:39 am
we'll get those into the mix as well. right now, we want to get you to work on time. mike, what do we have out there? >> we have antioch. over the last few mbinutes we'v seen the area i'm circling, right around g street start to show blips of yellow. you see one blip. speed bess low 50 miles per hour right where that is. we've seen it spread out through the area over towards l street. that's the first place we typically see the slowing for highway 4. smooth drive approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. the a's play this afternoon. keep that in mind. first, a quick check of the bay bridge. we had that yorba buena police activity there. they were waiting for the folks walking across the bay bridge. don't do that because you'll have a greeting party at treasure island. a few cars waiting to pay cash. fast track a good advantage. no metering lights. no problem at the toll plaza. oakland, rihanna is playing
5:40 am
tonight at 7:00. watch post work traffic. and the golden gate bridge traffic. the birthday of the golden gate bridge. right now we're focusing on the workday. christina talking about the fog rolling in from time to time. when the fog does roll in for tourists, i always want to yell to them, keep going to the north side because there's fog on the san francisco side but you can see the span if you head towards the north tower. >> micro climates. once you cross over into the north bay it's nice and sunny. that's the way it works. >> what is sure to become tradition, the first to wine fight of spain is now in the history books. more than 13,000 gallons of wine were thrown at people in spain yesterday. it was an homage to the wine fights that used to happen back in medieval times. at least 5,000 people took part in the throwing, shooting and pouring of wine on each prpth the fight tack place in the heart of the wine-producing part of spain which is said to make some of the best red wines in
5:41 am
the world. >> they had some underage wine throwers there. how do you get the stains out. >> look at the guy with the snorkel gear. >> they have different drinking ages. >> i like it. we should move there, right? >> let's try it here. 5:40. the good, the bad and the ugly. why the new state budget will both help and hurt your household budget. and a couple of bay area cities making a new list this morning. the most active in the nation. a live report next. ing as welling as well
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this is "today in the bay." >> welcome back. 5:43. men's health magazine just released lists of america's most and least active cities. and two bay area cities rank high on the most active list. today in the bay's tracie potts is live in washington which also scored pretty high there. you have some active people in d.c., huh? >> we do. and that's a good thing.
5:44 am
sitting around gaining weight, not something we do here. not something you do in the bay area. take a look at the list. men's health magazine's top five when it comes to the most active cities. seattle on the top followed by san francisco and oakland. two bay area cities in number two and three on that list. followed by d.c. and salt lake city. they use a number of criteria. they looked at how much are people exersigs, what kind of exercise are they doing. what about families watching tv. 15 or more hours a week considered negative. are you buying more than 11 video games a year. that could bring you down on the list. and then they also took a look at cdc rates on deep vein thrombosis. so what they found is that many cities where these rates are high, people are more susce susceptible to heart disease, obesity, premature death. where are the least active cities? what some have called the lazyiest? lexington, kentucky,
5:45 am
indianapolis, indian ajackson, mississippi, charleston, west virginia and at the bottom of the list, oklahoma city, oklahoma. and while, you know, there's been some joking about this today, it's a pretty serious situation because there are concerns that when people are sitting around too much, not getting their exercise, you know, maybe eating and watching too much tv, it has a big effect on your health. >> certainly does. tracie, thank you. the family of missing nursing student michelle le says it wants facts about the case to come from the police and only the police. a san diego television station quotes a third party who says a number of out of state calls were made from le's cell phone after she disappeared. calls to reno and arizona. that person also says hayward police travelled to arizona to talk to someone who may be considered a person of interest. hayward police deny the claims. le's family sent us this statement saying, quote, we want to emphasize that the facts in this article have not been acknowledged by the family and
5:46 am
were not given out by the hayward pd. that makes those facts untrue and potentially damaging to the case. the family goes on to say it's only goal is to find michelle and bring her home safely. she was last seen may 27th. california's new budget is a good news/bad news deal when it comes to your household budget. the good news first, starting friday, state sales tax will drop by 1%. the amount you pay to license your vehicle will also go down. however, you are now going to have to pay more to shop online. that's because of a bill known as the amazon bill. the state says it will raise more than $300 million in revenue but retailers are fighting back. amazon and both say they will end their relationships with california affiliates because of the new tax. amazon works with 25,000 california affiliates, meaning many of them will have to move or shut down when amazon severs ties. what's more, some shoppers say with an increased online sales
5:47 am
tax, they'll ease up on their online shopping. >> i won't buy as much. because the many reason i go out of state is because it's only shipping and the price. so i won't buy as much now because i'm only paying tax. amazon sent an e-mail to its affiliates saying we oppose this bill because it is unconstitutional and counterproductive. similar legislation in other states has led to job and income losses and little if any, new tax revenue. 5:47. get ready to sweat. it's going to get hot outside. christina loren joins us with a look at your forecast. >> good morning to you. yes if you are able to get through the last mini heat wave without turning on the ac, yikes. i don't know if you'll be able to this time. we have a long stretch of hot weather moving into the bay area. take a look at the changes that we've noticed over the past 15 minutes. you see this is the sunol cam. and we were talking about the moisture left over from the showers that we picked up. record rainfall on tuesday. high pressure building in. compressing that moisture.
5:48 am
you can actually see it this morning in the formation of the fog. so pretty cool weather happening as we speak. we'll keep watching that for you all morning long. we'll let you know when that moves over to your bridges because it's just a matter of time now. let's get right to it. coastal fog, probably until about noon. even in the city, mostly cloudy conditions. good marine push to livermore this morning. as we head throughout the afternoon, east bay and south bay will clear first by about 9:30, 10:00 and then we'll see the coast start to clear. the sun will come out. full sunshine today. high pressure really moving in. but today, we still have some of that cold air left over from the cold front that came through. it's going to take today to mix out. by tomorrow, 90-degree weather. hard to believe. we're in the 60 on tuesday. 49 in napa. 50 in novato. 53 in the beautiful city by the bay. as we head throughout this afternoon, we're going to climb to 70 in oakland. 80 in san jose. 80 in los gatos. tomorrow, an additional 10 degrees.
5:49 am
it's going to feel much, much warmer. 87 degrees by friday. 93 on saturday. triple digits in the warmest spots on saturday, sunday into monday. i'll let you know which cities can expect the triples coming up. back to you. >> thanks, christina. the giants try to start a new winning streak today. their game against the cubs starts at 11:20 this morning. tim lincecum kept the cubs off the scoreboard until the seventh inning yesterday. the giants didn't score until the ninth. they went in the bottom of the ninth tied at one and end it on a rbi walk-off off sergio romo. giants lose, 2-1. the a's trying to figure out how to get those bats going. last night at the coliseum, all marlins. two-run shot in the first. plus another run scored later in the game was all florida needed to win. oakland loses, 3-0. and sports fans may be in for a very grim fall. midnight tonight is the deadline for a new nba collective bargaining agreement. and it's looking more and more like the league is head forward
5:50 am
lockout. many experts say the nba owners and plays are far apart on key issues of the agreement. the nfl is dealing with a similar situation. players and owners are still negotiating. nfl talks are scheduled to run through friday. it has been four months since that lockout started. training camp is supposed to start in three weeks. 5:50. lady gaga teaming up with the lapd. we're going to explain why, coming up. plus nbc tweets out the winner of "the voice" but not serve real happy about that. we'll look at that coming up in tech today. southbound 101 approaching the richmond san rafael bridge. very clear as far as visibility goes. we'll show you as this thursday preholidomap
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. welcome back at 5:52. the new "voice" crowned last night. >> the winner of "the voice" is -- javier colon. >> javier colon of stratford, connecticut, became the first winner of the nbc singing competition series. the father two of beat out dia frampton by a near 2% of the vote. >> i really, honestly, 100% of me had prepared to congratulate dia. i'm very honored to be able to have won. >> the runners up will not go away empty handed. they're going to join colon and the show's four other finalists on a six-city concert tour. mike, did you watch it last night? >> i did. that's why i'm very tired. and i did not get -- well, scott
5:54 am
will give you an update about the technical side. i wasn't aware of that so i could have gone to sleep early. you'll want to get out the door a little earlier. i left the circles laying around. my wife knows i sort of collect things. the circles i had. that's where we showed the first slowing. true to form, there you go. speed bess low 50 where you see the yellow there. 16-minute drive toward the alta mont pass. smooth drive toward hayward and the interchange. first of all, molding up. but a tad bit of slowing. typical around the interchange. no problems toward the san mateo interchange. a nice look coming across heading towards the peninsula side. a very clear shot. and a clear drive. although over on the right you do see a disabled vehicle blocking that. it's a shoulder there. watch for that just off the toll plaza. i'll let you know if they have to block any lanes. things are shaping up. no problems for northbound traffic throughout this area.
5:55 am
all the way up the peninsula and will end with another live shot. allen is out there showing that the cash lanes have just a few cars waiting in line. fast tracking it to the right. very big advantage. thanks, mike. prince william and his kate arrive in canada today to kick off their first official overseas trip since the wedding. the nine-day visit is expected to draw record numbers of star-struck crowds and well wishers hoping to catch just a glimpse of the royal couple. the duke and duchess of cambridge will celebrate canada day in ottawa and go canoeing in the northwest territories before taking off to los angeles. the prince also plans to get his hands dirty and demonstrate his skills as a helicopter rescue pilot in a water landing demonstration. 5:55. nbc's "the voice" ended last night with a big winner. a winner scott mcgrew says some didn't want to hear about. >> we heard some complaints on
5:56 am
twitter this morning "the voice" did too good a job letting everyone know. let's take a look at that tape again. we know who won. but nbc tweeted out the winner's name after it was on television. but here's the thing in 2011. so many people watch it on dvr, delayed it made them a little mad. they were looking at their smartphones realizing they just learned the winner before seeing the show. to be fair, nbc did tweet out ahead saying they would reveal the winner. also rosebud is -- encouraging tweeters like lady gaga and justin bieber to tweet about the upcoming closure of the 405 freeway making sure everyone knows ahead of time that freeway in l.a. will be shut down for the weekend for repairs. now locals have nicknamed this expected traffic tieup as carpocalypse. and we have our own traffic
5:57 am
problems. generally san francisco is a commuter friendly city. we have more miles of public transportation per person than any city in the united states. more even than new york city. >> i believe it. >> san francisco rates in fact, top in the environmental study sponsored by siemens and the magazine "the economist." we're going to talk with san francisco's new director of the environment coming up about this. i mean, kind of san francisco is green, no duh. it's unbelievable how green we are. >> astonishing stats, huh? >> yeah. >> cool. 5:57. bunny bust. an east bay rabbit breeder in trouble with the law. we'll tell you why, coming up.ll [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. new this morning. it's a tough day in san jose where dozens of police officers are being laid


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